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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 21 September 2008

A Political Whodunit-3

And now, Sakmongkol presents the 3rd instalment of the analysis from Mr. anonymous. Sakmongkol will wait till he has finished and will then offer Sakmongkol’s own analysis on anonymous’s analysis.

The 3rd instalment reads as follows:-


I am sorry I have to skip the write up on the fate of the UMNO (Busy) Warlords and the Bloggers factor in the rise of Anwar and the downfall of Najib.

The intense infighting in UMNO for the Premiership is one of the most telling factors as of why Taib Mahmud Chief Minister has swung his support behind Anwar. You have may or may have not notice that Taib Mahmud is been silent. He is very much pissed off at the attitude of UMNO warlords. He state and Sabah (UMNO) hold the balance of power. He has not been consulted as who will succeed Abdullah. As a senior BN leader and the second biggest party fraction in BN, he is not getting the due respect from UMNO. Taib have already sounded Anwar that he will have the support of PBB MPs and some of the other Sarawak BN MPs. It is too late for Najib now to reconcile Taib to his side. Remember it is also important to keep you friends and partners informed on important decisions. Taib knows that his days are getting fewer and fewer as he will not live long enough. His family influence is Sarawak may die with him and PBB and its allies will be wiped of in the next Sarawak state elections. His son’s and relatives political fortunes and their riches and wealth must be safe guarded. Hence the alliances with Anwar will safe guard his legacy and empire in Sarawak.

Majority of MCA MPs are in a dilemma and state of shock. They have been told point blank by Anwar that he does not need their MPs to have a majority in parliament. Anwar has offered them a place in PR, provide DAP approves it and no special favors. MCA as a party will not be accepted in PR because DAP is already championing the Chinese rights. A few MPs will join DAP and PKR as not to miss out on their political careers.

MIC is a no no and have not been offered a place in PR nor their MPs. MIC will die a natural death and no CPR can help them to live.

Gerakan is already a has been party and the party will die and natural death once the MPs join PKR

UMNO is in a very serious coma state. It will remain so until the end of the year and will come out of coma once Khairy is the leader.

Najib is having his people camping day and night out at the istana and having the King followed. Can not do much as Syed Hamid has told the police to stand down and make sure the security of the King.

The King has already informed the fellow brother Sultans of Anwar’s letter. The is going to be an emergency meeting tonight or tomorrow of the sultans and Agung. This could be a Video conference meeting or a formal meeting to discuss Anwar’s letter. Abdullah will attend the meeting to lend his support to Anwar’s letter.

Abdullah is a good and sincere man and tried to make the country better. The UMNO warlords did not let him. His legacy for Malaysia was to be reforms of the police, judiciary, economy, Education, racial and religious rights of all races and religions.

Anwar is not on a standby mode and within an earshot once the King summons him. He is very heavily protected as talk in the streets is that his life is in danger. Knowing Anwar he will laugh out this threat.

More and more MPs are getting into the Anwar band wagon. They all know it is credible that he has the numbers.

Tonight is going to be a long night and tomorrow is going to be even longer.

Khairy is busy as a beaver and fine tuning the necessary details and arrangements to have a smooth change over from Abdullah to Anwar as a PM.

The police and immigration has been given a list of people who are bared from leaving the country and Bank Negara has a list to inform the banks to freeze the accounts of the names mentioned.


Watch for the fall of the UMNO warlords and the Bloggers influence in the rise of Anwar and the fall of BN

21 September 2008 20:54

A very intriguing analysis, wouldn’t you say? In politics, nothing is impossible. Sakmongkol would like to say thank you to Mr. Anonymous.


Anonymous,  21 September 2008 at 21:49  

WOW!This is a fantastic piece of analysis. I hope events will happen as prophesied..LOL!

Anonymous,  21 September 2008 at 21:57  

Anwar seeing Taib Mahmud is true. In fact Anwar offered Taib Mahmud to be the DPM soon after March GE.

But Taib Mahmud declined. He declined because after seeing Anwar, he met with Tun.

Tun told Taib Mahmud in jest that Taib Mahmud should ask for the position of PM, as he is more senior than Anwar (being in the cabinet since 1970 - Deputy Minister during Tun Razak's time).

Taib Mahmud asked Anwar that he be made PM. Anwar refused. So, the fate of Sarawak still lies within BN.

-story related told by insider in April 2008.


shemeq 22 September 2008 at 01:07  


I am kinda sick and tired of all the theories.

I hope the trasition, of any, will be done soon.

The whole Malaysia, and international investors, are waiting to go back to business as usual.

For heaven's sake, Wall Street is crumbling!


Anonymous,  1 October 2008 at 01:47  

anon 21:57 (JMD)

You must be stupid. How can Taib demand to be PM or how Anwar make him to be DPM when he is not even a Member of Parliament, the 1st constitutional requirement? You are pretending to know much yet you don't see your childish mentality that betrays your "Insider" sources' rants. Sheesh!

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