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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 26 August 2010

Misreading Mahathir- big mistake.


Reading the comments on my article, misplaced pride, I am discomforted at the thought of many people missing the central point. Instead it has invited all round criticisms against Dr Mahathir. Hello UMNO leaders- wake up, the bell tolls for you.
The central point in this very short article is to tell UMNO leadership of the flashing amber lights. For them, that is. If they are not careful, the leadership will fall.
Dr Mahathir isn't speaking as a lone voice. His voice strikes a common chord among the majority of Malays. As much I would like to argue from a liberalist point of view, I can't ignore the voices that echo what Dr Mahathir speaks of. Never mind if the present predicament in which many Malays find themselves in at the moment is an outcome of Dr Mahathir's own policies, as I have said before, he has a reservoir of goodwill that he has built up over the years. He hasn't exhausted his reservoir yet. And I am talking about the Malayness quotient that's in him. He may have compromised his original ultra-ness over the years, but he is till regarded as the doyen of Malay nationalism.
I am saying, those leaders supportive of Najib's vision to better start something more substantial to win over the Malay allegiance. Your elegant silence, either brought about by your disinterestedness and detachment or plain ignorance of the Najib thinking, will result in your political demise- all of you.
What will happen is,  there will be a realignment of the forces within UMNO- the majority will go along the thinking of Dr Mahathir while the few, lethargic in thoughts and deeds, will side with Najib. This is not a battle that Najib can win. Because the majority of UMNO members as well as fence-sitter Malays will go for the simpler and raw thinking of Mahathir.
At 84, Mahathir can still play king maker. Even an aged lion can still scare away the hyenas.


HAKIMAN,  26 August 2010 at 19:35  

Dato Sak

Mahathir knows the weakness of the Malays too well. Not because Mahathir is a Malay because he is not. He himself declared himself an Indian in his application to study medicine in Singapore.

It takes someone outside the cultural centre of the community to know the weakness of the Malays and Mahathir is best positioned in that sense.

He knows Malays have a sense of insecurity due to the presence of non Malays as a result of colonial rule and he knows the Malays will always respond to any rhetoric that highlight their insecurity. That has always been Mahathir's political trump card. He used it to demonise our first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman and he used that to sustain his power in UMNO.

Mahathir knows that UMNO as a party cannot run away from any circumstance in which INSECURITY of the Malays is discussed in the public domain.

At any time if Mahathri raises the claptrap spectre of Malay insecurity, he will get the support the Malays.

Malays are generally more emotional than the Chinese or Indians, and through their cultural history, there is this sense of emotional siege due to foreign domination of the Malay peninsular. And not helped by the easy way out the Malay rulers in history giving way to foreign powers when threatened.

This emotional siege of the Malays as a community continued to be re enforced by UMNO to maintain power.

And Mahathir knows that RHETORIC of Malay Insecurity goes hand in hand with the raison d etre of UMNO.

And that suits Mahathir very well in his personal ambition and in his current ambition to fast track Mukhriz into UMNO's top hierarchy.

It is a complementary strategy for Mahathir. It lulls the Malays into contentment , because he is protecting Malay security by speaking out and at the same time it helps UMNO to remain in power.

Who loses in Mahathir's scheme of things. This is something the UMNO members have to think hard. If UMNO member think the NON Malays are the losers , they got to think again.

Mahathir is exploiting the uncalled and unnecessary fears of the Malay community at large of non Malays for his own political purpose and for the present, for his son, Mukhriz's political rise in UMNO.

The vehicle for Mahathir's scheme is UMNO.

Melayu mudah lupa ? atau UMNO mudah ditipu?

Anonymous,  26 August 2010 at 20:15  

I have never doubted that he is still the king maker in UMNO ... which for a political party like UMNO spells doom. No one younger and more capable than a 84 year old man to lead it's over a million members ...

Anonymous,  26 August 2010 at 20:52  

Undue importance is still being attached to this Indian turned Malay old man.
He may be a lion but very near to kicking the buckets to enter everlasting hell.

OneMalaysian,  26 August 2010 at 20:58  

Hakiman made some very sharp observations about Mahathir and his real intentions. Here is a man who ruled for 22 years - in politics that is several life times - yet he did nothing to make the Malays feel more secure. The vast majority got left behind, whereas a very small coterie of cronies both Malays and non-Malays who were close to him received repeated opportunities to exploit the country through monopolies or lop-sided sweet deals.

Now, having not done what he should have done, he condemns Najib and criticizes the NEM, which is an enlightened version of the NEM, and promises to do much more for the vast majority of Malays.

