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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 20 August 2010

Dr.Mahathir and PM Najib

I managed to catch up with the Oracle of Syed Putra. He has been away for sometime accompanying his friend, a former senior leader of the government, abroad. As usual, we talked some politics.
Have you met Dr. Mahathir? he asked.
Not yet said I. His press officer hasn't called me.
I am not sure he will after so many uncomplimentary passages about the man who can walk on water, I wrote in my passages.
But I suppose you know of developments in the country?
Yes, I read the latest speech by Chua Soi Lek. That's going to be a problem. Can the PM handle it?
What's the difference between Dr Mahathir and Dato Najib? The former begun his career branded as an Ultra Malay. That initial image stuck throughout his life. He was an icon to the Malays. His was the voice of the inner Malay. Having cut his teeth deeply which left a permanent mark in the Malay psyche, Dr. Mahathir has that reservoir of 'goodwill' to identify with the inner feelings of Malays at large.
In later years, when Dr Mahathir was to relax this ultra image, people still believed in his core values. Dr Mahathir has the fundamentals. He has that hero image of looking out after Malay interests. He can draw down from his initial fixed deposit. The principal remains, he is reaping the dividends. Whatever he does in those years while in power, even if they seem contrary to his Malay-first persona, were excusable. People still think of him as having the fundamentals of Malayness.
Profound observations , I thought. My own thoughts are as follows.
What about our PM Najib? Dato Najib has none of that. He hasn't build a reservoir of core Malayness values large enough from which he can draw down. People are not sure whether he can really empathize with the plight of the Malay lumpen-proletariat. In the 1980's I thought he had the making of a Malay ultra when he made fiery speeches at the TPCA stadium in Kampung Bharu. Never mind if that was a show of brinkmanship- it could have left an indelible mark on the Malay psyche as did Dr Mahathir before him.
Alas, that was just a low octane spark that wasn't capable of lighting a prairie fire of Malay activism. He became quiet after so many UMNO people and others got sent to the University in Taiping. Those sent got a degree in Ops Lalang.
Everyone knows Dr Mahathir can be funny sometimes. In a matter-of-factly way. Once during a speech he was giving, Dr. Mahathir likened Anwar to one of the Hindu Gods. I don't know which one, but the one which a few heads enabling that god to see all around. So when Anwar speaks at one place, he will say one thing, at another place, he will use another head and speak what that particular audience may like. Many heads make a wise man? A tricky fellow?
Najib has somehow contracted this dangerous disposition. Here he speaks on of one thing. At another place he speaks of another language. He was uneasy at Perkasa's Bumiputera Economic Congress. He had to throw away a prepared speech and dug down deep into the fact he is Tun Razak's eldest son- the architect of NEP. This he proclaimed, is the reason he is not going to be person who besmirches the memory of the father. He quickly said, the affirmative polices, to wit, the 30% requirement shall remain. Perkasa members pee-ed in their pants with excitement.
At the Chinese Economic Congress he sang a different tune. He went back to his NEM mantra. He was at ease at the MCA Chinese Economic Congress. His speech at the Congress actually has entrapped him. His pronouncements on the role of the Chinese Business community is a clear signal that at this moment, he is more accommodative to the Chinese. Because he thinks, his priority now is to regain Chinese trust and win the next elections. He may but this is achieved perhaps at the cost of forfeiting a lot of Malay support. He should have asked about the speech Chua Soi Lek wants to make and do some editing. Soi Lek was crafty enough to corner the PM at the Congress. And I don't think it was a coincidence the MCA invited Nazir Razak given his thinking inclinations.
The problem with Najib, he is always ambivalent. He is a fence sitter. Not a risk taker. Never a politician with steely resolve.
If Dato Najib doesn't have the personal constitution of a Mahathir, what can he do? He must surround himself with the ablest, toughest and dedicated leadership material. The Oracle's friend, a former very senior member of the government, has been a long advocate asking the PM to build a new team. Loyal followers and team members can be rewarded in other ways. Najib operates with people he is comfortable with- no matter if they are ignoramuses.
If he thinks the MInang Rais is super loyal, he can reward Rais by appointing him to the cultural capital of the world. There, Rais can showcase his literary and cultural skills. His 'Doberman' Nazri Aziz can be rewarded by other means too.
Otherwise, a supreme leader with weak constitution, is cannon fodder for the more aggressive second tier leaders.
The one redeeming thing the PM has is the awareness that past policies are not etched in stone. They are not fixed. So they can be changed provided his alternatives are well thought through, articulated well enough and shared by his team members.
I can accept his reasoning that we don't need the 30 per cent requirement as in the old days. Meaning he doesn't need to merely fill up that 30% requirement with just any Bumi material. Better education has resulted in a bumper harvest of abler and tougher BUmiputera material which he can leverage to craft his new affirmative strategies.
He must go back to the basic values that underscore success. These basic values will help him achieve his NEM and an economy with high income. He needs first of all to set up an exceptionally strong government with the ablest, the toughest and dedicated leadership material. What are the basic values?
Leadership material
of high integrity. A person moves up based on merits, an enabling environment that offers a level playing field for talent- undifferentiated in the form of race or gender, articulate leaders who can move others and communicate with people. These are some of the foundational elements that make a successful country.
But has to look past his small plot of vegetable patch. He has to headhunt within UMNO first and then others.


