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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 30 August 2010

Leadership and Malay self respect.

I am trying to rationalize some people's fixation with the NEP. I am certain that Ibrahim Ali isn't that stupid to know that the NEP has officially ended in 1990. Yet he and many others still speak of the NEP even though, the NEP is officially dead. It is no more.
They may be talking not about NEP but of and about NEPish policies. The policy is understood to be a collection of policy tools to jumpstart Malay participation and involvement in the economy. That agenda to them, has no time limit.
I am therefore inclined to think that for some Malays, the NEP represents something much more. I am thinking, what Malays feel is no longer just about getting 30% share in listed companies or that Malays control 30% of certain industries. I think, Malays expect much more than just digits and numbers.
I think the fixation with the NEP is the idea behind the NEP. What could be the idea?
The NEP is a symbol of Malay power. it's a symbol of Malay self respect. The NEP represents the Malay amour propre ( amoor proper) hence when Malays demand 30% of this and that, those are symbols of Malay self respect. Take that away from a Malay- he flies off the handle.
Today what they see is that this self respect is being denuded with wanton contempt. They see their self respect being ridiculed. Malays can accept that as Malaysian citizens we are all equal, but we are first among equals. Whether Malaysians think this is unjustifiably so, is immaterial. The Malay public thinks so and expect the world of others to adjust to it. I am merely stating it as it is.
When Malays demand this, it's not irrational. It's totally in tune with eastern filial piety to be respectful the elders, the learned, powerful. It certainly is not childlike for the Malays to demand this. They can justify this on grounds of historical and cultural bond with this country which prevail over the like claims of other Malaysians.
And they see the denudation of the Malay self respect chiefly as a result of a weak and clueless Malay leadership. It didn't happen over one or two days. It is caused when the Malay leadership, especially by those in power coming out with stupid nebulous policies and its over-compromising actions. It is caused, sad to say, by an ineffective UMNO leadership which has failed to monitor the increasing emasculation of Malay self respect. The ascendency of such groups like Perkasa for example is clearly a reflection of weak Malay leadership.
Malays are discomfited when the Malay leadership lets its guards down. Perhaps intoxication with power or being in power for too long has blunted its sensitivities. We, both the supporters and party leadership have been silent over issues like Malay participation in the private sector. We have been silent over issues such as increasing encroachment and indeed colonization over Malay reserve land.
We keep quiet and turn a blind eye when housing and commercial developments in city centers violate and mocked the rules on Malay ownership. We are easily led to believe developers when they say- tuan dan dato and kawan kawan- there are no Malay takers. Cincai cincai lo. So we are forced to open it up to non Malay purchasers.
Which lead every self respecting Malay to question the role of our GLCs as to why they don't buy the Bumi units and hold them 'on our behalf'. If they can hold assets and wealth creating resources on our behalf, yes, we asked- why can't they do the same with Bumi units?
The answer is, the government that controls the GLC has lost sight of the Bumiputera agenda. The leadership is disconnected and has de-sensitized itself on the seriousness of Malay self respect. UMNO leadership is the chief culprit. This is why Perkasa has become the spokesman for the alienated and disenchanted. UMNO has forfeited its legitimacy as the custodian and guardian of the Malay soul.
When Malays see the proprietorship over the usage of the term Allah is compromised, when they see a slew of concessions given to non Malays in economics and in politics, when they see Malay leadership goes around bowl in hand begging for the support of non Malays- all these combined to lead to a general distrust on the capability and resolve of the Malay leadership. Again, the chief culprit is UMNO. Ibrahim Ali has yet to say it explicitly- he is in effect, condemning the leadership of Najib Tun Razak.
NEP is no longer seen as a failure of an economic policy model. It has become the symbol for the failure to guard and protect Malay self respect. As a result, the growing influence of groups like Perkasa is actually an expression of a collective demand by the Malay public, that the leadership of the party which prides itself as the vanguard and custodian of Malay agenda to not flinch its responsibility over this sacred almost religious-like duty.


umar,  30 August 2010 at 05:01  


You are stuck in the same mud as Ibrahim Ali.Cannot move. So cry and shout and complain.In summary you are saying about 'Ketuanan Melayu' being compromised by the present leadership in yeilding to straight and subtle demands of non-malays.
But the malays lost their respect long ago.The slow demise of Jawi script in our school system was eroded overnight by adopting romanised script. Who did this ? Malay or Non-malay leadership ?
No Ibrahim alis shed any tears or got agitated . The silent death of Jawi from malay homes, schools and practically in every sphere of life never raised a tint of loss of respect. No royalty, the doyens of malay culture and creed raised any issue. There was never any non-malay education Minister in office since Merdeka. How we lost our 'Heritage'? The christians went to court to claim ' Allah ' when the Home Ministry denied them the use of the term/name to address their God.
Did any malay based group raise any concern when Jawi was put to death ?
Is there any respect left to endear ? No love lost. Money is everything to UMNO leadership. They may soon sell 'Tanah Melayu' too. It is fortunate that PERKASA is alive though the leadership of it is non cerebral or material.
Now that it hurts in their pockets, they are worried about eroding or evaporating any remnants of respect.You are playing to the gallery too! You are finally giving credence to Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir and his ilk.

Ariff Sabri 30 August 2010 at 05:18  


kalau saya kata tuan bodoh tuan marah. saya tidak menyebut pun lansung mengenai ketuanan Melayu. saya cuba beri reasoning apa yang di fahami oleh orang Melayu tentang DEB.
ketika tulisan jawi kian lama terhakis, adakah tuan menyuarakan nya dengan lantang? kita pilih lah apa isiu yang hendak di juarakan. adakah tuan hendak penalise mana mana kumpulan yang memperjuangkan kehilangan self respect kerana mereka tidak memperjuangkan suatu isiu yang dekat dengan hati tuan? nyata lah kehilangan tulisan jawi suatu yang dekat dengan hati tuan. saya pun tidak dengar tuan menjuarakan isiu tesebut but i am not going to hold that againts you.

HAKIMAN,  30 August 2010 at 07:51  

Dato Sak, you said, "...The NEP is a symbol of Malay power. it's a symbol of Malay self respect. .... hence when Malays demand 30% of this and that, those are symbols of Malay self respect. Take that away from a Malay- he flies off the handle..."

I am not too sure whether your interpretation that NEP is seen by Malays as a symbol of SELF-RESPECT.

If it is so, then there must be something seriously wrong with the psyche of the Malay community.

The NEP is a symbol of the Malay's powerlessness. The NEP is equivalent to the pharmacy unit in a general hospital (ie UMNO) where you go as a patient to take your drugs and medicines. Except that the medicine is free and paid for by taxpayers. Even if you are not sick, you still get free medicine.

That is the symbol of the NEP. It is the place you go if you are psychologically and physically handicapped to survive in this world. Who determines you are handicapped. In this case, the patient is the doctor and he/she self treats himself and herself and make demands for the medicine to remove his real or perceived handicap.

