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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 3 March 2013

What Kind of Government do we want to lead us? Not who is to be PM.

I was in Batu Pahat the other day. Gave a ceramah at Taman Penggaram. Bandar Penggaram is the main town of Batu Pahat District. After that, on the same night I participated as a speaker at Rengit  a small town on the way to Pontian from Bandar Penggaram.   I spoke after Nurul Izzah did.
Before the UMNO people spin otherwise, let me say the crowd was about 5,000 strong. No one pays anyone to come. No buses to transport them. No t- shirts given out and certainly no food were distributed. 90% of the crowd were local. UMNO calms their people by insisting that people who come to listen to ceramahs where Anwar speaks are outsiders. Perhaps they were making similarities to the crowd rented and paid by Najib to come to his functions.
That of course is vintage Najib- pay yourself out of every mess you make and pay your way through to get where you want to. Now he is bribing the entire country. He and all the BN leaders are handing out cash to people.
Let’s get our self-respect back by throwing out this government that is making bribery a way of life. Is this the kind of government we want to keep? A corrupting and incompetent government?
The country is absorbed into the vortex of political excitement.  That will turn eventually into a political tsunami that will this time sweep this country clean from the corrupt and incompetent government.
Yes, I say incompetent. Since taking office, Najib has doubled public debt from RM200 billion to now RM504 billion. 55 years of UMNO rule especially beginning from 1981, the Malays continue to be marginalized while UMNO made a spectacle about fighting for a cause to improve the Malays all round. 8.7 million Malays lived with a monthly income of RM1500 and below. They now constitute 90% of the BR1M recipients- something that cannot be a source of pride for any self-respecting politician.
But Najib is of course a Malay politician without self-respect- a carpet seller accuses him and the wife of corruption he chooses to ignore and divert attention from people. He still walks around with no shame. A private investigator has succeeded to sufficiently suggest that he is at the centre of a murder and execution of a Mongolian national; his Aryan race supporters and political yahoos and sontoloyos, are asking the police to arrest the private investigator.
The judiciary and enforcement agencies and other institutions that matter in the preservation of democracy are rendered powerless by this buffoon. The Malays continue to be enamoured by this great pretender who, as we now realized actually, hasn’t got what it takes to manage the country. The hearts of many Malay ladies beat wildly as the sight of Mr Red Lips, perhaps unknowingly getting some cheap orgasms.
Don’t decide the future of the country based on that.
Daim Zainudin used the same words to describe Najib as PM of Malaysia. There are now whispers that Daim counselled Najib that in order to secure only a marginal win, Najib must do 2 things, that Najib will never do untuil Hell freezes over;  (1) side-line Rosmah Mansor and (2) replace 90% of the incumbents holding positions of ADUNs and MPs.
We know Najib hasn’t got the balls to do it.
You see, we have misdirected ourselves. The whole election process isn’t about seeing whether najib can still be PM or that he can continue the legacy of Tun Razak as leader of this country. Who cares whether he does that or not and who cares if Najib isn’t PM anymore?  The Malays and the country are not going to die if Najib isn’t prime minister.
The whole political process isn’t also about whether Anwar makes it as PM. He has been accused of so many immoral misdeeds to the extent that it’s not possible to look at Anwar in the eye and pretend that we do not, deep down in our hearts, feel that there is something remiss about Anwar.
On the other hand, ask ourselves- is that the kind of person capable of building up a family that is exemplary?
 It’s impossible for anyone to rationalise and reconcile that a person so damaged in the way Anwar is, could build up an exemplary family unit with very decent family members. I mean just compare Anwar’s family members to family members of some  UMNO leaders who cavort with call girls and even shoot other people. That tells much about the moral integrity of the head of the families.
No,  the issue is, what kind of government we want and we desire to lead us? The answer must be a clean and competent government that upholds and empowers the institutions that strengthen democracy and make them live. We want a clean and fair government. We must reject the corrupt and incompetent government that UMNO now leads.


Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 12:57  

Bull's eye. GE 13 is about putting the RIGHT government in place. No doubt personality matters, but not feudalistic adoration of leaders!

Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 12:58  

Halo kawan, raayat malaysia duk mati tu, behenti lah politik sat.

bruno,  3 March 2013 at 12:59  

Dato,I strongly believe that in less than two months time,Malaysians will see a new federal government.And it will be Pakatan Rakyat.

