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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 6 August 2010

On Anwar Ibrahim

When I was in the 1st year as a university student in 1976, a friend who then went on to serve as a professor at UIA showed me a letter sent by Anwar Ibrahim. The letter came from Kamunting. Anwar was a cause célèbre at that time. He was detained under ISA. His name was iconic. So, we gathered around to listen to Anwar's voice in that letter.
Apart from revealing how he was coping in incarceration, there was the usual stuff about not letting the fire in the belly extinguish. That was Anwar's forte really- to agitate, to prod on, to inspire. He was and still is a leader. He can inspire the bird that's up in the tree to come eat in his hands. If he can mesmerize thousands, Saiful- one person is chicken feed. He peppered the letter with Quranic verses- the translated version.
Allow me to answer the often repeated statement- that if this offence cited is consensual, why is Saiful not punished too? Are Anwar supporters taking this position which is tantamount to admitting Anwar has this sexual preference? This is the thing that Anwar denies but his supporters are saying he is. To admit so is politically suicidal. What Anwar is doing, in contrast to what his supporters are inferring, is to seek a court declaration that he is NOT that- NOT that either consensual or non-consensual. Unequivocally no. nahi, nein.
You orang mahu mati kah- excusing Anwar because this is consensual? You mau dia mati by admitting he is by agreeing what they did to be consensual?
I think many of his supporters have missed this point. It is and will indeed be a glaring anomaly if the offence cited seeks to punish Anwar alone if it was consensual. What was it that's consensual? Sex between two adult males? So many of his supporters are almost acknowledging that Anwar is indeed a gay or bisexual but they are shouting it's not fair that only one is being punished. Are you people saying this? Yes our man is gay but both should be punished. You don't understand- he does not want to admit it even if its consensual. You want Malaysia and the whole world to know this?
Then ask Anwar to make a report that Saiful buggered him. Then Saiful will be the one who should be punished. The person who makes the report is the victim and he is seeking redress. He can't be punished as he is asking justice against his violator. The point that is missed by Anwar supporters, is that Anwar will not even admit that he has this sexual preference by admitting further that the tryst was consensual. The position taken by Anwar is he is absolutely not gay or bisexual, consensual or non consensual.

That point answered, we return to asses Anwar for his leadership material. This should answer those who are salivating at the prospects of Anwar entering Putrajaya. It will bring joy to the likes of the person who said he couldn't care less if Anwar buggered a pig, he will still chose Anwar. We respect your choice but we shall laugh at it.
Anwar's forte is his abilities as an orator. This is unmatched. We have to concede this. There are so many copy cats of Anwar's style of speechifying – Ezam Mat Nor, Suhaimi Ibrahim, many many more. Its nauseating to hear these copycats in UMNO.
He is the great communicator just as Reagan was. But someone said that just a quarter of Tip O'Neill's brain equals the whole of Reagan' entire body. That's a very uncomplimentary comparison. Translated. Your ability to talk, does not equate your cerebral substance.
It may the same with Anwar. Once his thoughts and words are in writing, that's where his invincibility ends. Writing is Anwar's Tameng Sari without which he is vulnerable.
Talking is not writing. When you write, you have to be more disciplined, organized, and precise. When you talk you can repeat, stress, intone and all that. You know how Anwar speaks, the nasal sound bites, the rrr thing and all that. UITM female students went to auditoriums just to hear Anwar speak and get high.
Yes I remember when Anwar was the finance minister, he delivered a speech in parliament quoting all sort of philosophers that his chief supporter then, Johan Jaafar , his major domo of the Press, who must have ejaculated in his pants, wrote an OPED saying Anwar was creating a revolution!. Just because Anwar used some Indonesianised words to which those who studied Pengajian Melayu at UM were more at home. Johan Jaafar was one of them. Today he is head of TV3 or whatever.
You can use body language and exploit the atmosphere of the moment. Hence if you don't have substance, your visual manifestation can hide those.
Anwar is not a thinker, he is a demagogue. He doesn't carry formidable thinking. Just look at his writings on his blogsite. We haven't seen any path breaking thinking in the caliber of Tengku Razaleigh's for example. He is first and foremost a verbal maestro.
That's ok. Because to be a leader you have to communicate your feelings and move the other fellow. Anwar appears to be successful in moving people.
So you have to weigh what kind of leader you want. One who is good in giving speeches but whose thinking span is limited. Ronald Reagan was called the Great Communicator. He had 3 basic ideas- America is Great, Less government is better and Soviet Union is Eeevil. Anwar? I don't know how many ideas. Malaysia in not great, PR government in Putrajaya, our Judiciary sucks.
Read his books then. Anwar has this uncanny ability to make it appear that he read entire books. He probably upload some phases and then embellish them to make it appear that he has mastered the contents.
What do you call this kind of leader? I call this influencing by deception. Assessing Anwar in terms of leadership, we have nothing to go on with.
Lets look at what he did when he was the Youth and Culture Minister, then Agriculture Minister, then Education Minister, then Finance Minister and finally Deputy Prime Minister.