Anonymous 20 August 2010 at 05:54  

Now, we cannot even talk how good or bad about Malaysian leaders without talking about race.

If we don't talk or blog about race,we are NOT Malaysians.

We are living in the country called MALRACIA.

Compliments from UMNO-lovers

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 05:57  

given with the same strength of support that Najib get in Umno, actually Rafidah can do a much better job.

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 06:05  


Sudah tiba masa kita kena tukar PM, jika UMNO tak mampu lahirkan pemimpim Melayu yang baik maka carilah pemimpim Melayu dari paerti lain JANJI orang Melayu terbela dan jika tak ada PUN orang Melayu yang BOLIH serah aja Kapada Sultan semua perkara Pasal 153. Biar Sultan yang agik2kan Lesen /Permit /Tanah/ Dan Lain2.....

Bela Melayu

HAKIMAN,  20 August 2010 at 06:12  

Umno's Islamisation adventure to one-manship PAS as who is more Islamic

Here is one Malay blogger's analysis:

In Malaysia, the Islamist revivalism saw the Islamist party, PAS, going on a fundamentalist rampage throughout Malaysia.

This coincided with the return to Malaysia of firebrands such as Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang, who would soon climb PAS’ power hierarchy on fundamentalist ticket. In the early 80s, PAS, taking advantage of the Islamist revivalism elsewhere throughout the world and with Iran as the central catalyst, embarked on a series of political assaults against UMNO and the Barisan government in such intensity as yet unseen.

In short, PAS’ agenda was to equate UMNO and Barisan Nasional with infidelity and a vote for UMNO or BN was a vote against Islam. Those who did that would be the enemy of Islam and would consequently go to hell. It was a simple message. It was as basic as it comes.

...The government tried to counter the sudden revival of Islam by portraying itself as an Islamist government. The Barisan Nasional’s or more specifically, UMNO’s brand of Islam saw the emergence of the various Islamic authorities, Islamic school, Islamic attire and a more Islamic oriented civil service.

Thus, where there were no female students wearing a tudung in school in 1979, the tudung became almost an identifying factor in the early 80’s.

Efforts were made to show that UMNO was in fact a more Islamic party than PAS. And UMNO’s Islam is a better Islam than PAS’ Islam. That was the agenda.

However, the government’s efforts to “Islamise” the country as a counter-reaction to PAS’ populist political assaults has just resulted in PAS gaining more and more momentum in their political assaults.

In Kedah for example, a village would have 2 mosques, one for UMNO’s supporters and another for PAS supporters.

Families broke up just because the father was a PAS supporter and the son was an UMNO supporter.

Marriage could not take place because the bride to be comes from an “UMNO family” and the groom comes from a “PAS family”.

PAS supporters don’t attend a khenduri by an UMNO supporter and vice versa.

Even the dead would not be prayed for by PAS supporters if he or she was an UMNO supporter!

These were the scenes at the height of the kafir-mengkafir controversy.

In the universities, the full force of the Islamist revivalism, which translated itself into a war of political idealism slowly seeped into student politics.

As a student who was active in student politics in the University of Malaya in the early 80’s, I went through hellish moments and countless confrontations with students who leaned more towards the PAS political ideologies.

Hadi Awang and the PAS agenda were therefore left largely unchecked. On the social front, Islamist organisations, such as Al-Arqam, were gaining momentum, recruiting not only rural Malay folks but also young Malay intellects as members.

The Mahathir led government was at a loss to deal with this sudden rise of a concept which was almost alien to this country.

Suddenly, wearing a skirt was deemed anti-social in Malaysia. Going to work or school without a tudung was deemed immoral in Malaysia....."

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 06:29  

PM have obviously looked hard and long;trying to create the best and most innovative team.The dearth of talents within the BN gene pool is so limited that he needs to go outside and draft guys like Jala & amirsham for the key roles to realise his NKEA,NKRA & NEM dreams.

Obviously,there is no one within UMNO that can fit the bill.

The other Cabinet posts are merely fillers within the huge jigsaw puzzle PM needs to resolve i.e geographic as well as component parties.And there are certainly "defensive"appointments that he needs to do to appease the powerful.

Bigger issue is succession?

