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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 7 August 2010

Between the spoken words and the deeds

Now that I have done away with the title, we can have a no holds barred debate. People like the umar who couldn't care less about a person with titles and making a show for not mentioning it, can now debate to his hearts contents. Lets clash with ideas. Sadly I haven't seen umar's blogsite so that we can pry open his arguments.
He can't because he represents the typical Anwar supporter. The hoo-hah and political yahoo types like many UMNO people with whom I am often at odds. They practice the same culture like UMNO. People like Greenbottle is another loudmouth. He is saying that Anwar is actually a gay. He doesn't understand it- he is confirming Anwar is gay when he said, what's wrong with a gay becoming…so he Mf all people. That still doesn't dispel the perception that he is stupid.
When Anwar shocked all his friends when he joined UMNO- he was appointed as minister in charge of youth and culture. He didn't do anything other than declaring he will ABIM-nise the youths of Malaysia. That was about it. He didn't accomplish anything there of significance other than warming the seat. Of course he made himself out as Dr Mahathir's alter ego. Both were using each other. Anwar benefiting from Mahathir's patronage and Mahathir riding on Anwar's iconic influence of youths and among the bourgeois Malays searching for spiritual identity.
It wasn't to be. He got corrupted by UMNO's ways as he went along. What was there of any significance that Anwar created when he was minister in charge of youth affairs? Nothing. His supporters will be hard-pressed.
He was then appointed agriculture minister. Nothing of significance there. He cant touch the trail that Sanusi Junid did when the latter was agriculture Minister. Pasar Tani? It was Sanusi's idea. At least Sanusi had bizarre, laughable and zany ideas. Some worked and some didn't. at least he wasn't barren in terms of coming out with ideas. Anwar didn't do anything other than look after animals, crops and shouting about land reforms. No land reforms took place.
Next he went onto become minister of education. Ini Mahathir punya cerita kita tidak faham. Anwar was more or less groomed to become the next PM by this time and his elevation as education minister, usually read as a stepping Stone to becoming PM was lapped up hungrily by his supporters. By this time all he did which is what he's good at, was placing his supporters at strategic places. They were to lie in wait for the D day where he will take over power. He replaced bahasa Malaysia with Bahasa Melayu and instructed all media to use Bahasa Baku.
Of course by this time he has forgotten his Amjal Resutarant days , his Kurta shirt and his chapal days. He had adopted the Zegna suit persona, the man with the blinds, a new way of self projection. That's ok, because we can't fault him in so far as styling goes. He is good looking, articulate and can do no wrong.
His stint as Education Minister was remembered for the mess he created- non Malays having to study Islamic religion, the widespread usage of Bahasa Baku, that tongue twisting language form only people like Johan Jaafar likes.
Let's talk about shared ideals- crush corruption, nepotism, cronyism, democracy, rule of law etc.
When he was gunning for the timbalan presiden post- it was Anwar who made the buying of votes into an open spectacle. No scruples and no shame. His people will carry brief cases laden with cash to pay UMNO delegate sin Sabah. He himself orchestrated the buying of ketua bahagians and delegates.
In 1991 Anwar was appointed Minister of Finance. In 1993, he became Mahathir's Deputy Prime Minister after winning the Deputy Presidency of UMNO against Ghafar Baba. There is report on Anwar using large cash payments to win support. Anwar is alleged to have resorted to money politics to secure his position as deputy president of UMNO. Anwar's followers were witnessed by even foreign journalists handing out packets of money to acquire support of UMNO division leaders. These followers are said to be working under Anwar's instructions.
And nepotism and Cronysm?
Mahathir issued lists of cronies who had benefited from government share allocations and privatisations. The list included Anwar and Zahid, along with several of Anwar's other allies. In the list, Anwar's father and his two brothers are showed to have received shares allocated by the government for the bumiputra. His father Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman and his brothers, Farizan and Marzukhi holds shares amounting to more than 7.1 million units in three companies. On 2 May 1998, Dato' Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, owned 250,000 shares of Pengkalen Holdings Berhad and 3,790500 on Nissan Industrial Oxygen Incorporated. Farizon owned 250,000 shares of Pengkalen Holdings Berhad. Marzukhi owned 2,800,000 shares in Penas Corporation. In the list, Ibrahim Abdul Rahman owned 2,000,000 shares in Industrial Oxygen Incorporated Bhd on 1993.



Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 16:04  

i must say i am not too keen on dsai. i have met him and find him very aloof. however i like nizar. more comments in the future.

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 16:12  


all this are Old stories.... which is worse....a guy who have reformed after fell down from the very top, beaten up by Ketua Polis Negara, stripped naked, accused of false charge by Ummi Hafilda under mahathir or his crony instruction (maybe Daim's work...)...

