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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 8 August 2010

Malaysia a failed democracy?

Anwar on universal values.

I have written a few articles on Anwar Ibrahim which I intended to serve as wake up calls for UMNO people. The last article was misinterpreted by some that I have weakened. Fortunately that isn't so. On the contrary it has emboldened my resolve to contribute in whatever ways to re energize UMNO. A good captain never abandon ship.

A few years ago in 2005, Anwar Ibrahim gave a speech entitled Universal Vales And Muslim Democracy. We shall see the usual trademark of Anwar doing what he does best- self vindication by association. It was a subtle exercise of self promotion. That he is around to be the bridesmaid of universal democracy but for his victimization at the hands of a regime which has adulterated democracy.

So for example, in the beginning of the article, while claiming that advances in the west have brought enlightenment to many parts of the world, in the form of universal democracy , there are certain parts of the world that refused to be absorbed into worldwide awakening.

Of course included in that part of the world which chose to remain primitive is Malaysia. As further proof to the obstinacy of Malaysia in accepting worldwide enlightenment, he goes to inform that his 6 year incarceration was indicative of Malaysia's primitiveness. Very clever and subtle. He is therefore a victim of an authoritarian and almost totalitarian regime.

Be that as it may, I shall refrain from saying that Anwar is a tool or agent of the West for saying this. Those UMNO people using this approach have only revealed that they are mentally lazy to dissect Anwar's intellectual trickery. My plan is to show the hollowness of Anwar's strategy. We shall show that he has to take this strategy because its self serving.

Whereas by Anwar's contention because of our plurality of identities, Malaysia should be an early candidate to accept this enlightenment. The concept of plurality of identities was coined by the Nobel Laureate Economist Amartya Sen. We assume that Anwar has read Sen's Development as Freedom and the Argumentative Indian. Despite my cynicism to whether Anwar actually reads what he quotes, he is at least aware of these works. UMNO leaders don't.

What happened to Malaysia then despite having its plurality of identities? It failed because of autocratic and almost totalitarian rule which sets the plurality of identities apart. He may be right in this aspect, but notice how he links this to his own personal experience.

It seems to me, that Anwar measures Malaysia's induction into the world of enlightenment via democracy by examining at how Malaysia treats him. Not a very good measure is it? The usual measures of democracy I believed does not include the treatment of one particular person. Perhaps it's this that Anwar does best- by having his own personal fight incorporated as part of a larger cause. Hence his own fight is a fight for greater democracy. His own salvation becomes a salvation for humanity.

This is what I mean vindication by association. Hence because Malaysia does not measure up to this standard, it is not a democratic country.

So the injustice visited upon him is because (1) Malaysia is a heretic of democracy and (2) Muslim Malaysia does not understand that being an Islamic country does not mean it cannot be democratic. In other words, Malaysia does not understand also the value of Islam.

It is therefore wrong for Malaysia to reject enlightenment via western democracy insists Anwar because it is wrong for people to reject the universal appeal of democracy. Also it is unIslamic. Democracy as first enunciated by John Locke, entering France through the writings of Voltaire and as said by Anwar reaching the shores of the new world and influencing the framers of the American Constitution, has universal application. Because it is such, any one country, modifying or localizing the universal principles of democracy are heretics.

See how he elevates democracy as a world religion. The heretics of course include those who promote the Asian values or democracy re-interpreted incorporating local values. Nothing doing says Anwar because, doing so, goes against the principles of universal democracy.

That reasoning is of course self serving. He was incarcerated as a result of Malaysia not practising the universal principles of democracy.

Anwar dismisses the idea behind Asian values in certain countries. He said this concept has been debunked. Confucian values stresses the primacy of self cultivation and therefore according to him, stresses also personal freedom. This is not correct because, the self is always subservient to the greater good of society. This is the essence of a filial society in Confucian scheme of things.

He provided examples of South Korea and Taiwan as being Confucian values driven societies who have spurned the idea of a local version of democracy. Anwar forgets modern Korea began with Park Chung Hee- a man who wasted no time removing the luxuries of western democracy as Anwar calls it. Taiwan was put on course of modernity by strongman Chiang Kai Shek. In all these countries, democracy was embraced not without modifications. Taiwan was able to catch up with western economies precisely because the state played a prominent and active supporting role.

Why must these small deviations from the universality of democratic principles be so important to Anwar's argument?

Because he wants to show that these small deviations result in a bastardization of democracy and that those countries usurping the universal tenets of democracy deserve condemnation and worldwide censure.

It is also crucial to show that he is being victimized for his role to uphold the purity of democracy. He is therefore the West's only hope to ensure the spread of democracy. Perhaps even to the necessity of carrying out a regime change.


Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 10:32  


Wrong Again Dato'!

There is NO NEED for the Amber Lights...

DS Najib's Scheme is not for the Intelligent People that frequent your Site! His Plans for Anwar's Incarceration is for the Ulu People who make up the Majority of Malay Voters...

These Ulu People are Succumbed by Parochial Values and Religious Fervour (Sodomy!!! God Forbid, Malaysia will be struck with disasters if Anwar is not put away!!). No amount of reasoning matters.

They are the ones that will keep DS Najib in power, not the Intelligensia.

Joe Black

Ariff Sabri 8 August 2010 at 10:53  

joe black,
yr exclamation mark is intimidating. i am peeing in my pants.

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 12:59  


You say that your articles on Anwar are a wake-up call and you wish to re-energise UMNO. If so, then why the Anwar bashing??

How can you or the other pro-UMNO bloggers hope to re-energise UMNO by criticising Anwar, or PR for that matter, as this criticism preaches only to the pro-UMNO bloggers.

The fence-sitters and the apolitical neutrals only want a better government. We don't care whether it's from the BN or the PR.

After decades of misrule the rakyat wanted change and most voted for PR. Granted most never actually thought the PR would get to govern 5 states, the rakyat hoped things would change for the better.

Well things did change.

UMNO instead of changing for the better, did, but for the worse. They replaced what most of us believed to be a decent but inapt PM with one who most, right from the onset, would say was already tainted. But to UMNO this did not seem to matter one bit.

They have yet to repair, let alone admit what is fundamentally wrong with the party. In turn they blamed "Slumberjack", removed him and installed a far less morally and ethically credible individual.

This was not the change the rakyat were hoping for. To compound matters, it seems it's not just business as usual, but business with added vengence.

UMNO needs to change. You don't change by criticising your opponents. You change from within.

Your earlier articles criticising UMNO, though not popular with the pro-UMNO faction, will do good if it can bring about the needed change within UMNO that the rakyat is hoping for.

Leave Anwar be. To most he has served his time for the wrongs that he did. By that I don't mean sodomy, but his time in UMNO.

