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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 9 August 2010

Anwar and his Democracy

One commentator scolded me for offering quotes by writers. He/she does not know it. It is his idol that is doing that. I am re quoting the intellectual luminaries cited by Anwar Ibrahim. That means he has not read the Anwar article. He has to find it. If he did, then he would know, the one who quoted Locke, Voltaire and Amartya Sen is Anwar.
I can't fault others for using different approaches in condemning Anwar. I don't agree but they have chosen their own style perhaps to counter supporters of Anwar writing in horrid style. So its tit for tat.
That commentator must be young in age. He does not know the man he adores has this penchant of associating with great thinkers. In the past, names like Al Maududi, Maryaam Jameelah, Mohd Asad, Syed Hoessein Nasr, would come out easily from Anwar's lips. That would send girls into a frenzy. Even Hassan alBana. Greatness by association.
I am astounded by the countless assertions saying that Anwar has his faults and all that. What do they mean? This is precisely the reason why we end up with useless UMNO and BN leaders. We keep finding excuses and stop ourselves from demanding the highest quality. So PKR supporters speak of change when they do so with this kind of warped thinking. If you people have this kind of thinking, you end up with PKR leaders who are mirror images of the people whom you despised. Then you become people whom Frantz Fanon wrote- the oppressed after overthrowing the oppressors, become the oppressors.
If you want change then you set high standards. If you go on finding excuses and hiding behind the tired rationalizing of …"he has his faults, but that's ok, he is still the best"- you are lying to yourself. You will end up eventually where you started.
We are consumers really-except we consume the products of politics. If we accommodate mediocrity, we lower our standards, we have not changed really. So all this talk about changing without demanding stringent standards is all bullshit. It's just brinkmanship. So the wailings of people like Schenker and Greenbottle et all are just pretentious posturing. We don't see PKR supporters criticizing their leadership openly as many of us do to UMNO.
Let us see why it is important for Anwar to insist we have failed as a democracy.
For Anwar, the promoters of Asian Values version of universal democracy, have offered the world a false discourse. Anwar HAS to discredit the localized version of democracies. It has to be so in order for Anwar to categorize those people who do not share his unabashed embrace of universal democracy. It also has to be, because this bastardized version of democracy allowed these rogue democracies to incarcerate people, abuse freedom, violate human rights including presumably a person's rights to express whatever sexual inclinations.
This for Anwar:-
the false discourse of "Asian values" merely shows how far authoritarian rulers, along with their cronies and apologists, will go in order to justify and preserve their rule. Although autocrats remain entrenched in some places, their influence over the masses is waning, and it is undeniable that Asian peoples have demonstrated not only their desire to promote democratic principles, but also their ability to sustain democratic institutions and freedoms.
Hence for Anwar those rulers who promote the Asian values version of democracy do so in order to stay in power. but he went further to say, that the influence of these Asian values version of democracies is waning.
Why does he seem to contradict himself? Because in most of these rogue democracies, there is tremendous economic development and stability. Sometimes stability becomes the more important reason why some of the rogue democracies is supported by the citadels of liberal democracies of the West. Then he will able to say, those development come about because there is more liberal democracy.
What do people want really?
People want economic development first and foremost. They know that is the route to human decency. They don't want to discuss esoteric ideas of Voltaire or Locke or whoever. But Anwar can't talk about local economic development. Because then, the issue loses universal appeal and that makes it impossible for him to harness universal concern and interest. So he talks in the language of universal ideas- democracy and such things. The majority of the people he talks to in Washington or elsewhere don't even know where Malaysia is.
People want decent living- food on the table, clothing, work, education, and a future. So you talk about the universalism of liberal democracy- that's humdrum to them.
People don't care for the niceties and the intellectual delineation of the ideas of democracy. They don't care two hoots about the different shades of democracy. What they do care about is whether the government of the day can bring economic development. Can it manage the economy- create jobs, create opportunities for them to own affordable homes, education, security at home and abroad. Their primary concern is economic development. This is the number one issue. People reject the universalism of democracy if it means putting on the worshipping altar esoteric ideas at the expense of satisfying economic wants.

Society breaks down then not because they don't adopt pure liberal democracy as conceptualized in the west- they break down because whatever form of government failed to satisfy economic wants. As Anwar would like it, society breaks down because they have less democracy. This itself is a false discourse( his favourite term) – but we have to understand that he chooses his battle ground well as he would be severely challenged if he had chosen lack of economic development as a point to argue.

So what can UMNO do? Know what the people want. They want good leadership. They want clean leadership. They want a good government. UMNO has to show one or two examples of genuine success. That is sufficient to steal the thunder from Anwar's world stage performance. What kind of success? If this government stands for no corruption, get the big names. If transparent, make open tender a must. Create several successful economic showcases that have ordinary people as the principal actors. Dispel the notion of One Malaysia is for certain people, and the other Malaysia for the rest.
Do these fast and Anwar has no answer to these. If you don't, others will do that.


Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 10:11  

Much as i like to respect your views, you are just flocking a Dead horse!Dead very dead for Umno.They ai'nt gonna change because its everyman to himself.They are becoming like chinese in these sort of thinking.They could'nt care less of the others except for themselves.This will be their downfall.Over 50 years of sunshine can it really happen for something better? umno is like a labyrith with layers of filth that cannot unfold with much cleansing.Period!

Ariff Sabri 9 August 2010 at 10:15  

maybe you r right anon 10:11.

as long as they are decent people in UMNO and the hopes of decent people are still there, UMNO is worth fighting for. the UMNO scumbags will be eliminated.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 10:51  

demos kratia should be embraced with culturally appropriate interpretation of this term where it should be doctored and adopted in a localised version.our country is the best example of this version.the politcal stability has nurtured the most conducive and favourable condition for the economic growth to occur sustainably.the undisputed indicator of our democracy success is to look at our demographic pattern.we have produced 70 percent of middle income group,20percent high income and the bottom 10 the masses have food ,roof and clothes.these comfort has caused the masses craving for more premium and refined democracy minus the doctored they start hurling their acdemics and educated critics that this is only stalin democracy.what happen to countries which embrace demoskratia in total,they are in shambles,chaos,swichinng governmenment as often as the sun sets and rises,leaving the masses in destitute without roof and clothes,food but only rhetorics,quote from voltaire,de kant to satiate people our job is not to switch government,but to send a message we need clean politicians,good governance,transparency and corrupt free.these terms once more are culturally appropriated by the embracer not in total.asians do not separate business and social acquintances where the term of standard of these criteria will be just buck up and try to lift the benchmark of these least there will be no more coffee money for cetain favour done.are pakatan states free from corruption

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 10:59  

Salam Dato'

Very frankly, I just run very very very fast thru your last few postings. You didn't offer anything new.

I like to draw your attention to your closing paragraph. Yes, like you, I too would like to see UMNO being the harbinger of change. One MAJOR change would be enough.


Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 11:13  

I do concur, there are also good members and you are right , get rid of those unwanted scumbags.The trouble is that most of senior leaders are tainted and its difficult removing a patronage system that is die hard for years!The filty RICH AND POWERFUL gets to command the show just like MCA and MIC.

schenker78 9 August 2010 at 11:16  


thank you for bringing up my name and saying that i am commenting nonsense in your blog.

I am idiot. Go ahead and worship people like shamsul anuar, quiet despair and the new guy, alumni pasti who are all giving good brilliant ideas and brain gain to your umno and to malaysia.

schenker78 9 August 2010 at 11:31  

the one thing you said that pkr ppl commenting here dont know about anwar talking in his speeches about amartya sen,al mauudi, volktaire etc...

maybe some anwar supporters dont

most of pkr supporters who go to anwars ceramah knows that anwar mentions from time to time people that u mentioned and personalities like Prof. Dr. Syed Yusuf Qardhawi, sun tzu, aquino, etc.... is there anything wrong with any of us learning from these personalities...take the good and leave the bad if any....

Go also learn about the charities that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett do in the billions of dollars to poor countries and also in their home country....they are giving up more that half of their wealth to their Charity foundations to help people around the world....

What malaysian billionaires do..??? what malaysian politician that have billions do?? Does Mahathir, najib, badawi and their family pay zakat?? can he at least declare whether he actually pays the right amount yearly???

Whether rosmah mansur actually prays?? Who is deepak Jaikishan (toyboy?)just like Samy Vellu's wife, Indrani SV who have foreign toyboys in Brickfields.

Does Rosy prays at all???.... It doesnt look so....She always bz shopping.... I am sure wan azizah prays, so does anwars children....From what i can see, the photos of Najib son and Nazri son drinking alcohol in US and UK are plenty and hugging white gurls...they dont pray...they pray to Cheers....