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 06:36  

Eagerly waiting for the NKEA & UMNO Youth Labs Townhalls.

Will KJ intellectualism overshadow Jala's one trick ponyism?Or will KJ churn out the mundane whilst Jala profounds us with his big numbers.

Crucial for BN..the beginning or the end for us.

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 08:28  

Salam Datuk Sak,

Apa jua jenis gelanggang permainan ada peraturan. Gelanggan gasing ada peraturan, gelanggang Tai Chi ada peraturan, gelanggang Silambam ada peraturan malah gelanggan American football (AF) juga ada peraturannya tersendiri.

Seseorang pemain perlu akur dengan peraturan apabila memasuki satu-satu gelanggang. Seorang pemain gasing contohnya kenalah mematuhi peraturan gelanggang gasing dan kalau pun dia dalam masa sama mempunyai minat terhadap AF misalnya namun dia tidak boleh terbawa-bawa peraturan berkenaan ke dalam gelanggan gasing.

Sehebat mana sekali pun bakat yang pemain itu ada, permainannya tetap tidak boleh terkeluar dari peraturan yang ditetapkan. Kalau peraturan dilanggar, wisel akan berbunyi. Tidak ada kompromi. Dalam aspek ini (tidak ada kompromi), baik di gelanggang gasing, Tai Chi, Silambam mahu pun AF semuanya sama.

Ketegasan yang terpamir dalam gelanggang AF yang membabitkan pemain ternama bernama Hussin, elok dijadikan iktibar. Al-kisahnya Hussin yang juga berminat dengan permainan gasing ala Bandung, dalam satu sesi latihan AF, tiba-tiba memberikan komen positif terhadap peraturan gasing Bandung.

Susulan dari kenyataan berkenaan, berbagai reaksi di luahkan dalam media AF. Rata-rata komentar menganggap, peraturan AF tidak boleh dicampuradukkan dengan peraturan dari lain-lain gelanggang. Sebanyak mana Hussin dikenali dan dihormati sebagai pemain AF terhandal, apabila isu itu dinilai oleh umum, mereka senada mengatakan Hussin sepatutnya memberikan komitmen kepada AF yakni lupakan saja tentang gelanggang gasing!


Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 09:08  

Well Dr. Mahathir is the reason for what Malaysia is today.

He bred a whole generation of people so used to getting easy access to most benefits at the EXPENSE of the other races.

He practically demolished the entire high credentials of everything you can think of in the country so that he can produce hundreds of thousands of new paper qualified "Intellectual class".

To go on his disasters would entails a book the size of an enclopedia.

Malaysia a nation
1. with oil
2. no natural disasters to cause
billions of damagae like Indonesia, Bangladesh etc,
3. A very large enterprising business community at par then in the 80s with Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.
4. 2nd largest economy after Japan when he took over from Tengku Abdul Rahman (who died a poor man unlike other PMs)

To sum it all, our great man managed to turn our country into a "going to bankcrupt" country with a GDP of about US7000 when we should be at par with no resource little red dot of US37,000 .

That means we actually went down in real terms in an ideal situation by US30,000 times 27,000,000 = US810,000,000,000
ie. US810 billions every year.

We could have been one of the richest countries in the world.

Today the same man stands besides the likes of Alis wanting more...from 30% to 67% from whom?

I dont know. Who is contributing? You think the other races? No the remaining oil of the country.

Today we do agree that Chinese in Malaysia is no more the tigers of the 80s. Most of the good ones are now overseas helping others and earning US37,000 per year or more.

Actually my take is that overall in sum total, the Chinese wealth has increased tremendously because many of these are working overseas at high pay.

When one does not feed the local golden goose , that goose sure will only lay copper eggs now. STill valuable.

I just wonder. How in the world can Abrahim Ali want to achieve his "67%" goal when all he does is look at the news everyday with "his pistol" ready to shoot at anyone "questioning" his version of Malay Rights. I think he must be printing his own Police report forms. Otherwise Police station would have to increase their budget.

Another issue is , where in the world has it been a crime to "question the right or no right of a race" ? Can such stand up in a court of law? If one does not agree just rebuke lah. Need police report like small boys.

We notice that nowadays everyone talk, talk and talk. they create unnecessary angers and in the meantime telling others not to cause trouble when the ones causing troubles and started it all are themselves.

How often do you hear of non Malays really threaten anyone? None as long as I can remember. They just express their grievances and yet the others are so aggressive in their responses.

Evidence already shows almost everything they touch are not exactly golden but on the contrary.
Yet they cannot accept the reasons that to grow you need the resources of all races in this country. One race takes all the goodies while the others the crumbs while actually producing more model never work - it never has.

There are just too many hurdles to cross.

We are currently at the "talk and get angry stage". The education, change of mindset , dismantling of little Napoleans, the going to plan, the implementation of the plan, the execution of the plan , the financial etc are all not yet implemented.

