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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Our Superbumis


Last year I wrote about Malaysia's super 30. I was inspired by the Indian educator, Anand Kumar. He selected 30 students from the underclass of Indian society and teaches and trains them to get into the Indian Institute of Technology, which some people say is better than MIT. Last year I also wrote instead of bringing Shahrukh Khan over to Malaysia, let's bring more of Anand KUmars here. 
The Malaysian super 30 are those who champion that Bumis must get 30% of whatever they can think of. I was saying, the target of the 30 percenters is nothing but self aggrandizement for the selected few.
Now, in addition to the super 30, we have our own super 40, the super bumis. Almost 30 of them are non Malays. These are the superbumis.
Chua Soi Lek is asking the government to open up the GLCs, the Oil and Gas Industry- open up everything in the name of competition, transparency so that we will put the economy on high gear. Very ingenious I say. But Soi Lek can't ask these to be opened without also willing to open up Chinese dominated business enclaves and fiefdoms.
So here goes. Why doesn't he call for the opening up of Public Bank to see whether the composition of Bumis there is right? Public Bank in its early days used EPF money too. If there are Bumis there, please publish their names so that we can see whether they are the privileged bumis? Open up Hong Leong, Open up Berjaya Corporation, Open up Sunway, Open up Yeoh Teong Lay, open up the various Chinese Hongs for us to see whether they are practicing 1 Malaysia. open up Tanjung and the various companies owned by Ananda. See whether they, having leveraged on the NEP were also implementing it.
Then we shall ask what Soi Lek wants opened so that we can disembowel them alongside those in the preceding paragraph.
In Malaysia we have our own Anand Kumars of a different kind. These were our political leaders wanting to jump start Malay control of the economy by conferring on them the green lane to economic riches. By giving them monopolies, licenses and special arrangements to acquire shares in listed companies. These are the leaders, my fellow Malays- who bastardised our NEP.
The efforts continue today. Our political leaders entrusted in re-arranging the wealth owning structure in the country are helping themselves first and the people second. Once up there, you draw up all those various hurdles in the forms of these and those regulations, rulings etc, to prevent ordinary bumis from participating in the economic game.
When the NEP was launched, the sources of wealth owned by foreigners were brought back into the hands of government entities. You had London Tin, Guthrie Corporation, Harrisons and Crossfield, Sime Darby and countless others. You didn't see any individuals assigned and parked there to help themselves do you? these were put in the hands of Malaysians through government owned entities.
Those were the early days of the NEP before it was bastardized. It wasn't the NEP any more. We had a new economic model then. It was known by people as the Ali-Baba Economic Model. This model goes right up the upper echelons of leadership. The royalties and the each top leader have their own Baba fence to bring in money for them. for the Malays, they have a special case of economic model- the Putera-Bumi model. Putera first, Bumi later. Not even second. Much much later.
In 1976, Nazir was a primary school student and I remembered a photograph of him and cousin Haris Hussein on in class at St.John's. Today of course he is the CEO of CIMB, a sad reminder of once deceased BBMB. BBMB was essentially an ATM for the political leaders who bastardized the NEP.
I am not going to respond to A Voice's take on what I wrote. He got it wrong. I am one of the earliest to dispute the suitability of NEM being incubated by a few foreign experts who don't know local conditions. I have said before that maybe the PM asked the wrong question- he asked how can I make my economy grow into a high income economy? Give me a model- forget the collateral damage. So he got the standard recipe of the free market economy in the raw. He can still have a free market economy if he asked the right questions. But because he surrounds himself with people who also think like him and not a team with a diversity of opinions, the right question weren't asked.
When I met Ibrahim Ali – I asked him how confident was he in seeing his resolutions taken up seriously by the PM? how sure was he that his resolutions handed over to Najib amidst much fanfare are not given to one of Najib's numerous PAs and then relegated to the backrooms of the PM's office? The resolutions were probably spat on. He wasn't sure. He is like the person who thinks posting a letter means the intended recipient has actual information and his job is completed. Not time to open the budu bottle yet abe hem.
He said he was and I said how could you monitor it? He didn't know. So I am asking his people again- would they be confident the resolutions they passed will be implemented knowing that the PM has spent more than RM 60 million to draw up a new economic plan and had numerous labs on this and that carried out?
The MCA Chinese Economic Congress( not the Malaysian Chinese mind you) is more successful because it reaffirms what the PM wants. Whether that is good is another matter. Whether it is agreeable to Perkasa members is another thing. But I thought the Perkasa Members were peeing in their pants in jubilation after getting assurances from the PM at their congress? Why don't they now openly criticize the PM now that he is actually saying the NEPish policies are finished? What the MCA Chinese Economic Congress is saying are more in sync with PM' thinking. It is successful in those terms. Catching the attention of the PM. The PM must be thinking, with this support albeit from a Chinese Economic Congress he is onto something correct. That's how the PM functions- he just needs to hear some reassuring voices fortifying his discomfiture.
Before I talk about Chua Soi Lek, let me talk about Nazir first.
Nazir himself is a product of this bastardized version of NEP- some residual of the NEP that says affirmative action must include giving ownership to someone close to the political leadership or someone who is seen with an inherent status( such as being the son of a PM, Minister etc). on his own merits, I don't think Nazir would have made it to the top. What happened was he had the situation made for him and people like him. He comes from an eco system where the wealth distribution machinery depends on wide discretionary powers of decision makers. That is why he is now the 3rd highest paid CEO earning around RM 14 million a year. Yes sir, go salivate or drown in your drool.
If I were to give a simpler definition of a bastardized NEP it is just playing favorites. A person holding ultimate power has the unbridled discretionary power to appoint anyone to wealth creating sources. Capability is second. More important is to gain access and be counted of in the leaders inner circle. This is the old story of ascriptive norms- people are identified as worthy of anything by virtue of his inherited status and bloodline.
The superbumis- Indian and Chinese businessmen recognize this- as long there isn't a system to tweak the wealth distribution system but instead its working depended on the discretionary powers of people in power, they knew they can profit from it. All they need to do is to get into the 'knickers' of decision makers and they can manipulate the outcome. Yeoh Teong Lay was just another of those numerous Chinese contractors under the YTL senior who was given a head start by DR Mahathir. Ananda Krishna began business as an oil trader selling basically PETRONAS Crude Oil. He made tons of money selling what belongs to PETRONAS. He then went on and on. And he doesn't want to share the wealth. That's why he turned private many of his companies that were public.
I wrote about our own efforts of creating the super 30. Bumiputeras holding 30% of equity in business organizations notably the listed companies and those companies wanting to be listed. So selected Malays were given shares either free or 100% financed in listed companies. The PM once stated that the value of shares given to Malays from 1970 was RM 54 billion. The figure is now RM 2 billion which means that Malays who got the shares cashed out early. Put simply, these are the saboteurs of the NEP. I have suggested that the names of all these who sold out be published and never to be given any economic concessions forever. The government has of course declined. Probably they didn't even read the article.
Besides our own super 30 consisting of the puteras in the Bumiputera, the sons of UMNO leaders, the cronies of leaders, the well heeled and well connected, the fixers, we have also created another economic caste- the superbumis. You can actually buy yourself a bumi status and acquire the paraphernalia that confer you a status better than real toiling bumis. You get showered with titles of tan sri,dato seri, buy youself a datukship and have all the kampong folks grovel at your feet.


Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 12:59  

Dear dato,

well written article. just a few question. open up public bank etc. etc. to disclose the shareholders identity or to see the composition of its staff's race?

i guess the shareholders are generally public knowledge because these are listed companies.

Ariff Sabri 18 August 2010 at 13:08  

both the staff and profile of shareholders. doesnt matter- just a rejoinder to what soi lek asks

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 13:33  

So what is the solution....policies to eradicate poverty irrespective of race and everything else on merit?

the chinese will then dominate everthing because the work harder and support each other.

my solution...make the chinese culturally like the malay...change their names, ban chinese schools, no gambling, no pork, no drinking,....then only can we have meritocracy

magsetiawangsa,  18 August 2010 at 13:36  

I have always asked this question - why focus on the 30% Bumi equity which hasn't been achieved yet even after 53 years. Why not open up the non-Bumi controlled businesses to Bumi?

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 14:25  

Dear Dato,
Salam. Powerful words for wisdom, straight to the point and hit the bull eye... AK 47. I have no other coments but praise your good cause and work. Keep us up posted.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 14:40  

Dato' the profile of the shareholders can be obtained from the annual report of listed companies. I think staff composition would be more relevant. same thing for the GLCs - they should open up info of their staff composition as well.

I am also interested in your statement'You can actually buy yourself a bumi status ..' Pray tell me how I can do this? I'd love to become one.


ServiceB4Self,  18 August 2010 at 15:14  


I disagree that there weren't any allocation to certain individuals during the acquisition of Guthrie.

Though it may not have been under an NEP policy but there was definitely abuse.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 16:24  

The staff composition of the companies especially the big ones is given to the Statistic Dept on quarterly basis.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 17:03  


Excellent suggestion to create the 30 Superbumis list.

Please include those who were given 30% share in the public listed companies since the 70s till now.

Just wonder how many of them remains till now ?

Quiet Despair,  18 August 2010 at 17:06  

Yes. Time for Chinese-owned comparies to be transparent.
In Public Bank for example, there are no Malays in the top hierarchy.
Malays are only given Manager of branches.
Compare that to Nazir's CIMB. He employs more Chinese and Indians to helm the top posts.
In fact more Malays are being VSSed there than the non-Malays.
I have friends who work in Chinse companies who told me they were given less increments and bonus than the Chinese.
And in The Star, it was reported that there are no Malays who hold important editorial posts.
Compare that to the NST, which have more Chnese and Indian top editors.
In terms of scholarships, NST awarded a wider spectrum of races.
The Star only give to one or two Malays a year and that too for minor courses not medicine or engineering.
These are some examples of non-Malay companies which cannot be fair to Malays as compared to us Malays who always accomodate the non-Malays.

Talking about the Superbumis. Just watch their antics at the golf-course.
Some of the Chinese Datuks and Tan Sris are so pally-pally with the Sultans and royalties.
For us Malays we put a distance with Tuankus, as a symbol of respect.
Not them. They even pat Tuankus on their backs and some even call them by name.
Only Malays have to address royalties as Tuankus or address ourselves as Pateks when we speak to them.
So who is really second-class citizen in this country??

P.S. Nazir and his cousin were studying at St John's Institution. Their photos were in the front page of NST when Tun Razak died.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 17:29  

ridhuan tee got potong but still cannot qualify as bumi.