Maybe he was as crook as UMNO still is....but we going to support hims as long as he do at least half of what he promised....abolish ISA, free up media, open tender , no more closed nego....

i rather trust a 60++ anwar than a anwar in the 40s.....dia sudah tua dan insaf....

Najib bila lagi nak insaf?? masih berpoya2 ...dgn altantuya, ZZ, Rosmah Mansur opssss bini 2 ni....

entah perempuan mana plk Pak Jibby target lepas ini....

bat8 7 August 2010 at 16:15  


1. teruknya anwar. Rupanya bapak kroni jugak. Kalau tidak masakan bapak dan adik beradiknya dapat macam-macam saham.

2. yang paling terok zahid hamidi. Sudahlah dapat habuan semasa anwar jadi menteri kewangan, setelah kaya raya tak reti mengenang budi. Inlah jenis orang kata - seronok sama-sama, susah seorang diri.


Habib RAK 7 August 2010 at 16:27  

Agreed Sak. Anwar WAS indeed all that. Unlike all the rest, he was sentenced and jailed. His mom died not knowing whats goin to happen to her son who was in prison then. Im of the opinion that he has paid the price and has redeemed himself. Following his release, he did not go back to UMNO to continue with past antics. He chose to associate himself with PAS and DAP. By taking this path, he has subjected himself to independent check and balance. Unlike BN, which is a mutual admiration coalition for self enrichment, the PR is idealistic for a better Malaysia. The Pakatan partners are dependent on each other and this by itself is their strength. For Anwar to revert to his "old UMNO days" habits will be extremely difficult. Anwar has an opportunity to walk the straight path. I would like to believe that he will this time around. My believe is not based on blind faith or support. It is based on the confidence I have on the Pakatan coalition which are on its own independent and thus would not yield to any hanky panky desires of Anwar or anyone. Further, the rakyat are more informed with alternate views and would not lull themselves to blind faith and believe.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 16:33  

Comparing Anwar's catch of fishes during his reined in the various Ministerial portfolios, even up to TPM, so what, he's still nothing to match the old and skinny bag boy who is now a Tun enjoying the loots like hell in the foreign land not less happy than an old cowboy. Flirt around!

Remember? When the world press media were listing the richest PM in the world, we have the glory of our Nation's PM top the list despite our then PM was humbly admitting that his only asset was only a shoddy semi-D which costed all his life time savings! Credible?!

Of course he forgot to mention the bags of 'private possessions' his bag boy had quietly stashed them in the Bank of Tokyo or the London Banks somewhere so safe that the most powerful nuclear tank can't even break in!

I merely wish to tell, it was the absolutely filthy culture descended from Umno, that no one else could outlive the most corrupted demon at that point of time, so to say, all would have to follow or heads would roll!

Hence, Anwar's head was severed upon he naively thought of to correct the greedy hippo's mind to a pro-rakayt benefactor's, immediately he saw his head rolled on the floor of the corridor of power. So ruthless!

Since he has paid for the sins of the past with his six years solid life in the hellish compartment, it's enough to prove his sincerity and faithfulness that he pledged with the rakyat all he's fighting for our better futures, so do the Nation's hope!

Comparing the many of the more hypocritical and blood-thirsty hyaenas ever exist in the present politico scenario, Anwar is not the best choice, but a Hobson's choice!

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 16:44  

And because of all these sins, Anwar deserved to be incarcerated with trumped up charges of sodomy (which was your original subject in the previous few articles.) Sak, I just love your warped logic!

Ariff Sabri 7 August 2010 at 17:12  

apa pasal you orang ini?

ajak kita berdebat on substance, you are trying to pull me in to talk smut. sorry.
schenker- why old stories? if these are old , equally sodomy 1 is old stuff too?
you reject one, you accept another. no fair right? old or not- they cannot be disputed.
tell us what Anwar did when he was minister?
if he falls for the same thing, how can you conclude he can reform and walk the straight path?

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 17:29  

since u are bringing up sodomies here,

did you really know what was happening in Sodomy 1 or did u learn about it from filtered news from TV3, thsStar and utusan melayu???

all of us know what anwar did when he was DPM. For us whats important is that he has changed. If he has not we will kick him Out...

Anwar was the catalyst for Pakatan Rakyat, but if you UMNO people think we will support UMNO if anwar passed away tomorrow, think again.

Bring up good leaders into UMNO and we will support it. Your present team is not good at all.....

We pity Anwar as a man victimized by your fascist government, not because I want him to become PM...Pakatan have many good candidates to replace him... I will even vote in Saifuddin Nasution as PM but none of your UMNO ppl qualified except maybe 1 guy who dont get any support outside his division.... even the Ketua Audit Negara can become an interim UMNO leader if he wishes, he seems to be a nice and honest man...

the 7th PM no need be very brainy, but just need willpower to dismantle ISA, AUKU, corrupt tendering, change the whole police leadership and need really independent MACC reporting to the independent AG who cannot be sacked without 2/3 parliament majority.... in short, let the PM position weakens like the UK PM....