Quiet Despair,  9 August 2010 at 11:33  

Anwar Aljay is really a NOTHING person.
We should abhor sodomy. If another leader is accused of that, he will find a worm-hole to wriggle himself into. That guy will be left squirming.
But not Anwar. He's using it to the hilt. Got the world's platform to garner sympathy.
Take away the sodomy case, he's left with nothing to crusade for.
The sodomy case is a blessing in disguise to him. He's happily using it to stay on course.
And you guys are saying rah-rah to him as cheer-leaders with pom-pom skirts and twirling batons.
You know how the so-called democratic nation like the US which oh so loved the supposed victimisation of Anwar.
And his followers will go like tsk,tsk kesiannya, dituduh liwat kali kedua tu.
Because of the obssession for him, sodomy is looked upon as an act of glory.
And Anwar has managed to make it a brand name for him. Perfected it it to an art form.
Take some quotes from world scholars, philosophers and economists, and he presto Anwar is sooo great.
Some are impressed. Ooh. Anwar is to smart. Intellectual like him no one in Malaysia can top it. Yeah right!
He's lucky be born with the blarney stone - the gift of the gab. Period.
Nothing to gaga about.
Oh yes it helps because of his sartorial elegance like colored hair and his smiles and winks.
Anwar has never sat at a desk doing a day's work in his life like us plebians until Dr M catapaulted him into UMNO.
I am trying hard to recall what wonders had he done to carve a niche for him which we all can remember.
Only echoing what Mahathir said. And wanting to borrow from George Soros!
The best thing he did was to bite Mahathir back, played out Ghafar, Ku Li and two of his then best pals, Daim and Sanusi.
Something like Musang Hitam except our wily fox is more cerebral.
So guys, as I always said, be careful of wolf in empty Zegna suits who can fool you for what he's not.
It's sad that only the Malay rural heartland acknowledge that the najib regime is working hard to address their welfare.
They know the economist Najib is working quietly to redress the imbalance of the rich and poor and to have zero poverty.
UMNO do not have to answer Anwar. They are letting him stink in his own shit.
No one has the time nor inclination to fight Anwar who is a NOBODY.

Orang Lama,  9 August 2010 at 11:41  

SAK, Perhaps we can force UMNO's hand by focusing on key UMNO/BN scumbags and expose them for what they are. Just like the way bloggers seem to have the dirt on some GLCs, I am sure the same can be uncovered. That is if we truly think that UMNO is still worth fighting for, which I do, before its too late.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 12:04  


Good luck to you and other decent UMNO members who aspire to change and reform UMNO from within.

Keep on fighting the good fight of change and reform or else UMNO will be doom.

nick 9 August 2010 at 12:54  

Dear Sir,

It would seem that you are even much more idealistic that DSAI and maybe even the whole world! "If you want change then demand high standard and don't except mediocrity". OK! I'll bite! Let us see if you and many other decent UMNO members can elevate someone whom you (and your decent and good UMNO members)think are "truly clean and are of high standard" to be offered as the new leaders of UMNO and subsequently become the tangible form of clean and good leadership of UMNO and Malaysia in general. Please put them up front and centre for us rakyat to evaluate them. Do it at least a few months before the next GE (if you can correctly guess the date of the next GE, that is).

I will truly salute you or we common people would say "tabik spring" if you can push those good, clean and honest UMNO members (the potential leaders) past through the various stages of UMNO "screening and elimination process". And if they got past that first stage, let see if they can bypass all those current UMNO's ketua pemuda, ketua puteri, ketua wanita cawangan and ketua UMNO cawangan. And then they have to get the consent from all the cawangan in their respective bahagian to be in the contention for the post of the "Bahagian Leadership" and fight the current ketua bahagian (and their respective cronies) and emerge victorious! After that then it will be an even tougher fight as they have to by pass the UMNO warlords and their cabal to be able to run for UMNO state leadership and so on so forth until they can finally climb the "Mount Everest" of UMNO National leadership prize!

From where I stand it would be an insurmountable task but then again I'm not an UMNO members so I don't have any Idea if it is at all possible. Maybe you and all those good and decent UMNO members do have the strength and resolve to do just that. And if you do and can, I don't think the rakyat will object to that and are in fact just waiting for that. Ironically, that was promised to us the rakyat at every GE and sad to say we are still waiting for that to happen. So until you and all those good and decent UMNO members can do just that, we the rakyat have an alternative in our mind and if there's nothing else better from UMNO (and BN too by the virtue that UMNO is the BIG BOSS of BN)other then what its offering right now, then we the rakyat HAVE NO CHOICE but to take the alternative choice because to remain the same and support UMNO and BN with its current corruption and degeneration would be unthinkable and simply untenable, not to mention utterly insane!

So the rakyat are waiting and we have been waiting for decades in fact! There's no more "talian hayat" for UMNO from the rakyat. If UMNO can't deliver then we will AFUNDI ..err.. sorry... vote a new imam muda government! READ OUR LIPS...NO MORE SECOND CHANCE! DELIVER OR STEP ASIDE! (To tell you the truth I'm really hoping that UMNO and BN would step aside cos we rakyat would really like to take all those pirates to court and charge them with treason and conspiracy to deceive and rob the Malaysian people).

Good day to you, Sir.


machang cowboy,  9 August 2010 at 13:20  

For all his faults,he is my best bet to lead us out of our kufur nikmat.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 13:22  

Dear Dato Sak:

Interesting analysis from Kenny Gan:

No doubt you will disagree with Mr Gan :)

Phua Kai Lit

Richard Cranium 9 August 2010 at 14:49  

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

I remember that Pakatan went through ridicule. Now, it is being opposed, though not violently yet.

