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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 23 August 2010

What does UMNO Penang fear?


Some Muslims in Penang were highly agitated when the khatib ( the man who reads sermons) offered prayers for the Penang chief minister. In what manner was it said? Was LGE's name mentioned in the context of something?

Actually we have not heard what actually transpired other than listening to a few emotionally charged statements from some people. Who are these people? If they are UMNO members, then their response was hardly surprising.

To me, the fearful responses thus far only reflect how desperate UMNO is in re capturing the Malay support in Penang. I won't say re-capture Penang, because that is already impossible. what UMNO fears now is losing Malay support in Penang. That is like the end of the world.

What UMNO fears is a rising consciousness among Penang Malays that despite detaching themselves from UMNO, their lot can still be improved. This will be the beginning of a wider consciousness debunking the myth that equates loyalty and allegiance to this country to loyalty and allegiance to UMNO. The two things are not the same. If Penang is successful in demolishing this long perpetuated myth and this awareness becomes a national phenomenon, UMNO is in serious trouble.

Neither UMNO nor Zaid Hamidi who is the Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Penang have the answer to counter this rising tide. The only way they can hit back is by manipulating the sermon issue. You hope this will escalate into a tidal wave of resentment.

I say, if we truly love UMNO we should stop this childish and very shallow strategy. offer Penang Malays a better vision and promises of a better future. Zahid Hamidi is wishing he is not the Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Negeri. Ini kes nyaya kat chek no.

Since capturing Penang from Gerakan and UMNO in the last elections, the state government has made serious inroads into winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim community. Mosques and suraus have been receiving a lot of facilities and assistance from the state government. What is the civil thing to do if someone has given you assistance? You say thank you sir.

So the particular imam who created the present controversy who happens to be the brother of the Penang mufti was telling the congregation that Muslims should pray the good deeds undertaken by the state government under Lim Guan Eng are carried out continuously. Muslims are thanking the state government under LIM Guan Eng. In addition, Muslims should be hopeful that Lim Guan Eng embraces Islam. What probably happened was perhaps Guan Eng's name was mentioned in that context.

To me, this is a stupid way of trying to leverage on a religious issue. The present controversy serves to further expose our hypocrisy. For so many years while Penang was under the JV government of Gerakan and UMNO, the lot of Penang Malays has not improved greatly. You even had a PM from Penang and he didn't achieve anything much for Penang Malays. He could offer only some nebulous ideas about Islam. People wanted more physical improvements not more sermonizing.

Before that you also had a former deputy PM from Penang, who did not achieve much either. All he could do was gurmal here and gurmal there. Senator Koh Tsu Koon could never match what Guang Eng has achieved in 2 years with what he has done all those years while in power. So really, you don't have any defense against what the present state government is doing.

The better action by Penang Malays is to throw out all those useless UMNO leaders who rose to prominence not through offering great ideas and thinking, but got where they are by mastering political intrigues. It's the comeuppance for many of these hollow leaders. For years you have come up not through the brilliance of your ideas or competency but you rise because you are more skillful at demolishing your political rivals, you rise by stabbing the backs of your political comrades, you rise because you plot here and there- suddenly you find you don't have the substance to sustain your political relevance.

So you have incompetent UMNO leaders thinking they can stand toe to toe with better qualified Gerakan leaders. Suddenly you realize, your skills in removing your own political comrades don't work when dealing with people from other parties.

So I find the Penang UMNO leadership and its 'spokesmen' behaving hypocritical in using religion to counter the state government.

Let's have some finesse fellers.


Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 06:57  

Dear Dato,
Good work.Once again you hit it right on the spot. Quote:
"The better action by Penang Malays is to throw out all those useless UMNO leaders"
This should also be extended throughout Malaysia and perhapsthen we could see a better future for Malaysians.
I do not believe BN will ever win back Penang.

AA -ex Penangite.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 07:45  

All materials given to rakyat are definitely not coming from the pockets of any political parties, sir. So, if that the case, it is not right to ask people to say this phrase: "thank you Mr. KM". In fact the reverse is the correct thing we would like to see coming from leaders in this country.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 07:52  

Pemimpin politik datang dan pergi. Kalau nak balas budi sekalipun buatlah dengan cara yang betul - bukankah hantar kad ucapan lebih afdal?


shamshul anuar,  23 August 2010 at 08:21  

Dear sakmongkol,

Correction. I beg to differ. It is not UMNO that politicized the issue.

The sermon becomes political issues when some khatib who for reasons known best to them left the name of Yang DiPertuan agung and instead replacing with that of KM.

I myself is not UMNo member but I feel upset over this matter. why on earth you do not mention the King's name?

For wat reason. In fact, those attending the Friday sembahyang are naturally upset.

Never mind you want to support PKR or LIm or anybody. But why on earth you discard the King's name asnd replace with a political figure's name.

Sakmongkol, be honest. Let us get real. since when sermon becomea a political issue. since khatib plays politics in "mimbar".

If in Perlis, for example, the khatib mentions Perlis MB's name, the good natured Dr Sabu Isa, what do you think PAS will do? They will jump and insulted UMNO by saying UMNO playing politics and showing disrespect to Raja of Perlis.

Why on earth you think UMNO engineers the debate?It becomes an issue when a hot headed khatib plays politics in masjid.

At least UMNO shows sensitivity by not mentioning MB's name in so many states that it ruled. At least, it shows some restraint.

However, I fully agree with you on some Malay politicians who need to be thrown out. We can start with useless Timbalan Km Penang who is willing to tell lies to cover the pathetic incident.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 08:32  

Hats off to you for this patriotic and statesmanlike piece.
What Penang UMNO is doing is going to hurt the entire party, not just in Penang but all over the country.
UMNO's antics and histrionics are sickening. It seems the party has lost its senses.
Even the DPM has joined in to condemn the Penang Government as though what is written in Utusan and Sinar is gospel truth.
Any leader worth his salt will always confirm the truth of a matter before commenting on it.
Zaid is a washout. He is a scum, a millstone around Penang UMNO's neck that will drown the party.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 08:35  

The fact that the DPM waded into this matter suggests that this controversy is created by UMNO. The fact that the PM wade into this at INCREDIBLE SPEED confirms that this matter is indeed created by UMNO. (If only the PM could act with such speed to deal with problems faced by the rakyat!)

Not only did this not help UMNO in Penang, it didn't help Barisan Nasional in Malaysia.

If you want to subvert the state government in Penang, do something more intelligent and with class, not this kind of stunt.

Raison D'etre 23 August 2010 at 08:44  

Alas, last I read, even the PM has "tumpang sekole" - as Northerners would quip - with a call for investigations.

Me? I just laughed out loud at the thoughts of Zahid Hamidi quaking in his military boots at Penang Malay Muslims EXPRESSED acceptance of LGE as a good leader.

Tak dak isu sangat dah set Umno Penang, sampai orang tua tu punya appearance kat Pemberian Zakat pun jadikla.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 09:17  

I am a malay and used to be an UMNO supporter, unless you can get better caliber of UMNO leaders in Penang,you can be sure that Penang will not fall to BN.Mind you Penang is now a majority malay state.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 09:21  


when did the last time you came to Penang ?

Unless you stay here for a week or a month, otherwise you better write about something you really know.

Both side is politicking the whole issue from the beginning.

But the most important issue is the Non Chinese in Penang is losing day by day.

schenker78 23 August 2010 at 09:23  

what a hypocrite, najib ask this umno created issue to be investigated, but when come to kapal selam and altantuya, just says i dont know that woman....

I just ask dato' sak and pro umno, where in Quran mentions about prayers and the wajib mentioning of Kings and Queens names ? In fact Islam did not have royals as leaders before when it emerged. THere was only a mention of the Firaun in the history (not Mahathir...heheheh)Its a outside phenomena, mainly created by the kafir political system.

Generally speaking, The emergence of Kings, Queens and royalty are only visible in England, Europe, China and India since 2000 ++ to 5000 years ago.... The Hindu Buddhist influence created royals in Indonesia and later in Tanah Melayu... before Islam arrived through the Indian Mughal traders and the Arabs ....