Donplaypuks® 6 August 2010 at 19:27  

"Allow me to answer the often repeated statement- that if this offence cited is consensual, why is Saiful not punished too?"

The charge says consensual, but Saiful has now testified under oath that it was non-consensual on 7 or 8 occassions!!??

There's a major contradiction there to start with!

What is the SG trying to prove? That his own charge is incorrect? How can the judge allow the case to proceed as it stands?

The SG is saying the victim was shot, but the victim is saying no, I was knifed!! Like that also only M'sia can one!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Ariff Sabri 6 August 2010 at 19:33  

then charge saiful for perjury or whatever.
would Anwar admit that he did it as long as we accept its consensual? he wont want to admit it.
you mean, by your argument Anwar is indeed that?

eddy 6 August 2010 at 20:51  

dpp I do believe you got snookered by Dato' today.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 20:54  

Anwar's grey matter, writing and oratorical skill far exceed yours.
Why has universities from Europe, Middle East and USA invite him to speak.
He made it to DPM and Deputy UMNO President? What is your achievement compared to his?
You can only be good to be Anwar's footstool.
Don't be carried away by your blog popularity.

Ariff Sabri 6 August 2010 at 20:58  

then why do i sense a nervous tone in your assertions?

Justaman,  6 August 2010 at 21:18  

Salam Dato' Sak,

During the first Sodomy Trial , I was among one of those who symphatised with Anwar Ibrahim and his family for his trial and tribulations. I still do . But not on the issue whether he is gay or heterosexual or whatever , that is between him and the Creator . My symphaty is more towards to the fact that AI seems to be a favourite punching bag for the BN or UMNO to be exact . Personally I would think that AI should just focuss towards strengthening his party and PR as a whole rather than trying to be Nelson Mandela , which he definitely is not . I
sincerely there are better leaders than him be it in PAS or DAP and even UMNO .

At the same time , I personally felt that our 1 Malaysia PM and his government is guilty of making AI , bigger than ever by charging him . In fact the chinese who were instrumental in saving the BN government in 1999 now seems to gaining a new hero in AI with his Malaysian Malaysia slogan . Like it or not , the Sodomy Trial 2 would take sometime to be finished because even if he is convicted based on real hard evidence as there would be appeals right until the Federal Court .

Time really flies nowadays and I would not be surprised that by time it's over or not , it's time for the 13th GE .

If our 1 Malaysia PM is smart , he should nip in the bud and let the charged be dropped . Let's just get on with our lives . I'm confident that in a short while AI will be just a spent force .

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 21:20  

Dato Sak

I sense tremendous amount of jealously of Anwar for his popularity abroad and among non UMNO populace(and that is many).

Let me ask this question to all UMNO supporters alike:

Would this extreme demonisation of Anwar happen if Anwar had remained in UMNO and had played ball with Mahathir back in the late 1990s??

Would you and the rest still want to hit the man,who was once UMNO person, a former Deputy Prime Minister,for crying out loud, charged not for corruption but some highly contentious allegations of SODOMY ???

Think about it and be truthful.

I still think UMNO supporters and bloggers are "sour grapes" and vengeful lot... very UnIslamic in every sense of the word.Bringing out all the dirty personal details as much as one should avoid bringing out your family and personal life into the public domain.

