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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 16 August 2010

Its true- the NEP was bastardized!

What is the fuss all about? Why are we still talking about NEP? It's already dead . defunct. Kaput! It has been replaced many times over. National Development Plan. Plan B. Plan C. They didn't work my fellow Malays and Bumiputeras!
When Nazir said the plan was bastardized it meant exactly that. Instead of giving birth to legitimate offspring, it has given rise to bastards. What these plans have created is a class of super Bumiputeras. These are the Yeoh Tiong Lais, The Vincent Tans, The SP Setia Boss, The GAMUDA bosses, Dr Gan who got thousands of acres given by the diminutive Isa Samad, the Anandas, the Fernandezes et al etc. and recently this buddy to Paris Hilton- Low Taek Jho. Each and every one of these superbumis were given the head start by our own Malay leaders. We should kick out this kind of leaders.
My fellow Malays- these were billionaires made possible by those Malay leaders whom we idolized who gave them all the opportunities. So when the SP Setia boss said he had benefited because of the NEP, he was telling what Malays should realize. The NEP was in fact wasn't intended for them.
So why do we talk about having plans like NEP. The NEP and it successor plans benefited only the privileged classes. We have been had. If PM Najib wants to break up all these cartels and monopolistic entities, we must support him.
My fellow Malays- Ibrahim Ali fights for this version of NEP. We know what it had created and who benefited. We should throw people like Ibrahim out.
I read an article a writer wrote about Najib being a lonely figure at the top. I wrote about that a long time ago. He is a lone ranger who doesn't have his Tontos around. The reason he is alone is because he surrounds himself with duplicates. What's there to ask and invite counsel for if they think like him. He can do the thinking himself.
His brother has got more managerial substance than the PM . Nazir was candid enough to admit that he values diversity of opinions when making decision. Hence his management team consist of people with differing thinking sets. If everyone thinks alike, there will no progress. PM Najib on the other hand wants to surround himself with his thinking carbon copies. He doesn't see the wisdom the brother seems to display.
This was what the younger brother said:-
As a personal example, when I took over the helm at CIMB, I resisted the tendency to surround myself with people who thought the same way as I did or with whom I was socially comfortable.  Instead, I selected a very diverse management team, in age, race and gender, so that I could draw from our varied perspectives and arrive at better solutions than a homogenous team could have achieved.


Anonymous,  16 August 2010 at 21:32  

Tell Najib and his brother to go and fly kite in Kuantan.
UMNO now must wake up and save the day quickly before everything will go out of control, both of them not trustworthy. Both attained such position of what they are now with the simplest effort that "We are sons of Tun Razak" simply put Pm and his brother stop bullshitting and time for the PM to say it quit.
So who was bastardized? NEP or UMNO top hierarchy? or semua pemimpin Melayu tak kira lah apa parti pun. Hidup Brahim!!! hehehe Dato' apa nak jadi orang kampong mu weh!?

Quiet Despair,  16 August 2010 at 21:56  

So Sak how do we jadikan halal balik anak yang haram tu.
I rasa UMNO boleh buat kot.
Look at Teoh Beng Hock's child who was born out of wedlock.
At MCA's insistence, he got a Birth Certificate stating Teoh as the legal father.
Compare him to other children in welfare homes where the slot in the name of father is listed as Tak Bernama.
So If MCA wants UMNO to legalize the bastardized NEP, it will be done.
What makes you think the NEM will be THE LEGAL version. It will spawn the same illegitimate children, though the parents are legal.
Walhasil balik asal.
We will continue to be in the same conundrum

Anonymous,  16 August 2010 at 22:16  

A few weeks ago i followed a chinese friend for a meet up with a land broker.The first question my friend asked was" apa status tanah?" the answer was "tanah rizab melayu".My friend then said" habislah, macam ini, tak boleh deal lah, saya punya customer cina!
The land broker( a malay) said" Itu jangan risau, saya ada jalan macam mana nak buat, senang saja,Kamu cari satu malay partner, yang lain saya boleh bikin jadi!
My oh my! can that be really done? I didnt want to be impolite so i didnt ask the broker, macam mana boleh bikin tu.
My questions, who is teaching whom to cut corners ?
Do those fellas who cut corners honestly want things/the present system to change?
kalau sudah tahu sistem yang sedia ada sedikit kepincangan, kenapa tidak mahu betulkan atau tambah baik?

schenker78 16 August 2010 at 22:20  

where is morality of the AG???

RPK - "And now the AG himself bonking Head of International Affairs Division Azailiza Mohd Ahad (tudung lady)"

it seems a lot people in AG office knows of this affair between who is going to charge him>>>???

I suggest somebody set up cameras in hotels (make it in 3 angles at least) when they go overseas together....just like Chua Soi Lek....maybe we can get to see him in action as do his wife....Worldwide Best seller for 2011....

Just one advice to UMNO ministers and kuncu2, you can escape Mat Skodeng, but looks like RPK has been watching your bedrooms hanky panky....Cant wait for Musang Hassan video...

Anonymous,  16 August 2010 at 22:42  

Salam Sahur, Moderator, Mukmin,

Orang Melayu usah pekakkan telinga terhadap tempikan ini: "Cina adalah golongan paling berbondong-bondong berbaris di kaunter-kaunter LHDN!" Apa yang cuba ditempikkan ialah kalau mereka (Melayu) tidak menjadi golongan yang paling ramai berbaris di kaunter-kaunter LHDN, bangsa lain akan mengungkit-ungkit perkara seperti itu. Bangsa lain akan menggunakan fakta ini untuk memperkecil-kecilkan kemampuan, darjat dan sumbangan bangsa ini dalam konteks ekonomi.

Sebagai politikawan Melayu, apakah perasaan Dato' dalam isu ini? Apakah sudah ada perancangan serius untuk mengubah kedudukan Melayu dari kedudukan sedia ada iaitu sebagai penyumbang kecil diubah menjadi penyumbang utama dalam konteks ekonomi? Dan secara peribadi, apakah Dato' fikir bahawa orang bukan Melayu akan memberikan kerjasama termasuk laluan mudah kepada Melayu supaya mereka ini (Melayu) dapat menguasai ekonomi dan sekali gus menterbalikkan status quo yang ada, yakni Melayu menjadi golongan paling ramai berbaris di kaunter-kaunter bayaran LHDN?


bat8 16 August 2010 at 22:55  

Dato Sak,

1. I wonder who created these superbumis. Jika kita imbau balik sejarah mereka, mereka ini muncul dalam 30 tahun mutakhir ini.

2. Mereka ini was created bermula dengan pemimpin yang kita hormati, kita sanjungi, kita puja ( pemuja no wahit - QD), tak lain tak bukan oleh TDM sendiri.

IN short, UMNO(Baru) yang created these superbumis. Sebelumnya kita tidak dengar mereka ini membolot pelbagai peluang seperti dizaman TDM dan selepasnya.