How could that be a symbol of MALAY SELF RESPECT.

It is more accurate that after 40 years, the NEP is more an albatross around the necks of the Malay community. It is a symbol of the Malay's INSECURITY, the Malay's sense of lack of self-worth, the Malay's sense of hopelessness without it.

NEP is a symbol of the Malay's sense of fragility, like a piece of thin porcelain sitting at the edge of a shelf, easily broke at the slightest change of movement around it.

No, Dato Sak, I beg to strongly disagree with you on this. Your representation of the NEP does not uplift the integrity of the Malay community and in fact, lowers the Malay community's self-worth.

Crudely said, the NEP has contaminated the cultural integrity of the Malay community.

The experience of NEP in its implementation over the last 40 years is concluded by by others as making the Malay community wantonly using the brute force of majority rule to sustain its material greed at the expense of others, rightly or wrongly.

NEP is NO MORE seen as an ECONOMIC policy of the country. It is viewed as a disguised RACIST policy.

Of course, anybody would fly off the handle if his/her source for fulfillment of wanton greed is taken away. Just take a look at any child.

I feel sorry for those Malays who see NEP as a symbol of SELF-RESPECT.

Rather, it is more likely that the NEP is a symbol of Malay's DESIRE for self-respect. Unfortunately, after 40 years, NEP is perceived by others as more a a symbol of wanton greed.

NEP will always be associated with the unaccounted wealth of people like Khir Toyo, Tajuddin, Zakaria Deros, and those UMNO cronies madie into instant millionnaires through UNDESERVED closed contracts/tenders and these people are the faces of NEP, instead of the pakciks and the makciks in the Malay rural heartland who should have been the true beneficiaries of this so-called "symbol of Malay self-respect" (quote and unquote, Dato Sak)

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 08:15  

If NEP is a failure whom do you blame?
UMNO of course.
If UMNO has failed the Malays for 53years, why are they still clinging to the party?
Why not give PAS and Pakatan a chance.

hishamh 30 August 2010 at 08:42  

Dato' Sak,

I'm sure its a typo but the NEP ended in 1990, not 1970 (first para, 2nd sentence)

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 09:00  

Dear Dato',

I tend to differ with your views. No self respecting group of people should continue demanding and insisting that x% or y% of the country should belong to them and yet feel proud to own or possess the x% or y% without sowing their own sweat and tears.

The NEP, for all it's intents and purposes, was to improve the economic standards of all poor deserving malaysians. Unfortunately the NEP agenda was hijacked and bastardized by the same group of people (whose names shall not be mentioned) who were entrusted to implement the original NEP agenda. And now you are still harping that the malays are entitled to this and that without having to work for it?

Come on Dato. Tell us if you feel any sense of pride or self respect if you continue to enrich yourself at the expense of your less fortunate malay brethrens. Those who continue shouting for the continuance of the NEP (in whatever form or shape) are those who have their own sinister agenda of exploiting the NEP for their own self benefit to further entich themselves.

Any self respecting person knows that God helps those who help themselves. I came from a poor family and my parents and older siblings took on mutiple menial honest jobs to save up enough money for me to pursue my further education. I in turn then supported my younger siblings in their education. We had no one to turn to for assistance except our own hard work. And yes, my siblings and I can proudly say that our achievements were earned with a great sense of pride, dignity and self respect.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 09:02  


only need 3 words to describe current predicament: Greed and corruption. It is like opium, once addicted, how to kick out the fatal habit?
I think you know the answer to the question.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 09:26  


Tak usah la nak cakap pasal Hak Melayu. Harta Masjid pun mereka kebas.. tengok aja tanah masjid di JPJ Danau Kota. Mereka beri pada Mah Sing untuk buat Mix Development. Semua orangnya melayu buat kertas kerja. JKIM/MUIWP/Datuk Bandar/UMNO dan libatkan Agong dah Setuju serah pada Mah Sing. Ini semua dah makan suap. Tanah 5 hektar buat hostel sekangkang kera.

Jika Dato mperlu saya ada semua dokumen.

Melayu Kecewa

Ariff Sabri 30 August 2010 at 09:39  


it is indeed. Thanks for pointing out.

OneMalaysian,  30 August 2010 at 10:16  

“The NEP is a symbol of Malay power. It's a symbol of Malay self-respect.”

“Malays can accept that as Malaysian citizens we are all equal, but we are first among equals.”

The NEP was a policy that came out of Article 153. This article was written into the Constitution not to give Malays more power over the others, but to help them achieve some measure of economic and educational parity with the other races at the time of Merdeka. That was to recognize that they were behind in some fields, and that social justice and nation building required that something be done. The NEP was a political expediency that came out of the racial riots of 1969.

To be clear, Article 153 stipulated the extent to which assistance was to be given to the Malays - educational opportunities, employment in the public sector, and for licences - it was not a carte blanche concession across every economic activity and in every sphere of life. The fact that Article 153 originally granted these concessions for only 20 years (although subsequently amended) showed that it was considered undesirable to continue such affirmative actions forever, because they would have the unintended consequence of encouraging dependency. Moreover, it could, as it was feared, that this would be misinterpreted to confer a special status (nothing to do with economic standing of the Malays at Merdeka) on the Malays that would conflict with the equal status that was conferred on all citizens under Article 8.

Article 8 in fact underpins the Constitution. It was on the basis of equality that we could build a truly free, united and democratic country out of the diverse races in 1957. Had the Constitution envisaged that the Malays would have more rights (not the temporary ones) than others forever and possess outright racial supremacy, or being regarded as first among equals, then the Constitution would have said so explicitly. Article 8 would not exist, or would not have been written in that form.

The NEP has been said to be a crutch of some sort. If that were so, then “Malay power” would be an oxymoron. How could a crutch give power? It is certainly curious that it is seen as a symbol of self-respect. The Malay leaders would do the Malays tremendous good by not misleading them.

This Merdeka we should all dedicated ourselves to nation building – let’s unite not divide. Independence is behind us. But the process of nation building must continue. That’s job #1.

OneMalaysian,  30 August 2010 at 10:24  

The NEP was a policy that came out of Article 153. This article was written into the Constitution not to give Malays more power over the others, but to help them achieve some measure of economic and educational parity with the other races at the time of Merdeka.

To be clear, Article 153 stipulated the extent to which assistance was to be given to the Malays - educational opportunities, employment in the public sector, and for licences - it was not a carte blanche concession across every economic activity and in every sphere of life. Article 153 was originally intended for 20 years to discourage dependency and to avoid giving the impression that Malays perpetually had more rights. That would have conflicted with Article 8, which granted all citizens equality.

The NEP has been said to be a crutch of some sort. If that were so, then “Malay power” would be an oxymoron. How could a crutch give power? It is certainly curious that it is seen as a symbol of self-respect. The Malay leaders would do the Malays tremendous good by not misleading them.