He now stands for change. He is in sync with the rakyat.

UMNO can steal his thunder by changing and providing the change that the rakyat wants. There is no need to belittle or demonise Anwar, PAS or the DAP.

Do what the rakyat wants and needs, and they will follow you.

Charging Anwar for sodomy 2 is not what the rakyat wants. They see this charge as nothing but UMNO depriving them of the change that Anwar promises.

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 13:03  

Dato, you comments below...
"On the contrary it has emboldened my resolve to contribute in whatever ways to re energize UMNO. A good captain never abandon ship."

We all respect your intentions and desires to re energize UMNO and you have in many months since then did put forward many good indicators how it can/should be done.

However, demonising or demolishing or jailing Annuar is definitely not one of those ways to energize UMNO. These amateur politicians many of them rose from the ranks of say "railway gate keepers" will surely not understand what it takes.

No I am not going to give out all their weaknesses for I do wish to see how Pakatan can run a country after giving more than 50 years to UMNO (not BN) to run the country. The results of the last 50 years is not disastrous, I dont know what is. Practically in almost every areas from Education to Economics, you name it.

As it is, my personal view is , UMNO is in for a very very rude awakening to their arrogance until today still behaving like a spoilt child giving out tandrums why everything they do, does not work. They do not have the brains of real politicians. ..Annuar included.

Cheers and best of luck to your attempts.

It does not and will not work.

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 13:49  

I agree with Joe Black.

The UMNO/BN goons are trying to create an "emotional hold" on the religious kampung folks by broadcasting the sins of Anwar. However, UMNO/BN goons are covering their sins from the kampung folks.

UMNO/BN goons pandai tipu Melayu..tapi Melayu dah dibodohkan oleh Mahathir...jadi, dah percaya segala2 yang di siarkan di Utusan Melayau.

When I balik kampung, some of my aunties and uncles believe every single word they read on the govt-controlled newspapers. Often, I end up arguing with them!

Dato, if you say Anwar is an agent of the West, what about UMNO/BN using APCO, and Israel company. Does it mean UMNO/BN is in cahoot with the Israelites? How can a Muslim country endorse Israel? Our passport does not allow us entry into Israel yet these Israelites are welcomed with open arms in Bukit Aman and Putrajaya. As a Muslim, I bantah lah. Ini semua aku dah cerita kat my folks bila aku balik kampung. Celaka punya UMNO/BN.

Kenapa Dato tak bantah???

Leave Anwar to be accountable to Allah. He didn't kill anyone like BN/UMNO did; like the binatang polis did. Begitu kejam! Every life has a right to live.

BN/UMNO goons caused the country to be in disharmony - kacau-bilau tentang isu perkauman selalu. Islam promotes living harmoniously with each other.

Dulu2, kita tinggal di kampung dengan kaum2 lain. Tak gadoh pun. Sekarang, the government nak buat kita gadoh pulak. Aku tak suka cam ni lah.

Dato, wake up!!! A good government is one who looks into racial harmony, investment in education of its people, economic growth and having a clean and efficient government.

The BN/UMNO goons have failed us as a government for 50 years.

orang kampung

Ariff Sabri 8 August 2010 at 13:55  

orang kampung,

kalau saya kata awak seorang yang bodoh jangan marah? bla pulak saya kata anwar agent of the west?
lain kali kalau nak bantah baca dan faham dulu lah wok oi...kalau tak faham jangan menyemak kat sini ok.

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 13:56  

Alot of failed reasonings of the so-called 'intellectual' guy.

No wonder Malaysia is still a 3rd world country.

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 13:58  

A failed product of the BN, oh wait.. did you go to study abroad?

then that makes you double the failure.

Ariff Sabri 8 August 2010 at 14:01  

anon 13:56 and 13:58.

you must be the same fellow. your single line statement is a revelation? why dont you just say you cant understand the article and theerfore cannot argue back. go on..dont be scared. we wont cane you.

Alumni PASTI,  8 August 2010 at 14:04  

Joe Black,

A bigot like you does not enjoy a higher moral ground to condemn Sak's sharp analysis of BABI.

There are many types of Anwaristas. One is of course Joe Black and the likes who is intellectually handicapped to engage in a meaningful discourse on any topics. All you know is name calling...calling the Majority Malay votes as Ulu People...that's bigotry.

The bigger scheme of thing for people like JB and the likes is to legitimise gay dan lesbian as part of the Malaysia `norms'. That's why they went all to way to support Anwar, because this is the opportunity for deviant behavior and sexual preference. You may call me a bigot for this...fine...Allah will be with me.

No, we cannot accept gay as our PM. Period!

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 14:54  

One moment its Anwar bashing to evoke a debate and wake up UMNO.

What is it now?
You are neither hear or there.

So Anwar is wrong because of his revisiting his own persecution by an undemocratic Government.

So the Malaysian Government is a thriving democracy! - with an emasculated Judiciary, with criminals as IGP and AG, a corrupted MACC, government controlled media to spin untruth as truth, corrupted leaders with baggage as leaders.
And a country where is law is an ass and the police and the courts used to Oppress the Opposition.

This is your version of democracy.
You must be a very confused man. Little wonder you are faithful to UMNO when by right any man with a modicum of integrity will distance himself from this party fit for hell!!

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 15:05  

Not too many months ago, i remember i had read a press release from one of the brainy and elitist Minister i choose to call him noname from UmNo.

He said - "Malaysia is a democratic Country because we run General Election once every 5 years"!

Great, run general election, be it buy-election or election by gerrymandering all these never mind as long as there's general election once every 5 years or less, we entitle the word Democracy!

Then we can qualify ourself as a Country with democracy, we can also claim ourselves vis-a-vis the western or universal democracy!

And a Country with democracy is not supposed to be mocked as a Gestapo State, and or a secret police State! It's only a jest, when jokers Bolehlanders are calling us a Gestapo State!

By right Democracy is only one single word having one single meaning but due to too much free times in the Westminster those days in the past, the hooked nose Caucasians had thrown themselves into heated debate and finally resolved to 'diversify' Democracy into many sub-titles and meaning.

So Malaysia was given a privilege of labelling as a Monarchy Constitutional Democratic system, or something like that, my dementia usually set in to prevent me from putting the correct sequence or configuration to define its correct meaning, of a system!

it will be very much easier to remember 2+1 kopiO or 3+1 white coffee when this kind of 'scientific terminology' only a 'Political Scientist' who has got plenty of free time can interpret with no mistake! I as a layman surrender.

OMG! Dato Sak out of the blue throw out another deeper quiz which says - Malaysia is a failed democracy?! What is this thingy of a 'failed democracy'? Is this a new brand of Democracy something like a new brand of Teh the mamak stall used to promote as 'Teh tarik with Tongkat Ali'?! Something like that???