3. NEP mendapat pentafsiran baru dibawah TDM - DEB sebenarnya menjadi alasan atau ligitimasi bagi pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO(Baru) membolot segala peluang untuk mereka dan kroni mereka. Secara totoknya, ia adalah vehicles untuk merompak kekayaan negara.

4. Coming back kepada usaha Dato Sak untuk memulihkan UMNO(Baru), percayalah ianya tidak akan berjaya kerana UMNO(Baru) itu sendiri dibina diatas asas yang ada sekarang. Ditubuhkan oleh TDM sebagai sebuah pertubuhan exclusive untuk pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO(Baru) untuk terus kekal berkuasa dan merompak.

5. Sedih....panas hati mengelegak pun ada apabila memikirkan bagaimana orang melayu ditipu hidup-hidup demi kepentingan segelintir. 30 tahun lebih masyarakat melayu telah " dilembukan" dengan sehelai pelikat dan RM 50 setiap kali pilihanraya untuk mendapatkan undi.


Anonymous,  16 August 2010 at 23:37  

A specific instance of how Vincent Tan conned a Malay big-time, as per the article:

Anonymous,  16 August 2010 at 23:57  

BN's pact: Guidance on how to share the loot
UMNOputra warlords = 90%
MCA = 5%
MIC, Gerakan and the rest = 0.5% each

HAKIMAN,  17 August 2010 at 00:36  

Dato Sak

Watch out! Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa will have you on the short list for police report or for ISA for insulting the Malay Rulers and for questioning the Federal Constitution on Malay "Rights".

NEP is sacrosanct. It is UMNO's life-line. Without NEP, UMNO has only Islam to put on the table for the Malay voters.

Long Live NEP for the sake of UMNO.

HAKIMAN,  17 August 2010 at 00:39  

Dato Sak

Be prepared to have you reported by Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa for calling NEP a "bastard"... and that is insulting the Malays and that is also the same as indirectly insulting the Malay Rulers. Ibrahim Ali will ask that your citizenship be revoked. Long Live NEP!!

Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 01:17  

One thing for sure.. if you want a crony you don't pick a someone in the same party or potential the same race otherwise these guys bochor you and you are gone. Proven those many who got it made, can be trusted to know what to do.

As a Chinese, I oppose such Chinese or Indians and hate it when someone says.. hey the Chinese benefit from it too when the major problems are the unconnected got the worst deals.

Those left out got nothing after giving to all the cronies and leftovers to the mostly Malays masses through scholarships. In fact these leftouts have to work, pay taxes etc to support all those who happily getting the benefits.

So complain or not? Yet when these guys voiced out.. Alis start to say " Dont test our patience" and he continues to wait for his share at the table.

At the end of the day, everyone got demoralised ..everyone except the super rich. Even the Malays who got the Scholarships later better promotional chances over others start to see the follies of all these e.g The massive loss of the nation's wealth and opportunities to be a developed nation. How can we have GDP of US7,000 compared to Singapore's Chinamen of US37,000? This is pure ridiculous.

Yet we see some idiots adore these destructive leaders like super Heros... saviours of the nation like saving the country from IMF when actually other countries who accepted it went on to recover much faster. Stupid guys do not know what is happening.

Pooora lah.

umar,  17 August 2010 at 04:09  

You are singing the same tune. NEP ( Dasar Ekonomi Baru ) IS BASTARDIZED. Apa ertinya sebab orand Melayu tak erti what Nazir said. Not a single Main Stream Media or malay language blog elucidated on that topic.

The government policy which was supposed to help the bumiputras instead enriched a couple of non-malays.The Malays who benefited lost their bearings and hence lost their fortunes. You know what happened to Halim Saad, Wan Azmi, Tajudin Ramli, Amin Shah, Omar Shah,Yahya Ahmad.,Tunku Shariman etc. They were not supposed to fail. They were supposed to be heading the who's is who in the Forbe's mazgazine. Water concession given to Rozali . How could they fail ? TNB was canibalised and given to all IPPs. Whoever opposed were shown the door. Remember Ani Arope.UMNO that you worship never uttered any objection. Everybody was enriching their own nest.We never heard you whispering anything though you had all the avenue.Now that you are nobody, you dare to highlight. It makes a lot of difference to protest while you are in a position compared to when you are a non-entity.I marvel at the prospect of Nazir Razak condemning NEP. No wonder Ibrahim Ali issuing ultimatum to Najib.Poor Najib being held to ransom at every corner. He is offering everything under the sun to Chinese and Indian schools, associations, Chambers of Commerce, Temples..After receiving the goodies, they will all say in unison that they are not beholden to BN or UMNO.What a tragedy !

PANJI HITAM 61 17 August 2010 at 06:00  

Saudara SAK, too many kebocoranlah , berbillion sana, berbillion sini ...the public manyak con_fused lor.... while the ship still sinking.

Inilah yang dikatakan mati katak... katak hidup yang sedang direbus walaupun dah tau panas pun tak mau lompat, lama lama mati direbus.

May I suggest kita practice basic QCC problem solving strategy.. i.e fix the vital few, the trivial many will fix itself.

Eg. identify the vital two issues, then all Bloggers aka Cyber Rakyat to expose, we grill, we stir the shit, rock the boat until we identify the root of the problems, then we klorox sama dia baik baik.

We need to form "The Rakyat Commission" and I propose PERKASA to lead.

For the first indicator, Najib need to take action against the Top cat aka Black Midas aka Liberal Mamak.
Failing which, Najib and all the Liberal Malays should resign enmasse or we Rakyat will kick them out.

We, Rakyat are the BOSS!!

Terima Kaseh

Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 07:48  

Let kick Najib out now. Tun M ape lagi tunggu

Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 09:20  

I like your article and its outspokenness.
The super-rich Chinese, Malays and Indians were hand given unheard off enormous benefits by the leaders of the day. Those that were able jumped to the top heap over other heads, those that didnt sank and lost billions of our money because it was our money they took as compensation for their losses and stupidity and greed.
Nazir is one smart guy, he can make it not simply because of his father or brother, who may have given him his headstart, but he has the fire in his belly to seize the day and generate opportunities and wealth. That's the story of Carnegie, Buffet, Ford, and the others, read their beginnings, they had a dream, they saw the opportunity and grasped it.
Many of our would-be 'superstar' movers like the Low JTs are riding on the coattails of power brokers, they make money out of people's misery, they love making headlines and while you are canoodling with them, have no compunction to take your money and run.
What's the difference one might ask of the two - Nazir will leave a rich legacy and history, his name will be remembered, while the Low JTs will fade and die away.