This Merdeka we should all dedicated ourselves to nation building – let’s unite not divide. Independence is behind us. But the process of nation building must continue. That’s job #1.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 10:25  


You are right! The Malay psyche confluence the two paradoxical frame of mind, they do or do not want to clearly spell out whether they are (1)Tuan or (2) facing the fact that they are at weaker position. They keep on shifting their stance and rebuke in an irrational manner depending on which perspective the non-Malay put forward our contention. Being a Chinese, I support NEP (or similar affirmative action) as long as we have an independent judiciary that are with good governance base on law. However, not in education, please.

LKY (and some commentators here as well) meritocracy claim is a myth. You try asking LKY to open up Singapore economies and let the Mainlanders, Taiwanese, Hong Konger and his idolize Anglo Saxon race to compete freely, and see what is his response.

Having said that, I think BN and UMNO fail miserably in their duty to become a responsible and accountable government, therefore we should give PR a chance.


Richard Cranium 30 August 2010 at 11:09  

Dato, you wrote "a slew of concessions given to non Malays in economics".

A slew? Whether it is a slew or not, its all relative, no?

Work on the education bit, and all the economics will take care of itself.

Umno knows what it needs to do, but it doesn't have the cojones. While Perkasa has the balls, but no brains.

It will be good for this country if Malays with the balls and brains run this country.

Sorry, Umno in its present form is confusing its balls from its brains.

The 30 August 2010 at 11:23  

/// LKY (and some commentators here as well) meritocracy claim is a myth. You try asking LKY to open up Singapore economies and let the Mainlanders, Taiwanese, Hong Konger and his idolize Anglo Saxon race to compete freely, and see what is his response.
HuaYong ///

Not a myth, but a reality. Which country in the world has a free-for-all immigration policy. In fact, Singapore is already so open that one in four is a foreigner. Which major economy has 25% of foreign workers (other than the oil-rich states with small populations)?

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 11:24  


I absolutely agreed with OneMalaysian's opinion.

From your and Ibrahim Ali's perspective, NEP may be a symbol of Malay power. Yet among the non Malay, NEP is perceived as a crutch.

How then can a crutch be a source of power, I wonder ?

Quiet Despair,  30 August 2010 at 11:35  


Do not trivialise Ibrahinm Ali or Tun M.
If you must know, Perkasa now has membership in the thousands.
In my neigborhood, it is distributing membership forms and they are quickly snapped up.
I am sceptical since I am a true blue UMNO member.
But Perkasa said UMNO remains THE political party but Perkasa will champion the Malay cause as an UMNO adjunct.
Kimma is accepted as associate member of UMNO. Dont be surprise UMNO will recognise Perkasa as one too.
And dont be surprise if Ibrahim Ali will contest under the Perkasa banner but with the blessings of UMNO.

umar and hakiman

Don't use Malays name to hit out at the Malays and UMNO.
From your many postings I can safely detect you guys are non-Malays pretending to be a Malay.
Not a one of your postings showed that you are Malay and Muslims.
You just want to pretend to be Liberal Malays.
But your camouflage is showing by the day.

The 30 August 2010 at 11:45  

It is funny how those who disagree with this article completely miss the point. Sak is trying to RATIONALIZA why SOME Malays are still hankering for the NEP. And the scary part is some of the Malays do see NEP as a symbol of self respect.

BTW, the NEP may be literally dead, but it was survived by the NDP (New Development Policy) and NVP (New Vision Policy). And now the latest incarnation as the NEM is about to delivered as a stillborn.

Peter,  30 August 2010 at 11:49  

NEP has never been taken off. In fact through the years and through BTN, it has deepened to destructive levels to the economy.

A resources rich Malaysia with all the ingredients for a developed nation has degraded to a "going to" bankcrupt status is no joke. It really takes an effort to be so. Even a dump leadership with the slightest intelligence can do better.

There are many ways to empower the Malays. The dumbest way is the way we are doing it. Almost everywhere ... wastefulness, cronism, curruption, Ali Babas, lowering of standards of our Education, pure arrogance etc etc.

Little Napoleans all having their own agendas for self as well as for their community.

Talented and good businesses are moving away as these guys have been calling " Go back to China/India" for to start Cinasia or Indiasia by a CHINESE MUSLIM!

Wonder if he has an IBC degree (acronyme for Institute of Balls carriers). To us he is despicable. A tool to be used.

In the end, do we want 67% of Zimbabwe or say 30% of Singapore?

Think about it, if we are to dump all our wealth, talent and capital overseas, dont you think Ibrahim Ali's 67% can be realised without hurting anyone?

But then what would happen to this country? Hope Ibrahim Alis can tell us the solution. So far he is advocating this.

He cari issues with the slightest excuses. He is bent against anything Chinese and yet no actions taken. Think FDI people want to invest here?

We Chinese, will find a way to survive the challenges. The first phase is over. The next phase ...the world.

Please non Muslims... stay away from Muslim matters until you all understand the ins and outs of their religion.

Even with that, thread with care. The slightest wrong however minor, Ibrahim Ali would make a mountain out of it.

He is checking the news EVERYDAY!

Recent events are shockers really. Never in our dreams we realise that Muslim cannot pray for non Muslims etc. This is from one of our "learned" blogger participating in this forum.

Dato' we should talk more about ways (better ones) for Malays to improve themselves rather than everyday demanding, complaining or arguing about that 30% or 67% while forgetting who is going to provide them.

The Chinese or Indians on their private basis? Forget it. It would not happen. Neither do we expect Malays to behave otherwise. Try asking a Malay to give 30% of his wealth to another Malay and see what happens.

If it is govt money, sure no problem. His own? Try that and see what happens.
So the next time you get money from government, remember it is paid for by Ah Chong, Ali and Mutu not Ali alone.

We truly wish the Malays succeed. The only problem is they are doing on a destructive and disincentive ways to the detriment of the country on the whole.

We are just bogeymem or punching bags when they failed.

Yet if you read most posts by non Malays. It is usually about how to help the poor Malays more than helping the poor non Malays. They are so apologetic. The responses they get? Not good. Just have a check yourselves.

So actually why bother.

Btw, when the country goes bankcrupt does not mean the Chinese businesses/talents are bankcrupt too.

The workers would be the main losers.

Chinese workers can easily find opportunities in neighbouring countries with their good Mandarin and English thanks to Chinese schools in the country.
Even this they try to take away giving lame excuses of unity. Poorah lah. Evil intent is more likely.

Other races i dont know.

China is already the world's 2nd largest economy.

Malaysia is actually a very small market. Singaporeans have done that umteen years ago. We should start now.