How long to implement the changes? Talk talk talk already took us 2 years since 2008.

Fat hopes we can be developed by 2010.

vinnan,  20 August 2010 at 12:22  

The tussle in UMNO over this 30% greed clearly shows it is only UMNO which truly benefit from the 30% rule. The problem with you UMNO types is that you people conveniently forget that it is UMNO and only UMNO who is responsible for all major economic policies in this country. How conveniently you bring up the so-called superbumis to justify your 30% extortion. At the end of the day though the investors both foreign and local are not going to give a shit about your 30%. Why must I give 30% of my company to UMNO? When the Bank of China wanted to reopen their operations in Malaysia, Umno youth asked for a 30% stake. Here you have China which for all intends and purposes is the Asian superpower and you UMNO idiots were trying to extort them. Ten years ago the local investors may have had to swallow UMNO's 30% bullshit. Today, China beckons. Why must I work all my life so that I must give UMNO a 30% stake without terms and conditions on what they do with that stake. The bona fide local investors who make their money without political patronage nor government money are LEAVING the country in droves. The horrendous FDI figures in 2009 only serves to confirm what we have known for the past 10 years and that is while the rest of Southeast Asia have moved on, Malaysia still remains under the foot of UMNO being slowly choked to death.

This fight between Najib and Mahathir is in reality a fight over a shrinking economic pie between the AAB faction and the Mamak faction. The oil money which powered UMNO is all but gone and pretty soon UMNO will be gone too for UMNO cannot survive without its oil driven political/economic patronage system. However, while UMNO's demise would shake the foundations of Malaysia to the core, we will not allow UMNO destroy the country. UMNO love Malaysia because of the NEP/30% rule, we love Malaysia because this is our home and we intend to make it safe and prosperous country.

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 12:43  


I hope DS Najib is taking his brother's advice to build a non-conformist team of capable, critical and wise thinkers around him to lead Malaysia to a new height with NEM.

We should give DS Najib and his NEM a chance to succeed.

It would be unfair to compare Tun Mahathir and DS Najib as the former has 22 years to implement the NEP while the later just launched the NEM.

Court Jester,  20 August 2010 at 13:44  

Yeah Najib picked this Court jester Abdul Razak Musa to be his Head Prosecutor at Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

Yeah a body become heavier when unconcious

Dr Pornthip have no experience in jumping down from tall buildings

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 13:57  

The Hindu God with multiple heads is Brahma, the creator of the world whose four heads and four arms represent the four points of the compass. As creation is the work of the mind and the intellect, Lord Brahma symbolizes the Universal Mind. From the standpoint of an individual, Brahma symbolizes one's own mind and intellect. The worship of Brahma is not very popular among all Hindus; however he is worshipped by seekers of knowledge - students, teachers, scholars, scientists, dll.

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 14:37  

In other words , u are implying that The Pm should select the cream of the crop and not the cream of the crap to get things done the right way.
Aiyah! thats what many sensible malaysians have been saying all this while dato.
Th question is, BOLEH KER?
Its now or never dato.The Pm got to act fast, if not we are done for.The Chua guy has him conered.
I have met many brilliant malays who have not given a chance to show their meetle.They are very so often sidelined by the slimeballs and scumbags.
Put the right person in the right place.As simple as that.

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 16:25  


Good point but there's no way the PM will do what you suggest. He is too much of a fence-sitter, to afraid to take risks. And he is also afraid that people will take out the skeletons in his cupboard and dry them in the sun.

Quiet Despair,  20 August 2010 at 16:59  

Macam nilah Sak. Let Najib get his mandate first and then think of getting a brand new coterie of good advisers in his circle.
Right now he cannot afford to remove or slight anyone.
These excess baggages he inherited from Abdullah and Tun M's time are deepy entrenched in their cushy jobs.
To rid them will be political suicide.
The GE will be a chance for Najib to throw out Rais, Nazri, Mohamed Nor Yaakub or others.
Dont choose them as MPs and get totally new people from the corporate or professional field.
Start anew with fresh young faces with progressive thoughts to steer the nation forward.
Najib must not be scared. Abdullah can remove Rafidah, the Iron lady. So can Najib be brave enough to do that.
Then he can wear the badge of authority with sparkling new work-horses of his own.
Najib now is politically insecure and that is why he is tryng so hard to please the Chinese in particular.
I am sure he knows in advance what CSL is gonna say at the Congress. He could do it the Mahatir way - veer away from his prepared text and slam CSL there and then.
But he did not. He let CSL have the glory and in fact sucked up to him.
Political survival of MCA also means Najib and BN's survival.
He is secure with the Malay votes, knowing it will be just a swing here and there.
If PAS cooperates, it's a major vote swing to BN.
Moreover, it's easy to do damage control to the Malays than the other races.
That is why as a Malay I am not worried. Rest assured that we are also gonna hear sweet things after this.
In that way Najib is politically savvy.
Attracting the bees with sweet nectar.

