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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Zahid's mock zeitgeist.

I don’t know what to say. When Dr. Zahid Hamidi says he welcomes Tun Mahathir’s intention to re-enter UMNO. But would like to suggest he does more than move his lips- he must support Tun’s re-entry. Indeed he must support it vociferously and brush aside formalities.

Ezam Mohd Nor was a small fry, a kichi mayung, but was given a grand reception. Zahid must treat Tun’s entry as a more urgent agenda than discussing the shenanigans of Dato Ahmad Ismail.

Ahmad Ismail’s case should be a simple matter. Sack him from UMNO. But wait, isn’t he from the state of Penang. And didn’t all the 13 divisions in the island support him? Including Pak Lah’s division. Will this mean, sacking Ismail will also entail sacking all the heads of the 13 divisions? They are vicariously liable too, right Mr. lawyers? That will also mean that Pak Lah has to sack himself. Alamak, what will khairi’s future be?

If UMNO sacks Ahmad Ismail, that decision will, as they say in legal circles, open the floodgates. No, not prising open the gates to an avalanche of backdated cases dating back to god knows when, but an avalanche to open revolt. But its Ok Ahmad Ismail, if they ditch you, you and the 12 other divisions can run to Tengku Razaleigh.

It will be interesting to watch who among the MKT members want to punish Tun Mahathir by making his intended re-entry difficult. Many will obviously be eager to be more Pak-lahist than Pak Lah and will object vehemently. We can already guess who- Fidah, Nazri Aziz, Zaid Ibrahim, Shahrir Samad, Johari Baharom, Mahazir Khalid, Khalid Nordin and other Pak lah’s loyalists.

It would certainly be most interesting to watch what Dato Najib does. He has been on public record, hoping that Tun Mahathir will rejoin UMNO. Even the wife joined in the chorus. You know, the kind of pompous fealty, which fizzles when it comes to the crunch. That was all posturing so typical of Najib.

He must have been extremely peeved for being outplayed by Muhyidin Yasin. The person less prone to open up his gap, has suddenly stolen the thunder from Najib.

My guess is that Najib will raise reservations for the Tun’s rejoining UMNO while pretending to sound pleased that Tun has seen the errors of his ways. Has seen the errors of his ways?

And I am at a loss how to react at Zahid’s patronising statements against Tun Mahathir. He says Tun Mahathir does not need to blog anymore. He can say all he wants at closed door meetings. Why didn’t this doctor Zahid suggest inviting Tun to address the MKT in the early stages after the 12th GE? Or why didn’t he suggest that Tun be invited to address to give his views to the MKT when the spat between Tun and Pak Lah spilled into the open?

I am sure Najib who doubles up as Agony Aunt ( finally remembered the term) will be happy to do a Freudian analysis on Tun M, given his own proclivities to accommodate those with personal trauma to come to the house.

As to ‘I have big ears’ Pak Lah, he will definitely be maintaining an elegant silence, i.e. more silence than elegance and trade his famous masterly inactivity. He should one day write, how to achieve success without doing nothing, with a foreword by the sage Tun Musa Hitam of course.


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