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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 5 August 2010

What is Anwar doing?

I depart from my usual essays on social and political issues. While we wish Anwar all the best, the public is increasingly exasperated by his antics.
Is Anwar frustrating the process of justice? Each step of court proceedings have been met with disputations and objections. We have had numerous courts stand downs and adjournments. Anwar's antics have raised widespread suspicions that he is stalling to prevent the truth from coming out.
His primary defense stands on his accusation that all this is a conspiracy involving political leaders to end his political career. We have heard this one too many.
We can't imagine government lawyers are that inept that they have prepared the charges fraught with defects and shortcomings that debate on technicalities prevent everyone from deserving the truth. Anwar wants justice but he seems to be employing strange ways to get that justice. Instead of having a legal case being tried, he is escalating this case into a political circus. The man who nearly missed to become US President has written an article in support for Anwar in USA. How does the rest of the world as claimed by Anwar supporters come to the conclusion that this is a lopsided trail?
Oh.. because the defense has been denied access to documents that are in possession of the prosecution. The arguments for securing the documents have been put forward vociferously by the defense team, but the court has refused to do so. That refusal to the layman must have been based on sound judgments. Or that refusal can only reflect some strong reasons to deny access which will come to light anyway in court.
Why should the Malaysian judiciary and Malaysia as a whole risk world and public condemnation on account of refusing a technicality? Logic would demand us to accept, that there is a deeper and fundamental refusal to have access denied.
Then we have an objection raised because it its alleged that a member of the prosecution team is having an affair with the star witness, Saiful Bukhari. Anwar Ibrahim made a big spectacle about it by making a police report citing some link to OSA or something. The question that needs to be asked, has this bare allegation compromised the fundamentals of the case- i.e. proving that Anwar is guilty or otherwise? How can an alleged affair between the two, jeopardized the defense of Anwar? It has probably no bearing at all on the charges against Anwar.
We are again denied revelation of the findings from the chemist. That traces of semen fluid and DNA are found at the witness's body. This needs to be argued.
It would appear that Anwar's defense team has nothing to go on fighting with except by raising all sort of technical objections.
The public is frustrated by the speed at which justice is being carried out. They say justice rushed is justice crushed but justice delayed is also justice denied. The public is denied.


Anonymous,  5 August 2010 at 20:22  

This is usual gobbledygook from an UMNO loyalist.
Only an idiot will believe that this is not a political persecution. I can see you are anti-Anwar and a prejudiced one as well.
Why not stick to UMNO stories?

Ariff Sabri 5 August 2010 at 20:26  

anon at 20:22

but of course its gobbledygook. as soon as i write somthing on Anwar, this is the standard answer.
why dont u argue yr case?

Anonymous,  5 August 2010 at 20:39  


I suggest you stay clear of this legal tussle between Anwar and the Government as your piece this time reflects your ignorance of the Law...

Joe Black

Anonymous,  5 August 2010 at 21:01  

Tak payah cakap banyak. As far as i am concern, Anwar can bloody well screw a pig...I will still believe him.

Ben Layden,  5 August 2010 at 21:04  

no matter what..he will conquer Putra Jaya...very soon..

Ariff Sabri 5 August 2010 at 21:29  

yes, joe black. i dont see you arguing it from a legal point of view other than saying people are ignorant of the law.

if he gets to Putrajaya, good, we want to know the motives that led the policemen from blowing up Altantuya.

Ben Layden,

i hope you get your wish.

Quiet Despair,  5 August 2010 at 21:45  

Finally. I have been waiting for this story for so long.
My heart goes out to Saiful and family. His life has been put on hold for so long.
Saiful deserves a speedy solution so that this boy can go on with his life.
Bear in mind, he is a young man whose future lies in front of him. He is engaged to be married and it's not fair to his betrothed and her family too.
Justice delayed means lots of wasted court hours and drain on the expenses which comes from tax-payers money.
Anwar is going on one ruse after another to prevent the truth being exposed.
Also he wished it will drag on to enable him to contest if the government calls for an early polls.
The irksome thing is he is getting US help in the form of Wolfowitz, Al Gore and the former Ambassador to Malaysia, John Malott.
Reams of articles defending him have appeared in AWSJ, WashPo and NY Times to put pressure on President Obama to interfere.
But President Obama knows it is not US business to poke his nose into a domestic matter.
Anwar is really desperate and will use everything and anything so that his case is heard by the world.
And the lawyer Farah has now become his latest victim, based on an alleged affair with Saiful.
It has not been proven. But the poor girl who is just a note-taker has been dropped by the AG simply to satisfy Anwar and his band of lawyers.
Clearly the girl is a victim of cirucmstances. Her personal reputation and professional integrity have been compromised
Everyone lionked to his case has been burned and soiled.

P.S. I only wish Saiful all the best.
It's amazing how he is the victim but is looked upon as the guilty party.
May he get the justice he deserves.

Anonymous,  5 August 2010 at 21:55  

if u care to check with certain ppl, u will guess the altantuya murder is the work of a neighbours agent in cohort with insiders in our country

Quiet Despair,  5 August 2010 at 21:59  

Wow Sak, you are being pulled down in all directions.
All this while you were praised sky-high.
When it comes to UMNO and Malay-bashing, hand it to them.
But now it looks like they lost all sense of reasoning.
"Anwar can bloody hell screw a pig...i will still believe him." Wo Wo, you sounded like my Standard One son. Shameful.
Which school did you go tu? Must be from Cheruk Tok Kun.

