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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Why I remain in UMNO. So must you.

I am a little fed up of these run away claims that UMNO and BN  are finished. They are just wishful thinking said loudly. Scary but not to the extent of inducing rigor mortis. UMNO especially is on its death throes, so the claims say. Why are you still in a sinking ship? Worse of all are the patronizing talk downs and sniggering, wheedling why am I still with a party which is the pits.
UMNO can't be saved. I don't agree. First as long as there are decent persons in UMNO who believed in the original pledge of UMNO's AlifBaTa notwithstanding they are not easily identifiable and numbered, plus there are people out there, ordinary simple folks who feel they can depend on UMNO, UMNO still breathes. I want to be counted in the group of optimists.
We say that without denying the present state of UMNO is dire- made so with a leadership turned arrogant because they think they have complete ownership of the people's AlifBaTa. A leadership turned disdainful because they think allegiance and trust of the people can be had as of divine right. A leadership turned big-headed because they forget, loyalty and allegiance must be earned and not expected as of right. Yes, for this kind of leadership, its days are numbered. If we can't kick them out, you people will achieve that for us.
Why don't I leave UMNO? My short answer is. what can PKR offer Malaysians? A promise of a better future just because one man fighting for his personal and political survival says so? He too hasn't got a program to save Malaysia other than lashing out with diatribes and broadsides of 'evil' Malaysia. He has mesmerized many people with his engrossing speeches. That is without doubt.
My other answer is the high values, the high morals, are not the monopoly of PKR. So don't go around preaching this holier than thou spirit and drowning others who disagree with you with your talk downs.
This one man is not an organizer at all. what he has achieved is keeping together diverse groups on a temporary truce. PAS and DAP can never trust each other. DAP fears if PAS comes to power it will turn back Malaysia to the road of ultraconservatism. Chinese and other Malays have no problem with the religion of Islam but they are fearful of the personal preferences of the budding talibans. The PKR Malays- they are as heathen-like as the UMNO Malays and they don't actually have any higher morals to speak of. These groups are held together on account of Anwar's personality simpliciter. When Anwar is put aside, what happens? No programs? No vision?
At the end of the day what is PKR? A smorgasbord of fired up individuals united only by a desire to throw out corrupt and abusive leadership. That aim, is not yours entirely. We too are fired by the same desire. To get rid of this country from leaders who corrupt and who steal from this country.
In your blind rage, prodded on by the demagoguery of one person, you alienate simple minded Malays who place their hopes and optimism on a re-charged and renewed UMNO. Why should I dishonor such simple expectations?


Quiet Despair,  10 August 2010 at 23:26  

Salam Ramadhan Sak dan semua kaum Muslim yang disayangi

It's good of you to clear the air once and for all that you will remain in UMNO.
There are so many here who never fail in every postings cajoling you to quit the 'evil party".
But not me. I know you are a true-blue UMNO man.
You criticised to set UMNO right, not to destroy it. And I believe all party leaders who read this, know that as well.
Unfortunately people here think you are like them.
Don't they know that a father who often scolds the child or beat them up, will always love the child, no matter what. Same goes to you.
Yes, we all need each other to help in rejuvenating UMNO to continue being on top of the heap.
The beauty of UMNo is having old ye faithfuls.
I regard UMNO as a fine bone China like Noritake or Royal Doulton tableware. Though there are cracks, it's still served by the hostess for grand parties.
The hostess will never think of serving a cheap set when the guests are people of value.
Like other Malays who are simple with simple needs, only UMNO can best serve us.
We know what UMNO stands for.
We never know what PKR really is and what the CHOSEN ONE has to offer to us Malays, let alone Malaysians.
Smorgasboard is good as a stomach filler, but can't last you through the day as a solid meal.
TaIking philosophies or grand ideals of democracy too, wont feed the hungry and poor.
I have always been optimistic of UMNO being relevant. Never doubted it.
That's why it pains me when they say UMNO is no more in the coming GE.
There's a majority outside who still love and enjoy what UMNO has offered and continue to.
It's the pak chiks and maks ciks in our kampungs votes that count. Not just us, the so-called smart ones here.
If UMNO remembers this, it will be remembered by us.

Anonymous,  11 August 2010 at 00:11  


Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

Salam Ramadhan to you and you family.

Interesting topic, Dato'. And what an opportune time to discuss it - in the eve of the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

We are a product of our environment. In our lives, we all went through our own experience, viewing and filtering the world through our previous experiences. We learnt about values, set of beliefs which become cultures, and social norms. This is where many expectations, role plays and actions rise.

Most of these stick with us throughout our lives. As we grow older, we learnt by experiences the set of values to keep - and they become harder to change as we age.

These values are somewhat called wisdom - but they are a product of the environment that you are in. That also partly explains the reasons why some generation cant connect with another as they go through vastly different experience.

So, you went through yours with a set of your beliefs. Hence your reasoning. Whether it is connected to reality or not - you made those decisions based on the hard rules you've built over the years. And I have no problem with that. I have respect for person with conviction.

I also think that you're open enough to accept other views. Otherwise, you would have moderated the comments and publish only those you like.

