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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Debating on Anwar


I have presently written two articles on Anwar Ibrahim. Both were short ones unworthy of being generalized into something of universal importance. These are my personal takes. Hopefully Anwar supporters will notice that they are not in the genre of name-calling Anwar, hurling expletives at him. I write by reasoning out. You disagree but please do so by out reasoning me.
A very long time ago( in my blog-time) I wrote several articles about Anwar Ibrahim. I thought it's sad that this government wants to finish off and take out a political opponent by discrediting him morally when the hands of the government are not that clean either. Theirs are dirtier even.
So I lamented the way a former DPM was treated . and I condemned the present leaders of UMNO who once groveled at his knees and legs. The present two top leaders of UMNO were once his team mates in the Wawasan Team. Muhyidin even lent Anwar his over-sized Batik shirt. Almost all UMNO division leaders were his, to use a common term- paper-fetching dogs. I got into quarrels with a blogger who likes to refer to Anwar as BABI arguing that this term is unbecoming to be bestowed on a brother Muslim. I don't like the maki wa hamun crowd either.
I am not interested at all in his personal sexual preferences and if his supporters care to read my previous articles- I said I couldn't care less as long as it wasn't my butt that got banged.
And I say, his supporters are careless and maybe stupid by inferring Anwar is a faggot by distinguishing between consensual or non consensual. If its consensual it's OK? Saiful is a stupid boy who changes his statement to say it's not consensual. Consensual not consensual, do not matter anymore. Anwar's supporters should insist he is NOT no matter its consensual or non consensual. You are saying- he is if its consensual. Not if non consensual.
Stupid- that's what the UMNO people want the world to know.
So that they have the ammunition to blast Anwar as morally unfit to govern this country. Not clean- but what do the UMNO crowd care?
And I shall still say- that's a stupid way for UMNO to do battle. You can't battle Anwar and his ideas and his leadership qualities. That's a terrible indictment on UMNO leadership's hollowness if they continue using this strategy. Attacking Anwar for his moralities when UMNO's hands are sullied and dirtied beyond redemption.
I am more interested to assess Anwar as a wily politician and his leadership credentials. Don't drag our debate into a debate on smut. I have already said it- his forte as an orator is a good quality as a leader. I only ask people to weigh in what kind of leader they prefer. If like the commentator who couldn't care less if Anwar buggers a pig- yes I understand his colorful meaning of the word) , so be it. Perhaps we can see Anwar's disgust about those things that ails this government and its governance- corruption, cronyism, economic injustice, UMNO's stupid policies will be dismantled and a New Dawn will usher in. but just because he said it, does not mean it's his monopoly.
I have no problem with those. They are our shared ideals.


rexuan 7 August 2010 at 09:14  

i often wish that bn-pro bloggers have better ethic and civilised then pkr's. names calling and curses are definely not necessary.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 09:23  


you mean, pkr's bloggers are the pits?

Quiet Despair,  7 August 2010 at 10:30  

Salam Sak

I like your phrase I couldnt care less as long it's not my butt that got banged.
Yes indeed. But it's Saiful's butt that got banged. His body had been pierced and sullied.
He deserved a fatr legal restitution.
Please think of Saiful as if we are fathers or grand-fathers.
If Saiful is my son, I will even go to the Agong. I will ensure I get Anwar till lubang cacing.

Someone said Najib should pull out the sodomy charges against the beloved Pak Sheikh?
What's Najib got to do with it.
It is Saiful's suit. He wants Anwar to pay for his damaged butt.

I dont think you have to explain yourself on your fairness in judging Anwar.
The moment you write, they go tearing their hairs to crucify you.
What is fairness to Anwar's people?
You can see when UMNO and Malays were mentioned, they threw caution to the winds. All expletives are fair play.
No blogs ever couched their words when slandering Najib. Of course no apologies were made before assailing Najib with everything under the sun.
Only you offer apologies for writing truths about Anwar.

On Anwar as leader? HE IS UNFIT.
Not because of sodomy alone. What has he got to offer? We have seen his performance as DPM.
Cronyism, nepotism? Hey he's practising that now with the blessings of PKR lovers.
Corruption etc is not good for the Government. But it's exemplar if done by PKR.
We all lose our sight on what is a good leader and whether he fits the bill.
I really fear if Anwar takes power. How to when he denigrated people who will be there if he is the PM like the police, judges etc.
Throw them out? No sioree, they are there to stay. They are public servants. Not Anwar's servants
In the first place, why want to take over a oountry which you already damaged?
Dont tell me when he takes over, Malaysia suddenly blossoms and everything is hunky-dory.
Saya sayang Maaysia. Tolonglah.
NEXT please.

chong y l 7 August 2010 at 10:49  

dear sakmongkol:use your AK47 literally on all those illiteartes who thinkthey can win battles of the mind -- that's politics izzit not? with such labels as BABI,and this guy calls himself a journalist...

