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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 22 September 2008


So sakmongkol has to defer his own analysis. Because the tireless mr. anonymous has posted another comment. Sakmongkol reproduces it here. This will be the 4th instalment.

The Royalty and deciding factor in the battle between Najib’s UMNO –BN (I did not mention Abdullah Badawi as it is not his fight but Najib’s fight with Anwar) and Anwar’s PR

The flexing of the Royalty powers in Terengganu, Perlis, Perak and Selangor

Perlis – the Raja of Perlis has been a career military man until he was made a Raja Muda and then Raja of Perlis. He has known the excess of the pervious MB. He knew Abdullah after the near defeat of BN in the 13th General elections has not stomach for any fight. He has given up in the face of the massive reversal of his political fortunes. Sharidan was the guinea pig which the Malaysian royalty was to experiment one to see if they still have the powers. Abdullah was unknowingly dragged into the experience. The plot (Experiment) was agreed by the brother Sultans to test the resolve of Abdullah Badawi. Raja of Perlis started the ball rolling when he refused Sharidan to take the oath of MB of Perlis. The success of this experiment spread like wild fire to the royal states. This in effect was payback to BN for humiliation in public and curbing of their powers.

Terengganu was a small experiment for a later much larger stage (which is now been played out in KL – The play is called the testing of the Agung’s constitutional powers in appointing the PM. We all know how it is going to turn out now. Again is Terengganu the excess of the pervious state government was noted and the MB was shown the way out. Another successful experiment and not a whimper from Abdullah Badawi. All systems go and Anwar was encouraged to make a go for the PM post.

Selangor and Perak another set of experiment to see if PR will respect, all successful. Now is the eyes of the public the royalty has been redeemed.

Najib was not promoted to Finance ministry but moved out as a request from the King. The King feared chaos with Najib as the defense minister during these trouble times. (a passage here has been removed). *

The Royalty in effect hijacked some of the constitutional powers of the PM who meekly surrender it to the Royalty. The Agung and Sultans will act on the advice of the PM, but this is no more the case now.

If Mahathir has not curbed the Royalty powers and humiliate them in Public, the royalty will not be taking the side of Abdullah’s BN. Milk is spilled and no point crying years later. The seed of this chaos was planted by Mahathir 20 years ago and now it has grown into a monster. The people are all behind the Agung now and that is where the power is “THE PEOPLE”

I will take a break for now until tomorrow evening to my 2 cents of input. UMNO warlords and
Bloggers role in rise of Anwar will be after the PR Take over.

21 September 2008 22:13

We will see how the story unfolds. Mr anonymous, who are you?

*update: after advice from a friend, some passages related to anonymous's reference to Najib has been removed. because its a matter currently before the court.


Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 01:16  

wow. scary.

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 01:20  

Dear Sir,

I think this anonymous person is quite detached to reality and the real happenings on the ground. He had mistakenly analysed the situation whereby he concluded that the Agung is behind Pakatan Rakyat (Anwar). He could not be more wrong. Even his assessment that Najib was transferred out from Mindef is wrong.
Najib, with his portfolio as the Minister of Defense has no say in military. He is only in charge of the ministry's operations. The person that has the ultimate power would always be the Prime Minister - via his Chairmanship in the National Defense Council. Much like the Defcon in the United States.
The PM make all decisions pertaining the deployment of armed forces.
This is where this anonymous' analysis went awry. It does not matter who is the Minister of Defense. His argument that Najib may resort to violence does not hold water. Minister of Defence do not have this power to control the army, nor the Agung.
Agung, as the supreme commander of the army is only a figurehead.
And to say the Agung will back Anwar is also wrong.
But Pakatan Rakyat, with all their pompous petitions in instructing the Agung to do something against Pak Lah will never believe that as an Agung, he will always be the umbrella for the Malays first.
Not the umbrella for a power hungry politician who has sold his soul to the extremists DAP.
Agung, if upon learning that Anwar may have the majority of the parliament, may dissolve the parliament and appoint a Prime Minister; and get this, he may not be Anwar!
To me, this analysis is a feel good article by an Anwar supporter and Pak Lah's apologist. Well, in my opinion la. Who hasn't takes sides anyway?

Thank you.


P.S. People should also learn on why some powers of the rulers were restricted in 1991/1992. As I remembered, Anwar was one of the main force in putting forward the motion.

Ariff Sabri 22 September 2008 at 01:29  

dear jmd,
i will wait to see how this story ends. i hope it will be concluded soon. so that i can make my own analysis. i thought sudah habis by 3rd installment. we shall allow him his say...first. thanks.

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 01:58  

Salam sir,

Sorry to appear like a stalker in the middle of the night.. :) But I would like readers to read this book;

Government and Society in Malaysia By Harold Crouch

Especially from page 143 to 148 (available to be read on the net too).

It detailed out the justification on the constitutional amendmends that restricted the certain constitutional powers of the royalties.

Thank you and goodnight.


Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 05:57  

I think the analysis makes sense when you think of who is behind Ahmad's "anti-social" behavior. Don't tell me in the entire UMNO, not a single person can stop the outbursts.

UMNO is a race-based party but did not appear to be a racist party to the eyes of most Malaysians. They have played the race card perfectly for 50 years. The party maybe controlled by racists, but even they know full well what Ahmad did was committing political suicide for UMNO. Najib knew it. He even went as far as "apologizing" for Ahmad. He certainly came out looking stupid after Ahmad continued his antics.

I also think if there was any remaining BN support from the Chinese bizmen who wanted stability, Ahmad's "anti-social" behavior certainly dampened it.

Interesting analysis by Mr Anonymous.

Anonymous,  22 September 2008 at 10:15  

My simple say is this. In the end it will be the AlMighty Lord who by his grace will bestow the PMship and government to whoever he pleases.

Who are all these people compared to Him?

Allahhu Akbar!

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