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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 27 March 2013

The Oracle Interview- Final Part

Of course I don’t know Daim. How could i? Impossible said AR Tompel. I am not in his league. I am only a one term ADUN and a loser who is sore because Najib did not extend his adunship. Daim won’t want to see the likes of him- he’s DAP. They are a bunch of communists, infidels and worse, they are Republicans. 
Daim only entertains the UMNO swindlers, fornicators, buggers, embezzlers, the corporate con people etc. and Daim only sees the UMNO incumbents who want him to say one or two good words of them to Najib.
I only know the Oracle. So Oracle it is. I shall address Oracle as though I am addressing Tun Daim.
I asked the Oracle. Have you read Mahathir’s memoir?
As soon as I landed from a trip to Africa, I was given the book. I read it that day and finished it in one night.
Which was the best part O Oracle?
You read about the part where Mahathir says he is loyal to Siti Hasmah and that he is one woman man?
I did said I. it was in the first few pages.
Hawhaw- more than anyone else, I know more about Mahathir. His memoir is not completed until I publish mine.
Yours? Not TDZ asked I.
Let’s just say, I speak exactly what Daim wants to. Or you can say he does not even have to speak; I know what he wants to say. In fact I know exactly how and what he thinks.
O oracle, what do you make of UMNO carrying out cherry picking and harvesting the low hanging fruits? Could it be that they are parking all the wealth making resources in the hands of friendly parties? Semua hantam. The last being CTRM.Why are these people cashing out? They know something we dont?
What’s with Syed Mokhtar asked I. is he fronting for Mahathir? He seems to be getting all he wants.
I don’t know him says the Oracle. Only met him once. I know the father of course in Alor Star. I know that he is the son in law of Syed Kecik and also Syed Kecik’s nephew. Other than that, I don’t know.
What has YTL done to get the Majestic Hotel?
Mahathir gave it to him. In exchange for the National Theatre.
But have you seen the quality of construction of the National theatre?
Before I could continue, the Oracle said;
the quality is mediocre compared to the renovated and redone Majestic Hotel.
And soon all the other buildings around Majestic, will be gobbled up by Syed Mokhtar.
I am giving interviews to Utusan Malaysia and some Chinese newspapers said the Oracle.
Both of us let out laughs. Of course those who get to interview the Oracle once a year and not see him monthly since 2008 as I , will not know the nuance of our laughs. The hilarity of the statement is shared between someone Daim will not see and the Oracle anyway. No big deal.
Ah- I am sure you will be asked to endorse Najib said I.
That’s what they want me to do, I do lah. Haha.and I have asked to be less candid when giving interviews and less critical.
How is Najib I asked?
He’s your ex Ketua Bahagian, you should know more that I , hehe.
Well I know he is ball-less. He will never be revolutionary. Like you told me some time ago, when Najib announces the candidates, UMNO is only 70% strong. The rest will plot and scheme.
I know he is spending like nobody’s business. When you were the Finance Minister how did you tackle the problem?
Didn’t you read what I did? I cut down spending. I reduced salaries. And I did that when our earnings from commodities were strong. Najib is doing exactly the opposite. And the commodity economy is slacking.
The current FM- he thinks spending is good. When I was FM, the debt service was RM5 billion. You can do the math when our public debt is RM504 billion. The PM is busy travelling here and there.
The problem lies with Najib. He wants to do everything himself. He doesn’t trust anyone. Mahathir had us Ghurkhas. Najib has wimps. Just like him.
Let’s get to some serious business.
How do you see the coming elections?
I think, BN will still win marginally. They have the experience. I have told this to Najib and UMNO leaders. But of course like I told you, I gave a lot of caveats. Many of them.
It depends whether they will adopt what I said. I think they won’t get enough seats in Kelantan to take over the state. UMNO will lose many seats in Sabah, maybe up to 16 parliamentary seats. The loss over there will be compensated by wins in Kedah.
Hah, why are you speaking like Dr Mahathir? I asked. He was saying the same thing. How can you speak of Kedah like that? Do you often go back to Kedah?
I do? I don’t know that. He lets out a small chuckle with a twinkle in the eye.
I go back once in a while. I meet up Azizan and have dinner with him sometimes. That chap Pahrolrazi and 2 other fellows are causing a split in Kedah PAS and UMNO can capitalise on that. If only they know how.
If they don’t, you don’t have to tell them O Oracle I said.
I will not just as I told Najib I will not offer him any advice how to run the Finance Ministry. He is the FM. he must do his job.
I wasn’t going to belabour the obvious. Obviously Mahathir has summoned the Oracle and told him in no uncertain terms, that if UMNO loses, the Oracle will also be doomed.
The Oracle looked hesitant and for the first time, distant.
Ah so, you are giving them what they want. Is that good for the country?
The Oracle remained silent.
What do you think is the real issue in Lahd Datu.
 I think its Anwar’s game. He wanted to cause some instability. But the script went awry.
Hold on O Oracle. There are 800,000 sulu people in Sabah who were given IC. They helped BN win Sabah since 1995. Wasn’t it a case where Najib promised to give them land and have them resettled? And the area of settlement was supposed to be Felda Sahabat where the invaders are now holed up? And Najib reneged on his promise to the Sulu people?
Hmm, I don’t know that.
People say it’s a sandiwara, the Oracle continued. And look what happened to Tian Chua.
He didn’t say what was reported I countered.
He said it was an UMNO sandiwara.
He was responding to an online interviewer I said. The nature of online news is that all the facts are not determined yet.
Yes and true, but the lesson is don’t say nasty things about the soldiers who lost lives. They have surviving family members who will go ballistic at the slightest provocation.
Yes, the UMNO people are doing the provocation because it serves their interest.
What’s your beef with Anwar?
Anwar is what people say he is. He’s sick. His hands tremble if he doesn’t get it.
Get what? I asked. We both laughed. Did you know he is that?
I don’t until much later. My daughter was a staunch follower of Anwar. She wrote me a letter berating me about my lifestyle. I responded by saying, that is a matter between God and Me. One day, my daughter came back and told me Anwar is a fraud. I asked what happened, she merely told me you will find out later. Both of you are cut from the same cloth.
Anwar was clever at hiding his problem. When we meet, we talk about women as normal men do. I certainly know my women.
Who else actually know of Anwar’s sickness?
Sanusi answered the Oracle.
Do you people meet up each other?
Once in a while. Sanusi can even name the Jambus Anwar cavorts with.
Because of that, Anwar isn’t fit to become PM? O Oracle, bab sundal menyundal ni, Najib pun tak kurang hebat. He’s also a bloody fucker.
You told me, that Najib fears 2 people in this country other than Mahathir.
Yes yes said the Oracle. One is the leader of the gang, 5-2. Five-Foot two. To that, the Oracle let out a loud guffaw. I haven’t been to Port Dickson a long time….
The other is Rahim Tamby Chik. It seems he and Najib share the same historical figure.
Ok , I will see you next time. All the best to you. You will win easily at your place. I have some people coming over in a while.
I stood up, took his hand and I said, Salute! Don Corleone.