So, there are people that has the same intent as you. That the country is in dire need of many good virtues that you extoll - government with integrity, quality leadership and clear direction. In short - change for the better. Many people that visit your blogs do. So, there's an agreement.

And there's also when the disagreement start. You were intent that UMNO is the solution to this. You've been inside UMNO too long, and maybe (just maybe) the reason why you feel attachment to it. You love the party, you want to see it going back to its old days and you want it to reconnect to its struggles.

You have heard of inventors dilemma. You know the Not Invented Here syndrome. You fell in love with something that you felt that there's no reason why it shouldnt work. Other ideas which were not tested/invented by UMNO is simply unacceptable.

Or, old championship winning horse trainer felt about his horse who cant catch up with the times. There's always the next race.

Hence the difference between many of your visitors. Many do not have any attachments to UMNO. Ask the young on UMNO and their feelings. I mean those outside UMNO. They cant connect to your Alif-Ba-Ta.

For whatever that you argue a case for UMNO, there can be thousands that support you, and thousands that disagree. If you can keep the discussion civil, we can get to the same conclusions.

Melayu Baru

Anonymous,  11 August 2010 at 00:14  


For me, its far simpler. At this point, it sounds highly idealistic - but when I talk to the young of many races, they feel it too. We all want the same thing - Change. This wind is blowing now. In places that you do not expect.

UMNO somehow think that the populace will always back them after a bad result. It happened few times. It all boils down to bread and butter, as one of your commentator put. Or Malays will not abandon UMNO, if I recalled correctly.

Have you been with urban poor who struggles to make end meet? Yes - its bread and butter, they say. until you reason out that clean efficient government can ease them of their sufferings. The bumbling of (too many) billions of dollars of the taxpayer money can be put to many good use.

Have you been with the old folks at kampung house? We were chased once with a parang. This guy was telling us that 'Kau nampak api tu? Kau nampak air tu? Itu semua BN yang bagi'. I know this man now is changed - he has sons in the city who tell him the better choice.

Have you heard chatter in the coffehouse? I hope the SB and BTN people who are paid to do this put it in their record. But if someone in the chain of command is afraid that it will upset the higher ups - its a lost opportunity.

All these may not be enough - but as more people realize that they actually are the real master, change will happen. Critical mass may not be there yet - but the chain reaction has started.

Will DSAI be there when it happens? Will PR sill be there when it happens? Willl UMNO be there when it happens?

I dont know the answer. But I also mix around with enough UMNO people to know that they are too aloof, too disconnected and too far from what's really going on. And therein, based on my own experience, set of beliefs and values - believe that UMNO is not the one that will lead this change.

You saw this, and you knew this - yet you hope for change. Where's the action plan? Where's the strategic plan? Have you evaluated them via game theory to see the possible permutations and prepare for that? The answer to all may be yes - but where's the action?

Again - I am like you. I want change for the better. I want to leave a good country to my kids - for Malaysia is blessed with many gifts.

When it happen finally, maybe it will not be DSAI (who leads it). Not PR. But definitely not UMNO. And when it happens, it will not be pretty. It will be a no man's land, a new uncharted water (Re : Indonesia). But when it finally come together, the county will be much better.

The tipping point has been breached.

Melayu Baru.

Habib RAK 11 August 2010 at 00:24  

Sak, I asked in my comment yesterday "Do you consider yourself as a decent person?" There was no reply. However, you had replied to another comment that you dont know Anwar Ibrahim personally and how can u hate him. Today, in this article, you made a statement about decent people in UMNO. I still begging to know, is there decent people in UMNO? Further, in your article, you are at ease to talk down about Anwar like you have first hand knowledge despite you claiming that you dont know the man. Many contradictions in your stand. Perhaps you are thorougly confused.

Btw, most people are not focused on Anwar as the man. People are drawn to the idealogy that is propogated by PKR. Anwar, is a contributor, a very important one at that. But he is not idol worshiped. Should Anwar stray like his UMNO days, he will be discarded at momments notice.

The fact that you express yourself still provides hope that you are decent and perhaps genuine in your believe that you can save UMNO. Unfornately, many of us do not share that view anymore. On the contrary, the day UMNO loses Putrajaya, UMNO will disintegrate within days. In fact the rigor motis will set in immediately.

Anonymous,  11 August 2010 at 00:34  

AK 47 dan juak-juak UMNO,

UMNO akan terus mendapat momentum baru untuk menabur bakti kalau sekali-sekala mereka berhenti sejenak bukan setakat untuk melihat ke dalam diri tetapi juga melihat ke belakang (cukup sekadar sepintas lalu) agar dengan itu perjalanan seterusnya menjadi lebih bermakna dan selebihnya memberikan lebih banyak keselesaan kepada lebih ramai penumpang (baru dan lama) yang masih mempersepsikan UMNO sebagai mampu menghulurkan servis yang cemerlang mengatasi pihak pesaing.