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 09:30  

Why are you offended? Are you 100% sure that what was reported in Utusan is what happened in the mosques?
You must have a pea brain to believe that Lim's name replaced the King's?
Tak masuk akal, unless you are an imbecile like Zaid and Penang UMNO.

Much ado about nothing, actually.

a.z 23 August 2010 at 10:24  


What is happening these days with UMNO? They can't thing big enough anymore is it? Even something so innocent like a prayer or a thanks can be such an issue with these lot and the PM himself is getting into the act.

It can't be that somebody like the The PM who at one time was photograph by the STAR newspaper in his private library and mentioning "blue ocean strategy" can't think of a way to defuse the unreasonable lot in UMNO Penang and put the police as well as other "Special Committees" yet to be formed just on this issue to more useful productive endeavours.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 11:34  

It's bread and butter for most Penangnites. Just talk to the simple street vendors, hawkers, customers at the wet market, pasar malam, food court. Most agree a change in their daily life for the better since change in state gov. Even many Malay folks agreed that Umno has only self-interest and manufacturing non-issues to discredit LGE. It's much easier to meet LGE than meeting KSK or Umno warlord.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 11:36  

Dato, I read somewhere that someone was asked why did he chose Islam and the answer given was that he met Islam first instead of muslim.
So bayangkan lah apa yang UMNO dah lakukan kat Penang.
Camni mampus la Dato macam mana UMNO nak teruskan perjuangan mempertahankan agama, bangsa dan negara. Tak habis buat kerja bodoh and the worst part is PM can jump into the bandwagon-so what an indicator of UMNO leaders!!!
Is there no better man in UMNO instead of all these morons!!!
Tapi gua caya lu la Dato', Anwar mesti kena sekeh sikit...hehehe
Salam Ramadhan.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 11:53  

Anon.(23 August, 8:32 AM)

Good of you to point out this:

"UMNO's antics and histrionics are sickening. It seems the party has lost its senses.
Even the DPM has joined in to condemn the Penang Government as though what is written in Utusan and Sinar is gospel truth.

It does look very much like the DPM doesn't act with fairness and restraint like a good leader should.

Remember the case of the school headmistress in Kulai who made racist insults and taunts at her students? When the matter was brought to his attention it was reported that he said no action should be taken against the offending headmistress unless thorough investigations had been carried out first.

But, ah ha, in this instance he obviously didn't feel the need for further investigations but jumped straight into the fray with a full frontal attack!


Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 12:13  


The action by the Pinang UMNO and Datuk Zaid is but the manifestation of fear.

When fear dominates one's mind, all the actions are pathetic and irrational at best.

At this rate, BN will have no chance to re-capture Pinang.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 12:16  

We thank God that we have people like you to say it as it is! the shameful behaviour of those scumbags of Penang umno!
Perhaps its their turn to be the underdogs now.And they cannot do a good job at that.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 12:18  

UMNO Penang is afraid Penangites will realise that they are FRAUDS - that they do not stand for anything they say and are con-mens and shysters.

The funny thing is that I think Penangites already know UMNO Penangs are all FRAUDSTER. Its just that Penangites are too polite and too busy with their own lives to bother with getting into a shouting match with the belligerant fraudsters that they are.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 12:28  

Zahid + Reezal Merican + Azhar Ibrahim + Tok Ismail (Wira Bangsa) + Pak Lah + Non Panjang = Dead End...sedih tengok UMNO PP...

Along,  23 August 2010 at 13:16  

Ni lah jadi nya bila Melayu Penang berpecah dan pemimpin politik melayu pentingkan diri.

Last sekali ugama kau pun dia orang buat macam bola.

Apa guna periuk nasi terjaga kalau agama tergadai.

Kalau periuk nasi dan agama tergadai lagi lah naya. Baik hang duduk kat Israel saja

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 14:01  

Shamsul Anuar,

Dato Sak already asked in his post about the context in which LGE's name was mentioned, right?

So, until someone can come forward with the actual recording, why get our knickers all in a twist?

Wait la, before shooting off our mouths.

tupingera 23 August 2010 at 14:44  

Tabik Tuan.

Very well said and I bet 90% of decent, right-thinking Malays/Muslims would agree with you.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 14:48  

Well said. You complemented my thoughts.

drrafick (rights2write)

Donplaypuks® 23 August 2010 at 15:26  

This is a red-herring issue. UMNO is scraping the barrel.

Most don't care who is governing Penang. It's all about action and performance and ensuring egalitarianism and fairness from a "reasonable" point of view. That applies to the State as it does to the Federal Government.

This and Ridhuan Tee and Utusan yet again sounding the race and "immigrant" trumpet will backfire hugely on UMNO. It only shows their shallow mentality and desperation!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 15:46  

another well argued post. I wonder why tax payer is force to pay 77 million to APCO when you can buy sak teh tarik and pick his brain for free. or just read his postings

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 16:16  

umno penang has never really a good thing for the peoples in penang state.. what they did?
buy peoples to demonstrate at penang road, Kg. buah Pala burn photo, step on photo and so many.. 1 of my fren get paid RM100 just to shout at Komtar demonstration well he did not really know what happening but just follow instruction..this is how umno penang behavior.

shamshul anuar,  23 August 2010 at 16:30  

Dear anonymous,

The truth shall prevail. The khatib himself admitted that he mentioned Guan Eng in sermon.

Contrary to what people like you like to think, Utusan Malaysia does not fabricate the story. I have many relatives in Jelutong, Sg dua, Telok bahang, Tasik Gelugor and I asked them.

The Utusan tells the truth. It may sound silly those who could not care less but it is wrong for a Muslim to pray for a non Muslim in mosque the way khatib did.

As for donplayyuk, I believe you are not aware the sentiment on the ground. On many occasions I visited my folks there, I asked many of them. almost all Malays who I asked expressed regret choosing PAS or DAP or PKR.

Of course to the peple like Anonymous or sakmongkol, demolishing Malay stalls not having blicence but sparing Chinese stalls for the same reason may mean nothing to them. After all, the demolished stalls belong to Malays.

I wonder why on earth Sakmongkol contested under UMNO's banner in the first place when he has nothing good to say about UMNO.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 16:52  

The PM, DPM and UMNO are acting as though this is a life and death issue or rather an issue that will destroy the nation.
I remember how UMNO ( and Mahathir) demonized the Monarchy at the height of the constitutional crisis and how it clipped the monarchy's wings.
UMNO humbled the sultans. They ate humble pie.
Now, suddenly UMNO is the monarchy's greatest defenders.

Ariff Sabri 23 August 2010 at 16:53  

shamsul anwar,

dont be patronizing. u r not an UMNO member and has no way of becoming aware of the inner workings of UMNO. your analyses thus far have been academic only. i have many good things to say about UMNO and have said it. haven't you read those before. it doesn't matter whether you have many relatives in Penang- the Malays in Penang have suffered too during the JV govt previously. if UMNO does not recognize its inherent weaknesses, then it will be history. but then, u r not UMNO- how can u realize this? no?

Warga Malaysia 23 August 2010 at 16:56  

Datuk Sakmongkol, see when you write sense I respect you. You have intellect and very reasonable. What I don't understand is why when it seem to be getting clearer when you say DAP is a Chinese First policy party but have nothing to back it up you don't try to correct it? Here you praise the administration of a Chinese DAP PM and compared it unfavorably with the past administration. Yes this is based on reasons and objective observations. This is what we like to read - well reasoned arguments.

However we are still waiting for you to make your well reasoned arguments that DAP is a Chinese first party. OK since you don''t want to reason it out let me reason it for you solely based on what you wrote in this artilce. You mentioned the DAP led admin providing more generously to mosque etc. Now is this Chinese first or Muslim first? I believe you can answer for yourlself

Why is it so difficult when it is apparent that one is wrong and say sorry? Perhaps it is our human nature. But in any case, I supposed we should be satisfied with this reasoned article that you are making amend?