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 17:03  

The only way out is out you go Najib. It is written all over that this man is weak and incapable to protect UMNO.
So, just let him go as he is of no equal with Che Det-way out!
Apa lagi orang UMNO! tak kan nak biarkan semua terlingkup.
Alahai dato' buang masa sahaja kalau nak promo PM kita tu--- hancur UMNO nanti. Not that the PM we hate but UMNO and the Malays are much more important.
Jangan tunggu lama lama bulan Ramadahan dah nak selesai tok! Chua the actor apa khabar!!! hehe UMNO ku.

umar,  20 August 2010 at 18:58  

Let no man put asunder what was together. Mahathir and Musa were both super ultras and hence were sacked from UMNO. Mahathir used to author critical letters on Tunku.Some such letters were dropped at the doors of Sultan Idris College in Tanjung malim to capture the young malay teachers' mind to fortify UMNO since they were the backbone of UMNO members. Ghabar Baba there in Tanjung Malim college distributed cyclostyled copies ( No photocopiers then ).
The 2M administration couldn't merge in mind. Memali incident broke the yoke apart. There goes Musa , comes in Ghafar Baba.
UMNO Baru sails to Sabah after the death of USNO. Captain- Ghafar Baba.
Poor Ghafar had to marry there to convince Haris saleh,Mustaffa and the Kruaks.UMNO's days in Sabah are numbered.They don't feel as the malays in Semenanjung for UMNO. PM Najib , be aware. The fixed deposit will soon become overdrawn into liability.

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 21:37  


Dr. Mahathir = Almighty
Dato' Najib = 1 time wonder

Anonymous,  20 August 2010 at 23:30  

I got no idea what's wrong with you HAKIMAN???????? yOU BARK THE WRONG TREE.....just waste my precious time reading your posting,

Quiet Despair,  20 August 2010 at 23:50  

Hello Shanker. where are you?

We want to know your take about LGE taking Agong's place in Penang.
Some mosques in the island state are praying for Guan Eng's well-being after the second sermon during Friday prayers since last week.
It should be the Agong who are accorded such blessings from the congregation in states where there are no Sultans like Penang.
Even the PM are not accorded such prayers.

Anonymous,  21 August 2010 at 00:03  

Pemblog, Saudara/ri,

Setiap insan (termasuk ketua) mempunyai sisi yang baik dan ada sisi yang busuk. Yang akan diambil kira adalah jumlah keseluruhan sisi yang ada (yakni sisi baik dicampurkan dengan sisi busuk). Kalau nilai itu adalah positif maka umum melihatnya sebagai lebih menarik/menambat hati berbanding kalau ianya adalah negatif.

Namun, umum (sebagai penilai kepimpinan) juga ada kelebihan dan ada kekurangan mereka jua. Umum yang ada kelebihan/kekuatan tentulah mudah dipimpin tetapi bagi puak yang banyak kekurangan, lemah dan pongeh maka merekalah yang memberikan tekanan dan bebanan kepada tangan-tangan yang memimpin.

Cuba pandang aspek penggunaan bahasa di papan tanda sebagai contoh di mana umum secara tanpa sedar mampu membebankan tangan yang memimpin mereka. Aspek ini (bahasa papan tanda) kalau dibayangkan di Singapura, Zimbabwe, Mauritius dan Sicily tidaklah memberikan banyak tekanan kepada tangan yang memimpin.

Di sana, umum tidak ada alasan untuk tidak mematuhi peraturan papan tanda. Ini bermakna tidak banyak masa, tenaga dan material yang perlu dihabiskan untuk memastikan peraturan-peraturan berkaitan papan tanda dipatuhi. Dalam kata lain umum di negara berkenaan tidak banyak kerenah dan dengan itu mudah dipimpin.

Situasi lokal pula adalah sebaliknya. Di sini, masing-masing pihak mahu menggunakan slangga dan ejaan yang digemari saja atas papan tanda walhal peraturan dan syarat yang ditetapkan dalam konteks estetika dan tatabahasa papan tanda sudah ditetapkan sekian-sekian dan tidaklah merugikan sesiapa kalau diikuti sepenuhnya.

Meskipun pada mata kasar isu ini nampak kecil dan dengan itu tidak perlukan banyak tenaga, masa dan material untuk menanganinya tetapi dalam jangka masa yang panjang ia tetap membebankan. Bebanan ini pula mahu tidak mahu akan terpaksa dikendong oleh tangan yang memimpin bukan kerana tidak ada beban batu mahu digalas tetapi kerana tidak ada insan lain yang mahu menggalas beban tersebut.