antisyaitan,  27 March 2013 at 08:36  

Salam Datuk,

Pengundi atas pagar menjadi penentu kemenangan calun-calun dlm PRU bukan sahaja PRU13 malah PRU sebelumnya sejak merdeka lagi.

Cuma ada satu kelainan dalam PRU13 nanti dimana kemenangan akan memihak kpd UMNO/BN hasil dari pengaruh fatwa Mursyidul Am UMNO/BN bahawa rakyat mesti memilih "Kumpulan Syaitan yang Dikenali" untuk kesejahteraan didunia dan akhirat. Kejayaan ini akan disokong pula oleh keyakinan rakyat kapada prinsip wasyaitaniah yang dipelopori oleh Presiden Chuah Soi Legg dan Presiden Najib yang menjadi sekutu utama dalam UBN.

Datuk perlu bekerja lebih kuat lagi untuk mengatasi cabaran dari UBN.

Selamat Berjuang

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 09:20  

Jangan lah percaya benda yang bukan2. Astaghfirullah banyak2.

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 09:55  

macam baca novel Hemingway. stranger than fiction

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 10:01  

Tell me sir,Which man does not have a one night stand. All these talks about anwar is getting what tamils say ''pulichipohcheeee''
Bn has no effect anymore.
I myself,if i had a few stouts, will 'fish' and fry .
Tell me one minister/warlord/just about anybody who has a long john, who has not screwed around ,just one then i'll show you a martian.

People should not pretend to be an angel .
That applies to ladies too especially from mno,during the ga one could see the hunting and setting up of love nests .pronto !

bruno,  27 March 2013 at 10:10  

What the oracle is saying is not to read to much in what he says,as he is only offering Umno lip service.Just expect the opposite of what he said in his interview to the NST,as Daim owes his allegiance to Mahathir and Umno,afterall most if not all of his fortune comes with the compliments of Mahathir and Umno.

