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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 15 September 2008

The Mother of all Sumpahs

The number of times Dato Najib sumpah/vowed is perhaps surpassed only by those made by Iblis himself. Iblis’s sumpah can be termed as the primordial sumpah. Count Iblis, vowed before God, that he will create mischief among human kind till the end of time. So, sumpahs have only created untold misery upon humankind. The inherent property of a vow/sumpah is that it brings only misery and suffering upon mankind.

Sakmongkol is not impressed with those making sumpahs. P Ramlee in Madu Tiga, made many sumpahs. Saiful made a sumpah and it contributed to BN’s loss in Permatang Pauh. Bala made a legal sumpah and had to disappear. The Pusrawi doctor made one, and he has to vamoosh for a long time. Those who make sumpahs usually end up disowning and lying about them. Sumpahs only make life miserable for everyone.

Dato Najib is easily given to sumpah. He is a sumpah addict. Its free and divine retributions, like miracles do not happen in modern day.

But Najib is crafty. He chooses his audience well. Usually it will be done among his morbid supporters. Or in front of UMNO loyalists. His, that is.

Now lets see. How many times has sakmongkol heard Dato Najib sumpah? The first time Sakmongkol heard it was when he denied he was ever involved with Ziana Zain. Its no skin off Sakmongkol’s nose how or what Dato Najib’s sexual fetishes are. So he sumpah-ed before the Pekan UMNO division delegates meet some years ago. At that time, Sakmongkol was his chief information officer.

And he made so many sumpahs regarding Altantuya more than Sakmongkol can count. He has made it when Pak Lah met UMNO officers in KL. He has made it in Pekan before his UMNO supporters who of course cheered loudly. He has made it in Permatang Pauh.

Perhaps Dato Najib will learn the folly of making sumpah. He is eaten up by his own sumpah. The first sign has already occurred. He was badly mauled by the Permatang Pauh PM hunter.

The problem is, the more he denied and sumpah, the more people disbelieved him. We can almost feel sorry for Dato Najib. Nana Non on the other hand has studiously avoided making a public sumpah and people believed him. Najib on the other hand, because of his so many sumpah’s, had only earned more rejection and disbelief.

But all the sumpahs regarding miss Ziana Zain which only Hishamudin Rais likes to raise now and then, and the sumpahs about the murdered Altantuya, none of these can overshadow the sumpah made by Najib to Pak lah.

Najib has vowed never to contest against Pak Lah. He has agreed to the agreement made between them. That he is to take over when Pak Lah withdraws. He has sworn before his father’s honour that he will defend and uphold that agreement. He wont be persuaded by nominations from divisions. No he wont. He will not dishonour the mother of all sumpahs.


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