Ariff Sabri 18 August 2010 at 17:35  

quiet despair,

yes it was St Johns no VI. kg people like me thought VI and St John, the same.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 17:53  

I don’t understand what both CSL and Sak mean by “open up”, and how we shall relate this back to NEP if comparison is made between a private, public and government link company, and what is a non-bumi control business.


Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 17:58  

can i suggest you to read this particular book tittled" The customs and beliefs of the straits settlement chinese"It may shed some light on how mr.chua MCA made his move during the congress.
Meanwhile, can you suggest a sustainable method to address the problem at hand?
If not then we will be running around in circles as usual.
Get straight to the point lah dato.No use of all this whinning.
You hold the key.Umno only listens to UMNo.By all means go talk some sense to them and talk about all of those things you have brought up in this wonderful blog of yours.
If not then we are damned.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 18:08  

Salam Dato' AK47,

Tindakan afirmatif bukanlah sentiasa negatif sifatnya. Kebanyakannya positif, tetapi ada yang berubah menjadi negatif kerana dinodai dan dikotori oleh tangan-tangan yang tidak sensitif dan tidak peduli sama ada 'noda dan kekotoran' yang mereka calitkan itu akan menyebabkan NEP yang mempunyi matlamat suci murni tercapai atau sebaliknya.

Dalam isu Public Bank misalannya, sebagaimana yang Dato' khabarkan, institusi kewangan mega ini telah sedikit sebanyak mendapat faedah dari pembentukan dan pelaksanaan NEP. Dengan faedah yang diterima itu sepatutnya ia ada kerelaan, keikhlasan dan kesungguhan untuk dikongsikan dengan lain-lain bangsa atas semangat muhibah dan saling bantu-membantu.

Sememannya tidak logikal untuk golongan marhaen mengharapkan keuntungan NEP yang diraih oleh kebanyakan institusi perniagaan yang besar-besar dibagi-bagikan secara terus (dalam bentuk saham/dividen) tetapi memadailah kalau mereka (marhaen) diberikn 'tempias'nya menerusi pengambilan tenaga kerja. Yang dipinta bukan 100% tenaga kerja dalam institusi yang dipertikaikan tadi ditukar kepada modal tenaga kerja Melayu tetapi kalaulah taburan tenaga kerja mereka mencerminkan komposisi kemajmukan warga negara Malaysia, ia amat dihargai dan dianggap satu kejayaan yang terbesar dan bermakna dalam konteks merakyatkan NEP.


Chinaman,  18 August 2010 at 18:08  


You not fair to Nazir, his views on NEP apart he's a damn good banker and deserves what he gets. He is the one who built the house of CIMB bro. Of course he had a helping hand here and there, but give me more Nazirs anytime, Malaysia will be better for it. Don't knock him.

On Soi Lek, I have to say I agree with him. Malaysia, today suffers from an insular view of the world around us. We are increasingly irrelevant in the regional economy let alone the world economy. Our companies are inward looking and cannot for the life of them survive beyond the shores of Malaysia.

COMPETITION IS GOOD!!!! It's keeps us on our toes and invigorates the mind and the soul!!! Fear it not my Malay brethren. All you Malay students, all you need to do is pay attention is class, go home do your homework, read more. For those who work, put in 8 honest hours of work, strive to improve oneself. Learn new skills, accept new challenges.

THIS IS WHAT WE EVERYONE ELSE DOES EVERYDAY!!!!! Trust me its not that difficult!!! How do you expect to inculcate a vibrant and dynamic Malay race and culture if these basic tenets are missing. STOP FOOLING YOURSELVES. Life is meant to be a challenge, not a free ride.

Tell what I mean. A few months back, a new Malay restaurant opened in my neighbourhood in Ara Damansara, its called Ayam Kampong Newcastle. I loved the food, its the only Malay restaurant in our area. Its well patronised by clientele of various races. Last week, it closed down, here are the reasons :

1) they do not serve breakfast
2) they do not serve dinner
3) they do not open on Sundays
4) they open on the occasional Saturdays.

After awhile I am fed up of trying to catch their unique approach to business.

Chinese restaurant near them is open 7 days a week, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How la like that?


Chinaman,  18 August 2010 at 18:27  

Dear Quite Despair,

You need to look yourself in the mirror. You cited Public Bank as an example, have you looked at the way TS Teh run his bank? Look at their cost to income ratio, he owns the business, he has to run it as he deem fit.

We Chinaman are the most practical people in the world, we will hire people who will work like dog and get paid shit salary. Are you prepared for that?

Tell you a story about my industry. Chinaman works in a bank. Do you know how hard it is for me to recruit a decently skilled Malay? I shit you not, it's practically impossible!! What do you lot do when you were supposed to be studying??? I cannot wonder how you fellas can get through tertiary education without even learning how to speak and write let alone count!

I do not want to belittle Malays, but thats the reality of your situation. Until and unless you face up with this reality you will forever fester in your cesspool of mediocrity and self deceit.

Malays hire chinamans for a good reason, we get things done!!!

Dont blame apeks, look yourself in the mirror first.


Chinaman,  18 August 2010 at 18:36  

Dear Megsetiawangsa,

Eh hello, macam cerita Bernas ya?? Privatise to Syed Mokthar, the fella sell the thing to some Chinaman. After he sell, he cry hey chinaman control padiberas, national food security at risk!!!

