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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 9 March 2013

Fools Rush in and So here we are?

The expression fools rush in where angels fear to tread was first used by Alexander Pope. (Remember in the film Da Vinci Code, the actor Tom Hanks mentioned the name A. Pope who was entombed….). I hope the expression does not become- fools rush in and so here I am.
To me- it has become just that. Fools rush in and so here we are. We are here to celebrate the u turn done by Saiful Bukhari’s father. The father suddenly appeared to make a press conference offering his apologies to Anwar and stating that the whole sodomized issue was a conspiracy by UMNO to frame Anwar.
My question is why didn’t the alleged victim say those things himself? It was his arse that was abused not the father’s. The one buggered was Saiful, not the father who was making a press conference yesterday. So the statements by the father are just mere hearsay.
Why should Anwar lend credence to the staged drama? Isn’t his position has been, is and will always be that judgement of his character is not dependent on what others perceive him as? Does it matter what Saiful’s father  think of Anwar now. Anwar is what he is, independent  of what Saiful the father and others think him as.
Anwar’s innocence or otherwise must be proven in court and not in the drama staged by Saiful’s father.
What if, immediately, the alleged victim come out and say , his father has been used? That really, the reason for the sudden atonement of Saiful’s father was prompted by some internal family discontent? Maybe the father didn’t get a fair share of what Saiful got? Or maybe the whole thing was staged to make Anwar and PKR people drop their guards and maybe their pants?
Beware of the Greeks who come bearing gifts.Maybe Saiful tells the father- pop the bastards BN haven't paid me the money they promised- why dont you do a press conference to ferret the rats out into giving me the millions they promised us? if not, we will say the whole thing was engineered by UMNO.


bruno,  9 March 2013 at 08:03  

Dato,everything happens for a reason.Good or bad,most of the time it is the makings of human beings.Sodomy I is either the makings of Mahathir or Anwar.Sodomy II is either the makings of Saiful with Najib's knowledge or Anwar too.These we assume are all to finish off Anwar politically

The Anwar porno dvd is the making of the three stooges or is it Anwar really in action.These only the players involved and their lackeys or Anwar will know the truth.This many believed is the work of the Thambi,who wants to get back to look good,or sucking up to Najib's balls.

Then the porn dvd of CSL was done by people of Ong Kah Ting,to finish off CSL.But of course everybody knows it is CSL because of the size of his gone wild birdie.

Then we have carpet bagger Deepak who turned and bite the hands that fed him.Maybe Deepak turned on the first couple because a jug of jelly was forced into his ass.And PI Bala was telling the world what Deepak's master loves.

Then we have the rat Warthamoorthy who fled to UK and seeked political asylum.Then he waltzed his way across the causeway and now he is bedding Najib and Umno.We have to ask MACC to check his foreign bank account.

Now Bala is back for a reason too.Maybe he needs restocking of stacks of RM100 bills in his storeroom.

Then we have the Taulogs invading Sabah.It happens for a reason too.They claimed that the land belongs to their ancestors.

Now Saiful's old man wants to have a piece of the action too.Maybe it is the election fever.Malaysia sure is the land of the tak' bolehs.

Sumpitan Emas,  9 March 2013 at 08:30  

Dato', of late we have lots of Greeks and Trojans. As you have aptly hinted, it is all about money - hard cash - that decides how people behave despite all the prayers said every day.

How right, beware of the Greeks: timeo Danaos et dorna ferentes - I fear the Greeks, even when bearing gifts (from Virgil's Aen,II.49).

All my Kurdish friends from university days will never forget what the Greeks did to Abdullah Ocalan by handing him over to their traditional enemies, the Turks.

Yes, DSAI, stay on course, take heed of Dato's advice. But allow me to add this, at least for this one time, do look at a gift horse in the mouth, before the PRU.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 08:35  

Fully agree with you. Hope Anwar wont't fall into this 'trap'.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 08:45  

...stating that the whole sodomized issue .....