Meanwhile these daily religious and race issues are getting nowhere (actually downwards) while the impending financial disaster is looming around the corner.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 12:04  

It is telling of where we are today when see malays debating issues like this, something that was unheard off. Unlike what people like Ibrahim Ali would like us to believe, it is not a battle betweeen Malays and non-Malays. Indeed is it one between the Malays themselves. In particular, how do the new generation of Malays want to see themslves in a new and radically different Malaysia and indeed the world? Do they want to be standing tall as equals when dealing with others? What is the worth of a human being if he has no self respect? 30% of the economy will not give you self respect if it is handed on a platter. 5% on the other hand will if it is hard earned. It reminds me of those corportae tycoons who buy titles so that they can call themselve Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr in the mistaken belief that somehow that are more respected. They are a joke. No Dato Sak taking away the NEP will not take away the self respect. On the contrary it may the best thing that can happen.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 12:14  

Ha, ha.
NEP is "Give me, Give me policy".

Like high class beggars seated in a BMW, adorned in glittering coat and tie to boot.

And they want respect. My foot. Shameless human beings.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 12:58  


"kalau saya kata tuan bodoh tuan marah".

Perlukah kita menggunakan ayat seperti ini terhadap mereka yang tak setuju dengan kita?. Tidakkah ini mecerminkan perangai orang UMNO yang memualkan rakyat?.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 13:12  

Self respect for the Malays have a place in Malaysia and in the heart of all (or most) Malaysians, as with self respect for all other races. The non-Malays are not and do not intend to take that away from the Malays.

It is the Malay leaders from UMNO who have in the recent years breached the trust given to them by the general Malay population. The Malay leaders from UMNO were given the mandate to uplift the living standards of the general Malay population but these leaders ended up enriching themselves instead.

Don't blame the non-Malays for this. It is your own leaders who is at fault.

OneMalaysian,  30 August 2010 at 14:20  

Dear Sakmongkol

I reread your article because I thought it was the most significant piece that you have written. I feel completely devastated that you wrote this; it would not have been had Ibrahim Ali written it.

I regarded you as one of the enlightened thought-leaders of the Malays who chose to remain in UNMO to change it for the better. But this article showed that you would be quite comfortable carrying a PERKASA membership card.

You have failed to see that Article 153 and the NEP have hobbled the Malays, and made them unable to compete even after 40 years of affirmative policies. Instead you see the NEP as a symbol of Malay pride and power. Can handouts and handicaps make anyone proud and strong?

What shocked me was that you are sympathetic to the idea of Malay supremacy, and say that the others would just have to adjust to it. Do you think that the others would? Does the Constitution support this?

You malign the non-Malays as grabbing opportunities under the NEP from the Malays. How far can this be from the truth. Except for the dozen or so of non-Malay cronies who got rich through dubious and despicable means (together with some Malays too), the rest of the non-Malays who made it did so through blood, sweat and tears. What they have they owned through hard work, not some largesse ladled out by a benevolent government over the needs of the Malays.

Let’s work towards a better future for all on the basis of mutual respect and equality.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 14:49  

Dear Dato from what have read in your comment section it sHow's that you are a rational man who only want's the betterment of MALAYSIA.What i cannot under stand is why can't you as educated malay stand as a independent in the last GE,we in Malysia need more thinking liberals like you to guide this WONDERFUL country OUR MALAYSIA to greater heights.And by n by not carrying balls here lol.

midnite,  30 August 2010 at 15:10  

After reading your well written article, I have decided to give up my job, buy a bowl and beg at central market. You have convinced me that begging and looting is "self respect". I will go out there and beg with my head held high and tell the world that what i am doing is what every self respecting man should do. Care to join me sir?

Peter,  30 August 2010 at 15:15  

Quiet Despair,

We do agree with the deteriorating situation it has become just because someone just want to grab everything and play on people's greed (basic human nature) to gain politically.

Yes, we go Zimbabwe way or Singapore way .. be out guest. We could care less.

Look around your own circles, tell us anything that has changed that favours Malays rather than Chinese or other non Malays.

CAn you please tell enlgihten us anything has changed other than we Chinese says, we vote with our right to vote.

Maybe a few more scholarships are extended which are still a fraction of what the Malays are still getting which you justify by being "your rights" which we really do not know what it really means and to what extent.

A few more millions allocated compared to billions are are spent the other way round. And this during elections.

Actually these are to us one of the minor issues. It is not these that are bringing our country to a standstill.

Maybe, I just say maybe you are frustrated the few millions during buy election has no effect on the Chinese unlike before.

Well well, the choice is yours actually.

We as minority can only vote with our pens and our feet that is all which are guaranteed under the constitution.

WE have better things to do than to make mountains out of molehills by your champions (of what I dont know ). Noticed that even the MP was INVITED TO SPEAK in the mosque to tell the good news about loans to Malays. Not that she forced anyone to let her speak in spite of objections.

.. all these we know are propogated by amateur politicians because most of these backfire into their faces.

More joining Perkasa? That is about the best news happening to Pakatan.

Remember, most Malays are more intelligent than to fall for destructive directions of Perkasa.

In every race there surely are fools to fall for greed just as we have many Chinese who can sell their grand..... to get favours. There are even among our race joining to be Muslims and has become more Malays/Muslims than Malays themselves and then tells the Chinese to start Chinasia somewhere.

So what gives?

The choice is yours. It affects us none. We wouldn't care less.

This is a beautiful country with huge resoures and just look how you guys have made it into? A country everyday complaining and finding faults on little issues.

Tell me where I am wrong before being too happy about the growing membership of Perkasa.

Try filling this Perkasa fellow in a mix or even 60% Malay areas and see if he can win in the next election.

With Perkasa around, I for one can foretell you .. UMNO is finished.

The forces of reasons and fairness is greater than the forces of evil/greed. This is the AGE of Internet not MSM.

If Pakatan knows how to capitalise on this, they would wipe BN out.

It is not difficult to tell a truth . It is really difficult to tell a lie.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 15:16  

"Not a myth, but a reality."

So in your view, The, a one-party state with that little press freedom and controlled by government in almost every segment of business is deemed as meritocracy?

The 25% is merely replenishment. But I agree to rephrase my statement, meritocracy is a goal.


Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 15:18  


Are you sure the NEP is a symbol of Malay power and Malay self respect? I think the NEP is a symbol of Malay curse and Malay shame and the sooner the Malays realize this, the better it is for themselves to get rid of this curse and regain their self respect and dignity. The NEP equates to the begging bowl and is there no shame for able bodied men to go round begging instead of relying on their own abilities to make an honest decent living? Countless of less fortunate and less able people have been able to make an honest living through their own hard efforts without relying on the NEP nor whining and bitching about inequality. Instead we see able bodied Malays clinging onto the NEP like their begging bowls and yet you you call this a symbol of power and self respect. Something is wrong somewhere or maybe it is only in this country where a begging bowl is symbol of power and self respect.