Isn't this what we call hypocrisy at its worst.

Ariff Sabri 6 August 2010 at 21:33  

anon 21:20.

excuse me, we have avoided all the smut details. i am answering the points raised by many of you. i am more interested in assessing anwar's leadership qualities. i agree, many UMNO leaders are jealous of his internationalism. i am having a field day letting them have it.
in my earler writings, which many of his supporters have not read- i was critical as to how the government is handling it. i wish this thing is not brought b4 the court. i agree as suggested, let the court of public opinion deal with Anwar- more so that his supporters are all saying he is that.( i hv avoided using the term liked by many UMNO cybertroopers). public censure is more powerful.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 22:19  

Good Job Dato Sak.You baited well.AI punya supporters have swallowed the hook ,line and also the sinker, including the donplaypuks guy.So lame.
I am talking about the consensual and non consensual bait that you have cast.Be honest and truthful lah dato.Thats a bloody crap of a point u have raised.Get real.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 22:19  

So if Anwar is no leader then who is the chosen one?
Anyone in UMNO? 1 Malaysia PM? or the son of Former PM?
Say and write what you want but menongeng or kena tongeng- just wait for next GE.
It is no point assessing Anwar as leader but the truth is, he is any time better than anyone in UMNO.
Don't worry sir! Allah maha mengetahui and just avoid the fitnah and Dato' akan selamat!!!

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 22:30  

I was watching the youtube video of Paris Hilton partying with Jho Lo at Papagayo. What has this got to do with Anwar and your post, you wonder?

It takes a kid to recklessly throw money around to get Malaysia noticed by others. Otherwise, who else in the world knows about or notices Malaysia today? And if they do, they probably view us in the same way we view those third world countries worse off than us.

You may be aware of Ku Li's recent speech at the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit. He talked about how Malaysia was already a leader in the postcolonial world at our independence. He talked about how the politics of race and corruption have impoverished Malaysia. He also talked about how much more we were united in the past. That it is hard to describe what must seem like a completely different country to young Malaysians today.

To me, Anwar doesn't need to have to have many ideas. I am ok with the ones you mentioned, i.e. Malaysia in not great, our Judiciary sucks, the corollary of which is "to make Malaysia a truly constitutional state for all, guaranteeing basic human rights, rule of law and an independent judiciary", and to "create a vibrant economy for all, eliminating discriminatory policies, corruption and wastage". AND that we Malaysians are all "one family". Anwar may be a demagogue. But that may be what we need - someone who can change the thinking and emotions of Malaysians away from our racialised division.

Quiet Despair,  6 August 2010 at 22:35  

Hahaha Sak, I am beginning to like you more.
I am LMAOF.You really made my day.
I made the same criticisms of Anwar speaking in his nasal twang which led me to part company with a girl friend.
We were in school then and our group of boys and girls made it a hobby or what is lepak now to hear him speak.
High inflection, low inflection, wink of the eyes and his gerrrramnya had me confused what is the message he was trying to convey.
The girl in question was practically creaming in her knickers just hearing his voice.
I asked her do you understand what he's saying. With a stare, she said tak kisahlah Seoronok dengar dia cakap. Tak perlu fahampun.
With that she stormed off. That's the end of our friendship.
Our Pak Sheikh sometimes speak like an Arab, sometimes like Indon, depending on the audience.
Then he knows only Ibnu Khaldun so there were sprinklings of quotations by that scholar.
But now he's got a repertoire of Muslim intellectual greats which he can cite.
To me Anwar is just a charlatan, several notch above the medicine man in Chow Kit or Jalan Masjid India.
Substance no. Only style.
Have you heard him say Mari, Mari, Mari.

Anon 10.54

Don't be fooled by his oratory skills.
Sak or any other UMNO leader is better qualified than him.
Anwar is just a general degree holder in Malay Studies from UM.
Muhammad Taib got an honours in Malay studies.
He became DPM because he was then the blue-eyed boy.
But his administrative skills left much to be desired.
Ask his officers then on how he's lost in the day-to-day paper work.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 22:45  

One may use all kinds of words to desecrate Anwar, say by calling him bugger, bisexual, gay, rhetorician or what not but, and but, no one so far in the near Malaysian history could be able to command a huge crowd, a real mammoth one in the public domain to have glued their feet to the ground to listen to his speech until the last end note!