Anonymous,  11 August 2010 at 00:37  

To mr.quiet despair and dato sak
By all means do remain in UMNO.But play a role as an agent of change.If you want a change in ur party ,u make a change as well.If thru ur writeups and comments things arent changing, then go back to the drawing board and design a new strategy.
Perubahan dalam sikap doesnt happen overnight but dont forget that u still have to take the first step forward.

So action please! jangan asyik rebut and debate aje about why u still remain as loyalist UMNO.
work hard my frens!

Anonymous,  11 August 2010 at 01:14  

I am Muslim first, Malaysian second and UMNO Youth third; what is best for the country and nation is what we have to choose - this meaning a sense of check and balance. If our leadership is arrogant and corrupt then we have to allow those to supposedly champion justice to prove their credentials. This will also wake us up! UMNO needs a jolt and the only way to it is to lose the next elections marginally. Our YB's must work for their constituents when elected and not cow to the demands of their party. The Alif Ba Ta of UMNO is this and not being a slave to the President. Let us move with the times and progress accordingly.

Anonymous,  11 August 2010 at 01:47  


UMNO dalam kontek membawa negara dan rakyatnya ke satu destinasi yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya adalah ibarat kenderaan. Seperti biasa, tidak ada kenderaan yang mampu bergerak secara berterusan yakni tanpa berhenti-henti. Dalam kata lain, setiap kenderaan yang bergerak pasti akan berhenti sama ada untuk mengisi bahan api dsbnya atau terhenti kerana mengalami kerosakan.

Atas sebab itu, penumpang yang berpandangan jauh akan memastikan mereka mempunyai akses kepada kenderaan simpanan/alternatif yang boleh ditumpangi seandainya kenderaan pilihan mengalami masalah teknikal. Dalam konteks inilah Pas mula menempa nama sebagai kenderaan simpanan/alternatif kalau-kalau sesuatu berlaku kepada kenderaan utama.

Namun, atas desakan penumpang iaitu mahu melihat kenderaan Pas maju setapak lagi, timbullah idea untuk menawarkan diri sebagai kenderaan utama. Untuk maksud itu itu kenderaan Pas perlu ditambahnilai dan dijenama semula. Tetapi, itu saja tidak memadai kerana tanpa bergabung dengan kenderaan DAP dan PKR, berat untuk kenderaan Pas menyempurnakan hajat berkenaan.

Cumanya dalam apa jua perkongsian, aspek pembahagian dan agihan (baik saham, jawatan, keuntungn dsbnya) sering dipengaruhi resolusinya oleh tuntutan nafsu-nafsi dan kepentingan kendiri-kendiri. Aspek sebegini yang masih dalam peringkat pra muktamad, secara tidak langsung menjejaskan niat ikhlas penumpang asalnya yang mahu melihat kenderaan Pas mendapat faedah maksimum tetapi dek kerana perkongsian, kecerahan dan kemanisan yang mereka bayangkan pada awalnya tetapi kini kian menjadi pudar dan terasa tawar.

Sekiranya peringkat serba tak puas hati dan tidak muktamad ini terus tidak bertemu titik noktah, dan kalaulah ada penumpang lama yang kembali ke pangkuan kenderaan asal (UMNO) atau penumpang baru yang mahu beralih selera menumpang kenderaan yang telah terbukti upayanya meskipun tiada yang sempurna (UMNO), maka usahlah mereka dilontarkan dengan frasa-frasa senda dan kesat seolah-olah enggan menerima hakikat bahawa penumpang hanyalah pengguna dan sebagai pengguna mereka adalah 'raja'.


A Point,  11 August 2010 at 02:46  

Part 1

I think you underestimate those in PKR/DAP and PAS ( I point to examples in Perak of the co-operation between DAP and PAS). First you explain your support in UMNO but do not hold the same is true of all the other political parties in Malaysia? I have talked to those in PKR especially and there is a much broader interest there than just Anwar. It is a coalition of shared interest across the broad spectrum of malaysiana. I don't think Malaysia has seen something like that and it is easier to categorised as a one man party whereas my exposure to it would mean I class it as a big tent party. I don't think charisma of one person alone was and is sufficient to hold a party together for all those lean years from 1999. There is something underlying there and if it is missed by those who oppose them then all the better for them.

Suffice to say only time and circumstances will tell.

Secondly you look at UMNO in the singular whereas I look at UMNO and BN together as a coalition. It is a system of governance via coalition. On a one to one match, UMNO vs PAS, UMNO vs DAP, UMNO vs PKR, UMNO may come out tops. But on Pakatan vs UMNO is it more evenly matched and on Pakatan vs BN? I don't know yet. For me UMNO=BN and it is fraying. UMNO's survival includes the survival of the coalition it heads and BN too requires the same sort of medicine that you have already prescribed to UMNO. It is not question of a political party but the system it heads. Is it a system worth preserving and fighting for?

What is UMNO without BN? BN without UMNO is nothing but what about vice versa? It is an exclusive party, not an inclusive party. To be inclusive it needed to form the BN. And it has to keep promoting its exclusiveness to the detriment of being inclusive.