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 11:55  

Oh all this while you are just imagining about Oracle and in your own head you say Oracle is Daim alter ego. Cakap lah awal2 tak payah la belit2. Kalau cerita dongeng macam ni memang pembangkang pandai bercerita. Amcam Anwar lah, ceramah dia ramai orang datang sebab dia buat lawak, menari atas pentas, tukang karut. JAdi awak pun sama jugak lah. Tukang karut. Orang2 macam ni memang ramai dalam parti pembangkang.

Cuma no way kami hendak orang2 macam ni jadi pemimpin negara. Hancur negara di buat nya!!

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 12:12  

The last two sentence from you kinda make me wanna laugh out loud. You say the so called Oracle mentioned you'll win easily in your seat? ha ha ha ha ha.

Nak bertanding kat mana ni bang? Pekan?, Pulau Manis? Putrajaya? Gelang Patah? ha ha ha

Atas tiket apa ni? PAS? PKR? DAP?

Sudah lah jangan mimpi di siang hari. Awak pasti kalah. Wang pertaruhan pun nanti hilang...ha ha ha ha

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 14:17  

The oracle is daim

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 16:28  

that's the thing isn't it? Despite their best efforts, Mahathir couldnt find any evidence that would stand in a court of law and public opinion that would have convicted Anwar of his 'immorality' as it were. Everything had to be doctored by the good doctor.

Oh and let's not talk about the sex video brought in by a man with a penchant for underage rape...

And Saiful's suspcicouly untouched anus...

Anwar is certainly no saint. But I wonder if those that keep condemning him based on how they knew the man in his UMNO days ever considered that his fall from grace could have changed him? It was a life-changing experience. But I guess those who've never been humbled would not know the meaning of the word.

When Selangor fell to PKR, and is being administered well, even better then under BN - that was the beginning of the end. The public saw, despite the propaganda, that Pakatan States can thrive. A real choice available for regime change.

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 17:05  

Hahaha...anwar's sickness. So betullah ye..

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 17:19  

anon 1705

haha- Najib's fetish- betul juga ye.

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 17:29  

Just because daim or the oracle say somebody is sick does not mean it is so. Please be careful of fitnah. Dosa besar

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 17:29  

Amboi, sedap nya awak memnyambung fitnah tentang DSAI.
Nanti awak kata bukan saya yg kata, tdz, er, alter ego apa ke benda yg kata.
Nak megah pulak tu awak kenal daim, er, alter-ego apake benda. Ada kita kisah?
Jgn besar kepala lah. Klu takde anwar, dap tak kemana lah dlm perhitungan politik hari ini.
Ko ni ejen siapa? Who's your daddy?

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 17:59  

Daim Statement voice merely a pirate defend his pirate friends. Each Malaysian must do research and identify who actually Daim was. Unfortunate if Malaysian make their decisions based on the word of this UMNO playboy.

The fact if Anwar is a problematic leader, he might not have the courage to fight the whole machinery of UMNO (the government) that were attacking him from every conners. If Anwar proves very innocent, he will be pushed down himself like what had happening to many Umno leadership before, giving up without a courage to fight.

UMNO leadership fear to face Anwar prudently is a strong evidence that Anwar is in the side of truth. Berani kerana benar. Only person with self-interest, troubled and shallow knowledge has failed to understand this situation

Machang Cowboy,  27 March 2013 at 18:14  

Penyakit Anwar hanya persepsi yang dimainkan oleh musoh musoh beliau. Tiada sebesar zarah pun yang betul.

Yakinlah Sak akan bertanding di Raub. Kemenangan didalam gengaman.

Sumpitan Emas,  27 March 2013 at 18:35  


The Oracle is Daim's near identical twin brother, Diam, when he is not day-dreaming. A known teetotaller, but he can easily become unusually chatty with just one bite of a small piece of home-made tapai. Friends agree this guy is a real matter-of-fact egg-head with no pretensions, no malice, no nothing - states the facts and opinions clearly without beating round the bush - doesn't even know what a bush looks like even at this age while the head is closely resembling that of an egg by the day; lone-rangers like him at least are spared having to account to the world for misadventures in too many bushes.

A scientist friend whispered to me that men like Diam are actually responsible for perpetuating a static gene pool while our more adventurous virile compatriots, believe it or not, are the ones strengthening our gene pool, hence our continued survival here, provided of course in every instance, that gene collision must be allowed to take its natural course without external interference whatsoever, be they mineral, vegetable or animal.

