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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 15 September 2008

The coming meeting in the Bunker

The Bunker

Next week, on September 18, the MKT UMNO will meet again. Sakmongkol hopes they will discuss Tun Mahathir’s intention to rejoin UMNO. People are watching how will the MKT handle this. As usual Pak Lah does what is typical of him; (a) shuffles his feet, says that its up to UMNO.(b) appears as consultative. i.e. consult others.

Which UMNO is Pak Lah talking about? The general assembly? The MKT? the Management committee? The Discipline Committee?

As usual Pak Lah dithers. Sakmongkol thinks he must show leadership. Real leadership, not phony and sham leadership. He must lead and not follow. As to Tun Mahathir’s re-entry, it could be solved simply by Pak lah saying yes. He wants to save UMNO right? Then he must be seen to do just that.

Sakmogkol remembers the matter of Ezam Mohd Nor joining UMNO was given very easy passage. Pak lah decided there and then and later put it to the MKT. See how the man shuffles and hesitates? He is not silly, but he shilly-shallies.

But perhaps, Pak Lah’s rottweilers will push as agenda, the urgency to discuss Muhyidin’s open declaration of wanting the change in leadership be expedited. They will ask for Muhyidin’s explanation. Sakmongkol thinks no explanation needs to be given, unless these attack dogs are so thick they couldn’t understand the message of Muhyidin. Muhyidin was sounding out as an UMNO VP and he has a right to be outspoken. People expect that of a leader who wants to change things.

Just for a slight diversion, let us say something about the transition plan. The plan is set to take effect in June 2010. That’s about 2 years time. What does that tell you? From the point of view of a non lawyer like Sakmongkol, this just means, there is no finality in that deal. Its not a done deal yet. The interim period between now and June 2010 seems to suggest there’s a possibility and room plus time to either repudiate or reaffirm the deal. Until then, it is not a done deal. What you have, at the moment, is just an MOA which Sakmongkol thinks doesn’t have the force of a contractual agreement.

So Muhyidin has every right to assault the MOA.

But the more important thing to see, is where will Dato Najib stand? He has said he agreed totally and unreservedly with his MOA between Pak Lah and him. Indeed he vowed that he’s fully committed to uphold that ‘agreement’ even if the divisions nominated him. Remember, when one branch in Pekan( Ubai) nominated him as president and thereby created a ruckus, Najib went on to say, he was fully committed to the hand over deal. So he sumpah then, he sumpah he did not know Altantuya so many times, which make Sakmongkol thinks, that the number of times Dato Najib swears or vowed, is superseded only by the sumpahs made by Iblis.

Sakmongkol’s prediction: Dato Najib will stick to the original plan. He is the beneficiary. To reject the MOA or agreement, will amount to destroying the party set up among others, by his late father. Being the dutiful and filial son that he is, he will not undo the agreement. In an earlier piece, Sakmongkol wrote about paraplegic and paraplegia( no disrespect to any suffering this ailment yes). A paraplegic suffers from defective spinal chord( backbone). The problem with Najib is worse. He has no spinal chord.

Sakmongkol is perplexed with the continued fixation on Dato Najib being the next UMNO president. It is as though, if Dato Najib doesn’t make it, UMNO is doomed. Let’s get over this Najib fetish.

UMNO must re chart its course under a new captain and a new chief officer. Sakmongkol wouldn’t want to be in a ship captained by an uncertain fellow and assisted by a chief officer who changes his mind too often and who is likely to make a U turn at the most crucial time. Would you take the risk? Better ask them to sign off.


Small Talk 15 September 2008 at 15:15  

Whilst not a lawyer, your argument surpassed most lawyers. In simple ordinary Malay logic the transition period is "baru bertunang, dah anak 5 pun ditunggu orang"

Anonymous,  15 September 2008 at 19:06  

Saya pun setuju dgn komen di atas.. apa pentingnya siapa yg tulis ucapan ataupun yg update blog seseorg?? Asalkan idea & intipatinya bernas..
Jgn kita hantam YB2 atau sesiapa di sini disebabkan hanya krn u tak suka dia atau u irihati melihat mrk lebih baik.. Elakkan diri dr Hasad dengki, kawan..