Or is this a new form of democracy Umno has taken more than 5 decades to reinvent it, shape it as a perfect substitute to the given archaic system which excels to become today's 'failed democracy' the emboldened Dato Sak asserts herewith?!

I am bemused!

tylerdurden 8 August 2010 at 15:14  

"Orang kampung" yg ni kemungkinan besar bodoh...

Hoi org kampung. Yg ko dok canang satu kampung pasal BN tu kau dah sure betul ke ataupun kau menfitnah? Kau tu org kampung dah duduk bandar berlagak balik kampung mcm tau semua penipuan yg berlaku kat gomen. Ko mesti seronok jadi konon2 org yg tau suma cite sebenar yg berlaku kat Mesia ni kan.

U are just an attention seeker wit no substance in ur arguments. Or a lousy underpaid cybertrooper. Kasta tinggi sikit dr sampah. Nuff said...

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 15:36  

Alumni pasti,

Are u a weirdo?!

Do you really understand what's the meaning of moral ground? And you still believe that you umno goons many of you still own one bit of moral ground, in such a Party full of denials and deceits?!

You said you couldn't accept a gay as the future PM and remain silent as an obedient stooge of an alleged C4 master or an abet murderer kingpin is your self-proclaim higher moral ground than Joe Black?!

Oh my shit! You are such a weirdo with kinky thought!

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 16:41  

Alumni PASTI,

Kamu ni pasta ke atau noodles ke?

I also cannot accept gay as PM. Dia belum jadi PM lah. Kemungkinan besar tak jadi. Why pee in your pants so early? Memang perangai UMNO/BN si pengecut!!

Banyak gays dan pondans di Malaysia, bukan tak tau? Why you never call Jais ke , Jakim ke atau Jakun ke atau apa2 ngo atau polis pergi tangkap.

Dalam UMNO/BN pun banyak gays. Penang UMNO kan ada satu yang baru2ini terbongkar?

Even worst, dalam UMNO/BN ada rapist, the one who raped an underaged muslim girl. kamu tak tau?

you cannot accept gay as PM but you can accept penyamun, pembunuh, pencuri, orang yang korup jadi PM?

Bertaubatlah! baliklah ke pangkuan Allah!

orang kampung

HAKIMAN,  8 August 2010 at 16:49  

He is therefore the West's only hope to ensure the spread of democracy. Perhaps even to the necessity of carrying out a regime change.

Is that a crime or is that bad for Malaysia to fight for democracy?

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 17:31  

Quote: "On the contrary it has emboldened my resolve to contribute in whatever ways to re energize UMNO. A good captain never abandon ship."

Dato, it saddens me you think this way. From your blog postings, I can see you are an intelligent individual capable of leading our country for the better. Your good intentions (I'm assuming they are) for the betterment of Malaysia would be better serve in the interest of the rakyats and not just UMNO.

Why pledge your allegiance to a mere vessel (UMNO) when it is the country and people that matters more?


Richard Cranium 8 August 2010 at 18:53  

Alumni PASTI

So, we can accept a person who is corrupted and a "killer"? Oh, do I hear you say it was not proven? And so also I hear you say he denied it, in a mosque even?

Hullo, bro, touche.

Quiet Despair,  8 August 2010 at 19:18  

Ahoy, skipper.
A good captain never abandon ship. You pledge to contribute to a re-energised UMNO.
Yes Sak we Malays and UMNO need all the skippers to steer the ship away from troubled waters.
I don't think we are a sunken ship yet.
We can still drop anchor in a safe haven of IMalaysia.
But first we must not be the bait of the jaws of sharks like Mr Aljay.

Yes, Anwar is a bridesmaid. And he will never a bride be. (I assume he is female in this regard).
We must make sure he's never the bride-groom.

Now like you said he is more into self-promotion, self-vindication and proving that he's a victim of our justice system.

Then to stregthen his sodomy case, he brought our so-called transgressions of democracy and our Islamic model of government.

Note that it's always about him.
He managed to gain sympathy on his sodomy trial so much so his supporters think Saiful is the guilty one.

Never do we hear what are his struggle for all Malaysians except for wanting to be number one.

Dont talk about Malay rights. That's taboo to him since he knows he's now the beloved leader of the Chinese especially.

The clever and conniving man is using the case as his trump-card alone.

He knows this put the government in a tight spot, though he's soooo gulty of the charges.

But the government cannot and will not mention the sodomy case because 1) it is subjudice.
2) will lend credence to the allegations the government is behind Saiful.

So the government is treating it as a Saful case alone and leave it to the courts to decide.

And Anwar knows this. That is why he's using all the delaying tatics.

Like other Malays, I too want it to be speeded up.

As long as it's hanging, Najib has his hands tied.

Najib may do wonders, but as long as the case is unsettled, it will continue to plague him.

Anwar is also the one who will stall Najib to get a new mandate.

How lucky to be Anwar yah. Dont have oblgations to the people yet holds sway in people's minds simply by calling himself a victim.

How do BN counter such trickery?

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 19:29  

Dato', Hopefully you are not thinking that people who read your blog are stupid.
But sorry not many orang kampong read your whatever you want to call it, maklumlah tajuk nya hebat sekali "Malaysia a failed democracy"- amazing! tup tup baca kat dalam nak kutuk Anwar baut apa?
Alahai, Dato' keep
Kalau Najib ngan gerombolan nya masih macam tu juga... rasa nya bungkus tok next election. Just be ready, maklum lah Orang Melayu ni tetap akan mempertahankan UMNO sehingga ketitisan darah terakhir, Dato' pun tahu kan Brahim Ali akan muncul menjadi juara utama UMNO Perkasa.
Maaf Dato, selamat menyambut RAMADHAN. Anyway, gua caya lu la..hehe.

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 20:06  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

Deconstructing DSAI?

Aren't you missing the forest for the trees?

The change that is occurring in Malaysia is not about DSAI. He may be the catalyst. But Malaysians are slowly realizing that there's better alternatives than what we have now.

It was like being forever (ok, 52 years) bullied around, and then the realization that it doesnt have to be always like that. It is the realization that someone can stand up to the bully. DSAI is just one of the personality that is part of a whole awakening of the Malaysian mind.

He may be taken out - but there will be another in his place. And if he/she is also taken out, another one will replace him/her.

The people in power can do all they want with all the current might - but it doesnt stop the process.

He may be incarcerated again. That may fasten the process.

The people in power may want to stop the information from reaching the significant voting public by keeping them poor and ignorant (a gesture from a caring government?)

The government may even impose martial laws.

