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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Clairvoyant Ezam

I read with incredulity about Ezam Mat Nors' admission that he did ask questions in the senate about the existence of a suicide note by Teoh Beng Hock.  The discovery of such a note after Ezam asked questions has led to charges by lawyers representing the Teoh family that the AG has hidden important information. According to reports, because of the incredibly late discovery, the AG himself is not convinced of its authenticity.
If investigation material are by definition subject to OSA, how did Ezam get wind of the existence of such a suicide note? Perhaps the Police should question Ezam on his clairvoyant ability to ask about the existence of this note.
Ezam Mat nor is of course famous for being the only person in Malaysia having the juiciest of information. He has material placed in him in confidence, about Anwar's private sexual life. It is reported recently that Ezam is the recipient of several text messages from Dato Seri Wan Azizah asking him to keep an eye whether one mysterious Rashid is around in Anwar's company. If he is indeed recipient of such confidential information, it is his duty to come forward.
It is also his duty to answer the public what happened to many of the boxes that he pompously boasted to contain material that would expose corruption at the highest level of government. And what has happened to the almost 700 pages of written material and evidence Ezam said that could incriminate Mohd Nor Yaakob?


HAKIMAN,  10 August 2010 at 13:17  

Dato Sak

UMNO re-admittted Ezam back into its fold because the man developed his clairvoyancy gifts when he was sent to ISA and then joined PKR.

UMNO wants his clairvoyant skills to be used in the Senate.

I think UMNO has many clairvoyant Ministers and MPs, if you didn't know that. They even know details of information what kept secret under OSA!!! Long live UMNO.

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 13:20  

Only in Malaysia such a thing can happen. It is really impossible if truth be told.

Even a crook would not be so stupid to release this now! Perhaps Bolehland's kind can.

1. if it is authentic... it should have been tendered at the beginning and not wait until one is cornered. Come on lah.... bolehland, are we children?

2. if it is not authentic, to tender it even now at this late stage would be sooooo very stupid. Who in the world will believe it?
Well maybe bolehland. Even Zimbabwe would not do such a thing.

Either way.. it does not reflect well on our AG.

Someone should study the educational background of all those involved. They cant be so naive right? What did they get for their SPM (dont bother about Universities- all useless papers)

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 13:58  

Not an iota of faith is left in this AG after this fiasco. If it was authentic it should have been tendered earlier and not waste so much time and money to proceed with the case. Everybody except the AG will doubt the authenticity of the note.
Pak Tua

Ariff Sabri 10 August 2010 at 14:17  

dont care about the ag.

will the police interview ezam how he got wind of the existence of the note? did the macc io share information with him?

HAKIMAN,  10 August 2010 at 14:29  

Dato Sak

The more relevant question is WILL the GOVT allow the police or MACC to interview Ezam?

My bet? NO

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 14:58  

"..will the police interview ezam how he got wind of the existence of the note?"

You know that this will not happen. Once someone jumps the opposition ship to join UMNO, he enjoys extra privileges, perks, cash and immunity.
I have heard this once-Anwar- impersonator condemning the BN government like hell.
Now, like a snake, he has got a new skin, made a senator and 'calairvoyance gifts' from UMNO.
The AG is on his side. They are in the same camp.
Ezam is a shame to the Malay race!!

Sarjan Hassan,  10 August 2010 at 15:30  

Ezam ni kan anak didik Anuar Ibrahim.

Jadi cakap dan perangai dia pun macam Anuar Ibrahim jugak lah.

Tak kira lah Anwar dalam PKR dan Ezam masuk Umno, Old habit die hard.

Itu pun kau orang tak boleh pikir sendiri.

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 16:05  

Put EZAM backwards and you get a MAZE. This 'clairvoyant' amazes me. Without being near to the late TBH's on-going inquest, judge, prosecutors. police and MACC, he knows about this 'note'.
How about the other trial? Being so close together, I wonder if these S & F fellows do exchange notes. Remember there are no denials from them yet about what RPK had written.
Only in Malaysia these things can happen.

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 16:27  

You will win more credibility if you write on people like ezam, ibrahim ali, zulkifli nordin, zahrain, rais, najib and hishammudin.

These are the villains of our society.