Apabila tangan pemimpin ditarik sebahagiannya untuk melakukan kerja-kerja tambahan (atasi masalah yang remeh-temeh) yang tidak membawa keuntungan nyata, ia adalah satu pembaziran walhal ia dapat dielakkan kalau semua pihak berkompromi dan menerima pakai peraturan standard sedia ada.

Adalah merugikan kalau beban tambahan ini menjejaskan produktiviti tangan pemimpin untuk melakukan tugasan yang lebih hakiki sifatnya. Sedangkan ini hanyalah sebahagian kecil dari kekurangan dipihak umum. Bayangkan kalau kekurangan dalam aspek lain seperti pendidikan (sekolah berasingan), ekonomi (semua mahu jadi superbumi), sosial (epidemik rumah urut), dll. dilonggokkan. Maka tidak dapat digambarkan bebanan yang ditanggung.

Justeru kalau keadaan sebegini berterusan, maka walau tangan mana sekalipun (BN atau PR) yang memimpin umum, tangan itu tetap tidak dapat mengoptimumkan kegunaannya untuk menangani perkara-perkara besar dan penting. Akhirnya yang akan dipersalahkan tetaplah tangan yang memimpin; dan yang menerima tempiasnya adalah umum yang lurus, patriotik dan tidak banyak pongeh.


Anonymous,  21 August 2010 at 00:26  

Madhater is short sighted.

Don't let the Doctor prescribed you Malaysians anymore medicine or ideas!

Major Boo Boo UMNO 2010.

There are plenty of people up in Kedah and most of the critical part are in Sabah Sarawak still living with limited access to water and electricity!

And yet Madhater is pissed over of Proton instead of this basic necessity in our daily life!

Major Boo Boo UMNO 2010.

" Lu tolong wa, wa tolong Lu"

-Ikan Tongkol-

Anonymous,  21 August 2010 at 01:16  

To Quiet despair
You said "I am sure he knows in advance what CSL is gonna say at the Congress."
Sheeesh!Get real.Pre-planned ploy?Smokescreen? or Lets take the other road, asuming that he had forseen what the chua guy had in mind, then why did he discard the prepared text?
What i see is that there are a group of people here who just wait for the moment u fumble and stumble.Then they pounce.They work on your weakness.Thats why they have the wait and see@ look out for the weakest link approach.
THats how someone cornered our PM.

Anonymous,  21 August 2010 at 10:32  

Quiet Dispair,

Wow, as you said prayers were said in their prayers for Guan Eng.(not sure if true or not or just some UMNO guys in there purposely doing it and then blow it up big time ... to your beloved paper "UTUSAN").

Now one thing, ask yourself before you demonise an innocent but great guy to all races, did Guan Eng order it? If yes, then you are free to open your big mouth and lambast him until your voice goes hoarse.

If not, then hold your tongue and tell your "Utusan" friends to do likewise and pay compensation to Guan Eng.

If you have not noticed, there have been a series of deliberate false flag events .. from Chua Chui Meng in Johore to this.

Well we know you and your friends are desperate and will be desperate because the tactics used are soooo immature and stupid.

Almost every event and attempt got backfired. It shows really you guys do not understand Chinese characters. We dont do this kind of stupid things.

The choice is yours. Are you for disunity or unity? Answer this and tell us what is your view for unity ?

The wayang Kulit by powers that be is so obvious just to stay in power.

Immature policians I would say. No wonder these fellas most likely fail in the Maths as Maths needs lots of logic to pass. True right?

Hey, if you guys want to create some false flags .... aiya do it intelligently lah.

Anonymous,  21 August 2010 at 13:42  

This Quiet Dispair is li9ke a silly fool. Making statements like:
"We want to know your take about LGE taking Agong's place in Penang.
Some mosques in the island state are praying for Guan Eng's well-being after the second sermon during Friday prayers since last week."

First of all is this true or not? Were you there and did you hear it with your own ears? Secondly, do you have EVIDENCE that LGE instructed this? If not please lah, keep your stupid opinions to yourself.

Anonymous,  21 August 2010 at 16:51  

To Quiet Despair,

It's best that you hide yourself in your tempurung and despair in shame and silence (hence your name Quiet Despair) for bringing up such a stupid hearsay issue of LGE.

In the event that your congregation wants to pray for your well being (as you lie inside your tempurung wallowing in shame and quite despair), what's wrong with that especially when you did not instruct nor request your congregation to do so. Are you going to sue, threaten or condemn your congregation?

Get a life or forever stay inside your tempurung.