I was looking forward to meeting you at BUM2010 but that was not to be.

I second awe thy views expressed here/here! Gb. YL, Desi

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 11:05  


While you are questioning Anwar's laedership qualities and not his sexual preferences, you should be honest with your readers and give us your opinion on who in UMNO has better leadership qualities without any skeletons in his/her closet (and this includes any form of enriching oneself through cronyism, nepotism and corruption).
If you can name just one clean UMNO person walking in the corridors of power today, it will surely help to put an end to this discussion.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 11:22  

Dato Sak, you said, "I am more interested to assess Anwar as a wily politician and his leadership credentials."

Now that is more like your normal intelligent self.

Let us discuss and debate Anwar's leadership style and credentials, and leave out his personal life. His personal life is his and his family's and what concerns Malaysians is his commitment and contributions to Malaysia and Malaysian society.

Anwar is a politician, let's get that out of the way. Politicians have a common persona... they sought followers and they aim to be mirrors of the public they wish to seek support. They are not leaders of a corporate entity or leaders of a do-gooder MGOs.

To his credit, and whether UMNO supporters like it or not, Anwar has tap into a widespread discontent in the country and has used it to maintain the relevance of the Opposition parties.

UMNO has no answer to this and thus sought to dirty smut campaigns against him.

As for Najib, the public accusation was on allegations of his involvment in the Altantuya's murder and the unwanted publicity of his wife in the political arena when she is an unelected person.

Najib was accused a playboy, so what?

Now lets really debate, and for you to moderate on Anwar's leadership.

First question: What is wrong with Anwar's current leadership style? What is wrong if he quotes from western philosophers' writing and even if he had not read every page of their books. So what? What has that got to do with his message to his audience when he speaks?

Second unanswered question: Are UMNO supporters and bloggers hypocrites, like Anwar supporters being accused of, for demonisation the man who once led them, who once were his running dogs, including the two current UMNO leaders in the country?

Greenbottle 7 August 2010 at 11:25  

1) if it is ok for a heterosexual womanizer to be a leader (which evidently it is as exemplified by the proven case of soi lek) why is it not ok for a gay to be a good leader as well? (oh the hypocrisy of it all!!!)

2) to assess anwar's leadership credential is downright stupid. his leadership credential is self evident even when he was in umno by the sheer fact that he was rocketed to senior leadership role in such record time and as you colourfully put it almost all umno division leaders were his paper fetching dogs. and he had shown his leadership capability since his ABIM days lest we forget).

so, i really don't know what is you real bug with anwar.i'm not his supporter but let him be. and stop being so fucking hypociritcal you umno motherfuckers!

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 11:27  

By the way, look what UMNO and UMNO bloggers did to demonise Zaid Ibrahim after he left UMNO and the cabinet? They brought out all the personal smut, about his drinking in his YOUNGER days etc.

That says much about UMNO supporters and bloggers.

And Dato Sak, I know you were against the personal attacks on Zaid Ibrahim, but you were SOFT on it. You should have outright denounce these personal attacks.

Quiet Despair,  7 August 2010 at 11:34  

I forgot to put Quiet Despair in my comment sent 40 minutes ago. Sorry.

Thanks. See ya tomorrow.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 13:22  


Doctor had said "NO". If this was not against Anwar, pop it goes!!! But against Anwar, you jumped at him ...Guilty as charged!!!!

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 13:51  

Quiet Despair suddenly becomes a desperado in joining in the frays at Anwar and enjoy so much in trampling his portrait and if there's an effigy, sure he will set fire on him!

Looking around the whole Bolehland political arena, there's only one guy who should be very scared of Anwar to come into power as that's the time he gonna worry that Anwar will have taken revenge on him, the one who had sent him into the cubicle and made him a purple-eyed panda you all know who!

Unless Quiet Despair belongs to the family of that in the shivering, there's no better reason for him to fang at Anwar with that kind of impulse disdaining Anwar's character and leadership as worthless as a bug!

Quiet Despair after this round of orgasm, will have turned absolutely in despair when coming to realize that Anwar is still the same old charismatic Anwar he who is seen as the salvager of the umpteen souls in this faltering and going bankrupt tak boleh land!