Would you publish this comment or become a coward and as ..... as some of your fellow party members? By the way I will be saving this comment for future references

Quiet Depair,  23 August 2010 at 18:09  

This is not about UMNO or DAP or LGE.
It's about offending religious sensibilities.
There is a verse in the Quran which says you must pray for the well-being of the Sultans or Kings who are our protectors.
And I think it will help soothe some if LGE comes up and say he had no idea this is happening.
Anywhow, We wait for the outcome of the police investigation.
We have yet to hear from the play safe and crowd pleaser Anwat since the mosque in his constuency was also affected.
And our beloved Tok Guru who is normally quick to pronounce halal and haram went on silent mode and came out with a no-comment.

shamshul anuar,  23 August 2010 at 19:06  

Dear sakmongkol,

Now. that progress I shall say. At least now, you are "aware" that there are good things that UMNO( the party that once enabled you to experience being a chosen politician)did.

My point is very simple . On what ground you can accuse UMNO of inciting troubled with regards to Khatib omitted Yang diPertuan agung's name and instead mentioning and honouring a non Muslim politician who maintains a very anti Islam and anti Malay attitude.

Never mind if the Khatib loves Guan eng so much. But why on earth he belittle the office of Yang Dipertuan Agong.

This is exactly the attitude that make non malays look down on Malays. A sermon suddenly become a issue of contention.

What do you expect UMNO to do? Keep quiet.? Oh do not give the crap that Prophet Muhammad also prays for Omar who later converted to Islam.

Do not just pick and choose what you want to follow. Did not Prophet Muhammad tells us to "berbaik sangka" among Muslims and be firm( but fair and merciful) with non Muslims. You do not want to foloow that advice?

Did the Khatib remember that when he is on the mimbar? What would you expect PAS to do if for example a mosque in Perak says mentioning Dr Zambri's name instead Sultan Azlan Shah.

PAS will accuse UMNO as insulting the Sultan ( not that they respect the Sultan anyway).

Not all who pray in that mosque support Guan Eng or PAS or PKR or Anwar. So, they perceive the sermon is done with political intention.

That is the real issue. The bad intention of khatib has already achieved its objective. For no good reason, we( you and me) are arguing.

I need no patronizing . I criticize both UMNO and PAS . I may not be an UMNO member but I am not blind.

I do admit there are many Malays like you. So liberal in praising DAP that is busy demolishing Malay stalls.


Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 19:24  

Shamsul Anuar,

"The truth shall prevail. The khatib himself admitted that he mentioned Guan Eng in sermon."

yes or course the truth shall prevail. It just depend on what kind of truths that you want to prevail ... a warped logic truth or a decent truth?

Even if the Kahtib himself mentioned Guan Eng in his serman, what's wrong with that? We Christians pray for everybody, for a better world , and we even pray to our Lord to forgive those muslims who burnt our churches.

How can one uses prayer to quarrel?

You are staying in Malaysia remember that. We shall thrive to live harmoniously among each other without which you would have had money for your past "scholarships".

"Contrary to what people like you like to think, Utusan Malaysia does not fabricate the story. I have many relatives in Jelutong, Sg dua, Telok bahang, Tasik Gelugor and I asked them."

Contrary ?? Gosh , Utusan lover sure says that! The world knows the kind of bull and deliberate attempts to build the issue from a mole hill to a mountain. Petty issues are bloated lied but never retract when found to be wrong. I need not mention the numbers you know .... from Theresa Kwok to this.

"The Utusan tells the truth. It may sound silly those who could not care less but it is wrong for a Muslim to pray for a non Muslim in mosque the way khatib did."

This is the first time I hear that. So actually what are praying for in front of all the crowds in functions with non Muslims around? If I go on , sure you would be angry.... how absurd this can be.
No wonder RPK said, Islam is good, it is the those followers like you that gives it a bad name. I really ask, what is the purpose of religion? if not for good for all.

"As for donplayyuk, I believe you are not aware the sentiment on the ground. On many occasions I visited my folks there, I asked many of them. almost all Malays who I asked expressed regret choosing PAS or DAP or PKR."
Rubbish, from what we hear, lots of Malays are now opening up their eyes what they have missed. They were amazed how their CM cared for them ... of course you should not go to those UMNO areas lah esp. Ahmad's.

Give Guan Eng another two years you would see what he have done, can do and will do for the Malays in Penang. He does not talk and talk but work work and work. Sometimes I as a Chinese feel, he is over trying to please the Malays there and really go out of his way to show he cares for Malays too. His praising of Islam recently was one of them.


Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 19:26  

...contiue. To Shamsul Anuar

"Of course to the peple like Anonymous or sakmongkol, demolishing Malay stalls not having blicence but sparing Chinese stalls for the same reason may mean nothing to them. After all, the demolished stalls belong to Malays."

Get the facts first before you fire your salvos and think you are gangho and right.

The issue had been non payment of the stalls. Surely do you allow any trader be it Malays or Chinese or Indians to start a stall without first paying?

The Malay traders paid to one UMNO chap and this chap DID NOT PAY to the state for stalls. This same guys had the gall to lead the DEMO! Can you imagine that? You are out to fool a few ignorant Malays to gain support, but you cannot fool the majority of the smart Malays.

"I wonder why on earth Sakmongkol contested under UMNO's banner in the first place when he has nothing good to say about UMNO."
This is another brainless statement.

I hope Sakmongkol would not mind I reply this.

Sakmongkol is an UMNO member... the one who can see the difference between right and wrongs. In fact, I am guessing that because this does not fit into UMNO that he was not selected to recontest! Correct me if I am wrong.

Corruption and righteousness do not mix.

You belong to the first group who condones such. If you are true, then irrespective if it is your party or not, if its policies and actions are bringing Malaysia to the join Zimbabwe , then you should speak out. You don't cause you still want the easy fruits of others labour.

Just list out what has UMNO done that makes you so loyal? We are all ears to hear from you other than UMNO gave you scholarships for your overseas studies paid for by Ah Chong , Muthu and Ali.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 19:53  

"Mind you Penang is now a majority malay state."

Anon, 23 August 2010 09:17

my comments:

i don't think malay is majority in penang. just because the malay responded and give good cooperation during the census that doesn't mean malay outnumber the rest.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 20:31  


I am impressed and I hope I am not shooting myself in the foot.

Sang Kancil

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 20:39  

Call a spade a spade.Simple as that.To encik shamsul anwar, stop whinning.If u want to talk about selective prosecution, tak payah tanya sesiapa, just go to lebuh acheh(lebuh armenian), near the grand old mosque.There is a evening flea market(daily), ada malay, chinese and indian sellers/traders, semua takde lesen, when the penguatkuasa MPPP come to round up the illegal traders, semua kena, chinese, malay and indian.
Seeing is believing.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 21:09  

Salam Dato,

I have said this many times over and I will repeat:

You need to be in Najib's cabinet in order for us Muslims to have a glimpse of hope!

You need to be at least Najib's economic adviser or the Education Minister so that the country can jump-start its economic engine.

Otherwise, kangkong universities will produce kangkong graduates like the Abdul Razak of MACC making a full of himself and MACC!

Please send a copy of your article to Najib...after all, he is your ex-boss and current friend :-)


Quiet Despair,  23 August 2010 at 21:16  

Where is our religious tolerance especially in this holy month of Ramadhan?
Today a surau in Seremban has been splattered with red paint and splashed with two bottles of beer.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 21:38  

Shamsul Anuar,

So according to you, it is wrong for a muslim to pray for a non muslim in a mosque. I am a non muslim so can I pray for your well being and your family in the church and temple?

I was raised to be good to everyone (as I can possibly be) and to offer my prayers to everyone (regardless of their religious beliefs) for a better world, free from hunger, diseases and strifes.

But according to your belief, I cannot pray for you, my muslim malaysian brethren. How sad that you have a pathetic twisted mindset. I hope you belong to the minority of small minded muslims if this country stands any chance of righting itself.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 22:25  

For years every church and temple have been offering prayers for the country’s king and leaders so that they would have the wisdom to rule the country and bring prosperity to the people. Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus have been wishing good vibes to all Muslim leaders and what they got in return? When some Muslim imams want to wish divine guidance for non-Muslim leaders, the faked UMNOputra Muslims decide to make it into a religious issue in order to support their racist political poison which they have been spreading through the BTN. Is this what true Islam is all about?

katdog,  23 August 2010 at 22:33  

How is it that incompetent leaders like that came to the top as ruling leaders in UMNO? Don't we practice a democratic system where the leaders are voted by the majority? Are we saying that the majority of Malays supports such UMNO leaders?