Quiet Despair,  21 August 2010 at 17:08  

Anon 10.32 n Anon 14.32

Hello... Hold your horses. Dont go tearing your hair until bald.
Did I say LGE ordered it? Did I say it's true?
I read it in MSM and also saw on TV networks including Bernama TV.
They quoted the people in some mosques in Penang expressing sadness over this.
Sad to say I did not read Utusan.
Anyhow, are you guys Schenker?
It was meant for him because he loves bringing in allegations of UMNO misdeeds and asking me to comment.
The great LGE?? Not to me. Just another racist DAP leader.

schenker78 21 August 2010 at 18:41  

Quiet Despair.....

aku bukan x nak online....tapi Internet service hampeh....macam negara ini jugak....simple connection pun susah nak dapat .....itulah standard company malaysia....below standard....tak kira streamyx, Pi, maxis atau celcom....semua penipu....

tak ada rebate pun kalau connection fail for few days due to maintenance whatever....

itulah, kalau Barisan Perompak menerajui negara... semua ekor2 trikut sekali menipu.....letak lah pemimpin yang bagus...yang kat bawah pun takut mencuri...

Balik ke soalan awak, aku x mo komen pasan Lim guan Eng kononnya dimasukkan dalam khutn]bah ker, doa ker...ape2 jer lah....buat apa aku jawab pasal benda 2 yang tak masuk akal??? UMNO cari modal lain laaaaaa

Satu lagi penipu adalah Mufti Perak kamu....kononnya ada Perlembagaan Baru sampai 3 jenis.... aku x nampak pun polis siasat....kalau betul ada, polis dah ambil keterangan...ini bukan hal main2...kepada polis diam jer....kerana mereka pun tahu Harussani ini berbohong....

Memang dasar penipu....mana murtadnya melayu 200,000 orang Perak, x nampak pun....Harussani penipu.

Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah....Orang ini buka mulut jer keluar Ulat, bukan keluar kata2 yang bole mengembangkan minda, panduan dan cara hidup yang sihat......

Asri ditendang keluar, tapi Harussani masih no komen ahead.....

Biar Dato' Sak berhujah dengan kamu pasal Perlembagaan baru dan LGE / masjid....

Quiet Despair,  21 August 2010 at 21:14  


Kesiannya hang. Saya tak de masalahpun.
Ada 2 sebab kot. 1) I am the preferred suscriber since I am an UMNO supporter
2) You duduk estet or kawasan setinggan or di kawasan pedalaman
Hehe. Jangan mare. Lawak je.

Anyways, Najib dah suruh polis jalankan siasatan penuh berhubung isu mendoakan LGE itu.
Polis telahpun telah membuka kertas siasatan memandangkan Pemuda UMNO dan sebahagian penduduk di 6 kawasan terlibat membuat laporan polis.
Najib mahu tahu macam mana Majlis Agama Islam membenarkan khutbah yang tidak mengikut skrip itu.
Ini lebih-lebih lagi kerana Khatib yang membaca khutbah itu Khatib jemputan dari luar daerah.
Kita sama-samalah tunggu.
Kita buat baik-baik ok di Bulan yang mulia imi.

Anonymous,  22 August 2010 at 02:51  

Quiet Despair..

you replied
"The great LGE?? Not to me. Just another racist "

Wow, he to you is just another racist. Well this "racist" went to jail for a Malay girl (to many of us Chinese- we said Stupid just as we do not expect guys like you to go to jail for a Chinese LOL) .

But then he did it and did not even express any regret

He as CM went to the field in Malay areas on behalf of the former Malay DCM (now part of your gang in UMNO) who were forever not around. Your community was always amazed. You think he lost Malay support in Penang? LOL. You should go there and find out.

He as CM attends many Muslim functions to ensure that he acts for all races in Penang.

He opened up markets and opportunities for the ordinary Malays to tender and get jobs instead of going to cronies and crones under the previous CM we call running dog for UMNO (which you surely love).

He thus gives real opportunities to ordinary Malays to rise up without the need to know who and who and pay Ali babas fees.

He put Penang into surplus in spite of practically no federal funding using no nonsense and no corrupt practices and these money goes to the benefit of the people.

He travels economy class while your friends travel business classes if not charter your own plane ... or go to Walt Disney to study how they create funland.

.. .ya he is another racist.

I just wonder which Chinese in Malaysia is not in your opinion while you are an angel and non racist?

because as far as I am concerned he is about the ONLY CM/MB that can stand tall against any one in this country. Too bad he is a Chinese and would be a good example to show the world how a Chinese perform and how a Chinese can rule to improve for all races.

Well, we know we Chinese tend to be very apolegetic and we do not shout and demand the way Ibrahims do. We are used to being disparaged and threatened daily... but we know what to do at the end of the day.

We vote with our feet and pencils at the booth and concentrate on working to ensure a good future for our families.

Really it is a wonder, why we actually want to bother about all these. After all at the end of the day , you guys just would not accept the truths and continue to be on denial modes. You failed failed and failed on mega proportions like no tomorrow. Yet you are blind and behave as though our wealth will forever flow like before.