Sudah bagi la, all IPO pun bagi you lot 30% why you sell and buy depreciating assets like cars??

Tak malu ke, hari hari hulur tangan nak saja free sama discount. Mana la sudah pegi u punya maruah melayu tu?


Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 18:41  

There are SuperBumis in every state too...the guys given lucrative opportunities by the MBs ,Yayasan & SEDC.

Its easier to take money from a Chinaman then to deal with Malays..malu2 sikit lah.

And its not good to have uneducated Malays get richer then "big gun Govt Officer"..better give Chinese.

zorro 18 August 2010 at 18:42  

Anon1440- that's easy! Ask the celup guy Riduan Tee Abdullah.

Datuk, another pull-no-punches post.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 18:52  

dear dato,

i was the person who asked u the first question earlier.

a commentator said something about glcs not employing non malays. i think that is a valid observation.

i think this country doesn't need any policy or affirmative action to protect any race. what we need is anti discrimination laws that protects everyone regardless of race and at every level of society, be it in the private sector or in government departments. that will ensure everyone is protected and that only the best deserves the best positions.


Quiet Despair,  18 August 2010 at 19:20  


Sorry to say your outfit must be a shitty one to attract shitty Malays.
Come on we have sooo many Malays who have PHD from Chicago School, LSE, Harvard or other Ivy Leagues who rose very fast in any industry.
Look at our Sak for example.
But seriously Public Bank is well know for discrimination against Malays.
And they din't pay well like CIMB.

For your info, many Malays who own businesses practised equal oppotunity.
They want the best and the eomployees give the best.
Who wants to work in a company where the Malays and Indians are paid less than Chinkies.
And have you enountered Malays saying this is Malay company what?
I have worked for a Chinese firm with my Chinkie colleagues constantly reminding me this is Chinese company what.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 19:23  

Dear Dato'

Fair word sounds noble and written words sound assuring. In actual fact, fairplay and implementation of wealth distribution doesn't exist.The rich getting richer, and the poor, poorest still.Race and Reigion hides behind wealth.The greed of human heart is still the same as of thousand years ago.The envy and selfishness of man's desire to achieve their self ambition is evil continually.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 19:49  

Salam Dato' Pemblog,

Sepatutnya kesemua mereka yang telah dapat status 'superbumis' sebgaimana yang Dato' gambarkan, baik yang Melayu atau yang bukan Melayu, membawa diri dan merintis peluang perniagaan di persada antarabangsa kerana mereka telah diberikan nikmat dan bekalan yang mencukupi.

Hanya dengan itu kek ekonomi dapat dikembangkan. Betulkan? Selebihnya bolehlah ruang dan peluang perniagaan yang dikosongkan oleh superbumis (di persada lokal) di rebuti pula oleh 'pendatang baru' dalam dunia perniagaan yang rata-rata muka-muka Melayu.


Mata Anjing,  18 August 2010 at 19:59  

Put it this way, my years of working with all Malaysians irregardless of race leads me to analyse IN GENERAL, their character and attitude in their work.

Malays - generally friendly, easy going but lack the killer instincts to break thru the very top. Just like in most competitive sports, the Malays can do well but does not excel enough to clinch the Gold.
Chinese - ambition, scrupulous in work, willing to take pressure, risk taker. It's in their blood that they are willing to fight all odds.
Indians - tricky, at best sometimes over-boastful,smart (depending on which Indian ethnic group), quite a pretender (sometimes they present themselves so well that you could be conned).

So all in all, we have different set of people living together, trying to accommodate each other. Generally they are peaceful people, sincerely hoping to contribute to the well being of the nation. It's up to the government of the day to provide a conducive environment for all various races to progress and prosper forward without delving in ugly racist rhetorics.

UMNO/BN has lost a fair bit of the mandate and armor as a result of its inability to manage self-destructing forces within and outside like Perkasa, Rocky Bru, Kadir, BigDog, Toyo, Ahmad and even Muhyiddin.

PKR - possible to lead but untested at best. Maybe it's less of the evil as compared to UMNO/BN.

The direction of the nation is unclear, at beat lingering directionless for many years to come.

FYI, I am a non-Malay

tupingera 18 August 2010 at 20:54  

BRAVO!!!! fine words but like anjing menyalak bukit....only that this anjing hunts with the hounds and runs with the hares.t

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 20:55  

anon 13:33 wrote:
>>my solution...make the chinese >>culturally like the malay...change >>their names, ban chinese schools, >>no gambling, no pork, no >>drinking,....then only can we have >>meritocracy

ridiculous, anon 13:33 idea. It will not solve the problem. One group will then work harder then the rest. The group that did not work hard will get left behind again. So how anon 13:33. Change everyone to alien from Mars and implement meritocracy again???

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 21:01  

Actually You Got it All Wrong!!

Don't know if you are an UMNO beneficiary or what.
Shouldn't it be about raising the average earning power of the Malay populations, their business skills and other competencies?

Shouldn't it be about attacking poverty of all communities?

If giving discounts, free scholarships, contracts etc really make the Malay population that much resilient in the new global enviroment then the policies can be praised.

But it seems that they still need clutches while the favoured few continue having special priviledges. Doesn't that tell you something is not right?

Why attack Nazir? So he had been given a leg up but he is now confident of his ability. Is not this what it is all about?