Or is it more a case of people not caring anymore. Isn't it true that the majority of Malay youths don't want to register to vote. That the youths want nothing to do with politics at all (including deciding who to vote for) because they have become so disillusioned with local politics that they have ceased to care?

And you know what a certain famous saying goes. It is when we stop caring that evil has truly won.

And that is why Malaysia is a nation in dire problems. Not because of the ruling government. But because the people have all ceased caring.

Si Tampok Manggis 23 August 2010 at 22:34  

borrowed and shared this. Thanks

Ariff Sabri 23 August 2010 at 22:40  

shamsul anwar

what right have you got to label other Malays as liberal? and what does the label mean? i am sure glad you are not an UMNO member. your kind hastens the demise of UMNO.
you dont own absolutely right over the Malayness of another Malay. this is the kind of attitude that breeds a contemptuous outlook which makes UMNO thinks others owe their living to the party.
what progress are you talking about? dont befuddle yr thinking.

Anonymous,  23 August 2010 at 23:01  

Tuan Moderator, Saudar/ri,

Saya bersetuju kalau dikatakan isu ini (isu perlanggaran etika khutbah?) adalah kecil dari sudut pentadbiran. Tetapi dari segi politik ia adalah bergantung di pihak mana seseorang itu berada. Kalau betullah isu ini kecil, pihak dituduh tidak perlu terlalu defensif. Kalau isu ini besar, pihak penuduh tak perlu terlalu ofensif. Sistem yang ada sudah cukup untuk menanganinya.

Konsep berpolitik pada hari ini ialah kalau individu itu memasuki dunia politik partisan, ia akan dianggap ketinggalan zaman kalau tidak menghayati bidalan Melayu ini: 'masuk kandang kambing mengembek...' Untuk itu individu perlu membiasakan diri dengan permainan yang dipopularkan oleh pihak sendiri tetapi mengikuti permainan yang dipopularkan dalam kandang lawan jua. Dakwaan pembangkang (pembangkang PP sekarang ini) sepatutnya diiktiraf kerana itu adalah tugas baru yang sepatutnya telah lama dikuasai. Meskipun terlambat dalam memainkan peranan pembangkang sejati, tetapi itu lebih baik dari tidak memainkan peranan langsung.

Mana-mana pihak adalah bebas untuk mengatakan permainan yang ini adalah bersifat keanak-anakan, bahaya, tidak berfaedah dan sebagainya kerana mereka ada hak bersuara, namun itu tidak bermakna permainan harus berubah. Ini kerana, pemain yang terlibat lebih faham kenapa mereka harus bermain sedemikian rupa. Dan kalau ada satu pihak 'pulangkan buah keras' pada lawan dan dibuat tepat pada masa dan ketikanya, ia adalah sebahagian dari permainan itu. Tidak pelik dan tidak terkeluar dari landasan. Dari segi etika, pada hari ini, corak sedemikian adalah dianggap sesuai dan budiman tetapi bukan kotor atau kejian. Lagipun bukankah pihak yang menuduh hanya mengambil alih posisi dan peranan yang pernah dimainkan oleh pemerintah PP sekarang ini?

Pada hari ini, amalan mengada-adakan cerita atau membesar-besarkan cerita yang pada awalnya dianggap tidak lebih sebagai khabar angin telah lama menjadi permainan popular di gelanggang tempatan. Dengan adanya penguasaan terhadap kemahiran baru (...), satu pihak mampu mengubah spekulasi menjadi berita benar dan begitu juga sebaliknya. Mengharapkan amalan ini tidak akan berkembang menjadi lebih maju dan sempurna adalah dikira terlambat dan mustahil. Oleh itu, kecil atau besar sesuatu isu bukanlah faktor penentu utama yang perlu dijadikan hujah untuk menyokong atau menentang. Sama seperti isu agama Obama, meskipun kecil dalam konteks kefahaman masyarakat liberal tetapi pihak lawan tetap berusaha berusaha menjadikan isu berkenaan sebagai penting dan kritikal adanya.

Ini bermakna kalau ada kemahuan dan kupayaan, semua boleh jadi. Isu yang kecil boleh jadi besar dan isu yang besar (contohnya serangan terhadap kapal bantuan kemanusia oleh Israel) boleh nampak sebesar jari kelenkeng saja. Kekeliruan maklumat ini dijuruskan oleh momokan, aturan dan putaran berterusan media Barat hinggakan perasaan membara kembali sejuk; yang hitam jadi putih -- seolah-olah insiden hitam itu tidak pernah berlaku. Jadinya, untuk tidak ketinggalan roket, individu perlu celikkan mata, renung dan fahami perkembangan dan permainan politik global agar ia boleh dijadikan dorongan dan petunjuk tentang corak dan halatuju permainan politik lokal.


Mata Anjing,  23 August 2010 at 23:38  

As non-muslim, it's my personal viewpoint that all non-Muslim are advised not to debate on Islam. It's alright to seek the religion for knowledge but to argue for the sake of arguing is just plain stupid. If anybody is to be blamed, blame the dumb Christians in East Malaysians for their vote to BN.

Keep off from religion to avoid misunderstanding.

Anonymous,  24 August 2010 at 00:15  

Mata anjing,

"If anybody is to be blamed, blame the dumb Christians in East Malaysians for their vote to BN"

My comments:

This is another stupid suggestion, suggested by racist and chauvinistic mind. Is this good for a multiracial country?

Anonymous,  24 August 2010 at 00:26  

AA -ex Penangite.

"The better action by Penang Malays is to throw out all those useless UMNO leaders"
This should also be extended throughout Malaysia and perhapsthen we could see a better future for Malaysians.
I do not believe BN will ever win back Penang.

my comments:

if you don't believe PR will ever lose Penang therefore the right thing you should do is to ask the non-malays to throw out all those useless PR leaders. Don't think so?

Mata Anjing,  24 August 2010 at 00:46  

Anon 24 August 2010 00:15 wrote,
This is another stupid suggestion, suggested by racist and chauvinistic mind. Is this good for a multiracial country?

Just because we are multi-racists, multi-religions etc doesn't allow you to abuse the rights of others. If the Christians in East Malaysia do have grievances that they are banned from using "A" in the bible, they can readily vote out BN but unfortunately they don't have the backbone to do that. So what is there to complain? The more irrational non-muslims create a hush over it, the more complex is the situation when Muslims themselves feels that their religion is under attack when in actual fact, the culprit itself is government (or UMNO) itself.

See the fine point up there, please.

schenker78 24 August 2010 at 00:47  

najib tersepit ????

Anonymous,  24 August 2010 at 01:05  

To quiet despair
Jangan "nasi tambah" kat sini lah.Ni bukan article nak comment tentang religious tolerance and kes kat sikamat!.Stick to the original post by our beloved dato Sak.Ada golongan "nasi tambah" ni lah yang kasi keadaan lagi melarat.As mentioned by you, holy month of ramadhan, jangan nasi tambah isu lain, seek solace from our creator, buat lah baik berpada-pada, one way u can buat baik tu berilah cadangan macammana UMNo penang can improve itself and bring the changes untuk semua khususnya bangsa melayu/umat islam di pulau mutiara seiring dengan apa yang di bincang pada posting kali ini.Selamat berpuasa.

chinaman,  24 August 2010 at 03:55  

Hahahaha!!!! Police oso come into the fray. They are opening a file on this!!! Hurrah PDRM!!! Takde pencuri nak tangkap ke??

UMNO looks like a spent force, instead of focusing on taking the country and malaysians forward has descended to gutter politics. Dato, can you pls remind ur buddy the PM, we need a leader la. The PM should set agenda not the kuncu kuncu.

Politicising issues like this will not win back support you have lost, all. Malaysians will judge his premiership on what good he's done for the country since coming into power. How he's moved us forward as a nation.