Or kill the intellectuals (you qualify as one!)

Or slam the door down and isolate Malaysia from the international community.

The above has all been tried and tested from the ancient to the modern times. It doesn't stop the march for truth. It may be delayed - but it is there. Each choice does not stop the movement - but sprout new ones.

Granted, for it to be fully successful, there must be many other conditions - it may or may not exist now. But the process has started and there's nothing you can do to stop this.

The only way is to go with this flow. Understand the people's aspirations. Take actions.

Simple words, but difficult to do. The government has spoken correctly, but the deeds hasn't match it yet.

Knowing UMNO - from the top to the ordinary members, I don't think it can happen. Again, that's the reason why I'm calling you Cassandra. You know the truth, you see it - but no one believes you. Its not fun being in this position - for when you finally say 'I told you so' it is far too late.

I admire your optimism. You see UMNO from a point of view that I do not. Either one of us has a tinted rose glass - but there's only one truth. Either way, there will be change. And if one of us is wrong, it is not going to get better. Ah, what a pretty tangled mess have we got into.

And I can also share with you my thoughts of what I see.

I see change without UMNO. It is not going to be pretty as I said earlier. UMNO is brickwalling - MACC, Police, Judiciary - you name it. The day after the 13th GE (yes, I hope it is that soon) will not be pretty. But it has to happen.

Amber light, you say? No, its more likely running too many redlights. One day, there will be study on why the heck did UMNO did that (Oh, wait - you already did), and a lot of action has been taken since?

Apart from paying cybertroopers, I mean. (And they go against people who want to do it. Its like fighting against martyr, no?)

What do you think will make UMNO change?

Ths DSAI study remind me of the iPhone. Just about all the new phone coming out of the market is deemed 'iPhone killer'. They have more bells, more whistles, more of everything. But iPhone is still there at the perch. Every new model sell like hot cakes.


They miss the forest for the trees. iPhone is not about the phone per se. But the user experience. The tight integration between iTunes. The ease of use. Its not about the phone.

Same here, Dato'.

Melayu Baru

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 20:08  

Well done... methinks you've hit the G-spot!

the only problem is your choice of words:

1. It was a subtle exercise of self promotion.

yep... about as subtle as an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale.

2. Very clever and subtle

clever... never; cunning... maybe, although, sly would have hit the G-spot dead-center!

3. Those UMNO people using this approach have only revealed that they are mentally lazy to dissect Anwar's intellectual trickery.

only if you consider a Bangsawan play, intellectually stimulating!

but, seriously...

after having seen the grand scheme of things... do you think this over-rated Bangsawan actor actually possesses the necessary intellect to have master-minded this whole sandiwara?

perhaps, a read-up on the rise of, for example, Sadam Hussein might prove interesting.

Pedro Garcia Millan 8 August 2010 at 21:25  




You see, Bush Sr., & Jr., Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Obama, Ford...ALL these presidents are in what is dubbed a SECRET SOCIETY called The Moloch Axis Demoniacs (i coined the phrase myself...Dr. A.P. and i don't use my full name because WHO knows WHAT sinister crap they'd do to me IF they found out?) or M.A.D. for short.

These people, and there’s obviously more of them (Cheney, Rumsfeld etc.) than the ones mentioned, control KEY positions not just in government, business, finance, society etc. They not only perpetuate what will keep them in power today, but take steps to GRADUALLY erode MORAL, SOCIAL and FAMILY VALUES in society. This degradation is so gradual that it's like hair loss! You see it ever so slowly and you have to be a keen eye to boot!

For example, women in the workforce...they go to work so WHO takes care of the kids? Some goofs getting minimum wage who could care less about those kids. Family split apart because NOW both parents work and the cost of life itself purposely increased to perpetuate this separation. Kids grow up with NO moral/social/family values. Repeat this a few generations and before you know it, you have mindless zombies that don't know RIGHT from WRONG! The masses will be easily programmable to get in debt, and be anti-Christ-like etc. Add ASPERTAME, Fluoride in tap water, MSG and genetically modified foodstuffs to the mix and the process expands both rapidly & exponentially.

Also, the coming mark of the beast 666. Remember HOW it all used to be ca$h only? Then they introduced checks, then credit cards to get yourself in serious financial troubles, then ATM cards, and now that STUPID SWIPE-PASS card. What is the purpose of all this? To get people broken down enough and stupid enough through putting FLUORIDE in the drinking water and ASPERTAME in soda drinks/pop cans so we ALL can accept the 666 chip. So NOBODY can buy or sell or own ANYTHING lest he has the mark of the beast (anti-Christ) which is 666.

I can go on for days & days as to the subtleties and more examples but i think you all SEE the points i make here. It's all SUBTLE and GRADUAL negative changes day in & day out that these M.A.D. demons (because they are demonic and have placed their trust in demons in exchange for their souls and material possessions here on earth) are passing into laws in Canada, USA, UK, SPAIN, FRANCE etc.

Quiet Despair,  8 August 2010 at 22:04  

Joe Black

You obviosuly is an Indian who do not know the Malay mind and what make us tick.
Intelligent people to you is always you guys. That's why you are always persuading Sak to quit UMNO.
Continue consoling yourself only the smart, the upper-class or tech savvy people go on the net.
Come off it.
Kampung or Ulu people are more politically savvy than you.
They are wiser and have a more holistic approach to what they really want.
You think they care two hoots about Anwar being vicitmised via sodomy, like you all imagine it to be.
They are more concerned about their family welfare, food prices, basic amenities and where the money is coming from for their well-being.
They are the ones who will again vote for UMNO.
That is why I was saying all along, Najib and BN should stop concentrating on you guys.
You all are goners. Everything Anwar did is right by you guys.
You will welcome it even if Anwar is bonking your wife.
Hey no problem boss, share the land, share the wealth,share the wife.

HAKIMAN,  8 August 2010 at 22:13  

As "Melayu Baru" rightly put, change in Malaysia WILL come. It is not, but when.

UMNO's stone-walling using MACC, the Judiciary, the Police and the Civil Servic eonly DELAYS the process but will NOT eliminate.

Take a lesson from Philippines that resulted in the overthrow of the corrupt Marcos regime, and the the fall of the corrupt Suharto regime.

It will be Malaysia's turn with the UMNO regime whether with or without Anwar.

The tipping point for Malaysians has been breached.

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 22:23  


U should read Melayu Baru's comment 2X & reflect upon it.

Anwar is ONLY a catalyst for the things to come - for M'sia.

Umno Baru is a bygone product, whose sell-by date is long over-due. It is holding to its dear life only by playing racial & religious politic.

The gentleman umno that u so love is NO more. It died the day when it was declared unlawful & dissolved by the high court.