A crowd as big as our Bapa Malaysia was addressing the public with his Merdeka speech is what i am talking about!

Probably due to such jealousy of Umno most popular supremo the once unassailable leader TDM has also not been able to command such a crowd, sour grapes syndrome has caused too much envy and jealousy from the many Umno-ized martyrs who would by knee-jerk draw on the iconic Anwar the salvo of barrages with every intent to shoot him down!

He's caught like a pathetic and ignorant cove when his name and charisma has also caused such a stir and ruckus where ever it goes in the cyberspace or any blogs!

With him in such a glaring limelight, should the power that be still think fit to thwart his political ambition by high-handed political persecution will be a suicidal and a stupid act!

I do agree that it's Umno which provides the fumes of air which only helps Anwar to inflate his balloon to such a formidable size!

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 23:58  

Sorry Dato. Its hard for me to believe allegations thrown to Anwar Ibrahim since sodomee 1.

For all the involvement from the PM, IGP and all top persons in this country they can't even managed to come up with a vcd or some other concrete proof that can change peoples mind towards this case.

Just a simple video like the MCA President shud be okay to tarnish AI credibility. Saiful dah kena tibai 7-8 kali still cannot produce a single vcd even with the helps from top policemen. His handphone camera also can make one rite..instead of saying you tak berak or mandi 2 hari.LOL

And please stop saying that when peoples argue about AI, they are taksub, pemuja AI, pembangkang or whatso ever you may called them for expressing their thoughts.

All I stand for is to be human being that cannot see something is not right happening.If it could happen to somebody like Anwar Ibrahim, wonder to nobody like me.

Insan yg penyabar itu dugaannya amat berat. Allah sedang menguji AI dan keluarganya. Mungkin sesuatu kejayaan maha besar sedang menanti beliau sekiranya lulus ujian Allah ini.

Jgnlah kita berterusan memanjangkan fitnah dgn niat mengaibkan tanpa bukti yg sahih.

Thank you Dato. Never miss to read your thoughts lately, but this kind of piece really make me sad.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 00:09  

Anyone who seriously took the anonymous comment that 'he couldn't care less even if AI screwed a pig', is a complete imbecile. What he/she meant is that some people are so feed-up with BN, anyone else even if that person had screwed a pig could not be any worse.

PANJI HITAM 61 7 August 2010 at 00:16  

Dato, too many issues dan kebocoranlah , berbillion sana, berbillion sini ...the public manyak con_fused lor.... and the ship still sinking.

Inilah yang dikatakan mati katak... katak hidup yang sedang direbus walaupun dah tau panas pun tak mau lompat, lama lama mati direbus.

May I suggest kita practice basic QCC problem solving strategy.. i.e fix the vital few, the trivial many will fix itself.

Eg. identify the vital two issues, then all bloggers expose, kita grill, kita stir the shit, rock the boat until kita identify the root of the problems, then kita klorox sama dia baik baik.

We need to form "The Rakyat Commission" and I propose PERKASA to lead.

Whoever support my proposal, say "Yay"

Terima Kaseh

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 02:24  

My question is still not adequately answereed:ie:

Would this extreme demonisation of Anwar happen if Anwar had remained in UMNO and had played ball with Mahathir back in the late 1990s??

A survey of public opinion on above question would have been: NO

What would UMNO supporters say?Would they?

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 02:27  

Dato Sak,

On your questioning of his leadership,well,he was an UMNO Youth Chief before,and UMNO had no problems making him the Deputy Prime Minister.

If it is OK then, why not now? Is now ?

Doesn't it say it all to all the talk about questioning Anwar's leadership?

Think,  7 August 2010 at 02:48  


Definitely I'll vote Anwar to be the president of Persatuan Debat UM but not as PM of Malaysia.

We'e not living in the soapbox century anymore.

At the end of the day, his words can't feed my family.

There are better leader out there than Anwar. Action speaks louder.

umar,  7 August 2010 at 05:36  

I have been reading your blog for sometime. I have never addressed you 'Dato' or whatever . Titles may come and may go away too.

