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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 10 March 2013

The PM and the Black Art of Goebbelsian Propaganda

I hope the Malaysian public will retain their sobriety. Please avoid getting infected with one peculiar strain of epilepsy. In the history of Malaysian politics, I am aware of only one time previously when one VVIP pronounced his wife has epilepsy in order to justify his philandering ways. He was cavorting with somebody’s wife then.
The point is: don’t cover up your own incompetence and gross error of judgement by diverting the issue.  The issue was, is and will be the incompetence of this government that has caused unnecessary deaths. The world is laughing at how inept out political leadership is- we allowed invaders to come into the country and we responded by negotiating first. 
Mahathir had the brazenness excusing the delay being the consideration that the invaders were Muslims. Muslims have been killing other Muslims under all sort of pretexts. Remember Ibrahim Libya of Memali incident? He was leading a group of people armed with parangs and hoes and sickles. Mahathir did not delay the execution of the group. I believe Ibrahim Libya was a Malay and a Muslim.
Nowadays, only mad people listen to Mahathir. He’s changing goal posts all the time. Anyway- he is talking about his UMNO of which we are not interested. He is flattering himself by saying that many people are uneasy that he’s still active in politics. We actually want him to be more meddlesome, quarrelsome, belligerent because that will hasten the demise of his UMNO.  
The ship is sinking and one boatswain comes along and suggests, let’s form a committee to discuss about the sinking ship. The Chinese captain would have ordered the crew to save whatever valuables are on board; the Arab captain would have asked the crew to save the women on board, the Malay captain says lets form a committee.
Because the Malay captain wanted to form a committee , we ask how many died on our side? Please read carefully- OUR side. Not UMNO’s side. So far, we know 8 people from our side. If the fallen were Muslims, it’s customary for other Muslims to say a prayer for them. If the fallen include non-Muslims, our intensity in feeling sad over the senseless deaths is no less either.
The fact is- empathy, expression of sadness and togetherness in the hour of bereavement is not the monopoly of UMNO people. Yet there are certain people who are actually pompous braggarts at heart making a spectacle of claiming they grieved more than others.  I mean if you are a Muslim, and it’s time for you to pray, must you announce- gotta go, it’s time for me to pray? You are a better Muslim by bragging about it?
Selangor and Penang have set aside funds to assist the family of the fallen. Any amount will never bring the dead- but it will at least lighten the sadness knowing that some people care about what happened. This has more value rather than going on the streets demonstrating against Tian Chua for something he did not say.
All he said was this whole thing could be a sandiwara ala wag the dog’s tail movie. Even an NGO of women entrepreneurs is planning to make a police report against Tian Chua. If Tian Chua can be proven not to have uttered such words, then will the NGO be sued for making a false police report? Or has any ministry got a specific budget allocation to help UMNO linked NGO from court litigations?  
Why not make police reports against the incompetence of the government and the imbecility of the Home Minister?
What has caused our soldiers and police to be in harm’s way? There is no such thing as a bad soldier, only a bad general. In this case, there were so many generals.
The thing that has placed our security forces in harm’s way isn’t the alleged statement by Tian Chua. He did not belittle the capacity and capabilities of our fighting men. It’s the government’s incompetence and gross error in judgement. Perhaps the generals were too busy being restrained by political considerations rather than being allowed to operate as professional soldiers or police.
But we will certainly want to ask, whether these fighting men were equipped with superior equipment or substandard material? 
Even the man on the Clapham Omnibus is asking why didn’t the government use sufficiently big firepower immediately to weed out the invaders or quickly cordon off the area so that no one can go and come in. we have had the experience dealing with communist insurgents didn’t we. General Briggs cut off supplies to communists during the emergency years and something like that could have been adapted.
Instead you allowed the intruders to adapt for 3 weeks in an area the size of Singapore  where ingress and egress by people, food and sympathisers are unhindered. These people who came for a picnic are battle-hardened dry-hearted ( hati kering is a Malay expression denoting a person is completely devoid of fear) combatants who can easily blend with the local population, become one of them only to resurface later to create all sorts of mayhem.
No one in his right mind will deprecate the efforts and sacrifices of our security forces. Before any army veterans go into the streets to do a butt dance, please establish whether Tian Chua actually said what he was alleged to have said. Why is it sloth-like for the Police to establish whether Tian Chua actually said what he was alleged to have said, rather that allowing crowd frenzy prompted by Goebbels like daily doses of lies and fabrications to build up to uncontrollable levels? It was certainly quick for the Police at one time to declare nothing was remiss about the dealings of the Shahrizat family?
Now, our custodian of internal peace would be failing in its duty, if crowd and herd irrationality  build up to uncontrollable levels. Don’t replicate the slowness of the military top brass and Rambo Hisham in dealing with the Sulu invaders.
We know Najib is not beneath adding fuel to the fire when he goes around saying and insinuating that its not right for people to belittle our security forces. Najib is a liar.  But then, Najib has never placed the priority of the nation on top of his list. Top on his list, is how to retain power and be the PM forever.
Najib has shown, when it comes to the black art of deception, he is a superb practitioner. If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. ” “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 10:00  