A Point,  11 August 2010 at 02:46  

Part 2

And lastly what is UMNO without the NEP? Everything else UMNO does can be replicated by another party (of course you will disagree). All it can do is hold on as the creator and sustainer of the NEP. And if the NEP target is achieved tomorrow? What becomes of UMNO? It is not a strong enough reason to sustain oneself as a perpetual distributor of wealth, you can create institutions and mechanism's for that via govt policy. Not one political party has come up with a coherent governing philopsophy (though I think PKR has done more work on this than most), it is very much still about the distribution of the cake.

(As an aside I read up on how the equity value/target of 30% is calcualted and it is unfortunately very suspect, use of par value for private companies does not take into account the increase in equity via the profit obtained (or decrease in equity via losses). Nominee account are not included as beneficial ownership in unclear etc. - this is symtomatic of the approach of the whole govt. secretive etc - be clear and transparent and argue your case, hide and people can keep shooting you)

it seems more or less you have 2 coalitions competiting to spread the economic goodies more evenly than what has happened in the past as a central thrust of their argument. But one's talk about a more open future for all and one doesn't.

Now which is the more appealing vision?

The question to me is between the past and the future and the future is outside BN.

If you believe in something fight for it. I believe in something different from you not out of some hero worship or following some kind of trend but in a future where we have an enabling govt. able to give its citizens the tools to compete with the rest of the world and to provide a leg up to those that can't so at some point they too can do so.

That roadmap has more chance with Pakatan than BN (just look at our universities, politicised unfortunately, while we are playing the politics of the 20th Century of oppressors and colonizers (albeit so called internal colonisers), the 21st Century is passing by). The economic argument is not cohesive with BN, its all abou the distributing of the cake to all the relevant consituents of BN.

If that is all it is about then I choose a future without it.

A Point,  11 August 2010 at 02:47  

Part 3

The question to me is between the past and the future and the future is outside BN.

If you believe in something fight for it. I believe in something different from you not out of some hero worship or following some kind of trend but in a future where we have an enabling govt. able to give its citizens the tools to compete with the rest of the world and to provide a leg up to those that can't so at some point they too can do so.

That roadmap has more chance with Pakatan than BN (just look at our universities, politicised unfortunately, while we are playing the politics of the 20th Century of oppressors and colonizers (albeit so called internal colonisers), the 21st Century is passing by). The economic argument is not cohesive with BN, its all abou the distributing of the cake to all the relevant consituents of BN.

If that is all it is about then I choose a future without it.

Sarjan Hassan,  11 August 2010 at 02:53  

Takkan lah saya sebagai seorang Melayu yang sejati masih nak duduk dalam UMNO kalau pemimpin nya orang seperti Abdullah Badawi, Khairy Jamaludin atau Anwar Ibrahim (tu duluuu).

Pokok pangkalnya keikhlasan pemimpinnya terhadap survival orang Melayu.

Contoh terbaik adalah Dato ONN - sebelum penubuhan Umno, sewaktu di dalam Umno dan waimahnya juga selepas dia keluar dari Umno.

Anonymous,  11 August 2010 at 02:55  

Selama puluhan tahun sejak negara mencapai kemerdekaan, Umno telah bertindak menjadikan kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu sebagai senjata untuk mereka mempertahankan Umno dan merobek harta negara di atas nama hak keistimewaan orang Melayu dan kaum Bumiputra.

Kepada orang Melayu di seluruh negara yang masih bersama Umno, sampailah masanya kini untuk mereka membuat keputusan yang sangat penting kepada masa depan generasi yang akan datang untuk bersama dengan PAS bagi melakukan perubahan yang lebih adil, sesuai dengan keadilan Islam untuk semua.

Cukuplah kecelaruan kefahaman dan ketidakadilan yang dilakukan oleh Umno terhadap orang Melayu, dengan berlakunya pelbagai diskriminasi politik terhadap orang Melayu sendiri.

Sebagai contohnya, kita tidak sekali-kali lupa terhadap tindakan merampas royalti minyak pada masa pemerintahan Kerajaan PAS di Terengganu, dan kini di Kelantan, di mana ianya adalah keputusan diskriminasi jahat yang dibuat dalam Perhimpunan Agung Umno di ketika itu terhadap penduduk negeri yang lebih dari 95% terdiri dari orang Melayu beragama Islam.

Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) ingin menegaskan bahawa kedudukan orang Melayu dan kaum Bumiputera dalam perlembagaan negara sekarang perlu dipertimbangkan dalam pelaksanaan sesuatu dasar, dengan syarat ianya tidak sekali-kali berlaku zalim kepada kaum-kaum lain yang menjadi rakyat dalam negara kita ini. Inilah juga yang dipersetujui dalam Konvensyen Pertama Pakatan Rakyat pada tahun yang lalu.

Kepada seluruh rakyat dalam negara kita ini, tinggalkanlah Umno BN dan marilah terus bersama dengan PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat untuk melakukan suatu perubahan dan keluar dari politik peras ugut, untuk kita sama-sama merubah sistem kehakiman, kebebasan media, sistem pilihan raya, keselamatan negara, dan sebagainya untuk melahirkan iklim politik yang lebih adil dan aman di Malaysia.

