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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 13 September 2008

Our Flying Dutchmen are coming back!


Our flying Dutchmen are coming back. In that maritime folklore, anyone who glimpses the sight of the FD will be doomed. Can the return of our FD, spell doom for the government?

The 50 BNBBC MPs are coming home. Said Dato Seri Tiong, the chairman of BBC. Apa pasal? How can you short cut the study trip? Then how can you MPs improve our agriculture? You can’t study if there is competition?

You should welcome your PKR colleagues. They too want to study the agriculture industry in Taiwan. You people are Malaysian MPs first right? All committed to build up the Malaysian economy. And they also want to take you out for coffee and karaoke. That should be a welcome relief after a hard day’s study.

Sakmongkol says, if our MPs had gone there to study, then they shouldn’t come back before the planned completion of the course. Mana boleh masuk suku atau separuh?

Are they playing hide and seek iwth their PKR colleagues?

Sakmongkol is not a superstitious man. But these MPs have gone there to wrong the Malaysian public. We expect our MPs to be around. What more some of the MPs are Muslims and this is the fasting month. They should be in their constituencies making their rounds. We have been told to go on austerity drive and our 50 MPs have gone on a gallivanting trip complete with golf sets.

Even nature objects to the MP’s derisive behaviour towards the Malaysian public. Sakmongkol gets this report from Taipei:-

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Officials ordered schools and businesses closed Saturday and residents stocked up on food as powerful Typhoon Sinlaku churned toward northern Taiwan and the heavily populated capital Taipei.

Heavy rains and high winds were already pummeling the city. About 40 miles to the northeast, fishing boats and other craft headed for shelter as large waves pounded the coast near the port city of Yilan.

At 9:15 a.m. local time, Typhoon Sinlaku was centered about 74 miles northeast of Hualien in eastern Taiwan, packing sustained winds of 107 mph, the island's Central Weather Bureau reported.

If Sinlaku stays on course, it is expected to make landfall in northern Taiwan on Sunday morning.

Typhoons frequently hit Taiwan between July and September, often causing casualties in mountainous regions prone to landslides and flash floods.

Sakmongkol thinks because what you LAKUkan is a SIN, typhoon Sinlaku is displeased. Sakmongkol sees, you will bring back sial to this country.


KongKor 13 September 2008 at 15:09  

Great stuff Sakmongkol. This is the GREATEST and BIGGEST BOO BOO ever from BE END.

I am sure their foolishness is widely publicized in Taiwan, any news on this?

mamasita 13 September 2008 at 15:32  

Hoi Sakmongkol!Only yesterday I was telling myself how the govt. must be spending a lot to tighten the security of our 40 over MPs in Taiwan!Kalau apa2 terjadi can you imagine how many by-elections we're gonna have!Mampus!Manalah govt. nak kerruk cari duit oi?Inilah orang kata tak plan betul2!Now maybe Mother Nature dah shoooh them all to come back home!Macam budak2 sekolah pulak!
Or mcm a school of fish?

ben 13 September 2008 at 22:02  

Hi There: It seemed that the 'FDs' had undergone a brief expose/crash course on modern agric techniques in various parts of the island, including at a university in the southern city of Pingtung. Hope the knowledge gained were not washed away by the Sinlaku heavy downpour...Like many other things, the pursuit of knowledge has a price, and this was at a sky-high premium indeed. Taipei Resident

ben 14 September 2008 at 06:02  

One of the things those 'VIP students' must have noticed is the success story of agro bio-tech in Taiwan - that an island about the size of Pahang could even export rice...while Malaysia needs to import! A few locals also intimated to me that even the watermelon seeds originated from Malaysia but the buah is so sweet, juicy and huge too - almost double the size than the Produce of Ubai (Pekan). Fish-farm at sea is also another Taiwanese specialty...but Malaysia is, perhaps, a better 'breeding-ground' cos we dont have earthquakes and typhoons! Pity, a kid-of-rush study-tour...and bad timing too, Typhoon Sinlaku had landed and they departed.

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