So what more can you do? Resurrect the old umno via the current bunch of rent-seekers? Please-lah!

Which is bigger for u, Dato - M'sia or umno?

HAKIMAN,  8 August 2010 at 22:50  

UMNO's life-line today is its exploitation of religion ie Islam, for the purpose of upping its ante to hold on to power

After March 2008, PAS has proven it has the vehicle and the staying power to bring down to the Malay heartland the opposing views to UMNO about Islam... and to date, based on inside-polling PAS is winning the argument, which the mainstream media are refusing to publish.

Furthermore, the alternative media is deconstructing the spin of UMNO and that of UMNO-controlled newspapers. For example, Read here Malaysia-Today's write-up on the LIE of Bernama with regard to Hadi Awang's statement ( ) about the quotas for Malays in purchase of houses.

So, if the increasing number of Malays don't buy UMNO's manipulation of Islam in its politics and secondly, given that Islam is NOT a factor in the NON Malay vote, what is left of UMNO?

Nothing!! UMNO needs MCA and MIC to win Govt. Now we have Perkasa threatening MCA to ask Malays NOT to vote for MCA. That is the most welcome news for many Chinese voters, especially DAP and PKR.

How stupid can the UMNO-sponsored PERKASA be in threatening MCA!!!!

Therefore, Change IS coming the political landscape of Malaysia... and it is coming like a speed train through the tunnel and before UMNO knows it, it is out of Putrajaya. It is not dissimilar to the the shock result of March 2008, when UMNO woke up in total shock that it had losst 5 states, especially, Selangor, the crown jewel state..

The same WILL happen for GE 13, with or without Anwar.

Anwar's contribution to change is simply he set the whole process in motion and now that process has a life of its own.

Jailing Anwar will NOT solve UMNO's problem, it will only hasten UMNO's degeneration in the ballot box.

It would appear that reforms in UMNO come too little too late now, unless there is a earthquake beneath the feet of UMNO.

Alumni PASTI,  8 August 2010 at 23:37  

Joe The Bontot Black (An Indian who thinks he can be white),

My guess about PR supporters are full of homosexual being (or at least pro-homosexual lifestyle) prove right. From the posting of PR and Pro-PR wanders, it's crystal clear of their stand when it come to homosexuality. So, it's wake up call for all PAS supporters and leaders to know who they're sleeping with. Pok Nik, hati-hati bila BABI ada dekat, nanti dia sondol.

I just want to remind my fellow PAS brothers (who Joe Black labelled them as Orang Ulu), to know what kind of creatures are PR supporters.

I `graduated' from PASTI which I believe the early education (pre-school) system created by PAS to inculcate and indoctrinate PAS ideology.

It is my duty to remind my fellow PAS brothers and sisters of the political game they are playing with keturunan Nabi Luth. Leave PR or PAS will be doomed.

schenker78 9 August 2010 at 00:48  

sak, u know i use the MRR2 and LDP to go to the Curve...paid rm1.60 toll....then coming back, ended up using Penchala link paid toll rm2, then paid rm1.50 again another toll to reach federal highway....for a short bloody distance, i ended up paying rm5++, i was cursing and shouting samy vellu, mahathir and umno in the car using bloody foul language ...

u know what....why klang valley ppl vote pembangkang??? everytime we pay toll everyday we remember BN - Barang Naik...., we curse these bastard companies and these umno cronies and alibaba owners...we want like PAS did in terengganu abolish the toll in 1999....

we hate pay our hard earned money into umno pockets....go ahead, increase the tolls, or compensate these companies, dont forget to implement GST, naik minyak lagi, naik harga gas dan harga beras kau kau....we will give bloodier nose to umno...

even penyokong tegar UMNO cannot tahan inflasi...u just see wat will happen with umno protest vote towards their leadership...silap haribulan, they wont even come out to vote or campaign....

Dont play with peoples stomach ...some of your people can bear with lies n propaganda but not with food....

Indira Gandhi of India lost election few decades ago because of staple food price increase....

An hungry man is an Angry man...always remember this....

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 08:42  

To "Quiet Despair" and ALUMNI PASTI...

Wrong Again!!

Saya Bukan Orang India....(I apologize to the Indians on behalf of my Ignorant brothers who may not know the meaning of compassion...)

My comments were stricly to dispute Dato' Sak's notion that UMNO is in trouble. How can it be with Dato' Sak's brotherly supporters like Quiet Despair and ALUMNI PASTI.

And it doesn't mean that I have less of a respect towards the founding fathers of UMNO. The public's concern (which is also DS Najib's and mine) is the radicalism and brutalism (as reflected in Quiet Despair and ALUMNI PASTI's pieces as well as others such as Pasquale and BigDog) that UMNO and its Allies are now promoting in order to garner votes....

Joe Black

Alumni Pasti,  9 August 2010 at 08:59  

Alumni PASTI

So right pal.
When it comes to Anwar, his supporters lost all sense of what is right and what is wrong.
Yng halal jadi haram, yang haram jadi halal.
Dont be suprised if Anwar comes to power, sodomy is allowed in Malaysia.
Gay marriages may be allowed too.
PAS definitely will part company with them.
Please read Hadi Awang's comment about the Malay rights with regard to Bumiputera house discount which earned kudos from Muhyiddin.
Let's wait for PAS unity with UMNO which will leave Anwar non-plussed.

Schenker 78.

You use you pay. That's the price of development.
Why use the toll road when there's alternative routes for a leisurely ride on Sunday.
Obviously you have not stayed or visit overseas.
Macam katak bawah tempurong.
In S.Korea or the US for example for most turnpikes, you have to pay toll.
Even if your Nabi Anwar be PM, toll will still be imposed.
Tak tahulah kalau dia cap duit sendiri.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 09:39  

Alumni PASTI,

‘You use you pay. That's the price of development.’

So suddenly you turn to market-orientated principle! But don’t u think u r contradicting this with yr earlier part about the Malay rights with regard to Bumiputera house discount?

Where is yr religious principle – or u r giving Islam a bad name, just like Hadi Awang’s comment was taken out of context?

Any way HA is a nationalist, disguised as an upright religious man.

Both of u r munafik to the dot!


Quiet Despair,  9 August 2010 at 09:49  

Sorry it's me Quiet Despair replying to Alumni PASTI.
Not Alumni PASTI replying to Alumi PASTI.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 10:11  

When readers of Sakmongkol's Blog were trying to reason out why Anwar could be a better choice to replace the old guard Umno, many imbeciles would bark like rabid dogs!

Wasn't Anwar also their boss before, those Umno stooges?!

Oh I see, probably during his reign as DPM or Finance Minister, those were the losers or not the cup of tea of the former big brother to them!