Anwar was running the Yayasan Anda back in 1976 helping the poor Malays who failed in their LCE.You are damn wrong about UIA in 1976. There was no such university then.
Anwar also started ABIM which was popular then UMNO. Anwar was already a leader by any standards. You are nobody till today. ... Back then, they accused him of being a Libyan agent !Now UNMO says, he is pro American and Jew. Our Najib has to pay APCO and install JJ to promote himself.
Your wife also does not stand by you ! Why did Mahathir took Anwar into UMNO ? Why the entire UNMO kept silent then including Tengku Razaligh, Rafidah, Musa, Ghafar baba and all ?
Who else has Anwar been sodomising besides Saiful since the day he has been released from Sg. Buloh ? How many of them has visited the PM of the day ? Anwar would have been better off running Yayasan Anda and ABIM had he not joined UMNO in serving the stupid, lazy Malays. Please don't crucify him . I am a muslim too. If your wife who bore you many children does not stand by you, you have credibility problem. please don't expect the others to stand by you. You may achieve orgasm by crucifing Anwar. But Anwar ibrahim is beyond you. He is larger than life. The BN government may put him in jail to death but that does not make any UMNO or BN leader any much worthy of Anwar . you have lost your bearing. You displayed your true colours. All these years Badawi and Najib discarded you for reasons you know best. Now that you attack Anwar so that you be noticed. Try lah.
If your survival depends in you attacking Anwar for the rest of your life, please seek Allah's forgiveness and Guidance . All those accused Anwar in sodomy 1,
( Dr. Rastina Majid, Khalid Jefri,Tan Sri Mohktar have gone ) in disgracing circumstances. Islam says ' usol Kahatimah ' meaning you die in unpleasant circumstances. Please seek Allah's guidance. Anwar's wife , daughter or any other siblings can stand for election on their own. I mean , on their own not UMNO'S ticket and yet still win. What about you ? Can you or your wife or children stand for election and win? I am soory for being sordid, but you provoked my mind. You have belittled yourself beyond remidy. May Allah's curse be on you and your....... !

Ariff Sabri 7 August 2010 at 06:46  

it doesnt matter if you want to address people with titles or not. when you die, you dont bring anything along with you.
i dont have to go through what you wrote, because at the beginning you have displayed your ignorance- in 1976 UIA wasnt around- i dont when it came into being- i mentioned the friend who then.. went on.... yang kemudian nya menjadi professor di UIA. mintak maaf ya encik, saudara, sheikh umar- yang kemudian nya bermaksud itulah...kemudian. bila UIA ujud. oleh kerana kamu sangat taksub, kamu telah tidak memahami apa yang saya tulis. saya pun boleh mendoakan kamu di timpa yang serupa. janganlah eksyen sangat ..

Ariff Sabri 7 August 2010 at 07:01  

consensual or non consensual.

why is this a bait? excuse me.. it wasnt i who raised this point. its anwar's supporters. they acknowledge Anwar is that by distinguishing between consensual and non consensual.
the public doesnt care of anwar did it consensually or not- the public especially the UMNO crowd just wants to let it be known that he is.ada faham.
you people said it. if consensual, Anwar is.
some of you dont know to argue nicely. thats up to you. you inspire me to write some more. thank you.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 07:02  

Dear Dato,
again, your comments on Anwar are truly unworthy of you. You are now attacking Anwar the man and leader in a very personal capacity, after trying very hard, unsuccessfully, to attack his legal defence.

The point which is being missed in your writings, deliberately or not, is that Saiful is adamant and has already declared through statements, etc that it is consensual and Anwar should be charged as such, but the prosecution says, hi you are wrong it is non-consensual.
As DPP 19.27 put it plainly,
The SG is saying the victim was shot, but the victim is saying no, I was knifed!!
I suppose Anwar's legal team has approached the defence process by disqualifying the charge as such because clear as day to everyone, the charge as it is presented is totally invalid.

Does it infer that Anwar is guilty either of shooting with a gun or using a knife? Or to put it another way, just because he is not a robber, he is now a murderer?
Really there's no need for more semantics or catching DPP out on this.