September 15, 2008 4:16 PM

Anonymous said...
Pergi mana-mana blog yang popular, tanya tuan punya blog, samada mereka tulis sendiri atau upah orang lain ? Jawabnya sudah tentu tulis sendiri. Tun Mahathir tulis sendiri, Ong Tee Keat tulis sendiri, Tony Pua, Lim Kit Siang, Chua Soi Lek dan lain-lain juga begitu. Org macam PM Paklah tak pandai menulis, jadi dia tak buat blog. Dia tayang website biasa sahaja. Inilah kenyataan yang sebenar. Lihat sendiri, jangan sebab seseorg itu YB, kita angkat, ampu tak tentu pasal.

Kalau kata boleh upah ghost writer, you ingat Pak Lah tak ada duit mau upah tukang tulis. Tetapi PM tahu prinsip blogging, jadi dia tak buat begitu. PM tak sampai hati nak buat begitu sebab takut rakyat tertipu.

Kalau ada mana-mana blogger jadi popular kerana mengupah ghost writer, tolong tunjukkan. Blogging hanya untuk orang yang mempunyai kemahiran menulis bukan yang mempunyai "idea" sahaja. Idea apa itu ? Idea untuk cakap kedai kopi atau kedai arak ?

Kalau blogger dibiarkan mengupah org lain menulis tanpa pengetahuan pembaca, maka ini ialah penipuan besar. Ingat, banana nak cakap benar sahaja, banana mau pertahankan prinsip blogging bukan menjatuhkan air muka mana-mana pihak.

September 15, 2008 5:58 PM

Anonymous said...
cakap betul
kalau takut tulis salah dan nak tulis perfect jangan jadi blogger, kalau blog pun nak orang tolong tulis mana ada makna lagi.

September 15, 2008 6:05 PM

Anonymous said...

i am not at all angry. i my self have heard about him (Pang) having a ghost writer. i agree with you it is not proper for a person who does not have credible writing skills to blog. i am sure when you blog, yr writings are read by many people and people in turn have a right to form impressions. however i agree with that ideally bloggers should not moderate comments from others. in my case, i dont moderate but i expect people to disagree with me civilly. otherwise i just ignore them. in any case,, i thank you for your comments. pls continue reading my blog if you have the time. thank you very much.

13 September 2008 11:53

September 15, 2008 6:09 PM

bikin sendiri kah?

Anonymous,  15 September 2008 at 19:24  


I belief there will be some grand-standing before the meeting, to shore up the negativity.

As it is Zaid has offered his resignation (how honorable to his current ISA stand)and AAD has decline to accept,asking him to have an early hari-raya holiday.

From now until the meeting on 18-Sept we will see many more antics.

As to TDM return to UMNO, my take is they will delay it to next meeting. If it comes to a vote, how do you think it will go? Considering your internal linkage, would be interested to know.

aMir kat bukit

Ariff Sabri 15 September 2008 at 19:43  

if any one reads the various exchanges not at all connected to this blog, please know that this blog 'accidentally' became the medium where 2 opposing parties collide.
thank you/sakmongkol.

Anonymous,  16 September 2008 at 15:40  

The arrogance of BN and all related parties has brought them only a step away from the tomb. Its members are still so naively fighting aggressively among themselves as though tomorrow is a brighter day instead of there is no tomorrow! They faught behind the curtain those days but today, all of you are fighting on the stage and this is so shameful.

I cannot imagine our BN politicians or members are like the Ah Beng or Ah Seng on the road who flex muscles for the sake of inviting for a fight.

UMNO is terribly in a the BANANA SPLIT! MCA dare not react much because it is also bleeding seriously internally. MIC....Lagi BEST! They claimed that they are not involved because they think they are just spectators who are here watching matches! Gerakan is watching how UMNO behaves to decide if they will stay on the same boat. SAPP and other parties who are on the same BN boat are now waiting for their chance to rock the boat.

Perhaps This is the Malaysian version of "Titanic"....BN's has created a memorable SAMPAN ROCKING history which our CUCU-CICIK will talk about how it capsizes and who are the useless crews on board with condemnation!

All Bananas and all the BN politician bloggers, are you awake?

Do you know that by the time you reopen your eyes, it is the tomb of BN that you will be squatting? That also meaning I will be visiting your tomb instead of your blogs!

I may not be in the position to tell you to stop all these unconstrutive blogs and provocative comments and probably I will be one of the targets from here, but I know I have in all good conscience to attampt to give my 1 cent worth of opinion on all these matters.

This is serious! Please be a responsible and mature blogger.

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