Koret, koret, koret, the issue was and still is sodomized by powers that be as the noose tightens.

I am glad to be still alive to be witness of all these events though I still burn inside to think of the needless, careless sacrifice of six brave men.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 08:52  

Agree with you Dato. I thought it sound sinister reading the father's statement. And the son did come out and contradict the old man. I think someone is dangling a carrot in front of a donkey as a trap. Something is brewing for sure. Anwar and his people is wise to keep themselves away and let things run their own course.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 09:01  


This buggery issue is a distraction in our politics since 1998!

15 years long....

Come on, grow up people!

Pok Li,  9 March 2013 at 09:19  

Does it matter now what Saiful or his father say? Those who believe Anwar is a sodomite will continue with their belief and those who believe Anwar is a victim of political conspiracy will continue with their belief too.

Our concern should be on the economy and good governance which have been sodomised by UMNO/BN putras which are affecting us day to day.

Just stay focused on changing the government through GE13, for the rest will fall into place naturally.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 09:28  

Never would we know the real intention behind Saiful's father u-turn. He might have repented considering that he is now 60yrs old and would be called to meet the Lord. Isn't it better to repent now and tell the whole truth than to suffer later in the hereafter.

I heard the late Mohtar Dugong also repented for his crime against Anwar and asked the Lord to punish him on earth than in the hereafter where the punishment would be more severe.

But who cares. The whole thing is one of perception. Majority don't believe it before,now or later whether Siful's father is saying it is a conspiracy or not.

Sam Yap,  9 March 2013 at 09:32  

Dear Sak AK47,

What you wrote certainly mirrors my sentiments. And its already proven true, when yesterday evening, the buggered one, Saiful, refuted his father's claim.

Whatever the reason maybe for the father to make this statement, one thing is sure, the voting public is reminded once again of Anwar's alleged buggery. And our human psyche is such that everyone loves a scandalous tale - especially stories of sex and it'd be a bonus if involves a celebrity or a VVIP. Thats why scandalous and sensational stories always helps sell newspapers and magazines.

We have to ask ourselves this question: the father had more than a whole year to make a press statement about Anwar's innocence. So why do it only now at the eleventh hour just as GE13 is virtually round the corner? If the father had in fact believed that his buggered son was misled, the father would have been convinced by the court's acquittal of Anwar in January 2012. He should have made this statement of Anwar's innocence then and not now - 14 months later.

So, this whole sordid affair of the father claiming that his son, who claimed to be buggered, was a miscreant misled by some evil BN people, had just better remain as that - a family whose life's values are questionable. And leave it as it is.

If PKR and the voting public continue to debate and discuss this issue, it would only serve to keep the alleged unproven buggery alive whilst the man maybe truly be innocent. He is tarred and feathered in some voter's mind.

An excellent example is BN's Chua Soi Lek. The minute he opens his mouth, commentors at every online newsportal and in FB pages will inevitably recall his sexual proclivity. The voting public is constantly reminded of Chua Soi Lek's sex scandal.

The BIG difference is that in Chua Soi Lek's case it is proven to be true. There was real uncontested veracity of video evidence.

However, in the case of Anwar there is hardly any mention of Anwar's alleged buggery activity whether by friend or foe for the past months since January 2012.

Perhaps somebody decided its time to resurrect the buggered ghost, to keep it alive till GE13?

Thus, my personal hope is that Anwar and PKR will not touch this "gift by Saiful's father", even with a 10 feet barge pole. Don't pursue it further. No matter what else the son or the father may say, just leave it alone. It may be a poisoned chalice.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 09:55  

Well, after 5 years, just before the election, and right in the middle of Najib's euphoric patriotism drive?

Naaaaahhhh ...

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 09:56  

You mean Saiful and his father are both drones?

A family and arsenal of drones?