Habib RAK 7 August 2010 at 14:05  

Sak, denial will not take you anywhere. Is Anwar a leader? Gluing togather a coalition, especially bringing DAP and PAS togather was an impossible task and yet Anwar pulled it off in the last election. Following this success, the gains we see today in Penang and Selangor are credits to Anwar's leadership. Dont deny his ability in leadership by deflection. I recall you wrote sometime back about YTL and Ananda. You claimed that if you were given similar chances, you too can be very successfull like them. As I have commented to you then, you simply cannot Sak. Just because its given to you on a silver platter, does not mean you can make it work. Anwar is able to articulate the variables to bring a success formula. Thats leadership too. Of course Anwar too has his flaws like all of us. Try to see the sum of it all and you may see a different only if you have the ability to see.

Ariff Sabri 7 August 2010 at 14:08  

habib rak,

no need to. because you have concluded i cant, no one else cant. perhaps you, anwar can. you have only one measure.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 14:27  

"I am not interested at all in his personal sexual preferences and if his supporters care to read my previous articles- I said I couldn't care less as long as it wasn't my butt that got banged.".....

Dato, off record hush-hush i am telling you only - "It's too late we all now take guard and precaution of our butts to be banged by anybody"! No?!

If you do agree that we the rakyat have been RAPED by Umno for more than decades, meaning wimmin have lost their virginities and men have lost their butts to those corrupted and the demonic in powers long times ago!

So what's the problem of letting it banged by another one?

Ask Saiful, probably he will tell his experience - 'It's as soothing as swallowing chi cheong fun and as good as kentucky's finger licking good'!

He likes it! Why can't we too?!

After all it's a desperate attempt for us to save the second hand butts only what!

Too late!

sman,  7 August 2010 at 15:08  

Sdr Sabri,

Saya nak komen sikit pasal Anwar ni,saya mengaku saya memang penyokong beliau sejak dari Universiti lagi(MU 74/75).Sekarang ni pun saya masih menjadi penyokong beliau,tapi bukalah kerana taat membuta tuli,sekadarkan tak ada pemimpin lain yg saya rasa lebih baik,berani,tegas dan lebih berkualiti dari beliau dalam menangni masalah rakyat.Tengok saja Mahahtir yg di puja-puja dulu pun sekarang meninggalkan banyak 'bala' kepada rakyat-tol.IPP,penswastaan itu dan ini,projek mega yg entah apa-apa semuanya masih menjadi beban kepada rakyat,utk tempuh puluhan tahun lagi.

Najib?,entahlah,kalau kawan kita pun nampak macam kena QC kita pun dah makin rengang inikan pulak pemipin kita,mahu ke kita sokong pemimpin yg macam ni.

Muhayuddin?,dia saya tak banyak tahu latar belakangnya tapi kalau nak tunjuk baik,dia kena hapuskan rasuah dalah kelambu Umno secara serious,tapi tak nampak pun belaiu berani menegur,wal hal beliau dah jadi org no.2 apa takut padi cicak kubin dalam Umno.

Balik kepada Anwar,-pasal tuduhan liwat tu,saya 50:50 mulanya,harap benar supaya mahkamah boleh menentukannya dengan adil,tapi napak gayanya perjalanan mahkamah tidak begitu,laywman macam saya melihat seolah-olah walau apa pun Anwar mahu di penjara juga.Ini yg menyebabkan ramai yg ragu,kalau yg ragu ni org macam saya ok lah sebab saya penyokog lama Anwar,tapi masalah nya sekara budak yg baru kenal Anwar pun dah ikut ragu,jadi nak salahkan siapa.
Jadi bagi saya saya kena balik pada Islam,kalau Islam kata nak 4 saksi saya kena akur 4 saksi,itu saja,tanpa 4 saksi ni saya tak boleh menetapkan Anwar peliwat.Manakala kita pula tak boleh meyalahkan Anwar dalam tindak tanduk belaiu sekarang yg sdr rasa seolah-olah melambatkan keadilan,kerana kalau saya jadi belaiu pun asaya akan buat macam tu,kerana saya tahu,walau apa pun pihak tertentu memang mahu saya di penjarakan,so saya buat aja lah apa yg patutu.Pesakit canser pun macam tu,dah tahu memang akan mati,tapi cubajugalah berubat apa-apa pun kok boleh melambatkan mati tersebut.

Dalam pada itu kalau ada orang lain yg boleh memimpin,bukan saja orang Melayu tapi seluruh rakyat Malaysia dengan baik,tanpa rasuah dan salah guna kuasa saya bersedia menyokong nya,walaupun beliau bukan Anwar.

Ada orang kata(penyokong Umnolah),kalau Anwar jadi PM habis negara tergadai, tapi sekurang-kurangnya Anwar dah pun pernah jadi TPM,tak nampak pun bahagian atau benda yg sudah digadainya.