Well the golden goose is moving. Really when guys say .. go back to China. In fact many do from all over the world. That is the place where opportunity lies. China is not like China before.

I just really wonder, why you guys are immune to the wrongs that are being perpectuated by your gangs and still say , yours is the best.

To us, we know , it is a matter of pride rather than accept reality that to move forward, we must be united.

At the end of the day.. we say .. who cares.

Anonymous,  22 August 2010 at 14:00  

Yes indeed CM LGE is doing a great job..its a refreshing change from the normal bureaucracy status/laden MB...
Hope he will not get a Dato Sri whilst in office..and only be bestowed a Tunship on his retirement ;if he continues the sterling mgmt and produces results.
MB Nizar would have produced results too..but unfortunately,the hand that chose him also at the end crushed him.

Observer,  22 August 2010 at 15:57  

> Everyone knows Dr Mahathir can be
> funny sometimes. In a matter-
> of-factly way. Once during
> a speech he was giving,
> Dr. Mahathir likened
> Anwar to one of the Hindu Gods.

He can be in denial, too, matter-of-factly, of his rich paternal heritage.

> If he thinks the MInang Rais is
> super loyal, he can reward Rais
> by appointing him to the cultural
> capital of the world.

Certainly Minang Rais is better than the current "ass-pinching" ambassador. The "ass-pinching" ambassador is an embarrassment to Malaysians here. He should go back to Rompin to serve his constituents there, as he should be.

> He needs first of all to set up
> an exceptionally strong
> government with the ablest, the
> toughest and dedicated leadership
> material.

Tough call indeed. Where is he going to find such people? Certainly not in UMNO. Idris Jala was his best bet, but even Idris admits the country is in dire straits and going bankrupt. Khairy? Puhleez, that guy has even more "cabang" than Dewa Anwar.

dahserikngankeris 23 August 2010 at 00:21  

Questions and points the PM should be asked and take note of in the following order.

1. Can UMNO survive?
to me the only way umno can survive is if it lost the GE, and the lost can be compounded if the opposition wins with a marginal majority

2. Who would lead UMNO if they lose the Federal government? just leave this blank lol

3. If Umno and BN wins, what should be done?
Well if u see the current situation now, umno is still harping on ketuanan, which is ok, but they need to be tact about it, not just ketuanan for the sake of ketuanan

4. What has been highlighted is corruption and the seemingly kebal or kekebalan'ness of the perpetrators who are allied to the ruling government. What malaysians fail to see is that this is prevalent in all democracies in the world....lets take america for not here to spoon feed but its legal to lobby politicians there, should it be legal here? thus the ruling should highlight lobbying and let's see the disgust of the populace towards this type of forward thinking liberal policy and see where it would eventually lead us.

5. Do away with politics of self preservation

simple, kamikaze all the way, just like what anwar is doing. the thing about anwar is the ruling class cannot deny the truth by just sweeping it under the carpet which brings me back to this particualr point, DO WHAT IS RIGHT EVEN IF U KILL URSELF, the people will love u for it. Just like obama u can do the exact opposite after that, because if and when u get the super majority, u can do whatever the heck u want.

6. Politics and politicans and the seemingly forward thinking constituents and their demands

melayu = UMNO PAS PKR(hahah) DAP(hahah)

cina = DAP MCA(hahahahahahaha)

india = DAP MIC(hahahaha) PPP(hahahaha)

So.....Where is umno if PAS gets 30% of the malay votes?

no more self preservation please, what anwar understands is the math, if umno doesnt then you'll see your worse nightmare come into realization.

7. Lastly, as the demands of the chinese is masked with the dissoulution of the NEP, and equality of education in terms of meritocracy...give them all of it, just remember what UMNO is there for...TO HELP have u been helping malays? fine u can justify us with uitm and the like...but is that enough to really help the malays? what about financing? please dont quote SME's cos they dont really want to loan someone money if that person does not have money, plus why are AH LONG's so successful? its not because malaysians are stupid its just that financial institutions in this country do not really want to help the poor/1st timer business dude/ high risk loaner/ avg guy who doesnt want to just makan gaji.

So UMNO, u say u helped the malays...fine i agree and disagree somewhat, but now its time for u to up the game, help and really help the malays penetrate RETAIL, penetrate CONSTRUCTION, expand TELECOMMUNICATION, pentrate agriculture as a whole, doing all this whilst maintaining islamic moral values and not just be POLITICALLY CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are umno racist?

are chinese racist?

are indians racist?

are malays racist?

whats the politically correct answer?

peace and justice for all malaysians if u catch the poor make sure u catch the rich as well

cowteam! roflmao!

ps dato u should do a write up, stating why u are still in sure people would like to know.

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