Diam, with the slightly altered egg material from his other half, must have a bit more tapai as Election looms. We need another Oracle session. Some facts, some advice, some dreams, some nightmares.

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 18:57  

anon 16:28,

selangor thriving? you live in a twillight zone or what?

i dont support any party but the selangor state government is not performing. i wasted my votes for them last election. i will definitely not vote them this coming election. no way i want them....NO WAY

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 19:08  

i wonder what dato sak has in his cupboard

ramli 27 March 2013 at 19:12  

"I know he is spending like nobody’s business. When you were the Finance Minister how did you tackle the problem?
Didn’t you read what I did? I cut down spending. I reduced salaries. And I did that when our earnings from commodities were strong."

Hmmm... Ex Finance Minister, Hailed from Kedah .... guess who is the Oracle ...? Not many Ex-Finance Minister from Kedah Dato ?

Ariff Sabri 27 March 2013 at 19:31  

anon 17:29

do you understand what you have read? i am merely restating what Tun Oracle said. when something is said uncomplimentary about Anwar, you go berserk. didn't you read the part which i countered him.
if you don't understand, ask.

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 20:50  

I'm not an admirer of AI - he does step on people's toes and he's really oblivious sometimes of how hard people work for him. But what he espouses resonates with my deepest wishes - and if half of what the 3 parties are trying to achieve together is realized, to me all these discussions that we are having are worth it.
What makes me mad though is dwelling on the subject of whether he's gay or not. It just doesn't make sense. If he were, he wd be better off living in an English castle with lots of money and f... his butler, his hairdresser or whoever in complete anonymity. If his hand shakes when the urge comes, well what better place than all these countries that the rich Malays retire to, to do what they wish. Please lah! Let this gay matter rest. He's not a saint but he's not gay. Lets just use some common sense

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 21:02  

Sak I truly understand what you tell here and its amazing. Hope to see you win big in coming election

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 21:09  

anon 18.57

Selangor is definitely thriving compared to how the Umno-centric media portrays them as with scare-mongering tactics like state bankruptcy, erosion of Malay rights, demos, Khalid's cowgate, water issues etcetc.

The state has not gone to the dogs

The litmus test with Selangor was could PKR govern as well or better than BN. And this is a novice party governing for the first time as opposed to the 55 years BN have had. And with no cooperation from Federal.

Maybe, since they've only been in power for 5 years they lack the political nous of say, Khir Toyo?

witholding your vote for PR is your right, but dont complain when BN wins and it's business as usual save instead of has-been Toyo it's Nor Ezam or some other BN winnable candidate using Selangor as his personal piggy bank

rance,  27 March 2013 at 21:32  

Dear Dato'Sak,
Disappointed n sad that u deemed it fit to pen your "Final part with the Oracle" to your readers. esp.the Sabah issue

abuluqman,  27 March 2013 at 23:36  

When Sanusi Junid was president of UIA, he tried many times to convince us students what a bad man Anwar is. But when we asked him a straightforward question whether Anwar is really a bisexual or a sodomite, he didnt answer the question. Instead he went on rambling that the issue is not important. What is important according Sanusi is that Anwar must never become PM because he is close to the Jews and Americans, and that he will sell off the country if he becomes PM. So, make-up your mind. This is a man who absolutely hates Anwar but when asked directly whether he is certain that Anwar is 'sick', somehow did not have the courage to even utter the accusations made against Anwar. And this was not even in a public event. It was a closed door meeting!

Anonymous,  27 March 2013 at 23:36  

“Kalau saya lawan, maka saya pasti akan dituduh seorang homoseksual malahan mengadakan hubungan seks dengan binatang dan lain-lain. Kamu tidak kenal dia (Dr. M) sepertimana saya. Pada masa itu juga saya tidak ada kekuatan kewangan. Duit semua dipegang oleh Daim.”

Sir Moses Black a.k.a Tun Musa Hitam

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 00:21  


Ulamak agung dunia pun pertahankan UMNO. Siapalah kita untuk meragui parti ini. Saksikan sendiri gambar seputar kunjungan ulamak besar ini bersama sama pemimpin UMNO. Ini adalah bukti perjuangan UMNO adalah suci dan murni berbanding PR.

Gambarnya boleh diakses di

Inilah juga antara sebab kenapa Tun Daim pertahankan Najib dan UMNO kerana perjuangan UMNO BN adalah sesuci embun pagi. Jadi Tun Daim benar bila beliau pertahankan Najib dan UMNO.