Quiet Despair,  10 August 2010 at 16:31  

Sarjan Hassan

You beat me to it. Ipun nak cakap sama.
Orangnya, mukanya dan cakap sengaunya ala bapa mertua tak jadinya.
Sebagaimana we all orang biasa tak suka Anwar masuk UMNO, semacam itulah we KURENG suka Ezam jadi orang UMNO. Dinobatkan jad Senator pulak.
Sarjan, adakah para pemuja setia Pak Sheikh tu sedar kenapa ya his close pals like Nalla, Ezam and Chandra Muzafar deserted him.
Dont be surprised Sajan, Azmin Ali or Khalid Ibrahim also run back to UMNO.
Tak pulak kita dengan orang lari daripa Najib atau PMm kita yang lain ya.

Ezam, if you have all the juicy details, when are you disclosing it? Waiting with bated breath.
Or you are waiting to come up with serialised expose as run-up to the GE.
Drill, baby, drill.

I have always guessed from the start Teoh Beng Hock did himself in.
But as usual we love to accuse police or MACC who killed him.
And what about the people whom Teoh could have tittle-tattle to the MACC??
I knew it when his death-fall was published, MACC will be incriminated.
Now the suicide note will do the talking. Truth prevails for our hard-working MACC.
That's the trouble with our people.
Cari hero yang tak bertempat.
Teoh our hero? No siree.

Ariff Sabri 10 August 2010 at 16:35  

anon 16:27.

no thanks. i shall write on anybody deserving mention, good or bad. when i debate on Anwar's ideas, you people say i am motivated by hatred. sorry- i never knew the man so no grounds for hatred. the names you mentioned are perhaps worthy of write-ups.

Donplaypuks® 10 August 2010 at 17:16  


Ezam clearly stated he got wind of the note from a blog, Melayu Muda or something and I believe blogs like Unspinners mentioned the possiblity of its existence earlier. Where they got their info from is worrying.

This is quite disturbing because another blog, T4TBH leaked documents and invoices from TBH's laptop which was under custody of MACC. Who is T4TBH that they had access to such leaked docs? We can all guess quite accurately, can't we?

And this so-called "suicide note" is now a worthless piece of document. No matter what it says, the public will mostly dismiss it as a "plant" for which the AG must take 100% blame.

Why did they AG go to the extent of supporting a 2nd post mortem if he had this "suicide note" since Oct 2009 and what is it that has changed that makes this note now more credible than if it had been made public in 2009? And why weren't TBH's family informed of it in 2009? Surely they had a right to know?

Something stinks to high heaven in our justice and prosecutorial system and process!

And so far, the TBH case has all the earmarks of a massive cover up of some sort from the Govt side!!

we are all of 1 race, the HUman Race

Quiet Despair,  10 August 2010 at 18:10  

Anon 16.27

You are so laughable. You even dictate what Sak can or cannot write.
Hello, this is his blog. He can write whoever and whenever he wants.
Still not satisfied with the reams and reams of UMNO and Malay bashing you all enjoyed?
Let me say it for you what you really want to say:
Dont write on Anwar.
You are a typical A I follower. A kampung dictator.
You lose sight on who are heroes and who are villains.
Better read more Marvel comics.

Alumni Pasti,  10 August 2010 at 18:41  

The whole episod of THB case is very well scripted by AG Chambers. Kudos to the AG. It's one the strategy to finish off not just Gobehind Singh professionally, but also whole of PR agents and supporters....rupanya bodoh juga si Gobehind nih...asyik nak main belakang je...itu lah jadi nye...Sekarang satu dunia dah tahu TBH bunuh diri. Mana nak letak muka Gobehind the liar...

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 18:56  

Dato Sak,

And yet your beloved party welcome Ezam with lovingly open arms and rewarded him with a senatorship and whoosh, the numerous boxes of incriminating evidence against senior government (er, your beloved party) people suddenly vanished from thin air to be replaced with equally incriminating evidence of someone else's sexual activities. Wow, and to think that you still harbor hopes of your party's ability to change for the better.

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 19:06  

This lowlife slime ball has to return the favor to Umno for making him a senator. He's Umno's official secret keeper. He must have a warehouse full of boxes of his secret now. Talk about credibility.

nstman,  10 August 2010 at 19:26  

Ezam is a clairvoyant. That is why he is now a senator and slated for higher posts in Umno. Sakmongkol is an idealist and fighter against injustice, lies, subterfuge and false propaganda. That is why Sak is in the wilderness. Betul kah?

