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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 13 September 2008

An inner Cabal out of Control

Zaid Ibrahim’s and the Negeri Sembilan MB’s diatribes against Muhyidin Yassin were expected. Theirs will not be the last. They will outdo each other in their moral righteousness to defend the boss.

Sakmongkol has said it in his blog regarding Muhyidin’s position. The man himself has also said that he is willing to take the risks. At the moment, unless he himself resigns, Sakmogkol does not see the PM resolute enough to sack Muhyidin. He was not even able to contain the buffoon Ahmad Ismail. Muhyidin is one of the UMNO’s VP. Moreover, the PM is now not sure of Najib’s vacillating posturing. Sakmongkol’s advice to the PM, cast a weary eye on Najib, the U-turn specialist.

Look at Zaid. He says it from a legalistic point of view. What the convention is. But the Negeri MB? Ok Dato MB, Sakmongkol wants to ask you,’ what you gonna do? Unsheathe your puny keris? Invoke the spirit of Dol Said?

What’s happening?

The smell of death around the leadership of the UMNO wrecking crew is so overpowering it seems to anaesthetise them all. It numbs everything. One bungle follows another yet those about to die sit and do nothing. The ineptitude of the wrecking crew aka the devilish duo worsens day by day.

The outpouring of overzealous support exemplified by the initial two, tells Sakmongkol this.

The shrinking band of those the PM trusts are now his old rottweilers who shred what’s left of their leader’s reputation.

This week, when they mauled Muhyidin Yassin for telling the obvious truth, they attack an UMNO figure with considerably growing influence. Indeed, Sakmongkol hears, Muhyidin’s stock has risen above the limp Najib. What does this tell Sakmongkol?

That this is the sign of an inner cabal out of control- (a coterie of minnows and spineless backroom boys)- who want Pak lah out, but lack the fortitude to act.


Anonymous,  13 September 2008 at 11:48  

salam mat tomoi,

legalisitic pov or not, someone should tell that zaid ibrahim that he should sedar diri that he is not elected by the rakyat!

on another note...

when that general made his out of turn remark the other day, i kind of suspected that aab was angling for an emergecy solution (mageran style?) to stop the double onslaughts of 916 and mutiny within the umno ranks.

when i say aab angling, i meant him going by the script of his matrempit advisors, of course. perhaps even musa hitam.

in retrospect, i won't be surprised if the antics of ahmad ismail was part of the planned trigger. didn't it strike you that the idiot was rather overzealous in his defiance of his boss?

the civil society folks are making plans to get people to gather and show support for and protest against the isa'ing of rpk, yb tkok and the sin chew reporter. peacefully, of course.

a bit naive under the circumstances, i think.

for who is to say that provocateurs cannot be planted in order to give the riot squad a reason to turn on the crowd and aab and his plotters a reason to declare emergency?

that freudian slip of the general may well indicate that the army is already primed.

this one stroke would preempt the anticipated kuli-my-tdm advance and stop the 916 kataking threat of buttman as well.

what do you think?

Ariff Sabri 13 September 2008 at 12:04  

dear mek yam,
if you are a lady, then yr writing is full of masculinity. salute to you. i will get my thoughts together to pen a piece along what you have just written.
the blog reading community is made much poorer when writers like you chose to remain at the fringes. blog regards
ps. my other half is amused and ecstatic that you commented on her blog.

Anonymous,  13 September 2008 at 19:36  

wat to do the negeri sembilan MB owes his post to KJ?

Ariff Sabri 13 September 2008 at 23:50  

dear jed,
betul you cakap. this guy owes a lot to KJ.
in the days to come ,we will see them tripping over each other to show they are more pak lahist dan pak lah.
with kind regards/ariff

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