I want the police brave enough to call the PM to the balai like the US and UK do....

I agree with Sak, the 'New Dawn' does not belong to Anwar or PR,....but what have u done for the new Dawn.....

Sak, awak mesti dibenci oleh ramai orang UMNO.....whatever ideals u have, your UMNO ppl dont like it. What are you going to do.

There is no point of writing if you cant change UMNO at all...Insaf laaaaa....kami bukan taksub anwar atau pakatan.....Kami mahu sistem 2 parti yang bersih. Boleh??????????????????????????

yat 7 August 2010 at 17:34  

bro, what anwar supporter want to say is he's already 'baptized' when he left UMNO (forcefully)...than all past sin already forgiven, diampunkan, he's now a kind of saint...what a load of bullshit...

but they keep harping on cerita lama TDM, najib keris etc...cerita lama konon....see how hypocrit they were...

Ariff Sabri 7 August 2010 at 17:35  


i like it when you said:

all of us know what anwar did when he was DPM. For us whats important is that he has changed. If he has not we will kick him Out...

we cant argue further them. ir reminded me of one graduate student who said, the main export of zimbabwe is labour.. when asked he said... i know, i am from there. end of discussion.

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 17:52  


TDM is still around barking nonsense...When you are too old at 85yrs, just go play with grandchildren like what Mandela doing at age 90....

What Mahathir did towards Ketua Hakim Negara in 1988, is like what Nixon was doing few decades earlier...Nixon forced to resign, in Malaysia, ppl like mahathir is still hero...

we can forgive mahathir if he minta maaf, minta ampun atas segala dosa yang dibuat yang semuanya lagi teruk berkali ganda drp anwar ibrahim....Masih sampai hari ini belum insaf.

Jangan taksub pada mana2 pemimpin politik.....tak kira Pakatan ataupun UMNO BN.....buka minda macam orang Indonesia hari ini.....

Silap hari bulan, anak2 awak dan anak2 saya mungkin akan jadi pembantu rumah dan pekerja buruh di Singapura dan Indonesia faham ?????.....maksudnya, malaysia akan jadi mundur teruk mcm filipina dan zimbabwe....

Bila nak sedar lagi ????????

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 18:10  

Whats wrong with you? you seem to be running in circles.Whenever someone corners you, you get livid and accuse the person as not living up to the standards of debating.
This is typical of someone in a state of denial.What are u so sfraid of? Just call a spade a spade like you always do in your writeups.
The rakyat are aghast because of the many strange things happening in this beloved country of ours.It has not been addressed well.Bark up that tree lah dato.
Dont turn around and ask which strange things i am talking about.If you do that then that proves my point of you being in a state of denial.If you are aware about those strange things i am talking about then why not concentrate your effort and energy there so the truth can prevail.
If not then just blog about ur beloved party and least then nobody will accuse you of being a hypocrite

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 18:10  

quiet despair,
samsul anuar,
dan rakan2 yang sewaktu dengannya,

apa pandangan kalian mengenai Komunis China ???

UMNO hari ini bersetuju menghantar perwakilan UMNO untuk belajar (sosial apa?) dari Parti Komunis China (CCP)....

Umno dan Parti Komunis China (CPC) hari ini bersependapat .

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno dan Parti Komunis China (CPC) hari ini bersependapat bahawa pemimpin-pemimpin muda politik harus diperkuatkan dan diberi keutamaan dalam pertukaran perwakilan terhadap pembangunan ekonomi dan sosial negara.

Setiausaha Agung Umno Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor berkata usaha ini akan dapat membantu daripada segi meningkatkan persefahaman ekonomi kedua-dua negara kerana China merupakan kuasa ekonomi yang diiktiraf di peringkat antarabangsa.

Kesepakatan itu dicapai menerusi memorandum persefahaman (MOU) yang ditanda tangani kedua-dua pihak sebagai pertukaran dan kerjasama antara kedua-dua parti yang berlangsung di Bangunan Perhubungan Antarabangsa CPC di Beijing, China.

Umno yang diwakili Tengku Adnan menandatangani perjanjian itu dengan wakil CPC iaitu Menteri Jabatan Antarabangsa dan Jawatankuasa Pusat Wang Jiarui.

"Mereka juga kagum dengan pembangunan dan kesejahteraan negara kita kerana kita mempunyai pelbagai bangsa sebagaimana negara China dan mereka ingin mempelajari bagaimana kita menangani masalah berkaitan kaum tanpa pertumpahan darah," katanya dalam satu kenyataan di sini.

