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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 12 August 2010

The Establishment vs. the Students

The rationale behind denying undergrads getting involved in politics escapes me. The establishment is sending signals that they don't trust the younger generation. Yet we never miss to churn out the paternalistic 'the future belongs to our young'. The future doesn't if we continue owning it denying the young their role as stakeholders.
By getting involved in politics I mean allowing them to become active in many ways with actual politics outside the campuses. It means allowing them to actively campaign for political parties of their choice and maybe even standing as candidates. I am talking of politics beyond speakers corner under the tree in front of the UM Library. Both of them are long gone.
Yet we don't see any discrepancies in allowing young mat rempits go into politics. We never see the contradiction of allowing 17-18 year olds with skeletal academic credentials getting involved in politics as active office bearers and active campaign workers. Why do we practice this double standard- allowing those with lesser achievements getting into politics but disallowing the more talented to become so.
If they are eligible for voting, they must be at least 21 years of age. It should have been no eligibility, no politics. But if they are eligible then they should NOT be denied the choice of being active in politics. And because they are younger but of voting age, they are not getting any preferential political treatment. Perhaps this is a good way to induct the younger people into adult life.
It's a question of choice. Has the ministry of higher learning any statistics to tell us what proportion of the student population at our universities actually do political work- stand as candidates, be active members campaign for political candidates? Probably a small percentage as the majority do prefer to be aware of politics but would rather concentrate on their studies. Those who actually chose to be active do so bearing whatever risks that come along. Neglecting studies, losing elections, getting into trouble with whatever regulations and rules there are.
Why do we refuse them freedom to go into politics? Is it because we thought they are still immature in their thinking? I think it is about time we rid ourselves this kind of patronizing and underestimation on the thoughts, and motivations young people have. They are on a mission to become active stakeholders in defining what the future will be.
In these times, when the leadership talent pool appears to be shallow, maybe it's time to force a bumper crop of new blood and talent into the leadership bank.
Just a few weeks ago when Tengku Razaleigh was invited by some international students to give an address, this was what he said:-
Don't  let the politicians you have invited here talk down to you. 

Don't let them tell you how bright and "exuberant" you are, that you are the future of the nation, etc.  If you close your eyes and flow with their flattery you have safely joined the caravan, a caravan taking the nation down a sink hole.  If they tell you the future is in your hands kindly request that they hand that future over first
We have this patronizing talk-down for too long, the future belongs to our young. Yet we are afraid to hand the young the future.


Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 14:00  

You don't know that university students overwhelmingly vote and support opposition??? - traditionally in Malaysia as well as every country in the world actually.

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 14:03  

why do you assume others dont know that? are u the only university student around?

Habib RAK 12 August 2010 at 14:22  

A yet another clear indication where the young malays are leaning towards. Majority of the students in local univerties and institutes of higher learning in Malaysia are malays. The UMNO Baru government is afraid. The youngsters are wiser. They know that the money expanded on them comes from the rakyat and not from UMNO Baru. The government of the day is merely an administrator of public funds charged with the responsibility to take care of the interest of the nation and its people.

Bobby 12 August 2010 at 14:27  

Students, being fresh in the mind (relatively speaking), and, in some cases, fearless, can make a splash in the social constructs that seem to limit ourselves in anyway. Which, can be a good thing!

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 15:13  

Ahh Dato',

Isn't this the usual double talk of the UMNO Baru led government? Keep the university students at bay from politics and let the mat rempits be the next generation of "political leaders" bred from the same cancerous mentality that you are trying so hard to change from within UMNO.

ServiceB4Self,  12 August 2010 at 15:20  

I believe the Government should allow our students to be involved in the national level politics. Afterall in reality, various student factions in the local universities are by proxy being supported by the relevant political parties.

There is nothing wrong for our younger generations to take part in the decision making process of our nation.