Captain Obvious 11 August 2010 at 02:58  

Dear Dato',

While I shared a different belief than yours, I really admired you convictions and struggles. And I do understand that the problem lies not with Umno but with those crooks that represented Umno. However, any initiation of change will be a colossal task and for that, I bid you good luck!

A bow and arrows still it doesn't quite match up with an AK47, Godspeed!


schenker78 11 August 2010 at 04:08  

kenapa ada banyak gay dalam UMNO ???

Khairil anas - bisexual
saiful bukheri - bisexual
ahmed ish mail - bkt bendera gay boy
kevin moreis - DPP for AG

new info from RPK on saiful gay...

a normal person can always tell who is gay , looks gay or behave / dress like gay or walk like gay....

umno's witness, saiful is gay...
azwan ali is gay...
yasmin ahmad is gay
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Anonymous,  11 August 2010 at 05:05  

The present UMNO must die for a new UMNO (Baru) (Terbaru) to rise from the ashes with clean leaders.
Stop counting the 3 million members as the present membership includes non paying members like me whose yearly subscription is paid by others since I have ceased to pay my subscription a long time ago.

Pak Tua

janda baik,  11 August 2010 at 05:07  

Sak, there will be quite a number of parliamentary seats in your state of Phg will fall in the coming GE.

flyer168 11 August 2010 at 05:31  


Great if you, Ku Li, Aspan & the other UMNO members of like minds can achieve the "Ultimate" strategy, Action Plan & its implementation successfully.

It does not matter on both sides of the Political divide...

Maybe PR could consider those common strategies & join your efforts...towards that goal!

We are all appreciative, grateful & cherished the era of "UMNO/Perikatan ASAL" under our Bapak Merdeka Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra and his 1st Cabinet of Men of Honour, Calibre, Distinction & Dedication & all the unsung Heroes...who had struggled to achieve our Nation's Independence in 1957 from the British Colonial "Divide & Rule".

Since 1969, the UMNO Ketuanan Elite that betrayed Tunku then initiated their "Hijack, Corruption, Abuse & Destruction" of UMNO/BN & our Original Constitution based on the Westminster Democracy & the Rule of Law, to its present state...

Gutter Politics & the Law of the Jungle ala Jaguh Kampung of Bolehland 2010 style...

Into the Shakles of the Ketuanan UMNO's "Divide & Rule" Policy AGAIN!

Just to share this...

A Rare Interview with Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj in 1987 – UMNO - Watch this video from RTM about our Bapa Merdeka himself.

Al-Fatihah to YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman and all our beloved Leaders and Rakyat who loved Malaya / Malaysia.

Tunku Abdul Rahman 1988 - Pengharaman & Usaha Menyatukan UMNO

Selagi ada hayat, saya lawan untuk kembali balik demokrasi – Tunku Abdul Rahman

You be the judge.


walla 11 August 2010 at 05:57  

The challenge is how to represent one's race and yet not end up being racialist.

It's a thin line. Too many times that line was crossed. And it was crossed mainly by those inside Umno which then attracted similar response by others. Umno first, others only in response.

The rakyat have become tired of that. They are tired of being forced to be racialist. They are tired of the politics and the lies and the denials, they are tired of the commissions and the omissions, they are tired of waking up to find yet another package of spin at their doorsteps, another bill in their mailbox, another scandal on the front page, another theft in the corridor of power that overwhelms in size and severity those on the streets that they walk in trepidation of their lives while the government under Umno plants more cctv's paid with taxpayers money in its over-priced and under-populated federal administrative enclave than in the places where the real rakyat live.

The rakyat are tired and angry that the end of their days will be bleak. They are equally tired and angry that the beginning of the days of their young will be even bleaker.

Meanwhile, to greet them with such bad prospects, they have been asked to change their lifestyle when costs have gone up but incomes have gone down in an economy that has shrunk in its ability to remain relevant to the world.

They are asked to be more productive by using their knowledge and skills but none of it can be applied because political leaders and little napoleons have wrought havoc with the education system from the way and things taught to the way and things issued.

The very people whose mindsets must first change are trying to change the minds of those who are telling them to change their mindsets. How corny can one get?

It must therefore be to the credit of the rakyat that although tired of politics, they have bounced back on their own to their natural selves. They have on their own said no to extremism and chauvinism. They have gone back to the core values and behavior that had defined the original spirit of this country. The centre that defines what being a Malaysian truly means.

Pas and DAP have moved to the centre. And ever since they have moved towards moderation, they have discovered that they are more comfortable with the new position - because it reflects the inner nature of Malaysians - to be practical and to be fair. They have found that they have lost nothing. By some magic, they have found that their own manifesto's have instead been enhanced.

And the rakyat who are Malays have found again their good nature and sense of fairness. They have found that they really don't lose anything by being accommodative to others, by not playing the zero-sum game, by caring for others as they want others to care for them.

After all, what rights and privileges have they lost in the Opposition states that they had gained, if any, in the Proposition states? Except for the cronies and the elites of Umno, how can one lose what one never had?

