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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 29 March 2013

Not The 4 Reaons why BN delays election.

The two statements forming the subject matter of this article are: - (1) Najib wants bigger support. (2) Mahathir says Najib is the best person to be the PM.
When Mahathir stands in the way of Pakatan to get to Putarajaya, his age is not relevant so as to inspire restraint. He is the enemy that must be brushed aside. This election is much more important to Mahathir than any other previous ones because he knows BN can lose this time. Daim knows this too. Losing is no longer a theoretical option. It’s coming to be real. From being scared in theory and able to laugh at it, it now becomes actually possible, actually scary and not laughable anymore.
For people like Mahathir and Daim and for Najib and the corrupt leadership, this election is not like making embroidery and having a cup of Darjeeling tea at YTL’s Majestic Hotel.  
When BN loses, it will be chickens coming home to roost for him and his kind and comeuppance time.
UMNO is using women, children and old men to defend itself. These people are placed on the frontlines, the generals and the Roman senators are packing up to leave for Merry Old England or down south to Ozzieland. The people are first in the firing line and are fodder to UMNO’s canons.
Why are the civil servants shouting in irrational jubilation when Najib announces the government will give them half of their EPF in cash and the other half in pension instalments? Woi- it’s your money, for God’s sake. You can demand all in cash at once. You are laughing at someone who announces what he wants to do with YOUR money? Let me make a more naked comparison. Najib comes to your house and announces he wants to sleep with your wife and then he will let you have her back after that.
Can do?
Please don’t be like the stupid BN parliamentarians who thumped the table when the Minister announces that subsides for sugar will be removed only to realise later, that decision leads to increase in sugar price. The BN fools later rationalised the subsidy removal as coming from a concern by the government on the unhealthy sugar intake of the people. We are fools but not Bloody Fools!
This government (1) bullies us and (2) making fools of us. And you still want them to lead us?
Why are the relatively poorer and cash strapped Malays joining in protests and demonstrations against getting free education? Pakatan offers your children free education up to university levels and you allow UMNO to fool you and you object through demonstrations and protests and insist you want to pay? You Malays have money? Yet 90% of the Br1M recipents are Malays. 
When I was ADUN, at year end when schools reopen, people come in droves asking help from you to buy uniforms, shoes and 1001 other needed items- you don’t have money. Yet you rise in protest and demonstrate to pay for PTPTN.
Has UMNO filled fire-water in your heads?
In the 2004 elections, Pak Lah got the biggest win in UMNO’s history. UMNO’s spiritual adviser Dr Mahathir, could not get the results Pak Lah got. Pak lah thought the people liked him and he went on to recite a poem about looking out for some saints and some spiritual quest. The Pharisees and the Philistines, the holy and the sinners all clapped at him. He found a Jinn and no one speaks of Islam Hadhari anymore. How much money did we waste in letting Pak Lah play out his idiocy?
But the people gave Pak Lah his biggest victory because they were actually celebrating the exit of Mahathir. Now that Mahathir has assumed the role of de facto UMNO president, here is another chance for Malaysians to celebrate his final exit by kicking out UMNO. Mahathir’s and Daim’s endorsement of Najib are meaningless as most of the rakyat have already made up their mind. The mistake Daim made was to say something similar to what Mahathir says. That was a dead giveaway that he’s not all there about giving Najib the grades.
Malays need to be mindful that in 2008, UMNO secured only 2.38 million votes. This figure is smaller than UMNO’s membership. (2) In 2008, there were 5.7 million Malay voters. Assuming that out of the 2.38 million, 85% were actually Malays, UMNO got around 2.02 million Malay votes. That means 3.68 million Malay voters rejected UMNO in 2008. 
So who does UMNO speak for? It can’t even claim it is the spokesman for Malays. So it can’t claim precedence over others over religion, race and homeland.
By the way- Tun Oracle said something which I forgot. He told Najib when Najib enlists Mahathir to spearhead UMNO’s fight; he must be ready to control Mahathir. Mahathir is one loose cannon says Tun Oracle.
So do we attach much credence to Mahathir’s endorsement to Najib? If Malays support Mahathir’s endorsement it will mean Malays will continue to be side-lined in the country’s prosperity. Remember this- after 55 years of UMNO rule, 8.7million Malays live on a monthly income of RM1500 and below. If the Chinese support Mahathir’s endorsement, it means you dishonour the memory of your ancestors whom Mahathir regards as illegal immigrants and of questionable citizenry. Malaysian Indians can continue to be fooled by Mahathir. A few Malaysian Indian Uncle Toms created and handpicked by Mahathir, lulled you into believing those in estates all over the country have got salvation.
So we can treat Mahathir’s and Daim’s endorsement of Najib as something that has gone through a cat’s digestive system and exited from the cat's behind; absolutely revolting.
Tun Oracle (hehe) just told me, Najib is useless in handling the economy; this thick skinned Finance minister says; a weakened government will derail his economic plans? Weakened UMNO/BN means a stronger Pakatan which has the record of managing better. So what is the problem?
There is a better future sans UMNO. That’s good news for us. For Najib and his merry band of plunderers and robbers, who cares?Yet I saw a sea of hands belonging to Achis, Apa, apus, babus,  stretching out to get bags of rice thrown from lorries on the instructions of Brahmin Najib.
Public debt has reached RM504 billion. So where will we get the income to service just the debt alone?  The problem will not go away by offering the childish statement that Najib in command, everything will be sorted out. How cleaver can Najib be?
When Tun Oracle ruled the Finance Ministry, commodity prices were good. But to reduce public debt, he reduced profligate spending, cut down salaries. Now genius finance Minister Najib- raises salaries, not mindful of the reduction in PETRONAS’s revenue and Palm oil revenues, gives out BR1Ms here and there. In Kelantan for months he has given money- gratis to teachers and civil servants and villagers. So that is good economics no?
Don’t worry- we are not going to lecture readers on the dismal science. We are taking Najib on his answer to ruling efficiently- by giving him overwhelming victory. Najib is actually a little Mahathir minus the balls. He wants absolute power but does not have the stomach to secure it. Where does it say, you have to have absolute power then only you can rule better? 
 Can you trust a man with this kind of thinking?Najib is little Mahathir but has one up over the old man. Najib has overweening Rosmah while Mahathir has thoughful Siti Hasmah.


Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 16:02  

Yes, I am confused as you are as to why some Malays:-
1. Insist on repaying their PTPN loan
2. Don't want free education
3. Don't want petrol price reduction
4. Don't want car price reduction.
5. Don't want social justice.
6. Don't want personal taxi licences.

What words can I use to describe them?

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 16:30  

Hayaa...Because Utusan Meloya & TV3suku says Negara will go bankcrupt...thats why.

Pak Jabit, Rawang.

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 16:41  

Call them IDIOTS.

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 16:58  


You and your machai Arif can go to hell as far as the malays are concern because you guys will say anything to lull malays into voting for Tokong and his cohorts. Sedar lah sikit, DAP akan jadi tuan kamu dan melayu akan merempat jika Tkong dan bapak dia berkuasa. Apa kamu berdua dapat? Jadi dreber mereka boleh la. Dasar Melayu bangsat kamu berdua!!

Cahaya Qalbu,  29 March 2013 at 17:16  

1 of 4

What Really Happened

Little do armchair politicians or proponents of virtues realize that Soros was never the “devil” that caused the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crisis that involved Malaysia. As for Malaysia the real “devil” could have been leaders from among UMNO’s rank and cronies. Mahathir as the perpetrator of the 1997/98 Asian financial crisis politically perceived Soros was the individual who sabotaged the country’s economy, so was the allegation by UMNO leaders echoing what Mahathir had said about Soros during the financial crisis.

