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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 14 March 2013

The Villification of Musa Hitam has Begun

The ink in my previous article hasn’t dried; the actions that I predicted have come true. BN lawmakers and soon its supporters in the new media will condemn Musa Hitam.
They are still caught up in the emotional fluidity trap, preventing them to see the woods from the trees. By emotional fluidity trap- I mean the state of their mind is so fluid and porous, that it simply fails to neither absorb nor retain any sense and semblance of reality and truth.
The basic deficiency is the ability to accept that others on the other side as just as capable as or more so than we on this side. The other side of the argument is the abject failure to acknowledge one’s own frailties and shortcomings and that we on this side, can succumb to the baneful influence of intoxicating power. Having succumbed to that, we the good people fail to realise that we can also do harm on society.
Like Musa Hitam said- why is it difficult for BN lawmakers to accept, that ALL of us are in this business (politics which is a means to get power) to offer alternatives to the voting public. The responses thus far, offered by BN lawmakers border on childishness and inanity.
The responses are just verbal semantics. We say pour-tay-toe, they say pour-tar-toe; we say per-tay-toe, they say per-tar-toe. The counterviews that  BN gives are just verbal gymnastics.
Let me remind readers that we are ALL in the business of giving reasonable and sensible alternatives and choices to the public. The public will judge us on just that- the reasonableness of our offer and the way we present the package.
The public will also judge us on our conduct with which we bring our message. We are just happy to note thus far, the conduct by which UMNO and BN people bring to bear on us borders on insanity and desperateness. PR’s efforts to offer the public its ideas and policies are met with stone throwing, intimidations, assault and other measures of haplessness and bankruptcy of idealism.  Are these the measures of reasonable people on whom we can entrust the responsibility of government?


Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 12:12  

Bukan "emotional fluidity trap" atau tak paham, tapi sgt paham dan maklum.Jika jatuh dari kuasa, kemewahan terbantut,sanjungan padam,penyelewengan terbongkar, malu dan bala menimpa, hidup jadi mimpi ngeri.

Jadi kena pertahan mati-mati. Tipu muslihat,fitnah,sandiwara, bunuh org semua tak apa. Sbb dlm jihad nak jaga kuasa, harta dan air muka. Kalau berjaya, pi Mekah wat umrah.

Mimpi ngeri yg mendatang amat menakutkan. Camne lg nak hindar ni?

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 12:27  

Call the elections already!!

-sick n tired gomen doktor

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 13:13  


May I say that since the dawn of 1981, in the distant horizon, we can see a little bit of the dark cloud.

Well, we assume that it's the future that brings rain and prosperity to our land.

In the milestone of Malaysian politics, we suddenly hear the thunder roaring in the sky.

But, still we assume the lightning flash is a bright sign. Then, we feel a little bit if the windy day.

Suddenly the rain falls and we smile. But a few moment in years, the rain start falling heavily and flooding our land.

We see rubbish here and there. There are bacteria spreading like wild fire. The disease as identified by the health specialist are called "corruption", "croynism" and many other spit of satan.

But recently, it seems the gloomy days of rain and flood, start to reduce bit by bit.

The sun starts to clear the blue sky.

Now, we can see under the sun, all the rubbish lying here and there.

Every body start to feel the smell here and there. The smell of rubbish politics by UMNO baru, the smell of dirty organisms with flies and mosquitoes around.

As most RAKYAT realised, somebody in the arena of old UMNO, start and dare to expose the danger of these disease that have been spreading as silent killer for about 32 years in the Malaysian politics.

Well, some RAKYAT have to pay the price for this disease.

We hope PR will make a new day, a new year, a new landscape, a fresh politics and forget about the 2012 Mayan calendar phenomena, forget about "tiada UMNO matilah Melayu". All these are rubbish!!!

The new era will make us a better Malay fully respected by other races forever.

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 14:31  

Dato, just an advice, the Malays I think are very straight forward people, when they hate you, thy my vote not for you. Those bongsai who still royal to dacing will continue to vote them while others will tell them to f off.

I am Chinese, and I can read their mind. PR seems to think they have iron the Chinese vote but that is never a must. The prospect of new regime take over, the continuous campaign by some factions of PR on religious term could scared them away. PR should never caught off guard.

As usual Dato, a fantastic writing, bravo!

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 14:57  

A case of "with us or against us" that is carried too far?

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 15:53  

Of course, the mainstream media will "spiral out of control" in portraying Tun Musa’s ‘disingenuous’ view on the PR budget.

In the relatively fat in the middle of the mainstream papers, are sandwiched between the nonsense of their first and last sentences - all full of fat baloney.

It is always a message of Malays, the disenfranchised segment of the population (which is true but that’s another story) is being continuously marginalized and will become extinct once the PR led machine is onboard governing. And we have not even ventured into the Trans Pacific Partnership – this is the motherlode that will extinct not only Malays but rest of the population and yes it is the works of PR if it goes that way!