The fact that Mahathir is able to take centre stage and speak so loudly is because Najib has forfeited the stage to him - the elegant silence that Sakmongkol referred to. This is an abject failure of leadership. Leadership requires the selling of major ideas, to explain what those policies are, and how the people will benefit. Merely having labs and seminars won't do. The vast majority of the people do not participate, and it is all too complex for them. There is a need to go to the ground, not just to show his face or shake a few hands, but to speak about the key issues and speak repeatedly until people understand the issues clearly. We might remember how Mahathir campaigned against the sultans to take power away from them. That is the kind of effort needed. And he needs his ministers to all read from the same page. This does not seem to be the case. He is the lone voice out there. It won't do.

Lastly, it should be remembered that leaders don't always lead their people to good outcomes. Jim Jones and Hitler are good examples. But to ensure these types have no influence at all we need the good leaders with vision and courage to emerge and lead. Where are they?

walla 26 August 2010 at 21:55  

If our Malays are really to progress, the Malayness quotient has to be redefined and a real relevantization program executed quickly to help them.

Just because someone appears to have a bunch of dearest tun acolytes, it doesn't mean he has the sole monopoly to lay claim as champion of the Malays or to represent the Malayness quotient.

If we let him be the opinion shaper of our Malays, the same sentiments will be harvested as during the early stages of his reign, but this time the government cannot afford to throw any more projects to walk the talk. That explains the preemptive announcement there will be no more stimulus measures. Why say that in advance unless to nip expectations otherwise?

Najib should take heed of all this and get cracking on his glocal Malay vision. Insert it into 1Malaysia for reasons we have argued out before. Make sure Placido Domingo pays rapt attention and toe the line. That one tends to open his mouth before engaging the squid between his ears.

schenker78 26 August 2010 at 22:56  


i am wondering why a bigger prob resurface.

Indonesians has restarted Malingsia campaign

Malaysia, Truly Maling Asia
Partly its due to Rais Yatim behavior in the past as well as the Tourism ministers who have been accused of hijacking symbols of Indonesia.

And Malaysia always behave as if its the Big Brother of the Rumpun Melayu. Kes Manohara Pilot diseksa pun menjahanamkan hubungan antara negara.

Maling kata orang Jawa maksudnya PENCURI...

Quiet Despair,  26 August 2010 at 23:26  

Dear AK47

As I mentioned in your posting righting the wrong, Tun M is still the force to reckon with.
If not why did Nazir bother to call on him after his bastardization of the NEP speech at the MCA Economic Congress.
I am sure he had to do a lot of explaining to correct the Malay perception of his remarks on the NEP.
Mahathir's mental faculties are still good. He knows the pulse of the Malays and he strikes the right chord.
The Malay heartland are thinking why is Najib very silent on Malay issues as compared to Tun M.
And the votes of the simple malay votes are more important to UMNO than any of us here who chants change and wanting to be liberal.
With Najib he may have kept his counsel. But he is keeping scores on Najib and the other UMNO leaders.
He may strike at the right time.
He may not be outrightly blatant to Najib like he did to Abdullah.
But his latest rant on the misplaced prde of thw Malays on DEB is indirectly aimed at Najib and his bro.
It may be a precursor to him taking a bigger role in UMNO.
Dont write him off as senile man past his prime as seen in many blogs.

Anonymous,  26 August 2010 at 23:55  

Hakiman is an idiot who believed whatever shit the racist pakatan is saying and eating it all up like a delicious dodol.

Mahathir never said he was an indian when he applied for singapore education. He is a Malay. Born n need in Kedah. Who said he was from kerala?

That was his grandad u idiot!

U r just a racit idiot using racial lies to criticise a man who brought so much good things for the country.

U cant thing of any good things he had done because lets face the fact, ur an ignorant fool.

Anonymous,  26 August 2010 at 23:57  

Why ppl think mahathir wanna fast track his son is Beyond me.

He doesnt care lah about his son! He'd rather see MukhriZ leave Umno because that party is doomed!

Anonymous,  27 August 2010 at 00:12  

What the meritocratic yet dumb party called the DAP is all about...

Read it all here;’s-politics-of-expediency-exposes-the-hypocrites-riding-on-moral-high-horses/


Anonymous,  27 August 2010 at 02:19  

The modus operandi was to nominate and keep those who came with loads of problems @ cream of the crap rather than the crop.Why? Because it was bloody easy to keep them in check.One wrong step and out u go without much of a problem.Thats how things work till this very day.Its a winning formula.So why change a winning formula then?
Hakiman has already talked about the rest of the modus operandi which anon 26.8.10 23.55 says is pure shit.
Well, lets follow the path taken by dato Sak.Call a spade a spade.Only then we can posper and progress.Slmt berpuasa.