Quiet Despair,  18 August 2010 at 21:15  


If you write fair like Dato' Sak, you will atract quality commentators.
But your blog is so racist and full of people putting one-liners spewing venom on others.
You dont print comments condemning you or DAP.
If you do, you will denigrate that person and invite your readers to condemn him or her.
Be IMalaysia like you have been exhorting Malays..
Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Chinaman,  18 August 2010 at 21:25  

Dear Quiet Despair,

Bro I am not racist honestly I love my melayu fellas. You have to stop blaming the chinese for the malaise state of your community.

Do you relly wanna know why you got paid less then your colleague? Look like I said we are no fools, if I have a chap who can really do the work and another who cant who do you think I am gonna pay more to so that I can keep him?

Look Bro, in business there is no room for racism. You can make the rain, who's gonna be silly enough to discriminate against you.

Do not Despair in Quiet any longer, all you need is a little bit of honesty. I hate what I see in the mirror too, but thats not gonna stop me from looking.

Are you too afraid to look?


Mata Anjing,  18 August 2010 at 21:32  

And I forgot to include the 'so called holier than thou" ridhuan tee as one of the destructive person. Put it as a record that this man got nothing concrete to contribute except exerting his unstable emotion. With him around, the country will suffer a thousand cut.

Quiet Despair,  18 August 2010 at 22:36  


Haha I am so narcisstic. Always looking at the mirror.
I still see Chinese treating others unfairly.
I am being honest too bro.
I think it's because your religion is money.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 22:49  

Dato', you put everything on the open card. Apa lagi!!!
Best of luck sir. Salam Ramadhan.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 23:20  

Dato' Pemblog,

Rasa-rasanya superbumi bukanlah klasifikasi yang dianggap unik buat warga enterpris tertentu dalam kalangan kita saja. Di Korea dan di Jepun ada juga superbumi. Beza antara superbumi di sini dan superbumi di sana ialah dari segi penguasaan. Sasaran superbumi di Korea atau Jepun atau Taiwan adalah untuk menembusi pasaran antarabangsa dan lebih dari itu untuk muncul sebagai pengeluar utama produk industri di peringkat dunia. Kini mereka boleh dikatakan menguasai pasaran.

Ini (penguasaan) adalah sebahagiannya didorong oleh kemahuan kendiri tetapi yang sebahagian lagi adalah susulan limpahan rahmat dari hubungan dan percaturan politik kuasa besar yang membabitkan rantau di sebelah situ. Cumanya, kalau diteliti lebih mendalam, apakah entiti gergasi seperti Hyundai, Sony, Toyota dan banyak lagi adalah asalnya sebuah GLC atau bukan sebuah GLC? Kalau jawapannya adalah bukan, ini jelas menunjukkan kejayaan mereka itu tidak ada kaitan dengan sistem berkerajaan yang ada di Korea, Jepun mahupun Taiwan.

Ini bermakna kejayaan Hyundai, Sony dll adalah atas usaha mereka sendiri yakni tidak ada kaitan dengan corak pemerintahan dan kalau pun kejayaan mereka mahu ditumpangi kemegahannya oleh bangsa Korea atau Jepun, ia adalah kerana semangat 'belilah barangan tempatan' - semangat patriotisme - yang ditunjukkan oleh rakyat Korea dan Jepun yang telah begitu signifikan dalam membantu kejayaan empayar-empayar perniagaan berkenaan hingga dapat sampai pada tahap sekarang.

Oleh kerana kejayaan mereka tidak datang bergolek, tidak menjelma serta merta dan tidak seumpama bulan jatuh di riba makanya ini secara tidak langsung membuktikan kejayaan yang ada itu bukan kerana keistimewaan tertentu yang dimiliki secara lahiriah. Malah di awalnya seperti semua sedia maklum iaitu produk seperti kereta dan barangan elektrik yang dibuat oleh Jepun dan Korea tidak mendapat sambutan menggalakan apabila berada di luar dari negara mereka sendiri!

Justeru kepada para komentar yang yang secara tidak langsung menganggap/menuduh pemerintah yang harus dijadikan kambing hitam kerana disebabkan dasar-dasar merekalah yang menjadi batu penghalang buat empayar perniagaan mengembangkan sayap ke persada global, adalah jelas tanggapan sedemikian itu tidak benar dan ianya dilontarkan dalam keadaan dipengaruhi oleh sentimen kepartian dan lebih bobrok kerana dengan lontaran itu jelas menonjolkan tabii rasisme dalam diri mereka dan tabii ini tanpa segan silu akan mereka lampiaskan pada setiap kali memberikan ulasan, analisis atau komen-komen di laman maya.

Buat mereka-mereka ini, jangan lupa bahawa kegagalan sesiapa saja (individu atau institusi) adalah majoritinya disumbangkan oleh faktor yang ada kena mengena dengan nilai dan bawaan setiap individu atau entiti itu sendiri. Kenapa pula disalahkan bangsa, agama, perlembagaan dan pihak yang duduk dikerusi kuasa?

Akhirnya saya berasa pelik apabila ada syarikat swasta tempatan yang dimiliki oleh 'Baba' gagal menjadi seperti Hyundai, Samsung, Honda atau Toyota makanya pemerintah yang dipersalahkan tetapi apabila Petronas yang ditadbir oleh 'Ali' boleh pergi begitu jauh, mereka-mereka ini akan putar kesimpulan yang sebelum itu lalu menggunakan alasan baru untuk mengatakan yang kejayaan Petronas tidak ada kaitan dengan polisi kerajaan, hmm.


