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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 19 August 2010

The MCA Chinese Economic Congress-2


MCA Economic Congress- Part 2.

Ibrahim Ali did what was expected of him. My article preceded his statements. Nothing extraordinary. Ibrahim Ali is predictable. He was indeed in the game- he was watching the MCA closely after all. He has said he will teach the MCA a lesson at the next general elections. His people has made a police report even.

He called the MCA extremist for asking the abolition for the special privileges accorded to the Malays. These he asserted are in accordance with the constitution. He called everybody names he could muster. He denounced Nazir the banker. Bank Bumiputera, before it metamorphosed into CIMB had to be rescued so many times by the government's private kitty- PETRONAS said Ibrahim Ali. Ibrahim Ali didn't mention that it was under Nazir 's business leadership and capabilities, the bank became what it is today.

But he has stopped short from criticising the PM. But when he lambasted Nazir and the MCA, it was as good as if he blasted the PM. I wouldn't dismiss outright the methods and ways Nazir described how he turned CIMB into a competitive player now. have a good leadership, good management style and clear quantifiable goals. Leadership with a single minded purpose. Plus get paid more than RM 14 million a year.

The PM himself asked Chinese community to take the lead in making the NEM a reality. Surely this is a clear acknowledgement that Malays and Perkasa cannot be counted upon to deliver the NEM. Or that the views espoused by Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa were not relevant at all. The policies that drove the NEP and vision 2020 were not working. The country needs business leadership of a different kind- different players de-moulded from the old ways. That will bring the present PM into collision course with old style political and business leadership.

The NEM is simply a model to catapult this country into a high income country by 2020. Since it has the same intended aims of 2020, why doesn't it just adopt the same policies on which 2020 depended?

By switching to a different gear, that suggests, the current administration thinks, the old method by which 2020 is to be achieved is faulty. The economy wasn't geared right to drive fast. Can the economy be driven fast if its driven remotely? Certainly, the previous administration thought it could do better by replicating as many Putrajaya clones as it could in this country. Therefore it went on a spending binge and created the corridor –driven economy.

Did the new strategy work? It wasn't successful because the material on which the corridors were built were the same- same policy makers, same leadership thinking style, similar thinking players, all making and creating one excuse after another to make money. The gear was wrong, the drivers were not in the seats, you have drivers accustomed to driving old Land Rovers now asked to drive one of those cars with heavily computerised dashboards.

It meant we didn't have the right political and business leadership, we didn't have the management material and management quality, we forfeited clear goals, we don't have the right players.

If we want to achieve vision 2020 or NEM- a high income economy, the fundamentals of how we play the economic game must change. The economy mustn't be slowed down by pockets of clogging up policies that hold back our drive. Where does it say that the 30% of whatever must be held by mediocre Malays? We can still have a Bumiputera first policy- the mediocre ones can be replaced by the more abler and dedicated.

So, there are many things wrong with the older strategies such that Malaysia finds itself caught in a middle income trap incapable of breaking into the high income country bracket. Faulty policies must have caught up with people and their thinking who thought their ways can drive Malaysia into the high income bracket.

What do we need now? we need competitiveness mentality, competitiveness driven players, we need players with the acquisitive mental mode, different business policies, free market driven rules, level playing field, de clogging the economy from monopolistic entities. The last being an excuse for cornering the market and crowding out competitive players. The government must begin by downsizing and divesting all the GLCs in this country except those of strategic importance. Even PETRONAS must be re-constituted on free market fundamentals. It must be made accountable to Parliament. Any elements that can potentially clog the free market system such as quotas, restrictions, unfair trade practices must go. Gradually or instantly. They must go. And the government must also insist that Chinese business enclaves open up for Bumiputera participation and sharing.

Otherwise, politically, the PM is in dangerous waters. He wants to carry out economic policies and reforms that are more welcomed by the Chinese political and business leadership. That would make it appear that his NEM which is more supported by the Chinese, is at odds with the larger Malay political and economic leadership.

The Malay political leadership will see the PM's policies as marginalising and trivialising Malay interests. Those Malay economic players who succeeded on account of cronyistic policies and were lucky enough to be the anointed ones are suspicious of the PM's intentions to free the market. This apprehension arises principally perhaps because the selected players didn't develop sufficient talent to play a new game.


Chinaman,  19 August 2010 at 08:05  

Dear Datuk,

The approach taken here is flawed, by singling out the Chinese to drive the NEM, the PM has effectively signed the death warrant for the NEM. It will from now on forever be identified as a policy favoured by the MCA and by default the chinese. How does the PM now expect the malay community to every accept NEM now?

This approach will not work it run counter to the aspirations and appraoch espoused by the 1Malaysia principles ie that we as a nation should move forward as one.

Its a dangerous game the PM is playing now, i worry for the future of Malaysia. If PM is really sincere abt positive change he does not need NEM, in my view its but a poor substitute for positive action.

He needs only to take baby steps and implement inclusive policies one step at a time, why does he need NeM? What does it serve? It riles up the malays unnecessarily and is only met by scepticism by everyone else.

Just do the right things for Malaysia thats all we ask. The chinese community do not need anything but that. The right thing how difficult is that?


schenker78 19 August 2010 at 08:15  


Beberapa hari lepas, saudara Kadir Jasin ada menulis artikel 'Apa Salahnya Bunyi Masjid Lantang'

Kenapa dia menulinya x tau lah...Padahal tak ada pun orang bukan Islam menyebut pasal hal ini. Orang UMNO macam Kadir ini sengaja menulis dan mengapi-apikan orang Melayu. Komen2 yang ditulis pembaca mengapi2 kan situasi seolah2 mahu satu lagi pergaduhan etnik dan agama di negara ini.

kala beginilah cara UMNO,MCA, Perkasa dan mahathir, saya rasa sama ada kita cuba jatuhkan extremist 2 ini kalau sempat...kalau tidak lagi baik merantau jauh dari Negara ini...

MCA Chua today on purpose trying to create May 13 or Operasi Lalang so that UMNO will continue to be in power....JANGAN dibodohkan oleh bangsat2 anak haram ini..

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 08:41  


“And the government must also insist that Chinese business enclaves open up for Bumiputera participation and sharing.”