Beliau berkata pemimpin CPC juga maklum bahawa Malaysia adalah penyokong kuat kepada dasar yang diperjuangkan di peringkat antarabangsa.

Sehubungan itu, kedua-dua pihak juga telah bersetuju untuk meletak satu mekanisme pertukaran tetap bermula tahun ini.

Rangka kerja dan mekanisme melalui pertukaran perwakilan setiap tahun itu adalah bagi mengendalikan pertukaran dalam isu-isu kepentingan umum.

Antara kandungan memorandum tersebut ialah mencapai kata sepakat bagi membangunkan pertukaran komprehensif serta kerjasama antara Umno dan CPC. - BERNAMA

Ariff Sabri 7 August 2010 at 18:23  

anon 18:10
where is your argument? you cant asnwer, you cant answer. dont go semantics over it. you cant answer about the money politics part. you cant answer about the cronysm part. then all you have left is to ask what's wrong with you? yes, what is wrong with you?

Donplaypuks® 7 August 2010 at 18:31  

Name one Minister in Mahathir's, AAB's or Najib's Cabinet (UMNO/MCA/MIC/PPP/Gerakan all included) whose whose family members did not take advantage of the NEP and abuse it or who themselves do not have unexplained money and property??

Anwar is no saint by any means. I and many others recognise that. But when standing between the devil and the deep blue sea, many will settle for the lesser of two evils. Anwars mistakes are many, just as Mahathir's were. We are not asked for perfectionism; it doesn't exist anywhere in this world.

But many believe Anwar has reformed and perception does matter!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 18:35  


i feel you should save the barrel of diarrhoea you spewed for your own consumption!

What's wrong with Anwar to be portrayed by his supporters as a Saint when none of the accusations thus far can convict him of any guilt that he had ever committed viz., sodomy I stroke out, sodomy II is a clumsy cannibalized & frivolous accusation! His 6 years precious life was also spent for a so-called guilt which his former master and cronies would have had enjoyed it otherwise as a magnanimous act to benefit their family welfares!

Even Dato Sak couldn't find any obvious sins of Anwar therefore he's banging on his flawed leadership and nothing else!

In yat's pea brain, he/she could worship someone who had copulated with a nine years old naive girl as a holy 'Saint', and instead of spitting on him as a condemnable rapist, he is putting all his strayed condemns on a wrong person who is yet to be proven guilty of any crime!

Isn't this a warp logic typical to an imbecile umno goon?!

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 18:52  


They all believe strongly that Anwar has changed since after his expulsion from UMNO and incaceration in Sg Buloh. I am inclined to agree with all of them, Schenker78 et al.

You must agree that one clear sign of change is this: he has changed his base of operations from an address in Tivoli Villas to a more high-end one somewhere around Jalan Semantan, if I'm not mistaken. And the balachi has also been changed. Last time it was Nalla, now he is a successful Malay millionaire.

These are fact-based Dato'. What say you?

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 19:09  

To Anon, 7 August 2010 16:33

I cant understand most of what you write lah. Was this a direct literal translation from another language?


Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 19:18  

Dato Sak, you said, "...When he was gunning for the timbalan presiden post- it was Anwar who made the buying of votes into an open spectacle.No scruples and no shame..."

I thought that statement is a no-brainer.

THAT was the culture of UMNO then (and now). So what Anwar THEN was doing was working within the corporate culture of UMNO. The WHOLE UMNO has to be shamed, its leadership, Dr M, Najib and all others should be painted with the same brush.

So why single out Anwar.

Secondly, I thought we want to debate on leadership style and credentials.

If the above statement is to be used as a negative factor in leadership, the WHOLE UMNO leadership since 1970 are indicted.

Sorry, bad example.

UMNO has a culture of more than 50 years. You rose and rise by playing the "rules" set by UMNO.

What you have raised is HIND-SIGHT criticism. Then it was the name of the game in UMNO and nobody within UMNO gave a damn about (even now).

Sorry, I still don't get your point, Dato.

What has that got to do with LEADERSHIP style.

remgold 7 August 2010 at 19:19  

i think many people support anwar, pas, dap, pkr today cos they have lost hope in umno-bn.
ie let's try out this guy who said he has repented and reformed, and let's try this alliance.
cos people are tired of the umno-bn group and its leaders who do not even pretend to have reformed and who seem not to want to change.
the devil we know, i am afraid, is frightening people so much that they want to try out the devil we dont know.

u can imagine what will happen if umno-bn wins in 2013: rakyat masih sayang kita. maknanya mereka setuju kita rompak mereka. mereka setuju isa, tak kisah sangat jika orang mati kena pukul dlm tahanan, tak setuju bahawa sistem kehakiman dah rosak. direct nego pun mereka tak marah sebab tu mereka sokong umno-bn. let the KKN party continue.
susah brader. betw the two devils and a very deep blue sea.