And because the Malays themselves have pierced the veil that sought to cover-up the sandiwara's and the ponzi schemes, likewise the others.

It's a tectonic shift by the masses away from trying to defend their rights along racial grounds to trying to defend their rights by muhibbah. Incidentally, that's a term coined by Barisan but lost in the wilderness of its own political machinations.

And the rakyat have found that when they defend their rights by muhibbah, all rights automatically fall into the domain of being pragmatic about things which in turn sustains more capability to benefit from better policies and actions which in turn serves the enterprise to in turn serve the dispossessed and the needy - in this country which fifty years of so-called nation-building under Barisan had only ended up creating the biggest income disparity in the whole of Asia.

walla 11 August 2010 at 05:58  


The future belong to our young. But what have we bequeathed them under Barisan?

Thirty-four percent of the rakyat earn less than seven hundred ringgit, below the poverty line of seven hundred and twenty ringgit. But how can even RM720 be considered a reasonable sum today to define livable standard? If the poverty line is more realistically raised to RM1,200, then even more rakyat will fall into the poverty group. The official situation is thus spin and nothing but an artful artificial construct to try and pull wool over the eyes of the rakyat. As if that can ever be of any real comfort.

You know that's true because the insolvency department says one hundred and ninety six thousand Malaysians are insolvent. A small number on percentage basis? What about those thousands who are insolvent and running from private financiers, the ones who smear red paint on their doors?

When people say Umno, who do they think of? They think of Toyo, hero of the anti-sand theft. Is he doing it to cover-up his own past or to guarantee there be enough sand to build the extension to his mansion? What has he done when he was MB in the tradition of the past Umno MBs of Selangor? Win a hundred thousand ringgit wristwatch? Go to Florida to study canal management? Denude another hill? Launder money? Screw a relative? May 13, perhaps?

When people say Umno, who do they think of? They think of Taib. How will he explain his wealth overseas on the salary he gets as CM of Sarawak? From the japanese timber buyers who had to pay to the timber cronies whose staff defiled the Penans whose development has to be associated with his plans or else they will suffer him calling them orang-utans?

When people say Umno, who do they think of? They think of Thamby Chik, exonerated by the court over and above a DAP politician who went to jail for bringing up the matter in defense of an underaged Malay girl who finally had to be rescued by the grandmother.

When people say Umno, who do they think of? Megat Junid of Project M infamy? Adam Adib of Mindef procurements? Harun Idris, Umno Youth's Suhaimi, Ahmad Ismail, Ibrahim Ali the mouth, Rahman Yaacob MOE DG who unilaterally changed main medium of instruction to sole medium of instruction? The Ezam's and others who kiss the prince of storyland and perhaps the Umno treasurer? Or could it possibly be our own Placido Domingo himself, patron to Shahrizat for the two hundred and fifty million cow farm project for her husband, and tenderizer of Desaru investors? Or perhaps it’s really the twenty two Umno branches who filed police reports against the Opposition for suggesting that the seven percent discount be canceled for properties that would be only afforded by those already rich enough to buy Porsche SUVs so that the discounts can instead be given to poor Malays, and weren't they prodded on by two Umno leaders, one using the word 'rights' in addition to 'privileges', as if doing so would make it more legal tender than what the Constitution assigns if in the first place that instrument even stoops to mention a discount? What is this country built on? A help-you-help-me with your money jomheboh?

This comment box is too small for all of them.

Name one, single, unitary, identifiable, thing, that Umno has done for the nation which doesn't have debatable positive result.

walla 11 August 2010 at 05:58  


Felda? Sued by the settlers themselves. Sime? Underbidded until twice bitten but still not shy. Taking Perak against the better judgment of the rakyat? Bakun Dam? Angkasawan and Petronas Sauber? Buying F18’s that can’t fire? Losing islands despite large arbitration fees? Crooked bridges? Collapsing roofs and arches? Phallic symbols of progress? Overpriced DIY and parliamentary hardware? Or a three hundred million ringgit dam in a place without water?

Are there more? This comment box is too small for all of them.

Read Shafee Yahya's book to get an insight of how it really has been by those who had used the name of Umno to immortalize themselves only to deal Malaysia a mortal blow.

People have repeated that under Umno, a hundred billion had been blown. It's not a hundred billion ringgit. The analysts concerned had written it was a hundred billion US dollars.

Now with Malaysia to be a net oil importer by next year and a net gas importer in five years time, where is the Government under Umno to find the money to satisfy the horny callings of Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa and Mahathir Mohamad of The Loaf in order to deliver the 'rights and privileges' so guaranteed by Umno to the Malays when if you go to PJTC's JHDN, you will only find one race as customers at the counter paying taxes and that's the race those leaders are lambasting to make innocent Malay folks think it's still alright to pretend that the other races are the cause of their miseries? Would that also explain why Umno youths still fly to London to rah-rah the Malay scholars that they must always remember the special position of the Malays - despite the 1Malaysia calling of the seventy five million ringgit PR program by the President of Umno? Is it now where Biro Tatacara fails, Umno Youth must succeed in the interest of 1Malaysia to give way to 2Malay?