Or on a closer conjecture, they are the old doyen TDM's wannabe martyr they will not miss a single chance to continue slog AI like a dead horse ever since their old master failed to kill him by his home make booby trap!

These people are actually the Trojan Horses which will do more harm than good in distracting Sak's good intention to serve his writings as the clarion calls to wake up the sleepy heads in the cozy Menara Umno!

Looks like Dato Sak is going to waste his time and saliva to the rabid dogs which bark with frothing mouths!

Still 1-Malaysia is real? Or it's only one of the many scum from the old and leaking scumbag?!

Another denial - product of Umno???!

Quiet Despair,  9 August 2010 at 10:14  

Joe Black

So now you want to be known as Johari Hitam.
Fine. After all a snake is always shedding its skin.
Now you are changing your stance after putting down the "Ulu" Malays.
And flattering yourself to be in the same leagues as our Najib and the UMNO founding fathers.
Podahchi. You are just a Pariah copying you) citizen of no consequence.
Why dont you just say you want Uncle Lim to be president?
Srop bull-shitting and beating round the bush.
We will respect that.
We UMNO people don't resort to obscenities or brutality or rough-handedness like PKR cowards in the cyber world.
We have more finesse than that. You can see that I dont resort to vulgarirites like you in my comments.
Look at Sak who even apologised for talking about Anwar.
If you learn street language since you are fond of streets demos, dont bring your alien culture to us in this blog.

Anon 09.39

The same goes to you too.
Branding people as Munafik. Are you God?
Oh I forgot you have a new prophet in in the guise of Mr Aljay.
Say good-bye to him, say hello to Hadi as PM. Can?
We are fine with him as long as its not the sodomizer.

schenker78 9 August 2010 at 10:31  

alumni pasti,

Boleeh kamu buang dahulu gay dari penang, Ahmad Issmaill...orang UMNO tu...mamak pondan pulak ni...entah2 dia rajin servis maha firaun plk...mana tahu....

Rajin jugak UMNO simpan pondan2 dalam UMNO.... Boleh kamu suruh polis buka siasatan bagaimana direktor lelaki, Yasmin Ahmad bertukar nama dan jantina dan boleh kahwin pulak lelaki....Lepas meninggal baru dapat tahu....

Boleh suruh polis tutup kegiatan maksiat di Lorong Haji Taib dulu ??? banyak kes sodomi kt sana, apasal x tangkap sana dulu....entah2 saiful bikin projek kat sana....

Quiet Despair, awak tuduh joe black ini India...dari mana dapat tahu....jangan main andaian jer

Apasal UMNO suka jadikan orang India pemimpin dlm umno seperti Mahathir (separuh celup kerala), Shahrizat Jalil (India), Azeez Ketua Putera (India), Mamak Zambri MB Perak (illegal), timbalan Putera umno....bla bla bla

schenker78 9 August 2010 at 10:45  

Quiet despair,

it is ione thing if you are a hardcore umno supporter, thats ur choice.

But why are you terming joe black as indian, then say indian trying to become white. what are u trying to say.

are you a racist? so much comment on skin color. always remeber a quote from Quran, people are created withe diff suku kaum so boleh kenali satu sama lain. you are so racist. I guess your treatment of black africans would be the same.

If nelson mandela visits here, you will show the same racist and supremacist behavior just like the whiteman of South africa apartheid.

you should go and show your attitude to a lot of africans in puchong, kajang who come in posing as college students. see how they make a roti canai out of you.

Go and show that attitude to Barack Obama also. A lot of whiteman have changed for the better. Unfortunately, a lot of malaysians are racist with skin color.

PS. Dont equate all indians as black, brown or blue....all of them are different....

ask your beloved rosmah mansur not to drop her fluid when kissing salman khan again...

schenker78 9 August 2010 at 10:49  

Alumni pasti,

you are sick. being a moslem how could you brand anwar ibrahim as Nabi.... Go and repent. You are not a moslem when telling ppl that a normal person is a Nabi. I hope sak will condemn this guy for this comment....

Nabi Muhammad s.a.w is the last Nabi. DOnt become a sesat by commenting nonsense. You are becoming murtad by your words towards others.

schenker78 9 August 2010 at 11:00  

Alumni pasti,

I use i pay??? where is the free road to mutiara damansara????? none ..... all surrounded by UMNO toll road...NKVE, Sprint, LDP , many toll just to connect this place....where is the alternative free road....none....

Dont talk as if i never went overseas.

I bet u never worked overseas.... I have worked in 6 different countries in 3 continents....go and fly kite, dude.......

in korea, US...They do agreement in a win win for contractor and public. Here its a lopsided agreement to cheat the users...thanks to your stupid mahathir who dont know anything...after Lingham case he said i cant remember or dono, in PKFZ scandal also he will say, 'saya tak tahu' tak ingat' .....Buat bodoh mahathir ni...sama mcm kamu....

next time, umno better stay away from doctors becoming leaders...

Go and see how countries with net exporter of Oil lives and comment here..... Katak dibawah tempurung....

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 11:35  

Quiet Despair,

From your posting i have to sum up, you having nothing to refute even Joe Black. LOL

With due respect to "ULU people" which include Malays, Chinese, Indians and others it is a well known fact that these fellas depend on main stream media for all their news. Fact is that Internet has not reached them even if there is effort to try that.

Fact is that it is their children that keep them informed.

Fact is that with ignorance the old tactic of intimidation and deprevation of correct info stunted their abilities to make an informed choice. Dare to disagree with this? Bet you cant.

Yes, as you said these people will continue to vote UMNO and so be it until the day they are well informed of what is going on.

You are obviously a guy who oppose a non Malay. Too bad we form 40% of the entire population and that is a huge minority. Better than that, this 40% forms country's economic life in business and expertise (but neglected).

You said, how about Uncle LIM be the PM. I ask you .. how about Obama having becoming the President of the United States of America. You give away yourself showing how narrow minded your kind had become.

It does not matter who becomes the PM so long as he/she is able to bring the country to new heights. Able to help ALL races to new levels of economic growth. Penang is one good small scale model.

In fact if you ask me, Uncle Lim IS THE MOST QUALIFIED candidate for the PM post in THIS COUNTRY. But at last, Malaysian politics is sooo very immature and racial (allowed to happened because of the subservient attitudes of other BN components all these years).

Uncle LIm WILL NEVER be one. It has to be a Malay because that is accepted when a country has such a huge narrow minded people. Why stir the honest's nest?

Tell us ONE area that Malaysia under the leadership of one race, Malaysia has excelled. Tell us just one area out of hundreds of areas from Education to economics.