Richard Cranium 7 August 2010 at 19:30  

I don't take any exception with what you've posted on Anwar's past. Truth be told, I am still a little leery of him, especially if and when he comes to power.

Yes, he was likely as tainted as the other current Umno leaders. In fact, if you scratch the blue veneer of most Malays in PKR, you'll find the read of Umno still coursing their veins.

It is perhaps a reflection to how fed-up people are when a rag-tag coalition of strange bed-fellows can get the votes.

No one is expecting perfection, just accountability. BN doesn't help its own case when the Police, Courts, and Media seem to deny him his day to defend himself.

Barisan took their 50+ years in power as if it was a birth-right. I guess people just wanted to teach it a lesson. It does not appear that BN has learnt anything yet.

Ariff Sabri 7 August 2010 at 19:35  

we can argue until we are blue in the faces.
i hope Anwar and his team will be able to manage public perception. kalau semua orang kata Anwar sudah reformed, siapa pula boleh kata Najib dan UMNO tidak boleh reform jugak? UMNO lagi boleh reform sebab sudah di ajar dengan teruk dalam tahun 2008.
saya pun tidak faham mengapa suatu pihak di katakan boleh reform, tapi bila tiba pada UMNO, pintu taubat sudah tutup?
ah so, it was the culture that made Anwar became mr moneybags then. so Anwar is just a mechanised robot and a pliable putty with no mind of his own except be a passive actor? so why do we need him at all? its the culture that shapes us. why do we need a charismatic leader then? what use is this quality, that every action Anwar takes can be justified later as it was the culture back then. indeed, its no brainer.

Ariff Sabri 7 August 2010 at 19:39  

true richard. and UMNO is not going to think they are off the hook. we shall return 'hantaming; them- those who have corrupted UMNO. no siree- not by a long shot.

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 19:40  

sampai kat sibu pun, najib kata 'lu tolong wa, gua tolong lu'

sak, sudah amnesia ker...kamu jugak yang ada komen ini semua...masih belum berubah....pi refer balik tulisan beberapa minggu lepas...

Think,  7 August 2010 at 19:49  


Arguing with Anwar's hardcore admirer eventough they never met or know him personally is like telling a hardcore drug addict to reform.

They get a free "high" whenever they see Anwar open his mouth.

I still wonder why the neutral Ulamaks in Malaysia including PAS Dato Harun Din and Hj Hadi keep themselves away from Anwar.

Maybe they a bigger concern rather just getting a free "high"

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 19:50  

why is it so difficult for the AG, KPN and Judge to give that basic Police Report to anwar ibrahim?????

thats mistake no. 1,....the so called sodomy 2 is already have that question mark again.

Another is when you read all the statements from Saiful, Najib and check the dates they the videos in youtube....these 2 already messed up with the dates.....

Najib, kalau awak anak jantan, jangan jadi bacul, bila awak dipanggil bagi keterangan, beranikan diri....jangan jadi pondan di belakang Gani Patail dan Hakim untuk tidak hadir....buat lagi alasan....Pondan dan playboy sebenar(bisexual kot) adalah Najib, bukannya anwar....

Bini Najib kepalanya terburai macam sarang burung, bini anwar dan anak2nya kepalanya tertutup.... hmmmm

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 20:07  

Bila ada argument buat tak tau , kata semantics.pemimpin datang dan pergi lah.Its not about anwar or anyone from UMNO for that matter.Isu nya di sini ialah to run and manage the country well.Thats what all sensible malaysians want.
Kalau rasa anwar is not fit to lead the country then by all means tell us the sensible malaysian, who should be the choosen one.
Dont waste time.Buatlah reformasi dan transformasi.Make a change lah
Orang dah malas lah dengan all wayang selama ni.

Ariff Sabri 7 August 2010 at 20:15  


lu tak de baca apa saya tulis kah. kalau UMNO dan pemimpin nya buat salah saya tetap akan hantam. sekarang saya mahu tulis, saya tidak percaya sama kepimpinan Anwar. u sibuk sibuk kait lain hal apa pasal. augustine paul kata- tu tak relevant tau.

rakyat era baru,  7 August 2010 at 20:25  


Buat lah kerja yang betul dulu then lepas tu baru cakap.

Ni negeri yang di pegang PR pun masih terumbang ambing selepas janji mencecah langit masa PRU 2008.

Lepas tu sibuk nak tembak orang lain pulak. Nak cover kelemahan sendiri lah tu.

Student zaman sekarang dah tak macam student 70an yang dungu macam katak bawah tempurung.

Zaman kita orang dah ada internet, semua di hujung jari la Beb.

Kalau tak dapat kerja gomen atau swasta, boleh but biznez sendiri online. Tak payah harap org lain.