Something is alwasy brewing when the law enforcer does not investigate what actually was said by Tian Chua.

The fact that it is being to prolong means that there is a PAKATAN to let false public opinion build up and 'insult' the person.


Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 10:11  

Dato', this is a comment I posted in one of your articles. I re-produce them here due to the relevance of this topic:

I would suggest to anyone interested in this latest national interest incident to watch the "Wag The Dog" movie. And to also familiarise yourself as to what does the "wag the dog" saying mean.

What we're watching unfolding before our eyes now is the classic case, tried and tested all over the world throughout the entire history of mankind, of the tail wagging the dog. I even believe that this current episode has serampang banyak mata.

As you can see, apart from getting to the stage of high alert security situation in Sabah which would eventually necessitate the proclamation of Emergency in Sabah (or any other such forms of the same, e.g. the Special Security Area had already been implemented) which might or might not be intended for purposes of the PRU13, the bigger objective is actually to rally the rakyat's support for the ruling BN-led government viz-a-viz the coming crucial PRU13.

In as far as rallying the support of the masses is concerned, what is more effective tool than to stoke and incite the sense and feeling of patriotism of your rakyat? To make the rakyat feel insecure due to foreign threat, coupled with the rising collective anger caused by the stories of inhumane and barbaric treatment meted to our security personnel? This is further supported by promoting through the various media that in time of danger to the security and sovereignty of the nation like this, it's paramount that everybody is behind the government. It has already started, mind you, not only through the mainstream media, but also on popular social media such FB and dare me to say this, through the khutbah Jumaat all over the country!

If you read the international media, especially from the Philippines now, there're already stories of rough treatments dished out to those Filipinos who escaped the ongoing purge. I don't doubt a bit that in due course, we'll heard from the UN (who had already made a noise before) and other foreign entities of the need for Malaysia to ensure human rights are respected, etc. etc. And I bet my bottom dollar that all these exterior pressure will be used to further galvanise the support for the ruling government, instilling what we call as "siege mentality" over the population.

In the end, as to whether all these slick manouvering will translate into victory for BN in the coming PRU13, only Allah knows. What we know is only this, "manusia hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan".

bruno,  10 March 2013 at 10:56  

Dato,in dealing with the Taulog invaders,Hishamuddin offered them the Malaysian hospitality.Because he claimed they are all Muslims,old and lembak.Maybe because military intelligence forgot to tell him that they were in army fatigues and heavily armed.

Muslim militants or Islamist are dangerous people to have for friends.To these killing machines,their job is to kill or caused heavy casualties.They do not care who they kill,Muslim,babies,children women, soldiers,animals or even fishes as Sharifah aptly said.Just as long as bodies are lying around they do not care.

To these killing machines life is worthless,even theirs.All they wish is to kill and get killed,so they can get to taste the sixty seven virgins.These stupid people are like crazy animals and should be treated as such.They should be caged or shot on sight.What is there to negotiate with animals whose intentions are to kill.

Our leaders mistake was to give the killing machines all the time they needed,to get ready to spill the first blood,before giving them the stick.Why should we accord the militants such privileges when even unarmed Malaysian protesters are getting baton chased and tear gassed.