Are you a betting man, my Dato good sir, that it will be accepted as self-evident come PRU13?

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 14:50  


You keep writing as if UMNO has leaders of the right calibre or high standards (as you out it) to lead this country. Please put us out of our misery and give us your opinion of whom in UMNO fits the high standards of leadership you are advocating. If you cannot name any single honest, decent and capable person in UMNO, then I suggest you should not throw stones in a glass house.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 15:43  

YB Otak Udang, sorry ex-YB

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 16:18  


errr... i think that these umno scumbags are gonna eliminate you self-proclaimed "decent" people of the party first coz it is them scumbags who controls much of the purse string and direction of the party.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 16:22  

Wats the game plan for the slimballs and scumbags?
How are u going to eliminate them?
Talking sense into them aint seem working.So what kinda hope decent people should harbour?Whats efforts are being taken to work towards the changes?
We are just going around in circles lah dato
Anyway selamat berpuasa ina couple of days time.
Maybe the holy month can kickstart the changes decent and sensible people in UMNO long for.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 16:49  

Dato' AK47,

Apa saja sistem yang dikarang oleh manusia pastinya tidak ada yang sempurna. Ia masih boleh diperbaiki dan ditambahbaikkan dari semasa ke semasa tetapi ia tetap tidak akan sempurna. Dalam kontek demokrasi, seseorang itu boleh mengatakan versi dia adalah lebih baik dari versi orang lain tetapi bagaimana mengukurnya secara objektif? Apa parameter yang mahu digunakan? Dan akhirnya bagaimana boleh disahkan bahawa versi Anwar adalah lebih baik dari versi Hadi atau versi LKS?


Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 17:15  

Your main theme that Anwar is not what he seems is a bigger issue than UMNO ability to reform. Dead wrong.

You are the one who is being unrealistic if you believe that a few decent people in UMNO can reform the entire party. It has NEVER happen that way in ANY COUNTRY. That is why modern govt is designed so that political parties are replaceable.

Can UMNO be salvaged? Not on their own i.e, outsiders (i.e., non-UMNO) have to do it. Too much of their behaviour is irrational and based on untruth. Behaviour like that can't be changed without cathartism. They have to be torn apart and put back together again. We have to kick them out and if they change, allow them back in.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 17:29  

Given what happened at Bukit Bendara this weekend, you think UMNO can reform?

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 17:37  

To elaborate on what's democracy, it needs perhaps 10 sleepless nights for Dato Sak to crack his head for the definition. Yet it may be condemned by somebody that it's being 'sakmongkolized' which belong to the monopoly of someone who narrates it!

But if we just compare it by simple juxtaposing, say putting together autocracy with democracy, the difference immediately stands out crystal clear!

Working along this line, when most of the rakyat feel that BN has been run by the hegemonic Umno under the autocratic Mahathirism governance for decades, the purity of democracy has been deteriorated (not only deviated) to such a level our Nation is seen to be neither practising liberal democracy nor it's an absolute imperial autocratic system!

Shall we then call ourselves a middle rank democracy or on a more layman's term, a half past six democratic Country. Sometimes fascism would also come into play that's when swollen headed youths of UMnoputras would blow their pea tops, climb the high fencing of some Chinese town hall and threaten to blow off their roof tops, or to set arson!

It's truly a glaring fact that Taiwan has long grown into a dragon and continue to maintain it un-superseded for such many decades that's clear testament of their worshipping the western liberal democracy. So much liberal that when the President elect who has done something wrong enough to demand him bow and kowtow to the Taiwanese populace in the public which their TVBS will also help to broadcast throughout the world!

Yet they say that's the Taiwanese democracy and no antics!

Having entwined their vigorous economy with the patented Taiwan democracy, they are one of the finalists to qualify themselves as a high income Nation, indisputable!

This is to prove, democracy and economy are the twin brothers to co-exist then only possible to create briskly economy for a Nation and for her peoples to have capable resources and to earn more breads on their tables!

Like it is now, we are half demon-crazy and half democracy, how would Dato Sak expect Umno to really take care of the rakyat's rice bowls and meanwhile please them with the real fair and just governance which is clean and free from the most hated corruption of the highest order?!

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 17:52  

Does it matter which great thinker that Anwar wants to be associate with? If he doesn't read the whole book but at least he is aware of such great names.
Tak kan itu pun nak di ungkit Tok tetapi Dato' sound macam orang iri hati je?
Macam perli PM tak habis baca buku Blue ocean strategy je. That is the quality of your PM but at least Anwar is referring to some great thinkers whose ideals have been tested over time.
Just tell us and pick the guy in UMNo that can lead this nation? Tak payah nak babit kan Anwar. Or just tell Najib that YOu Dato' Sak is the guy that can neutralize Anwar campaign planning and that you Dato' Sak can erect a formidable UMNO warriors to counter Anwar and finish him off before the next GE but Dato' main kotor macam sodomy and ISA tak aci la.....
Or Siapa Tok dalam UMNO yang hebat. Ada ke? Kalau macam the three UMNO vice presidents, tak payah la, So bet you with what you are trying now will not work but instead people are now thinking of umno members you and me sama sahaja tak habis habis dengan dengki mendengki.
So welcome RAMADHAN!!!