So far there's really nothing to speak of. This 1Malaysia thing is sloganeering, NEM is just fluff, its becoming more divisive than a rally point for Malaysians.

Our PM should look at what's happened in the recent Australian election and work very hard to avoid a similar fate.


Cikgu Ngah,  24 August 2010 at 06:11  

Assalamualaikum Dato'.

Saya bersetuju bhw kalau UMNO nak menang balik hati org2 Melayu di Penang caranya bukanlah dengan memainkan isu-isu remeh agama dan perkauman. Lebih baik mereka semua buat kerja betul-betul dan tolong tingkatkan taraf hidup dan ekonomi orang Melayu Pulau Pinang.

Tapi saya tak setuju bila Dato' kata yang rakyat jelata P. Pinang haruslah berterima kasih pada Lim Guan Eng atas segala bantuannya kepada masjid2 dan surau2 semenjak mereka ambil alih kerajaan negeri. Dato' nampaknya tak berlaku adil pada UMNO/BN. Apakah UMNO/BN tak pernah tolong atau bantu orang Islam dan masjid2? Apakah bila UMNO bagi derma pada masjid, maka ianya dianggap untuk tujuan politik tapi bila kerajaan pakatan rakyat bagi ianya dengan hati yang suci dan tulus ikhlas? Betulkah Guan Eng betul2 ikhlas nak tolong orang Islam dan Melayu P.Pinang atau ia hanya semata-mata gimik politik sahaja?

Lagi satu saya nak tanya apakah Dato' duduk di P.Pinang sehingga Dato' benar2 tahu apa yg rakyat jelata P.Pinang rasa? Saya duduk di Penang ni dah 5 tahun maka saya rasa saya lebih layak lagi nak cakap pasai isu P.Pinang walaupun saya berasal dari Pahang.

Ariff Sabri 24 August 2010 at 06:32  

wa alaikum salam cikgu ngah,

saya tidak kata semua orang Melayu PP kena terima kasih kepada LGE. yang saya tulis ialah, dalam kes yang spesifik ini, apakah sikap orang yang telah menerima segala kemudahan tersebut? jawapan nya ialah berterima kasih dalam kes yang spesifik.
apabila cikgu bertanya yang lebih umum, saya pasti jawapan nya tidak akan sama. soalan yang saya tanya pula, ialah tidak mungkin orang Melayu secara umum nya, yang telah menerima jasa UMNO dan kerajaan BN selama ini tidak berterima kasih atau tidak tahu berterima kasih. apabila terjadi fakta bahawa kerajaan yang di kongsi sama secara JV oleh UMNO di kalahkan dalam PRU12, maka sudah tentu ini menimbulkan syak bahawa sesuatu sudah terjadi kepada cara kerajaan mendapatkan bentuk terima kasih dari rakyat. maka, point saya, ialah UMNO khususnya, mesti melakukan pendekatan baru untuk mendapatkan bentuk terima kasih yang di idamkan. ertinya, hanya kita berjenama UMNO, maka mendapatkan sokongan mencukupi hanya dengan berkata aku UMNO TANPA di alasi dengan perbuatan bakti dan menyayangi rakyat.
sekian, wallahualam bissawab.

HAKIMAN,  24 August 2010 at 07:23  

Dato Sak

People like Shamsul Anuar got his moral high ground nested at the wrong end of his body.

To him, race is more important than religion.

So what if LGE's name is mentioned? Islam and Allah encompasses ALL human beings. Islam is a religion for humanity. You pray for those who seek to help others, irrespective if he or she is a muslim or not.

People like Shamsul Anuar and Quiet Despair read the Al-Quran like those blood thirsty suicide bombers and Taliban Muslims who seek Allah's help to kill others in the name of Islam.

As you rightly mentioned, Malaysia needs to remove all the scumbags, not only in UMNO but within the Malay, Chinese and Indian communities if we as a nation need to stand together to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Shamsul Anuar and Quiet Despair are locked in the world view of the 1960s where they fear their neighbours who are different from themselves. It is a scary thought we have educated people like them living amongst us in today's world.

Anonymous,  24 August 2010 at 09:54  

shamsul anwar,

if u have big problems with the khatib mentioning guan eng's name go get the khatib la. don't keep barking at the wrong tree.

if one day i hear a mosque sermon mentioning your name is it your fault or the khatib's fault?

sometimes its wise to use your brains a little bit more.

schenker78 24 August 2010 at 12:29  

Lim guan Eng dont know at all that his name used in Mosque until Umno exposed it. So go blame PAS or other moslems who utter his name in mosque.

Did LGE ask mosque officials to change agongs name with his name. Be logical , okey....

Orang2 melayu bodoh yang menerajui UMNO, mcm Mudin, Najib, Zahid Hamidi serta orang2 TV3 dan RTM sungguh bodoh belaka. Tak pernah aku tengok orang2 yang IQ yang rendah , mcm orang terencat akal.

Saya harap orang mcm Quiet Despair dan Shamsul anuar menunjukkan kebijaksaan dalam berhujah. Jangan ikut bodoh macam kepimpinan Melayu UMNO....

Hari ini, nampak gayanya, media2 UMNO dan pemimpin UMNO bohong dan penipuan itu akan diulang kali sampai pembohongan pun nampak mcm benda yang benar ....

Siapa yang buang cat merah dan botol arak kat surau ?? Aku x heran kalau melayu UMNO yang lakukan benda2 ini. Sama mcm kes bakar surau dulu....Orang Melayu jugak yang buat supaya ada pergaduhan kaum .... dan UMNO boleh terus berkuasa....

Orang2 bukan Islam x berani nak lakukan benda2 kotor ini. Kecuali kalau dia dari parti2 Barisan Nasional. Orang2 BN akan mencetuskan huru hara di negara ini. Jangan kita rakyat biasa terpengaruh dengan taktik2 ini. Zaman sekarang 2010, bukan zaman batu lagi.....

Awak buat lagi May 13, pelabur2 akan angkat bendera putih dan tidak akan bertapak lagi dinegara ini. Pada masa itu, jangan heran kalau ada gelombang Reformasi ke 2 macam masa zaman kejatuhan Suharto....Kalau berjuta2 rakyat bangkit tuntut pekerjaan, makanan dan keamanan, polis dan UMNO pun tidak akan dapat bertahan walaupun sehari.....

Ex-teacher,  24 August 2010 at 14:47  

Dato Sak,

I agree with Shamshul Anwar's observation about the Malays in Penang. Yes, most Malays who (wrongly) voted for PR during the last GE felt that they really made a wrong decision. Their thinking at that time was only to teach some UMNO/BN leaders, and not realizing extend of the damage they'd done. They are all waiting for the next GE the throw out PR and bring back BN. But of course, without the chinese BN, it might just be a dream.

It's laughable when Dr.Mujahid of PAS asked UMNO to leave it to PAS to take care of the Malays in Penang. What shit this guy is taking about? UMNO do not OWN the Malays. If PAS felt that they can take care of Malays, by all mean please do so. You don't have to ask permission from UMNO. The real question is whether PAS is capable (with such small brain like Mujahid) and CAN PAS `fight' for the MALAYS. Are they not scared, guilty or even berdosa to fight on the basis of Bangsa Melayu.

To all PAS leaders, please be honest. Kalau pada bulan lain asyik dok berdusta, at least in the holy month of Ramadhan, sincerely state that you are for the Bangsa Melayu. But you're just being cowardice to admit your true feeling about your Bangsa. Jangan jadi macam si BABI, the chameleon.

We are in the state that we are today because of the Gay- Bertopeng Islamist-PM wannabe.

I was raised in an PAS environment and surroundings, but sadly, PAS is not about Islam but using Islam to damn UMNO.

Penjerat Tikus,  24 August 2010 at 14:54  

schenker78 dan rakan-rakan yang sewaktu dengannya,

Apa Nik Aziz kata pasal isu khutbah, "No Comment"?