Anonymous,  7 August 2010 at 16:07  

It's not unusual for people who are trying to justify a wrong by coming up with something like this:

... if it is ok for a heterosexual womanizer to be a leader (which evidently it is as exemplified by the proven case of soi lek) why is it not ok for a gay to be a good leader as well? (oh the hypocrisy of it all!!!)...

I'm sure a certain Bill Clinton would agree with you!

however, while you are at it, it's imperative that you also ask Hilary if Bill is fit to be her "leader."

now, what is evidently clear is that you get to choose your leader... warts and all!

and he/she can lead you... BUT not me!

although, you can convince hip people who opined, ...I am not interested at all in his personal sexual preferences and if his supporters care to read my previous articles- I said I couldn't care less as long as it wasn't my butt that got banged...

again, I'm sure Hilary was of the same hip opinion... until of course it happened to her ex-husband.

as for me... well, I was, ashamedly, of the same hip opinion... until a very simple question popped up in my head while reading the surah Lut during the month of Ramadan.

the question was... did the Prophet Lut wake up one fine morning and, overnight, the vast majority of his people turned sexual-abusers, or, did these deviant sexual preferences started with a couple of people and then spreaded like the plague because people were of the same hip opinion then as they do now?

after all, humans are nothing more than creatures of habit... you do wrong and your peers say nothing to the contrary... so, it must be right, RIGHT?

moderation is key... and, with Ramadan just around the corner... it's time to find your copy of the Qur'an and READ!

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 17:01  

Sak AK47,

I have no problem along with Quiet Despair and Samsu anuar in condemning anwar 's behaviour while he was in UMNO....

But I do suggest you go and read up the whole transcript of the Sodomy 1 trial and the current one...

Then you come back and write properly about Sodomy 1 and 2....

Just go watch the lies of Najib and Saiful Bukhari (biasiswa and sodomy), watch that youtube videos of najib talking about saiful, look out for the Timelines and dates that he mentions, whther its logical or not, whether najib lying or not????

Apasal kamu UMNO takut sangat bagi senarai saksi, bukti dan afidavit.....This are basic things that everybody get before the trials all over the world including malaysia...except for ANWAR IBRAHIM....

I dont care if you want to whack pakatan or anwar on other issues....but these sodomy are really dumb case....

I know one of the Malay High Court Judge whose son is my friend...i know certain infos that i wont tell you here....

I suggest you go and take view from a neutral Judge and ask for Inside info....

schenker78 7 August 2010 at 17:06  

Quiet Despair,

How do you know if indeed Saiful got screwed 8 times by Anwar....were you spying there...Saiful accused it but not proven...

anybody can accuse....If I say that Quiet Despair meliwat saya semalam dan say pergi jumpa Timbalan Perdama Menteri untuk biasiswa opppss...sorry kena liwat...komplen kat Mudin Yasin...logik ker???

Bodoh punya otak udang....semua kepala bendul...

where is your bloody logic....
why another of your fellow moslem being victimised by your MACC, lawyer Rosli Dahlan.??? Nasib baik Ramli Yusuf boleh lepas, sebab memang pertuduhan yang sangat lemah oleh 2 orang bodoh UMNO, Gani Patail dan Musa Hassan...

Quiet Despair,  8 August 2010 at 14:27  

Anon 13.51

Orgasms? Hehehe. As V.K.Lingam says, korek, korek, korek.
Countless times, if you must know.

Never had such sensations before and on Sak's time and place! Thank you Sak. I owe you one.

Hey, how do you know that? Are you a voyeur?

All this while I was impotent. Lemah wo seeing you all castigating UMNO and the Malays
like there's no tomorrow.

I nearly died of low blood pressure.

Now up I go, without the need for Viagra and Tongkat Ali.

Dont forget, all this while you were masturbating on Anwar's photos when reading Sak's take on UMNO and the Malay weaknesses.

Now it's my turn, friend. After all Sak is a fair UMNO man.

I cant even say a line on PKR lover blogs.


Did I say Anwar played Saiful's butt 8 times? If you say so, then it's truela.

I am not a voyeur.Not even interested in Anwar, let alone his affairs.

But suffice to say, let's wait for the trial.

What makes you think there's no CCTV in that condo.

I think that's the prosecution trump card.


schenker78 8 August 2010 at 22:54  

quiet idiot despair,

saiful said he was sodomized 8 times, u fool....he must have be so syok sodomized so many times, thats not rape...thats a lie...

how many time u fools want to look like an idiot in the eyes of the world and logical ppl in malaysia...

you umno people, your umno police, your AG, your umno hakims (lingam's buddies) are so stupid , cant even tell a lie properly to make it real....everybody laughing at you fucking idiots.

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