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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 16 March 2013

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Furhrer- we love the Fuhrer!

Nowadays, if people realise it, UMNO no longer talks about its record of achievements. It cannot because it has but a dismal record of achievements to talk of. It’s a case of how the economist Milton Friedman puts it- Bright Promises, Dismal Performance’. Public debt has reached RM504b not including the RM117b contingent liabilities it provided for various GLCs. There is increasing monopolistic tendencies that can only be supported in the long run, by collectivist tendencies( read totalitarian inclinations).
After 55 years of UMNO rule, 8.7million Malays live with a monthly income of RM1500 and 7.2 million live with a meagre monthly income of RM1200. The level of respect that goes with giving out RM500 after 55 years is 2.47sen a day. That’s how much UMNO respects the recipients while they  plunder and pillage the country and make merry, while there is increasing misery.
That to Fuhrer Najib, is an outstanding achievement that cannot be equalled by the opposition because they don’t have the experience and the economics to do it. The experience we don’t have mein fuhrer, is how to plunder and pillage the country.
The figures on the economy are massaged so as to inspire confidence into a lacklustre economy. The main players in the economy remain a chosen few of friends and cronies making Najib’s boastful pledge of implementing a New Economic Model entirely hollow.
There is a breakdown in law and order- the UMNO government has failed to protect its citizens from being set upon by other citizens- because the perpetrators are the brownshirts from UMNO. UMNO is behaving almost Nazi-like. Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Furhrer- One People, One Nation and One Leader! The fuhrer looks the other way as his brownshirts intimidate and assault fellow ctizens. He has the lapdog Himmler Hisham as Home Affairs Minister.
To win votes, UMNO does the exact opposite of what it preaches.
Where is the 1 Malaysia ideal other than people coming together to point an index finger shouting something which no one believes in? Najib preaches togetherness in name, but practises the vilest ways to disunite people. UMNO screens the film Tanda Putera in order to remind people of the racial clashes in 1969. But then it’s an UMNO inspired film and probably funded to. The film thus dances to the tune UMNO plays.
He does all these to ensure UMNO retains power and keeps people on edge. UMNO survives on making people distrust each other; remain fearful and absolutely dependent on UMNO.
1 Malaysia means just that- submission of all Malaysia under UMNO hegemony where corruption is second nature. There is no political coalition as lopsided and more unequal as BN where UMNO dominates everything. The coalition in Pakatan is more credible because it’s a union of equals. Under BN, it’s a union under UMNO hegemony.
Where is the new Economic Model- the affirmative action that is supposed to be market driven, transparent and merits based? Suddenly we hear things like giving up 223 acres in Kelang to supposedly get a centre for military training. It ended up in a financial legerdemain causing the Arm Forces Trust to buy back land which it owns. It ended up paying off a carpet seller to silence him. It was done in a manner directly opposed to the terms of reference on NEM.
Puspahanas wasn’t a project that’s market driven ( no open tender), was not merits based( Raja Ropeah’s forte is construction and property development?) and it was certainly not transparent. UMNO will never abandon its corrupt culture nor will it give up its institutionalised rent-seeking behaviour.
It’s pathetic to hear and see the PM pleading with the nation to give him trust and confidence to lead the country for another 5 years. Maybe he doesn’t realise it- so many people succumbed to nausea listening or hearing him on TV, sometimes pleading, sometimes coaxing and sometimes insisting. Please give me your trust people, your nambikei, lutolonggua-guatolonglu.
Trust must be earned Herr Prime Minister. Right now, we don’t see a leader. What we see is a slumlord with wads of cash in hand, doling out moneyed kindness.
What exactly did the PM offer Jamalulkiram III? I will not be surprised to learn eventually that Najib made some offers to the Sulu Sultan in exchange for political support. He has that kind of character. The government has not been forthcoming in its explanations to reveal what is the true story behind the Lahad Datu tragedy. Were these people promised land and the promises reneged? Did Najib turn down a request from the Sulu Sultan to meet up with him when Najib was in Manila a short time ago?
So Najib and his government go on a McCarthy-like witch-hunt victimising people like Tuan Chua who was charged with politically motivated legal action. The spiritual adviser of UMNO is up to his usual despicable and dirty and utterly unethical tactics of imputing the Sulu invasion was financed by some party. Who else but Anwar who he alludes to?
Suddenly you hear the spiritual adviser of UMNO- the man who made the edict better to be friends with the devil you know then the angel you don’t, dishing up homilies and simplistic advice meant unfortunately, for UMNO simpletons. So why are we not surprised UMNO is cavorting with questionable organizations, the underworld and other gangster-like groupings? Because befriending bad people is second-nature to UMNO and its leaders.
What can Najib do in 5 years that he and his government haven’t done in 55 years? Or in his case, what he hasn’t accomplished since 1976, the day he inherited the Pekan MP post from Tun Razak? 
The values and mind-set people say, is formed before one is 40. From then on, one draws down from the reservoir of accumulated knowledge and value system that one has. What has Najib accumulated before his was 40?
Did he spend his young years burning the midnight oil to get through his MCE and HSC? Did he go through years of deprivation that shaped the character of most of us? Ask yourselves, what has he got in common with us, the common people? He has the least qualities that we can identify with and yet, people, unschooled and brainwashed want him to lead this nation? Lead us to where? Impress us with what?
His years as MB of Pahang was embroiled in the wholesale plunder of Pahang’s forest. I can remember in the early 1980’s he had his cousin head the state owned company extracting timber from our state. At that time, the fellow earned RM40, 000 per month and was driving a Porsche or a Ferrari. The regional manager of Shell based in Kuantan at that time, an employee of the 2nd biggest company in the world was earning a salary of RM11, 000 a month.
His tenure as MB of Pahang was lacklustre. His mediocrity was only exceeded by his pursuits of other nocturnal distractions during which a certain married lady working with a property company was seducing the not even 30 yet MB of Pahang. He didn’t come into office with stellar academic achievements; his first job was personal assistant to then chairman of PETRONAS, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. He was more of a bag carrier for Tengku Razaleigh then.
Nothing personal, just business I am asking what many more people are asking, so in terms of accumulated experience and formed values system, Najib was wanting sorely.
My point is- what can he draw from to do something different for the next 5 years? His values were perhaps that of a spoilt brat son of a family never in deprivation of money and wealth. Najib is a bourgeoisie, pure and simple. He is the French aristocrat who wants a life of luxury feeding off the industry of other people. That once married lady who was doing an Eva Braun on the Fuhrer, has become Marie Antoinette to his King Louis.
He and UMNO do not deserve another 5 years.
You give this guy and his party another 5 years, we will be bankrupted. He and his ministers and his government are stealing from us. They will parcel out the juiciest fruits and distribute among them.
Just look as the PLUS highway. Could have been built at a cost of RM3 billion but UMNO wanted to increase it two fold. It costs the taxpayers RM6billion. The toll concessionaire has collected more than RM24 billion, why is the government extending the contract to extract tolls from us? For the simple and indefensible reason- so that UMNO can distribute the spoils of having power to decide. Oh- the money is needed to maintain the highway. Well, revenue from all the advertising on the highway is sufficient to cover maintenance costs.
Its highway robbery by UMNO government.  Can we trust this kind of government?