Both Soros and Mahathir were actually into currency speculation but the former was too nifty for the latter. In fact, currency speculation was nothing new during Mahathir’s tenure as prime minister.The Malaysian economy was actually incapacitated a few times by local currency speculators more than what Soros had done in Asia. It was bad governance; an economic bubble and the involvement of local currency speculators who made Malaysian economy vulnerable and the country lose billions when Bank Negara started the FOREX business well before 1997.

Soros is a businessman who knows about the economy and of course the prime interest of any businessman is to make money. Mahathir was a politician who knew little about the economy but tried hard to become one. But being economically handicapped at the time he had to depend on some of his trusted “expertise”. When politicians and their inept cronies get into business, more often than not they damage the economy. It was alleged that more than US$6 billion was lost in the FOREX market during Mahathir’s tenure as premier. Malaysia's foreign reserve was gambled away in 1992-1993. In fact it was alleged that Bank Negara, during Mahathir’s time, was involved in global speculative activities tacitly as early as in the 1980s.

Mahathir’s penchant for mega economics projects did not work either. It only exacerbated the situation when investors had low confidence of the nation’s economy. Investors trickled in only for quick gains. More than RM6 billion was unnecessarily spent to build Telecoms tower in Kuala Lumpur and the high-rise PETRONAS buildings that did not benefit the country much. The multi-billion ringgit national car project went awry and the buying of the RM300 million Lotus racing car plant did not bring much benefit to the national car industry.

Cahaya Qalbu,  29 March 2013 at 17:17  

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The billions spent on the MSC (multimedia super corridor) venture was more hype than accomplishment. The abandoned Bakun project in Sarawak brought colossal loss to the economy. The bailing out of failed companies and Bank Bumiputera perpetually dented the nation’s coffer at the time. Billions of Employee's Provident Fund and PETRONAS dollars were used to bail out projects given out to cronies at inflated prices without tenders and all this incurred a big financial loss to the country.

More than a billion was lost for the “purchase” of the Skyhawks from the US that was not delivered to the country. RM6 billion was lost in Perwaja Steel Mill. More than RM3 billion was burnt in the BMF scandals. Cronies were allowed to borrow millions from local banks without collaterals that ended up becoming non-performing loans. More than RM3 billion was lost from the London Tin scandal when the US released their Tin Stockpile. From 1992-93 the country experienced more than US$6 billion FOREX lost by Bank Negara. The list goes on.

As usual, the economic buffer was the hard-earned PETRONAS dollars – without which the country would have gone bankrupt. Just before the financial crisis economists warned Mahathir that if Malaysia did not manage its economy and finance right, it would suffer the same fate as countries that had observed their currencies tumbling.

In 1992 the battleground between Mahathir and Soros was the London foreign exchange market. Britain’s FOREX market was the focus of many speculators who wanted to profit from the market instability at the time. Both expected that they were going to make money from the British.

Mahathir expecting the pounds to appreciate gave the green light using billions of US currency from Bank Negara’s foreign reserves to speculate on the British pound sterling. Soros – the global FOREX player; expecting the fall of the pound borrowed 10 billion pounds from British banks and changed the money to German Mark.

On Sept 16, 1992, unable to stand the economic and market pressure on its overvalued pound, Britain, instead of floating the pound, officially devalued its currency causing the pound to fall. Soros, who took the loan from the British banks, repaid it in pounds, which was then cheaper and pocketed the difference of more than US$1 billion. While the Malaysian speculator Mahathir lost about US$4 billion.

Cahaya Qalbu,  29 March 2013 at 17:17  

3 of 4

As reported, later in 1993, Bank Negara again lost another US$2.2 billion in speculative activities. Malaysia’s total loss by this time stood at US$6.2 billion. The actual figures for Bank Negara losses were never revealed, though.

Both the “gamblers” had the same desire; to make money. But in the end when Mahathir failed, Soros made the money. The stark difference here was that when Mahathir used the nation’s money to bet, Soros used his own fund. The latter of course was more righteous in this game of FOREX gambling.

Why then demonize Soros and his charity work? The only reason must be because none other than Mahathir perceived him that he was a currency speculator. For political reasons, leaders within UMNO have forgotten and forgiven Mahathir for his past “gambling” habit.