2)Again, what is open up?
3)What is your definition of
Chinese business? Some refer to Public Bank, is Public Bank deemed as a Chinese business, or the banking industry is controlled by the Chinese?


koolmokcikZ,  19 August 2010 at 08:43  


You mentioned that
"...government must also insist that Chinese business enclaves open up for Bumiputera participation and sharing."

As I understand it, NEP was a two-pronged programme aimed at eradicating poverty and encourage unity. It was NEVER about Bumiputera alone. The 30% quota for the Bumiputera was because after 20 years of NEP Bumiputera's economy was status quo due to the fact that Chinese businessmen REFUSED to share with others.

Do you honestly believe that with the implementation of NEM, these Chinese businessmen will share their cake and let the Bumiputera captain the ship?

Richard Cranium 19 August 2010 at 09:01  

And the government must also insist that Chinese business enclaves open up for Bumiputera participation and sharing?

Perhaps you should be a little more specific and specify how should these enclaves open up?

So far, all I read are you quoting Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Vincent Tan et al, etc about not hiring the correct "representative" number of Malays across the board.

Have you heard of swathes of industries being open to a certain race only? I have NOT heard of industries being allocated only to the Chinese? Have you?

Haven't you heard of companies hiring Malays just to make up the numbers because they were pressured into doing so?

Haven't you heard of HR managers being typically Malays because it is too sensitive for a non-Malay to handle a Malay worker's grievance?

Haven't you heard of companies hiring non-Malays to shadow a Malay manager just in case he screws up?

Haven't you heard of Arab investors who are even much harder on the Malay Islamic brethren here because of the Malays' misplaced notion of the Islamic brotherhood with them?

And you brought up about Malays being given RM60b in shares, but only RM2b remain in their hands. And some commenters cannot now turn around and say that the 30% NEP has not been achieved. Thats immoral!

But am I saying that all Malays are incompetent? No, far from it.

I've personally met Malays who are darn competent, but they eventually get hired away into managerial positions in MNCs, GLCs, and other Malay-owned business to enjoy the good life while their skills are still half-cooked. They then stagnate there.

That gives rise to a perception, at least among chinaman, that Malays are too easily satisfied, and not prepared for the hard grinding work to make it in a competitive world.

Yes, I am a tad generalising. But I have examples working with Malay businesses in tender situations that would curl your toes in disgust.

The typical Malay person don't have what it takes to make it outside this country.

Don't believe me? How many of you folks are chasing new ground in the emerging economies such as Vietnam, Cambodia, China, etc?

Of course, such people will then say there's more to life than making money, and Malaysia is blessed by the Almighty, so there's no need to leave the comfort of Malaysia.

OK, you lot can start calling me names now.

Quiet Despar,  19 August 2010 at 10:10  

Selamat pagi Sak


Fair comment which I think all of us share.
Seruously I am not worried about the war-of-words between Tok Him, MCA and UMNO leaders.
It's just another mind-game and will come to naught.
We understand where CSL is coming from - asserting a party which is no longer relevant to his race.
So he's play-acting like the new Uncle Lim. Notice how Uncle lim is oh so-cool making way to Uncle Chua.
MCA is now the new DAP though they are the capitalists benefitting much from NEP.
Will continue to benefit from NEM.
I think Rosmah is already advising Najib, honey just go on. That CSL can be put in our pockets.
The problem is not NEM is for Chinese but is seen as such because Najib is waffling too much.
I think waffle must be his dessert of choice.
He could have explained to the Malays like he did to the MCA and I think it will be accepted, the Malays being an accepting race.
Najib must be brave like Tun M. Believe in NEM as a good policy.
Tell everyone, this is IT. Everyone accept it. Everyone shut up if you love 1Malaysia.
End of story.


You said lagi baik merantau jauh dari negara ini?
Please do us a favor, just do that.
One less economic cake to be shared.

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 12:02  

No other ways for PM. He is too weak to lead the nation and either he call it quit or common!!! UMNO you know what to do or else, that will be the end of UMNO.
Dato, bet you UMNO will be wiped out sooner than we thought.
Apa la nasib bangsa ku dapat pemimpin ada yang penipu, kaki tidor dan yang ini alahai kiri kanan nak makan dan suka cuci tangan.... unfit if not for the name of the father!!!
Waiting for him to tell CSl "just shut up! blue actor!!!" Berani ka itu PM?

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 12:08  


Ibrahim Ali wants to be like Henry Ford. Ibrahim Ali says you can be as competitive as you want as long as 30% of all businesses are reserved for him and his handicapped Perkasa followers. He and his followers demand the 30% equity so that they can continue sleeping under the coconut trees and enjoying the good life while the rest of the malaysians can go to hell. Ibrahim Ali and his handicapped followers need the 30% equity because they are unable to face the real world.

Unknown 19 August 2010 at 12:15  

Shouldn't the Malays be the one that complaint?. After 50 years and still could not achieve 30% (flawed target or not does not matter).

Why haven't the Malays do something about it...demo on the street etc..

The Malays are acting as if..they are multimillionaires ..and Chinese are acting like paupers wanting more slices of the cakes where in fact the Chinese have the cakes and can eat it too.

Something is wrong here...the Malays are worried the Chinese are taking the Malays wealth..what is there to take? The actual fact is The Chinese are worried that the Malays will be taking away their wealth...

UMNO is stupid to be engrossed into entering this propaganda and becoming defensive. That’s why PERKASA entered into scene and become the attacker because UMNO failed to be the scorer for the Malays.

Ibrahim Ali might not have the flair and style of a genius striker…..but in dearth of a good attacker, the Malays are hoping at least he can disturb the defense and let UMNO scores but UMNO failed to see this. UMNO is scoring an own goal now.

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 12:15  

Salam Datuk:

Chua Soi Lek mahukan samarata dan hapuskan perkara 153. Minta dia senarai 2 juta nama2 ahli MCA/Gerakan/DAP atau nama China dan dilupuskan kerakyatan Malaysia. BARU adil. Semasa belum merdeka perkara 153 ini adalah pertukaran dengan memberi Kerakyatan pada mereka dari tongkang......

Mana pemimpim UMNO pandai Cakap aje ......Cium keris pun nak minta maaf...Cakap lidah pendek.. Pemuda pun hingus meleleh.. Mampus MELAYU kalu nak harapkan Pemimpim macam ni..