Go to hell you politician.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 20:29  


What you described DSAI when he was in UMNO holding all the important posts and did nothing.

Well what do you expect? Everybody does nothing if not bad was the day.

Do you think he could have been a DPM if he had been different of the normal UMNO culture then? Surely not.

What is important is that AFTER that to be relevant in politics he had to change. Whether inside him he really change or not is not important. What is important for the rakyat are to know that for the first time there is hope for the country from becoming the next banana republic started by TDM's policies where one race takes all under the excuse of NEP.

What is important is he created two party system. Haven't you noticed the change? Before you can find UMNO arrogant to the point of beyond belief. Today you see they are still arrogant but less so.
Today you start seeing them more careful.

That is his biggest contribution. As a politician and strategist I would see he is a novice and stupid telling his enemies all his moves to his detriment. He is very boastful but stupid.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 20:47  

u guys talk a lot! including anon 20:25. kalau depan muka ...penakut!!
kalau banyak sangat masa, WATCH this at youtube: "ONCE WE WERE MEN"-by tawfique chowdury.

ada berani?????????

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed 7 August 2010 at 20:57  

Every man must be given the chance to show remorse and repent for his past.
Yes, Anwar was EVIL when he was in UMNO but he went through a baptism of fire.
He could have returned to UMNO like Razaleigh and Rais but he did not.
Why keep on picking on his past sins?
The one who has not sinned cast the first stone?
I was one who hated Anwar, I mean hated, when he was in UMNO but after his incarceration, demonization and his desire to redeem himself via PKR should be appreciated and admired.
Let's face it. All of us have sinned in the past. Can we be allowed to change to a new life?
Now, you talk about Anwar indulging in corruption to get elected. But then, wasn't (and still is) that UMNO culture?
Even Mahathir indulged in money politics (and cheating) to defeat Tenku Razaleigh.
You devalue yourself by picking on someones past sins, more so when he has repented.
wwould you like if someone picks on your 'sins of your youth'?

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 21:15  

Dato Sak, you said, "so Anwar is just a mechanised robot and a pliable putty with no mind of his own except be a passive actor? so why do we need him at all? its the culture that shapes us. why do we need a charismatic leader then?"

Ahh! Non sequitor argument.

He IS charismatic when he is on the stump and when he talks. He holds his own. That is not just dumb Malaysians he can sit in front of you and enchant with what he has to say. He has been a regular invitee on the international talking circuit for a reason that people want to hear him and he could engage his audience with his message.

That is being charismatic.

What has that got to do with his adopting UMNO's entrenched culture of staying in power and influence? No relationship at all

Sorry, not a convincing point you raised.

Let us talk about leadership STYLE and LEADERSHIP CREDENTIALS. What is so negative about Anwar's leadership style or credentials which are so different from UMNO's current leaders that he should below par to that of UMNO.

At this point, we want to compare strictly Anwar to UMNO leaders.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 21:23  

By the way, Dato Sak, charisma is an atttribute given by others. It is not something one can say one owns it.

People say he has charisma. Anwar cannot make claim to charisma.

Charisma is a subjective concept, but people make a judgment call based on how the person interacts with others, in groups or inter-personally.

If others people perceive he has charisma, it has less to do with Anwar playing by the rules of UMNO's culture back then to attain influence and power.

More important, is what he does NOW.

Why did up what he did when he was with UMNO.

That was his previous life. Similar to all of us having our PREVIOUS life in drinking beer, smoking etc.

Sorry, Dato Sak, try another one.

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 21:29  

negeri terumbang-ambing?? sapa kata...selangor ok jer, penag ok jer, kedah ok jer, kelantan ok jer....

kalau UMNO punya TV3 dan utusan hari2 sogok kepala otak Anon2 kat sini dengan mesej propaganda bodoh, memang lah nmpk kucar kacir....

awak pi tgk jer kat terengganu, NS, Swak, Pahang, Melaka....silap hari bulan yang ada pun tercicir....

Bye bye UMNO....

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 21:41  

Dato Sak, you said, "what use is this quality, that every action Anwar takes can be justified later as it was the culture back then. "

I had made a priori statement that Anwar IS A POLITICIAN.

The fact of the matter, it is culture of UMNO back then. Is it not? If it is not, then our argument takes another stage.

Dato, you brought up first the PAST when Anwar was in UMNO that he was a moneybag. I retort that it was the culture of UMNO back then.

I hasten to say THAT issue has NOTHING to do with leadership STYLE and credentials. More so with ANWAR of TODAY (post-UMNO).

Perversely, you can say Anwar was in fact a SMART politician back then... he played the "right " politics of UMNO remain relevant. He kept faith with his followers and that is why he was the Deputy President of UMNO.

We are talking about MORAL issues in politics. There is zilch moral issues in politics, especially in Malaysian politics.