IF the SG had framed the charge as consensual, then you can also be pretty sure his legal team will handle it accordingly. That is how the process works, deal with the charge per se.

Agree with your last statement, it is regrettable that this matter was hauled through the judicial process on a charge, many believe, to be trumped up. Let the court of public opinion decide the political aspirations of Anwar and the rest of the UMNO, MCA, MIC leaders. This is more effective.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 07:13  

it would appear that umno had taken the high moral ground
to despise homosexuals , which are subscribed by people who were
related to residential schools especially the one related to the school
AI went to. I do not comment on the rightness or the wrong of the
habit and I subscribe to the idea that man is a victim of circumstance.

The degree of evilness in this world

Surprisingly , homosexual preferences is not in the list of seven
deadly sins as esposed in the christian faith. Those in the list are

certainly more evil 'deadly' than homosexuality. If ameno seriously

consider a new morality that homosexuality is such a big evil. it should
influence the policy of the gomen to stamp out the evil. Single

sex residential school must make way for coeds.

I noticed chinese schools with residential facility is invariably coeds.

perception of gay as evil


Interestingly while ameno and its supporters make a big fuss of AI's homosexuality
they are silent on ameno's partner sexual picadilloes.

If a supporter says , oh butt-fuck is against the law,
look at the em cee eh porn star , chua soi lek. He committed adultery with
a MCA supporter's wife and butt-fucked her as well. Why are ameno and its
supporters silent on this?

Is it ok for one to commit adultery?

Oh, he is a chingkie , so no prohibition for him ...?

Our porn star also butt- fucked the woman?

That is ok , because he is a chingkie-no prohibition too?

In law butt- fuck of a man or woman is always a crime?

So is coveting another man's wife. [ref de Iking woman case ]

I find the morality of ameno and its supporters are a bit warped.

Nevertheless the issue of consent would put the case into rape case should consent

was found wanting. And that would be a truly serious crime if

AI did rape saiful. In that case should the court of public opinion exert

influence on the judges by prejudging the case? Certainly not.

So , Dato we should leave the case to the court to decide the case properly

and the way ameno cybertroopers have been doing is actually wrong in law and

in moral values. The probable reason why the courts have not commented is

that such acts benefit the political masters upon whom they look for favours

and super fast promotions .

khong khek khuat

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 07:35  

The Sodomee Quatrains

Oh me oh my did I sodo-my
That’s for all you guys to figure out, you see
But I have managed to inflict carnage
On you, on them, on this DPP

Now it’s been age-old, and this boy Saiful
It’s not that he’s absolutely clean, you see
But then sort of - push gets into shove
We had always been using KY-Jelly

It was sexual but was it consensual?
That’s a game you’d like to see through finals
But as a clue I will guide you through:
The bliss was indeed purely anal

The consternations on my ejaculations:
For this you have got to be fair
Cos in your right mind how could you find
My DeoxyriboNucleicAcid in there?

Now Sodo One: that was so much fun
Had it not been for Khalid Jaafar
Sukma, Anees, that was so much bliss
And Azizan and me really went far

I nearly bent when my flair for men
Was exposed in parliament by Karpal Singh
But luckily that pesky Benggali
Is now counsel in my court hearing

I make a stand that my working men
And all my coffee boys all cute
I guarantee they’ll like my SOP
Plus my banana passion fruit

Wolfowitz, Gore, they are such a bore
Cos they are all heteros and straight
But then give me, boys in bikini
And it will increase my metabolic rate

So the lesson, to be well learnt
Is that in our good old nation state
If you have a passion for sodomization
You are just as good as dead.


Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 07:45  

Sodomee Postscript

It seems that err… I made a blunder
In names I sometimes get blurry
That particular Khalid, the one of late
Isn’t Khalid Jaafar, but Khalid Jeffry!

The AnnoyinglyAnonymousLemanPulut

a.z 7 August 2010 at 08:09  

Why bother with the one who is going to be history anyway, there are more issues to pick especially with those in power.

Ok lah, round 1, some people say Anwar is a doofus, some says he is a demigod, so be it. It won't change a thing.