But his father has some sense. If his son is a fcuking liar he doesnt wanna be his son's fcuking father ! ;-))

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 10:18  

Whether Anwar did or did not do the plunging, be that as it may as only one person was targeted.
However, for half a century, the whole population of Malaysia, less some cronies, were and still are, being sodomised by UMNO in a big orgy.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 10:25  

This I have to say to DSAI. You have not won the war until it is over. Saiful and his father are pawns and more like them will be used in this game. Be very careful of people from within coz pawns are what they are meant to be.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 10:36  

This is to revived the sodomy issues which had died down after the acquital for the election. Then the issue will be blown out of proportion...... BN need an issue against AI

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 10:50  

Something fishy here. Very fishy. The old man provided no proof , only an inclination, a feeling, ans assumption.
I suggest Anwar just ignore him and continue with his campaign.
I think the father stepped forward to revive the sodomy 2 saga and refresh the memories of the gullible kampong folks.
The fact is the people believe Anwar is innocent, regardless of what Saiful or his father says.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 10:54  

I know we have to be careful but for the time being this drama gives good enough reason for the rakyat to suspect foul play and give benefits to Anwar come PRU13. What we need now is their votes, once we move in to Putrajaya I believe we can do better investigation than the present government.

troubadour 9 March 2013 at 10:55  

Taskforce 2010 was set up by the intelligence unit to destroy Anwar. Amongst its members is this Azlan guy. It was formed just after the 2008 Tsunami. If I were Anwar I would be very careful with this guy. PR heads be warned that things may not appear as what they seem. Remain focus on GE13. Even the Lahad Datu-Semporna incursion IS the wirk of intelligence operatives. The Sulus fell prey to Najib's government's bid to remain in power by dubious means. Going to war will indeed ensure only your version of the news are fed to masses. Najib and his people's failure is that they let the masses befriend and trust the new media instead of opening up government's media to be embraced by the masses. The people no longer trust Najib's version of events and the war is far too small to persuade people to rally behind him and a bit big to rattle Uncle Sam.

I am looking for Asia Pacific nations' intelligence report on this insurgent to understand the details. In problem solving techniques, identifying root cause if paramount to finding the cure. Root cause stays hidden with the conspirators (Najib and his intelligence unit) and there is no way we can cure the problem. The Sulu factor will remain a sore thumb for years to come if not forever, even with a new government helming our nation.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 11:19  

Dulu tanda hitam atas dahi saipol. Dlm pc semalam dah hilang. Ada waktu alim. Ada waktu tak alim. Ikut skrip filem.

FMZam 9 March 2013 at 12:09  

Never mind Saiful, just take what his father did at face value sans whatever the intrigue. A father denouncing his son's bad deeds is better than any collaborating father. How many fathers will do what Saiful's father had done especially when his son is within the circle of the power that be? Whether or not there's a string attached to the father who made the U turn is anybody's guess and anybody's theory that can only be proven when BN is collapsed or when Anwar is convicted by the appelette court! The point here is that why in Islam a muslim man made a "sumpah laknat" to Allah to allege another muslim but Allah made his own father to denounce his son's vow to Allah!

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 12:11  

The father named 2 people involved in the conspiracy an officer in Najib s office and a lawyer who prepared statements These 2 people if they are innocent should sueThen all will be revealed in the courtsAre they going to sue? Let's see If they don't then we know saifuls father was telling the truth

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 13:11  

Everyone is getting smarter after seeing the devil in tong kuti's evil way.

Dont jump for joy too fast, ada udang di sebalik batu.The devil smiling in delight.

We were once sweet and innocent in the days of tong kuti and that's why were were easy meat for him.

Now it is tong kuti turn to cry.We saw the sign from God.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 13:25  

"Beware of Greek bearing gifts"

How apt that "Greek" is used, when the topic is about sodomy.