I think we all can read more to that "no comment" comment. Nik Aziz is worried of losing more of Malay supports after Karpal and now join by Lim Kit Siang firing their salvos on the old man's hudud law. And Husam and the Erdogan group are not helping. Semuanya menikus...itu lah PAS, Parti Anak tikuS. Hanya melalak dan berani kat UMNO. Mana pegi Mahfuz, Tantawi...?

shamshul anuar,  24 August 2010 at 18:42  

Dear Hakiman,

"People like quiet despair and shamshul anuar read Alquran like blood thirsty..."

So, now I am like taliban. Wow, that is beyond comprehension. Since when I advocate killing here to suggest that I am just like another Taliban.

What is wrong is wrong. Simple as that. Why the khatib needs to replace the yang DiPertuan agung's name with that of KM Penang.

i expect peple like you to show minimum standard in undertanding a simple fact. That the sermon can do without political flavour.

For your information Hakiman , i do nort fear non malays or non Muslims. I work in environment whereby 90% of my colleagues are non Malays, mainly Chinese. I have no problem with that.

Stay focus to the issue. The problem here is a khatib who violates the rules by readimg his own text, resulting in "makmum" complaining. If he loves Gua Eng so much, that is his right. But do not replace the doa for the King.

If Malays themselve have no respect for the Malay rulers, then we can kiss good bye to the tradition.

As for Schenker, the focus is no Guan eng. why on earth the khatib has to use Guan eng's name. I am not blaming guan eng here.

As for Cikgu Ngah, thankyou sir for your view. The way Sakmongkol speaks as if UMNO has done nothing for malay community. You and me, Sakmongkol or Anwar Ibrahim or my father and your parents know that this is not true.

I feel that Sakmongkol expects UMNO to say nothing and do nothing whenever something wrong is done and need correction.

Surely, responding to criticism by Malay community in Penang cant be construed as exploiting the situation. Malay community will be more upset if UMNO could not care less.

You are right about Sakmongkol. How Sakmongkol is so certain that Malays in Penang hate UMNO . They criticize UMNO and some personalities but they also admit that UMNO is far more "benevolent" as compared to DAP or even PAS.

I am from Penang and i have relative there. 99% of all my relatives who I asked said that voting for DAP, PKR or PAS is a monumental mistake.

They saw before their own eyes where Malay stalls demolished but Chinese stalls protected. "these" they said "never happen when BN is in power".

Sakmongkol, I believe is against UMNO due to personal reason.

Mat Penang 25 August 2010 at 02:54  

Sebenarnya apa yang ditakutkan oleh UMNO Penang ialah;-

1.Projek kerajaan semua kena tender. Cara lama rundingterus tidak ada lagi.
2.Kontraktor kelas F (baca 99% ahli UMNO) tidak boleh cari makan.

Jadi cari le isu apa-apa yang rasis
untuk bagi hangat Melayu.

HAKIMAN,  25 August 2010 at 08:19  

"So, now I am like taliban. Wow, that is beyond comprehension. Since when I advocate killing here to suggest that I am just like another Taliban."- Shamsul Anuar

It is a question of degree. There are those who use physical violence and there are those who use verbal violence to generate fear of others. You most likely belong somewhere between the two. All you have to do is look into yourself.

Don't placate yourself by saying you work with 90 % non Malays. You have NO choice in a multiracial country of ours, You exhibit a negative envy or jealousy of non Malays in your workplace and in your social enviroment which spill into your own political and social outlook of where our country should be heading.

Simply said, you are MORE divisive than integrative inasfar as communal harmony is concerned. That is where YOU failed Islam and as a good muslim.

shamshul anuar,  25 August 2010 at 16:37  

Dear Hakiman,

Again you show consistent trait of attacking people just because cthey view things differently with you.

If defending the right of people of my race and religion cant be construed as racism, then I am willing to take the insult.

Judging from your ramark, must not criticize the khatib for insulting the office of Yang diPertuan Agong . You also mean to say that whatever "makmum" in the congregation said does not matter as well they see things differently.

I criticize but I do not hate Chinese or Indians simply because they are Indians. I criticize the character of people that think only for themselves.

I am amused that you can accuse( nagain another of your "forte) me as being divisive. My. What a very nasty thing to say. Which part of my speech that make you think I am being divisive.

Part of defending the call not to put political flavour in mosque? Part of reminding Malay community that the political power is slipping from their hand if they continue to tolerate antics from Nik aziz and the like for "prostituting " Islam for worldly benefit?

Anonymous,  26 August 2010 at 01:55  

Mat Penang said...

Sebenarnya apa yang ditakutkan oleh UMNO Penang ialah;-

1.Projek kerajaan semua kena tender. Cara lama rundingterus tidak ada lagi.
2.Kontraktor kelas F (baca 99% ahli UMNO) tidak boleh cari makan.

Jadi cari le isu apa-apa yang rasis
untuk bagi hangat Melayu.

25 August 2010 02:54

Jadinya kalau 99% kontraktor tak boleh cari makan, kontraktor mana pula yang diberi makan oleh LGE? Ada ke kontrakor yang boleh tumbuh secepat itu kalau bukan yang bercirikan kronisme?

Lagipun bukankah yang 99% itu adalah warga negeri juga. Jadinya sebagai warga negeri, bukankah menjadi tanggungjawab LGE untuk memberikan mereka peluang yang selayaknya?

schenker78 26 August 2010 at 04:52  

whatever the case,

who cares who say what about agong and lim Guan Eng.

cant we go onto real issues ?? Sibu flooded. Where is the guy who said ' Gua tolong Lu, Lu tolang wa,... x nampak pun projek tebatan banjir di Sibu sejak merdeka .....

schenker78 26 August 2010 at 04:55  

shamsul anuar.....'

u say 99% of your relative said mistake voting pakatan...

hpow many of them u asked ?? 100 people?? who is that 1%..... Is that 1 guy???? so did u ask 100 relatives?? or 5 relative??

u are bullshitting again with percentage....

schenker78 26 August 2010 at 05:12  

Penjerat Tikus,

Why ask Karpal....I ask you first....this hudud law does not affect non moslem...

Do you want this law to be primary law of the country?? What kind of hudud law will be taken in and what will be left out ???

Do you want to go ahead with chopping hands for stealing , Rejam orang berzina dengan batu sampai mati ?? seperti yang dibuat di Iran ???

You UMNO are so PONDAN and cant even give Anwar a hearing in the Syariah Court against Saiful Bapok Bukhari....

In cowboy era of 19th century, people will be executed for stealing cows and horses in the USA...

laws will always change with time....what was good 1000 years ago wont be accepted today....

Anonymous,  26 August 2010 at 07:11  

schenker78 said...

"cant we go onto real issues ?? Sibu flooded. Where is the guy who said ' Gua tolong Lu, Lu tolang wa,... x nampak pun projek tebatan banjir di Sibu sejak merdeka ....."

26 August 2010 04:52

My comments:

If not mistaken it was the winning party in Sibu that made the promise to solve the flood issue in that area. You not aware, bro?

HAKIMAN,  26 August 2010 at 10:06  

"Which part of my speech that make you think I am being divisive"- Shansul Anuar


That's where the problem lies with someone like you who I honestly think is a decent person. You don't even know what you had said and you don't for a second realize what you said is divisive.

As I said, take a good look at yourself and take a step back on self-reflection.

You are too drunk with this ketuanan melayu nonsense in the deep recesses of your mind, that you don't know you do have a problem.

schenker78 26 August 2010 at 13:21  


dap does not grow money. sarawak n malaysia fed under najib. are you goin to say that umno will keep discriminating those who did not vote for them ??

Duit tu bukan bapak najib punya. If kantung empty, Just sell off that useless submarine junk and use that money the develop the rural areas and poor areas of malaysia.

Even when in power for decades, Barisan Perompak Nasional ignoring to rectify basic issues.

Anonymous,  26 August 2010 at 15:57  

Mengapa mesti sebut Indonesia dulu beraja kemudian baru tanah melayu?

Sebelum Sang Sapurba datang ke tanah melayu, telah ada kerajaan lama spt Kota Gelanggi, Gangga Negara dan di belah Pahang ada kerajaan lama di Tasik Chini.