It is rich for any one of us to do the moralising here of actions of politicians.

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 21:41  

memang augustine pun sudah x relevan....mati menderita sakit kanser ....padan muka....kalau orang baik, aku kesian, orang jahat mmg padan muka dia...

tak lupa 2 orang Utama kerajaan Maha Firaun yang melakonkan drama sodomi 1...semua mati menderita....

Jangan aniaya orang, memang akan kena balik...

Lagipun, selepas kes Anwar, kawan saya ada bagitahu, orang 2 yang kenal Augustine Paul, kawan2 dia boikot kat Church yang selalu dia pegi....last sampai mati, kena boikot, x pernah jejak kaki kat gereja die...hmm kenapa??? Sebab semua oran tahu dia ni cium kaki Mahathir....

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 22:51  

Assalamualaikum Dato Sak,

Ah...discussion on DSAI...

Why, Dato'?

If you want to find a good in a man, ask his friend. If you want to find his fault, ask his enemy. DSAI is not a man without fault. He has his weakness, for he is human.

The larger question is, why do you raise this?

The awakening of Malaysians is partly catalyzed by the treatment that DSAI received. His trial, incarceration, and subsequent event - rightly or wrongly - for there's only one truth, but many perceptions awakened Malaysian mind. Yes - there's other factors too - the new media, other personalities that's too many to mention.

DSAI is transient. But his name will forever be intertwined with Malaysian history, whether he is the victor or otherwise. In the long run, there may be new players that take his place - but I pray that the path to change that he plays a part will march to completion - if not in GE13, the next. If not, the other one... Or the next one - I am sure that it will happen. It is not a question of if, but when...

The bigger picture is the march for change - Malaysians from all ages who are sick of the current state of the nation. Malaysians who does not like the way things are now. Malaysians who are concerned about the state that they will let their children inherit.

You also get sickened by this - but choose to be an agent of change from inside. You are also transient, Dato. And with your faults too, along with your perfection. Just like DSAI. Just like me.

We are all humans, Dato. Infallible, bumbling and random.

DSAI is just there as a agent of change. He may or may not be successful - but he is part of this.

In the very long run, say a thousand year from now, all of us - this blog, this comment etc will not receive worthwhile mention. DSAI may get few lines - but what he did will hopefully bring in the birth of a new civil society in Malaysia.

And by then, whether he did this, or that, or those will not matter. He is only answerable to his God. And with the truth.

We would all be too worried about ourselves, that the truth then would not matter.

p/s - my take on DSAI trial? The outcome is clear as daylight. He will be found guilty, and thrown to jail long enough. I am willing to take a bet on this. He knows this. His team know this. So, what is the best way to delay the inevitable, but run diversion tactics. Im not interested to get into debate on his tactics - but Im sure he knows his fate, at least in the foreseeable future.

Melayu Baru

iwan 7 August 2010 at 23:27  


DSAI bisa membersihkan maruah beliau dlm tuduhan LIWAT dgn berSUMPAH. Ramai yg telah mencadangkan beliau berbuat demikian ttp sampai skrg beliau enggan.


Susah sangat ke berSUMPAH kerana benar???

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 23:30  

Melayu Baru

Well said.

Nobody trusts the public institutions in the country today. Not the judiciary, not MACC, not the police and not the civil service.

If there is a lack of trust by the people of the key public institutions that are supposed to hold the country today, and yet these institutions continue to run their business as usual, what do you call that?

Dictatorship or a failed state?

All these discussions and blogging about Anwar is a diversion, as you rightly said.

The country IS going to the dogs... the economy is being drained, talent has left and continue to leave offshore, country is polarised racially and religion-wise, while we contineu to read all the time is UMNO leaders and ministers point scoring to entrench UMNO power instead of governing the country as they were elected to do with a the sham-court cases as side shows.

That is the UMNO which Dato Sak is part of.

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 23:42  

kalau saya bunuh orang, kalau sumpah depan orang boleh lepas ker...??

Kalau dah jahat, si pesalah akan bersumpah kt mana 2 pun janji selamat...

kalau najib tu bersumpah x kenal altantuya, boleh betul ker....

besok kalau semua tertuduh yang didakwa bersumpah, maka x payah ada polis dan hakim, bersumpah jer boleh lepas....sebab semuanya alim....

Bodoh betul orang yang cakap sumpah2 ini...JAHIL...

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 00:05  

Anwar is the future PM of Malaysia..

Say NO to current government...

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 01:20  

As for me, Anwar Ibrahim is god send to save Malaysia and Malaysians.

No Umno man can be more brave than him.