Ariff Sabri 5 August 2010 at 22:10  

quiet despair,

ini biasa. when i criticize my party- UMNO people say i am Anwar's supporter. when i say something about Anwar, his supporters will say I am anti Anwar. dari dulu sampai sekarang, this was the label. tapi tulis to rebut tak ade.
maybe i will write more on Anwar. better prevent him getting to Putrajaya.

vinnan,  5 August 2010 at 22:12  

Why is UMNO so worried about an old man who is leading a coalition of political parties which have neither the manpower or financial clout of the UMNO led BN? UMNO's worries over Anwar Ibrahim betrays a sense of insecurity which is only all too stark and real. The fight between the Badawi/Najib/KJ camp and the Mamakthhir/Moohidden/Pertkasa camp is very unsettling for an UMNO man like you and many others. This time when UMNO implodes there will be no BN to save it for UMNO have crippled the BN. Anwar may actually win the war by default and that is your real worry.

Tell me Dato. How have UMNO come into this state of being? Perhaps it is because UMNO forgot it was the Chinese who saved them from Anwar Ibrahim in 1999. However, the Chinese shall not make that mistake again.

Ariff Sabri 5 August 2010 at 22:17  

vinnan, since the day when you wished the PKR candidate won in Bagan Pinang, failed to materialize, we shall always welcome your brave talk. because then we know you will drown in your own drool.
why is Anwar afraid of a dpp note taker then?

Anonymous,  5 August 2010 at 22:26  

political leaders - good or bad, will come and go.
It happen everywhere and everyday.

So I don't give a damn about Anuar.

It's time to get other leader to head the PR since he's too busy handling his personal matter.

We can't wait for him forever.

Anonymous,  5 August 2010 at 22:28  

Dear Dato', this is certainly not your usual stuff or style, which has been well measured and fair comment, both sides of the coin well presented. This piece is clearly rushed out, and as you have said, justice rushed is justice crushed. Let's not deny anyone his or her day in court though it may take time to come to that. Your comments here are patently too one-sided to invite a good debate. At the behest of some other? It is disappointing really.

Anonymous,  5 August 2010 at 22:39  

You make me laugh dato, as i shake my head in disbelief.You preach about doing things the right way, sadly though, you have a lopsided and a crap of a post today
Argue the case with you? i dont think so.You know why.My tok guru in Tggganu advised me " Takdok pekerjaang nok layang orhang dalang penafiang!"
Tivoli villa belum bina lagi kata sudah berlaku sodomi.what do u call that? very inept?
Stalling to prevent the truth?
How long did it take the memali case to come to a close?
Pubic denied?
Hoe come buy something valued at rm8 at rm25?
Be honest and truthful.

Quiet Despair,  5 August 2010 at 22:50  

You better do Sak. Must prevent him at all cost from being near to Putra Jaya.
His rightful place is Sungai Buloh No point being fair and balanced.
It's not appreciated.

Anonymous,  5 August 2010 at 22:54  


In my opinion writing about Anwar is fine, i am all for the truth (Pakatan supporter me)no one should be bigger that the cause and the party but I have also always waited for you to write( I read you everyday :)) something on characters such as the toyo fella who continue to go about his daily business although i think everybody must be wondering about the $25m mansion of his? elephant in the room? If I were to choose between someone who may have an 'exotic' preference and a downright corrupt fella, the choice is clear.

Wan Zamzuri Wan Hasenan 5 August 2010 at 22:58  

Hello everybody,
Anwar is nothing special, he is antic of the past. For Pakatan Rakyat people better prepare Tony Pua, Husam Musa, Azmin Ali whom have more credibility than Anwar. Let Anwar fooled TG Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang and LKS or LKS fooled them vice versa.

Quiet Despair,  5 August 2010 at 22:59  


UMNO afraid of Anwar?
Haha, even my cat is laughing.
It's Anwar who is afraid of Saiful.
The issue is, in case you fogot, who sodomized Saiful?
And what is that 1999 history?
How come we didn't know it.

vinnan,  5 August 2010 at 23:38  

Why then did the attorney-general remove the woman if everything was on the up and up? By the way the Hulu Selangor swagger sure disappeared fast after your 'Let's make a deal' PM got no deal in Sibu. The Melanaus/Melayus actually increased their votes for the DAP and that was what gave the DAP their narrow win. With the arrest of LIng Liong Sik and KJ along with Nazri coming out openly to attack the Mamakthir/Moohideen axis things can get only more exciting. You think everyone in Malaysia do not know why AB went to the Defence Ministry a few months before he stepped down? AAB have Najib by the balls which is why the Mamak attacks on Najib is less direct and vicious compared to the way he attacked AAB.

Worst case scenario would be AAB cutting a deal with Anwar to kick out the impotent Najib and keep Mamakthir at bay so as to save his own skin and that of his SIL. Wasn't Anwar released by AAB to keep Mamakthir in check and as a gesture of goodwill KJ was instructed to personally hand Anwar his passport. The nightmare for UMNO have just started. The Makathir/TR implosion of UMNO will look like a picnic compared to what is coming way in the AAB vs Mamakthir conflict.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 00:09

Pick this up from rights2write as part of the "conversation" here.

Albert Baker

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 00:09  


Pasal apa heboh pasal Anwar? Itu cerita Alatantuya,Najib Tun Razak,Rosmah Mansor dan Razak Baginda lagi banyak misterinya.Hakim boleh ditukar last minit,pasukan pendakwa pun boleh ditukar last minit.Yang tertuduh tak siapa tahu rupa muka mereka.Macam mana mahkamah boleh jatuh hukuman bila motif pembunuhan tak pernah diselongkar?

Kalau ini boleh berlaku dalam mahkamah kerana nak selamat maruah si anak Razak, apakah Anwar nak diam diri?

Kalau Dato berada ditempat Anwar atau Najib,apa Dato akan buat?

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 00:18  

Dato Sak

You have entered into a territory with too many landmines.

Most unwise of you.

You say it is not politically motivated, while even indifferent lawyers think it is.

Frankly, silly of you to enter into a discussion or debate on your blog an issue best left to lawyers familiar with the case. Otherwise you are attracting unnecessary attention and criticism wittingly and unwittingly.

Better to comment on the court's judgement rather than trying to pry into motives of Anwar and the Govt.