Lets look at the likes of Mukhriz,Khairy,what's his name anak Dr. Chua Soi Lek, Tony Pua, Dr Zulkifly Ahmad of Pas, what has Nurul Izzah bring to the table errr...Ahmad Maslan (maybe not), etc.

Even the PM himself has leadership & past achievement issues which is questionable not least for the lack of any significant tangible ideas and measures that can transform Malaysia. Catchwords like 'high income economy", "ecosystem" any 2 bit speechwriter can come up with.

For instance, what are the results of the multibillion stimulus plans? More unemployed graduates on contract employment with the goverment or TESCOs? Was there any new industrial activities that have started?

Now that one seems to be the best way we can gauge the PM leadership and execution stamina.

We must focus to the younglings in the corridors of power. We Malaysians never think beyond the 5-10 year horizons.

Some are now starting to see that the great Tun Dr. M's policies and directions are not sustainable beyong the 22 years of his administration.

Quiet Despair,  7 August 2010 at 09:55  

Morning all

The salient point you rabid Anwar lovers forgot is why he did not want to swear on the Quran in the mosque to prove his innocence.
God is the highest authority.
If he did, it will end the so-called accusations.
But he chose to drag it to court because he can use the rule of law to get free.
With Allah, you can't do that.You will face repercussions if you swear on untruths.
Saiful did it. Why won't Mr Aljay.
Takutkan because he is guilty.


You are a typical PKR man who cant argue with wisdom.
I know so because I have good friends In UMNO and PKR.
Tou bawa perkara titik-bingit like bringing sak and familyinto the equation.
You belittled yourself. Nampak kecik.
The problem with PKR people like you is you act holier than thou.
What's your point in bringing out the alleged disgraced circumstances of Ristina Majid, Khalid Jeffrey and Tan Sri Mokhtar's deaths.
Playing God, eh? Kitapun termasuk your beloved Anwar tak tahu macam mana kita mati kelak.
I know both Ristnia and Khalid and their families. Remember they may read this hurtful remarks.
I have said in my previous postings and in other blogs whenever Anwar is mentioned that he should never be in UMNO.
He was a better man in Abim and Yayasan Anda. Sesuai amat.
Of course the taste of power is sweet, indeed my friend.

Anon 07.45

Yes. It is Khalid Jaafar the now defunct Business Times former reporter.
He's the one who's now the point-man to get Anwar prominence in the world media.
Do you know that in his heydays Anwar held sway in all the NST groups.
He's got people lke Nazri Adullah and Yunus Said to name some in Nerita Harian for example.
(Last I heard those two are amply rewarded with palatial mansions).
They are directed to give him prominence even on top of Dr M. who was then the PM.
Go back to the archives and see who gets the lead story in the NST stable newspapers then.
Johan jaafar who is never a journalist but in Dewan Bahasa also got a good ride from Anwat.
Now of course he has shed whatever affiliations he had with Anwar. Cari makan be.
IF, IF and I think never Anwar gets into power, that will be the scenario. Control the press.
Remember the time when TV3 speaks in that alien Bahasa Baku which is really so laughhable.
Some of the news readers had touble to the point of skewing their tongues to get the accent which Anwar wanted.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 12:50  


Ever wonder why Anwar still enjoys international recognition and strong local followings despite the sodomy cases ?

He is a natural leader who fights for fair play and justice for the 'rakyat'.

He is also a great orator who inspires and motivates his followers.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 15:03  

Salam Dato'

Without being on any side, just objectively, I'd say that your posting is an excellent piece of analytical commentary.

The nation is truly blessed that there are fair, unbiased, ethical bloggers like you and a few others who write regularly to educate the public.

Syabas! way to go!!


Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 16:38  


Sorry no more Dato' this time.....

The Cat is out of the Bag!!
Your response to Umar and others have shown who you are!!

Those pieces were not written by you for your language and style are totally different from the pieces prepared and posted "By You".

We don't know who your ghostwriter is but let it be know that your game is up!!

Joe Black

We don't know who wrote those pieces but y

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 16:56  

datuk sak ak47,

you say if saiful lying charge him under perjury....

who is going to charge him?? Our independent AG, Gani Patail??? Use logic pls....