Self-Respect,  30 August 2010 at 15:40  

Respect yourself and others will respect you. ~Confucius

Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power. NEP is a crutch, a symbol of dependency, an armor of weakness and its not real power.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 15:42  

Where did the 52 Billion allocated for "Ketuanan Melayu" go. Why don't you work on that and by miracle Ibrahim Ali will be able to distributed it to his Ketuanan Melayus. Work on it get some lawyers, auditing firms etc and see where the trail leads.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 15:44  

INDEED the NEP is an albatross and not relevant in today's economic context due to it's many loopholes.
Pls give Najib's new ideas a chance.
These new policies can be fine tuned as time goes to give the bumiputras more economically savvy.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 15:57  

Sak, this is a good article. It reflects the true sentiments on the ground I think. However readers should understand that you are not responsible to give a solution to the problem. It is they who need to.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 16:05  

Malays should be demanding to be treated as equals! That is mark of a community that has self respect. To demand to be treated with special can this come from people with any sense of self worth? If the Malays can accept somebody like Ibrahim Ali to be a leader..wah something is seriously wrong! Using your emotions, threatening people, distorting facts, illogical, ignorant about almost everything, not showing respect for others...its lucky few people turn up. The days of the demagogue are over. If Ibrahim ALi stands up in Indonesia and they then "Sweep" him up for lynching because he is a Malay from Malaysia..he would have no arguments or legs to stand on! The day the government gives him a warning to shut up (funny he is the one who is threatening the PM) will signal that such a person cannot be a leader! Buat malu aje!

walla 30 August 2010 at 16:19  

A: 'Do you agree with the blogger, Sir?'

B: 'I agree with Hakiman and some of the anon's of similar vein, Sofea. In fact, i don't think i could have said as clearly what they had said in this and other threads.'

A: 'But...?'

B: 'But there's something else i want to try here.

Let's start with a question - why did so many of our Malays move away from Umno in the last elections?

I don't think it's just because they were fedup with Umno and what it had done to them and the country.

I think there was something else as well. They took a plunge into the unknown and voted for the Opposition which had many non-Malays.

In other words, something clicked inside our average Malay. Something about wanting to be a Malaysian or Muslim first and a Malay second or third. Something about not fearing the future anymore. Something about faith in others who are not Malays or Muslims.

Now, this is my observation. Observe that Umno was completely taken aback by this strange development. It tells us something. It tells us that Umno was just banging on the presumption our average Malay would continue to vote for what Umno thought it stands for. Malay interest above all else. But what happened was all the while when Umno was preening itself right up to the day of the election, our average Malay and his family and friends were in fact moving away from Umno and moving towards a more moderate and universal stance where for the first time in their lives, they started to believe in the goodness of others as well, those of other races and faiths.'

A: 'So you're saying our average Malay has already made the first move in the last election to start the process of healing our society? By relinquishing the notion of political power even without the prospect of economic returns?'

B: 'To answer those questions, Sofea, let us go to the heart of our nation. This has never been said before so let me say it here and now.

The heart of our nation is this. We all started with nothing. Zero. Elephant egg. Every one of us. Whether we came from Java or Fujian or Kerala, we started with zero.

With that in place, let me share with you what i think this country is therefore all about. It's not a piece of land over which different races fight for this or that.

Our Malaysia is in all respects an experiment that He started.

He wanted to see if His creations that He had made using different materials can on their own end up agreeing amongst themselves on those special things that He likes.

Sure, there are other countries elsewhere where His experiment of similar Intent has succeeded. Peoples in those places became a melting pot of cultures and humanism. And furthermore, without sacrificing anything. Meritocracy, honest work, world-best results. And yet there were some other countries as well in which the different peoples fell on one another, causing mayhem and dismaying Him. It's all about the altitude of attitudes.'

A: 'But surely He must be thinking now we have failed Him here?'

B: 'Our average Malay has bravely redeemed himself, and in the process, renewed the faith by others in him as a fellow Malaysian. In caring for others despite the machinations of Umno of the past, our average Malay has found a new self-respect and dignity over and above economic wealth. And then he finds that our non-Malays can actually return the compliment by not treating him as they would not want themselves to be treated by others. The melting pot has started to stir and bubble.'

A: 'But, Sir, we still have to solve the problem of economic distribution.'

walla 30 August 2010 at 16:20  


B: 'Sofea, we have to be clear on one thing. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Everything costs something. One must work for it as honestly as humanly possible.

Now, i know you will say that's what our Malays want too - the opening to find remunerative honest work in all sectors.

The approach to this challenge must be done in a certain way and must not be done in some other ways.

Those some other ways are the ones which have been done by Umno todate and they have led to mayhem; furthermore things like Perkasa, Utusan, Gertak and Mahathir have only added fuel to fire and compounded the problem.

The NEP was actually quite messed up in methodology. It presupposed that it is alright to insert one race into all strata of the economy just by the stroke of a policy. It ignored the fact that human nature will react to what it sees as a method to solve the problem of level playing field by using a mechanism based on artificial forces.

Furthermore, playing with quotas about places, personnel and permits also created leakages on the argument that since it was alright because the policy said alright, then it must also be alright to use the policy for other things - like corruption and cronyism.'

A: 'So, are you saying our plural society is today standing right at the edge of something new and better?'

B: 'Yes, Sofea. I see a new bridge being built. And it is not an expensive or crooked bridge. It is a bridge between different hearts. Those who hasten to burn it will only end up creating a tragedy for all in the end in much the same way so much nonsense has been created in the last thirty years that has sapped the will and promise of our land.

Tell me where today can one live isolated in influence from others? A butterfly flutters its wings in the Amazon forest and a thunderstorm breaks out on the other side of this planet. We are all integrated one to the others, person to person, system to system, belief to belief. In the diversity we see and uphold, we find a unique unity within all of us that reflects His handiwork. Isn't that magic not of this world, Sofea?

If our Malays hold on to this ideal, then I believe there is a more than a fifty percent chance our non-Malays will respond with equal measure of goodness. Maybe not immediately, because it takes time to undo all the frigging damage done to all for the past thirty years, and furthermore, our Malays must also have time to ready their own skills and knowledge in order to benefit from new cooperation. But sooner or later, the bridge will be strengthened. And when it is finally set up, we will have a new nation where those who can will help those who can't until those who can't become can enough to in turn help others regardless of race or faith or whatever.

If you think this is just wishy-washy idealism, let me ask you back what is the alternative? Social breakup. Every community cares only for its own. People become suspicious, distrustful and covetous only for themselves. Overturning His Hope for what this nation could be. The end-result will be economic contraction. When that happens, those who are in greater need will suffer first and most.'

A: 'But they are already suffering first and most now, Sir.'

B: 'I know that. They are suffering because they have been presented with the bill for all the past excesses. They have awakened to the inviolable facts of life. That everyone is integrated to everyone else, that things cost money to buy, that self-respect has to be earned by the sweat of one's brow and the sacrifice one must make in order to forgo present easy for the promise of future easier. Exactly how those who had started with nothing, zero, elephant egg, had managed to accumulate their wealth till today.'