Umno is in real trouble,as it is at its weakest in fifty six years.It has the tell tale signs of a gomen ready to fall flat on its face.In times of desperation everything that the Umno is doing,is like shooting themselves in the foot.

A weak gomen is good at bullying its own people.Just look at the way the Umno/BN gomen unleashed its fury on the Bersih protestors.It send thousands of policemen to chased and beat up the tens of thousands of protestors.

But when it comes down to a couple hundred of the feared Taulog insurgents,it wants to negotiate because the gomen does not like bloodshed.What gomen negotiates with armed insurgents who invaded their shores.Only a gomen which is weak.

Now the people have to ask themselves these questions.Do they still want to have a corrupted regime to rule over them for the next five years.And do the people still want to have a gomen who can beat the hell out of their own people,but let a bunch of foreign insurgents hold the country hostage.

The gomen has set a precedence that it is all right for foreign insurgents to invade our country,as long as they are armed and feared.When cornered they will not be harm or attack,as the gomen will want to negotiate a peaceful settlement since it does not like bloodshed.

Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 13:03  

Mahathir just said that Najib will bring the country to greater heights.
OMG! What is that mean?

Can killing, bribing, buying votes, lying and with a spendthrift wife bring us to greater heights.
Or is Mahathir senile AND mad.

Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 13:05  

Our men in blue are being killed in Sabah.
Now we have enemies holding blue MyKads mingling among us.
This is Mahathir's doing.

THE MOOSEY DOSEEY,  3 March 2013 at 13:07  

Let small boys talk and play all they like.

Let Hishamuddin send five thousand armed mat rempits to invade the Filipines.Then let us wait and see whether the Filipine armed forces will want to negotiate with them,or sent them home in wooden boxes.

OneMalaysian,  3 March 2013 at 13:18  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Is this the kind of government we want to keep? A corrupt and incompetent government?”

After 55 years of UMNO rule – by the so-called protectors of the Malays – and after 43 years of the NEP, the Malays are still by numbers the poorest in the country. In 2008, the latest year that we have reliable statistics (from Najib’s New Economic Report of 2010), the bottom 40% of Malaysians had monthly household income of just RM1220. You read it right; it is household income, not per capita income. The middle 40% had just RM3000, while the top 20% had RM8150. The Malays filled most of the bottom 40%.

If you were Malay, is this the UMNO government you want? Let’s forget the small issues, including who might be the next PM. Think how much better we all could be if we had a clean and competent government that puts our interest first, not pander to the interests of cronies. If the BR1M RM500 means anything to us, it is because we are destitute, that RM500 dished out every 5 years is a big deal. And who has put us in this desperate situation?

Pok Li,  3 March 2013 at 15:43  

Wee don't care two hoots who the PM is for as long as the government he heads is a clean and competent government. A clean and competent government will have the guts to throw out a dirty and incompetent PM.

Ariff Sabri 3 March 2013 at 15:44  

of course kita akan politikkan. sebab kerajaan umno bodoh. ini adalah pencerobohan oleh rakyat asing. kerja menjaga keselamatan negara dari serangan asing ialah kerja askar bukan polis. kalau dari mula bedil dengan kapal terbang atau bedil dengan kereta kebal yang malaysia ada, mungkin kematian dari pihak malaysia boleh dielakkan.

rakyat sabah tau apa sebenarnya berlaku. bagaimana feri yang membawa masuk tentera sulu boleh membolosi perairan malaysia. kapal selam yang canggih mengelilingi perairan sabah selalu. bot peronada yang berharga berjuta Ringgit ada, tapi tentera sulu boleh masuk.
ia boleh masuk kerana yang menjemput tentera sulu masuk ialah 2 ketua cawangan umno. seorang berbesan dengan kiram. setelah kalah dalam perbicaraan mahkamah dengan felda, sang besan melapurkan kpd kiram, tanah kita sudah dirampas. sila datang ke lahad latu, untuk mempertahankn tanah kepunyaan sulu.
nyawa poli skita hilang sebab menteri pertahanan bengap, menteri dalam menteri bodoh dan perdana menteri tak berani buat keputusan. ya- kematian polis kita angkara kelembapan kerajaan UMNO.

alatan tentera ada, missiles ada, kapal terbang sukhov ada, penceroboh boleh dic4kan dari udara.

Pok Li,  3 March 2013 at 16:01  

Kita simpati dengan kawan kita yang terkorban tu. Sama2 lah kita doakan yang terbaik untuk mereka. Tapi apasal pulak nak kena berhenti politik? Ini masa depan kita bro!