Bad decision on your part. Sorry.

kiasu,  6 August 2010 at 00:26  

Ben Layden, 5 August 2010 21:04
no matter what..he will conquer Putra Jaya...very soon..

Yeah yeah...another 16 Sept coming soon, very soon...2008, 2009, 2010

Oh Ben, please remind me again next 16 Sept, er, er 2023...i believe you

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 00:58  

The only problem with UMNO guy is they really believe in whatever judgement delivered by our kangroo court. That's the different between UMNO and the others. Just like the sodomy 1, we would like anwar to be punished for whatever wrong he been doing but alas the punishment is not about he thrusting his dig into azizan's hole.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 01:22  

The game of politics is just like in the animal world, cruel -like cock fighting- the victory is decided by the death of another rival.

In Anwar's case, if he's convicted guilty of the sin, be it an act politically motivated or frivolous as he claimed, he will be dead of his character being totally assassinated!

And Anwar and Najib both are playing the mud slinging game.

Whilst Anwar is being accused of sodomy II, Najib and wife have been accused of the alleged involvement in the murder case of their close aide's ex-girl friend of Baginda Razak. Much damages have been done to the image of the Nation as foreign journalists have pre-empted the chance to widely publicize the scandals together with the Scorpene submarine deals, the hefty commissions in hush-hush dealings. More says about these two cases are inter-related!

So there is no winner in this game of tussling between PR and Umno!

Should Anwar lose the case, PR will win more supports and sympathy votes as Umno will be seen as an equally depraved character since it's led by a morally bankrupt big enchilada!

Most people are convinced that our Nation is lack of a perfect judiciary system which can serve real justice. Some may even call it a kangaroo court!


Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 01:33  

Ya an old man over power a young man and somehow this nobody has access to PM.

Not only that PM had to deny and lied that he met and has to change to a ridiculous story about talking about scholarships.

Come on lah .. .grow up if you still believe if this is not a set up.

..and it was said, Saiful had communications with those involved in this set up.

Anyway, Anwar has done the greatest contribution to this country any man can ever do. ... he brought about the two party system that would have been thought impossible( I included).

His role is over. Yes, he can be jailed and more popular. The people today are Internet savy. He can be a martyr in jail and win the next election even more.

Really I always say .. these guys just do not know politics and with simpletoon minds thinking that taking out Anwar would crumple the Pakatan. Real stupid... just a the stupidity of PDRM blocking entire roads to stop demos and arrests candle lights vigils.

These guys are playing into Pakatan's political strategies... and do not know it.

fatcat,  6 August 2010 at 01:40  

In politics u can spin a story to get your message through but in a court of law evidence is the essence to prove your case beyond reasonable doubt

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 02:01  

Anwar is jealous that he has lost Saiful to that DPP girl, whatever her name is.

Greenbottle 6 August 2010 at 02:17  

oh!!! the hypocrisy of it all!!!

and i believe in this:...

anwar deserved all the bad karma he is having. anwar's downfall started when he was fooled by mahathir to join umno. anwar who was once a muslim idealist became one screwed up motherfucker when he started acting and thinking like an umno man.

i personally have a gut feeling that anwar did sodomise saiful and probably more. BUT why the hypocrisy of it all???...afterall anwar was from a secular party (UMNO) and now in another secular party (PKR)...why the hell all you dirty buggers become so holier than thou if not for 'political conspiracy'...

it's not as if he's from an Islamic party (PAS). If tok guru nik aziz or haji hadi were the ones alleged to do this I can understand and all can bay and bark till doom's day and we will understand...

so yes go ahead crucify him...but please give him allowance and full freedom to state his case...its bastards against bastard anyway... i wont lose sleep over shits from umno trying to crucify another ex umno (alleged) bugger... a shit party can only produce shit characters...

but having said that i don't care about his private sexual escapades as much as i don't care about your (dato sak's)current private life.

and i still prefer anwar a hundred times over all the rest of umno leaders to commander Malaysia....

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 02:31  

Note taker, Saiful tak berak dua hari and many more Al Gore and finally bonking...
And what is Anwar doing?
So what is the UMNO PM doing?
Just shut up and let the legal battle proceed... be it 1 year two years or forever...
Dato', ALLAH maha mengetahui and elok lah kita diam. Those involve in the courtroom will one day still have to answer.
Saiful nak menonggeng ke and the note taker nak kena tonggeng ke is not our business but come PRU 13 kita tengok siapa yang kena tonggeng dan tak berak dua minggu!!!
UMNO eksyen ke, PAKATAN eksyen ke, But this nation does not belong to them. Banyak banyak berSabar Dato'.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 03:37  


I am not a fan of anwar, nor am I a fan of BN.
It is commendable that you as an UMNO member writes with a passion to seek reform in the party.
However, despite the careful objectivity and rationality in your arguments, I find that such characteristics are lacking in your reply to negative criticisms of your readers. And thus, in this entry and in most of the responses to your critics you are particularly speculative and defensive, respectively.
I cannot make speculations that anwar's seeking for documents etc as a "delaying" tactic or an indication of a fear of the dpp. It is a question of justice and ethics in procedural matters of the law.
One should not "rush" trials simply because of the perception that "justice delayed is justice denied" (this is becoming too much of a cliche now!). On similar logic, justice rushed could very well lead to the same outcome.
That said, I believe that the defense team has to prove that there is a breach of ethics and that it implicates a fair trial for Anwar.
And in my humble opinion, I guess judging from the arguments in this article and your readers' responses, it is best that you stick to discussing UMNO and BN, because honestly, you fail to uphold your usual pragmatic and objective style.
On second thoughts, you should continue writing about the opposition not just because it is your prerogative (it's your blog for heaven's sake), but to allow a little bit of criticism that could pull you back to earth. After all, all those compliments for your righteous essays could make your head bigger than it should. And thus, you'd make the same mistakes which your critics are conveniently accused of by you.

umar,  6 August 2010 at 03:49  

UMNO's future is in Saiful's arsehole !
A DPP is only fit to take notes !A Form 5 qualified clerk can do the job. Why then AG removed her ? Do you still deny what RPK says ?