Dah le Datuk Nenek kami di pimpim olih Datuk Nenek mereka...Sekarang Anak2 pemimpim ini lagi nak jadi pemimpim kami dan anak BOLIH belah semua itu..

Melayu jati

walla 19 August 2010 at 12:30  

We all cannot ignore global reality. Sooner or later it will come. In our case, it has come and before we are ready to face it.

And that's because we didn't invest in good policies and governance. Instead we wasted time and resources in silly sashaying self-syioks.

Let's turn the matter around, and posit some scenario's.

Scenario 1

Say, Ibrahim Ali (or his mentor) wakes up and finds he is a foreigner from another land.

In his hands, usd10 million to invest in some business in Kota Baru. He brings that capital, his technology and some of his management staff. He walks into Putrajaya and says, 'i come to invest.' Because Putrajaya is worried that Perkasa might be angry, Putrajaya says, 'good, we want thirty percent set aside for Perkasa members'. On hearing this, Ibali turns pale. Questions run through his head.

How, man? If i say yes, who are those thirty percenters? I don't even know who they are. Are they institutional bumi funders, like those who're proxifying Liew of SP Setia? Or individuals like Syed Mokhtar, Mohd Kamal or Syabas' Rozali? Or just freeloaders looking to crowbar Article 153?

And if i give, what about my investors back home? They will have to withdraw their contributions. They are going to be angry because i'll in effect be denying them profits and dividends they had hoped to get. Just like what the Bernama ex-boss is incensed about right now.

Furthermore, what about the IPs of my technology? I must be careful who i bring in. Any one on the board of directors can ask for anything. Am i to say there will be two sets of transparency criteria in my new board? Which bursa rules will i transgress should i list locally later?

And then, what about my own management staff? Are they to lead or to follow locals who may not know anything about the business or the technology?

So, how am i, Ibali aka Mathir, to solve this predicament?

Scenario 2

Najib relinquishes the NEP and opens up the civil service and GLC sectors to the non-Malays. In turn he asks that the non-Malays open their private sector to the Malays.

The non-Malays, Chinese if we want to insist, will reply:

- what will be the extent of our participation? Can we for instance cut out fat in order to raise the bottom-lines and save those concerns? We all know the answer to that;

- why should we lose our funds and sanity trying to save those elephants which are beyond redemption? Will we get cooperation from the incumbents still left in those bleeding behemoths or will they play little napoleon games like what they are doing to your administration, like it can even happen in a small school out of the blue?;

- and, for that exchange, you want us to give you share into our private concerns that we had built up through hard grind and sacrifice over the years despite all the negative preferential policies you had stacked against us? How do we excuse that to our other investors who have supported us for decades?

- finally, the civil-service/GLCs and the private sector are different animals; the first is a national thing; or it was meant to be but the party made it partial to one race; the second is an individual thing; all the risks and rewards fall on the individual, regardless of his party. By right, shouldn't we for paying so much tax to the government also partake in the civil-service/GLCs, and if you want a community to participate in the private sector, then they will have to play by the rules of that sector, which are the rules of the global market, and frankly, those rules work, otherwise we will be out of business, which is what your civil-service/GLCs will soon be, but for the monopolies, subsidies and underhanded protectionist tactics being used.

Right, or wrong?

walla 19 August 2010 at 12:32  


Scenario 3

Having been intimated with both aforementioned scenario's, some will be engaging their fingers before their brains.

They will say like this: But what about Article 153? They add: because of it, we can fashion a policy called the NEP and use it to make sure you locals give thirty percent even when we quietly ignore that requirement on some selected foreign investors.

On hearing this, smoke comes out of the ears of some of the Chinese industrialists. You dare to say now you've been practising double standards? Let us ask you back - what is your end objective? to have more funds to support your NEP. Without funds, no NEP to subsidize the GLCs, pay the civil servants, and other job net schemes. Now, if you penalize us for being not you, how can we make more to be taxed by you to raise your revenue to subsidize your NEP? Secondly, isn't it atrocious to support foreign investors over local investors by way of such an exclusion privilege when from our national viewpoint, anyone who can help in export and nation-building should be helped? Isn't it in actual fact us subsidizing our foreign competitors by us paying you taxes so that you can waive the same requirements on our competitors when what we are doing is to help our common country be more competitive against them? Hah!

The reply comes quick and swift; perhaps too quick and too swift. Hoi! we signed a contract. Remember? Not only that, we don't pray to money like you people do. Furthermore, we are underprivileged economically. So, you better accept.

Look, the reply to the reply came, just a second slower. What are the five things which affect everyone now and here?

The five things are:

one, this federal government of ours, it has no more money to support the NEP;

two, investment sentiment is the overriding and deciding factor of everything from now on;

three, the NEP has a failed construct; it was supposed to equitize wealth distribution and grow the economy; what happened was it was hijacked and the distribution was loaded to some at great cost to the economy and all the peoples; so if economy cannot grow because we didn't invest in capability-building, how to sustain the policy?

furthermore, the NEP had a fixed timeline; it expired long ago; you can't be serious to keep it going on the basis of per capita indicators if in the first place (a) the race never stops breeding so the target can never be reached, and (b) the scheme is contrary to market relevance for it is just a social welfare crutch that distorts perceptions, and rewards not according to performance, creating ill-feelings even amongst those of the same race.

walla 19 August 2010 at 12:33  


So it is actually a never-ending bleeding policy which blights the competitiveness of the economy and demotivates people from investing here, isn't it? and,

four, if we continue with such policies, our Malays may have a few more seats, shares and swallows but how many more indian summers do we have left? If you want my frank opinion, minus forty. The day we started the NEP, that's the day the national underbelly started to corrode, and

five, the contract you are constantly bringing up is in itself irrelevant today. Let's say you and i are both exporters. We want to sell our goods to a certain export market. The buyers there will buy if our price is right, quality great and service excellent. They don't give dung about the contract between our forefathers put together by lawmakers who never envisioned a future people would not be able to see a difference between themselves - because they are now born on the same land. So, if we continue to infight while the order is pending, the buyers will walk over to Manila or Jakarta. And they will tell their friends not to come. So even if NYY wears a mini-skirt, it won't matter anymore. Clear or not?