Pok Li,  3 March 2013 at 16:16  

For all that has happened to Anwar he still stand tall. And gaining more and more popularity. In their stupidity, UMNO/BN went too far to potray Anwar as a bad guy until all the accusations contradict one another. Zionist agent and Islamic militant agent? Christian agent and hardcore Muslim agent?

Now UMNO/BN are accusing Anwar as the cause for the Lahad Datu incident. UMNO/BN has run out of ideas but what can we expect from puny brains?

Cahaya Qalbu,  3 March 2013 at 16:54  

Regarding the Lahad Datu fiasco,,,

Bekas Ketua Staf Logistik Markas Armada TLDM, Laksamana Pertama (B) Imran Abd Hamid tidak menolak kemungkinan pencerobohan 100 lelaki bersenjata di Lahad Datu, Sabah sebagai sandiwara.

“Ini kes yang dirancang. Saya tak percaya TLDM tak efisien. Kita ada bot laju, CB90 (combat boat) Saya tak fikir mereka (penceroboh bersenjata) boleh terlepas.

“Ini semua untuk manfaat politik. Sama macam Al-Maunah. Tak masuk akal satu Land Rover boleh bawa ratusan rifle, orang tak perasan dan masuk (kem) buka armory.

“Fikir punya fikir, macam sandiwara,” katanya melalui kenyataan akhbarnya.

Imran berkata, perairan negara dikawal empat agensi penguatkuasa iaitu Polis Marin, Agensi Penguatkuasa Maritim Malaysia (APMM), Kastan Diraja Malaysia dan TLDM.

“Kita ada ‘Operasi Pasir Laut’ antara tentera dan polis. Tak malukah tentera sudah jaga, orang lain boleh masuk?” katanya.

Ops Pasir Laut ialah operasi keselamatan perairan dan kepulauan pantai utara dan timur Sabah oleh Markas Angkatan Bersama (MAB) Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM).

Ops Pasir Laut juga dikawal selia Pusat Kawalan dan Sistem Pengawasan (JRCC) dengan kelengkapan pesawat tanpa juruterbang (UAV), bot tempur kapal peronda ATB dan helikopter Nuri.



Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 17:29  

Dato if the title GOOD Government NOT who's PM can't open the rakyat eyes for CHANGE, I don't know what else to say. Thank you for the many issues you wrote that opened MY eyes AND mind.

monsterball 3 March 2013 at 17:30  

Let all the Umno b SONTOLOYOS....begos...sickos...hypocrites..twist as much as they like.
The Anwar family members stood on election...elected by the people...are loved and respected by the people sincerely.
Umno b rouges and thieves know...Malaysians simply love Nurul...and Wan Azizah..totally opposite Rosmah's character.
For Anwar...Najib is no comparison.
39 days to 13th GE.
Let the votes do the talking.

Pok Li,  3 March 2013 at 17:53  

Terima kasih Laksmana Imran. Samada ianya sandiwara atau tidak, hakikatnya negara kita telah diceroboh.

Kalau ianya sandiwara, penerbit & pengarah sandiwara ini perlu dihukum, kerana menyebabkan anggota tentera terkorban.

Kalau ianya bukan sandiwara, penguasa tentera & menteri perlu duhukum, kerana kegagalan sistem pertahanan yang menyebabkan anggota tentera terkorban.

Seeloknya saudara dapat melakukan siasatan dan membongkar kepada umum sepertimana saudara Rafizi lakukan terhadap beberapa skandal. Kita percaya bahawa saudara masih mempunyai kenalan anggota tentera yang sedang berkhidmat yang boleh membantu.

Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 17:57  

Seriously the country is sinking and will be burning soon..see Sabah! All this, Thanks to Mamakutty regime and UMNO. Yet, the majority of the malays are still kissing the bloodied hands of the Mamakutty. Am afraid there is too many pak Awang being brainwashed by BTN! Malaysia is Doom.

Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 19:34  

The Government giving money to its people has invited foreign intruders from Sulu into the country. They also wanted to share the big cake the government is offering. The want to be part of the extra rich neighbour who had given them IC.

Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 19:45  

"Now UMNO/BN are accusing Anwar as the cause for the Lahad Datu incident. UMNO/BN has run out of ideas but what can we expect from puny brains?" Pok Li

If Rosmah gets pregnant they will also blame Anwar.

Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 19:59  


Perisitiwa di Lahad Datu, Sabah memang sangat misteri.

Kenapa selama ini, bot nelayan dari negara jiran bila masuk ke kawasan perairan Malaysia, mudah di kesan.

Ini orang luar yang pakai pakaian ala perang dan bawa senjata dengan mudah masuk ke Sabah?

Apa dah jadi dengan UMNO BN ini, macam-macam hal dek kerana ingin berkuasa.

Najib gagal menjadi PM yang sebenarnya. Kenapa beliau tidak ke Sabah? Takut?

Di kala sudah masuk 3 minggu kes Lahad Datu, beliau belum ke Sabah lagi. Asyik Br1M sana sini.

Machang Cowboy,  3 March 2013 at 20:42  

How come people attending Najib's program all wear similar tee shirt and seem to be play acting as well. Najib will also shout " boleh ke ? betul tidak ? and expects a rousing response which sometimes lukewarm. This is hallmark of half past six leader.

Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 20:44  

With all due respect I agree with most of what you said in your comment But it's never a good idea to attack and C4 people because its akin to a declaration of war with Philippines Those people who came in maybe had Msian ICs hence came in legally I m sure when they came they were not in military gear! It's also reported somewhere that the weapons were already in M'sia
What is puzzling many people is why it's happening now so close to elections and with. BN weak in Sabah

Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 21:50  

Semua salah anwar. Puki betul bn. Dia yg patut btgunggjawab sbg gomwn.

Anonymous,  3 March 2013 at 23:06  

Najib dan Hisham adalah daripada keluarga Noh yang mendapat stipends tahunan dari Towkay Judi Genting, apart Sultan Pahang. Anything, they touch will be musibah.

For 3 weeks in Lahad Datu, Hisham was trying to score precious political points for the self-proclaimed new world champion in peace broking.

When all hell break loose, they are now blaming Anwar for the crisis.

What do you expect from a political psychotic who will c4 his sweetener without any mercy or bribe masses with taxpayers' money to get badly-needed votes?

jamilnor,  3 March 2013 at 23:47  

Macam mana saya tak percaya yang insiden di Lahad Datu ini sendiwara kerana dah 7 orang polis terkorban najib masin lagi tersenyum megah membuat road show janji ditepati merata negeri. Ini melibatkan nyawa anggota keselamatan(rakyat malaysia). Kalau ini tidak sendiwara Semestinya dia lebih kedepan dan menumpukan komitman kepada insiden ini serta berusaha untuk menyelesaikan keadaan dengan memberi perhatian yang lebih mendalam demi kedaulatan negara yang telah diceroboh rather then memburokan pakatan disetiap ceramah beliau demi menjaga political careernya.

Please lah najib you think money can buy anything ke?

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 00:09  

Saya pasti ini adalah permainan Al Kutty. He will stop at nothing to make Anwar and Gang terlibat dalam fiasco ini. Saya di beritahu yang SMS atau berita angin menakut2kan penduduk telah mula tersibar ke Semporna.Tujuan tidak lain supaya keadaan tegang akan berlaku supaya dharurat akan di istiharakan di Seluroh Sabah. Lebih2 lagi mereka2 ini sudah perasan yang BN akan ditendang keluar dari Sabah.Salam

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 05:40  

Who to be PM matters Dato. Both Najib and Anwar are tainted are supposedly tainted characters by default and yet to be proven otherwise and character is important for PM material.Forget Anwar as he has too much excess baggage...should go for Hadi Awang....what say you Dato.Your opinion of of utmost importance at this juncture Dato.


Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 07:46  

Kereta kebal n fighter jets yang kita untuk show hari merdeka je....sbb umnl dah ambil komisen

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 07:51  

Tentera n polis Dah biasa tengok org sulu ni keluar masuk kat semporna n lahad datu....jadi depa kita lepas le....mungkin depa

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 12:52  

The Invasion by the SULUs in another showcase to help PR win the election

Weak government and poor national defense

monsterball 4 March 2013 at 15:14  

DINO can identify Anwar so call with "too much excess baggage"...which
he did not give details.
Najib have tons and tons of excess baggages....everyone knows...except Dino does not know.
PR have settled the matter...who will be PM ..if they win....and DINO wants to defy the King Pins of PR agreement.
Is he smarter than all top guns of PR politicians?....or a BN cybertrooper talking nonsense... here.

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