UMNO should not be afraid of the outcome, for I believe that it would not be automatic that there will be an overwhelming vote and support for the opposition. In fact, by allowing the students to partake in politics, would enable new blood to join UMNO and therefore rejuvenate the party.

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 15:24  

The reasons why university students support opposition are that leaders on that side have plenty of times to persistently deliver messages to the target group. But once the opposition became the established group, they also will lose that privilege.

HAKIMAN,  12 August 2010 at 15:44  

It just goes to show that THIS Govt is scared stiff of our young minds, mostly Malays in the local universities.

If only these students should stand up to be counted... as their parents and grandparents had done in the 60s and 70s.

UMNO has bongsai-ed the young Malay mind in an attempt to mold their outlook so that they can become robot images of the parochial and close minded UMNO leaders we have today..

HAKIMAN,  12 August 2010 at 15:45  


.. bonsai-ed...

Red Alfa 12 August 2010 at 15:47  

Salam Dato'

The mat rempits get all the encouragements and the University students get SEVERE discouragements to be in politics? Yes, why indeed!

We cannot never understand? Try, what did drop-out Saiful Bukhari OFFERED the DPM Najib to meet him after office hours?

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 16:15  

" We never see the contradiction of allowing 17-18 year olds with skeletal academic credentials getting involved in politics as active office bearers and active campaign workers. Why do we practice this double standard- allowing those with lesser achievements getting into politics but disallowing the more talented to become so."

Answer: We can easily turn this Mat Rempits into our band of UMNO gangsters especially during elections. After all they are stupid and suits us just fine. Besides, they are not eligible to vote, so why waste their talent. On the other hand, the talented ones are intelligent enough to think, so why allow them to participate actively in politics when they will certainly be a threat to us. Between the two, we will choose the former.


Ariff Sabri 12 August 2010 at 16:22  


this is the kind of drivel that doesn't enhance our discussion. what motivates you hah?

schenker78 12 August 2010 at 16:40  

Personally, i dont really understand what Scarecrow trying to say.

However, speaking af Mat Rempit and Azeez, i remembered this in 2007...., UMNO's Ketua Putera Azeez MAMAK did bring 12 Mat Rempit and jump from a Russian helikopter in Kutub Utara using taxpayer money.

"Beliau merupakan Ketua Putera UMNO sejak 2007 sebagai satu usaha meremajakan UMNO. Salah satu cara adalah dengan cuba menarik penglibatan mat rempit kepada UMNO dan aktiviti berfaedah. Salah satu cara adalah menjadi Ketua Ekspedisi Terjun Bebas Kutub Utara Putera UMNO 2007."

"Suasana menjadi sayu seketika apabila penerjun muda mat rempit Putera Umno saling berpelukan menangis kegembiraan pada upacara pemakaian pingat Sayap Kanan Tentera Russia itu yang dipakaikan oleh Sergey Isarov. Pasukan ekspedisi itu kemudian menyanyikan lagu Negaraku dan Umno sebelum berlepas pulang ke Kepulauan Svalbard, kira-kira 1,000 km dari Kutub Utara dan tiba di Lapangan Terbang Svalbard pada 8.20 pagi waktu tempatan."

What a great way to spend other peoples money....

schenker78 12 August 2010 at 16:50  

Speaking of that bisexual Saiful Bukhari, he was actively involved in campus politics, sadly his CGPA was below 2.0 and finally terkorban dalam HIDUP KAMPUS dan sebagai mahasiswa....... namun dia hasil usaha ASP Rodhwan, akhirnya menjadi Teaboy dan alkisahnya kena Sondol 8 kali oleh Anwar Ibrahim yang makan VIAGRA kaw kaw......hari ini dia sudah kaya raya dan terkenal....namanya terpancar megah dikalangan orang UMNO yang aggap beliau ini sebagai penyelamat....

Riwayat hidup UMNO hari ini bergantung kepada Buntut Saiful, harap assholes nya tidak akan dibolosi lagi selepas ini....