Who cares and bother is our reply to you. Today, we are looking at global markets.. not the narrow and small Malaysian markets.

to be continued.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 11:38  

The exodus of Chinese, Malays and others to other countries for better opportunities happen naturally when their own country cannot provide the jobs and opportunities they need to grow locally and globally. With lots of little Napoleans, God save the country.

With guys still having phobia about non Malays heading anything in Malaysia (except their own businesses which are doing much better than yours), these guys just vote with their feet.

It is also good for the country too because

1. these guys invests overseas and earn overseas and keep their money overseas would not affect the economic ratio of Bumis vs non Bumis.
2. These guys will be our main income earners in the event our Malaysia becomes another Phillipines.

2. Ibrahim Ali ( your friend ) cannot blame his own failure and would be pleased Malaysia achieved 67% of the rotten egg leftover instead of 30% of the golden egg.

As far I am concerned and many of my friends, we look at all these rubbish yapping everyday by the likes of Ibrahim Ali, we just smile, look around somewhere and go on with our business the best way we can. Who cares. Fight for what? ISA yourself so others can enjoy our sacrifice?

WE do not see Malaysia as the ONLY place we can cari makan... the world is our market place and there is no such thing as NEP out there.

Today Malaysia has to compete with other neigbouring countries unlike the 60s or 70s where Malaysia was growing very fast with the aid of the large percentage of Chinese businessmen doing business with their brothers and kins all over SEA.

The declines started soon after NEP started when businesses started to shift overseas for lack of opportunities. Now this decline has matured as the main fat is getting less and less.

I know this for a fact, because I was in the midst of it ... in business. Those who stayed behind went to oblivion and many who went to Singapore became International companies.

One good example was the virus Buster software .. then better than Mcfree. Today Macfree is International our own Virus Buster based in Penang .. not heard of. There was then no support. That was in the '80s when PC just started. We were one of the top .. today we are nobody. I know we produced a lot of new software then ... today everything habis.

Today you see Chinese in Malaysia third grade kind compared to those Malaysians in other countries.

Sad .. but the reality.

Everyone of us, must look outward to survive... not just the Chinese but Malays, Indians etc.

The huge outflow of FDI and small inflow of FDI is not by accident. It is happening for real.

This percentage game here and there is really stupid.. and guys have the cheek to demand 67% doing what?

This would take decades to reverse.

Meanwhile many of us will not live to see the day when Malaysia can be one of the top again.

Too late even if Pakatan takes over.

To change the mindset of an entire community is not easy and that like American took decades in a Western minded environment. Asian kind of mentality... maybe 10 times longer.

ServiceB4Self,  9 August 2010 at 12:39  

We need appreciate what are the fundamentals that would make the people happy.

From the comments, I note that many take what has been floated and insinuated by one side as the gospel truth. Take for example comments on APCO, C4 and Sodomy 2. To date the accusation as to APCO has not been supported with concrete evidence – mere allegations. C4 relies on the statutory declaration of a corrupt individual who accepts bribes to issue another statutory declaration (of course he did it under duress you all say). To the legally train person, even his first statutory declaration is hearsay.

What would stop anyone to make a statutory declaration saying that he heard Tun Mahathir telling him that Anwar has sodomised so many people. Does that make it the truth?

The issue of the Sodomy 2. It is easy and juicier for all to believe DSAI that this is a big conspiracy by UMNO, BN, Police, Government, Judiciary and maybe even by each and every government servants. Maybe it is true but why delay the trial? DSAI in his defence said that the sperms found in the complainant’s anus has been placed there afterall DSAI wasn’t in the apartment and has a very strong alibi. Proceed with the trial and don’t delay it – just produce your evidence and let everyone decide. Don’t just make up stories and promising concrete evidence but at the same time, abuse the process by delaying each and every chance you get …. Come on, a junior DPP having an affair with the complainant as a basis to delay?

I digress – back to the fundamentals. This first thing is corruption – we all need to remove it. Unfortunately, corruption involves two parties, the person who takes and the person who gives. For any government to eradicate corruption there must be people who are willing to report it. I doubt the motorist who pays the duit kopi will do so nor will the pub owners will report such crime when duit kopi was demanded by the local authorities enforcement officers. This is still happening in Selangor and Penang and the relevant state governments are powerless to act against the municipal officers since no complaints have been made.

The next is the economy and cost of living. I agree that subsidies have to be removed especially if it does not benefit the lower income specifically and that it is given even to the rich. 20m3 of free water in Selangor – this form of subsidy is bad. This comes to 666 litres of water per household every day. At the end of the day, the State government (through KDEB) has to pay for this and if considering the leakages in the Selangor state financing, the people of Selangor ends up paying more that the free water they receives. What about the sand issue? We all know that sand business is a business controlled by the underworld. For every lorry load that the state gets royalty, there are countless of lorry loads that escapes. By giving a monopoly to one company, how do you ensure we the people will get the best price for our building material? Why is the price of sand still very high? Shouldn’t there be economies of scale?

Security is the next issue. We all want to be safe. Whether in our own homes, in our neighbourhood and our working environment. Unfortunately, this issue is tied to the level of corruption and the economy that is present in our country.

So far these are the issues that plague our country. I have heard and seen what the BN Government has proposed (whether it is successful or otherwise, we will see) unfortunately, I have not seen any proposal from the Pakatan Rakyat. Is it me that noticed this or have we all been too distracted by various issues not to notice that there is no proposal from Pakatan Rakyat. What about the simple thing of setting up a shadow cabinet that was promised in PRU12? Is it so difficult?

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 12:50  

Quiet Despair,

‘Branding people as Munafik. Are you God?’

So in yr eyes, only god can dispense the title of Munafik, ye?

No wonder u’ve thrown ALL the Islamic principles to the drain! Yes, I accused u of THAT! Because u DON"T take yr god seriously!

Wasn’t u the one that claimed that u r a Colombo scholar THUS implied that u r educated & intelligent(?)?

Wasn’t u the one that claimed that the house price discount for Malay M’sian shouldn’t be abolished, because then all the pricy housing estates will only be occupied by the Others M’sian?

Hey, something No VERY right with yr gray matter (iff u have any)! Can u see it?

IFF u r educated & intelligent as claimed, then what u have written in the comments INDICATED u r a type4 scumbag. What u had supported IS against the Islamic rule of fairness. That’s Munafik, izzn’t it?

And I’m NO god of any kind!

Pariah 2X

Alumni PASTI,  9 August 2010 at 18:52  


I can see from your posting, that's a lot typos. That's a sign of someone whose fingers are trembling and quivering, which is a symptom of an emotionally disturbed person, are you? Pity you. Just with a little tickle you lost your directions. You can't identify who's says what.