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 20:00  

Alumni Pasti,

Yes the whole world knows the quality you are sooo proud of.

Doesn't know the world is laughing at you.


bat8 10 August 2010 at 22:06  

Dato Sak,

1. Sejak semalam dah tak seronok lagi membaca ulasan-ulasan pembahas yang semakin memualkan. Blog Dato kini sudah menjadi medan budak-budak tadika main "gaduh-gaduh".

2. Rasanya saya nak ambil cuti dulu dari membacanya buat seketika sehingga budak-budak tadika ni didisiplinkan oleh guru besou! atau disuruh bermain pondok-pondok jauh-jauh dari oang dewasa.


Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 22:09  

It was your good friend KJ and his dumb dumb father in law that brought back ezam.

Opps ... I forgot you said you never met KJ.

Sure ...

Quiet Despair,  10 August 2010 at 22:50  


Saudara Cik Gu ke atau Guru Besar? Ai takkanlah nak suruh Dato' ban kita pulak dari bersuara.
Janganlah jadi kanak-kanak kecil yang merajuk kerana 'mual' membaca.
Saudarakan ada forum untuk luahan rasa dalam blog Saudara Aspan.
Saya dan Shamsul (I think) telah dibar daripada blognya kerana difikirkan tak senada dan sehaluan dengannya.
Saya suka cara Blogger senegeri saya ni. Sak benarkan semua memberi pandangan.
Kalau tak kena, dia boleh bantai kita balik. Kita terima.
Kita nak juga bertukar apa sedikit pengetahuan yang kita ada.
Sdra bat, orang UMNO bukan macam parti saudara. Itu sebab mereka lama bertapak di hati kami.

P.S. Tak pernah pulak tengok komen saudara di blog ni.
Tup-tup kata tak nak baca.
Sebabtu lah I tak pernah faham cakap orang PKR especially your BIG BOSS.

A Point,  11 August 2010 at 01:52  

"He has material placed in him"

Ahem, with him I believe is what you are trying to say.

I have followed Ezam's speeched which are freely available on Youtube. He speeches contain (From his PKR days till now) very little substance, mainly demonising this or that person (previously Mahathir, now Anwar).

He has been threathening to reveal this and that about Anwar for about 2 years plus. Nothing revealed so far.

I must say that as a political tool, everything should have been out by now. Threathening to reveal this and that during the ceramah circuit for 2 years but revealing nothing in the end has destroyed his credibility entirely. He should have done it sooner like Zahrain and Zulkifle Noordin if there was anything to reveal.

You wait for his revelation. I think he has no credibility after 2 years with anything he says now.

Alumni PASTI,  11 August 2010 at 09:51  

I realise there are many moderators wannabe following this blog, who're asking Dato Sak to ban posting that hurt their ego. Interetsing, my nick was named as one of those whom they want Dato Sak to ban and using some reversed subtle-threat psychology by one Bat8 "Rasanya saya nak ambil cuti dulu dari membacanya buat seketika sehingga budak-budak tadika ni didisiplinkan oleh guru besou! atau disuruh bermain pondok-pondok jauh-jauh dari oang dewasa."
Kononnya, such posting as mine shoo away readers like Bat8, hence Dato Sak has a good reason to stop me, for wanting to keep Bat8 from running away. What a childish behaviour, merajuk konon...blah la.

I frequent Dato Sak's blog because I like his thinking, though I might not agree with everything he wrote. But, that's fact of blogosphere. But I can't stand those PR scumbags populating pro-UMNO blogs with their low and nauseating commentaries. I've to level with those small brains.

The PR supporters come to pro-UMNO blogs because it's here that balance views are tolerated. I have tried many pro-PR blogs, which would not tolerate the slightest disgreement with their brain. I have the feeling that the PR bloggers must have small brains and fearful of their shadows. Otherwise, why not open their blogs to other contradictory views.

If you don't believe me, to all PR followers reading this blog, try write something sounded like being pro-UMNO and see if it get posted. If there's any, let me know. I would like to engage with them in their own blogyard.

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