Loved the irony, Dato

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 13:32  

I agreed with you Dato. If we do believe Shitful's father now, why did not we believe him before this? He is not telling us anything we ddn't already know. We knew it was a conspiracy from the very start. So ask Azlan to fcuk off.

aiD_kamikuP,  9 March 2013 at 13:37  

Anon of 9 March 2013 10:18 is spot on.

We have all been buggerred big-time by UMNO on a daily basis and we are being humoured too by all these sandiwaras.

One thing we can be sure to happen from now till election day GE13 - more will surface and it gets dirtier each time.

Just watch out for that evil Kerala Kutty - he definitely has plans to influence others to pull the pin if UMNO/BN loses out.

aiD_kamikuP,  9 March 2013 at 13:46  

or rather..

...Kerala Kutty - he definitely has plans to instigate others to pull the pin when (rather than if) UMNO/BN loses out.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 13:54  

This "confession" thing sounded really fishy. Wasn't he the one at the forefront of the whole episode and wasn't he too dead adamant that AG appealed the high court verdict? The only sound that permeates the whole drama is MONEY or the lack of it! Trust these vipers at your own risk!

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 14:12  


I do agree with u. U-turn made ​​by Saiful's father will not change anything even though admittedly it gives a slight advantage to Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat. However the statement from Saiful & UMNO supporters saying that Anwar pay a certain amount of money to his father is a big lie.

It is stupid if Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat spend millions RM just to force Azlan make u turn because the court itself is already passing judgment Anwar not guilty. Logically this payment should be made by Anwar long before the courts make a decision. After Anwar proven innocent, for what millions of RM wasted for a declaration that will not change the situation much. Anwar's better to use the money for PR campaigns that we know are in need for the preparation of GE 13 later.

In this situation there is no need for Anwar to take any action because we know Saiful lawyers will still continue with the appeals process and hearing. Only if Saiful and Khairil Anas (Najib assistant) feel Azlan latest statement is not true and undermines their credibility over the years in this sodomy cease, then Sailful and Khairul Anas must do something and sue Azlan. If this is done by Saiful and Khairil Anas, then this will be more favorable to them.

The question now... is Saiful and Khairul Anas dare do this to prove their manliness and truth?. To me, any new charges related to Anwar's sodomy ..normal people's perception will remain the same. Anwar certain is innocent in the eyes of the majority of Malaysians.

The fact is this latest development will only complicate the Saiful and defenders. Saiful and his father is now seen not aligned anymore. Saiful's just like copycat of Umi Hafilda respectively where parents object to what they are doing.

God almighty! Allah maha besar.

-Pattani Warrior-

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 14:14  

Dato Sak;
I smell a rat here as well. Great minds think alike. I hope Anwar and Pakatan will just concentrate on PRU 13 - on bread and butter issues, the corruption of Be End, the abuses of power, the theft and thuggery and offer the alternative of a clean government that panders to the policy of needs which will benefit the majority of the bumiputras anyway.
Disregard the gift in the form of Trojan horses however tempting they may be. Have the last laugh over the dirty tricks department of Bumno manned by dirty men of low IQs as the majority of smarties are in the Pakatan camp.
Last by not least, I pray to Almighty God to see to that Dato Sak wins handsomely in the coming PRU in any seat he chooses to stand.
Let's donate generously to Dato Sak's war chest!

Tulang Besi 9 March 2013 at 14:57  

I totally agree and the way I see it Anwar has chose to remain silent.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 15:28  

Dato! Masa depan Malaysia dibawah pimpinan kerajaan Najib teletak hanya pada Jubor Seyfol. Memalukan.

Itu saja yang Najib mampu buat.Tranformasi hanya ambil duit rakyat upah apco Yahudi burukkan Anwar.

Senarionya sama saja,kerja disuruh buat last sekali Najib kencing semua orang!Deepak,Bala,Altantuya,Kiram,Bapak Sayfool semua satu angkatan kena kecing oleh Najib.

walla 9 March 2013 at 15:36  

U: 'Why the cherubic smile, Sir?'