This is what happens when our gomen appoint boys to do a man's job.Before they even see the whites of the enemy's eyes,their pants are already wet.The ground is so bludy wet like its raining cats and dogs.What a disgrace to people and country.

We have leaders who always shoot themselves in the foot.Because they do not know how to get their piorities straight.Saiful's father opens his fu*king mouth and the deputy IGP wants to question him asap.

We have what Jibby called his last line of defence.The silat martial artists.They with many pro Umno NGO's attacked and stormed Komtar,the Penang gomens office trying to break LGE and his exco's legs.They banged and kicked the glass doors,but all they managed to do was break a wall clock.The clock fell to the floor and broke.

What Najib conveniently forget was to send these silat goons to fight against the Taulogs.And our brave policemen just watch helplessly,shocked and in a daze not knowing what to do.They must have been instructed by Umno to just keep their hands tight inside their pockets.

Pok Li,  10 March 2013 at 10:58  

The VVIP's ex-wife whom he claimed to have epilepsy is such a nice and decent lady. She may not have been as highly educated as that somebody's wife that the VVIP was cavorting then (and later became his wife), but at least she has what it takes to be a good VVIP companion and a good mother to the VVIP's children. She has definitely brought up the VVIP's children better than that somebody's ex-wife. And this VVIP's ex wife is anytime prettier than that somebody's ex-wife.

Pok Li,  10 March 2013 at 11:10  

Mahathir has been changing the goal posts ever since his PM days. That was how he managed to cling to power for 22 years. Those people who listen to him are not only mad but stupid too. This was done through "pembodohan & penggilaan rakyat" over the years. It is very unfortunate that Malaysia even have many highly educated stupid & mad people around and holding high positions in the government.

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 11:40  


Whatever reason given by Najib, the way police handle the Lahad Datu case especially at the early stage raises many questions. I'm sure there are certain tricks behind. Malaysian people has been noted that a Sulu military attack in Lahad Datu is due to the failure of certain parties to fulfill their promise (from Nor Misuari staement). Of course the Sulu will only deal with those known to have the power to implement the deal and surely it is negotiating with Najib regime.

The government's failure to respond on demand to presenting " kertas putih " in the parliament has raised many questions while the government them selves said that the invasion was a matter of national security. But why the government refused to sit down with the Pakatan Rakyat in this matter when it involves the safety of all people in Malaysia?.

Najib reticence in this isssue is no different with his cowardly attitude of the allegations made by Deepak & PI Bala. So majority rakyat is innocent when they have their own view on Lahad Datu case. For them this is another big scandal of UMNO BN in governing the country. And of course the people do not need a coward & wimp Prime Minister like Najib.

To deal with Deepak & Bala even Najib has erectile dysfunction, how to expect him to fight hundreds of enemies from the outside? Najib made ​​history as the most coward and wimp Prime Minister in the modern world today!

-Pattani Warrior-

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 12:06  

Only idiots listen to pkr

Nenda Ngah 10 March 2013 at 12:43  

Never mind what TC said,there may truth even so. I too am inclined to believe its a script gone wrong otherwise why the 'pujuk2 belai2', `Takkan nak C4 kins of your FD, gila?' The stark reality was the big time bungling and tardiness of the BN govt led to 8 men dead 6 of whom were mutilated with 1 beheaded. This goes to show the Govt knew it was dealing with ex and still MNLF manimals riding Misuari and the Kirams delusions. Agbimuddin served under fellow Suluk Datu Mustapha, for crying out loud. Now we are hearing allegations from refugees from Simunul and Sandakan reaching Manila of Malaysian police and army brutalities.The Bishop of Mindanao has also made an appeal. Should the eye for an eye be true then there are either vengeful actions or fabrications to warrant external interference!One woman has lived in Sandakan for 26 years (c 1987) with blue IC. Instead of helping the Sabahans face the intruding murderers they cabut.`Talibarut' or complicity to the Kirams or SOP as in the MNLF vs PNoys' wars? Idyll life in Sabah shattered. Bravo Kirams, now you can fill up your bellies and share your poverty with your returning "won't thank u for it" citizens!