HAKIMAN,  9 August 2010 at 18:58  

"UMNO is worth fighting for"- Dato Sak

Give three top reasons WHY UMNO is worth fighting for.

Is it, Supaya Melayu tak akan hilang di dunia? - not worth the toilet paper for saying so

Is it, Untuk bangsa dan agama?
- 50 years of UMNO's ruling power, UMNO is all about Untuk keluarga dan kroni

Is it,Untuk kejayaan kehidupan matlamat PERKASA? - If this is the reason, may God save the Malay community and the country!!!

HAKIMAN,  9 August 2010 at 19:03  


The way I read Dato Sak, it is grasping the last straw and gasping the final breath of UMNO.

They are signs of great desperation.

When even a Malay can see the demise of an entity that was for the last 50 years an emblem of their superiority of other races, of their dominance over other races and of their absolute control of the nation's resources, it like holding to a piece of rock at an edge of a cliff.

That is how Dato Sak's articles have been sounding in the last two months.

Sadly, the attacks on Anwar and/or PR are lacking in substance and more of hysteria, just short of the Perkasa type.

Ariff Sabri 9 August 2010 at 19:05  


don't flatter yourself. i didnt say you are stupid so dont indulge in self pity. i said pretentious posturing and brinkmanship.

the term 'stupid' is said by you. not i.

HAKIMAN,  9 August 2010 at 19:12  

Anonymous (9 August 2010 17:15) said,

"...Can UMNO be salvaged? Not on their own i.e, outsiders (i.e., non-UMNO) have to do it. ...Behaviour like that can't be changed without cathartism. ...We have to kick them out and if they change, allow them back in."

SPOT ON!! UMNO cannot reform. There were opportunities for UMNO to reform, even when the court ruled the old UMNO as illegal.

NO, it is a pipe-dream for any UMNO lovers to expect UMNO to reform.

It can ONLY reform when UMNO is put out to pasture for AT LEAST one term, during which, hopefully, the scumbags in UMNO are truly eliminated.

UMNO CANNOT eliminate the scumbags in its midst when it is in power and still wanting to maintain power. No political party in the world, not even communist parties, have succeeded.

And Dato Sak, for all his intelligence, is fooling himself, not only fooling others, that UMNO can truly reform.

And you expect the Muhyiddin Yassin and Najib to reform UMNO.

Look at Muhyiddin... when he first came out to attack Pak Lah, he was seen as a fresh face who might do some good to UMNO with all his rhetorics. Look at HIM NOW???

He is a one-person mirror of the much maligned Perkasa.

Ariff Sabri 9 August 2010 at 19:16  


its not for u to say there is no substance in my articles. that can be easily rebutted. why do comment more than once, on articles with no substance?
second, just because you said it, means its true without offering reasoned views?
remember- that is not thought through seriously isn't worth reading like your one liners.

HAKIMAN,  9 August 2010 at 19:22  

"its not for u to say there is no substance in my articles. "- Dato Sak

No, Dato Sak, I did NOT say there no substance in your articles. If it is true, I would not spend my bandwith to comment in your blog.

What I had meant to say, your recent articles are reflections of UMNO's desperation.

Secondly, my point is that you are unable to accept the view, as others do, that UMNO cannot reform.And that is an opinion for you challenge.

Do read again what I said.

Ariff Sabri 9 August 2010 at 19:30  

hakiman, this is what you said:-

Sadly, the attacks on Anwar and/or PR are lacking in substance and more of hysteria, just short of the Perkasa type.

i do see lacking in substance and more of hysteria...

HAKIMAN,  9 August 2010 at 19:41  

" hakiman, this is what you said:-
Sadly, the attacks on Anwar and/or PR are lacking in substance and more of hysteria, just short of the Perkasa type.i do see lacking in substance and more of hysteria..."- Dato Sak

Well, Dato Sak, that is true that the ATTACKS on Anwar and/or PR lack in substance and more of hysteria....

And that is an opinion for you to CHALLENGE. And it goes for all those anti-Anwar/PR articles in the internet, not just yours attacking Anwar/ PR. I could list a series of postings to say explain why it is all hysteria (much of the comments from others more or less reflect my own view).

But that statement of mine does not imply or even insinuate that all YOUR ARTICLES lack substance.