Those are the things people like Najib, Nazir, Daim, TRH and others know that forms the real situation today. The only thing everyone wants today, Malays including, is a sales and purchase agreement, duly notarized by a credible judiciary system, not one which can say if one remains unconscious, one will weigh more. What, feed us women more coffee so that we won't have to spend money at slimming centres?

And one more thing, if only Malays exist on this land, the same problems will exist. There will be pitting those who have more versus those who have less.

The issues are not about race. It's also not about power.

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 13:08  

All of you talking cock esp Walla >>

If foreigner wants to invest USD 10 million..he can do that & we're not at all interested in free shares.Thats liberalised anyway.

But in a public listing I will insist Bumi gets 67 % of offer shares..same price at u Chinaman need discounts.So,how come foreigner angry?Shares meant for public lo.Why Mr ur money better then mine?

And govt contracts..yes open tender & ..but 67% reserved for us preQualified genuine Bumis only.What makes you think u Chinaman can do better then us?I can tell you and please go verify..your Gamuda given rates for longkang 50% higher then a Class C Bumiputra contractor.

The problem with Walla & the China2 here is they think they're smart & the only people that can do work.

Have to change that "racist" mindset cos its a fallacy.

What you have is a good network & market dominance in many fields.I am not advocating Najib to take that from you BUT I will engage and create new channels that will eventually dilute your dominance.That's thru fair hand outs nor special schemes.But please promise that your tycoons will not "bastardise" the system through unfair under the counter means.We will have racketeering & monopolies legislation hv to take care ok?And MACC will bang the giver twice as hard then the rape case lah,the giver is the real bad one.

In conclusion I will also compute the "special projects" that u Chinaman tycoons got from government(90 bil?) and after lessing off the amounts my Bumi Contractors gets ( 20 bil) will ask govt to award direct negos to me immediately to offset & at best balance the whole "shebang".I do not understand why the DEPRIVED gets more then the "PRIVILIGED."

BTW...tell Gamuda,YTL, MRT,HI Speed Railway,1Msia Cities etc etc etc..don't go & cumbu2 to get those jobs ..ok?

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 13:12  

You have to be more consistent in your views. If you want market forces to apply, you must leave the best to run private sector. If GLCs with government control cannot perform well, you seriously think the Bumis will do well against the non-bumis who are the leaders in their own sectors if they open up ? Any artificial control introduced will produce a different effect from natural evolution, which is survival of the fittest. So, the million ringgit question is, can bumis survive without government intervention ? Dare Ibrahim Ali put a time frame on the success of NEP and what would be the yardstick ?

You hold all the cards. Be it allocation or legislation, what is preventing the government from developing the bumis to excel in at least a few sectors ? Look at Proton. They cannot even compete in their own backyard without the government slapping a heavy tax on the others. Still they bleed money. Why did Petronas sponsor Mercedes instead of Lotus in the F1 ?

The more pertinent question is what will it take to push the bumis up economically ? You have quotas for everything but it doesn’t seem to be working. Ibrahim Ali is only harping on the sanctity of the 30% but doesn’t have a clue of how to distribute this equitably or at least give it to those with the most chance of success. Where is his blueprint to maximize the benefits to the ordinary Ahmed for him to succeed? You have a gun but all you are aiming at are sparrows. Switch your sight to the rumbling elephants. The only conclusion is that Ibrahim Ali has form but no substance.

The Chinese did not become rich or successful overnight. This is evident in most of the other countries with a substantial Chinese population. There is no durian runtuh. Nobody handed money to them on a silver platter. It is all blood, sweat and tears which many do not see. You only see the end result but not the growing pains.

Kalau tidak rajin dan tekun, bukit mas pun boleh habis dimakan. Boleh faham tak, Ibrahim ? Only you can choose survival, excellence or sloth. His choice is obvious at the moment.

NEP Survivor

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 13:14  

Interestingly on BFM this morning, the CEO of Eversendai was asked why the reluctance of listing the company in Malaysia. The answer was the 30% allocation to bumiputra. A good customer of mine based in Miri listed their company this year after the 30% was lifted. What does that tell you?

These companies would like to work with competent bumiputras but there ain't many around. Why would a company bring on board bumiputra partners who are there just to warm their seats, waiting for their monthly paycheck just for the company to meet the NEP guideline. If this is not daylight robbery, then what do you call that?

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 13:40  

Anon 19 August 2010 13:08

Talk is cheap. What happened to TR in MAS case ? Masih ingatkah ? Kena tipu pun tak tahu atau dia Melayu jadi tak kesah ?

I sokong 100% charged those involved in PKFZ be they China, Melayu atau Mat Salleh. Bolih jadikah ? I bet it will not see the light of day. Ling alone is not good enough.

Tepuk dada tanya selera.

walla 19 August 2010 at 13:48  

anon 13.08 wrote:

"But in a public listing I will insist Bumi gets 67 % of offer shares..same price at u Chinaman need discounts.So,how come foreigner angry?Shares meant for public lo.Why Mr ur money better then mine?


Apparently not as good as your RM54 Billion shareholders.

"The problem with Walla & the China2 here is they think they're smart & the only people that can do work.

Have to change that "racist" mindset cos its a fallacy."


now, that's ad hominem.

how do you know i think i am smart? because you know you are stupid? ;P

and that's proven when i gave a hypothetical paidup capital to illustrate a point, and you took it as a fact! If i say its rm500,000, you happier tak?

This is Ramadan, i have a high fever, the medicine is expired, i have to wait until break - so i am not going to argue with you, or others.

schenker78 19 August 2010 at 13:57  

gamuda owned by perak royalty, so if the Anon who complained that Gamuda's longkang is 50% higher, then complain to that rich woman, okey....

Orang tamak Selalu Rugi ??? atau Orang Tamak Selalu Untung....??

schenker78 19 August 2010 at 14:15  

Dato Sak,

as far as i know, ananda delisted maxis and relisted after 2 years after selling 25% of maxis to the Saudi Arabians...That relisted company is only the maxis malaysia....he has separated the overseas maxis unit...

same with tanjung. I think he want to separate the haram, non shariah business like gambling and relist back....for the astro, measat, i cant comment much...maybe valuation is very small and not much excitement as no volatility on the stock....