Cucu Tok Perak,  28 March 2013 at 03:15  

I think those who give negative comments against you Dato', they don't really understand what's the gees in your writing. They don't really understand the whole story but pretending they understand it well. Ask...if you don't understand it well. If you feel shy to ask...pegi belajar bahasa inggeris la. Jangan buat2 faham. Jangan kamu dikatakan orang bodoh tak boleh diajar, serdik tak boleh diikut.

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 03:34  

Datuk Sak maybe it should be as soon as I landed from Dar Es Salaam where TDZ owns a commercial bank, International Bank of Malaysia (T) Ltd since 1998! The Oracle is none other than TDZ himself!

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 09:50  

Sir, there was rumurs I heard that Daim is sponsoring only specific candidate this time. Are you one of them? Is he the one recommend you to join DAP? I hv this disturbing thoughts of you and may be even AA as front liner of Daim. Pls forgive my bluntness as I am so eager and anxious to know the answer.

org selangor,  28 March 2013 at 10:31  

anon 16:28,

selangor thriving? you live in a twillight zone or what?

i dont support any party but the selangor state government is not performing. i wasted my votes for them last election. i will definitely not vote them this coming election. no way i want them....NO WAY

27 March 2013 18:57

Please tell us what has not done by PKR for 5 years?

and also tell us what has been done by BN for 50 years in Selangor?

Don't shot like a stupid fool and hope stupid fellow to follow.

As we are aware, PKR has provided free water, RM 2000 for deceased, less corrupt leader, extra reserve (2 billion), better education fund, low cost housing...etc.

As for BN's rule for 50 years, they are good at robbing the rakyat money and Apa pun tiada.

Please prove me wrong if u dare?

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 11:15  

Thanks for sharing this interesting interview with the Oracle Dato. Look forward to hear more from the Oracle.

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 13:14  

If I don't get it my hands shake too... thank God I just mean my daily cup of coffee.

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 14:04  

Dear Datuk Sak and readers of Datuk Sak's blog:

I urge all of you to read the book by Gene Sharp called
“From Dictatorship to Democracy”.

Complete text available for free on the Internet.


Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 14:58  

Who's the bloody PM in Malaysia anyway? Najib or Mahathir?

Why is Mahathir making all the statements and behaving as if he's still the UMNO Presiden and PM of Malaysia?

Where is the spineless YB from Pekan????

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 16:51  

Anwar has already won but badly wounded.

He don't have to do anything from here.

History will judge him well and be kind to him....can't say the same for the others.

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 21:28  

Anon 18:57,
Last election i voted azmin and zuraidah in. This election, pakatan can count on my vote.

Malay,Male,40's,not affiliated to any parties

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 21:49  

U didn't vote for PR. I know, and you couldn't prove you did. Could u?

Anonymous,  28 March 2013 at 21:51  

Haha ha! Right on! Bullseye! !

Donplaypuks® 28 March 2013 at 22:34  

"Puncak Niaga eyes marginal oilfields." KiniBiz

Whoa, from water to buying over-inflated pipes from one's own company, to O&G just like that!

Looks like Petronas is going to be sodomised again and again. After all, how can you drill for new marginal oilfields? Only Petronas knows where these marginal oilfields which were once not viable, are located.

And if they are viable now, why should Petronas give it away to Puncak and its Indonesian partners? Maybe Diam Diam can explain it. Now we know why Hassan Merican was sidelined, don't we?

The stink is unbearable!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 09:04  


byk nya episode tentang oracle system ni, oracle orang jerla... terlampau panjang lebar bro, kalo ada kesimpulan pendek lagi bagus.. aku budak bandar master of science baca sampai half pun dah sesat bingung, aku Fw panggil collegue baca dier pun cakap sesat. kalo orang kampung yg baca.. sure tertidor kat meja berairliur melimpah..

majority pengundi masih lagi primitive tuan... article ini terlampau high tech,.. tak paham isi kandungan tuh tuan..

drpd orang bandar

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 22:10  

I think so.

dato banyak respect him but he is a former lanun. a big one too

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 23:55  

Drpd orang bandar,tu lah suruh belajar tak nak kalau tenguk buku seks pasti no problem.kan UMNO banyak video seks Anwar pergilah mintak dari cawangan UMNO terdekat pasti paham semua termasuk rakan2 mu sekali.

Anonymous,  30 March 2013 at 09:24  


Oracle ni bukan Daim, tapi dia tahu apa yang Daim pikir/tahu. In other words, he is, as in your own words, the alter ego of Daim.

Aku rasa aku tau sapa Oracle ni ....

Mesti hantu raya Daim!

Ha ha ha !!!

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