Penggemar dan peminat saiful sekalian, selepas gagal dalam Universiti, apakah hala tuju masa depan saiful, adakah dia belajar pada hari ini? Adakah dia bekerja ?? Apa dia buat untuk tampung hidup dia?? Nampak segak jugak dia ni pakai Full Suit ni.....dia sekarang dalam dakapan Sugardaddy yang mana plk????

Quiet Despair,  12 August 2010 at 17:19  


In a sense you are right about the gangster-like Mat Rempits who are recruited by political parties.
Yep. Being used by the PKR. Remember the early days of Reformasi where Saturday street protests were held at Sogo and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.
They are all all paid by Aljay to shout rah-rah. Really pitiful to see them, some as young as 13, being tear-gassed or rounded up in a Black Maria.
PKR is famous for going to ITM, UTM for example to brain-wash young minds to hate the government.
Some are just out of Felda schemes or Kampungs and being brain-washed by the PKR people.
Its so easy to poison their minds by saying bad things about the government.
And the sad thing is they are expelled because of their poor results.
Compare them to kids from boarding schools like MCKK or SEDAR.
They are taught on the finer side of politics like how to be great debaters.
They all studied abroad and most of them debate impressively in the UMNO General Assembly.
It's good of the Government to curtail politicking because most dont know how to police themselves.
Politics is not about demos like the Revered One did during his younger days.
It's educating the young how to help the people by doing NGO or other charity works for the betterment of society.
It's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.
So it's good to bar them from politics while studying.

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 18:32  

Student usah jadi alat tetapi berusaha membentuk idealism tersendiri.

Lagi satu usah jadikan kegiatan politik kepartian sebagai laluan untuk menyelam sambi minum air. TST...

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 19:59  


Sekarang ini pun bukannya tak bebas. Tipulah kalau mereka (students) tidak buat semua itu secara sembunyi-sembunyi.

Soalnya apakah mereka tidak boleh jadi pemimipin di belakang hari kalau tidak mengikut telunjuk mana-mana parti semasa masih belajar?

Lihatlah pemimipin yang ada dalam parti pembangkang sekarang ini, bukankah mereka juga tidak bebas berpolitik semasa menuntut dahulu tetapi apakah mereka tidak boleh berjaya?

Sememangnya kalau boleh parti-parti politik mahu menggunakan khidmat tenaga murahan untuk melakukan itu dan ini tetapi bukan sangat untuk meletakkan mereka di kedudukan yang selayaknya.

Akhirnya, mana ada penjaga (ibu dan bapa) yang seronok melihat si anak menjadi alat propaganda politik kepartian; diperkakaskan dan diperlalatkan untuk mencapai sasaran bersifat keduniaan!


Ariff Sabri 12 August 2010 at 20:07  


saya setuju sebab itulah saya menyeru kementerian pengajian tinggi mengeluarkan data peratusan pelajar yang aktif secara lansung. mungkin ia nay kecil sahaja. majoriti pelajar hanya cukup dengan menyedari apa yang berlaku.
yang mahu aktif, mereka akan tetap melakukan demikian, suka atau tidak oleh ibu bapa. jika saya, saya akan berpendirian, dapatkan dulu degree atau apa2 kemudian mahu berpolitik ikut kamu lah.
tapi keputusan untum tidak atau tidak, para pelajar yang menentukan. jika pada umur 21 tahun belum tahu membuat keputusan, malang sungguh petunjuk kematangan pelajar kita.

Anonymous Coward,  12 August 2010 at 20:47  

I just graduated and it's only recently -- circa 2008 or more specifically the BERSIH rally -- that I started taking politics seriously. Speaking of BERSIH, I had wanted to join that rally, but I didn't for fear of getting my student credentials pulled by someone higher up. It saddens me to think that the government does not trust us to have opinions that may benefit all of us.