Saiful is a dropout in Uni. Here a DPP is in love with him .Saiful did not shit for two or three days ! You want the world to keep silent ! Why was the case not heard in Sessions' Court or Majistrate Court ? ?
Was Saiful forced to undress by a 60 year oldman to sodomise him ? Didn't he put up any fight to escape ? Or was he a willing partner ? What is delaying Saiful's marriage to his fiancee or lover ?
We have more questions. It is not Saiful on trial. Why are you defending him when he has the entire government of Malaysia with him ! You even said your private life should not be held to scrutiny when your wife says of your affair with a young rose !

Aniraf,  6 August 2010 at 05:27  

From my non-legal view, Anwar's defense team is trying to delay the case just because Anwar need to buy more time so that he can still be a running candidate in the next GE. As far as I know, as soon as our PM has the idea when the next GE will be, the court will not be tolerating any more excuses from the defense and he will be convicted before the next GE.

I think you didn't put all the facts about Anwar fairly in your post. What about the first Pusrawi doctor report about Saiful Bukhari was not found to be sodomized?

Again, the question that is still lingering in my mind?

Why are UMNO people so afraid of Anwar? We were not that afraid of Lim Kit Siang when he was the chief of opposition, but why now then?

Anyway, on another note, jika orang2 UMNO sedar, tidak bongkak dan tidak banyak bermain rasuah, there should be no reason for the Malays to support Anwar and the opposition.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 06:44  

Salam Datuk
Yang sebenarnya saya pun dah muak dgn kes anwar ni. Tapi amat kecewa dgn pehak pendakwa dalam kes sodomy 1 dulu. Kecewa sbb pehak kerajaan tidak berjaya membawa bukti menunjukkan anwar telah melakukan sodomi. Setelah segala jentera kerajaan digunakan termasuk polis dan juga mahkamah. Last2 charge dia dgn tuduhan salah guna kuasa. Tiada kaitan langsung dengan SODOMY. Saya heran otak yg mcm manakah dipunyai oleh manusia2 yg masih mempercayai segala dgn sandiwara yg sedang dipersembahkan kali ini. Satu lagi untuk dilihat adil sepatutnya apa juga yg diminta oleh anwar samada senarai saksi atau apa jua yg boleh digunakannya utk membela dirinya dlm kes sodomy ini, mahkamah kena berikan. Apa yg takut nak bagi senarai saksi ni. Cuba datuk bayangkan kalau datuk sendiri di tenpat anwar, apakah datuk masih lagi mempercayai keadilan yg datuk akan dapat dlm mahkamah di negera ini??

Passionate Blogger 6 August 2010 at 08:00  

Between the prosecution and defense team, the later has more easy job to do, i.e, cast doubt on the former's case. Yet, as you rightly pointed Anwar seems to be more concerned with technicality issues, which raised question whether Anwar is unconvinced with the ability of his high profile lawyers or he actually have NO DEFENSE at all. What about the claim by his team that he got an ALIBI? That is good enough to crush the prosecution's case, no matter what scientific explanation they throw at the court. Or, does he really have it?

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 08:42  

Adakah datuk bermain reverse psychology disini? Saya tidak tahu. Itu hanya tekaan. Tetapi bagi saya ini adalah langkah bijak untuk mendapatkan pembaca dari dua belah pihak dan juga pihak neutral utk berbincang dgn menggunakan fakta (tolak ketepi komen2 yg tidak berfakta). Saya tertunggu-tunggu jawapan yg berdasarkan fakta kepada beberapa soalan2 yg diajukan oleh anon 06:44, 03:37, aniraf & umar. Jika jawapan atau komen yg diberi adalah tidak berasas ianya menunjukkan mereka yg anti anwar sudah bankrupt idea. Adakah ini tujuan datuk menulis artikel ini? Saya tidak tahu. Ianya hanya tekaan.

bat8 6 August 2010 at 08:55  


1. Bagi yang mengikuti kes sodomi 1 secara saksama pasti beranggapan kes sodomi 2 ini juga tiada bezanya. Jelas kepada sesiapa yang melihatnya secara non partisan bahawa kes sodomi 2 adalah bertujuan untuk remove pengaruh anwar dalam politik tanah air terutama bagi menghadapi pru13.

2. Kita telah menyaksikan dalam sodomi satu bagaimana TDM menggunakan pelbagai cara yang tidak terfikir oleh akal kita orang melayu islam untuk menghapuskan anwar.Seluruh jentera kerajaan digunakan secara unilateral untuk mensabitkan anwar.

Remember azizan admitted under oath 3 times that he was not sodomised, but at the end the judge just ignored all the facts favourable to anwar and found him guilty.

4. Perjalanan kes sodomi2 juga tidak ada bezanya dengan perjalanan kes sodomi 1.

Dulu mereka gunakan seluruh jentera kerajaan tetapi sekarang jentera tersebut masih digunakan tapi tidak sehebat kes sodomi 1.

Tema kali ini adalah ibarat anwar diikat kaki tangan dan ditutup mata dan they expect him to fight. Might as well shoot him cold blooded je.

4. Let be reminded keputusan sodomi 1 telah dioverturned oleh higher court pada bulan sept 2004 dimana flaws in judgement telah diterangkan dengan jelas. Sekaligus exposed tindakan-tindakan kotor dan jahat pihak yang satu lagi aka TDM.


Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 09:14  

If you are a true UMNO loyalist, you admit the institutional defect of our country, the judiciary being the last straw in 1988. Our court is a joke and if you don't understand it, UMNO and this country is beyond salvage.