Soros earned a billion dollar profit from speculating against the British currency in 1992. Malaysia got her fingers burnt. Preceding the 1997/98 Asian financial crises the annual economic “growth” rate of Malaysia was reported to be 8.5 percent for 6 years – from 1990 to 1996. But a lack of investor confidence soon attributed to a wave of currency depreciation in the inflated economies of Asian countries at the time. Soros being a shrewd currency speculator could foresee the economic collapse of a few Asian countries.

In mid-1997, when the Thai Baht depreciated his fund managers sold US$10 million of Thai baht to make a fortune. He did not sell Malaysian ringgit or any other currencies. The depreciation of the Thai Baht was enough to lead to a domino effect on some other Asian economies, including Malaysia.

It only showed that the economies of these countries were not resilient enough. Short-term investors pulled out their funds in droves resulting in the economic crisis in Malaysia. The value of the Malaysian currency fell by more than 50 percent from RM2.50 to RM3.80 to US$. The stock market index dropped and at one point hovered around 300 points.

The “Mahathir factor” too affected the stock market then. The country’s stock market fell each time after Mahathir spoke against the economic market system. To Soros, currency speculation is a business. He confessed that he had no time taking part in currency speculation for political purposes.

Before June 1997, there were already signs on the wall that Malaysia would face with economic problems but Mahathir citing “sheer jealousy” of western countries as the reason ignored this.

During the crisis it was the low confidence level of investors in the country that led to huge capital flights sensing that the economic bubble was going to burst. Even prior to this crisis the economy of the country did not justify to the confidence of markets; a reality that Mahathir did not want to admit.

After being badly mangled, the aftermath of the financial crisis made Mahathir say that currency trading is unnecessary, unproductive and immoral during the IMF and World Bank meeting in Hong Kong, which took place in mid-September 1997. But the same was not mentioned after Bank Negara lost US$6 billion or more in FOREX trading. UMNO leaders cannot be too naïve not to comprehend this setback to the nation’s economy.

To Soros, currency trading is business and weak governments have to be cautious not to create a bubble burst upon being tested by currency traders. Managing a nation is a serious business. Singapore, Brunei and Japan, for instance, were the least affected during the 1997/98 financial crises because of their economic resilience.

Cahaya Qalbu,  29 March 2013 at 17:19  

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The Culprits Behind Bank Negara Forex Scandal

A former Bank Negara insider has named four powerful elites as the main players that has caused the central bank’s massive RM30 billion gone in the international foreign exchange speculation scandal some 20 years ago. In his explosive revelation, retired Bank Negara Deputy Manager, Dr Rosli Yaakop named former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed, ex-Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin, ex-Bank Negara Governor, the late Jaffar Hussein and current Minister in Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Economic Planning Unit, Nor Mohamed Yakcop as the “forex scandal elite club masters.”

Rosli told a forum recently Jaffar and Nor were biggest culprits by going overboard in the speculative foreign currency venture. He said the duo speculated and they gambled recklessly and irresponsibly with no regard to the safety of Bank Negara’s assets.

He revealed that they wanted to beat George Soros, perhaps, to impress their bosses that they were experts in forex dealings. The former high-ranking Bank Negara officer said the forex speculation activities were against the very grain of central bank principles. He asked on how a central bank can be heavily involved in massive forex speculations when its task was to stamp out excessive speculations? “Bank Negara’s duty was to protect and strengthen the value of ringgit, not to gamble it in forex market. I think it was a deliberate attempt to make money for certain people using Bank Negara as piggy ride,” Rosli hammered home his conclusion during a question-answer session later.

Rosli accused Nor to have directly caused the forex losses given that the Tasek Gelugor MP was the man tasked to speculate, and ultimately gamble, Malaysian Ringgit against foreign currencies. He said Nor, then Bank Negara advisor in charge of Investment Department, would use his computer and other staff computers to speculate and gamble in foreign exchange market. This has led international forex players to believe that Bank Negara had many aggressive market traders. “But the truth is, it was Nor Yakcop who did it all and gamble away our Foreign Reserve,” Rosli told the forum titled: Bank Negara Forex Scandal – When Government Becomes Speculator.

