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Tuesday 9 September 2008

UMNO's Royal Rumble-DEcember 2008

I predicted the following. First, I held on to the assessment that Anwar would win the Permatang Pauh by election. When I did, friends were questioning my UMNO credentials. They have not changed. Being UMNO hasn’t got anything to do with being rational.

Anwar won. He did, by a bigger majority. This assessment was made not because I took a liking for nana Non. It was based on the sentiments on the ground.

Second, I predicted that Tan Sri Muhyidin will re-assess his earlier declaration of wanting to defend his vice president’s post only. When this cherubic Johorean announced that he was defending only his VP’s post, friends said mockingly, apa macam? I said, wait after Permatang Pauh. When UMNO/BN and Najib lost, then Muhyidin will re strategise. The top of the mountain for VPs is too crowded. If he continues the VP race, it would be tantamount to a thoroughbred pulling a milk cart. So let us wait when he announces he’s going for the deputy President.

Next I said, inadvertently, nana Non and Tengku Razaleigh are the best of pals. The only catch is, they themselves do not know this.

Anwar’s victory served to amplify UMNO’s disillusionment with the Abdullah-Najib leadership. Anwar’s victory brings the president’s post to the prince from Kelantan.

From now on, there’s nothing to stop UMNO divisions from freely supporting Tengku Razaleigh. Why must they? Pak Lah has said he’s going any way.

Next, I was hoping if TRH does decide to go for the UMNO president’s post, he will see it fit to set up a presidential council. Allow Tun Mahathir to play a prominent role. Malaysia today owes much to his vision.

Now, Tun Dr Mahathir has openly endorsed TRH’s quest to secure the UMNO president’s post.

The next question is, where will Muhyidin go? I say do not waste time anymore. This is your best chance to get the deputy president’s post.

Najib is already wounded. His is a lost cause. Who would want to promote a damaged product?.

Since it was Muhyidin who persuaded the Tun to endorse TRH, he obviously gets a huge boost to go for the deputy president’s post.

Now, brace yourself for this- Najib will create all sort of grandfather’s stories to stall Tun Mahathir’s re-entry into UMNO.

And Tengku, please remember it was the spineless Najib who betrayed you the last time. Forget him. As for me, for the deputy president, I am on ABN mode- Asal Bukan Najib.


Anonymous,  9 September 2008 at 10:07  

Yes, go for it, our trusted trio of Ku Li- MY - Tun M.

You have ordinary UMNO members' and the rakyats' blessings.

Anonymous,  9 September 2008 at 19:17  

Yes to Ku Li- MY - Tun M. I hope if Ku Li does become the PM, he would consider giving Tun some active role to play - sort of senior minister like Lee Kuan Yew in S'pore. That should help stablized the nation for a couple of years.

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