You had to be pretty deaf not to hear the parrots rallying cry of the echoes of "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Furhrer' in the mainstream media giving adulation to Fuhrer Najib. And that is what the local mainstream is - one of those "forked pens and tongues" who is hired and promoted on the basis of their ability to mislead the people. They are all potential chairperson of the Goebbels Institute of Information or the North Korea Disinformation Machine apparatus. There is no culture of excellence in this country as ex PM turned PM in waiting Tun Dr.Mahathir has decimated every institution and values within the nation. The cream rises to the top but in his era the turd rises to the top.

We including those with conscience within the ruling party must take the Lincoln, Gandhi or the Caliph’s approach to hold the “Untouchable” BN fraudsters accountable for their every remark and actions made. These are the bedrock of a principled society with strong moral fibre with the ability to build consensus which we must show to our young so as they carry on these values within the system.

The Indians are mad at the Malays, the Malays are mad at the Chinese, the Chinese are mad at everyone but me? Im mad no one is mad about the policies of this country!

Yes I agree the vilification of Tun Musa has begun …..but so what! It’s the local mainstream so don’t play heed.


Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 17:57  

Verbal semantics or not, UMNO's fears are real. If they are not why is Mahathir pulling the rug from under Najib's feet? Why is Najib made to feel like 'si anu tak boleh bangkit lagi' by Mahathir? And not a whimper from Najib.

Too much lie hidden in central data system waiting to be exposed: not in Petabytes ie 10 to power 15, Exabytes 10 to power 18, Zettabytes 10 to power 21, but perhaps in Yottabytes, 10 to the power of 24.

Technology can help a government to keep a strangle hold on who gets what information and in what form - the feeling is good while the hands are on someone else' throat, but the feeling will be even better for the party that cuts off the strangling hand.

Malaysians must do it this time without fear to allow the googol-Yotta bytes of memory to begin Act I of the Mother of All Strip-tease sandiwaras to expose the false, naked (but very rich) Emperor; his eunuchs, concubines will provide the side shows in subsequent Acts.

Help from faithful old UMNO stalwarts is always welcomed.

A single item of entry in Immigration records can be deleted but who sanctioned such a decision will remain in the archives.

One day.

PR have fun when fun time begins, but first banish Capital punishment from this great nation made so small by dwarfs and other misfits.

monsterball 14 March 2013 at 19:22  

Front page Star with Najib looking so tired...nearly bald headed announcing dissolving Parliament. around 25th March...latest 27th instant...making way for 13th GE.
The face shows it all.

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 19:24  

Musa Hitam is a man of integrity. I would say the people trust him and there is no way Utusan, TV 3 or UMNO can dent his credibility...... unless of course Malaysian are morons.

Unknown 14 March 2013 at 20:55  

dato sak,

ada tgk berita tv 3suku, kaki tuang carlsberg hisham kata nak tubuh suruhanjaya diraj@ untuk cari DALANG lhad datu.... nampak sangat nak tuduh Anwr lagi...

Jangan hairan... Ti@n Chua starter aje.... Anwr akan ditangkap lagi atas tuduhan menkhianat sebelum parlimen dibubar....Dah nampak sangat desperate dan tahu akan kalah pilihanraya....

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 23:41  

We need to educate our political masters that any group that have the support of the people can run the country.UMNO in particular think that other than umno can not run the country which I consider is very stupid.We as citizen want only the best to manage the country regardless whether BN or PR .Once PR run the country then only we can compare whether BN better or PR better.We are going to be a develop country within next few years but our UMNO leaders behave like uncivilised people where other people have not have the capabality to run the country so do not give PR any votes.We all know the risk of losing GE13 is fatal to BN but as a citizen we want the best .It is the right time now to support PR to teach the BN otherwise they will never change their attitude and always arrogant and exploiters.
Kita naik muak kerana apa2 saja Nuar yang puncanya.Kalau ada tsunami atau gempa bumi BN akan salahkan Nuar yang ini pendapat orang gila tapi mengapa ada lagi pemimpin umno menyokong pendapat gila ini lain tak bukan ialah kerana risiko kekalah membuatkan mereka dihina dan dipenjara dll.

Anonymous,  15 March 2013 at 07:52  

The signs are all there.
Desperation: Selective screening of TANDAS PUTERA. Charging TC with sedition. TDM non-stop spewing. Najib's running around Lahad Datu like a headless chook. Mat Rempit's attacks on PKR HQ.
Exasperation: Azlan's U-turn. Musa Hitam's vote of confidence in Pakatan.
BALA's hit-up.
Confidence: Pakatan's rolling Juggernaut. Rakyat's thundering voices. GE13 countdown...........

Anonymous,  15 March 2013 at 09:36  

No need to villify Musang Hitam and someone like you, ex UMNO politicians who is of no relevance. Both of you are just great pretenders who think they are relevant but actually are just a nobody in politics.

albert magic,  16 March 2013 at 03:07  

'the darkest hour is just before the dawn' teringat saya akan lirik lagu meet me in the morning oleh bob dylan

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