All your critics of UMNO and you think the its OK for the courts to he the current state it is. You still don't get it. Its why you don't get that if you are a true loyalist the founders like Hussein Onn, Tunku Abdul Rahman and even Tengku Razaleigh and the only deserving true loyalist Zaid Ibrahim, you realise you do UMNO no favour by defending the destruction it has caused.

Quiet Despair,  6 August 2010 at 09:59  

Yeah right. Now you losers are crting for fairness in dscussing Anwar.Some even have the audacity to ask our good Dato' to continue writing about UMNO.
Hurting your ears? Great yeah, Dato' was very fair when talking about UMNO.
All this while you were on a high, cresting the waves of Malay bashing.
Having carte blanche to tear UMNO and Malays to pieces.
You think we Malays and UMNO members aand supporters are not mad and hurt with your beating us.
But we understand Sak is an UMNO man and he wants the best for the party.
For want of a better argument, you guys resorted to hit him below the belt by bringing out Sak's private life.
If this kind of comments are posted on other blogs, your two-cents worth won't see the light of day.
Don't take liberty with other people's tolerance and understanding.
Hey, it's not our business. He and his family did not ask for a single sen from us.
But Anwar's delayed tactics have cost lost court hours and us tax-payers' money.
He is going down and he wants everybody to go down with him.
He's the one who is destroying our nation and dividing our people by attacking all our government apparatus like police, judiciary, MACC etc.
Dia siat kita sampai tak berkulit.
Think. How many UMNO people have been imprisoned like Datuk Harun Idris, Datuk Mokhtar Hashim and so many others?
But did they drag other people into the mud? Asking us and the world to judge them innocent.
Look at Anwar as the vicious man he is.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 10:02  

YBhg Dato,

Buang semua hal lain! Tolong jawab jubur mana yang didapati masih 'virgin'seperti disahkan oleh 4 doktor (3 doktor kerajaan) setelah diliwat sekurang-kurangnya lapan kali, kalau ikut kata saiful? Fikir lah perkara ini kalau kita benar-benar makhluk Tuhan yang dianugerahkan daya berfikir, tak kira penyokong anwar atau tidak.

Quiet Despair,  6 August 2010 at 10:27  


You think UMNO members are happy Tun M brought Anwar into UMNO? That he was parachuted to choiced Cabinet posts and then DPM.
That's our only quarrel with the good Doc. That dented his image somewhat.
Many warned him about Anwar being Mr Trouble.
And its true. He bit the hand that fed him.
Anwar is better left off in his chapal and kurta as Abim boss and principal of Yayaaan Anda.
Then he was something. Now? Hmmm...just an empty Zegna suit.

Dearly beloved all

Al Gore's article in AWSJ invited astounding comments from Americans.
They castigated Gore as a boring loser and a leader who has lost his credibility to speak on anything.
But two of our Chingkies posted comments favoring Anwar.
They said their comments may lead them to be ISAed.
Complimenting selves eh? Who wants to feed them in Kamunting?
In this small cyberworld, there are too many slanders against Najib and the government. Do you see anyone being arreted?

P.S. Sak, please prolong this posting to allow more Anwar lovers to bash you.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 11:09  


If you want to talk about inept prosecution, you must also discuss Rosli Dahlan & Datuk Ramli Yusuff’s case. Kalau tengok kanan, mesti tengok kiri juga. Kalau tidak, nanti kena langgar.

Can you blame the scepticism after the first Sodomy trial with the mattress and the case happening before Tivoli was constructed ?


Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 12:54  

Salam Dato',

Your posting reminded me of a conversation I had with my other half. He was also saying that Anwar should get on with the trial. I told him, for a moment please think of Anwar as nothing else but a father. As a result of Sodomy I, his then 6 year old daughter was deprived of a father. The daughter now has grown and now is accompanying her father to Court. The first round, ignorance was bliss but now she fully understands the charges preferred against her father. To what does she owe this suffering. If I am Anwar, I would do everything in my power to prevent my family from this ignominy. As fate would have it, the day after this conversation took place, it was the SFC who went to see the trial judge with a case law in hand to ask for POSTPONEMENT. My other half understands enough law to conclude 'Nothing have changed. It's political persecution.'

As a woman and a wife, as long as Wan Azizah is there by Anwar's side, I will continue presuming that Anwar is innocent.

Tak payah fikir banyak-banyaklah Dato'. The charge saja pun dah tak betul. Star witness kata dia tak rela. Tuduhan kata dia rela. Kalau rela, dua-dua kena charge. Yang berlaku, seorang kena tuduh, seorang jadi star witness. Malaysia boleh!!!


Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 12:57  

to all the PR(punggung rabak) supporters, why are u guys keep telling dato' to write about other things such as altantuyalah, kapal selamlah, bapak toyolla, biarlah die nk tulis aper pun, the fact that u guys cannot accept his writing about B.A.B.I. just shows that u gays are just ignorance and still in denial, and trying to bring up again the PUSRAWI dr medical records are just stupidity, do you understand what does TRO means in the records?? it means to rule out laa bodoh, bukannyer dier exclude the differential of sodomy, bahlul betullah

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 12:57  

passionate blogger,

remember sodomy 1? there was indeed reasonable doubt to the stories by the main witness (azizan) ie dates and place of offense, and yet anwar was found guilty (though the verdict was overturned years later). if you were anwar, would you not feel that your chance of acquittal is in establishing just any kind of loophole there is in the prosecution?
would you put your fate in the hands of a crooked justice system? i for one, don't. and thus, i too would "play" this game. perception of delay or not, i'd play this game according to the rules - and i think, exhausting every possible avenues for witness list, police reports, doctor reports etc is indeed allowed by the nation's law.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 13:09  

Finally you have shown your true colours. UMNO man is always UMNO man because without kick backs they cannot survive as we have seen in numerous case of the many FROGS 'katak's' jumping from one pond to another. You tried your level besat to attract president's attraction but he didn't give a damn to you despite your condemnation of UMNO it's leaders and BN.
Now you change your game plan, try attacking DSAI. kah kah kah. Hope you succeed this time.
The blind knows that justice is blind, yeah really blind only towards the victims. Take DSAI's case for instance. Why is the prosecution not cooperating with the defence. Why are all important documents being withheld from the accused. This shows how just is the Justice system in Malaysia.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 13:20  


I think Anwar is doing the right thing to fight for his survivor.

