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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 25 September 2008

Further notes on Mr. Anon's Grand Design.

the game's afoot! my dear watson.

unraveling Mr Anon's Whodunit.....

Or perhaps because, Mr. Anon actually has the inside track of things?

What is it that Mr. Anon wishes to accomplish?

Sakmongkol sees the following points in Mr Anon’s argument.

  1. Yes, UMNO is in a hopeless state. It needs to be reformed and maybe reconstituted.
  2. To achieve that aim entails the destruction of UMNO as a necessary.
  3. The reform and values that Pak Lah wants to push are achievable trough Khairy?
  4. But Khairy cannot hope to achieve these aims because of the stumbling block is the form of the MKT and UMNO warlords.
  5. Since the UMNO machinery is entirely rotten, Pak Lah and Khairy must make political capital from the ascendency of Anwar Ibrahim.
  6. And because that is his primary goal, he is willing to be conspirator to the demise of UMNO a the hands of Anwar Ibrahim?

That is the only way it seems to reform UMNO, save Pak lah and save Khairy! Because it is so preposterous, that the story becomes believable. Sakmongkol remembers a Latin maxim; CREDO QUIA ABSURDUM! I believe it because its is absurd!

That would place Pak Lah and Khairy on top of the hate list, wouldn’t it? The crux of the matter is this. People see the removal of Pak Lah and by extension, Khairy and his cohort as the means of reforming and saving UMNO. Pak Lah has become the most despised PM Malaysia has ever had. That realisation has begun to sunk in among the more vociferous MKT members and sakmongkol suspects, among many more of the silent ones.

Pak Lah, Khairy and company, on the other hand, see the values and corrupting culture represented by the UMNO warlords as utterly reprehensible that they must be removed. And to secure that objective, Pak lah and Khairi have a powerful ally in Anwar Ibrahim?

Mr Anon pushes hard the agenda of presenting Pak Lah as a true reformist. He has the interest of UMNO and the people at heart. His fight can only be continued by Khairy Jamaludin.

If Mr Anon’s story is to be believed, then it confirms our own perception that UMNO is at war with itself. The majority of the UMNO warlords are loyal to Pak Lah and for as long as he remains the numero uno, they will stay loyal. But while loyal, Mr Anon sees them as primarily responsible for all the ills in UMNO.

The credibility of Mr Anon’s argument hinges on people’s acceptance that the majority of the MKT gumbahs are depraved people, responsible for years of corruption and abuses of power. Once that perception is accepted, then Mr Anon can disassociate Pak lah and Khairy from the cause of UMNO’s cancer. It is the UMNO warlords who caused all those years of abuse and corruption that have so alienated Malay support for UMNO.

Pak Lah and Khairi are saying, yes they confirm that all is hopeless in UMNO but that hopelessness and despondency are not the fault of Pak Lah. The people responsible are the UMNO warlords. Since they do not fit into Pak lah’s values system, they must be expelled.

What Mr Anon is advancing is essentially a blame game. It became more interesting when retold in the form of a whodunit. It takes on the appearance of a big mystery and all that.

Mr Anon is of course correct on his analysis on the need of a political catharsis but he chooses to be selective in identifying the means of relief and cleansing. The people and the majority of UMNO members see the removal of the top leadership and the entire cabal of depraved warlords responsible for the years of corruption and abuses of power as a mandatory. Mr Anon is wrong in wishing the purge of UMNO warlords but insists that Pak Lah and Khairi and his band of brothers, remain to continue a new UMNO struggle.


Anonymous,  25 September 2008 at 11:46  

Look who is talking now

Najib has cancelled his trip to UN and why.

Najib does not trust Abdullah Badawi. with all the leaks in the Internet about Abdullah and Anwar getting a deal got poor Najib worried and depressed. Najib does not have the army intelligence now to spy on his political enemies. This avennue was closed to him when he was with immediate effect shafted to the Finance Ministry.

Najib is keeping Abdullah at arm's length ( Must be sleeping in Abdullah's King size bed with Abdullah and Jean. He knows very well if Anwar becomes PM he is a goner and with the hangman's noose staring at him. Poor guy and what must be going thru his mind mind. Worried when he is away overseas , Abdullah will handover the PMship to Anwar.

Anwar has now said wait a while longer. Plan all now got screwed up when the covert plot of co-operation / handover of the PMship from Abdullah to Anwar has been exposed. Poor Abdullah was caught between a rock and a hard place when Tian Chua open his month and said Anwar and PM's team are in talks. Anwar had to bail out Abdullah when he when to the media and denied that no talks are taking place between his and Abdullah's team. I bet Anwar must have verbally wacked Tian Chua. See now Tian Chua is all silent now. All of sudden with all these verbal cockups between Anwar's team ,Dap's Eng Guan have now suggested that Anwar will be the person who will comment on 916 issue ( Anwar taking over from Abdullah the PMship) and nobody else from PR (This will not stop me commenting as I am not from PR )will comment on this issue.

Any idea where is Khairy and what is he up too. Too silent , I guess he was be now knee deep in the covert take over talks.

Najib poor Najib , he is acting like a enuch. I guess Mahathir must have had snip his balls.

What is in for Abdullah is this deal. Immunity against prosecution against corruption and abuse of power for him and his team .( Who is his team , wait until Anwar becomes PM and all will know)

Mr Anon

Anonymous,  25 September 2008 at 12:13  

Indeed the rule of the KKK -- Kura2, Kamal, KJ. !!!

Small Talk 25 September 2008 at 15:10  

Mr. Anon's theory not placing any credit to those wanting Ku Li to be PEE END. So how bro? Thinking of leaving should YB BABI be Pee End?

Ariff Sabri 25 September 2008 at 15:54  

dear dsn/small talk.
on the contrary, if YB BABI becomes the PM/ or Pee End, I will be renewed in spirit. that's the time to separate the boys from the men. as to mr anon's theory, i dont agree on his playing the scenario as to who gets the benefit from the outcome- i.e KJ and gang or even Pak lah. if UMNO were to be reformed and rebuilt, it will not be done by the discredited and tainted few.

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