Try to disguise yourself as a Malay..he he he..try harder...

HAKIMAN,  9 August 2010 at 19:28  

Alumni PASTI said... Schenker78, I can see from your posting, that's a lot typos. That's a sign of someone whose fingers are trembling and quivering, which is a symptom of an emotionally disturbed person, are you?


Trying to read someone's mental and emotional state by typo mistakes made on internet chat rooms!!!!

Alumni PASTI, a reflection of your stupidity.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 20:06  

Bar Quiet Despair.. His comments lack moderations

Quiet Despair,  9 August 2010 at 21:53  

Alumni PASTI
I think Schenker 78's real name is Shanker or Shankar.
You know like the sitarist Ravi Shankar.

shamshul anuar,  9 August 2010 at 22:53  

Dear anonymous(11:38),

"Today Chinese is 3rd grade ....".

I take a beating on that. Are you saying Chinese is 3rd class citizen in Malaysia?

For the benefit of unitiated like you , let us compare cMalaysiabn chinese with Chinese with other countries,
1) Chinese ( and also Indians) are allowed to maintain separate vernacular school in Malaysia. This is the only country outside China that allows separate schools AND FUNDED by Federal Govt too.

Are Chinese in Indonesia, Britain, USA allowed to maintain separate school system and funded by respective govt?

2)In Malaysia, Malay rulers at eve of independents granted what termed as "unparallaled generosity by world standard" that is agreeing to grant citizenship en bloc to more than 1 million citizenship in one day.

Are Chinese accorded such generous treatment in other countries.

3) IN Malaysia, in spirit of accomodating non Malays, UMNO is willing to put Chinese and Indian candidates in Malay majority areas.

In some countries , Chinese are barred from politics. Just take a look at Indonesia.

We all know what is the answer if asked whether a Malay can win in Chinese majority area.

Anonymous says that other non Malay BN components do not have influence like UMNO.

PRECISELY. Why? Because UMNO has the lion share in BN seats . That is the only reason why UMNO dominates BN .

Anyway, that should be alarming considering how DAP dominates PR.

Any Malay party that is seen to be "kowtowing" to DAP will be punished by Malay voters. You may not want to hear the truth . Most Malays whom I ever met recently say that "kepercayaan pada Anwar Ibrahim sudah pupus".

And PAS is "seen to be an ally of the very enemy of the Malays". Submitting to DAP can cost PAS many seats in next election.

Of course, you cant find these comments if you only depend on Malaysiakini or Star newspapers.

Alumni PASTI,  9 August 2010 at 23:40  

Quiet Despair
"think Schenker 78's real name is Shanker or Shankar.
You know like the sitarist Ravi Shankar."

So what if he's shankar or shanker. I don't give hoot to Ravi Shankar.

I suggest you change your nick to Quite suits Anwaristas desperate situation. Now Teoh Beng Hock's case, new evidence has surfaced...we now know he has committed suicide. So the Deo liar (for you he's a lawyer) is panicky...
Anwar is losing his plot...oooo I love this movie...the PM wannabe peeing in the final episod...

HAKIMAN,  9 August 2010 at 23:54  

shamsul anuar

Don't be a revisionist historian with your blind-eyed view of our merdeka.

Do you seriously think that British would have given Malaya independence if the Chinese and Indians had not supported the Malays for independence.

Have you read Lee Kuan Yew's book on "The Men in White" of the role of the Chinese in particular PAP in the fight for the independence of Malaya.

Do you think the British would have come to a peaceful negotiation with the MALAYAN negotiators in London if CHIN PENG and his Chinese, Malay and Indian fighters in the jungle did not put their lives on the line to fight against the British (after fighting with the Japanese)?

It is people like you who tried to twist and convolute the history of our country so that our children are learning garbage about how our we became a self-respcting nation.

UMNO had 50 years of control of the instrument of govt and thus had tried to revise history to put UMNO in the centre of the independence of Malaya. That is utter rubbish. It even led to our kids to believe that SABAH and Sarawak joined Malaysia. What garbage is that???

Silly folks like you bought that kind of bastardised version of our Malaysian history, either out of some silly sense of communal pride or out of deliberate intent of being ignorant. Take your pick!!

schenker78 10 August 2010 at 00:06  

alumni pasti.....thats again your andaian that i am an indian.....

i like guitarist rudolph schenker of the Scorpions, so i use schenker.....

Quiet Despair,  10 August 2010 at 08:37  

Dear Alumni PASTI

As usual we are in agreement. I knew from day one that Teoh Beng Hock committed suicie.
Or if not his people pushed him.
But it's expeceted the Anwaristas and Kit Siang's people blame MACC.
Why? Because it is onsidered a Malay institutin.
You can see how anyhing Malay is beiong condemned by them.

Dear Shamsul

Dont waste time educating them. It's really History 101.
The Chinese especially think they are second class citizen but acted like first class citizen.
Tak sedar nasib diuntung.
Still insisting Yap Ah Loy founded KL.
See how dictatorial Guen Eng is acting in Penang.
The latest barring Malay petty traders not to do business in KOMTAR.
His race are allowed to trade everywwhere.
Throw him out of Penang.
But of coure even if you put a pig, Chinese will vote him.

P.S. It's obvious Schenker is an Indian. Because Indians suka tambah kuah lebih. His venom is lebih from Chinese.
Maklumlah small minority, kenalah eksyen lebih.

schenker78 10 August 2010 at 09:04  

teoh beng hock commit suicide for rm2400 bendera contract. very smart Quiet Despair.

Again u are insulting Indians as suka tokok tambah?? Why are you generalizing people....???

Why have bot Ling Liong Sik commit suicide for rm 12 billion PKFZ scandal??

Why haven't Chua Soi Lek commit suicide for exposing his little dick to the world?

Why have not Rahim Thambhi Chik chop off his dick for raping a minor malay girl???

you UMNO and fellow MCA chinese are very gatal indeed....Not forgetting your bapak segala bapak, Samy Vellu, besan Mahathir once upon a time.......

Another crap story, Teoh pushed out of window by his own people? DAP push him ?? In MACC gov office?? Why the security all tido ka?? who did it, is it under Uncle Lim or is it Teresa Kok>> what nonsense....PDRM is famous for Bapak segala kaki pukul like Rahim Noor, we look at Musa Hassan face and smirk, we know he is a scoundrel ... a lot of insider documents of police have been leaked out by the police themselves to expose that shit incl ISRAEL contract......

Coming back to TUDM engine, your ppl cant even take care the security of an air force base, how are you ppl going to defend the country>???

Remember Al Maunah fooling your Najibs ATM and steal weapong in their own Depot?? Tak malu ker....Sudah lah....Kami dah bosan....

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