B: '(twinkle in the eyes) What, you want a devilish one instead, eh?'

U: 'Err, that would be disconcerting, wouldn't it? Unlike someone else, there's no air of sulfur around you, Sir. Kretek, ada, sulfur tiada.'

B: 'Well then, if you want to know, i am smiling because there are now four beautiful healthy leaves from the sapling of my cempedak plant.

You see, Q, i had this single seed from what was a very sweet and tasty cempedak fruit. I planted that seed in a small pot and tendered attention on it. Then one day its covering cracked and something grew. I wasn't sure whether it was shoot or root. Looking at the sky for guidance, somehow the decision came it could be a shoot. And so i turned it upwards.

And indeed it was so! Now weeks later, it is growing. A miracle. Something from almost nothing. It's a miracle because i turned it the right way up. If i had turned it downwards, then it would have died.

Likewise how we must decide for Malaysia on GE13, my friend. We should let Him decide for us. But He can only help us if we turn ourselves upwards. Not downwards.'

U: 'That's presuming He will be even bothered, B.'

B: 'Why you so cynical one, Q?'

Q: 'I am just confused and depressed about everything, B.'

B: 'You want some tonik cap gajah? I can't afford appeton, you know.'

Q: 'Sir! that's for women.'

B: '(looks into collar) Oh oh.

In any case, be clear and confident. Look at me. I am confident my cempedak sapling will grow into a sturdy plant. I am also confident i will not live long enough to be able to taste its fruit. It takes at least ten years to fruit.

But i am happy that my little effort here today which hides another effort to connect to Him will bring a little joy many years later to any little ones who want to relish a cempedak fruit out of the bounteous soil of this wonderful land!'

U: 'But you don't have any land to plant it, Sir.'

B: 'Ah, but my young neighbour has. So i shall ask him for permission to grow it in his small garden and water it for him. And tell him when it fruits, he can pluck first any amount he likes.

You see, Q, ultimately it is His Handiwork Which should be shared. It's not about fruit or property or anything else in life. Miracles are something to behold, don't you agree?'

U: 'But what has all this to do with our politics today, Sir?'

B: 'What politics? Politics should be simple and straightforward. Like growing a cempedak fruit tree. Pick the right party to do the right thing that delivers the right result in the right way.

What we have been getting is not politics but some b-grade soft porn side show put up by some venal caesars who steal from the plebeians while rome crackles and burns.

(Punches right fist onto left palm). We must get back our moral fiber!

And GE13 will be the moment when the test comes for us to do the right thing ourselves so that all the candidates who win will know we mean business when we say we want a clean and smart government.'

U: 'But what about those who lose?'

B: 'They will be able to take five to straighten themselves up then, won't they?

And by take five, i mean lima tahun. Kekeke!

Look at Khir Toyo today. He is becoming a better person, don't you see too? All that pressure and power when he was up there as MB took a toll on him. Relieved of both, he doesn't even need tempe anymore these days. There is a small glow of humility and sincerity in him. And that's what is still missing in today's Umno and its Barisan cahoots.'

U: 'Ah, i was wondering when you would return to your old self...'

walla 9 March 2013 at 15:39  


B: 'What old self? My self is your self is all the selves of the rakyat of Malaysia today.

The groundswell has swollen until it is now an unbridled and seething tornado, bristling and ready to change the present federal government once and for all.

Enough is enough. No more talk, no more wondering what to do, no more eenie-meenie-minnie-moe, no more tic-tac-toe, and no more kurang manis.

One massive swing followed by an upper right hook. Ini kalilah, they have said with pugnacious jaws, and (looks at reflection from a passing car window), rugged good looks.'

Q: '(eyes roll)But what to do with those who are thrown out?'

B: 'If it were up to me, let them be. That's my answer. On second thought, let them be - provided they return whatever they can of what they have stolen from the rakyat. The country will need back the money to discharge some of the biggest debts in our midst.'