No, certainly those recent articles in your attempts to discredit Anwar do lack substance in that it does not bring out the core arguments that Anwar is a poor leader or do not have leadership credentials. Much of which is personal affronts of the man rather than about his leadership skills and why others (not only in Malaysia) still want to listen to him or even want to follow him (Malays and non Malays, educated ones, to boot).

What I disagree is your inference that I consider your articles are without substance.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 20:01  

do you and quiet despair hate anwar because of what he did to Saiful? Is there an inch of possibility that one of them (AI & Saiful) lied? In your heart what say you.

Habib RAK 9 August 2010 at 20:09  

Sak, do you consider yourself as a decent person?

Ariff Sabri 9 August 2010 at 20:21  

anon 20:01

why are u shifting the goal posts? i cant speak for quiet despair...but here i am debating Anwar's ideas. why r u preoccupied with saiful's case. in these last 2 articles, i didnt even mention the sodomy allegation. you tak reti mahu debate ka?

HAKIMAN,  9 August 2010 at 21:10  

Dato Sak,

By the way, allow me to put a footnote to all the bash-Anwar articles:

The problem for UMNO is NOT Anwar, it is Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK).

RPK is sending many voting fence sitters to PR and to Anwar's side. It is RPK who is exposing the rot in UMNO, putting irreversible damage to UMNO's integrity, and flushing UMNO's name down the toilet.

Attacking Anwar only strengthens his supporters resolve to put Anwar into Putrajaya.

Take a lesson on North Korea. The more the West sanctions and condemns Kim Jong Il's regime, the stronger is the support from his people on the regime and for the hermit dictator's control on his people. Kim Jong Il is blaming the West's sanctions against North Koreans for their sufferings and starvation.

UMNO's only attack onn RPK and Anwar is to try to send them into prison or using the ISA.

What Malaysian voters have come to realise is that UMNO is not tenable as a party based on the merits of an argument. Voters have realised that UMNO is resorting to dictatorial/communistic tactics of imprisoning opponents and clamping down free speech to retain power.

And RPK with its Malaysia Today operating from overseas is the voice AGAINST this UMNO-led BN govt. Unfortunately UMNO is NO Match for RPK.

The power of INFORMATION against the power of BRUTE FORCE. In the world of 21st century, we know who will win between both.

Quiet Despair,  9 August 2010 at 21:35  

Anon 20.01

I dont like Anwar long before the sodomy case,
I am angry with the way he rides roughshod over others including many who were the ones who initiated him into UMNO besides Mahathir.
I dont like his viciousness in attacking our judiciary system, police, MACC which led others joined in condemning them.
They are government officers who cannot answer back to his condemnation.
It hurts me when the institutions are peopled by Malays and looked upon as Malay inferiority.
And when policemen died or hurt in the line of duty, I shed tears for them. So little pay yet have to sacrifice their lives for our safety.
The security of you guys who live in big mansions, drive big cars and earned 10 times more than the cops.
You care much for Teoh Beng Hock, RPk or Bala but you never spare a thought for the men in blue.
Just recognition of their services will do.
I dont much care for the sodomy trrial. Don't even bother to read it because I know the accused will be delaying it.
All I want is a GUILTY verdict and off he goes to Sg. BuLoh.
So that answers your question of whether deep in my heart I feel whether Saiful or Aljay is lying.

To summarise: I dont trust Anwar with my 13-year old son, let alone rule our beloved country.


Its better to be in quiet despair than live in desperation, be it quiet or loud.
You are unncessarily jumpy or jittery when discussing Anwar and resort to name calling and passing judgments like your idol.
What has Rosmah's shopping gor to do with her not praying? How do you know she did not pray? Must she tell PKR, hey guys I pray five times a day.
Maybe in the eyes of god, she's a better person than you.
That's the reason we cannot endear pourselves to PKR. They always make you feel out of place.
We can never belong there. Alqays questioning Why dont wear tudung, why dont this and that?
Why not embrace everyone into your fold instead of cheesing us off?
You gave me the tag bodoh macam otak udang in earleir posting. I have replied to it and hope you read it.
I am proud to be bodoh if I am with the majority on the truth side.
You also call yourself idiot when Sak did not say it of you.
That makes us equal.

Anonymous,  9 August 2010 at 22:20  

Thank you for your reply at 20.21. I can't debate with you on Anwar's ideas. I will lose. Read what Quiet Despair wrote at 11.33 and not a word from you against Q.D.
Thanks and good night.

Belakang Depan Sama Rasa...Anwar,  9 August 2010 at 23:19  


Anwar would love if the government put him under ISA detention. That is the only way he can can win the sodomy case. It's though politics, though his case is a clear crime and moral. He certainly would love to take the case to the street and win it politically.

Judging from the way the court case progresses, AG has a solid case with hard rock evidence against Anwar. That's why, AG (who represent the PEOPLE of Malaysia), is willing to `play' along Anwar's antics . In the end the PEOPLE should be happy with the outcome.