Anonymous,  27 August 2010 at 09:28  


Yr message about mamak’s role in the survival of umno has been noted.

It’s just that, for me at least, that’s not the central issue. The CENTRAL ISSUE is the RELEVANCY of M’sia in the coming era. Can M’sia as a whole, can still compete, advance, contribute (hopefully) to the growing power house of Asia in the coming world stage.

Someone said mamak will be the determinant in umno. I would venture to change that as mamak is the determinant OF umno. U as a die-hard umno man should know the difference, irrespective of what his sycophants claimed.

U might be right about the Malay heartlanders are very concerned about the Malay issues. But thanks to mamak’s draconian efforts played onto Anwer, plus the increasing awareness of the educated Malay youths, many of these heartlanders r not as blind about current events as before. Many r still angry about Anwer’s treatment, as viewed through their god fearing minds & many r kept up-to-date of the current socio-political happenstances by their urban children, during their balik kampong.

Rremember 308 GE?

And the votes of the simple malay votes are more important to UMNO but they will not play to the tune of the mamak & his gang.

Umno is at the twilight stage & so be it! Let those remaining hyenas fight for its last lifeboat & see it sink.

we need a NEW DAWN for M’sia – minus the baggages of umno, period.

schenker78 27 August 2010 at 09:53  


u condemn Hakiman regarding his view on mahathir's race.

When mahathir born in 1925, the Federal Constitution was not there yet.

The fact is that malays defined by the amalkan agama Islam, budaya melayu dan pertuturan etc is very misleading. If anyone from other race say like indian mamaks and that chinaman, Ridhuan Tee 'mata sepet' marries a malay woman, he behaves as if he has changed his race from cina to melayu... the fact is this ridhuan is a Cina Kui... Today he is talking as if he was born malay and try to act more malay and more islamic than the malay themselves (as if trying to proof something), he will die a Mualaf, not a born moslem.

Coming back to Maha Firaun, Mahathir was born to his Indian father (not his Indian grand dad okey )and malay mother.

Technically, he would follow his father's race, which is Kerala Kutty Mamak gang. When he went to study in Singapore before Merdeka, he has to follow his father's race which is Kerala Kutty Indian.

Of course as years go by, he has deleted the Kutty name from father's name ...which is suppose to be Mahathir Mohamad Kutty.

Such a person who embarrassed with his own father's name does not deserve any respect from anybody.

Mahathir will have to answer his father if he ever met his soul anywhere when he dies soon.

HAKIMAN,  27 August 2010 at 10:16  

Anonymous (26 August 2010 23:55) said,"Mahathir never said he was an indian when he applied for singapore education. He is a Malay. Born n need in Kedah. Who said he was from kerala? That was his grandad"

Anonymous (26 August 2010 23:55),

You cannot be more stupid than you really are, do you?

(1) You know what was in Mahathir's name in his orginal birth certificate ?

It is Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty @Mahathir Mohamed .

I got an Indian friend, who also has his birth certificate as " Subramanian s/o K/ Muniandy/"

Does that not sound like an Indian. Do you have an ethnic Malay name that sounds Mohd Ismail s/o Ibrahim Ali?

Of course, Mahathir uses his alias ie Mahathir Mohamed so that he enjoys all the benefits of a constitutional Malay including NEP and become your President in UMNO for 22 years.

(2) When Mahathir applied to study medicine in the University of Malaya in Singapore, he wrote in his application form, under "race" - Indian. You can go to the old records of UM and check that fact

(3) Thirdly, his FATHER's name was Iskandar Kutty and he came from Kerala state and migrated to Malaya and settled in Kedah.

Kutty? I got a Hindu friend whose parents came from India and his name is also Chelliah Kutty. That is a Malay name????

Now, who is an Idiot? If you want to defend Mahathir, get your facts right FIRST. Bodoh!!!

Anonymous,  27 August 2010 at 10:21  

It is always easier to score points by making use of “victim mentality” platform, by reading Hakiman well articulated piece on the Malays sense of insecurity, I personally don’t think the non-Malay (exclude the so called Superbumis) can do much about it unless we change our own psyche on fear of losing (kiasu/kiasi) and operate on a closed economies.

When you see the result is not right but still not willing to change course, is that not close to Communist uphold to Communism ideology?

My point is, to “read” Mahathir could be a bigger mistake.


HAKIMAN,  27 August 2010 at 10:53  

UMNO's last line of defence for its survival is to continue to ingrain into the Malays everyday and every time their sense of insecurity as a community in a multi racial country.