Q: 'But the present caretaker government is still privatizing its assets to just one man who in turn is holding the banks to ransom on account of his massive nation-sized debts.'

B: 'All the more reason we need the money back to repair the ruin. It's not like Imelda's mouldy thousand pairs of shoes, you know. More like someone's gold-plated pearl necklace.'

U: 'Ah! you noticed.'

B: 'On a gazetted hubby salary of dua puluh tiga ribu sebulan lagi sebelum potongan cukai pendapatan, how to afford such conspicuous luxuries? By selling croissants, is it? Or perhaps from the contingency funds of Permata?

And if anyone replies all those things are gifts from business contacts, you can ask back when are business contacts so charitable unless they get some high-level favours back in which case who in the end will be paying for them? The stupid Umno rakyat diMalaysia (<-- psst, how to delete that??)'

U: 'Ok, but what about that man...?'

B: 'Let him be. He doesn't need to be thrown into jail. He's already in one of his own making. His mind must be so preyed by exposure of his own malfeasance with regards thousands of bad things he has done, notably today's Project IC, that it has gone off the rail and has started making its own confessions.'

U: 'Confessions?'

B: 'While one state was being invaded, he was instead writing about the economy of Europe. Nero fiddles while Rome burns, you may say.

But it was the metaphor he used which boomeranged back to our land. He used the metaphor of humpty dumpty's all the king's horses and all the king's men.

Replace the word "king" with "Najib" and you'll decode the real message, no?"

U: 'Ah!'

B: 'Why, your tooth hurts, is it? Try some salt water or take a ponstan. And yes, he too has read that special intelligence report.'

U: 'Ah, again!'

B: 'You really should do something about your dentals. You want some tonik cap gajah?'

U: '(look of horror). No, thank you. And yet, he remains teflonized again. Furthermore, treason this time.'

walla 9 March 2013 at 15:39  


B: 'Don't you know why? Let's pick five examples around but first please clear the sulphurous air of the devil.

One, the cocked-up administrator better suited to carry balls who banned opposition stickers from being put up in cars owned by GHKL staff.

Two, the FAMA organizer who banned the non-Malay journalist from attending the BTN-moulded religio-racist session of a regime that purportedly champions ptuied 1Malaysia.

Three, the nincompoop who tried to cybermarch on the Sulu invasion but tripped himself up by admitting the invaders were jungle-trained battle-hardened jihadists in which case what was he mumbling about against the fact our poor police chaps not trained for such terrain were thrown into the firing range just so that only after the dust had cleared did the chief honcho finally dared to make a play act appearance no different in the end from what his cousin had displayed in the beginning? Ah, did i just hear you say, "how convenient!"? So what does that not say about the entire fiasco?

Four, the Umno thugs who stormed into Opposition grounds beating the rakyat, making hypocritical complaints or gesticulating like monkeys on heat out from a jungle populated by jihadists, some would offer to say trained by us, naturalized by us and then armed by us. You want to check the serial numbers of those armalites they were holding?

And fifth, the sad one.'

U: 'The sad one?'

B: 'Yes, the same brain-and-ball:less anon who asked why should he vote for Pakatan when Umno has helped lift those like him up. He has written before as an anon as well. What, all the arguments presented with facts and rationale didn't enter his otak, is it?

You know, if someone has really been lifted up, he should have some brains to do his own homework and not do the same thing of asking again for help to make a choice.

What, no eyes and ears as well? Will this suffice?:

Q, take my word for it. This country stands at the tipping point. If people like that anon vote again for Umno, then it will go the same way as before. But this time, the real rakyat of Malaysia must prevail. It is time to end all the hypocrisies and crimes.

If everything is still alright, why did our police commandos have to die like that, furthermore mutilated?