So, is Malaysia a failed democracy? Only half-right, here. Failed, yes. Democracy? What does anyone think anymore? Isn't this country the only one where one has to bring torch lights to a polling station because, sure enough, there will be an officialized power failure during vote counting? You know that has a ring of truth to it for how else can one explain why the Barisan Sibu candidate declined a recount on such a close call - because he saw the same method applied as in Hulu Selangor? You know that ring grows to a bellow when all of a sudden there is an anti-ISA group. Since when do the rakyat suddenly believe so strongly for imprisonment without trial that our blues can turn an eye from them but nab people who hold candle virgils? Because they know power failures are fakes?

So, is Malaysia even a democracy when there is a fatal MO in its political governance where a political party can assume supremacy over the operational interpretation of constitutional clauses in such a way as to reinforce its own position through divisive policies, by which method it can spice up its airs with shitx3 juxtaposed with racistx8? So how is it that under Umno, we have to ask whether Malaysia is a failed democracy? Because we have reason to doubt the integrity of our judiciary and enforcement institutions? Because corporate and public governance shaped by Umno is a benchmark of excellence? Because this nation still has plenty of time and resources to print money to avert financial collapse, failing which to gerrymander the election system to win yet another five years of political triumph? Because politicians can look themselves in the mirror at the end of every day and grin their grins instead of grimace their grimaces, for the tingling sensation from hearing their retirement cash registers ringing?

Shall we all have to ask our AG for answers?

Perhaps then the rakyat can finally understand how is it that the fate of this nation is now gloriously dependent on whether a college dropout has been anally assaulted.

walla 11 August 2010 at 06:05  



'anti anti-ISA'

And nice to have the ol' ye-faithfuls around. What have they done to stop the thirty years of squandering and plundering, suppressing and depressing?

nick 11 August 2010 at 06:52  


Going by your own words "To get rid of this country from leaders who corrupt and who steal from this country" which in itself is an admission that the current UMNO (IMO, since its inception in the 80's, UMNO (B) has always been "somewhat" dirty) is full of thieves, pirates and the corrupt. And we the rakyat know that too.

However we the rakyat, are not as optimistic as you on the probability that anyone (read "good and clean UMNO member") can purge UMNO of those undesirables. UMNO (B) was designed as such that the power base is controlled by the few elite leaders (and their cabal) and these few elites are the "rotten ones" (not just rotten but infectious too). So it will take a major upheaval and to do that UMNO (B) needs the help of those people "with power and in power" (which is akin to "suicide" for those rotten elite).

So in view of Malaysian (UMNO) leaders having an adverse/allergic reaction to "taking responsibility and quitting (or resigning) for the sake of party and country", we the rakyat don't see the remotest possibility of those "rotten leaders" to commit the ultimate sacrifice of quitting, resigning and relinquishing power so as to allow YOU and THE MAJORITY of UMNO's decent and good members to do a major clean up (and deprived them of their wealth and power "to get away with it"). "Quitting and submit themselves to investigations and prosecution and maybe lose all of their wealth and riches"? I DON"T THINK SO and you, Sir should not be that naive to even consider that those "rotten ones" will go quietly without a fight. Even the first president of UMNO (B) is still out there struggling for power (trying to create a dynasty) and putting much effort to secure the safety of his family's wealth and riches.

In other words Sir, we the rakyat are not taking anymore chances. We have waited for decades for change and what do we get instead? Promises, slogan (not just 1 mind you) and rhetoric plus daylight robbery! So rather than believe the word of those who have time and time again deceives us, what's the harm of accepting the promises of a new guy or party? I personally think it's a good gamble by us, the rakyat. Or is it now,UMNO is saying gambling is HARAM and rakyat should not gamble? Well, we didn't gamble in all of the previous GE and look what it got us? Hundreds of billions went missing, cost of living are skyrocketing, freedom and justice are ...what's the word I'm looking for?...MISSING and Malaysia is heading into a bottomless pit! NO, THANK YOU! You may not like DSAI but maybe the majority of Malaysian like and trust him! And you have to live with that Sir, just like what we have to live with for the past decades!

Good day and Selamat Berpuasa!


HAKIMAN,  11 August 2010 at 08:41  

"I am Muslim first, Malaysian second and UMNO Youth third;"- Anonymous 11 August 2010 01:14

Why NOT Malaysian first and Muslim second???

There is geographical and sovereign identity as a Malaysian first. Being a Muslim only shows your spiritual leanings and no sovereign identity. Heaven and Hell are imaginary entities whereas Malaysia is real.

As Muslims first, if Indonesia or Iran as a predominant a Muslim country, attacks Malaysia, would you stay neutral or defend Malaysia??

I think there is an issue of sorting your loyalty priorities right. Of course God/Allah is foremost... but then again, we are talking about what is on earth today, the secular world where all the problems begin.

Anonymous,  11 August 2010 at 14:16  


UMNO means different things to different generations.

To the booster generation, UMNO means struggle for Malays race, religion and the nation.

To us, the boomer generation, UMNO also means mis-used of power and corruption.