HAKIMAN,  19 August 2010 at 00:16  

Dato Sak, you said, "If I were to give a simpler definition of a bastardized NEP it is just playing favorites. "

No, No,.... the simpler definition of bastardised NEP is CORRUPTION using taxpayers' money.

NEP is about using hard working Malaysians' money paid as taxes to enable the UMNO-led Govt to enrich themselves, their families and their cronies. All in the name of affirmative action for the majority.

Anything else is just spin-talk and justifying the unjustifiable.

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 00:24  

Salam ramadhan dato Sak!!

Chinaman 18.27

I preffer to write in Malay for you:

Saya juga seorang jurubank dan pernah juga beberapa kali mengadakan sesi temuduga untuk beberapa jawatan untuk mengisi kekosongan di cawangan cawangan kami. Apa yang dapat saya perhatikan bahawa pemohon pemohon berbangsa cina juga mempunyai masaalah sama seperti bangsa yang lain.Majoriti dari mereka juga tidak tahu bekomunikasi dan menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris. Hanya cuba berkomunikasi secara "singaporean English" adalah sungguh memualkan. Bahasa Malaysia apatah lagi. Kesimpulannya di sini dapat di andaikan bahawa tak kira apa bangsa sekali pun, mereka mereka ini mempunyai masalah yang tersendiri. Jadi Chinaman, jangan sesekali memperbodohkan bangsa lain sebelum anda membetulkan kebodohan bangsa anda dahulu...


Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 00:26  

One of the superbumis that I can think of is the one who helms the Berjaya Group. During Mahathir's reign he was one of the most favourite and trusted frontmen to receive the bequest of Mahathir's generosity.

If you were to read the annual report of the company you would never fail to notice the 35-page list of associated companies under the Group and another 35-page list of properties that stretch the length and breadth of Malaysia – all in 8-point print. You name any industry or product, this man has all twenty fingers and toes stuck firmly into every pie of the economy.

In spite of all the beneficence he had received from Mahathir, the Group had been declaring multi-million losses year after year during Mahathir's reign. The stock price was beaten down to the lowest of 3¢ per piece. Many shareholders couldn't stand the plunge and decide to dump the stock. But this person who helmed the Group managed to buy back all the shares on the cheap.

A year or two after Mahathir stepped down, the stock began its fantastic climb and is today around RM1.00–1.50 range. From losses, it's now profits after profits. It seemed that the Group has the knack to engineer when to lose and when to win.

For your interest read the thread, Vincent Tan, NEP and the Privatisation of Sports Toto by Ahmad Mustapha Hassan* in Din Merican's blog.

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 00:29  

Why you all worry whether Redhuan Tee is celup or not? By right you all should ask RPK whether he has the merit to be called chinkie celup? No? hehehe!

Fooart 19 August 2010 at 00:31  

Soi Lek???? who is this guy? Is he the one caught with his pants down? and still elected even though committing adultery???

Unknown 19 August 2010 at 00:32  

Just wanted to share with you - the facts ke ke ke

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 00:53  

orang cina rajin bekerja...karut lah...

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 04:00  

Salam Dato' Sak,

Semua orang sudah tahu bahawa NEP tidak mencapai sasaran kerana ada ketirisan. Ketirisan ini kebanyakannya disumbangkan oleh 'Konsep AliBaba' yang telah tergelicir dari landasan sebenar walhal ia adalah satu konsep yang murni kalau dilaksanakan atas landasan sebenar.

Dan oleh kerana konsep AliBaba itu telah dijadikan jalan pintas oleh penerima faedah NEP untuk menuju matlamat sendiri hingga sasaran tersasar, tetapi kalau dipandang secara keseluruhan, ketirisan itu masih menguntungkan kedua-dua belah pihak - 'Ali' dapat kelengkeng, 'Baba' dapat paha. Apa jua magnitudnya, pihak 'Ali' dan pihak 'Baba' sama-sama merasa!

Apabila skandal surat sokongan palsu dari pejabat YB DAP terdedah di Selangor, ia dengan sendiri membuktikan sebanyak mana sesuatu dasar ekonomi itu cuba di jaja sebagai bebas dari aspek ketirisan dan penyelewengan namun ketirisan dan penyelewengan tetap berlaku. Retrospektifnya, apa yang dijaja selama ini adalah retorik belaka. Cumanya dalam isu ketirisan yang membabitkan YB PR, ia lebih jelik dan licik.

Apa tidaknya, kalau selama ini persepsi yang cuba diterapkan oleh PR adalah seolah-olah semuanya berjalan lancar tetapi dalam diam-diam rupa-rupanya projek yang sepatutnya masuk dalam kocek marhaen tetapi telah masuk ke kocek kroni menerusi pemalsuan surat sokongan. Fuh, nasib baik skandal sebegitu tidak kalis pembongkaran, kalau tidak sampai ke tua skandal ini terus-terusan mengaup sedikit demi sedikit khazanah rakyat tanpa siapa menyedarinya.