U said ananda is greedy?? maybe he is.....thats the same attitude with Maha Firaun as he is the 'Uncle Ananda' for mahathir's children....

All these malaysian billionaires dont have that humble attitude of philanthropist like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett....these malaysian Asians sucks....

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 14:19  


I believe DS Najib's approach is positive in asking the Chinese businessmen to the lead in NEM.

These are the risk takers and have the networks, business acumen, capability and strong desire to succeed.

Sadly the present uncertain political direction is not conducive for domestic investments as our neighbouring countries offer better returns.

schenker78 19 August 2010 at 14:20  

Quiet Despair,

Awak suruh saya berambus???

I have stopped working in Malaysia since 2005. Be grateful that I bring in foreign currency into Malaysia, unlike you who spend the money out. I contribute same as the FDI coming in. Faham???? Bodoh punya jantan....

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 14:23  

Anon 13.08,

1)67% is a fantastic number, it shown your caliber.
2)“Create new channel” is a more practical approach as compare to the vague “open up”. Salute your good idea. But we know everyone can come up with good idea.
3)I am glad you mention YTL and Gamuda. The reason why most of us reject NEP is simply because we don’t see YTL and Gamuda as “Chinese” company, and at the same time, we think the one that benefited under the same scheme is not “Malay”. We were conned.


Ariff Sabri 19 August 2010 at 15:25  

salam bombai,

does not matter if for the wrong reasons. most important, i am willing to argue my stand whatever it may be.

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 15:51  


Get well soon and may God bless you !

'Selamat berpuasa'

pemerhati,  19 August 2010 at 15:55  


you are just like najib. Everyday talk only but no action.

Chinaman,  19 August 2010 at 16:30  

Dear Anon 13:08,

You the champion la! Why la u blame chinaman for all your problems. Govt controlled by UMNO, which is a malay party and elected into power by 67% malays.

On the one hand you say you want to compete on level playing field on the other you say you want 67% contracts and everything reserves for you.

OK lets say we give you 67% of the economy. Do you think that's the solution to your problem? WIll the Malays then be prepared for free market competition then?

I doubt it. Then you will want policy to protect your 67%, because what you cannot secure with your own capabilities you are most unlikely to be able to keep. Case in point being Proton.

When you cannot compete it doesnt matter how much of a head start you are given.

Analogy is like this la, you put Alex Yoong and Ayrton Senna in same car you give Alex 2 laps head start. Who do you think will win the race in the long run?

So the issue is not how much headstart you get. The issue is, are malays being equiped and conditioned by the malay led government to compete?

Sadly, the answer is a resounding NO. You cannot blame the Chinaman for that.

I am a big fan of Ayrton Senna, he would have been 50 if he did not die. You should watch him on youtube, you will get what i mean. If you strive for excellence, no one can stop you, no even a chinaman.


Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 16:50  

Anonymous@19 August 2010 13:08,

Why in a public listing u will insist Bumi gets 67 % of offer shares..same price at the Chinaman need discounts.?

Why for govt contracts..yes open tender & ..but 67% reserved for us preQualified genuine Bumis only?

R u blue-blooded? Even if u were why should a quota be reserved for u? U cant compete on equal chance? U lack part of the brain so u deserve a preamble?

Is ur money better then mine?

‘What makes you think u Chinaman can do better then us?’

Just look at the statistic of project failures! Pls do explain the collapsed stadium roof, water leakage of the Federal court, countless abandoned projects anywhere. Oh plus the MRR2 debacle. R these all fallacies created by the racists?

There r Chinaman cronies. But do u know why yr elites preferred Chinaman? Simply because they knew that at the end of the day the Chinaman will completed & delivered the projects.

Oh.. about good network & market dominance in many fields – wasn’t the govt had wasted billions in monopolistic network channels like Pernas, bumi entrepreneur schemes, Padi Bernas? What results? Red ink all over. Or do these incidents tell something that u people r NOT willing to see & admit?

That's thru fair hand outs nor special schemes. Talk BIG ye?

Come the day u will be blaming everyone for yr failures rather than yr inability to compete.

Hey talk cock is easy but BS is definitely free from u.

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 17:02  

Mr Walla..I don't think ur smart at all..too long winded & darn repetitious ;parroting the favored line.Certainly not an out of the box thinker.

Anyway,think about this.

RM 54 billion in share issues >> who came out with this number?and has it been validated at all.If at all..there must be disbursements to that effect cos shares ain't free.

I know of many guys who got pink forms at 3 ringgit and hung to it as it slided down to 10 sens.
I also know of guys who are fronts for the benevolent towkays during the IPO.And of cos the changeover is only a question of time.

Any way,Walla won't understand any of this.Let him check it out ya...

Mido,  19 August 2010 at 18:15  

All the best to Dato!
It's an uphill battle and not much people are willing to do that.
However,your party really need more people like you at this point of time.

schenker78 19 August 2010 at 18:29  

Quiet despair,

what are you going to say about this Malay guy who has been sacked by your UMNO's MCMC and 98.8 radio station of the MCA....

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 18:49  

Dear Dato,

Your article and the comment by others makes me feel sick and tired. Its good to read the thoughts of other if you have no brain,but no matter how smart you think you are, there will always be someone smarter than you. So don't be boastful and arrogant.Whatever your foul language or ad homimen being express here reveal your true character of rottennesss and deceitfulness. Be a professional and not be profaned.

Malaysia Boleh !

walla 19 August 2010 at 18:51  

Thank you, Mr Chin.

This one for you too:

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 18:52  

Why our PM don't trust Malays?Presume,advise from his banker brother lah...Malays only good for HR,Admin & PR posts.And the odd one or two in the real banking side.

But our PM should look at details too.Can't judge a person on his race,style & talk only.

Right now,PM trust Jala so much..allowing Super Bario 2 recreate his MAS Business Turnaround techniques on the larger scale i,e making us guinea pigs in his Labs.

But PM..MAS have lost more money during Mr Jala's term then ever before.Look at the accumulated losses..its staggering.And all assets been stripped off too.And the billion dollar rights was to cover the dwindling cash.

Its desperate cos MAS was never turned around.The first failure was WAU..and the architect of that failure is now sowing the same seeds of misfortune in Khazanah.Now PM is allowing the man who lost billions for MAS to play his games at national level.