If everything is still been alright, can that sanctimonious and selfish idiot of an anon answer why at the last Umno GA, some of the members were videoed crying? In defense of his belief that only Umno delivers for our Malays, is he then admitting on Umno's behalf that those were crocodile tears?'

Q: 'Wow! you really are back to your true self.'

B: 'Let's look upwards to the sky for the answer, Q. We must get back the moral fiber of this nation and give Pakatan the mandate on GE13.

If Pakatan fails, we can always vote back Barisan and bring back the wild cowboy ways. But somehow, i think all would have by then lost all taste for what is bad which has ruined this nation.'

Q: 'And this post for, Sir?'

B: 'Datuk Musa Hitam, Datuk Samad, Datuk Kamat, and Datuk-datuk Panglima.'

Q: 'Oh?'

B: 'The Spirits of our land, Q.'

Donplaypuks® 9 March 2013 at 16:54  

"So the statements by the father are just mere hearsay."

There's hearsay, and then there's HEARSAY by a father who stood by his son (Saiful) when he Sumpah Laknat, which I'm told no Muslim would indulge in frivolously unless he's really an unbeliever!

But we must dismiss any notion that PKR or Pakatan or Anwar bought over Azlan, the father. It makes no sense. The time to buy Azlan would have been long BEFORE the case went to court, not AFTER the acquittal.

Do remember that AG Gani Patail's heart is not really in the appeal. He at first did not want to file an appeal. BUMNO extremists pressurised Najib to force Gani's hands, thinking it would be tactically advantageous to have a kind of 'Sword of Damocles' hanging over Anwar's head vis-a-vis GE 13. The appeal was literally filed at the last second.

Perhaps, realising that with the ex-SG now in Anwar's team, Azlan wants to spare his son another embarrassing outing at the Court of Appeal?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 16:59  


In my mind both Saiful & Azlan is just a political elite prostitute who prefer rich customers like Najib and Mahathir. They will try to find another customer after getting trapped for survival.


Nenda Ngah 9 March 2013 at 19:17  

Salam. Don't bother about
Anwar, he has Allah and d two family members watching hs behind, literally! Focus on convincing ultra Muslim Malay voters we r losing coz to them if PR (Muslims in PR) DARE allow non- Muslims to interfere in Islamic matters not to mention the controversy of the Herald and DAP insistence of the use of `Allah'then I can bet PR have lost a significant % of Muslim votes young and old. To Malaysian Muslims who are voters academics of the arguments do not rattle them because Malaysians r voting not Arabs or Indons. When a nonM dabbles and try to teach them what they learn in Igama schools sans Arabic.Bismillah `Qulhuallahu Ahad,..lamyalid walamyulad..kufuan ahad'. Harussani and Riduan Tee mati2 mempertahankan Islam as they believe it should be.So do many other Muslims. Don't have to wait for Perkasa or Kimma to `punish Anwar @ the polls. We r excited at the prospect of routing BN or securing more states and the remote chance of getting to Putrajaya. But.. we r also petrified of the bala bincana `Allah'Will Visit upon us for not seeing the true latent designs of the nonM.Now ulamaks r divided and confusing on the very foundation of a Muslim belief. So forget Sodomy that won't sway votes. Focus on the slipping Malay voters who hang on to Harussani and Riduan T over the Allah issue,and feel that Anwar is clueless of its repercussions. Other proPR voters r more concerned with whys and how BN squandered the nation's bounty for 55years and landed us with 600bil National Debts!Simple Muslims focus only on amalan2 fidunia walakhirah!Which touches Anwar and other Pakatan Muslims s well. Or have many forgotten about the `berkata2'limbs and tongues?

Sumpitan Emas,  9 March 2013 at 22:45  

Walla, B says: ..'provided they return whatever they can of what they have stolen from the rakyat. The country will need back the money to discharge some of the biggest debts in our midst.'

Q then says 'But the present caretaker government is still privatizing its assets to just one man who in turn is holding the banks to ransom on account of his massive nation-sized debts.'..