Navi 17 August 2010 at 09:39  

Dato, You failed to name the failures of NEP, like Tajuddin Ramli, Shamsuddin Hassan, Halim Saad, Wan Azmi and many more. They had greatness thrust on them but they failed to uphold the trust given. Individually they may be rich, the companies while they ruled went burst.
Agreed that the likes of Vincent Tan and Anandas grew from the greed of theUMNOputras, and the bastardization of the NEP>

msleepyhead,  17 August 2010 at 09:55  

Dato' Sak,

Old news but still relevant to this posting:

schenker78 17 August 2010 at 10:16  

It is true that Ananda and ex Sugar King, Robert Kuok runs a monopolistic Businesses such as Astro, Measat IIP Tanjung, Sugar and gambling...It is not difficult to make money if you are the monopoly.

Having said that, whoever mahathir gave chance for the malays to become a fellow billionaires, all of them fumbled and failed.

Why MAS, Renong, UEM, Bank bumiputra, all failed and lost billions?? Thats incl Mahathir sons... these people all never start from business from scratch, they are Orang Kaya Instant Indomee....they dont put their soul into the business and strive for success...In the end these malay have failed mahathir.

PS....Daim is the worlds richest ex Finance minister who opens banks in AFRICA...could be the richest malay n malaysian, but so SHY to declare it...

walla 17 August 2010 at 10:56  

A: 'Sir, i think some of our Malays are panicking that they will soon lose out to others.'

B: 'Let's delve into that now.

Why are they panicking? It's because they think Umno is veering towards nonMalay interests.

Why do they think that? It' because they think if the nonMalays win, the Malays lose. It's the same zero-sum game that has crashed so many affirmative policies before. The focus on just the area within the perimeter of a state called Malaysia. It's like defining one's world as the wet-market that one sees every morning. Outside it? no other market, it seems. Don't even dare to think about it at all.

Yet you and i know that the success factors which operate elsewhere are the same as those which apply inside our little wet market pond.

If the success factors are not common whereby some will be heavier than others, than people will get wise to that and the entire world will converge on that single market, wherever it is, where success is more assured because its factors are easier to apply. This is patently absurd, no?

So we come back to the ultimate question before all of us - what is the purpose of a policy? It is to achieve an objective.

Next - have policies like the NEP achieved their objectives?

This has multiple answers. In building a Malay middle-class? Yes. In sustaining it for future challenges? No. In helping all develop the economy together? No. In investing to free the country from its middle-income trap? No. In reducing the income gaps between the races? Partial. In reducing the income gap within the Malay community? Definitely no. In building a more transparent, clean and efficient government administration? No. In optimizing national resources including human capital? No. In solidifying the harmonics of good multiracial politics? No. In enabling the people to develop buffers against the shocks of globalization? No. In enabling industries to learn faster and to compete better? No. In creating performance-depleting dependencies? Yes.

Therefore, it seems the NEP and other such affirmative policies have only served to create a transient Malay middle-class which cannot be sustained because the economy in which it can be sustained has been denuded.'

A: 'But some will say it's the global markets which are delivering such recessive effects on the local economy.'

B: 'Global markets are susceptible to some cycles. Pundits have said such cycles last seven years. Even planets have cycles. Ours it seems will be extinguished in ten million years time.

But global effects are only one of many factors. Other factors are domestic - how we run our own internal affairs. Some may correct that as meaning infernal affairs.

walla 17 August 2010 at 10:56  


Take Korea and Japan, for instance. In the 15th century, Japan was actually lagging behind Korea. One century later, Japan had caught up with Korea and it managed to sustain its position at a blistering pace right into the last century. Yet today, some of the Korean companies have actually come back to surpass their Japanese competitors.

I bring this up because both Korea and Japan were very poor countries once. Yet they have become real tigers, way ahead of us. In Japan's case, it was only because its real-estate bubble stagflated its economy that has caused its tepid performance, but nonetheless, its manufacturing and innovation prowess remains undiminished. In Korea's case, it has caught up with Japan in many regards, especially in consumer electronics, and looking at their car models, even in automobiles today. Korea has re-surged a mean punch in its total-factor productivity catchup to Japan.

There were key factors. Knowledge import and codification of knowledge into innovative processes, powerful education systems that embrace diversified syllabi, institutional reform, industrial structures, self-sacrificing work ethics, constant human capital development, and tapping opportunities when markets changed from long-life cycle in scale economies to short-life cycle in creative-destruction economies. These were some of the common factors one can easily note.

Taking those examples into view, where are we here in our country today, and for the forseeable future?

Someone has thoughtfully posted two points from foreign observers and i'd like to import them over here:

"Malaysia reminds me a bit of the mid-size law firm. I can understand hiring the big firm for the big deal or the big case requiring a massive number of associates or legions of highly specialized partners. And I can understand hiring a highly efficient and focused small firm.

But I rarely understand hiring the mid-sized firm, which usually tries to price itself along the same lines as the big firms, but without the corresponding depth or expertise. Why bother? Many businesses have asked themselves this very question."

and another counter-observation:

"Malaysia isn't really a mid-sized firm at all. More like a lethargic government operation with mediocre status quo as the prevailing mantra. There's no efficiency or any notable skill, there's also no scale or depth. There's zero marketing acumen."

As you will note, they don't actually counteract each other as much as one reinforcing the other in the negative situation we are in.'

A: 'But Perkasa, Utusan and The Loaf can't be bothered about all these nice arguments, Sir. They are only focused on one thing.'

B: 'Shouldn't they first figure out what it is they are actually asking for?

Let's take their NEP.

First, it was meant to be equal opportunity for all in a growing economy. Ok so far? What has it become after so many of relentless pursuit of that policy? It has become unequal opportunity for all in a shrinking economy. That's what it has become. For that observation alone, Nazir should be saluted for calling a spade a cangkul.

lan 17 August 2010 at 11:03  

Seems like the younger brother is more capable in pointing out his ideas

Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 11:29  

What does it mean the NEP was bastardized. Someone impregnated the parent unproperly and come out an illegitimate version that took over?

The truth is the NEP was never meant to have offspring. It was suppose to be sterile and not only that its lifespan was pre-determined. But Tan Siew Sin warned from day 1 that NEP would be impregnated and bastardized.

Why are we shouting bastardization when we knew it was going to happen from day 1 and refuse to face it or let anyone even talk about it? The illegitimate offspring of NEP is Ibrahim Ali, Its Mahathir, its Perkasa. Its alive and living.

Its a shame that should be locked up and and the keys thrown away. But what do we do? We pander to them and actually push them in mainstream of our lives.

How do you propose now to lock the shame away?

Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 11:42  

By now you should have known this Malay culture of "subservience to the boss."
Be it in UMNO or any government department, no one, I mean no one dare counter any suggestion or proposal from the boss.
Everyone will nod his head and agree to do the boss' bidding. "Menurut Perintah".
Any opposition, even the slightest, will mean a reprimand and intimidation.
The best way to cari makan is to say "Baik Tuan".
This was evident during Mahathir's premiership. Try telling him that he is wrong. He will squeeze your ba**s.

Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 11:49  


The question then is, who bastardized the NEP ?

A closer look at the 40 riches Malaysians on the Forbes rich list will reveal the culprit.