It's kind of the David and Goliath battle.

If you're in his shoe, would you do the same ?

Ever wonder why the prosecution always seems to hit obstacle throughout the trial ?

Could it be divine intervention ?

Fret not, justice shall prevail in th end.

Ariff Sabri 6 August 2010 at 13:45  

why are you people afraid of th ewritings of an insignificant writer like Sakmongkol? his writings can be rebutted and debated openly without resorting to personal atacks no?
go ask the DAP people- do they believe in Anwar? they are thinking beyond Anwar. so do PAS and even PKR people. they are already thinking beyond Anwar.
if you read my early writings on Anwar- i detested the way he was treated, touched on the deprivation of his children of a father, a wife of a husband. i lamented the fact we have never seen his boy in public- we understood the hurt and psychological scars he suffered.
if Anwar prefers fighting his case beyond the courts, then he understand that people will also do likewise.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 14:36  

life as an impartial blogger is tough.
Anyway, enjoy reading your posting since I discovered your blog.
Keep writing...

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 15:07  

in this country, the court and justice are being controlled know who, so i guess that pretty much says it all. until the day people actually see real justice in every case involving big shots, nobody ain't gonna believe in the judicial system. it's just too messed up. other questions that come to mind are :-
1. come on-la, an old man raping a young man who is fit and strong and healthy????

2. young man complain to the PM on huh???? then might as well every rape and sodomy victims go to see the PM la instead of lodging a police report immediately.

3. why can't the defence team get the documents(used by team prosecutor to prove the defence's crime)they need? it should be presented wat.

drama, drama and more drama, such is politics and this country has got lots of it. sigh!!! sickening!!!

lastly, do not do unto others what you do not wish to be done on yourself.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 15:27  

Remember how Mat Sabu's case was thrown out years ago? Yes by technicalities. The retiring MAIK officers account conflicts one another.Which staircase they took and what time.
And sodomy 1 is the same. Judges ruled that sodomy did take place but charges cannot be proven techincally.
They are trying to repeat the same .


Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 15:54  

Bagi Team UMNO; Pemimpin UMNO telah menjatuhkan hukum sebelum mahkamah, begitu juga media arus prima. Bagi Team Anwar fobia dengan kes sebelum ini, dengan angkut tilam dsb, tp kes dibuang... Bagi Peguam Negara kes terdahulu dapat pangkat sekarang. Kes ini akan dapat jadi CJ?
Hakim izin tangguh. sbb teknikal. akhirnya kita akan tahu bila pilihanraya menghampiri semua ini akan disegerakan.
Semuanya tentang politik. Tentang publisiti. Sedihnya mahkamah diperalatkan. Media mewarwar kan. Seronok mengaibkan.
Akhirnya, apakah sumbangan kes ini kepada ekonomi negara? Ekonomi rakyat? survival kehidupan rakyat? Ada yang peduli?

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 16:04  

Why, in this land they call Malaysia, when Khalid Ibrahim was cleared by SPRM they say it is justice, but at the same time when kasitah gaddam was cleared by court the say it was injustice.... People say our court is a kangaroo court.. but the one jumping are only the opposition...Oppositions can do no wrong... when anwar failed in his 16th sept adventure..he blamed pak lah for not giving him the key to the nation...but never admit that he lied all that time...when najib alocates RM 3m to Chine school in Hulu Selangor during election, it is corruption...but when opposition offer to reduce assessment, water tariff and other is call change...when selangor state govt give recommendation letter for contracts MB say it is ok because a form of verifying the company ability...but when BN does it it is called croynism...When BN defect toPakatan..thay say he has come to his senses and support justice...when opposition defect to BN he is bought over...COME ON MALAYSIA....AFTER 50 YEARS OF INDEPENDENT IS OUR MINDSET REALLY THIS NAIVE...CAN'T DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN TRUTH AND BLUFF..ARE BECOMING A NATION SHAPED BY PERCEPTION AND NOT INTELLIGENT DEDUCTION..wake up malaysia. Singapore talking about marina bay, universal studio, new technology, capital inflow...All we do is talk politico never ends..It will be too late when we wake up one day and Malaysia is 30 years behind Myanmar in terms of socio economic index...It happened to could happen yo Malaysia...

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 16:16  

would the loser in the presidential election in the good US of A come to Malaysia or go to any other country in the world to ask for help and intefere on his behalf to upset the whole system in the USA so that he can become president?

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 16:22  

Dato Sak, you said, "...why are you people afraid of the writings of an insignificant writer like Sakmongkol? his writings can be rebutted and debated openly without resorting to personal atacks no?"

No, that is NOT the issue. It is because we think you are smarter than that and made of sterner stuff than that.

Your engagement on this particular issue in your blog lowers the standard you set for yourself and also it lowers the esteem many others have of you.

Be an UMNO supporter, and a strong one at that. But do not be a SILLY version of an UMNO supporter. There are already thousands of them whose thinking about issues in the country is so demented that what they write are best served by flushing down the toilet.

We think you should stand above the rest. Because you come across as more intelligent than those SILLY UMNO supporters.

That is why you have been roasted here for your article. Your posting, to be honest, is sub-par compared to many of your other better written articles.