Instead of punishing Nor for the Forex losses he is promoted as a minister in the Prime Minister Dept. Just like the Cows and Condos case the Shahrizat Family RM250 million loan of our hard earned money in EPF was written off by the Govt. No wonder Msian money is 2.5x lower than our neighboring Spore. By the manner of BN’s Govt issuing new money in our economy without reserve backing the RM value is going to plummet to the level of RM 100,000= SGD 10,000, as now its already RM100,000=SGD40,000 only.

So, do the Rakyat still want to retain swindlers to Power? 55 years have been given to them to improve our standard of living but they failed miserably. Rakyat should give PKR one term chance to prove their mettle and capabilities. With the confirmation by Msia Auditor General the surplus budget of all states currently under PR, surely PR can improve Msian dire economic situation. Let BN becomes opposition in GE13 for the sake of our children. Time for CHANGE indeed!!!


OneMalaysian,  29 March 2013 at 17:23  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Where does it say, you have to have absolute power then only you can rule better? Can you trust a man with this kind of thinking?”

When a ruler achieves absolute power, he is called a dictator. Does anyone know of a dictator who doesn’t abuse power and behaves like Pharaoh or an emperor with consequent widespread suffering of the people? It is an essential condition of democracy that no one, however well-meaning, should be given absolute power. The world has essentially done away with kings and emperors precisely because they were no good at all. Power must always reside with the people, and a leader should only be given just enough for him to serve effectively, and there must be checks and balances. A viable opposition is the best guarantee that no leader will abuse power.

Mahathir was as close to being a dictator that modern politics would allow. He was not shy to wield power, and he abused it. That’s why he is so much hated by Malaysians who knew what he did. But a substantial number never discovered the truth. These are the Malaysians kept ignorant and just given enough to ensure they never rebelled. This is where the opposition comes in: to tell them the truth; to tell them their rights; to tell them that elected leaders are there to serve us, not the other way around – we are their boss. Just today it was reported that government mosques were giving the sermon that the Muslims must obey their leaders. No, instead they must obey the people. It is the people who put them there to serve, not dictate to us.

This is the mentality that PR politicians must try to change. So "no" to more power to Najib. Mahathir thinks Najib is the best leader? Sure any one who dare not oppose him, allows him to say and do what he wants, and runs his party on his behalf is a good leader in Mahathir’s book. After all, why would any dictator worth the name want a strong PM?

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 17:25  

To Anon 16:58... you ni betol la AMENO idiot, pea brain pulak tu. Hoi mamat, janganlah dok baca Utusex tu sebagai sumber berita. Bodo piang betoi.

Raison D'etre 29 March 2013 at 17:31  

Anon 16:58,

Jawab la ngan fakta, Bro.

SM has a valid point. 55 tahun, masyarakat Melayu masih bawah paras untuk boleh dapat BR1M.

Di Semenyih, masyarakat India (dan Melayu)berebut - rebut mengambil beras dan barang asas lain yang DICAMPAK dari lori.

Saya pernah hadir saya acara di mana Pakcik dan Mak cik tunggu tak berkelip mata hadir nya Pak Menteri Umno yang sampai tak monita maaf tersenyum macam dia lah segalanya. Ptui...

Pak Menteri paling tersohor pulak guna duit negara macam duit tu tak kan luak, macam tak payah Budget, macam duit UMNO.

Kalau nak list semua sebab musabab kami nak tolak UMNO pi dok jauh jauh dan muhasabah diri, tak larat Bang.

Bertahun dah SM dok membelasah Umno dan kohort2nya.

baca balik dari mula sampai sekarang dan bioleh buat buku yang lagui tebal daripada Doktor dalam Rumah mungkin.

Macamana nak jawab semuanya?