Barry Wain did a marvelous job in his research into him.

Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 12:25  

This fellow earns RM 9+ million per year. The fruit of success you might say. But who facilitated this success, if not for the NEP. And how much has contributed back to society, the Malay society, that is. I pity Najib, his family image and all the good intentions of his father being sullied by this prodigal son.

ServiceB4Self,  17 August 2010 at 12:49  


The question I now ask is who actually benefitted from the NEP? Based on SP Setia’s boss, it was the Chinese in general and some Malays who “Ali Baba” the contracts. In fact Dato’, you agreed that NEP didn’t benefit the Malays but only a few Malays only.

Assuming all the above are true, the Chinese have no basis to remove NEP, it fact it would be utterly stupid to do so. Unfortunately, the Chinese in general seems to say this and wants NEP to be removed.

Now what would be the hypothesis that would support both seemingly contradictory statements?

The one that I can think of is that for both statements to be true, NEP actually helped a few Chinese, Malays and Indians only and not the majority of the Malays. Definitely not even a sizeable percentage of the Chinese and Indians too.

Unfortunately there are more facts too to be considered. What about the awarding Government contract to the small Bumiputera contractors – the last I heard there were in excess of 40,000 Class F contractors. What about the ten and thousands of other contracts for goods and services. There were many contracts given to these contractors and suppliers too and if Tan Sri Liew is correct, there would have been hundreds of thousands of Chinese contractors/suppliers benefitting too. If so, who is correct? Thus back to our conundrum.

In order to make sense of all this, it is simply this. During the time Malays used to “Ali Baba” their contracts and it was very prevalent prior to 2003, the Chinese have no problem – afterall they are benefitting, so what the contract got inflated by 5% as long as they make money. Tan Sri Liew’s experience with SP Setia’s involvement with Government contracts were prior to 2003 especially contracts from Putrajaya.

But now when Malays have developed their own skills set and no longer “Ali Baba” the work, these Malays who used to give 97% of the contracts to their Chinese “friends” now the Malays keep 100% and leaving little or nothing to be shared with their Chinese “friends”. This occurred during the tenure of Pak Lah where the buzz word amongst UMNO members was to stop the leakages or “ketirisan” not only at the primary contract stage but also the sub contract levels too.

With measures being put into place and it became more difficult to “Ali Baba”, the Chinese were losing their lucrative government contracts. It didn’t help when economy wasn’t performing and private sector jobs dried up too. It further didn’t help with Najib’s administration blocking direct awards to contractors and requiring open tendering system. As such, “Ali Baba” contractors can’t survive for either they become more expensive compared to the prices of the real Bumiputera contractors or when they under bid, the “Ali Babas” fail to perform their contracts.

The reality is that NEP has helped the Malays otherwise the Chinese would not be complaining. The Chinese want to enjoy Government contracts too – afterall most of them are the taxpayers (please note we all know that Chinese businesses keep two sets of accounts – one for themselves the other for LHDN). But all must remember, NEP was a reaction to the Chinese “closed market” economy where Malays were not allowed to participate, and so long as the Chinese continue such practices, politically no Malaysian government can deny the demands of the majority of the voters for NEP to continue.

Should we continue with racism within our economy or do we all agree to practise inclusive economy with all the races within Malaysia?

Quiet Despair,  17 August 2010 at 12:55  

Schenker aka Shankar aka Shanker

Hello Anei (since you don't like being called tamby).
As usual you bring off-tangent issues outside the topic of discussion.
And the sad thing is quoting RPK as the biblical truth.
Who believes RPK who has proven to be telling lies after lies.
Oh, so RPK has the video of the alleged affair.
This mud-slinging is expected since Anwar failed to get his case dropped by bringing up the alleged affair of the the note-taker with Saiful. Poor her.
Now smearing the AG's name with an affair allegation. Neat.
Anwar thinks other people are like him, highly sexed.
What makes you think the prosecution team in the Aljay case do not have the tape of the sodomy at the condominium?


Kalau nak berdebat tu, berdebatlah cara tertib, cara gentleman atau orang budiman.
Tak perlulah mempalitkan nama saya dalam hujjah kamu.
So what if I am pemuja wahid Tun M. Is that a problem with you?
Tidak ada yang baru dalam tulisan anda.
Recycle apa yang anda tulis dalam blog Aspan yang saya tidak mendapat tempat untuk memuji UMNO.
Tak perlulah cakap tentang UMNO lama yang telah ditalkinkan dan dikebumikan.
Yang dah mati takkan kembali.
Janganlah menghina orang Melayu kononnya menerima kain pelekat dan RM50 untuk mengundi UMNO.
Ada dengar perkataan budi baik dikenang juga?
Kebanyakan orang Melayu sentiasa ingat jasa UMNO kepada bangsa, agama dan negara.
Tengoklah orang Felda. Tak sangka dulu merempat tiada tanah, hidup di Felda Jengka atas ehsan negeri Pahang umpamanya dapat menjadi jutawan.
Nak tanya sikit boleh ke PKR memberi duit raya kepada peneroka Felda?
Kan ke Felda dah bankrap seperti kata pemimpin nombor wahid pujaan kamu? Huhu.

Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 14:11  

You've got that right! I wonder these NEP is really malay saviour or twisted tale just to pleasure some of top leaders.

They used NEP to gain malay support but for Umno sake and yet, its just draw a flank of critism from all races esp malays.

Btw, Dato', based on your views,frankly, I'm beginning to believe that Umno still can be saved. My father did, and so my grandfather. They both still an Umno members, and will continue to be one.

But...I prefer to wait.

And Ibrahim Ali??What more can I say..

Paya Besar

HAKIMAN,  17 August 2010 at 15:34  

Dato Sak

My worry for you is that Ibrahim Ali and his ilk has such poor command of English that you will be reported for calling the NEP a "bastard".

Remember, Perkasa made a police report against the former US Ambassador Mallot for using the word "militant" and they accuse him of saying Perkasa is violent.

I think when saying anything about Perkasa in English, you need to put a short dictionary footnote to simple english words.

Remember a Malay newspaper reporter thought the word "ultra vires" mean insult,during a court hearing???

We were once ruled by the British Empire and they left behind the English language . What did we do about it? We abandoned it and we lost it...almost totally, out of stupid pride,with the compliments of the bureaucrats in the education system working for this UMNO-led Govt.

Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 17:27  

You are so right about this one. I've been wondering why Najib surrounded himself with all the arse lickers who wouldn't even blink an eye to backstab him. Look at his deputy, all ready to take over the PM job, or so he thinks. And then there's the AG, IGP, MACC chief, those little Napoleons. Najib had many opportunities to shine himself but seems to fall at every step he took. Even the Sodomy II case. If he had dismissed the case when he took over the PM job, it would have earned him a lot of respect not only from the rakyat but the opposition as well. Talk about miss opportunities. But who's complaining anyway?