A: 'But, Sir, what the blogger is suggesting is the end of the Ali-Baba arrangement so that our Malays can get a chance to come up by self-respecting work, not proxy rewards.'

walla 30 August 2010 at 16:21  


B: 'I know that. What we should be thinking about is how to solve the problem of big projects requiring high capital and knowhow pre-contractual capacities which invariably turn the projects over to the bigger boys resulting in smaller players not getting a piece of the pie.'

A: 'But Sir, even if we can find a solution for that, wouldn't the non-Malay contractors still be ahead to win such contracts if we use real market criteria for projects?'

B: 'I can answer yes to that question, Sofea, but events have overtaken matters. The critical thing today, now in fact, is investments. Negative investment trends are not a joke. It means people and the world are thinking Malaysia is passe. Looking at some of the antics of late, i wouldn't even blame them if they think this place is a nuthouse.

The Ibali's of the country can rant and rave. But they are not the ones who will make the investments needed. They just want handouts. Without investments, there will be no jobs and incomes for our average Malay. How then will he be able to gain his self-respect when he cannot support his family?

The first priority must be to grow the economy from increasing worthwhile investments. And to do that, we need to be globally relevant and attractive as an investment hub. And to be that, we must reengineer everything right now - from how we cooperate with one another to how we help each other get up and be more capable. How can all this be done when the federal government and some people are practising double standards, and showing fear towards one race until the notion of its instability becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy by the hands of mischief-makers in our midst today?'

A: 'So you're saying we must quickly cut out the double standards?'

B: 'Yes, immediately. But that's going to be difficult if Umno continues to say it champions only Malay interest when the problem resides with some of the more ultra Malays vis-a-vis others, isn't it?'

A: 'We may say they are ultra but they think they are right, Sir.'

walla 30 August 2010 at 16:21  


B: 'The resolution of that is global reality, Sofea. So what if they think they are right today only to find the world has moved on tomorrow, leaving them in the dust with nothing to show for thirty years of arrogance and impunity towards others?'

A: 'I wonder what Mahathir will be saying if he is listening in now?'

B: 'So what, again. Notice when his friend LLS who saved Umno was charged in court, the octagenarian was quiet as a mouse on the matter. Subjudice aside, even not one pipsqueak. Instead, he was talking about Blair, Lebanon and american hegemony and everything else. Notice or not? Since we are coming up to our National Day, was it therefore any surprise to know that our first PM had said of him to the effect, 'that mamak will mess up and destroy everything.' Yes, Sofea, the father of Malaysia said that of him. In fact he never called him by his name. Uncharacteristic of TAR but to do that, he must have seen through that blighter.

One thing though, i must doff my songkok to the man. He can admit to his mistakes and make a joke of the damage done without losing his teflon sheen.'

A: 'Meaning?'

B: 'He has this single-minded focus on things. It's almost silo. Take Proton. His singlemindedness was that it saves forex. But today we see putting up Proton before we have laid the foundations has in fact cost us the biggest industrial fallout - the loss of our regional position as the real automotive hub. And his mistake that he admitted? He finally came to his senses when he found out to make a car, you need parts, but to make the parts, you need machine tools. We don't control the machine tool capability.

And there's the recent matter of medium of instruction. Now his eyes are finally open that knowledge is in the english medium, especially when it comes to journals. Too late, baby.'

A: 'What's our conclusion, Sir?'

B: 'Our domestic market is small. Any strategy to divide our peoples will cause reactions. Malays will lose their non-Malay customers. Non-Malays will go global straightaway, puncturing the zero-sum game that our Malay zealots are still trying to play. The country will be balkanized. We will never achieve our highest potential together. He will be Sore with us.'

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 16:49  

nep or no is not the problem


GREED and CORRUPTION combined is the main sickness killing malaysia

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 18:18  

dear dato,

it is only human nature to strive for the better, to live, learn, love and leave a legacy. while it is admirable to have a policy that uplift the poor and the underprivileged we need to keep in mind poverty knows no race nor religion. the problem with ibrahim ali and the likes of him is they can't or refuse to understand the logic behind their own demands. 67% of the population means 67% of the economic cake while the lain-lain gets the remaining 33% accordingly. he somehow failed to mention foreign investments and how much these foreigners should get in return when they come in n throw money at us. if he can have his way malaysia will be a bastion of indigenous rights where non other than malaysian can make a living here. and what happens if one day malays own more than their own percentage of the population??will they give back to others the way others made way for them earlier?what a way to run a country. at the end of the day nep can't work because it limits the human potential. you are not going to help anyone get anywhere when u do that.

perkasa's war cry shouldn't be 'give us 67% because we deserve it!'. it should be 'lets get 67% because it's embarrassing if we don't' honestly dato, nep isnt a show of power, its just a sign of weakness. glc's shouldn't buy the bumi lots because glc's are not owned by bumis. its owned by the government which in turn isn't own by bn or umno. its owned by the people of all races.

if perkasa is really an expression of a collective demand by the Malay public what would be the demand of the non malays? you see its time to stop thinking collectively as a race and start thinking individually as a human being. this is what our country needs now.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 18:20  


Looks like Mamak Mahathir's lies, repeated often enough is getting to you too.


Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 18:52  

Did Pemandu do some serious scenario planning?Or is it all gung ho..everything is rosy planning only.

Lots of ppl reckon 6 months on economy will tanked cos of weak US economy.And,we're so heavily invested in property & US dollars..

Can we survive?Last time it took billions of we hv anymore in the kitty

Col Roseli 30 August 2010 at 19:58  

The NEP was launched by Tun Razak with the objective of eradicating poverty and restructuring the society. Somehow or rather it has failed. And according to Nazir, the son of Tun Razak, 'it was bastardised'.

By dumping the NEP and coming up with a new policy called NEM, it seems that Najib, who is also the son of Tun Razak, did not believed what his father was trying to do. If he believes in the NEP, surely he can revive the policy and take drastic measures to ensure that it would not be bastardised again.

Najib kah benar atau Tun Razak kah benar?

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 20:14  

By all means give whatever rightfully belongs to the malays.But can that be honestly done? The problem here is those who deserve and need the help dont receive it in the first place.The help gets waylaid somewhere along the way.By whom? you got the answer dato.
Find a sustainable method where all deserving malays can receive the necessary help and support.Teach and educate.Help and support.Ponder and reflect, why help didnt reach?

pak yeh 30 August 2010 at 20:16  

Mr Sakmongkol.
Please read history.The fight/struggle in politics is the rich screwing the poor. The poor are Malays, placed is a pariah caste by British and now Malay rich.
The fight is for total power and econopmy to the people. And that is 100% of politics and economy in the hands of poor people.Only then do we have true democric economics(economy by the people for the people).
When we have this than we can divide it among the other races by on population quota.
Read more "Monopoly alat Penjajah Exploitasi Rakyat" at...

Col Roseli 30 August 2010 at 21:30  

... and I don't think the NEP was a symbol of Malay self-respect but more as a symbol of 'disrespecting the Malays' by UMNO as all of its divisional leaders (191 of them)are millionaires and flirty rich but the majority of the Malays are dirt poor.