Akhirnya, terpaksalah mencarut.

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 17:33  

Anon 16:58
Sebelum Tkong dan Bapak dia berkuasa pun Melayu dah merempat. Bila PR menguasai putrajaya, pemimpin2 UMNo dan kroni2nya akan cabut lari. Yang tinggal terpingga2 lendir seperti kamu.

Samad KKB,  29 March 2013 at 17:34  

29 March 2013 16:58

Syaitan dan bangsat negara, mampui engkau.

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 17:53  

Tun Oracle is trademarked lah, Dato
he he he

Anon 1658, jgnlah terasa bro. takkan org nak selalu dengar TV3, Utusex dan Papa Gomo ... we want to LISTEN to Sak.

Kejap nanti bila aku buka blog aku balik, janji datang ia.

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 18:05  

HaHaHa Anon16:41 ko takut yer bila PR menang melayu semua mampos..tipikal UMNO

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 18:05  

anon 16:58: Hold your horses. You have got your arithmetic wrong. Listen and watch how Mat Sabu explain in simple math Malays, clever and not so clever will never allow Tokong to rule Malaysia, and that's from someone from an ordinary secondary school. No need to be from MCKK or RMC.

Clever Malays like you listen and swallow everything from Mahathir who tried to force Abdullah to follow his wishes and when he didn't, he did the unIslamic thing of denouncing Abdullah, and now Mahathir is behaving like he is the P.M. Only a very very weak P.M. like Najib cannot respond but go bicycling as if nothing is happening!

What a pity. Why? Because this time events and reality are catching up fast on Mahathir and Najib and UMNO. I am not mentioning Abdullah's name because he was NOT given the chance to complete his term. Melayu jati, Melayu yang amanah, Melayu yang pegang kepada kebenaran, Melayu yang tak main kotor, Melayu gentleman will NEVER do a thing like this to a leader.

Najib did this, and now Mahathir is giving him a taste of his medicine. Anyone who wants real change and to find out what happened to the billions stolen from Petronas alone must vote out UMNO-BN, and luckily we have the PAS-PKR-DAP alliance. DAP alone is no choice for Malaysians, but PR strengthened by all the three parties CAN and WILL stop Malaysia bleeding; Tok Guru, Uz Hadi and many more from PAS, PKR and DAP will see to this - Tokong and his father's helping may not even be necessary.

Remember we cannot go on bleeding because someone feels he wants to be a Muslim Santa Clause - that's sinful even if the money comes his family fortune.

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 18:47  

Anon 6:58

We need not go far to look for the stupid or idiotic Malay. We found one in you and a double moron as well.

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 18:54  

Anon 16.58

After 55 years UMNO in power, Malay are not drivers to big chinese, indian & Putera taiko? Are we Malay not bagger for BR1M & all sort of 1M chicken seeds? Are we Malay not employees to Chinese, Indian & foreigner employers? Are we not the most ill society with drug, free sex, liquor etc? Are we not the most less educated & less productive civilian on our motherland? Are we not betraying our own people by giving all economy cakes to few Putera (that to some don't even have constitution right as Malay). Are we better from any races when our Malay held the country for decades?? You're lagged in fact but stuffed so much of thought that makes you think with your nafs, not your brain. I'm equally Malay as you & have no regret to vote out unreliable deadwood UMNO/Najib this time.

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 19:08  

The only way to get BN out of office will need 20% swing of the Malay votes to Pakatan Rakyat. The Chinese and the Indians are not majority in most Malay seats.

Mahathir keeps on talking as you have said like as though he is the PM. His pandora boxes was open on the project IC. He made billions quitely while he was in office. His son now owns Petron.

Now the Malays must be ready to go for the change. Malays in total must wake up and throw their votes for Pakatan Rakyat to rule Malaysia forever.

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 19:17  

Dato', I still remember clearly the mamak's remarks when Parti KeADILan Nasional was formed on 4th April, 1999. "This is just a mosquito party that will die a natural death. We will not be concerned with it."