I feel that while we may be young, that naiveté might work for us instead of against us. How many of the older generation would campaign for things like equality and free speech? You are obviously an exception, sir. I respect your opinions and while I do believe your devotion to UMNO is misguided, I concede that you have seen more than I and as such you have more perspective.

I don't really know where I'm going with this rant but I do wish that the government would lift the ban on student involvement in politics. There's a significant amount of apathy among the populace about politics. They feel that whatever they do, they can't change anything. That they can't make things better. What a shame that is.

A part of me feels that there is a giant conspiracy to stop students from joining politics simply because they are more likely to vote for the Opposition. That, I feel, is the wrong thing to go about doing this. The more passionate people working on problems that we face, the better. Partisanship has never helped anyone and I wish both sides would see this.

We shouldn't work against each other. There are too many forces at work that try to undo what we have and for us to do that to ourselves is sad.

schenker78 12 August 2010 at 22:29  

Well Quiet Despair,

what you think of those 12 mat rempit who joined your MAMAK AZEEZ, ketua Putera UMNO (whatever putera that is...???)(whats the age limit for your putera anyway)..well those mat rempits dived down in KUTUB UTARA....and they even had plans to parachute n land a PROTON car on the Kutub and make Guiness World Record....for some reason thankfully, it did not happen...

Anyway The Ketua Putera and Puteri looks to old....married, fat with perut buncits (both Azeez and Bibi) and have kids on tow, wonder what kind of putera puteri UMNO is that ??? besides Pemuda UMNO that was Hishamudin Hussein and Khir Toyo and Mukhriz....all into age 40s......hmm

shamshul anuar,  12 August 2010 at 23:36  

Dear Sakmongkol,

On the contrary, I believe the ban on university students from involving in politics is a good move.

These young men should know how to prioritize. Finish your study first. You are still young and have plenty of time to join politics. But do finish your study first.

I notice most of university students who are very vocal are Malays. Concentrating on politics may earn praise from political parties especially PR but of what good does it serve if it costs you the grade.

Habib rak,

I beg to differ. Young people are ussualy full with energy. They are idealistic. When they "face" the real world, then they know the reality.

I have seen students who earned "cukup makan" grade as they concentrated on bashing govt that provides scholarship to them.

By banning them from active politics, does not mean that they are not partisan. In this modern age, there are many other avenues to channel your views.

If you think that you should emphasize on politics rather than studying while on university, then please leave. There are thousands waiting for opportunity to study.

Anonymous,  12 August 2010 at 23:56  

I discovered under the Employment Act, you are considered an 'adult' and can be gainfully employed at 16. If you fall sick, you will be placed in the paediatric ward bcos physiologically your bodily functions have yet to attain full maturity. The law says you can be admitted to the adult ward once you touch 18. Maybe that's why the legal marrying age is set at 18 which is rather funny bcos while you are deemed capable of shouldering the responsibilities that come with being married, you are not wise enough to vote. I can only conclude that for Malaysians, cerebral maturity lags behind physical maturity and that it happens at 21.

Need I say more?


schenker78 13 August 2010 at 00:08  

i do not want to comment on shamsul anuar 's take regarding student politics. If the student thinks he can juggle well between politics and studies go ahead, what is this government to dictate us what we can do and what we cannot do ? I can take views and advice from my parents or friends....but who the fuck is UMNO or PR or any government. They are not by BAPAK, ok.....i make my own decision

samsu anuar,

you said mahasiswa bashing the government which gives them scholarship, well if the money is from harta keturunan UMNO, awak ada point ....duit itu kepunyaan pembayar cukai, FAHAM ....!!!!!! UMNO atau kerajaan Malaysia hanya pemegang amanah dan tukang pengedar duit, UMNO tu patut jadi kuli kami, bukan kami HAMBA kerajaan.... UMNO mahu jadi FIRAUN memerintah selama2 nya.....