Masalahnya org melayu dan malaysia ni suka di sogok dengan cerita apa2yg ada semua datang dari sumatera. Pulak tu takda sapa reti nak bagi fakta yg kaw kaw utk membahas. terima dan angguk aja?

Tak boleh ke korang jawap, yg took nenek cina ni datang kurun keberapa, malaya ni sejak berkuruan2 lamanya dah ada raja, ini belum lagi kira kota2 kerajaan lama, yg punyalah lama sampai tinggal saki baki yg sedikit utk di kaji.

Cuba la jadi melayu yg bermaruah sikit, dah dekat nak sambut bulan merdeka dah ni, tapi kita masih hangguk2 dengan apa pemimpin2 PKR tu cakap, duk kutuk2 UMNO, ni baru beberapa negeri aja dipunyai DAP, tengok apa jadi? Dah ada ura2 nak ubah perlembagaan, malu aku dengan melayu, tak sapa nak pertahankan, malah berbagi melayu, ada yg sokong. Hai. tak tau lah aku, jangan la nak tunggu sampai korang jadi cam palestine tu ha, masa masih ada lagi kuasa pun dah dibedal2 kepala, bila takda kuasa, korang nak berak pun belum tentu ada jamban. Benda2 basic yg tak jadi masalah masa skrg, esok lusa jadi masalah besau.

Kalau korang sayangkan malaysia ni, baiklah bersatu sempena bulan puasa dan raya bakal tiba, langsunng sekali ngan bulan kemerdekaan, ada banyak perkara yg boleh dipertingkatkan bagi kesedaran.

Ini tidak pasang bendera pun maleh. Patut TV ni tunjuk ajar skit, bagi cerita sejarah masa dulu, macam mana moyang cina2 tak sedar diri ni dapat kerakyatan. Esok2 depa berkuasa, islam pun nanti dah tak jadi ugama rasmi, nak sembahyang pun tak di bagi.

Tolongla sedar.

Anonymous,  26 August 2010 at 16:09  

schenker, islam adalah dari allah, telah ujud sejak di dunia sejak nabi adam lagi.

Undang2 yg ketat saja dapat menyelesaikan masalah yg melanda, contohnya buang anak. Kalau lah zina kena sebat dah sula, perkara ini akan berkurangan.

Tapi kenalah ingat, islam tidak menjalan sebatan dan sula kalau tidak ada saksi, nampak macam senang saja hukuman tapi ada berbagai2 step dan bukti yg perlu diberikan (macam mahkamah juga) sebelum undang2 islam tu dijatuhkan kepada indivudu tertentu.

Yang pasti Islam itu adil. Allah itu adil.Yang tidak adil adalah manusia2nya. Sama juga macam mahkamah, undang2 dibuat utk mengekang sifat2 durjana manusia yg keterlaluan, tapi adakah undang2common law anda tentu bersih dan adil? Tidak juga, sebab manusia2 yg mengendalikan atas undang2 yg dibuat sendiri oleh manusia sentiasa di pinda2 dan berubah2 mengikut peredaran zaman.

Undang Islam yakni Allah, sepanjang zaman sama saja. Ingat, Islam itu adalah ugama dari Allah, segala yg ada telah ditentukan oleh tidak ada perubahan kini dan selamanya. Kerana apa? Kerana Allah yg menjadikan manusia, Allah tahu apa yg ada di hati manusia. Jadi tak boleh lah kamu nak temberang.

Kalau hukum manusia, buat camna pun akan ada jalan dan idea manusia, sentiasa ada loop holes. Undang2 Allah takda loop holes. itu bezanya.

Yang tak pandai hanyalah schenker,sebab dia bukan Islam, tak pernah tahu islam dan apa2 ajaran mengenai islam, tapi nak bercakap hal2 islam. Contoh senang la shenker, kalau u bukan doktor, tiba2 u nak ajar pulak doktor apa yg boleh dan tak sesuai?

Yennadey tambhi, ada pegi sekolah ka tidak? Lain kali kalu lu mau cakap pasal islam, lu baca dulu ok. sudah pandai ada degree, baru la boleh cakap dengan org islam pasal islam. amma'

shamshul anuar,  26 August 2010 at 16:20  

Dear Hakiman,

Funny, is it not Hakiman? I never utter a word about this so called "Ketuanan melayu".

You are the one that so riled about this word. The word that I never mentioned or implied.

As i said earlier, stay focus to the issue. The issue is a hot headed khatib who shows disrespect to the Head of Malaysia. How he showd his disrespect?

by disregarding the text prepared by religious authority. Instead, he replaced with his own version that clearly shows his political preference.

That is what I call "playing dirty ".

What division that I created as per your allegation? Am I wrong to remind khatib not to play politics.

If there is a person why created division, it is that khatib. He forgot that he is an invited khatib. Cant he show respect to the host by following the rule/

I notice that you really hate those who really try to defend Islam or anything about Malay?

Take a look at yourself , Hakiman.

Nothing great in becoming "kacang lupakan kulit".

shamshul anuar,  26 August 2010 at 16:29  

Dear schenker,

It is up to you to believe what you want to believe. No problem with me if you want to live in self imposed illusion.

I was born and bred there. My relatives are there. Long before Utusan began publishing about plight of Malay stall owners ( harrased simply because they are Malays), my sister had been telling me about rows of Malay stalls demolished but Chinese stalls left intact.

The problem with you is that you choose what you want to believe. Just like ypou, of course, I do not asked from 1 million people on their opinion about Guan Eng.

I asked my relatives, the kampung people. During religious gathering, wedding reception, over cup of tea, in kedai kopi, etc.

Generally( meaning almost 100%) said that they regretted choosing Guan eng.

And quite a number of Indians admitted that it is a mistake to vote for GUan Eng, especially after seeing how he lied to Kg Buah Pala folks.

But If you refuse to believe, it is OK. You can always choose what you want to believe.

schenker78 26 August 2010 at 18:42  


kamu kata..."Sebelum Sang Sapurba datang ke tanah melayu, telah ada kerajaan lama spt Kota Gelanggi, Gangga Negara dan di belah Pahang ada kerajaan lama di Tasik Chini."

Anon....i think u will upset Perkasa if you bring up ancient hindu kingdoms in Tanah Melayu

and you forget to mention the candi2 from the Bujang Senang valley which are few thousand years old showing Indian civilization in tanah melayu......which has been partly sealed by UMNO, so that Samy vellu does not ask Prime Minister post ...hahaha

anyway, Gangga Negara means "a city on the Ganges" in Sanskrit, the name derived from Ganganagar in northwest India where the Kambuja peoples inhabited. Commonly known as Hindu traders, they built their colonies in Southeast Asia around 2000 years ago at the Mekong valley and also at the Malay archipelago in Funan, Chenla, Champa, Khmer, Angkor, Langkasuka, Sailendra, Srivijaya, etc. Historians found the Kambuja traders travelled from Gujarat to Sri Lanka and to Ligor (Nakhon Sri Thammarat) of northern Malay peninsular, overland to Thailand and Cambodia.

If some right wing going to be unhappy with what i wrote, i will say return back the Bumiputera word as its not only a indian term, but its a hindu meaning word...

Anonymous,  26 August 2010 at 21:27  

Anon 23 August 2010 19:26
The Malay traders paid to one UMNO chap and this chap DID NOT PAY to the state for stalls.

I was waiting for the lift in one of the office building in Penang. There was a list of defaulters for maintenance fees. Guess who is biggest defaulter. "Setiausaha Umno"

Coming from Umno people, I am not surprised

HAKIMAN,  26 August 2010 at 21:47  

"I never utter a word about this so called "Ketuanan melayu"." - Shamsul Anuar

Come on, Shamsul, don't be naive and don't for one moment, that readers here were born yesterday.

You don't have to utter the exact words ' ketuanan melayu' to believe in them.

All one needs to do is to do a content-analysis of all your comments on the race-related issue, and there is only one conclusion left: Your sense of insecurity as a Malay from which springs your dislike of anything associated with non Malays. And strewn across all your comments is a landscape filled with nothing but racial divisiveness.

