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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 2 September 2008

Changing the mindset-wow

An ADUN from Sarawak, Yb Mong Dagang said it is imperative for people in the rural areas to change their mindset.

Mak Datuk oi...that's a long row to hoe.

What he said has been often said by our BN leaders most notably UMNO. Tun Mahathir even had to cry to cajole the UMNO members. At the end of his career, he said changing the mindset has been one of his failures. The others included anointing Anwar Ibrahim. And Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

What the ADUN says, the English will call it about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. Good in theory but useless in practice.

We need short of a revolution to want to change the Malay mindset.

Malays in the kampong lived basically on patronage. Without the government, the Malays seem unable to function.

This sense of mental bondage permeates every aspect of Malay life.

Consider a typical UMNO branch.

How do you expect a typical UMNO branch leader who may be a jaga sekolah, loafer and village bully, a retired 3rd rank government servant, to launch a mental revolution? Has he got the credibility to champion a cause?

To carry out activities he will go running after the local ADUN, failing which he will write to the MP, Minister etc. He cant even organise a voluntary subcommittee to raise funds. To hold the yearly annual meeting he is dependent on the RM 200-300 given by the Ketua Bahagian. Then he will go around, bowl in hand, to solicit money. The typical UMNO branch has not even started its take off stage.

Do your Sigmund Freud on this. Even the RM 1 membership fee had to be paid for by someone else. UMNO is just a gravy train bringing freebies. What can you tell of someone or anyone who desires the good things in life for free?


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