I fear for the country.

schenker78 19 August 2010 at 18:59  

Masa sudah lebih separuh penggal berlalu sejak 8 mac 2008....UMNO sudah terlambat....tak ada apa yang boleh undo all the bad things...

kepala lembu pun dah kena pijak, surau dan gereja sudah dibakar, Perkasa pun sudah muncul, Ridhuan Tee dan awang selamat pun dibiarkan menghina kaum bukan melayu setiap ahad dalam utusan, keadaan hari ni dibawah UMNO lagi teruk semasa zaman Pak Lah...

Pak Lah memang kaki tidur dan kaki Koridor berbillion2, tetapi masa dia PM kurang perselisihan antara kaum....dia gatal pun pada Biras dia jer...yuck....cerita Endon merajuk pada Badawi dgn Jeanne Danker aku x nak sebut sangat lah sini....

Bawah najib, melayu umno dan cina MCA berlaga....kami tukang pandang jer....

Negeri2 ini bakal kalah teruk....MB NS dan MB Sarawak ni bukannya macam tony blair, margaret tatcher ataupun PM Australia yang berundur bila x dapat sokongan....mereka akan dok kerusi sampai kalah....seperti jugak Samy Vellu.....MIC pun berpecah 3 pasal samy vellu....padan muka...GAS masih x cukup kot.... Semua yang keje RTM jadi pemimpin politik macam Samy vellu (pembaca berita) dan Zainuddin Mydin mmg keras kepala....

Najib x akan berani panggil mana2 MB berundur, nanti sokongan negeri tersebut beralih kepada Mudin Yassin....

orang UMNO berani panggil YDP Agong sebagai N*tang, pasal Idris Jusoh tidak dipilih sebagai MB....

UMNO adalah spesis hypocrite, kononnya menentang Yahudi, tetapi bersikap lagi teruk macam Nazi Fascist dan Komunis.....

Ariff Sabri 19 August 2010 at 19:02  

pardon me malaysia boleh,

rather than drown in yr own spittoon, can u pls point out specifics? where is the profanity? that there are others cleverer is not exactly an earth shaterring discovery is it? or is it for u?

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 19:04  

19 August 2010 16:50

You're a dumbo.
MRR2.the companies directly involved in doing the work is an Indian consultant & Chinese PLC subcon.Itu melayu project manage only.
Trengganu Stadium >> the subcon for roof is on "design & build" and awarded as NSC to a Korean firm.Itu Melayu main con..did the structures but not involved in roof..u bodoh punya orang where can I understand?

Abandoned projects is Ali Baba who got conned by the China subcon.
You give to genuine contractors regardless of race..where got problem?You want me to tell you about Chinese developers/contractors failures..or u rather go do ur own research?

And since when Proton is Malay?You go and see the composition of the shareholdings,BOD and mgmt dulu ya.

Racist in shadows but now further blinded by 1 Msia;emboldened to come out of his lair.

Don't talk cock ya,

schenker78 19 August 2010 at 19:06  


its not really important....but are you a girl or guy....just wondering because seeing a girl photo there....cant recognise if thats a famous artist or what laa...

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 19:17  

Why Melayu is so apologetic now?Single stray word and the non Melayu plus liberal Bangsar Melayu will swarm and whack you.
This is the 1Msia unleashed.Its the unintended impact similar to being told that u have Stage 3 cancer.
like what one commentator said .."Priviled gets less then the deprived?" Funny

schenker78 19 August 2010 at 20:02  

well dude,

anon 1650...

if you are not from the construction industry or engineering background, Just shut up....

the Main contractor and the project consultant engineering firm will be 1st party responsible for the damage, defect, etc.....those sub subs are secondary okey....

I will say again to you....Your are a dumb ass from non Engineering field talking about something that you dont understand at all....Just go jump off a cliff okey...

I paling benci orang yang berlagak pandai....

who cares if that main con, consultant are indians, malays or koreans...Just charge them all you stupid pigs.....Government yang bodoh dan dayus....tak Guna satu sen pun....serupa terencat akal....dari siling sampai bumbung semua pecah...

tak lupa 3 budak sekolah mati beberapa bln lepas...kes senyap jer....

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 20:26  

Mr Schenker...a guy wanted to pin all that went wrong to Melayu..without having the full picture,I am not talking contractual relationships please..just to demonstrate that the fuck ups are very 1 Msia i,e all inclusive..Indian,Chinese & Melayu played their respective roles.
And there were lots of hidden hands directing the awards of subcontracts too.

So,get real people..we are all in it.The country is messed up not exclusively by Melayu.Its not NEP that damaged the country please.

Btw I hv engineering & legal qualifications and have a practise in Contract Law.So,don't assume and be an ass.

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 20:58  

Dear Dato,

Sorry for not being specific in my remark.I am not pointing anyone in particular.The objectivity of your subject is genuine in nature, but the participant of the rebutted subject has deviated from your focus on economy and political leadership. To some extent, it has become personal argument and idiotic phrase like calling someone stupid and talking C**K should not be part of our vocabulary.

Malaysia Boleh.

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 21:24  

I personally don’t think Chinese Malaysian is smart or more competitive. Almost the entire list of the so-called successful entrepreneur is more or less having the same feature, a good connection with government. However, I do agree that most of us work harder and relatively more thrifty because we were being educated by the older generation that we were not given a second or any further chance if fail, just plain human nature. Malay doesn’t have the same burden, is this good or bad? Please ponder.

The bragging by some is embarrassing. Are we (Chinese) not far behind if compared to Taiwanese?


Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 22:04  

wow sak, you stir up a hornet's nest.
I think you do a better job than the 77 million APCO

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 22:05  

Tuan Moderator,

Kongres ekonomi MCA sudah tentu bukanlah kongres yang pertama dan terakhir yang perlu diberikan perhatian oleh kawan dan lawan.

Selepas ini mungkin diadakan pula kongres ekonomi PAS, MIC, DAP, PKR, Gerakan, PPP dan seterusnya. Pada masa itu juga kita akan disajikan dengan angka tetapi mungkin lain pula nilainya.

Sebagai rakyat biasa, saya melihat resolusi yang dicapai dalam satu kongres ke satu kongres adalah secara tidak langsung mengukur 'tahap haloba' pihak yang berkongres.