Cumanya secara perbandingan, ketirisan yang dialami dalam konteks surat sokongan adalah dirancang oleh Baba PR; diluluskan oleh Baba DAP; diberikan projeknya pada muka DAP; dan dilaksanakan oleh kompeni Baba! Ini bermakna apabila dasar ekonomi PR mengalami ketirisan, hanya Baba saja yang kenyang sedangkan si ALI PKR dan si ALI Pas tidak dilibatkan sama!

Dalam kata lain Baba PR makan sorang-sorang sementara si ALI PKR dan ALI Pas menggigit jari. Sekadar pertanyaan buat mereka, tidak sakit ke depa asyik jari sendiri digigit?


Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 04:48  

Perkauman: PAS beri amaran pada MCA



“Saya memberi amaran kepada MCA supaya jangan bermain dengan politik perkauman yang sempit" kata Timbalan Presiden PAS, Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa.

Pakatan Rakyat pula, ujarnya telah sama-sama bersetuju untuk berpegang teguh dengan Dasar Pakatan Rakyat yang telah ditandatangani oleh PAS, PKR dan DAP pada bulan Disember 2009 yang lalu.

Berdasarkan dasar tersebut, beliau berkata "Pakatan Rakyat akan melindungi kedudukan ISTIMEWA orang Melayu sepertimana yang termaktub dalam Perkara 153."

“PAS, PKR dan DAP tetap akan mempertahankan perkara ini, ujarnya yang juga Ahli Parlimen Bachok."

Komen: PR sudah jadi lebih BN dari BN?

Anonymous,  19 August 2010 at 07:14  

Salam Datuk:

Jika MCA mahukan perkara 153 di lupuskan. Minta 2 juta nama2 ahli MCA dan dilupuskan kerakyatan. BARU adil. Kan British ( Tunku ) pertukaran perkara 153 ini dengan memberi Kerakyatan pada mereka dari tongkang......

Sekarang ni pemimpim UMNO menikus/takut bodoh dalam percaturan politik melayu.. Dah la tu nak cakap pun semuanya buruk...peragai.. sikap.. penuh temolok sendiri aje.


schenker78 19 August 2010 at 09:49  


what u say about chinaman is true. most of them speaks chinese...when come to english or malay they speaks like shit....

same goes with malays and bumis from borneo....most dont speak english....

thats too bad for chinaman and malays...

thats why i said before in other articles, the chinese standard work are in typical chinaman companies with majority workers are chinese so that they speak mandarin chicong all time....

same goes for malay, since they are not fluent in english, most end up UMNO's government...

Coming back to Anand Kumar, i have seen before in Discovery channel and BBC about him....malays can learn from him....This guy without MARA, scholarship whatever can teach poor students in no facility area to beat those students from rich and middle class families... You dont need money or tongkat, JUST will POWER....

Grow up chinaman and malays...stop talking telor malays and telor english...learn to speak properly...

emilio 19 August 2010 at 12:54  

A Racist by NAMEWEE
ILoveMyCountry - Negarakuku


Aku cinta negaraku, Hanya bila ada negara, Ada tanah air ku
Hanya bila ada tanah air ku, Di sini aku berdiri di sini
Nyanyikan lagu ini untuk kau dengan lantangnya, Janganlah kau takut
Walaupun aku selalu menggunakan perkataan-perkataan kesat dalam laguku
Tetapi lagu aku hanya seperti durian, berserta duri-duri
Hanya apabila kau berani membukanya, untuk melihat kebenaran nyata di dalam

Ia boleh berbau seperti tahi, ataupun berbau sangat elok
Hanya bergantung kepada jenis hidung yang kau ada
Polis kami mempunyai nama lain yang dipanggil MATA
Kerana mata-mata mereka sangat tajam
Apabila tahun baru semakin hampir, mereka seolah-olah sangat bekerja keras
Mereka akan mengeluarkan pen-pen, tetapi mereka tidak membuka tiket kepadamu
Kerana mereka terlalu dahaga dan mereka perlu minum TEH
Dan juga kopi O, mahukan gula lebih?
Kalau ditambah lagi gula, mereka akan tersenyum kegembiraan denganmu
Mereka akan katakan TATA kepadamu bila kau mahu beredar

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup
Bersatu dan maju

Fenomena seumpama ini tidak perlu dipertingkatkan lagi
TIDAK perlu untuk pertingkatkan kerjasama antara polis dan rakyat
Perhubungan tidak akan berubah dengan secawan kopi
Aku sangat gemarkannya
Sekurang-kurangnya aku tidak akan dapat tiket saman bila aku balik rumah
Kalau berlaku, bapaku mesti berang dengan aku
Aku mesti kena hamun, tak de kereta untuk aku
Kurang asam, apa yang aku boleh buat waktu macam ni?
Macammana aku nak BERGEMBIRA tanpa kereta?
Macammana aku nak beromen tanpa kereta?
Macammana aku nak cari awek tanpa kereta?
Aku sangat cintakan negara ini
Waktu subuh pukul 5 pagi
Ada seruan azan untuk kejutkan aku
Kadangkala ada lagu sekali
Sama macam nyanyi lagu cinta
Kadang-kala suaranya diubah jadi macam gaya RnB
Walaupun kadang-kala mereka menyanyi sampai jadi sumbang
Atau kadang-kala mereka menyanyi sampai serak
Sesetengah suara mereka sama macam kokokan ayam jantan, tetapi mereka lebih awal dari ayam jantan