Indeed Anwar can talk better than Ku Li, Mahathir...but Ku Li is the best when it comes to detail....nobody dispute that....Anwar intelectually maybe not up to Ku Li or others, but he is brave....

Ku Li lost his bravery when he for some reason decided to rejoin the Mahathirs' UMNO.... If he was still outside....this country would have seen Mahathir defeated in GE 1999 by Ku Li, and Badawi never would hv become PM, so is Najib....and Altantuya would have never come to Malaysia and died on the hands of your UMNO people....

Go read the full trial of Sodomy 1 before writing again about Anwar Ibrahim....

Donplaypuks® 7 August 2010 at 18:22  

Eddy & Dato

I don't know by what logic Eddy conclude I've been "snookered."

There are 2 aspects to every case. The DPP has to prove the charge as framed and filed in Court. If he can't prove it, it's game over! If subsequently the judger decides the defendant has a case to answer, then he will have to disprove the accused's testimony.

We are now in Phase 1. As it stand, it is impossible for the SG to prove his case CHARGE of consensual sodomy because Saiful has adamantly testified it was non-consensual. So, why is the trial going on still? It absolutely makes no sense!

It's not up to Anwar, but the SG or the Judge to charge Saiful with perjury. But note they are doing everything to deny Anwar access to Saiful's SD to the police!!

It the charge is now amended to non-consensual, not a single medical report suggest any violence or struggle or injuries or bleeding or penetration took place. So how is the AG going to prove this charge by a 22 year old, who now appears to be capable of being fired from the back and front, against a 60 something old man with a bad back?

Whether sodomy took place or not can only be seen AFTER Anwar submits hid defence. Until then, it's all one man's word against another. Unlike Augustine Paul and Ariffin Jaka who took the word of one worthless lying driver against Anwar, and supported his credibilty even when he committed khalwat in the middle of the trial and Tivoli Villas had not been constructed, I don't think his honour Judge Zabidin can afford to make the same error twice!

So, who's pulling the strings to deny Anwar access to records to mount his defence and who lied to the citizens of M'sia thrice about not meeting Saiful and why?

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 00:11  

Anwar ni...Anwar tu..doesnt matter at all...

he's our best bet to save Malaysia from the corrupt government...

Ronnie Ng 8 August 2010 at 11:57  

Ha ha ha. Your Anwar-obsessed blog and the way you are trying to skilfully (albeit unsuccessfully) carve up Anwar is pathetic.

Nice try but you have to do better than that. All your inferences (without proof) masqueraded as facts about Anwar only shows how desperate you are to attempt to be recognised as the so-called voice of wisdom for UMNO. Perhaps it is your platform for moving up but it is so poorly done. You have to do much better than that.

Your "truth" abt Anwar will come back to haunt you one day. Anyone can see that this is another way of character-assasination of Anwar (but in a subtler form). I am not personally for or against Anwar but I am for justice and fair-play. This is not the right way.

Farhan,  8 August 2010 at 12:57  

You all missed the point even Dato Sak also, it is not about Anwar anymore, the quest for change for our beloved country have moved far beyond that, Anwar have build up PKR to the point that even without him the party decision making process still goes on normally by consensus and contingencies plan are already formulated by PR if Umno managed to lock him up or silence him.

At the very least Anwar is serving one of his purpose as a bait for Umno, they are so focused on Anwar they missed the big picture. They will still believe that silencing Anwar is a major prerogative in halting PR advances to Putrajaya and everything will return to the glory days, they refuse to face the reality that the only way to gain people support and trust now is to change their corrupt ways . In the meantime PR silently advancing gaining new supporters at ever increasing rate while BN supporter is ever decreasing. They (BN) assumed that they can cover people eyes with the media propaganda but in reality it is they own eyes were blinded. Pitiful and pathetic.

And about Saiful, it is not about Anwar supporter admitting the act has taken place, to put it simply, it is about the truthfulness of Saiful, why is he is being inconsistent and contradictory, there is no contradiction if one speaks the truth. This only indicates one thing, that what Saiful is spewing from his mouth is BullShit, in other words to put it politely he is lying. That is the crux of the matter.

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