Now, just a decade later, that mosquito party is about ready to swallow the mighty umno dragon. Wonders will never cease!

I'm just curious to know what are his thoughts now that his greatest brainchild - umno baru - is on the brink of extinction. Does he ever regret scoffing at the little nipper PKN when it was born? Does he ever lament not thwarting the evolution of this mosquito? Old Age a regret?

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 19:25  

To Anon 16.58.
Orang Melayu ni kena minda terbuka. Setiap tamadun dan kerajaan semenjak beribu2 tahun dahulu akan digantikan dgn yang lain. Tiada yg kekal melainkan Allah sahaja. Setakat parti politik Umno ke PKR ke bila di tolak rakyat sbb rasuah, kezaliman dan salahguna kuasa maka yang lebih baik akan di gantikan. Oleh itu jangan taksub dgn mana2 parti. Yang penting pilih lah yang mana membela nasib rakyat bukan yang menghisap darah rakyat. Guna otak bukan emosi.

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 22:00  

Anon 16.58:

You ni paham atau tidak apa Cahaya Qalbu telah menulis? Baca baik-baik sebaris lepas sebaris, tarik nafas, fikir dan renung baik-baik, apa maksud dibawa oleh setiap ayat itu.

.."Singapore, Brunei and Japan, for instance, were the least affected during the 1997/98 financial crises because of their economic resilience"..:

Dah semak dengan beberapa orang kawan-karib di Brunei, dan mereka telah mengesahkan setiap pegawai di Kementerian Kewangan dan Lembaga Wang Brunei pada tahun 1997 dan pada hari ini juga adalah orang Melayu - "Thank God," seorang mengucapkan,"They are not from UMNO, and we not part of Malaysia."

Seperti anon 19:25 menasihatkan, 'Guna otak bukan emosi', dan Jauhilah daripada lintah-lintah UMNO

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 22:00  

rm4.2b arm deal sealed at Lima. Just wonder how much markup price, how many sub or jets, anyone hitting jackpot, who is the choice man....

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 23:13  

wahhhh looks like the DAP cybertroopers came out in full force to defend their Tokong and his machai's!! keep it out you guys. after GE13 you pariahs will be out of jobs. so better earn you money quick bozo's......ha ha ha ha

Anonymous,  29 March 2013 at 23:27  

That is why you have stupid fool like anon 16.58,can't even differentiate between kaca and permata.You an idiot alright.

Anonymous,  30 March 2013 at 00:10  

Which Malays are you referring to bro? Macam mana DAP akan jadi tuan? Try provide some factual argument la bro rather than mere sentiment statements.

Bro, Melayu bangsat adalah yang memfitnah orang, mengupah & mengambil upah baling batu, kaki rasuah dan yang sewaktu denganya.

walla 30 March 2013 at 00:35  

The delay is because Umno has lost all confidence of winning. It knows it has already lost.

It is just hoping the Opposition will slip up in the next few days so that it can execute its last and final counter-thrust. But the rakyat don’t care anymore. They just want Umno and its cronies out.

That is why Mahathir came out to lend barbed courage to Najib to try and salvage the situation and stop the inevitable.

His presence veils a threat so that when the loss materializes, he can exonerate and exculpate his own role in the loss because a man who makes a threat now protects his own image later. Like a boss scolding his staff in advance of the result he already knows. As we also know, the buck has never stopped at him.

Meanwhile Najib is only seen these days frantically dishing out election goodies. He is certainly no olympus.

These goodies are his way of trying to stem the decline in Umno's popularity with the majority, a decline delivered by the rakyat who have seen through and are absolutely tired of all the lies, spins and hypocrisies.

In the face of rising prices but indifferent incomes, the majority of these rakyat still remain poor and they now question everything that is Umno, especially the ETP projects on which it stakes its reputation.

They know the goodies come from the future accounts of their children. It is money belonging to their later generations that should be saved for their future use but is being spent now with no payback lever.

They also note how Umno's rich elites are consorting with their cronies to carve out the projects for themselves and taking the advanced payments out to buy property overseas.