Warga Malaysia,  17 August 2010 at 17:38  

Sakmongkol, DAP practice Chinese First policies? Perhaps you are depending on discredited politicians like Chua Soil Lek who says he is prepared to stand with DAP to protect Chinese policies? DAP never ask for such thing. DAP struggles for all Malaysians. See at least one level headed commented thus at Malaysiakini: "Myrights: I am deeply suspicious of Chua Soi Lek's sincerity because of this statement: "MCA will not be afraid of sharing similar views with DAP in terms of the benefiting the (Chinese) community and (will not) run away from making a stand".

Now, why is he pointing to DAP alone and not all of Pakatan Rakyat, or at least PKR, to protect the Chinese? It seems to me that this may be propaganda to make the Malays and Indians suspicious of DAP as being pro-Chinese only. Truth is, DAP is not a race-based party, and fights for all Malaysians regardless of race unlike BN component parties.

Warga Malaysia,  17 August 2010 at 17:39  

"By the way Chua, DAP is part of the Pakatan coalition. They fight for all Malaysians - Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Penans - you name it. They don't fight just for the Chinese. So don't use their name in your efforts to make the MCA appear more relevant."

Anonymous,  17 August 2010 at 17:45  


Let's not get too excited over speaches (though the nature of speaches generally is to excite).

In practical terms the NEP had to generate growth, and given the players available, it was a necessity and a necessary evil for a patronage system to develop.

Tan Sri Liew benefited from such a patronage system. And as is true of any patronage system, only a select few will benefit, not the rakyat across the board.

I am pretty sure Tan Sri Liew is investing quite heavily overseas, and I am pretty sure his children and their children will be educated and living overseas.

This is the normal indictment of the patronage system by the beneficiaries, ie their own lack of confidence in its sustainability and legitimacy.

So, again, let's not get too excited over the speaches of these beneficiaries.

Unknown 17 August 2010 at 18:54  

Yes NEP was bastardized, we all know that but who were the bastards? Nazir himself , his brother Najib and the rest of the aristocrat Malays. But now they come to clean their hands..using latest “bastard laundering’ apparatus called “one Malaysia”. Suddenly everyone is equal in the eyes of the bastards.
Why suddenly proclaiming NEP was bastardized only after all bastards are super rich? …because holding on to power to remain the richest bastard is more important than making the Malays happy.
Only a Sonovobitch like Ibrahim Ali can challenge another Bastard….and the bastard got scared.
Choosing between a Sonovobitch and a bastard, the Malays would choose the Sonovobitch because he listens while the bastard is busy looking for more bitches to fuck…and the bastardization continues.

schenker78 17 August 2010 at 20:24  

Speaking of NEP, there is no NEP for the rakyat biasa at all...but there is NEP for Taib's CMS Cahaya Mata Sarawak alone....

sarawak is revolting.....

HAKIMAN,  18 August 2010 at 00:03  

"NEP was bastardized"...

Never in a million years would I have thought such a precise and succinct statement.

There is only one way to paraphrase the sentence:

NEP was decently conceived but it was implemented by bastards which then created plenty of bastards over the 40-odd years.

How apt the juxtaposition of the word "bastardized" and "NEP".

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 01:05  

Salam Dato' AK47,

Sebagai pertanyaan: Adakah parti-parti politik di mana-mana bahagian dunia yang tidak memperjuangkan isu yang membelenggu satu-satu kaum? Jawapannya jelas iaitu tidak ada!

Malah, kalau ditelusuri sejarah, negeri Uncle Sam sendiri turut terjerumus dalam kancah sedemikian itu. Ya, dunia sesungguhnya dapat menonton dengan jelas bagaimana bakal presiden mereka harus berlutut depan kaum minoriti tertentu kalau ingin duduk di kerusi kuasa.

Itu adalah gambaran biasa dalam sesebuah negara yang dihuni oleh pelbagai bangsa dan setiap bangsa mempunyai tuntutan tersendiri dan tuntutan itu lazimnya disalurkan menerusi usaha lobi-melobi. Pada akhirnya, seperti biasa, pelobi yang kuat akan mengatasi pelobi yang lemah. Hasil akhirnya ialah, yang kuat kaut semua dan yang lemah lebur segala.

Dalam konteks lokal, lobi-melobi bukanlah asing dan baru sifatnya. Ia telah lama ujud dan tidak ada tanda-tanda yang ianya akan berhenti. Cumanya kalau dahulu kekuatan melobi lebih banyak berpihak kepada tuntutan golongan majoriti tetapi keadaan itu mula berubah apabila kuasa melobi golongan ini mula menyusut. Sebabnya? Bla, bla, bla.

Oleh kerana kuasa melobi sesuatu kaum menjadi kurang, ia dengan sendirinya diisi oleh kuasa melobi lain yang semakin meningkat naik. Ini bermakna apa saja tuntutan yang pernah ditunaikan dahulu-dahulunya seperi NEP dsbnya akan mula diputarbelitkan statusnya sebagai persediaan untuk memberikan ruang kepada tuntutan pelobi baru.


Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 06:34  

Tan Sri Liew of Setia must be worth in excess of Rm 600 mil.Its not bad pickings for an ex merchant banker in 25 years of mgmt.

So,whats the secret of his success?

Firstly,he has many influential partners friendly with UMNO,MIC & MCA top leadership.
Secondly,he has the charms to be able to leverage those connection to structure some decent deals for SP Setia. It will indeed be interesting to do a thorough analysis of the progress of the company.
Thirdly,he is able to use the spring board provided by those opportunities to create a strong brand name.
And I reckon the most important consideration is he was never tasked or coerced to do any "national service" projects with the incumbent risks and low profits.

Those so called Bumi failures such as TS Halim,TS Tajuddin etc unfortunately were tasked to do some national service & rescue ventures.

Its time to do an unbiased research on the travails of the NEP.Its a rich vein of academic case studies that can truly enhance our newly minted managers going forward.

I hope the universities will take up the call.And,unless and until we have a real perspective,its best not to make conclusions.

NEP failed because it was not benchmarked to capacity building and creation of a genuine talent pool.The fault lies in the "measurement" tools that focussed on physical assets.

And NKEA/NKRA continues on that Highway too.

schenker78 18 August 2010 at 07:31  

apa aneh thambhy semua ni...bahlul punya Quiet depair ....

TDM pujaan kamu x lama lagi dah....kami tunggu public holiday, cuti Umum seluruh negara....staff kat IJN dah bosan tgk muka Maha Firaun keluar masuk ganggu mereka....suruh dia berambus cepat, ok.....

Mukhriz nak jadi menteri atau PM>>??? Mukhriz mahathir is a very reserved person, jarang buka mulut, tak tahu bagi ucapan, muka macam dungu jer, songeng....Mukhriz tahu minum arak dan menari western dgn bini dia tahu laaa....