Makanya setelah semua kongres berakhir, kalau ada rumusan yang boleh dianggap penting untuk marhaen seperti saya adalah 'ranking kehalobaan'.

Cumanya siapa yang berada di kedudukan paling teratas? DAP? PKR? UMNO? MCA? PAS? atau siapa?


schenker78 19 August 2010 at 22:07  

anon 20.26,

i dont know what engineering qualification u have, but i work in mainly in marine construction field and also onshore civil works... ok...

dont talk as if you know more than me....i sign documents, checklists, RFI, inspection everyday along with consultants verifying what we do.... i take responsibility for what i do and verify buzz off if you want to talk about my field....

i never say only malays to be blamed ....of course your best fren samy takde value also plays a umno people have no business in building things from contractor A to F.... most are dumb and alibaba....example, just take your mahathirs alibaba company doin that ex-Crooked Bridge, Gerbang Perdana SB....i can talk about all these idiot one by one...

go and learn how to fix ceiling and plumbing properly dude....dont take 10% at each sub con layers...

you umno's are a big joke and thanks for destroying all those building with shoddy work..

HAKIMAN,  19 August 2010 at 22:38  

Malay- Chinese issue.

Old issue... Malaysian politicians and bloggers stirring in their own juice.

There is nothing else to talk about in Malaysia.. it is about race...

Malays one upmanship, Chinese one upmanship, and Indians two upmanship.

Malaysians cannot talk about the economy without talking about race.

Malaysians cannot talk about social justice without talking about race.

Malaysians cannot talk about poverty without talking about race.

Malaysians cannot talk about national security without talking about race.

Malaysians cannot talk about education for the next generation without talking race.

Malaysians cannot talk about democracy without talking about race

Malaysians cannot talk about religion without talking about race.

Malaysians cannot talk about history without talking about race

Malaysian cannot talk about their place in the region without talking about race.

Malaysians cannot talk about arts and culture without talking about race.

Malaysians cannot even talk about climate change without talking about race.

You hear nothing but RACE, RACE, and more RACE in the mainstream media, in the alternate media and in Malaysian political blogs such as this.

Grow up, you Malaysians particularly of Malay, Chinese and Indian races.

The rest of the world are moving ahead in leaps and bounds while you race-conscious Malaysians are still stuck with the STUPIDITY of your race.

Rakyat Malaysia semua bodoh sombong. Nak jadi First World Nation in 2020!!! POODAH!!!

Quiet Despair,  19 August 2010 at 22:40  

Anon 19.17

Why Melayu so apologetic you asked.
We really, really hate to be one.
But you forced us to be. If we assert ourselves, you will bring on the label ketuanan.
We just can't win can we?
When we say we are Malay first, you guys are angry. Want us to apologise.
Brandish a keris. Ditto. Keris is nothing but a Malay symbol.
We get 30 per cent equity, we get more scholarships, we get ASB, have one or two Malay milluonaires, you all are not happy.
Whatever we earned ourselves, you all will say oh Bumiputra what. Government helplah.

This are very tired old insinuations and will go on ad nauseam.

Anon 17.04 and 19.26 are right in their replies to Anon 16.50 and those in tune with him.
Do we also have to be apologetic for the incompetence of the Chinese and Indian contractors and businessman for thier failed projects like collapsed stadium.
Of course, without checking, they will be saying what do yopu expect from a Malay.
Do you realise that the young chinese are not that industrious anymore. bcoming lazy too.
Do you guys see many Chinese boys and girls loitering at shopping complexes, and spending their fathers' money like the Chinese love to accuse the Malays.
They are laso living the high live just like their Malay rich peers.
Gone are the days where Chinese kids work in coffes-hops or other business and fine time to study hard.
I have Chinese class-mates who come to school in crumpled uniforms that they sleep in because they overslept after hard days work.
Your culture have changed too.
So you dont have to be so smug, okay.

HAKIMAN,  20 August 2010 at 04:38  

Quiet Despair

Nobody gives two shit about race... except for people like you, Shamsul Anuar and the UMNO-lovers.

When PR leaders want to talk about democracy and social justice, UMNO lovers like you talk about Melayu in democracy and social justice.

When PAS wants to bring out the core values of Islam, UMNO lovers like you talk about Melayu in Islam.

When business people want the country to progress and compete economically with the rest of the world, UMNO lovers like you talk about Melayu and NEP and 30% crutches.

When decent-minded Malaysians talk about marginalisatiion of the poor, UMNO lovers like you talk about Ketuanan Melayu and Article 153.

UMNO lovers should wind back their mentality and live their lives of the 60s and 70s and read more Utusan Melayu garbage while the rest of the world and other Malaysians move on to live in the 21st century.

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 08:52  

Anonymous@19 August 2010 19:04,

RMTFLOL.. now I know how u people think & work!

Always blamed others even when the failures shown directly in front of u.

Ya-loh, MRR2 work is an Indian consultant & Chinese PLC subcon.Itu melayu project manage only. Trengganu Stadium >> the subcon for roof is on "design & build" and awarded as NSC to a Korean firm.Itu Melayu main con..did the structures but not involved in roof…. etc etc.

Hey what’s the input of the Malay main contractors there? Oh…oh, gaji buta from sitting in the aircon office, watching & gossiping about u-know-whats! This Malay contractors had not responsibilities to manage & supervise. They MAIN functions r getting job & getting pay. PERIOD.

Same attitude permeates throughout the whole culture? & I wonder what yr other kindred thinks of this working attitude of yrs? No shame ka?

It spells as S-H-A-M-E or M-A-R-U. BTW with yr thinking m’sia Maru is definitely sinking FAST!

Quiiet Despair,  20 August 2010 at 09:59  

Yeah right Hakiman
When others talk about race, it is sacrosant.
When we Malays talk about race, it is murder for us.
Yep, there goes MCA wanting more equity, but its fine yeah since they contribute more in income tax.
(Who says so).
Dont bring the PKR shit fighting for democracy and social justice.
Everybody knows DAP is fighting for the Chinese and the PKR and AS competing for Malay votes.
Be realistic, we are a race-based nation where political people survive on the support of their respective race.