Mahathir introduced that line of thinking in UMNO when he first joined politics by demonising Tunku Abdul Rahman in that our Bapa Merdeka was selling the Malays to the Chinese, in particular and that he was not looking after Malay interests. He continued to entrench that in his 22 years as President of UMNO, that Malays are backward and exploited by the non Malays and only UMNO can take the Malays of their desperation... fuelling further the emotional siege of the Malays and deepening their insecurity fears.

This is despite the fact the Malays is a majority community holding political power since independence and accepted by other races as the community to provide political leadership.

After 22 years as President of UMNO and as Prime Minister, has the Malay community feel more secured in their own country, and why did he shed crocodile tears at the UMNO General Assembly saying the Malays continue to want crutches. He blamed the Malays for the very philosophy he espoused as the leader of UMNO.

With an exception of a small minority of Malays, even educate ed Malays who had travelled and who have broaden their minds to see the bigger picture, still harbour that feeling of insecurity, after more than 40 years of UMNO indoctrination.

Even Khairy Jamaluddin, Oxford trained, suave and well read, sought political influence by pandering to the ill-conceived Malay insecurity fears.

It is a vicious cycle, UMNO wanting to bring the Malays out to become a proud, self-confident and competitive community to face the challenges of the 21st century, and at the same time NEEDING to continue to entrench Malay's insecurity fears in order to remain in power.

Look at Muhyiddin Yassin. He is moving himself into the arms of Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali and aligning himself to Mahathir so that he can differentiate himself from Najib in UMNO (noting that Najib is re inventing himself and moving towards becoming a more inclusive PM and trying to repair the damage of the last 30 years).

Muhyiddin knows that by playing to the Malays' insecurity, he will have a political base because there are those pseudo-Malays eg the UMNO-mamaks etc who want to be more Malay than an ethnic Malay, and those greedy UMNO Malays who are waiting on the sidelines impatiently wanting to join the lines of instant UMNO Millionnaires.

The lesson for the Malays is this: UNTIL and UNLESS, the individual Malay can remove this ghost, inherited or otherwise, of their constant INSECURITY FEARS, the Malays can NEVER be a part of a proud, self-confident and merit-based competitive community, and not lived with the stigma that they can only survive with Govt assistance and with "sedekah" from others.

The unfortunate part of this is that UMNO is NOT helping the Malays to be self-confident, pride in self-achievement and a competitive community.

The saying for the Malays outside UMNO is this, "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going". A lesson should be learnt from the Singapore Malays.

The downfall of the Malay community comes when Malays still believe in UMNO's , "When the going gets tough, UMNO will come to your aid immediately".

The poverty problems of the Malays in Malaysia is not a race issue. Poverty is not owned by the Malays. It is disgraceful to even say that.

Poverty of the Malays should be addressed as a economic issue which cuts across all racial lines, and not as a race issue. By tackling poverty of the Malays this way, it will restore at least some sense of pride among the poor Malays, that there are indeed poor Chinese and Indians like them too. As there are filthy and obscenely rich Malays among the filthy and obscenely rich Chinese and Indians in the country.

Anonymous,  27 August 2010 at 10:57  

You are right that the majority will take Mahathir side. But what does that mean? It means that they will take their OWN interest first, take Machiavellian to the next level the way Mahathir has always done in a fight.

Will Najib lose? Yes. But so will all of THEM soon after.

Anonymous,  27 August 2010 at 12:02  


Undeniably Tun Mahathir's reservoir of goodwill among the Malay majority is still vast. As a master tactician, he can easily mobilise the Malay sentiments against any race or even his comrade in UMNO.

For the sake of next generation of Malaysian, his exploits must be exposed and curtailed. I hope DS Najib will rise up to the challenge.

Anonymous,  27 August 2010 at 13:00  

One Malaysian was bullshitting when he said "Here is a man who ruled for 22 years - in politics that is several life times - yet he did nothing to make the Malays feel more secure."

Total bollocks. In fact, Malays felt more secure then than what they felt when Mahathir retired.

The Malay pscyhe went into limbo when he voluntarily resigned.

Up came Pak Lah. But he did far worse than one could have imagined. Now Najib is steering a damaged ship and you think Malays are happy about all this?

No One Malaysian, you are wrong. The Malays and generally Malaysians, were having their highest confidence and happiness level because that's what leadership all about.

Why did you snatch the credit away from Mahathir?


Anonymous,  27 August 2010 at 18:01  

Anon 23:55

You said..