Mukhriz mahathir lagi teruk dari KJ, at least KJ tahu cakap, si mukhriz ni mcm org bisu jer, tgk muka pun mcm nk muntah jer dgn goatie ....

schenker78 18 August 2010 at 08:20  

maybe nazir should slap nicely on najib's face because he is directly bastardizing 'expired' NEP since 2009 to date...

where is the najibs' open tender pledge?? at least do open tender among the malays....

why change TIA Terengganu oil royalty money trust into 1Malaysia DB ?? Terengganu is not Malaysia...Terengganu money belongs to terengganu...the Ruler is very quiet unfortunately since he was the one who started the idea of this Fund....

And pls stop that stupid Monsoon Cup....

Quiet Despair,  18 August 2010 at 08:23  


Cantik sungguh bahasa kamu membahlulkan orang.
Memangpun dasar orang PKR suka memperlekehkan orang. Macam pandai sangat.
Kalau kita menyokong UMNO, kita bahlul. Apa punya teori tu, dei, Estet mana kamu datang? Jenderata ke?
Bahasa menunjukkan bangsa.

Memangpun dari awal kemunculan KJ saya memuji dia sebagai anak muda yang petah bercakap dan berpelajaran tinggi.
Pandai lagi dari orang yang kamu puja, Mr Aljay.
Tidak pernah saya memuji Mukhriz.
Saya tahu dia berada di kedudukan sekarang kerana Najib nak ambil hati Tun M.
Saya orang UMNO dan tahu apa yang berlaku dalam parti saya.
Tak perlulah anda nak cuba educate saya.

walla 18 August 2010 at 08:35  


My second message, Sofea, is that earning an honest living is hard work. It's not just hard work in Zimbabwe, Cambodia and Indonesia. It's hard work in Malaysia, USA, Japan, HongKong, Singapore, Germany, Finland - anywhere you care to name.

Now some of our policies have changed the definition of work and prosperity. These have been changed to not what you know but who you know. They have become how to break the system, not earn an honest living.

Please explain to me how such a scheme can be sustained against the earning power of this country where seventy percent of its workforce has only general education and three hundred and fifty thousand have already left in just one recent year, not counting the almost similar numbers in earlier years, numbers which i know but won't reproduce here.

You want to insert some political element into what i have just said? In 2008, the total population was 27.7 million, the total eligible voters was 16.3 million, the total registered voters was 10.7 million, the total number of voters was 8.2 million and the total number of taxpayers was 1.1 million. Go ahead, chew on that.

Let me come back to Korea and Japan. What signifies them? Knowledge-based innovation and marketing. How do they get the knowledge? They R&D as well as buy foreign technologies. What does doing both need? Money and brains. Now let's ask ourselves aren't we doing things that deplete our money and brains so that some people can champion a system that prevents us from becoming a progressive and high-incomer earner as Korea and Japan and therefore be able to afford to support their objective to help an economically challenge group?

Please, Sofea, if Perkasa drums up enough unthinking support for its cause, isn't it actually asking our poor Malays to support a scheme that enriches only the rich Malays? How else can one explain the income disparity in our community being the widest in the country? So if they are doing that, isn't that against the original objective of the NEP, presumably the policy they are trying to defend? And mind you, Perkasa's members and mentor still have to give us their non-contradicting answer to the Ibali investor scenario above. How, by the tail of the cow ke?

walla 18 August 2010 at 08:35  


A: '(sigh) Is there a way out for us, Sir?'

B: 'I recently met a group of young professionals. They were of all races and communities. Diverse backgrounds, intelligent, articulate, learned and concerned for the present and future of Malaysia. One conspicuous thing i noted was this - they were just focused on how to solve the problems that the rakyat faced every day. They were also trying to flesh out the intrinsic failure factors of our nation. Sofea, with scarce resources, they were trying to get our nation up again despite a multitude of legacy problems that it faces. There was not a single thing they had said which was derogatory on any race. They were well-mannered and earnest. Let me add - high cultured.

So i think there's still hope for Malaysia. But it will not be the Malaysia that Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa, Utusan and so on are thinking of.

I think it will be a Malaysia well run by professionally trained people from all races who not only abide to their own personal faiths but also their professional code of ethics, and who can relate to people across racial lines. They will be motivated not to repeat the excesses and crimes of the past thirty years but to liberate minds to creatively meet the challenges of the global reality that besets all today. They will champion scientific capitalism leavened by the humanist values of our various faiths.

And in this month of Ramadhan, let me say that even if that thing called scientific capitalism sounds intimidating, our taqwa and din provide in their own ways one of the strongest fallback positions to inspire us to overcome transient dilemmas of modern-day difficulties based on a worldview that does not require us to forfeit values we were born with, given to us in the silent of the night in the cribs we had slept as infants of our lives.'

A: 'Sir, you're both sweet and deep.'

B: 'Sofea, let's not waste time on the obvious (kekeke). Onwards, Malaysians! We have a nation to rebuild. End the torment. Do the right things.'

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 09:39  

Hey Pariah 11X aka ServiceB4Self,

So u r saying that the Others M’sians depended on Ali-Baba business to make money in business! & now the Alis have manage to berdikari on their business ventures, the Babas cannot survive without the Alis. So NEP has to go!

What an ingenious piece of shit!

So how many ‘reasonable’ achievements have the Alis been doing now, with the demise of the Ali-Baba model?

R the Alis’ projects not breeding of red-ink, collapses here & there, abandoned due to financial mismanagement? Oh..oh, blame baba for NOT helping!

From the beginning of Malaya independence, the Others M’sians have been doing business, wherever, whenever, there r needs & opportunity. They don’t need NEP & has never been sponsored by it.

IFF they ever gained anything, that’s because a small group of them has been used as a front men for the benefit of the puppet-masters. But then, it’s business also – u scratch my back, I scratch yrs.

To say that apply to all the Others M’sian for opposing NEP because the Alis now have matured(?????) in business dealing is really the top of the cake!

Hello, better check whether yr Alzheimer has further advanced.

Anonymous@18 August 2010 06:34,

‘Those so called Bumi failures such as TS Halim,TS Tajuddin etc unfortunately were tasked to do some national service & rescue ventures.’

For that u r indirectly saying that the Others (with the exception of SP Setia Liew) were never tasked or coerced to do any "national service" projects with the incumbent risks and low profits. Yes?

Let me ask u a question – do u like yr drink sweet? & How much r u paying for the sugar, prior to the recent twice price hike?

A Chinaman has been silently & consciously subsidized yr sugar intakes for umpteen yrs until he too cannot tahan & give-up. The moment the appointed cronies took over, instantly, to their horror about the amount of their protion of money needed to do that subsidy, they asked for price hike.

So the Others M’sians r not doing "national service" projects with the incumbent risks and low profits.? Pariah!

schenker78 18 August 2010 at 10:19  

Quiet Depair, kau dari estate mana plk....