They can do that easily because what they gain from each contract are a thousand to a million times more what has been given to each household.

Just as Mahathir signed a rash of contracts before he left, so too we see the extent Umno's leaders are doing the same these days until the country is now heavily into debts.

Because of heavy interest that must be paid failing which additional punitive charges will be meted, these debts are ballooning more and more debts.

The debts are then passed onto statutory funds like the EPF which are savings of the rakyat for their old age. This only compounds the inevitable misery of their future.

In other cases like the 1MDB, the debts are issued as bond notes to selected foreign banks courted with favorable interest income to them over and above local sources.

The Umno gravy train must therefore be stopped. Its dominoes must fall one after another so that the country can be nursed back to health like how the Opposition has done in the states that it has been running these past five years.

Otherwise people like anon 16:58 will continue to spew vitriol, perhaps even on the non-Malay taxi driver who has to ferry him for a living.

aku pun umno,  30 March 2013 at 03:13  

Anon 16:58
Kesian kamu. Berapa najib upah kamu? 0.50 kupang? Atau kamu termasok penyangak dana rakyat yg sebaris dgn khir toyo atau sarizat?
Berapa juta dah kumpol. 10j? Atau 100j? Padan lah beriya sangat hantam dato ariff. Kalu kamu melayu cerdik, aku pun cerdik. Kalu kamu cerdik tapi telah dibodohkan oleh umno, aku pun cerdik tapi tak dpt di bodohkan oleh umno.
Woi kwn 51% melayu cerdik yg tak dpt dibodokan umno undi PR tau? DrM kata dah yg bodo aja ada dlm umno. Semacam kamu. Nasihat aku kpd kamu, teruskan lah buat ulasan dan statement tak beradap dan berakal tu. Cepat sikit kamu dan umno duduk jadi pembangkang di Parlimen.
Tahniah. Teruskan.

Anonymous,  30 March 2013 at 08:02  

Anon 16:58 = 23:13

We won't be out of our jobs coz we have always been independent, strong, resilient not like those depending on handouts (and therefore have to shout out in short bursts to please the warlords - writelah something substantial). If you cannot sleep peacefully from now onwards because you have been effectively proved to be no match to those who can show the differences between UMNO lama (original version, the real McCoy) and UMNO celup/tiruan, anak haram Mahathir, that's your problem.

Dei, read this from Bro, 30 March 2013 00:10 -

"... Try provide some factual argument la bro rather than mere sentiment statements.

Bro, Melayu bangsat adalah yang memfitnah orang, mengupah & mengambil upah baling batu, kaki rasuah dan yang sewaktu denganya."

Cantik, cantik, bros.

Anonymous,  30 March 2013 at 08:26  

Reeling Mahathir and UMNO goons are suffering from delusional psychosis. Leave them alone, let's move to Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  30 March 2013 at 09:14  

You deserve 'donkey' title! I'm Malay & I'm not a member any party. I support people like Saifuddin, NurJazlan, Razaleigh & few similar credible. I cast my vote to individual who can lead not just Malay but Malaysian to harmonious & peaceful living fairly as how Islam guides & teaches us on humanity. I'm seeing this individual now more behind PR than BN. Pity, you are too blind to see

Anonymous,  30 March 2013 at 10:36  

Dato and fellow bloggers

Anon 16:58's vintage ranting is that the Chinese will rule this country. Do the math, and wake up. Which ethnic group forms tha majority in this country? Come on guys. It's not about the Malays, Chinese, Indians or any other ethnic groups. It's all about good governance and transparency. Period.

Anonymous,  30 March 2013 at 16:53  

'Jadi dreber mereka boleh la'.

What's wrong being a dreber or any job, under difficult circumtances, to support a living and long as one don't steal, cheat, bribe or any criminal conduct and behaviour.

Anonymous,  1 April 2013 at 22:13  

What you said has proven two thing 1. Stupidity has no limit, 2. Corruptors can still gain support from idiot racist people

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