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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 14 September 2008

On Paraplegia and Paraplegics

There is only one way to break the mental stupor of Malays. The mental state that has made them dependent, psychotic and xenophobic whenever mention is made about diminution of their rights.

Our leaders must bring economic progress to them. And they must do it honestly, diligently and seriously. Not in half baked style which is only passable. I was watching the rising of great nations, this time on France on the history channel. De Gaulle said France is nothing without greatness.

And the greatness is not in terms of physical strength, physical dominance or threats of physical violence. Malaysians must reject the purveyors of innate rights who use violence or threat of violence to achieve them.

When De Gaulle took over, he set out to achieve economic greatness. Our leaders realised this, but lack the discipline and determination to push us to the limits.

The will to work hard, to excel, the desire to do well, come from inside. No amount of legislation can ever do that. You cant do that exogenously. Unless, Malay leaders devise a system that brings out the best in Malays, they will remain mainly on the sidelines. The most effective way is to induce the competitive spirit among the Malays.

It is unbelievable to make us believe the majority of Malays are paraplegics waiting to be aided all the time. Now paraplegia is a physical infirmity arising from disease of the spinal chord. Sakmongkol knows only of one person with this spine problem- the DPM. He has none.


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