We want to see Petronas accounting books, we want to see PM's and ministers bank details, ask him to get some balls to declare. India declares incomes of all standing for elections, Indonesia do the same during their PEMILU....kabinet Malaysia ??? taik kucing...asyik bagi alasan bodoh...............We will make UMNO jobless in the coming election, if not GE13, it will be cannot stop the tide.....

TIME and TIDE wont stop for no One Malaysia...just wait n see....Today in the paper thestar, harga Onion RM10/kg....bagus laaaaa....asyik dgn Industri, pertanian sudah diabaikan....bodoh punya negara.....

USA is the biggest Agricultural country in the World....Mahathir pulak ingat tak perlu pertanian.....asyik tanam kelapa sawit, getah, tebang balak dan bikin kilang proton....

Anonymous,  13 August 2010 at 00:35  

Every minor little thing can become a big issue now.Its really tough for the present government.Whatever they never right.

I guess only a small fraction of students are keen to be actively involved in politics.

However,there is the larger silent majority that follows the scene through online sources,And government bashing news is cool.Mainstream news is boring.

Will allowing active participation make a difference?Yes>>it would mean BN will be spending more money bringing Uni students for Langkawi,PutraJaya freebie trips.
And it would also mean that the student population will be more demarcated.

Encourage free speech,debates & discussions by all means but keep mainstream politics out of the campus.

Not a Prof yet

Anonymous,  13 August 2010 at 01:47  

To UMNO allowing politics would be bad for them for obvious reasons.

U students are a learned lot relatively and they do reason and debate among themselves.

In general, Students do not get kickbacks or get curruption money and they will more like to think straight. When they see US30 million becomes US300 million contract they get inflamed while the UMNO fellas will just say silently ... "waw this guy got a lot " as though surprised or rather they themselves did not try for bigger figures.

It is bad for business lah ... and students grouping in one place reach a wide audience when they return home.

Hey, heysay YTL got a 2.5 billion project to revive the expired Schoolnet system (which was a failure as usual)! Not sure but if it is true another already rich group making another killing.

Same company enjoying the IPP TNB contracts.

umar,  13 August 2010 at 03:51  

Why should the government ban students from politics ? Just recently the government allowed graduate teachers to be active in politics. What an irony ! Does that mean the government wants the students in universities to graduate first and then join politics ? It seems so.

On the other hand,some students are capable of many things at the same time. During my student days in UK, some students get married and have babies while still being undergrads , they work part-time, active in social clubs etc . Maturity comes with responsibilities. Of course they did not inform the Malaysian Student Dept until sometime about their married status for fear of losing the scholarship.They juggle between college, family, work and passed with flying colours. I am talking about Malay students.So why deny the local students another avenue to explore in campus ?Every now and then, we read in local press about students being dismissed from UTM, UKM, UM for participating in election campaign for opposition parties
Yet then, why do UMNO maintain a UMNO CLUB in UK ..etc if it strongly feels that students should stay away from politics ?

Why did UMNO started PUTERA and PUTERI wings when you already have PEMUDA and WANITA ? Very soon UMNO may launch for those in tadika and primary school some JUNIOR clubs. Mind you, other component parties always follow what UMNO does. Hence , we have Puteri MIC, PPP etc.

shamshul anuar,  13 August 2010 at 06:04  

Dear schenker,

The ban is for a good purpose. Meaning you should prioritize.

If a student feels that he can't accept the decision, well get out of university. What is the big deal with that.


Apology for being personal this time. What is it that you have to use the word "samsu anuar" instead of my name "Shamshul Anuar"

Shall I say you behave like " orang tiada mak bapa". That shows character. Judging from your wreiting, I can safely assume that your parents fail to teach you proper mannerism.

Criticize but do not insult. I mean you can differ in views but do mantain a minimum standard of decency.

Dear Anonymous,

Banning active politics in campus does not mean that politics is out of students live. They still can air their views.

Rather, the ban serves to remind students of the importance of studies. Majorities of students are OK with the ban.

Only a handful refuses tho see the plus point. Only a few make fuss with that. Only a few "bloated ego" feel that they are so great that any govt must kowtow to them.