Aku lahir dan duduk bandar la, kau memang bahlul pun....

panggil orang aneh la, thambhi la....bodoh punya pariah....

Kau jangan duduk estate jer mcm katak di bwh tempurung...pi lah jelajah dunia luar tu sikit....aku dah banyak merantau tak macam kau, otak si bendul....

Taek Low jho, Mahathir, Vincent Tan, VK Lingham, Samy Vellu, Chua Soi Lek dan Rosmah Mansur (bekas bini (jalang) Farid Ismeth Emir (pembaca berita Dunia Jam 10 RTM1 dulu) adalah orang2 kesayangan awak kan....

Apa khabar Khairy dengan Nori (ataupun Maya Karin) hahahah.... bagus benar idola awak semua ni...gatal sungguh....

schenker78 18 August 2010 at 10:30  


Bahasa menunjukkan bangsa?? Kepala otak hang....

Awak punya Tee Vee Teega 2 hari lepas tunjuk pasal 'Pink Lady' dalam Buletin 8pm...bagus lah ajar anak2 remaja jadi Lelaki Pondan...lelaki pondan ini kata dia blow job 5 kali satu hari pasal xde kerja kat bandar KL ni...Bagusnya punya ibu bapak UMNO ni ajar anak2 kalau x boleh cari kerja, panggil mereka ni bukak mulut service jantan melayu lain plk...

Kenapa tidak, awak punya Tee Vee Teega syok dengan Imuda bapok dalam 2+1, Azwan Ali and Aznil Nawawi....

Tak lupa, idola Umno, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar angkasawan pertama Bapok Negara dan Saiful Bukhari, Ketua Penyelamat UMNO pakai cara Bukak Buntut kaw kaw....

We fight fire with fire....Dengan orang macam awak, kalau keras baru awak ada rasa sikit, kalau kita cakap dgn adab, kepala awak x boleh masuk pun....

Sesungguhnya UMNO adalah pot Bapok.... Ahmad ismail Bukit Bendera adalah Wira Bapok UMNO Semalaysia...

Dulu kes bomoh Mona Fandey yg kena kerat pun orang UMNO jgk....gila kuasa sampai jumpa bomoh setan...

ServiceB4Self,  18 August 2010 at 12:55  

Anonymous @18 Aug 09:39

Coming from a racist believing that only the Chinese contributed to Malaysia’s economy and that the Malays have no reasonable achievements, you are commenting based on prejudices. What do you expect from a racist.

Instead present an opposing hypothesis instead of spewing racial slants. Until then I shall not be bothered to reply. PS send my regards to Ronnie and ask him whether many more like racist you in the party.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 14:09  



Another one bites the dust!

Oh… Ronnie who? Yr Ali-Baba partner?


ServiceB4Self,  18 August 2010 at 14:57  

A. According to some bloggers, NEP has failed create a sustaining middle income and definitely has not reduced the income disparity between the have and have not amongst the Malays. Why is that?
B. The person concerned had mentioned that NEP did create middle income class amongst the Malays and since most of these middle income class of Malays are employees and not entrepreneurs, I can’t understand why it can’t be sustained. Their continued employment depends on their respective capabilities and thus, if that person feels it is unsustainable, it would seem that once NEP disappears, they cease to be employed. This truly can’t be the fact.

In 1990, 35.3% of households were earning between RM500-RM999 and 25.3% were earning below RM500. In 2009, the percentage dropped to 6.1% and 1.2%, respectively. The bottom 40% households are now clustered around the RM1,000-RM1,499 and RM1,500-RM2,000 income range. In 1990, 60.6% of households were earning RM999 or below while less than 1.0% were earning RM7,000 or above. In 2009, the overall income distribution was more balanced. In fact Bumiputera monthly gross household income grew at a compounded annual growth rate of 8% from RM172 in 1970 to RM3,624 in 2009.

Based on this, I am not convinced that the income disparity amongst the Malays has risen. In fact it has been reduced.

ServiceB4Self,  18 August 2010 at 14:58  


A. The blogger also said that the Malays are panicking because the failure of NEP.
B. Clearly even assuming Malays are panicking, it is not because of NEP. Based on my earlier answers NEP did not fail. If at all the Malays are panicking it is due to the spectre of loss of political control to the other races. Despite NEP being successful in producing more Bumiputera professionals (25%(16%) accountants, 60%(28%) architects, 53%(33%) doctors, 52%(38%) engineers, 39%(29%) lawyers, 51% (31%) dentist, 43%(40%) vets and 55%(48%) surveyors for 2008 and 1995 registered professionals), the percentages have not reached the percentages representing the particular race. The real fear is that if left to market forces, as pre NEP, these percentages would never reach a level reflective of the Bumiputera percentage within the population.

A. Is it true that the slump in Malaysia’s economy is not due to the recession in the global economy but instead caused by a lethargic government operations?
B. Let me ask you whether that makes sense. We have always relied on export trade as a basis of our economy. Are you saying that when our overseas buyers stop buying due to a global recession, it doesn’t affect us? Even Singapore registered zero growth due to the global recession.

ServiceB4Self,  18 August 2010 at 14:58  


A. Sir, don’t misunderstand me, it is not me who is saying that but I was just quoting what the blogger said.
B. I see. A lethargic government would affect the speed the country comes out of recession but definitely would not have been the cause of the recession of an export driven economy like ours.

A. The same blogger also mentioned that for a country to move forward hard work is the key and that Malaysia’s NEP policy of who you know instead of what you know is no longer sustainable.
B. I can’t argue with the fact that we have to work hard. However, I can’t accept that it is Malaysia’s policy on “your know who, instead of your know how” as a basis of the NEP. Who you know has always been the added edge in business whether here in Malaysia or elsewhere in the world. Of course you must have the knowledge and expertise too, otherwise what you get is only temporary and will not be recurring. To say that such being an NEP policy is hogwash. Just ask the thousands of Bumiputera being granted land, education, scholarship and employment – did they know somebody to benefit under the NEP policy? No doubt there were abuses and that the Government has to correct such abuses but to generalize it as a basis against NEP, that is very mischievous and misleading for such person.

The fact is in 2008, the percentages of Bumiputera, Chinese, Indians and others in the management and professional sector are 51%, 40.7%, 7.7% and 0.6% respectively as compared to 71.6%, 15.6%, 9.9% and 2.9% in the unskilled worker category. Please don’t confuse NEP being a policy to improve the economy but a policy to correct the economic imbalances between the races. As you can see, there is still a great need to ensure these imbalances are corrected.

A. So what is the way forward?
B. The people of Malaysia have to decide whether there is still economic imbalances between the races and if so, should the country move to correct such economic imbalances between the races.

Once that is clear and if the consensus is that the country needs to correct such imbalances, any policy to achieve such ends must be administered as efficiently and fairly .

