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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Uncle Lah's Cabin

Uncle Lah's Cabin- life among the lowly UMNOites.

The MKT has decided. Ahmad Ismail, the Bukit Bendera Ketua Bahagian is to be suspended for 3 years. The parties clamouring for his punishment got both their pound of flesh and several pints of blood.

The MKT has behaved exactly like a Malay executive in Chinese dominated multinational company. He is thankful that he has reached a position that is not easily achievable. He will smugly think that his ascent is the result of his extraordinary intelligence and industriousness. It was also partly due to his willingness to Yamseng and charkuat(sic) with the boisterous non Malay executives.

And what does he do? He will make himself out to as an impartial executive. Willing to be severe to his own people so as to project this manufactured impartiality. He gets a kick out of being accepted as a race-blind executive.

But behind his back, he can never be the equal to his non Malay peers. They will sneer behind his back and snigger at him for being the Malay Uncle Tom.

But I am afraid, the people experiencing haemorrhaging is the UMNO leadership itself.

The UMNO leadership led by the elegant but silent man and the bowl in hand Mr. Subsidy are behaving exactly like the fiction-ised Malay executive. The MKT today is the biggest Malay Uncle Tom.

Immediately after the MKT deliberations and decision were known to the outside public, the spontaneous reaction that was heard reverberating throughout the Malay heartland, was that the UMNO leadership has sold out the Malays. No amount of rationalising will succeed in toning down Malay anguish.

I hope all the grassroots UMNO leaders will now understand why the UMNO leadership of PakLah-Najib must be thrown out.


Anonymous,  10 September 2008 at 19:12  

Datuk (?) Ariff,

Guess what I found!!

From Ganesh:

Readers will see from the articles below that Ahmad Ismail appears to be both an Anwar and Badawi loyalist. Might be stirring tensions in Penang so as to bring to a conclusion a shared, or common agenda?

Ahamd Ismail's history:

A) The crowd of supporters at sacked deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's residence came alive tonight when his wife, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail, took centre-stage to thank them for their support.
Another speaker was Senator Datuk Ahmad Ismail of Umno Bukit Bendera who said the division fully supports Anwar. Anwar, who addressed the crowd about 10pm, said he was touched by their support
(Anwar's wife thanks gathering for support.
By Toh An Nee
270 words
15 September 1998
The Sun)

Read full article @ Ganesh's blog.

;) WOW!

Ariff Sabri 10 September 2008 at 19:36  

wow indeed. no i am not a datuk. just and ordinary bloke.
he is ' bisexual' after all. haha. he may be a closet anwar supporter

Conspiracy Theorist 11 September 2008 at 05:41  

Salam Bro,

Indeed he is bro AnWar's stealth soldier as i had posted my comments b4 in a few blogs..d logic i tot wen d incident happened woz why d racial slur.. d contest is between Malays so whr's d logic if u want to garner the support of d non-malays..heheh.. wat can I say..thr's more of bro AnWar's stealth soldier in d govt n UMNO, not jst PAS but even in Gerakan & DAP.. who woz d one who likes dealing thru d back entrance if it is not bro AnWar,..even wen he woz brot into UMNO in 1982 it woz all pre-planned by bro AnWar..of coz des no proof or document dat I can offer but cudn't bro AnWar conspire bhind Tun's bac since 82' he woz in cahoot wth d US of A since his early U days rite, chck wth bro Kamaruzaman Yaakob if i'm not mistaken.. KY woz also a student activist like bro AnWar & bro Hisyam Rais,.. dey were train by d illuminatis d Art Of Deception.. sory if I'm wrong as i mostly use my logic on possibilities wen I woz indirectly involved wth d Illuminatis way bac in late 1990's thru deir Script of Neo-Tech.. bro if u have d resource den jst check out wat d heck is our ISIS head doing wth Trilateral Commission?? a dangerous situation if not curb.. TS Nordin passed away n woz replace by TS Jawhar Hassan.. d first person who sat wth d Trilateral Commission woz TS Azman Hasyim a banker n d illuminatis r controlled by d bankers.. our security cud easily b breached if dey manage to control TS Jawhar who heads d Govt tink tank thru Isis.. brrr..sent chills thru my body..i'm not insinuating anyting but tink of d possibilities...


Anonymous,  11 September 2008 at 10:32  


really bisexual.
gee, anwar sure use to have some pretty drivers.
azmin pun handsome2, toy boy look.
ke ke ke.
ezam sikit style sukam.
ke ke ke.
how come u not datuk?
all UMNO wakil must be datuk at least?

Ariff Sabri 11 September 2008 at 10:37  

must be the stubborn streak that shies way the datukship..haha. both sexes not safe near anwar. double wow

Anonymous,  11 September 2008 at 12:14  

good thing handsome husam is much much taller, bigger than anwar so quite safe? ke ke ke....

Anonymous,  11 September 2008 at 12:16  

some corrections just in case misunderstood n anwar's diehard fans cause me bodily harm...

really bisexual? (a questiom)
sukam should be sukma.

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