HAKIMAN,  9 August 2010 at 23:39  

Belakang Depan Sama Rasa...Anwar said... Hakiman,Judging from the way the court case progresses, AG has a solid case with hard rock evidence against Anwar. That's why, AG (who represent the PEOPLE of Malaysia), is willing to `play' along Anwar's antics .

Belakang Depan Sama Rasa,

Yeah, you read news manufactured by UMNO-controlled newspapers. Either that or you just came outof a cave.

If the AG has rock solid case, why all the fear of not giving the defense the documents etc as required in a court of law of a civilised society.

You seemed to already know the verdict. So is the rest of the Malaysian society given that this Judiciary is headed by a former UMNO member and legal advisor to UMNO.

You should post your views onto those teeny-weeny chat rooms run by those secondary residential school kids around the country.

Your point is a no-brainer for any intelligent discussion on Dato Sak's blog.

As a matter of fact, you insult not only my intelligence, but the rest of the readers here.


Alumni PASTI,  10 August 2010 at 00:02  

I see RPK's name keep coming from the Anwaristas...RPK who failed to raised his own children to be a decent human being wants to teach us about integrity, morality....I wouldn't want to listen anything that comes from this psychotic weirdo and maniac.

To all Anwaristas out there: did you ever wonder why Anwar's close friends and the so-called hardcore reformists had left him? Go find a real credible explanation, not from those paid-bloggers by Anwar.

Kepada penyokong PAS saya nak tanya: bagaimana agaknya Kerajaan PR nak harmonikan antara fahaman liberal DAP/PKR yang memisahkan agama daripada kerajaan dengan fahaman PAS bahawa agama tidak boleh dipisahkan daripada kerajaan/politik (State/Politics and Religion are inseparable). Kepada yang bukan PAS tak payah nak cuba jawab. Go lick BABI's butt.

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 00:08  

Peace to you, Quiet Despair,

Thank you so much for taking much time out to tell me of your hatred for Anwar. I do not know if Anwar ever reads this blog. If he does, I wonder what his reaction would be.

You hate Anwar because of the way he roughshods 'over others'. So does Anwar. He attacks the Police, Judiciary or MACC because of the way they roughshod over him. Anwar never pled for mercy, he never ran away, he faces the system which never gives him anything. Does this not say anything about him.
Dont't let your hatred blind you. I kow you are a reasonable man, maybe religious too. Don't ever wish a man bad, if you are not a witness to the crime Anwar is accused of.
Thank you and good night.

schenker78 10 August 2010 at 00:35  

alumni pasti,

are you one of the paid UMNO much u getting ???

since u like to make andaian, let me do the must be an unmarried malay in the late 20s from IPTA with asal from a majority malay state and hates non malays so much....

why bring up RPK son who is the only one among his children who became junkie....

RPK admitted it long time wise, nejib's son drinks alcohol and parties with white chicks and so does nazri's u think their upbringing is very bad....???

dont say its not true, i will give the links if you dispute this...

mahathir son, mirzan buy San Miguel, syarikat arak terbesar filipina. What u think??

Perkasa's ibrahim ali and mahathir are good friends with tauke judi, Vincent tan. What u think of that???

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 00:43  

Salam Pemblog,

Demokrasi membawa maksud rakyat bebas membuat pilihan berdasarkan maklumat dan penilaian yang rasional. Lebih banyak pilihan maka lebih baik nilai sesebuah demokrasi.

Kalau hanya tinggal dua pihak saja (katakanlah pihak A dan B) yang ada untuk dipilih oleh rakyat, makanya apabila timbul situasi satu pihak ditolak atas dasar seperti dendam, iri hati, rasis, cauvinis dsbnya makanya satu pihak lagi akan menjadi satu-satunya pilihan yang tinggal - pilihan terpaksa gitu!

Maksudnya begini, kalau pilihan yang ada di atas kertas hanyalah si pihak A atau B. Dan kalau si A ditolak atas sebab tertentu, maka secara otomatik si B (yang bukan menjadi pilihan) yang akan otomatik dipangkah kerana di atas kertas tidak ada pilihan lain (seperti pilihan C atau D atau seterusnya).

Dan oleh kerana pihak yang satu lagi otomatik dipangkah bukan kerana ia adalah pilihan asal yang utama tetapi telah mendapat faedah tidak langsung hasil dari 'pangkahan terpaksa' maka kuasa yang diraih bukanlah kuasa yang ada merit tetapi kuasa susulan dari pilihan tersaruk gitu.

Nah! Apabila satu demi satu kebobrokan politik menggejala di Selangor dan Penang, itu secara tidak langsung membuktikan bahawa pilihan terspaksa semasa PRU 2008 tidak mampu memberikan apa-apa nilai baru di Selangor dan Penang.