Of course, spiced in your comments, you talk about being a muslim. For a Malay, being a muslim and being a Malay are synonymous.

Just take a look at all your earlier postings.. if you ever made copies of them.

shamshul anuar,  27 August 2010 at 07:38  

Dear Hakiman,

Yes, sir. YOu were not born yesterday. unfortunately, not any wiser.

What Is wrong in defending the truth? What is so wrong in defending the right of a community. If DAP has been busy claiming everything for Chinese, what is wrong for me to defend the rights of my community .

What is wrong in defending the honour of religion so that if would not be " prostituted" by people hiding under turban and robes. Not that I hate these people anyway.

I never hate Chinese or non Malays or non Muslims. I was taught that justice is off paramount importance.

Just that I had lived long enough to see how DAP plays with racial sentiments by inciting hatred towards Malay and Islam and everything that stands for it.

Funny. is it not? Nobody says anything about "Ketuanan Cina" in economy. It is a fact. But a Malay like you are so upset just because a malay based party earns the right to rule by winning the election.

As for this issue of being Malay and being a Muslim, grow up Hakiman. Asking you or your father to choose between malay and being a Muslim is tantamount to ask human to stop breathing.

To me, there is no problem. I am a Malay and also a Muslim. No problem with that as Allah SWT says " ..And we created you of various tribes, classes, color..."

Who is racist here, me or you? Who is the one who plays racial issue by quickly condemning anybody who tries to reason in favor of Malays as racist?

Who is the one who is bringing "Ketuanan Melayu" but does not utter a word when DAP plays along with "ketuanan Cina".

Whatever mistake I made in my life, I pray that I do not become like you that really hate people of your own religion and race.

HAKIMAN,  28 August 2010 at 21:11  

".. If DAP has been busy claiming everything for Chinese..when DAP plays along with "ketuanan Cina"..."- Shamsul Anuar

I have never seen an English-educate Malay like you with such myopic view of the issues and problems facing the Malay community in the country. No wonder, its attitude like you that hamstrung the progress of the Malays in the country and makes non Malays think the Malays are inferior.

I don't give a damn about DAP or Kit Siang or Karpal Singh, whether they pursue ketuanan cina or not.

DAP or Kit Siang or Karpal do not determine the destiny or future of the Malays. DAP irrelevant to the fate of the Malay community. DAP is of NO consequence to the Malays. For you to come and bring DAP into the discussion just shows how insecure you are as a Malay

It is the Malay leaders who were elected/appointed by the Malay community who were given the trust and stewardship.

The Malay community gave UMNO more than 50 years to rule this country unbroken. Now ask yourself, does the Malay community feel more secure, more self confident and more "berdikari" and less dependent on the Govt today than 50 years. What % of the Malays benefit from UMNO's power. Who within the Malay community had creamed off the wealth of this country through NEP?

The fact you still rile at the Chinese or Indians for their success reflects that you are more insecure as a Malay than your parents or grandparents did.

Ketuanan cina in economy ?? What crap are you talking about. Did the cina became successful by forcing their rights or privileges? Did they ask for special rights to do business.

Did they destroy the Malaysian economy because of their success in business or they did not pay taxes from their business that you are so angry about.

The chinese has been successful in business not only in Malaysia, but in Thailand, in Indonesia, in Philippines, in Brunei, in Australia, in Vietnam, in UK in US in Australia, and of course in Singapore.

So all these cina should be described in disgust??

It is people like you that make non Malays look down on the Malays. You are discredit to those self-made Malays who succeed on their own merit and who are proud that they had succeeded with their two bare hands. Not like you, still wanting NEP and having the "minta sedekah dari Kerajaan" mentality.

Go take a good look at yourself. Don't disgrace the Malay community which is already having a tough time trying to wash off from their lives the unhelpful policies of the past of UMNO.


shamshul anuar,  29 August 2010 at 11:27  

Dear hakiman,

At the risk of sounding sarcastics, I just want to remind you that the dialogue here started when khatib "with holier than thou attitude" showing disrespect to the head odf religion and insteads playing politics in mosque over Friday prayers.

And I am not maintaining anti Chinese attitude here. What I wonder here is why any attempt by anybody to reason on interest on Malay community is automatically looked downed as promoting "Ketuanan Melayu" that you look as "racism".

Correction. It is not people like me that is making "Chinese...". It is people like Khatib who "prostituted" Islam and Nik aziz who are "loved" by some exterimists. Loved but not respected .
Please tell me where did I say I am angry at Chinese businness community? Enlighten everybody where SPECIFICALLY I said that I hate Chinese?

As for UMNO that you hate so much,it does have fair share of mistakes but it also a source of generosity and inspiration when it comes to treatment of Non Malays.

I have travelled and I can vouch that I have not seen a much more tolerant ruling race than UMNO. At height of its power ( after independence) it can rule on its own as it controlled almost 70% of Parliament seats, but it still included other races.

As for many Malays who do not "progress", stop the blame gain. Do not blame UMNO if you become drug addict or refuse to study as hard as Chinese counterpart and instead busy demonstrating against Govt that provides scholarship to you.

And I do not look down on successful Malays . I am very happy. UMNO ( who else) can provide opportunity but the success is determines by sheer hard work and peserverance and good business strategy.

But UMNO "buka jalan". There are many rich 2nd generation of post 1969 who feel that they owe govt nothing as they were funded by well to do parents. But they forgot how their parents become "well to do".

The Malays become less secure today because there are Malay politicians who are willing to sell the interest of Malay community just to earn non Malay voters.

Unlike Chinese politicians who work together across political divide to protect interest of Chinese community, some Malay politicians like Anwar are wiilling to do the opposite just to PM.

And that makes Malay insecure. Why on earth you think PAS command of Malay support among Malays is on decline these days.? Because Malays feel that it "kowtows" to DAP.

As for PKR, it just to serve Anwar at the expense of Malay community.

schenker78 29 August 2010 at 12:05  

PAS decline??

As far as I know, UMNO last lost to PAS in Kuala Tganu and Bukit Gantang.

UMNO have not won yet against PAS. Only Utusan and ppl like you saying PAS declining. Where is your proof?

So what if PAS declines? Is not that you UMNO wish, then why worry? UMNO will win against all of Pakatan rakyat. You can sleep well as pakatan is a traitor to malays and the rakyat sudah sedar atas kesilapan mengundi PR....ok...beres ??? now pi berambus ok....

shamshul anuar,  29 August 2010 at 17:21  

Dear Schenker,

Oh my dear Schenker. Oh my dear Schenker.

There is a saying "blind as a bat". Now why do I remember you everytime I hear the saying.

Get real. Why on earth Malay voters percentage decreases on Bukit Gantang for PAS? Why?

PAS is aware about that although it does not want to admit.

As I said earlier, you can choose to believe what you want to believe. No problem for me.

HAKIMAN,  29 August 2010 at 17:24  

Shamsul Anuar

The defence of your arguments for your position on the race issue does not wash. It is unconvincing, rather it confirms your myopic and one-eyed view of the causes of the increasing Malay community's insecurity,which is best exemplified by a significant number of narrow minded Malays (mostly UMNO members) who joined or supported Ibrahim Ali and his disgraceful outfit called Perkasa.

Enough said.

shamshul anuar,  29 August 2010 at 22:59  

Dear Hakiman,

Precisely. You have said enough.

As for PERKASA, it continues to appeal as Malays generally feels neither UMNO nor PAS is firm enough to defend their interest.

PERKASA is a wake up call for both these parties. Ignore PERKASA and these 2 parties will "learn" bitter lesson in the next election.

UMNo and PAS have rights to differ with PERKASA. But they cant afford to look as if they are waging war against PERKASA. PERKASA is too significant to be brushed aside.

Contrary to what you want to believe, race will always be factor in Malaysia and many other countries. Because of race, Karpal only becomes "ceremonial" Chairman of DAP but the real power in hand of Chinese( Guan ENg).

Because race also nobody expects a Malay to be Singapore PM or a Chinese to be Malaysian PM.

That is natural . But being a Malay, it is an disadvantageous as he cant defend the right of his race without being called a racist.

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