Quiet Despair,  6 August 2010 at 16:23  

Anon 12.57 & Passionate Blogger

You guys got it right.
Let us look at Anwar's case as a normal citizen without emotions and with logical reasoning, no matter our political affiliations.
Who on earth, be it the Government or Saiful, would want to concoct a sodomy charge, and twice at that.
All the evidence can speak of the crime committed - semen, mattresses, condo etc.
And would Saiful want his name smeared for the fun or thrill of accusing Anwar as sodomizer?
Senang je. Anjing kalau dah cium tahi, tetap nak hidukan?
So let's not quarrel over Anwar. He's not worth it.
Let's be together.
Let him rot alone in jail.
Like Sak said, PAS and DAP have already lined up their leaders. The next PM IF UMNO lost in the GE will be Ustaz Hadi okay. Happy?

Mak Budak

Of course we feel for Wan Azizah and the kids. Why must they be subjected to much shame for the sin of their father.
I do wonder why must Kak Wan attend the trial.
It's really hurtful to hear in camera what your hubby did.
But she got to grin and bear it, for appearances sake. And of course for husband's political sake.
This time pegang tangan la.
If not tongues will wag, look even his wife dont want to accompany him to his trial.
Maybe deep in her heart, she knows it or have her suspicions.
I suppose if I am the wife of a penyangak or serial rapist, I will also go to courts and tell the world my hubby is the greatest man alive.
But when home, I will trash him. Wont allow him in my bed.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 16:52  


Saya setuju dgn pendapat Dato bahawa PAS - they are thinking beyond Anwar. Teringat kata seorang kawan dari PAS (dari peringkat Nasional) bahawa mana mungkin membiarkan PAS menjadi parti minoriti dalam PR jika ditakdirkan PR berjaya melangkah ke Putrajaya.

Anak Mat Cerut
Shah Alam

Donplaypuks® 6 August 2010 at 17:30  

Justice rushed is justice compromised and justice delayed is justice denied.

But where systematically a defendant is denied access to evidentiary documents and files the law says he has a Constitution right to, as also suported by UN regulations, what do you call it?

The court of Appeal first said Anwar had to wait until the trial commenced and info denied before he could appeal. Now that it's at that stage, they use funny words like:

"lower court did not dispose of the rights of the accused. To the answer by the appellant, that whether it had disposed of the right of the accused, we have to answer in the negative. Hence, we dispose of the appeal.” Gobbledegook indeed!!

The truth is medical reports show there was never any penetration. But they claim they have semen samples. How are they going to prove it's Anwars when 10 years ago they said the DNA sample was compromised?

So, dare we suspect a conspiracy that "must not fail" again?

You betcha, and that's how Najib and Mahathir have made us the laughing stock of the World!

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 18:28  

Data Sak,

Out of 49 comments, more than 2/3 majority are against your article and did not subscribe to it as their cup of tea!

That shows the charisma of Anwar is still at work.

Say what you like, DAP are looking beyond the portrait of Anwar or PAS is switching their worship inwards, and even PKR members are said to have disenchanted by Anwar's salacious scandal, that is all about political referendum and it didn't really reflect the general opinion or vox populi.

The fact remains, Anwar's charisma is still as charming as ever. Most people you can call them his fans are still throwing their undivided supports to wish for his success to have put PutraJaya under besiege, come next GE!

Not that Anwar is everybody's love but it's more of Umno is everyone's most hatred boils down to be it's such a renowned corruptible and racist bloc of wicked creeps!

Everyone thinks of to get rid of it so as lives of the decent public would become easier and the society fairer.

Anwar could be still one the smaller evil they look upon to salvage them from the bigger evil aka umno!

All those Anwar suffers are being seen as the umno's political foul tactics which only give more merits than demerit to his brownie points!

You can incarcerate Anwar's soul, but you can't kill his psyche. More so his charisma which spreads world wide!

Ariff Sabri 6 August 2010 at 19:09  

anon 18:28.
good for him. that's why i wish him all the best in the beginning of my article. but thats not going to stop me from writing of him as i see it.

Anonymous,  6 August 2010 at 19:23  


Your articles on Umno are sensible and intellectually inspiring and I look forward to reading similar quality articles from you regarding Pakatan. I agree with some of the posters that you have slipped on this one.

The big issue with Anwar's case is not whether he actually did it or not.

The big issue is he is entitled to a FAIR trial. Looking at what has transpired so far in Court, no one with a shred of humanity has any confidence at all that the Malaysian Courts will give that. "Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done."

If you were in Anwar's shoes, you would probably do the same thing, especially if the Courts and the government of the day are bent on finding you guilty regardless.

And it makes sense for PKR, DAP & PAS to make plans for life without Anwar at the helm. In any forward thinking organisation, that is called "contingency planning".

hose meon,  6 August 2010 at 19:29  

UMNO leaders and Anwar have no difference in character, especially when moral issue is concerned.

Sak, Anwar may sodomize thirty men, young and old.

BUT UMNO has sodomized all the 28 million Malaysian.

Now please tell me, what make you and others think that corruption is less sinful than sodomy?

hose meon

shamshul anuar,  6 August 2010 at 19:37  

Dear quiet despair,

As far as I can remember, Anwar is te worst Malay politician whom I ever know.

Anwar is a dangerous politician. He dances to the tune. Remember when he repeatedly said that he will not contest against Tun Ghaffar.

Actually, he was just testing the water. He generated interest on post of Deputy Prime Minister by continously talking about it.

And after telling the world that he regardred Tun Ghaffar as a father figure, he announced his candidacy fot that post.

And he has no qualm in backstabbing those who helped him. Remember what happened to Pak Lah. If not for Pak Lah's support, UMNO itself did not want him as candidate for Permatang Pauh.

And arsenic poisoning? Thre list can go on. and who can forget how he tried to bring dowen Tun Dr mahathir by accusing the premier of corruption ONLY to be embarrased when Tun showed the list of principal Govt beneficiaries, many of them are close to anwar.

in 2008, during his interview in Jakarta, he condemned UMNO left , right and centre. Did he forget that he was with UMNO for 16 years.

Many thought Tun Dr mahathir conspired to topple Anwar. I believe it is the other way Anwar when he was sacked in 1998.

