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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 25 September 2008

Mr. Anon again!

Here is another installment from our mystery man, Mr. Anon.

Look who is talking now

Najib has cancelled his trip to UN and why.

Najib does not trust Abdullah Badawi. with all the leaks in the Internet about Abdullah and Anwar getting a deal got poor Najib worried and depressed. Najib does not have the army intelligence now to spy on his political enemies. This avennue was closed to him when he was with immediate effect shafted to the Finance Ministry.

Najib is keeping Abdullah at arm's length ( Must be sleeping in Abdullah's King size bed with Abdullah and Jean. He knows very well if Anwar becomes PM he is a goner and with the hangman's noose staring at him. Poor guy and what must be going thru his mind mind. Worried when he is away overseas , Abdullah will handover the PMship to Anwar.

Anwar has now said wait a while longer. Plan all now got screwed up when the covert plot of co-operation / handover of the PMship from Abdullah to Anwar has been exposed. Poor Abdullah was caught between a rock and a hard place when Tian Chua open his month and said Anwar and PM's team are in talks. Anwar had to bail out Abdullah when he when to the media and denied that no talks are taking place between his and Abdullah's team. I bet Anwar must have verbally wacked Tian Chua. See now Tian Chua is all silent now. All of sudden with all these verbal cockups between Anwar's team ,Dap's Eng Guan have now suggested that Anwar will be the person who will comment on 916 issue ( Anwar taking over from Abdullah the PMship) and nobody else from PR (This will not stop me commenting as I am not from PR )will comment on this issue.

Any idea where is Khairy and what is he up too. Too silent , I guess he was be now knee deep in the covert take over talks.

Najib poor Najib , he is acting like a enuch. I guess Mahathir must have had snip his balls.

What is in for Abdullah is this deal. Immunity against prosecution against corruption and abuse of power for him and his team .( Who is his team , wait until Anwar becomes PM and all will know)

Mr Anon

25 September 2008 11:46


Anonymous,  25 September 2008 at 15:59  

Aiyoh Ariff

Ini macam surat layang style 2008...
Last time you have "political books" by that guy now you have anon fellas spreading their theories across cyberspace....
Just my humble opinion.

Ariff Sabri 25 September 2008 at 16:04  

we will humour these new age surat layangs. see where they end. the way UMNO is responding, indicates something big is goingto take place. maybe the passing og baton to najib, which will please many. maybe...

Mat Cendana 25 September 2008 at 19:45  

@jed yoong
Jed, surat layang or not, this series is interesting, to say the least

For "socio-political bloggers of a certain kind", there is enough material in it for a few posts that "could be entertaining" (as opposed to "informative and accurate").

Oh, this category of bloggers isn't from the category of Tun Mahathir, Rocky's Bru, Susan Loone, Anil Netto, Haris Ibrahim, Our Table and you plus Sakmongkol too - among others.

The former are the writers of "nonsensical sites/blogs"; like Husin Lempoyang, Mat Cendana (takes a bow) etc.

Now the problem with Mr Anon here is: Which category of bloggers/writers is he?? I'll bet he will be insulted if anyone were to suggest that he "is like Husin Lempoyang and Mat Cendana":-)

But his stories are a bit too fantastic to include him in the "serious & sober" category. There must be a certain genre to his type of writing. Can anyone who is more literate-savvy kindly inform me, please?

Mat Cendana 25 September 2008 at 19:50  

(A bit of `kes perasan' here)
The first time I saw the name "Mr Anon" here, I had thought "What is Sakmongkol mentioning about ME?!" HAHA!

You see, that was my handle previously, before it became "Mat Cendana" and "Cendana287".

I had used "Ahmad Anon", "Mart Anon" and "A. Anon" for quite a number of months. It was even used as a byline in a newspaper, in this Jailhouse Blues story:

Anonymous,  25 September 2008 at 23:53  

Keep it coming, Mr. Anon. Apart from "Teresa insulting egg", this is the most entertaining read I have today.

Mat Cendana 26 September 2008 at 01:53  

@anonymous 23:53
That comment is like "pushing a pillow to a sleepy-head" - I'm sure the guy is pretty busy with it at this very moment, banging away at the keyboard.

Every writer will feel this particular buzz that gives energy when your piece is well-received. Never mind if most people disagree with its essence and with many of the points - the ATTENTION and CONSIDERATION of others is satisfying indeed!

Mr Anon apparently has chosen "the right blog and person" to send his posts to.

I'd say this blog is something like the two-decades-ago "cool term" of Yuppie - "Young, Upwardly Mobile".

Daily visits/hits are not near Rocky's Bru/Susan Loone yet (but will never be, since it doesn't make an attempt to include "the lowest common denominator"). But the numbers here are very decent, and they attract "a certain class" (I rarely see Mat Bangkai in socio-political blogs)

And Sakmongkol's evaluation and comments have added a lot of value to this series.

Maybe some organization (like The Star or whatever) should start a special column for this kind of thing - and appoint Sakmongkol as one of the "surat layang" associate editors/evaluators & critics. Not joking here, for I feel there will be interest. And benefits too.

Hmm, maybe I should get in touch with `someone I know' at a newspaper...

P/S to Sakmongkol: Can you do away with this "Word Verification" thing, please? It's annoying that sometimes I'd type a wrong letter (due to it not being clear in the first place), and that "!" chiding comes out. Panas betul!

Ariff Sabri 26 September 2008 at 05:33  

dear mc,
how do i get rid of this word verification. it annoys me too.

Mat Cendana 26 September 2008 at 07:53  

It's here:
Top-right corner; right-click on "Customise".
Then "Settings"> "Comments".

You'll see "Show word verification for comments". Tick the new one.

No wonder so many people have it!'s set to "On" by default. And many people don't ever change their settings.

Anonymous,  26 September 2008 at 08:09  

Mat Cendana said... No wonder so many people have it!'s set to "On" by default. And many people don't ever change their settings.

mat cend, not every blogger is a closeted techie! :D

Anonymous,  26 September 2008 at 08:10  

Mat Cendana said... No wonder so many people have it!'s set to "On" by default. And many people don't ever change their settings.

mat cend, not every blogger is a closeted techie! :D

Anonymous,  26 September 2008 at 22:29  

Where is Mr Anon. No word from him. Maybe he is too busy with his spying


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