It reminds us of unruly demonstrations way back in 1970s when Anwar Ibrahim lied about starvation in Baling. They demonstated for weeks. They did not study.

scheduled exams were delayed and even delayed again and again as these students were not prepared to sit for exams as they simply wasted their energy to condemn govt of the day.

Majority who failed were Malay students as they were ther most vocal for reasons only best known for them.

The way these students talk are as if the govt is very cruel.

Any govt has right to impose certain rules. Just like our fathers who remind us "that we have to live by his rules so long we live under their roofs"

What they need is a little dose of reality. when they are out of university and find that their "cukup makan" grade means that they find difficulty in finding jobs, then they will realise .

They are young and easily manipulated. Then they will realise that these political parties are just using them for their political life line.

The way some people comment is as eve it is the end of the world. I admire a govt that is unpopular for saying the truth. Study now.

There are still plenty of time to criticize the govt of the day. Some time, we have to remember advices from those who "makan garam lebih awal" .

Anonymous,  13 August 2010 at 10:22  

@Shamsul Anuar,

You seem very logical in your argument. Yes it is better to spend more time studying than taking part in politics.

The sorry part is that we do not agree with you the REAL reasons why U students are denied that right to join politics.

The real reason is because it has become unsustainable to have hordes of students opposing the uncontrolled bad things happening in the country from ISA to corruptions (practically on daily basis and nowaday son billions no more millions of ringgit per deal).

If you are so naive or prefer to be so, to believe UMNO government banned that for your reasons... Ha, I say you are not honest about it. Sure it is better to spend time studying. I do agree with you on that. The problem is the Malays are more politically minded... and they (not exposed to corruption yet) will protest all the ills of the day mainly by the government.

It sure is shocking why you do not condemn the kind of corruption like US30 million becomeing US300 million kind of culture.

I have posted.. by the way another Chinaman is getting the 2.5 billion contract for Schoolnet broadband .. direct nego in London as the report said. I am not sure if that is true, but check out in Malaysikini someone posted.

And as a Chinaman, I say "shit"- another one.

What do you say?

shamshul anuar,  13 August 2010 at 23:45  

Dear anonymous,

Many thanks for your reply. At least, we do agree on something.

In no way I am suggesting that we should tolerate corruption. What I am trying to say is actually

University places are very precious. A student should be grateful that he is offered a place. So, make good use of it.

Meaning do not forget the real reason for getting the place in university. Do appeciate the hardship your parents encounter just to enable you to study.

I had seen parents crying after children detained after participating in demonstration which turned unruly.

I had seen how a heart broken mother slapped her own son for totally ignoring her advice not to participate in useless demonstarion.

I had seen "mastermind" relaxing on Sogo supermarket after they provoked students. And these poor students batlled men in blue. And they were detained after calling police as "anjing kerajaan".

Do you think political parties care a hoot on the welfare of these students who were detained by police?

What these political parties sow actually hatred. You preach hatred day in day out. These parties do not give a damn on welfare of students.

The storyline becomes predictable. Grade suffers. And these students have to swallow pride by pleading to Dean to allow them to remain the university.

Banning active politics does mean mean that students are not apolitical. They still can discuss politics. Believe me. I had seen that too. They discuss politics in mosques, wedding reception, over supper.

As for corruption, there are other channel. As for Malaysiakini, do understand that not all news there are the truth, Better verify what news you read.

My advice is actually very simple. If you cant accept such a simple regulation, please by all mean leave the university. There are thousands in line hoping to be admitted.

I know how a 21year old boy think. I was once 21 year old. I respect the passion, the idealism. But it has to temper with reason, rationale, and above all good advices from people who love you.

Because of love, a mother advises her son not to be involved in demonstration that is most likely to turn unruly .

Because a govt cares about their welfare that it wants them to study hard. Or it can adopt the attitude "Pergi mampus".

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