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 14:42  

To all the Ibrahim Ali's and proponents of 'Malay rights' out there ... if you think that the Malay is not a weak race but a competitive race, if you think they are clever and not stupid (obviously not all of them), if you think they are hardworking and enterprising, why do you insist on special privileges, special positions, special treatment, scholarship quotas, etc, etc everything exclusive. I am from Sabah. I grew up with bumiputras (including Brunei malays, Kadazans), I went to school with them, played sports with them ... they never occured to me to be anything but human until the politicians started talking about NEP and the race thing and Umno came top Sabah and began to champion so-called Malay rights when there's hardly any 'real' Malaysa in Sabah. So, the Ibrahim Ali's and NEP supporters - if you think you are good enough, stop demanding!! After 40-odd years of surviving on crutches, what do you think is the complex equivalent of a Malay? Cripple? Handicap? Dumb? You decide.

Warga Malaysia,  20 August 2010 at 17:14  

If Sakmongkol says MCA practice Chinese First policies, I will sokong that, no problem.

But Sakmongkol says DAP practice Chinese First policies and we have asked to elaborate in which instances DAP practices Chinese first and not Malaysian First policies, he try to turn the table and says we don't listen to reasoning.

Hey reasoning is exactly what we are asking from you. Give us the reasons why you say DAP practices Chinese First policies? Why so quiet? Can't back up your accusation with reasons?

If you don't publish this comment and give your reasons, I know that Sakmongkol has nothing to back it up.

Mido,  21 August 2010 at 02:32  

All the comments here reflects what MM Lee of Singapore has foresee.
Meritocracy is the way to lift up our country.

HAKIMAN,  21 August 2010 at 07:26  

Quiet Despair

You are a quintessential Malay who suffers from racial insecurity and inferiority complex. You are a typical PERKASA type of Malay because of your inferiority complex as a Malay blames others for your problems.

And you come out of your hole brandishing your arrogance by appealing to other Malays of your insecurity and use the majority status to bully others. You learnt that from the tactics of bullies in the schoolyard. That is what people like you and Ibrahim Ali are doing.

Face it, you suffer from an inferiority complex first as an individual because you don't have the guts and gall to compete with others, including other self-made Malays and nonMalays, on a level playing field, and because of that, you demand others to surrender their rights so you can live with the sweat of others.

People like you hero worship that slit-eyed Chinese wannabe Malay Ridhuan Tee and Ibrahim Ali and your knowledge base is from Utusan Melayu.

It is people like you that cause Singapore Malays to look down on Malaysian Malays and it is people like who stunted the growth of the Malays in the country to gain self pride and dignity as a human being.

Anonymous,  21 August 2010 at 09:49  

Kepada komentar yang galak berbicara tentang meritokrasi dan 'padang sama rata', janganlah anda terasa pendapat anda itu adalah betul semuanya. Kalau betul anda mahukan meritokrasi dan konsep bersaing 'atas padang yang sama rata', padang biarlah betul-betul rata. Apa yang ada sejak merdeka hinggalah sekarang adalah tidak rata. Anda tidak nampak?

Nah kalau definisi anda tentang kesamarataan padang sudah menampakkan kesamaran dan berat sebelah, bagaimana untuk memulakan persaingan yang adil? Apapun ketidak samarataan yang ada bukanlah salah sesiapa tetapi dibentuk oleh sejarah dan koloniaisasi. Ya, kolonialisasilah yang membantut dan mengekang pengembangan bakat sesuatu kaum hingga terbentuknya padang yang tidak sama rata.

Dan oleh kerana otak, kecerdasan dan kemahiran individu tidak ada kaitan dengan anutan dan baka, jurang pengetahuan dan profesionalisme antara kaum sebelum dan selepas merdeka dapat dikurangkan dengan secara signifikan. Ini jelas membuktikan yang bangsa dan anutan tidak ada kaitan dengan keupayaan fizikal dan mental manusia kecualilah bangsa Yahudi yang diberikan sedikit kelebihan.

Soalnya setelah dijajah, dan setelah rumah batu lama di pekan dan kota disusun oleh penjajah agar didiami oleh peniaga dari satu jenis warna kulit sejak beratus tahun hinggalah negara merdeka, apakah itu gambaran padang sama rata? Oleh itu caka-cakap tentang aspek ini adalah tidak bersandarkan fakta sebenar tetapi dipengaruhi ego dan perasaan tidak mahu mengalah.

Dan, sauda/ri, kalau betul-betul mahukan persaingan sama rata dan adil dalam erti kata sebenarnya, buatlah macam negara komunis. Iaitu pulangkan semua milik individu pada kerajaan dan mulakan persaingan yang baru. Hanya dengan keadaan itu sajalah yang layak diiktiraf sebagai "level playing field for all and sundry." kalau lain dari itu, hmm, ia adalah pengakuan yang lucu dan mengarut.


Warga Malaysia,  21 August 2010 at 23:09  

Sakmongkol, see what happened the the President of your Chinese First Policy party - MCA's Chua changes tune on bumi equity issue. Yes that is MCA and not DAP which approaches problems Malaysia First way. Wand to read some comments: - "Kgen A shout from its master is enough to silence the lapdog and make it scurry under the table.
4 hours ago ......." lots too many to put in comments

Ex-teacher,  22 August 2010 at 22:06  


Don't play dumb. The chinese is in controlled of the Malaysian economy. There are many sectors that is impossible for non-chinese to penetrate or participate. Besides banking, look at the auto parts business, can any non-chinese participate in that business.

Why does Mandarin becomes a requirement in hiring/recruiting employees in Malaysia. Is that because the businesses, large and small corporations/companies are heavily dependent on China Chinese customers or plain simply because that's the way to avoid hiring non-chinese speaking potential employees. And that's the way, the chinese community sabotage the Malays. Or could it be also there are so many Malaysian chinese who do not speak Bahasa Melayu nowadays. Talk about loyalty to a country. What a shame.

For me, I never enter any business premise which put up any hiring notice which limits to mandarin speaking only. Duit orang Melayu tak laku. They are the real racist. Who, the chinese business.

mata-mata,  22 August 2010 at 22:34  


Singing a song about UMNO. What have PR achieved in Selangor, Penang and Kedah? Never mind Kelantan. When you have a sodomite as a leader, he'll busy looking for assholes.

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