Cronyism, nepotism and corruption which has become synonim with the NEP has not only tarnished the image of the UMNO but also the poor Malays who have nothing to do with it.

That explains why the NEP could not be defended by the poor Malays, as can be seen in the various blogs, since they do not have the facts and figures to argue; only by emotions.

Mustapa Mohamed, for example, has warned Malaysians that the contribution of the NEP should not be belittled. But when it comes from Nazir Razak, he chooses to be silent.

By so doing the NEP will continue to be a punching-bag amongst Malaysians; whether rightly or wrongly.

Anonymous,  30 August 2010 at 21:54  

I was taught that respect ought to be earned. When it is given, it cannot sustain and it perpetuates self doubt in the recipient. As a non-bumi I have been forced to give respect for most of adult life. Unfortunately the recipients are still struggling with their own self-esteem. Pity!

HAKIMAN,  30 August 2010 at 23:54  

Quiet Despair

You are like those Zionist Jews and right wing Israelis who call Jewish people criticising the Israeli govt for the ill-treatment of Palestinians as Jew-Haters.

Quiet Despair, you are the type of UMNO Malay and a Perkasa-sympathiser who makes non Malays disgusted with the Malay community. From your IP address, it is obvious you troll all other blogs with different nicknames. Don't pretend to be an objective commentator because at the core of your personality, you belong to one of those UMNO scumbags which need to be rid off for UMNO to reform.

Who cares with Perkasa has thousands of members. UMNO had milion of members yet there are Malays who reject UMNO.

Perkasa and Ibrahim will have their 15 minutes of infamy just like those racist Malays in Gabung Graduan Melayu Muda (GGMM)( once courted by UMNO and became an embarrassment to decent minded Malays,just like Perkasa.

Ibrahim Ali will not survive in the next election if he stands again in Kelantan. You can bet your money on it, unless UMNO is willing to surrender a safe seat outside Kelantan for him to stand.

HAKIMAN,  31 August 2010 at 00:47  

Quiet Despair

Just because someone criticises what UMNO is doing or highlight the weaknesses of the Malay community is a non Malay or "pretending to be a liberal Malay".

If Dato Sak had been an anonymous commenter on another blog, and based on all his postings, you would of course have labeled him as a non Malay "pretending to be a liberal Malay". Wouldn't you?

Here is another blogger who wrote,

"Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan “hak-hak Melayu” dan dimana termaktubnya hak-hak ini? Adakah ianya adil dan sah sekiranya sesuatu kaum mengapropriasi “hak” yang melebihi daripada apa yang diperuntukan dalam Perlembagaan?...Inilah masalahnya. “Hak Melayu” telah dipesongkan untuk meliputi pelbagai perkara yang langsung tidak berlandaskan Perlembagaan. "

Is he a Chinese or Indian ? You would, of course, in your intellectual perversity, have accused this blogger as someone PRETENDING to be a Malay or a liberal Malay.

You should read further what he says about "hak Melayu" (Here: and find out here who he is ,

That is why I said, UMNO-lovers like you behave like those scumbags in the party who, not only have the highest regard for the racist rhetoric of Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa, but who also constantly thwart efforts of PM Najib to reform UMNO from within.

You should be ashamed of yourself pretending to be an intellectual Malay yet stuffed with a parochial mind.

ibn-abas,  31 August 2010 at 02:56  

Dear Sakmongkol,

Great article but reads a little apologetic to me. Let's just cut to the chase, Sak and tell it as it is.

The NEP is a symbol of Malay power? NO. The NEP is Malay power. It is Malay rights. Period. It is constitutional. Didn't we all agreed to it in those early years? They don't like it now? Tough - just deal with it.

What's the bs about it being a symbol of Malay self respect? Only thing disrespectful about it is the 30% share. Nay, it should be more. But alahai, ever the nice people that we are, we can live with that. But can they?

Sure, we have messed up a bit here and there, but hey, lets not disrespect ourselves for that.
Sh*t happens. There will always be that along the way. We chastise ourselves and our elders, we learn, clean up the mess, re-strategise and we get on with it. We still got a ways to go, but
we do have come a long way, haven't we Sak?

The NEP in whatever monickers and guises shall stay. It's not a security blanket, a crutch or whatever demeaning things they might like to say. They be damned. Its our rights, our inheritance, Sak.

Say it loud, proclaim it : We are the pribumis of this land.

Anonymous,  31 August 2010 at 06:32  

Why do we have to beg & justify for wat should rightfully be ours?

And,in the process we are told that we're dumbos and incapable of getting things done.And,all the failures are heaped upon us..

Are we the main/ultimate beneficiaries of PKFZ,Double Tracking,Abdullah Hukum,first gen IPPs..thats handed on silver platters?

And why is the RM52 bil made a rallying call as proof of our failures?Have any one done detailed analysis of the numbers?Show it please..expose the names and modus operandi.I certainly didn't get any of that lucre..did Dato Sak or any Bumis here enjoy any bits of that?

Sad..its not racist to brand any Malays who have achieved anything of significance or promoted to any top post as recipients of the NEP.

I dunno..but I was top student in a multi racial class/school..guess my Indian teacher must have boosted my marks to comply with the NEP.And,my parents can't afford the tuition fees that for others is merely pocket money.

Somewhere between then n now,we all lost the plot.1Malaysia...

The 31 August 2010 at 09:27  

/// "Not a myth, but a reality."

So in your view, The, a one-party state with that little press freedom and controlled by government in almost every segment of business is deemed as meritocracy?

The 25% is merely replenishment. But I agree to rephrase my statement, meritocracy is a goal.

HuaYong ///

HuaYong (if that is your real name) - to have a meaningful debate, you should not keep shifting your goal posts. You asked "You try asking LKY to open up Singapore economies and let the Mainlanders, Taiwanese, Hong Konger and his idolize Anglo Saxon race to compete freely, and see what is his response."

And my reply to you is this fact - very few countries are as open as Singapore when it comes to accepting foreigners. In fact, the percentage of foreigners is now closer to one-third than one-quarter of the total population.

And what nonsense are you talking about replenishment? Singapore population shot up from less than 3 million in 1990 to 4 million in 2000 to the current 5 million.

Replenishment indeed. and a few million more.

Since when are we talking about one-party state? My reply is to call your bluff about population, and now you want to dodge the issue and talk about freedom of speech? What's next? Singapore's ISA and death penalty? Stop being a weasel.

good guy,  31 August 2010 at 10:23  


You have posted a very hard hitting insight into the psyche of the majority of Malays. In my opinion, what you have described as "self respect" is actually a combination of the Malay cultural trait called "hasad dengki" mixed with racism.

One Malay friend told me a true story concerning one of his relatives, which I found hard to believe at first:

This man developed a special recipe for kicap and went into business selling his product. As his kicap became popular, he started a factory and hired one of his cousins to help him, among other employees. His business did very well until all of a sudden people stopped buying his goods. He later discovered that many batches of his kicap had gone busuk.