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 13:21  

Ur english superb...i dont think i'll be at ur level...

But sometimes quite complicated to understand...

-PR supporter-

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 13:33  

There have been reports of violence by BN samseng at pakatan ceramahs.Recently At Teluk Intan where a lot of DAP bigwigs were there the ceramah had to be cancelled which was a letdown to people who came. The police don’t seem to do much. They did not do anything to chase away the samseng at the Teluk Intan ceramah but they did manage to control the samseng in Melaka. But even then people were injured and the PKR bus windows smashed. At the disturbance in Melaka even Ali Rustam was photographed among the samseng crowd brazenly smiling and laughing. When these disturbances occur sensible people condemn it as ‘umno terdesak lah’, ‘budaya samseng lah’. But the umno blogs boast about how they drove the ‘enemy’ away and taught them a lesson like it’s a war. In the TA ceramah the samseng were right in the middle of the crowd. How did they enter with their long flag poles? This violence seems to be targeted at DAP & PKR not so much PAS. Maybe it’s time DAP employ private security personnel in uniform to deal with the disturbances. The retired generals who join PAS might help.

Donplaypuks® 10 March 2013 at 13:37  

PM Najib is a serial liar! He lied twice about meeting Saiful, and only owned up when RPK exposed it in M2Day!

Then he was not forthcoming about $85 million blowout to APCO, $55 million to FBC, and now $1.2 million to Josh Tevino to blacken Anwar's name in the USA and internationally. His henchman, Nazi, orignally said in Parliament that APCO was paid $27 milllion, but later corrected it to US$27 million, after consulting Hansard. Should MP's in the Malaysian Parliament have to ask which currency, everytime a govt minister states a figure?

Then there was the 3-day "shopping trip" in Milan which was only uncovered after Oppositions MP's checked the flight schedule.

Again, Airforce 1 was apparently commandeered for a daughter's engagement event in Kazakh, which included an entourage of Malaysian guests!! The list is endless.

When fibbing becomes second nature to the occupant of the highest public office in a country, shoudn't impeachment proceedings have commenced a couple of years ago?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 15:31  

from media rakyat>

Tq n tq again n again dato Wira maharajalela Malaysia. Better than Thai Sakmongkol Dato.

First YB tian Chua n some of the jokers are over twitting until the brains sometimes becomes twitty bird brain.
Anyway this issue is not about tian chua it is about Tanah Melayu yang pada satu masa dulu Agong,Suci,Amat Pangasih dan berdaulat. Skrg sejak kerala keling iblis bentuk United melayu Not original Tanah Melayu Malaysia jijit dengan lalat lalat celup.

Kenapa sumbangan pada Pahlawan kita kena minta Tabung bukan rakyat gak bisa beri kami beri dengan bangga tapi bila dalam TV buat wayang kulit minta itu buat kami sungguh bosan dan jijit.
RM500 juta bagi pada Baginda skrg sembunyi di Britian negara orang yang main maruah Melayu hingga Maharalela kena bangkit.
RM500 juta boleh bagi baginda yang konon deepak bilang mati pucuk.

Pahlawan kita bodoh punya Raja Filem lucah nak tunjuk terror bagi rm2,000. I ingat raja lucah bodoh itu bayar cewet nya dalam filem itu rm20,000.00 Bodoh dan jijit berita dan peristiwa Tanah Melayu kita skrg. ini sejak Melayu Not Original mencermah Tanah Agama dan Bangsa Suci Ini.

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 20:50  

Sungguh memalukan kerana orang orang yang menjadi ketua parti politik dan kemudian memegang jawatan ketua menteri, menteri, ketua jabatan dll mempunyai tahap pemikiran yang sama taraf dengan tong tahi. Mereka ini sudalah terlalu bodoh, tolol, dungu serta kalau boleh berjalan dengan telanjang bulat di tengah jalanraya dengan hanya tersenggih senggih tanpa segan silu dan malu. Mereka ini menjadi pemimpin di negara ini dan bukan hanya tidak rasa malu tapi memalukan negara, bangsa dan juga kepada perkataan pemimpin!