Seolah-olah sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga, muka baru (PKR di Selangor dan DAP di Penang) yang mendapat kuasa tersaruk, nampaknya sedikit-demi sedikit menunjukkan belang sebenar. Nampak sangat PKR dan DAP bukanlah jenis yang tahu bersyukur.


Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 02:31  

well sak as a party loyalist can't blame you....I hate umno's racial politics...thats why my vote goes to opposition always...but i would give them benefit of the doubt IF they change for sure....I don't blindly support any party..just the right cause....

Old Dog,  10 August 2010 at 06:55  

Your last paragraph says it all. Too bad the UMNO leadership being the corrupt self-serving bunch they are, they will not listen - if they ever bothered to read your articles in the first place.
Much of what you say about Anwar, I would also agree. But he now appear the lesser of the 2 "devils", so PR will still get a default win....

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 07:11  

UMNO change course just because you say so SAK. Forget it. You are fighting a losing battle. UMNO is sick party, sick of the various negative cultures. Corruption, Nepotism, Cronysmn and all 'bad deeds' that only UMNO knows. You don't see a Tsunami coming do you. Go join the right fighting people if you are really for the people. Whats so special in UMNO.
Mahadey blasted 100 billion, Abdullah blasted another don't know how many billions by signing off the Limbang land. You still want UMNO. You must be out of your mind. Yes, Mahadey not only squandered 100 billion, he squandered our law institutions, Judiciary, MACC, and many many more. I feel like vomiting....

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 08:29  

Salam Dato' Pemblog,

Apa gunanya kalau individu itu mengaku cerdas, berfikiran bebas dan tajam otaknya tetapi tatkala tahap keilmuan dan pengetahuannya diuji maka reaksinya adalah biasa-biasa seperti contoh ini:

1. Apabila mendengar janji-janji yang molok-molok lalu ia semudah itu terlentuk-liuk tanpa memikirkan sama ada ia berupa 'janji Yahudi' atau bukan; sama ada ia realistik atau tidak.

2. Apabila mendengar pengakuan insan yang akan buat itu dan ini atau ubah itu dan ini atau bawa nilai itu dan ini, terus mulutnya ternganga seluas-luasnya hinggakan air liurnya terjejeh tanpa disedari walhal semua yang didengar itu tidak lebih sebuah retorik.

3. Apabila dikempen dengan ayat-ayat "power" yang terselit petikan para ilmuan ternama lagi tersohor lantas tanpa disaring/ditapis terus ia terangguk-angguk seumpama patung bulldog yang terangguk-angguk apabila terkena gegaran-gegaran.

Jadinya Dato', meskipun komentar yang ada dalam laman ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa tahap kecerdasan, kecelikan dan ketajaman akal adalah relatif sifatnya tetapi ada yang masuk bakul dan angkat dirinya sendiri.

Kalau individu yang memiliki ketajaman akal yang rendah nilainya mudah diputarbelit oleh pihak yang lebih tinggi sebagaimana yang mereka khabarkan itu ia adalah perkara biasa.

Sesuatu yang bercanggah di sini ialah apabila mereka yang mengaku memiliki akal yang paling bebas dan tajam kononnya, rupa-rupanya adalah pihak lebih mudah termakan semua dakyah yang kalau diteliti betul-betul tidak sepatutnya diterima bulat-bulat oleh akal yang benar-benar sihat dan cerdas.


Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 09:30  


Just to let u know - Alumni Pasti & Quiet Despair r one the same. They r not only kawan sewaktu, they r also wearing the same pant at the same time!

This is the act of multiple-names-same-writer of the type4 scumbag.

The tactic is to drum-up impression that their arguments have many supporters.

Alumni Pasti is playing the role of a pas supporter while Quiet Despair acts as a die-hard umno toon.

They also have Shamsul Anuar to tag alone with his chanting of the failed ‘malay generosity’.

When ALL their arguments r been one-by-one demolished logically they remain quiet & act chicken shit. Then they start all over again & repeat the same arguments. They r tin-kosong to the dot.

So just play along & don’t get emotional with them.

Anonymous,  10 August 2010 at 14:17  

Anwar kurang bagus kita tak leh pakai,tapi Umno lagi teruk dari Anwar,malahan pemimpin pemimpin Umno yg lain lebih teruk dari Anwar mengapa pulak kita harus terima ?.

A Point,  11 August 2010 at 01:26  

I must say I have heard Anwar talk about the economy and linking it to democracy, transparency etc. and how an economy free from the constraints and rents BN has put upon it will be freer to prosper and that the bounty will be more equally shared with those who are not well off.

The mechanism to achieve this (specific policies) I believe can be found in the PKR response to the recent budget.

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 01:44  

you are right dato,

umno as a party can't be blamed for the actions of some scumbags. its not important for umno to stay as a ruling party forever but its most important for umno to survive as a party that serves the rakyat FOREVER!

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