"U r just a racit idiot using racial lies to criticise a man who brought so much good things for the country.

U cant thing of any good things he had done because lets face the fact, ur an ignorant fool."

I am a bit tickled by this remark. While I can rile off hundreds of stupid and costly mistake he made for this country, perhaps you can enlgihten us on ONE thing he did best for Malaysia ... not say for Malays (which is very easy to do... just dip into the country's coffers and distribute it. Any fool as PM can do that and still doing)

Hey just one.

I was with one of a Malay staff in my company a few months back. This guy was also like you praising him like no tomorrow. So one day I just ask him... can he name me ONE thing or any one of his hundreds of multibillion projects he initiated during his entire years of rule, that really is outstanding and generates income for the country? Hey Petronas twin tower is built with money... the tech with money(foreign) and today still spending money maintaining it.

Well.. he was not able to give one.

I hope you can . Even the one and only one that I know off that is still a gem is the Felda scheme. Today , even though not as efficiently maintained as private ones, it generates money for the country. Felda was not his project it was our late Tun Abdul Razak's

So can anyone take his advise he is now giving to Najib? Advise from him? That would be the day.

God... help us.

Anonymous,  27 August 2010 at 18:14  

Quiet Despair...

Don't be quiet but let us be more vocal. You wrote..

"The Malay heartland are thinking why is Najib very silent on Malay issues as compared to Tun M.
And the votes of the simple malay votes are more important to UMNO than any of us here who chants change and wanting to be liberal."

We non Malays are still very puzzled what are the issues facing the Malays? We certainly would like to know.

What have Malays not got today? TDM said Malays' positions are threatened . By whom and how?

So far not a single Malay comes forward to explain how. Why? I tell you why... for every reason you give you get 10 answers to refute the stupidity of that statement that says Malays' political or even economic positions are threatened.

We have again and again. This current hoo ha are the war between one group of Malays against another group. Nothing with Chinese or Indians. Everything think from the army, police, judiciary,MACC,Government Posts, Universities, Education are in complete control in the country.

So perhaps you can tell us... what you want so that we Non Malays can digest and help.

However please dont talk about wanting 67% without doing the hardwork to get it just because article said
"special ". No one is giving you free lunch or to any other guys irrespective he is Indian,Chinese or Malays.

If you guys can start to be more productive , earn the money the best way you can ... go ahead get the 67% with our blessing.

Dont just go to the mike and shout ... we want 67% and expect that to fall from the sky.

We sure wish to know more what are your Malay grievances that is not because of your own faults but rather the faults of the non Malays. Then we can change to help you.

Anonymous,  27 August 2010 at 18:23  

Anon 00:12

Aiya.. how can you take a jumping frog to show here. Surely you have better honour than that guy !

This guy is only valid until the next election.

We dont give a shit about those who betray their trusts ... only your parties so far accept them readily. I do accept that guys like Anwar Ibrahim too love that kind and paid dearly for it. AI is not exactly politically savvy and I do feel there is still some UMNO in him.

DAP does not accept frogs .. maybe you forgot. Remember Karpal Singn was dead against frogs even when Anwar was jumping high and low to get frogs? Mostly PKR chaps lah.

So dont brag about morality. DAP besides PAS (too have them which as a Chinese I respect them for it) have the highest morality.

Anonymous,  28 August 2010 at 13:20  


Just to share this .....

"Dr Mahathir Mohamad's hard-hitting words are a clear reflection of his fear of Pakatan Rakyat winning the next general election. According to PAS information chief Idris Ahmad, this is the 84-year-old former premier's worst nightmare. “He knows he will be lynched and buried... he's afraid for his future.”

Anonymous,  28 August 2010 at 21:05  

U cant thing of any good things he had done because lets face the fact, ur an ignorant fool.

26 August 2010 23:55


Please read what George Soros wrote of Mahathir and form your own opionion. don't let the govt's propaganda machine give you a false picture . Tok Mat mentioned how the govt's propaganda machine was used against Ku Li.

read at


Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 14:49  

schenker, mualaf adalah untuk mereka yg masuk islam, 5 tahun dan ke bawah. selepas 5 tahun tidak dipanggil mualaf lagi.

schenker78 7 September 2010 at 16:31  

anon 1449

point taken... but a convert will always be a convert, they always be different than a born moslem or any other religion...

as i said before, these converts will always feel they have something to proof to the born moslem or any other tend to act more pious and speak nonsense, Ridhuan Tee Slit Eyes aka Mata sepet will always be a Chinese ...he is not a ask him to quit talk about bangsa aku, which is wrong reference. His bangsa is Cina ....

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