A. What if there are pockets of people who still don’t agree to such a policy when majority of the people of Malaysia agrees that such economic imbalances needs to be corrected?
B. The world is large and movement of labour is quite free. Such people should therefore exercise their rights to move to better economies. Afterall, no country can stop its population from moving. If they aren’t able to move or choose to stay despite their views are contrary to the general consensus of the population, they should remain silent – afterall in a democracy, the majority decides.

A. Unfortunately, some bloggers lament that there is no democracy in Malaysia.
B. That my dear sir, would be a whole new topic and we should not start. Its safe to say that without democracy, it would have been impossible for the opposition parties to be able to govern four states in Malaysia and that the opposition was able to reduce BN’s 2/3 majority in the Parliament. The fact speaks for itself. Have a good day to you.

walla 18 August 2010 at 15:33  


my 3/5 is missing; it puts everything on the NEP into context which would have nullified what some try to explain away after 5/5.

i don't have it anymore.

Ariff Sabri 18 August 2010 at 15:46  


we dont have yr 3/5. i am puzzled. none of yr comments have been deleted.
very unfortunate.

walla 18 August 2010 at 15:58  

It was on the NEP from viewpoint of a foreign investor called Ibali. The focus was on investment which is the must-have for all to avoid national penury.

It's alright, Sak. Never mind, no matter.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 17:37  


See that they have formed a think tank to answer u, in yr style!

‘that NEP did create middle income class amongst the Malays and since most of these middle income class of Malays are employees and not entrepreneurs, I can’t understand why it can’t be sustained.’

Economic 101 – self-sustained activities must based on creativity, either by destroying a sunset mode &/or remodel a completely new idea. Current mode of operation will eventually been phased out, either by competition or someone somewhere been able to recreate a better & cheaper means of doing thing. So to sustain a middle income employment, new & constant mode of business risk-taking must be there.

So if there r NO creative entrepreneurs to create new wealth through new business, then how on earth can the employees get pay? Yes, their continued employment depends on their respective capabilities. But sadly & honestly how successful is the Malay entrepreneurship fair so far? Do check the historical data pls!

‘Bumiputera professionals (25%(16%) accountants, 60%(28%) architects, 53%(33%) doctors, 52%(38%) engineers, 39%(29%) lawyers, 51% (31%) dentist, 43%(40%) vets and 55%(48%) surveyors for 2008 and 1995 registered professionals)’

The statistic quoted, only showing the form-over-the-substance mentality. This can be easily verified by the fact that the increase in these so called Malay professionals have hardly contributed to the overall upgrading of the GNI as a whole!


Their numbers increase & indirectly their incomes increase & yet the country as a whole hardly move much upward economically, as compared with S Korea & Taiwan, both started from a lower bases.

So what takes?

Could it be bcoz of this – to get to that next level – that high-income level – an economy needs to do more than just make stuff by throwing people and money into factories. The economy has to innovate and use labor and capital more productively. That requires an entirely different way of doing business.

R those professional quoted just don’t have the takes?

The crony story, of course! It also point to the glaring facts that these Malay middle income group has not generate much wealth for the country & yet their incomes increase. So from where is the money come from?

Could this be the effect of the zero-sum game? Still want to redistribute wealth WITHOUT creating one in the first place?

‘If at all the Malays are panicking it is due to the spectre of loss of political control to the other races.’

So what’s the use of a basket-case country, where the national wealth is as good as Zimbabwe? We r shouting for change & yet u r still 'melayu' alone!

‘Just ask the thousands of Bumiputera being granted land, education, scholarship and employment – did they know somebody to benefit under the NEP policy?’

Easy, they r the NUMBERS that the elites need to justify their continue plundering of the country’s resources. U get the bones while they get the meat, forget about the others & while the country continuing slip into economic chasm.

‘Such people should therefore exercise their rights to move to better economies.’

Isn’t this the on-going trend now? No further encouragement is needed, u bet.

Now that there r sign indicating Indonesia GNI is going to zoom passed us. Very soon those Indonesians will start getting maids from M’sia. Then what?

Oh….oh, I know, blame the pendatang for not patriotic to stay & help!


walla 18 August 2010 at 19:12  

Thanks, Anon 17.37. Much appreciated.

I'm almost done trying to submit rational wake-up calls. Been doing it almost daily for seven years now, here and elsewhere.

What's going to happen next?

- one, those who can will make their pile here, and move their funds into offshore accounts to invest elsewhere;

- two, the country's capability first, and then capacity second, will accelerate downhill;

- foreign investors who might be thinking of bringing money in will see locals moving funds out, ask why, get the answers, and then they won't come, or they will come only at gravest cost to national incentives;

- meanwhile, mining goes down, energy bill goes up, production costs hike, goods become more expensive to produce, export earnings shrink;

- at the same time, population grows, people come out without jobs, training places see no use to try and upgrade, and government revenues shrink;

- tension builds up in society which then polarizes along the usual 4R fault lines, intensifying the divide;

- so more Malays go to civil service and GLCs, and all non-Malays remain in the private sector;

- there will be some like Liew and YTL who will continue to play the game, little thinking they are aggravating the situation further;

- at the same time, in a last charge of the light brigade before GE13, the cronies will sow and reap their final repasts;

- the civil service and GLCs become unsustainable both economically and managerially; more big mistakes will be made; Petronas will run out of reserves to keep up the payments to JPM; the government budget goes deep red and cost of future financing rises because sovereign rating sinks;

- the society we had started this country with will be balkanized; each community will take care of its own even more; they don't want to be reminded but everyday there's something to raise their ire and flare tempers;

- the Philippines had received more FDI than us; Indonesia's middle class segment equals our entire population; and the BRICs are formidable producers; they also learn very fast right into the cutting edge of things; so we ask - we bolih in what?

Now the fact i can paint this echoing what so many have said before augurs bad tidings for our future. The fact that we are vigorously debating our current situation is ample cause for deeper concern without the type of sentimentality that only borders on denialism that those who choose to be blind are trying to advance.

Let me be therefore generous here. If i am right, everybody dies. If i am wrong, we will continue the way we are. And that means the present government can go and file a claim to get back the rm60 million lab fee plus rm75 million pr fee that it has paid to address the issues. Why spend so much if everything is still hunky-dory and defensible as we are made to believe?

Of course, i have to be brazen a bit. Otherwise even fewer will notice. They almost didn't until i fired a series of salvo's years ago.

I have seen enough of our factories die like flies, of innocent people thrown out of jobs, and disappearing from the scene - like alley cats.

I look at our young - and i mean our young of ALL races and backgrounds - and i am very angry at what has been done to their future.

Because when the crunch falls, even those who are on the payroll of their political masters will be looking at the classfied's. Unless of course they have already stashed away funds they didn't earn by the hard work that is the lot of the other ninety five percent of the population.

Malaysia has become a tragedy. It could have been avoided. Now i fear it might be too late unless goalposts are shifted again for the next spin session.

And actually, except for our Orang Asli's, everyone's a pendatang. But let's not dwell on that.

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