To the buster generation or Gen Y, UMNO seems like a four letters word.

JJ,  11 August 2010 at 17:46  

Pak Sabri, basically its your perogative to remain in UMNO or to leave. Most of us have given up on BN, not that we think Pakatan can do a million times better but 10%-20% better would be a good start.

My parents voted for the opposition(BN was not the oppostion in the state yet)not because they supported them per se but rather they did not agree with BN having too much power, no check & balances.

When I was eligible to vote, I did not as I was of the opinion that, if the opposition were elected into power, they would be just as greedy as BN and start building their own 'nest eggs' through corruption.

What changed was the arrogance and blatant abuses of power that BN leaders have become so accustomed to(nobody could touch them). Walla's reply(to your post) is what a I am are refering to.
I am sure that there are BN leaders that are clean but when they do not oppose or voice out their disagreement with the wrongs being commited, are we the citizens supposed to standby and allow it to happen again(re-elect the same corrupted leaders/BN)?

BN started with good intentions but went the wrong way after bad/shortsighted leaders decided to play race politics instead of equal development for all Malaysians.

We do not idolise Anuar as a 'savior' but we do see the stupid court case against him. Only in this BN's Malaysia where the accusor's claim & the AG's dept claim can be different. sigh!
Its like;
Accusor: Mr T stole my BMX bicycle(still available??)
Prosecution/AG's dept: No Mr T stole your Shimano Racing bicycle.
Accusor: No! Mr T stole my BMX, I don't own a Shimano.
Judge: Never mind, as long as Mr T stole something of yours.

I am no lawyer but isn't this idiotically wrong??

Gunung Banang,  11 August 2010 at 22:34  

Dato' السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Salam Ramadhan,

I have been following your writings for quite sometime and I felt compelled to share some idea when the topic interest me.

First and foremost, the current UMNO is actually UMNO Baru after the successful annihilation of the original UMNO when the power that be successfully split the UMNO Malays. Even though Tengku Razaleigh had registered UMNO 46 much earlier but was rejected by the ROS because it consisted the word UMNO. However when UMNO Baru was registered by the Dr. M group, it was accepted! UMNO is therefore just a name.

The issue here are for the Malays to have a good and respected party cleansed of all the mischiefs that have been written many times. I agree that there are still some good sympathisers. However as the people becomes more educated their mindset will shift. They cannot be treated like the village idiots for a long time that can merely be entertained by the comedians during the "Perhimpunan Agong UMNO".

Unfortunately UMNO is not for the thinking person. I have met too many good personalities only to be ridden by the jockey for one term and quashed to oblivion if they have the potential to lead and serve the rakyat. All that are left to lead the states, are the less educated, corrupt and ever ready to plunder. The masses are nauseated by the actions of their supporters who become wealthy without having to lift a finger.

I hope UMNO can regain the respect of not just the Malays but also the other races. As at this moment, to be associated with UMNO is like joining the buffalo in their mud bath, where everyone shits.

If real and sincere changes are not made this may be"Akhirnya sebuah Impian".

Ramli Mohd Yunus 12 August 2010 at 00:10  

I tend to agree with A point said..

I am a Muslim first, Malaysian later and any political party's member later and later...later..

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 01:34  

hi everyone,

it doesnt matter if anyone is malay first, muslim first, or malaysian first. reason is if any of us can truly be any one of those above, just a muslim, or just a malay or just a malaysian our country will be a much better place. the problem is most of us tried to be too many things at one time, making most us hypocrites first and everything else second.

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 05:45  

Dear Dato,
Leave UMNO and join DAP;like Tunku Aziz.
Speak to Ariff Shah of Penang who is a graduate of Nanyang University, Singapore. The man speaks Mandarin & Hokkien fluently. He will explain to you the confucian values are needed for economy advancement and not religion.
UMNO is barking at the wrong tree and Malaysia will never achieve any of her objectives.
Size of economy in GDP:
1. USA
2. China
3. Japan
4. Germany
-- none is a Muslim country.
Eg. Dubai(poured in billions of dollar)who tried to model the country like Hongkong success but failed. Why? Ariff Shah will tell why.

Good luck

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 07:07  

Dato Sak,
You have not convinced me on your argument that you wan't to revive UMNO to it's originality. No. you can't and you will never, never aver succeed. It's just like our petty traders, hawkers compare them from last time, ( say, 5-10 years ago )and where they are today. Prices of food keep on increasing despite with the readjustments made from time to time on the basic food prices.
But, do these hawkers change. No. they can't afford because their livestyle has changed from a simple hawker to a high tech one, where he has bought properties, expensive cars, so how to maintain if they lower their food prices even when world prices come down. Today, a plate of rice and a chicken will cost you nothing less then 5.00 ringgit, a simple empty mee goreng 4.50. These are too exorbitant. Why. not because of price increases but because of the hawkers change of livestyle.
The same applies to UMNO, where it's members are so used to corrupt practices that they can't afford to change. They will die of hunger. The same applies to UMNO leaders they are so used to corruption that they just cannot survive without it. S by-bye UMNO.

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