'U' should have asked,"What is the chance, realistically, for any one of these thieves to return the money they all stole?

It is not just the amount stolen but the amount of debt interest to be serviced. I think it is not far-fetched to think that the guy is piling up debt to the level where he will indeed hold not the just banks to ransom but also the national treasury.

Standard Chartered and HSBC paid humongous penalties to the US government about three months ago; S.C. paid a US$327 million fine together with a US$340 million penalty. Some time later HSBC coughed out US$1.9billion. Both banks admitted illegal transfers on behalf of a number countries in the US black list.

These figures are of particular relevance to all Malaysians, in the context of Walla's latest 3-Act play - how a financial black-hole in the making will probably suck everyone in unless of course everyone agrees to a mega bail-out, again, one day.

And do we have a choice?

In the case of the two banks mentioned above,"... the penalties are in effect, levied on shareholders; not one corporate employee faces charges (although HSBC, at least, has clawed back payments to those responsible)".

Now what is frightening is that, " a news conference this week Lanny Breur, head of the Justice Department's criminal division, suggested that an outright prosecution of HSBC was considered and rejected because of how damaging the impact could be on the bank's viability, and thus on jobs and the American economy. Has a handful of banks become not too big to fail, but too big to jail?". (Ref: The Economist 15 Dec 2012)

I believe, this is exactly the same scenario UMNO is preparing: let that moment come, let the teflonized individuals' debts reach the sky, and the country can't and won't send them to jail not because they fear a national melt-down but because they can force Petronas to to prevent the melt-down.

UMNO/BN have lost their sense of direction and the will to lead.

monsterball 9 March 2013 at 22:50  

Good that Anwar is not impressed by Saiful's father support .....but thank a gentleman should.
It could be a paid man..bearing trap Anwar.
Malaysians can't be bothered with Sodomy 11.
It's Anwar as PM they want..for a real democratic and uncorrupted Govt.
It's waiting 55 years to realizing the dream....coming true.
It's about country and people's future....very serious stuff.
Demons and Angels...fighting to control and be a Pope elected...fiction novel..but also real in life.
That's why..the author...Dan Brown made US60 million from "Da Vinci Code" book...and who knows much more from the movie.

Anonymous,  9 March 2013 at 23:16  

dikabarkan yang dia hidup seperti kera sumbang.masyarakat sekeliling boikot.nak pi masjid pun tak boleh.dia pun nak hidup dah tak berapa lama saja lagi dah..itu yang buat dia ambil keputusan tu.

Wan,  10 March 2013 at 00:04  

Soon as the crisis at Lahad Datu in Sabah is in hand. Najib must immediatelly resume the hearing, exposing wrong doings & further empowering the RCI on "Project IC" in order for him to declare success and glory for BN. The rakyat & international communities are watching. The rakyat are not fools.
Any further political game from BN to delay the RCI and continue enforcing 'emergency' to certain areas will certainly erase the efforts of our galant arm forces and the 8 lives taken away from us will be in vain.
Dear PM Najib the ball is still in your court. The victory will be a hollow one.

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 00:04  

Hello, I am a Malaysian working overseas.

Please also include your IBAN no. and the bank swift code on your header on your right so Malaysians overseas can also donate.

If you call your bank they will be able to let you know the information in minutes.

Kind Regards

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 08:33  

Read this for an idea what Najib's government is doing vis a vis Lahad Datu matter:

HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS: Spending YOUR Money in order to LIE to YOU?


Abdul Samad Sulaiman

Anonymous,  10 March 2013 at 15:01  

Well said Dato'...bold and dirct. Honestly, I can't understand why this UMNOputra can be tricked to believe all these lies..Why can't they accept the wrong doings of UMNO leaders... I have friends with list of professional qualifications... but sad to say they did not put their brains into good deeds... These what we called... UMNO TOTOK

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