The second sodomy makes people think again. They are beginning to see the "real" anwar.

The truth is that Anwar's influence among the Malay community is on the decline. And significantly. And he also contributes to the decline of Malay support for PAS.

I pray that whatever mistakes Malays made in their life, Allah SWT in HIs Infinite Mercy does not punish Malaysia by putting him as PM.

"Habislah negara ini kalau dia jadi PM. Semua kepentingan negara akan tergadai".

haw,  6 August 2010 at 19:52  

Shamsul Anuar,

Tidak ada bezanya. Najib sekerang sedang membawa kehancuran kepada negara.

Najib is our PM2, somebody else is PM1 who is going to destroy the total fabric of Malaysian politics especially UMNO, the satanic party.


Quiet Despair,  6 August 2010 at 21:38  

Shamsul anuar

Yay man. Malaysia's public enemy Number One.
We shouldn't even touch him with a ten-foot pole.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 08:39  

Shamsul Anuar,

As usual your posting is faulty to limit.

Annuar the worst politician?
He is the best thing that happens to Malaysia ! He brought about the two parties system in Malaysia which of course hurt your kind very much .. the ones who thinks they own everything forgetting that in Malaysia a multicultural society with a huge huge minority.

You said Annuar was once and UMNO member and now bashing UMNO? Come on man, when he was in UMNO he got kicked out when someone wanted to misuse public money. He could have gone along with it and maybe today hs is UMNO President and PM and nice life. What happened to him? Guys like you know only how to spin the bad or forgetting about the other values.

As far as the rakyat is concerned (outside UMNO Malays of course), he has done his job. It is time to move on. If possible let him have a short as PM for all his sufferings (in jail , bashing etc).

Pakatan by now would have got ready a replacement. . It would be pure stupidity if they had not. It would most likely to be a liberal Malay and not a racisit and chauvinist one.

shamshul anuar,  7 August 2010 at 16:41  

Dear anonymous,

"He is the best thing...". I am not so sure about that.

What I know is that Anwar lied a lot. He lied about starvation in Baling. He lied about not contesting against Tun Ghaffar.

He lied about corruption just to bring down Tun Dr mahathir. This is the deflection tactic. What better way to hide your corruption other than talking about it.

He lied about arsenic poisoning. He lied about Sept 16.

He REFUSED to swear. Swearing in the name of Allah SWT is an act of telling ultimate truth. It is rarely done. Most elders would advise usimg other alternative as asking for divine punishment should one lie is serious matter.

Why he refuses to swear? Why?

He is corrupted to the core? remember how he toppled Tun Ghaffar?

But what I remember most about him is that he does not have any qualm in backstabbing others eventhough they helped him so much.

I am from Kedah and I knew how UMNO itself rejected his candidacy in Permatang pauh in 1982. If not for respecting Pak Lah as UMNO State Liason Chairman, they would not have voted him.

When I told many young men about this incident, they were shocked. How can he try to topple Pak Lah through Sept 16. How he can do that to the person who helped him.

I stand by what I said. I said what I meant and meant what I said. Anwar is a double-faced politician. A tragedy if he becomes the PM although everybody knows the chances of him becoming PM is remote if not impossible.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 23:12  

Well Dato'.

You are trying to get the opportune time to create maximum damage to Anwar's image and chance to be the PM. In the past you may disguise yourself to write against your own party to get people to believe you.There are a lot of these type of people nowadays.

Frankly, what is so bad about Anwar that you must try to create false perceptions ? I believe it is only politics. Be brave to publish all comments against you.

Anwar had been UMNO Youth leader and then moved up to become DPM. Just because he did not see eye to eye with Dr. M on certain issues it was brought shame upon him and his family by Tun.Can a true Muslim do that to another ?

All the negatives against Anwar was hearsay and as you had read that he was denied every right to a fair defence. Do you sincerely support such a system ? What if you were in his shoes ?

Warga Malaysia,  8 August 2010 at 14:13  

Sakmongkol's reasoning always go haywire whenever it involve Anwar with his deep hatred for the man. The injustice is so clear that it amazes me that a man of Sakmongkol's intellect can refuse to see it.

VK Lingam case is in the past, therefore the hopeless CJ will not act but Anwar's case too is in he past but he is hounded. Others get documents but not Anwar.

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 14:53  

Very interesting topic... But its all about politic... Orang kita nk makan pun susah and we still talking about politic. Jom la kita ramai2 satu malaysia ke satu cina ke satu india ke satu .. iban .. bidayuh ... apa je kaum sit together and work our country. Try la kita jalan and tengok org kita miskin papa kedana nk makan pun xde nk keja pun malas harapkan bantuan aje.. why is this happening???? yg kaya makin kaya yg miskin papa kedana.. yg bising politik je... dulu gaji rm2000 dh kaya skrng miskin hina.... apa kata kalau kita berpolitik bila nk pilihan raya aje. lepas pilihan raya kita buat kerja!!!!!!!! Kalau zaman rasullullah dulu org nk jadi pemimpin pun takut, skrng a way of making money... Gila beb ....
Aku ni askar yg nk berperang bila perlu tp rasanye klu perang tak sure la anak2 buah aku nanti ada dibelakang aku... why ???? tengok apa yg kita ada la.... emm kalau bawak parang ngan lembing mungkin aku kena blajar ilmu ghaib dulu.... kawan kawan tak kira la umno ke pkr ke jom la kita sama2 bangun kan malaysia bukan jualkan malaysia.... kakitangan kerajaan sekalaian u know whats happening u know what we have .. u know all the corupt practise that r happening... but ??????? takut ????
nk jg tepi kain org skrng bahaya , boleh sebab masuk jail tu.... i dont know... but im sad... how am i suppose to protect our country when people living in it is living in a wrold of lies , corruption all of u can think la.... tension ooooo.......
Ya allah selamatkan lah malaysia ini!!!! amin

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