Hanya dengannya, kami akan dikejutkan untuk pergi ke sekolah atau kerja
Tolong jangan salahkan kerajaan hanya ambil kisah tentang orang bumiputra
Tolong jangan salahkan kerajaan kerana tidak adil dengan kami
Ini semua tunjukkan kami orang cina tidak takut kerja keras
Ini semua hanya berikan kami cara untuk cari jalan keluar
Jangan terperanjat dengan keadilan mereka
Ini hanya tunjukkan kami adalah cemerlang
Hanya kanak-kanak kecil yang belum lagi dikotorkan tahu apa itu kemerdekaan
Kalau tidak, kau nampak beberapa orang lain masih lagi perlukan pengasuh kanak-kanak

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

Orang-orang yang di dalam kerajaan, mereka lagilah cerdik
Apa jua kerja mereka buat, mereka boleh buat dengan perlahan-lahan
Sedangkan orang-orang yang beratur pun akan tengking pada mereka
Mereka terus berasa selesa sepertimana yang mereka suka
Kadangkala mereka sampai bawak keluar kek mereka
Mereka makan kek nyonya mereka, anda semua boleh terus beratur
Meskipun kalau kau benar-benar tengking mereka
Ia masih lagi ok, kerana pengawal keselamatan tidur di sebelah dan dia tidak akan kesah tentang kau

Mereka tutup kepala mereka, lintas jalan dengan perlahan
Kau perlu benarkan dia melintas dan berhati
Yang paling penting untuk hidup dengan gembira, untuk hidup dengan selesa
Jangan jadi macam orang cina setiap hari sibuk dan penat gila
Kita amat disanjungi sikap sebegini
Inilah gaya hidup mereka, cara hidup mereka
(sikap sikap)

emilio 19 August 2010 at 12:55  

Aku masih lagi cakapkan perkataan baik-baik dalam lagu ini
Aku percaya mereka yang bencikan aku mesti tengah bergembira sekarang ini
Dunia ini sangat damai, dunia ini penuh dengan harapan
Tiada siapa yang tercedera, semuanya berjalan dengan lancar
Kau sangat suci, kau sangat pelembut
Tahi itu bau sangat wangi, tiada perkataan-perkataan kesat
Kau semua sangat berdarjat tinggi, setiap hari menikmati percintaan
Mendengar GuangLiang PinGuan (penyanyi popular malaysia)
Tetapi mereka telah lari ke Taiwan
Pelajar-pelajar sekolah Cina, selepas habis belajar
Sangat susah nak masuk ke universiti tempatan
Sebenarnya kitorang tak perlu dihasut oleh mereka
Kerana ini salah satu daripada pelan besar kerajaan
Mereka mahu kami pergi ke luar negara untuk mengejar cita-cita kami
Kemudian balik semula untuk menyumbang kepada negara
Rancangan ini memang sangat bagus sampaikan aku tak boleh nak cakap apa-apa

Di setiap pelusuk dunia sekarang ini boleh cari anak-anak Malaysia
Seolah-olah kami lari dari suatu tempat, sangat shiok (?)
Malaysia sedang mempromosikan tahun melawat Malaysia 2007
Tradisi cina dipromosikan di mana-mana
Tetapi kerajaan tidak pedulikan pun pelajar-pelajar sekolah cina
Semua sijil-sijil kami dibuangkan ke dalam longkang
Serupa macam aku, aku pergi ke Taiwan selepas habis belajar
Aku telah belajar sesuatu dan sedang bersedia untuk kembali dan membantu negaraku
Aku sekarang sedang berdiri di tepi jalan di Taipei, bersama dengan gitarku
Tetapi di dalam hatiku aku masih lagi menyanyi

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

Tolong jangan saman aku
Aku takde duit"

temenggong,  22 August 2010 at 17:09  

This is what I wrote in Malaysia Today:

This is an issue that is seldom talked about. It is about time we did.

It is a post independence development. Once the British left, the Chinese who were in basic small scale mom and pop retail business stepped in and took over, exacerbating the socio-economic divide. This socio-economic condition was further foistered and entrenched by the NEP (via Ali-Baba business), and the prevention of free trade and investment by foreign nations, especially the US. The Umnomalays must be made to understand that as long as they follow the NEP and the current economic policies, this situation would continue, exacerbate, and their race would be corrupted to the core. It is for this reason MCA and Gerakan tolerate the NEP.

Now either the Chinese control the outdated third world economy and private sector, or the foreign investors. Now which is which? Choose one!

Open the doors to foreign big businesses and the Chinese dominated private sector would vanish! Just see what Walmart and McDonalds do to small businesses. And see what American property developers do to our developers who are pirates anyways! There goes Sungei Wang, Pyramid and MidValley. What will happen to Genting if the Sands and the Dunes opens up in Frasers Hill?

The 150 local vendors to Proton and Kancil survive because foreign players are denied entry. If given a free rein to Citibank, StanChart, Bank of Tokyo and other international banks, what do you think will happen to Hong Leong and Public Bank? To TA Securities? And there goes the IPPs. Along with two-thirds of the listed companies.

Because this is a false and propped up economy. Propped up by licenses and permits, and restrictions on entry of foreign investors.

Is there any Malaysian brand and business that can compete with foreign companies? Apart from Malaysian Pewter, Ramli Burgers and East India Company.

Anonymous,  25 August 2010 at 10:54  

Good one Dato'

I like very much...Salam Ramadhan...

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