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 07:53  

man of INTEGRITY in umno. tak banyak. tak sepah. the likes of shahril samad, khaled nordin.
sayang these type of people just bcz their nature x pandai bodek/ ampu sana sini.. makanya....tak terangkat/diangkat.
yg naik mostly aki bodek kaki ampu.
seriously...apa nak jadi with this country? gwa oso donno.

hmm..lets kasi naik khaled nordin. glamour memang x glamour but got integrity, man of words. kira boleh pakai la. n this type of person SURE would not sell their country for whatever amount of MONEY/GOLD/ SAHAM being offered. satu biji GUNUNG UHUD tukar jadi emas pun wont shake their IMAN from doing things that they should n have to do because they KNOW N AWARE semuanya ini 'AMANAH' BERAT yg akan 'DITANYA' kelak. 'YG' if they fail to do the job.., they know n aware 'AN-NARR' is the REWARD/ place that awaits them.

THIS are the type of people yg kita SHOULD 'angkat'.
masih belum terlambat.


Greenbottle 8 August 2010 at 08:18  

ahahaha..i love it when you put your feet in your mouth dato sak...

i have absolutely no problem with you calling me stupid but i just love it when you admit that Anwar ..."got corrupted with UMNO ways along the way"... precisely my point.that's what umno do to poeople!

and you understood that you think i think anwar is gay but the point i'm trying to make is what of it ? even if he is or isn't gay?

what's the different between a heterosexual womanizer compared to a sodomiser...both are equally reprehensible in Islam and many other religions' view.

but the more important point is WE DON'T CARE about your and the others' private lives. and despite all the possible moral shortcomings of Anwar we still prefer him than the other equally morally suspect leaders among in BN...

and you know what? if god decides to strike by lightening all those in the cabinet that have moral flaws I bet the current cabinet will be quite empty!!!

Ariff Sabri 8 August 2010 at 08:40  


saya angkat tangan bila kamu nyatakan God is on your side. just like Hishamddin said of Mat Ezam. haha

schenker78 8 August 2010 at 08:54  


anwar is not a gay.... and i dont think he is a playboy also....

if he really want to screw a man, he just better go do it in foreign country, thailand, spore, usa whatever....

he would have been stupid to screw a guy in malaysia....this will in turn make him go to jail again...if he really a gay , i dont think he is so stupid to screw under the watch of BN and Musa hassan....

So, end of story, he does not screw man...

I want to know how did Yasmin Ahman the film maker converted from a man to woman ? Thats a bigger mystery. I did not know until the days after 'she' died....then i had a real good look at her face and found out this fella is a guy.

So whats in the IC of this person, Yasmin Ahmad male or female. Why the police and AG never investigate and put this man into jail for changing gender and change name to Yasmin??

Sak, maybe you should do an article on this.

schenker78 8 August 2010 at 08:57  

For some reason, malays especially fond of bapok....

in sitrcom 2+1, Imuda become a bapok....then we have bapok comedian , Dee aand Moon...

also we have the famous bapok, brother of Ummi Hafilda of Sodomy 1, Azwan Ali (who the father disown her) and Aznil Nawawi.....

Then we have dedicated street in Chowkit area....Lorong Haji Taib for Bapoks....where are the police and AG....????

Anonymous,  8 August 2010 at 10:51  


It's well and good for you to remind your readers of Anwar's bad deeds and lacklustre ministerial performance back in his UMNO days but you still have not given us your answer of a single person in UMNO who has no skeletons in his/her closet and possesses the kind of leadership qualities that all Malaysians can look up to as the leader to guide Malaysia to be a progressive country. We are all still waiting for your one single name.

Warga Malaysia,  8 August 2010 at 12:12  

Unfortunately for UMNO the corruption and misrule is too deep for even articles like this exposing Anwar's past is not enough to swing our support to UMNO. We just want UMNO to be out of Putrajaya for real reform to have a chance.

For all we know, Anwar has reformed. True or not, his words and action support this view

BTW Sakmongkol, I have not forgotten your reference to DAP as promoting Chinese First policy and your failure to give evidences supporting it.

Quiet Despair,  8 August 2010 at 15:05  

Salam Sak

I have been rich
I have been poor
But I like being rich better.

I have known Anwar
I have known Najib
I love Najib best.

Need I say more? You have already articulated what all Malays and UMNO members know about the empty suit Pak Sheikh.

I have also said the same on my comments on Mr Aljay on cyberspace and also when talking about Anwar outside.

The laundry lists of Anwar's soiled clothers you listed are for educating his fans which are many here.

Schenker 78

I just got back and have replied to your comments on me yesterday.(Please read it).

Also to Anon who said I had orgasms when discussing Anwar's bad behavior.

For today I just want to stressed that I like being bodoh macam otak udang and also bendul (like you said) when I am on the side of truth with regard to Saiful's case.

Wake up to reality friend.

There's no point bringing other issues like police, judges or MACC to menegakkan benang basah.

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