What happened was that his own cousin had sabotaged his produce. This cousin also started his own kicap factory. Not only that, his initial success spawned a slew of copycats producing kicap in the neighbourhood. In the end this man's business failed and no other outstanding brand emerged out of his district.

This man may be conisdered a benefactor for trusting in and employing his cousin. However, his cousin used to be his equal or felt superior to him. When this man succeeded in business, it upset his cousin's sense of "self respect" and he got taken down by this cousin.

I have personally observed that some Malays whom I consider to be very capable workers are unable to rise above a certain level. They do not have connections and are not "apple polishers", AND they are held back by their less able peers. Their only recourse is to work overseas. Does this have to be the social paradigm for Malaysian society as a whole?

walla 31 August 2010 at 10:36  

anon 6.32,

it is impulsive to fight an argument by saying if x can say that, why can't y?

that's a technique that can lead to blindspots.

the whole purpose of debates here and elsewhere is to get to the root of the matters.

if what x says has merit, examine the points and see where y could have been wrong in implementation.

just saying that if x can defend itself, so too must y - that will evade the process of looking for the root of matters with purpose to finding their solutions.

fear and pride don't solve problems; they only magnify one's desperation.

Stay focused on the issues and problems; trace their roots. Do not deviate to label others in order to try and defend oneself for the sake of defending.

If that is not done, the problems will remain but others will move away.

Right, or not?

walla 31 August 2010 at 10:49  


marvellous! what mojo!

let us all stand behind you on this.

lead the way.

here's a soapbox. take it. go to the square. stand on it. and read out exactly what you have written.

nothing will happen to you. the gomen practises double standards.

but just in case, hold on to this number - 03 2693 3888

you may need it.

Anonymous,  31 August 2010 at 12:23  

The (this is of course your real name), I am asking you a question with regard to meritocracy, if you are not willing to present your view, that is fine with me. I am in no mood to read other’s impediment.

When I said “open up economies….”, I relate this back to meritocracy claim that allow an absolute free environment to compete. Is the relatively more open Singapore in accepting foreigner tantamount to meritocracy? So what is the percentage of foreigner now occupy the major top position in Singapore GLC, one third? And hey, what make you think Malaysia has fewer foreigners as compare to Singapore? Walk into any factory and take a driving trip around KL during weekend to get a better feel of it, okay?

And who is talking about population? If people like you could debate what I said, rather than what you hoped I said, it would be too much to ask, I guess. Replenishment is my simplified term to indicate the filling up of job that no Singaporean want to do, are you the type that need a full page commentary in order to grasp a point? If that is the case, I will be more elaborative the next round.

Btw, I think we both wasting too many words in insulting each other instead of debating an issue, this is not healthy at all. My core point is, to harp on meritocracy will not in any way help to eliminate the Malays psyche of threat.


kee 31 August 2010 at 13:27  

"The NEP is a symbol of Malay power. it's a symbol of Malay self respect." & "The leadership is disconnected and has de-sensitized itself on the seriousness of Malay self respect."

If the above assertion is true, then the Malay understanding of "power" & "self-respect" is indeed unique among all the world's different cultures. In the world that I know, possession of "power" & "self-respect" includes the ability to give rather than to take. Demanding 30% of what others produced or created is being equated to self-respect? Such characteristics of the NEP would more likely be perceived to be associated with robbery and parasitism outside of the Malay-NEP realm.

As pointed out by the writer, NEP is supposed to be a policy to "jumpstart" Malay participation and involvement in the economy. Jumpstart means temporary, as in jumpstarting your car engine. When such policy becomes permanent, even though using a different name, it is no more an aid. It becomes an act to produce parasites.

"It's totally in tune with eastern filial piety to be respectful the elders, the learned, powerful. It certainly is not childlike for the Malays to demand this."

After reading three times, I still cannot figure out the logic of this one. Are Malays supposed to be the "elders, the learned, powerful", who according to the practice of "eastern filial piety" are merely exercising their right to demand this and that from pendatang slaves and underlings?

"We are easily led to believe developers when they say- tuan dan dato and kawan kawan- there are no Malay takers."

Leaving aside the tycoons, I can never understand why mid income Malays are generally less able to buy similarly priced properties when compared with mid income non-Malays with similar incomes.

"when they see a slew of concessions given to non Malays in economics and in politics"

Legitimate rights of non Malay full-fledged citizens are now perceived and described as concessions. No wonder this country is breaking up.

Anonymous,  31 August 2010 at 14:13  

Stop being a jack ass! Get your facts right and read the Constitution properly for the words Rights IS NOT MENTIONED!
the malays got the word previliges twisted by so called Perkasa goons to mean God Dammed rights and no you are also Pendatangs and not pribumis as claimed! The bumis the real one are in the jungles of Malaya!This are the malays that want respect when they talk like a book but think like a drum!

Anonymous,  31 August 2010 at 16:27  

Hua Yong,

You can always choose to have press freedom and believe in what The New Straits Times & Utusan write and also have your meritocracy here in Malaysia compared to Singapore.

Is anyone forcing you to migrate to Singapore ?


Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 13:38  

ibn-abas 31 August 2010 02:56
to add on to Anon's 31 August 2010 14:13
Our Constitution was penned by a Mat Salleh (and not wanting for words, the word 'right' is mentioned numerous times in the Constitution). If it's meant to be a right, it would have been stated specifically as such. If it's a right, and taken away you can go to court to claim it back.
In the final analysis, it's 'special position'.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 14:19  

X? Are you a great fan of the Japanese Manga “X”? Coz your writing sounds as silly and fun as that comic. You shall write more, we need you here to keep on entertaining us.


Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 10:42  

Hua Yong,

You are the entertainer. You want to talk about other country's problems when you have problems in your own front yard ? Just like a father who want to teach his neighbour's kid how to behave when your own kid is a mat rempit.

Let us decide for ourselves what we want. We don't need you to speak up us thank you very much.


Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 14:43  

Senang cerita, perkara yg korang lemparkan pada UMNO ni juga akan berlaku kepada mana2 parti, sebab parti dipimpin oleh manusia yg berbagai2 latarbelakang dan pegangan. Jika ianya terdiri dari pemimpin yg tak berkaliber atau mempunyai watak dan prisip pemimpin, tukarlah nama parti ke parti apa pun sama juga. Entah2 lagi teruk dari UMNO pun boleg jadi juga, Lihatlah PKR dan DAP, semua rakus dan tamakkan kuasa.

Cubalah fikir dari asik dan menuduh2 UMNO dan melayu racist. Sebenarnya org yg menuduh tulah yg racist. Dia yg berfikiran racist sebab tu dia nampak semua org racist.

Anda adalah apa yg anda fikirkan orang lain.

Anonymous,  11 January 2011 at 22:52  

very interestingly ...

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