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 20:54  

Why didn't they use tear gas on the u traders? Like how they did Bersih?

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 21:10  

Hari ini penghianat nombor satu negara dari kerala yang berlagak lebih dari melayu sejati yang telah memperbodohkan orang melayu dan penduduk malaysia selama 22 tahun, hari ini masih lagi cuba hendak memperbodohkan orang melayu dengan mengunakan isu agama dan bumiputra untuk terus melindungi diri dan anak anaknya dari menghadapi kenyataan undand undang dengan menyeru orang untuk menyelamatkan selangor! Sibanggang tua dan kaki putarbelit bangsat ini tak tahu ke yang selangor telah pun diselamatkan lima tahun yang lepas?
Kotek tua dari kerala ini sudah tahu bahawa masa sudah begitu hampir untuknya berhadapan dengan kenyataan dan sudah tak tentu arah dan mengelabah tak tentu pasal. Bangsat ini kata nak selamatkan selangor?..tengok apa sibangsat tua ini sudah buat disabah dan keadaanya sekarang? Dia buat tak reti saje...di semenanjung pun penghianat ini ada buat perkara yang sama! Thnggulah kamu....akan terima padahnya nanti.

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 21:39  

Pok Li, we can add more V's in front of I.P. it will still not change one bit the quality of leadership of UMNO and BN people. I know of another case where again a so-called VVIP had extra-domestic fun while the poor wife lay immobilised by a stroke.

Let us just the throw the whole lot out now that we have lost eight brave men - what the fcuk these leaders were doing behind the closed door of their offices while our men braved bullets and got struck down, and got beheaded?

These guys are not serious at all.

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 21:49  

To make things simple.Remember what grandparents and parents used to tell their grandchildren and children.Never play with fire because one day it might burn that patch or bunch between your legs.

Malaysia used to get involved with these Muslim militants actively during Mahathir's time.Trying to meddle with our neighbours affairs.Training them and acting as a transit for illegal arms, supplied by cowboy nations to these militants.And even acting as peace mediators for Thailand and the Philippines with these militants.

Ant by rewarding their benefactors,the cows have finally starting to come home.And this is how they showed their thanks to their benefactor for helping them all these decades.By biting and chewing what they have left between their legs.Go figure.

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 21:57  


You have been robbed blind by UMNO for at least 25 years, and you still don't realise it.

After receiving Rm500 you should be able to write at least 500 words to show how clever you, and may be get appointed one day, to clean the toilets in PKR hq building. PKR policy regarding cleanliness of their toilets is simple - we need smart chaps. Not so much chaps dig toilets, OK?

bruno,  10 March 2013 at 23:01  

The defence minister said that the Sulu invaders should be tried according to Malaysian laws for brutally and inhumanely killing eight policemen,like cannibals.

Well,Mr Minister,who cares if they were under the influence of drugs or were using black magic.Just do your job and stop assuming,speculating or imagining things.And furthermost stop spreading rumours.

Hishamuddin should take note of whom he is dealing with.Babarians or cannibals should be the exact words,not boy scouts,girl guides or lembak pakchiks and ah peks.

Anonymous,  11 March 2013 at 06:47  

Only retards listen to amno. Munafiqs!

Anonymous,  11 March 2013 at 18:34  

Didn't Hishammuddin the Home minister declared those intruders as neither Terrorists nor Militants so they must be Tourists, why is he not waving his keris on this occasion, maybe he misplaced them on his bike's fuel tank.

Anonymous,  12 March 2013 at 16:08  

For Sabahan ASAL only one thing stays in our minds,THE DEATH OF THESE SOLDIERS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPEN IF "NO PROJECT IC" EVER OCCURRED,but sad to say Tun M himself has ADMITTED that he gave the orders personally,so to US MAHATHIR is the course of all our hardships now and the days to come,as the terrorists will never quit,they have been at war for over 100 years with the Phillipine Govt and they already declared war against malaysia Sabah , So we will remember that this GE13.......

Anonymous,  12 March 2013 at 20:00  

Hisham misunderstood the word fatigue kut

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