dukuhead 16 March 2013 at 10:04  

most fascist governments go on militaristic adventures overseas to expand their realms and when they lose all sense of proportion they face their downfall eventually. Our version of the fascists is more insidious - our home-grown fascists don't go warring against their neighbours but they pick on their own population in a divide-and-rule fashion and single out entire races as the enemy, much as hitler's jews, gypsies, non-aryans were singled out as the cause of germany's post-WW1 depression and obstacles to greater german greatness. And they have access to government largess which they dole out in stupendous amounts to their cronies. This is what has kept our fascists in power for so long, much longer than most other fascist regimes because this one, unlike hitler's or mussolini's regimes, have a sense of proportion. But over time, its grip on power has slipped as mistakes crop up. Its solution is always to throw money at the problem, which so far has worked. We will only know in the next general election whether this modus operandi still works today.

Pok Li,  16 March 2013 at 10:43  

Yesterday Najib went to Kelantan talking about 7 sins committed by the opposition. What he said is true indeed as it is a reflection of UMNO, the opposition in Kelantan! Such is the level of political game play of a person who did not burn the midnite oil to get through his MCE/HSC.

nick 16 March 2013 at 11:05  

UMNO is inching closer to resemble the Nazi party. On that score you are right, Dato. We see daily how UMNO uses race, religion and the invisible threat of foreign occupation or invasion should "the Pembangkang" win, just like what Hitler and his party did more than half a century ago. But for all their wrongdoing, evils and hate mongering, Hitler and the Nazi Party was patriotic and above all loyal to the motherland (Germany).

But the same cannot be said about Mahathir, Najib and all other UMNO leaders and their fanatics. They are loyal to none but themselves and that's why we have them selling off our citizenship (and voting rights) to illegals and unwanted foreigners. That's why we have them selling off KTMB land to Singapore and to their cronies. And that's why we have our armed services equipped with substandard equipment bought at ridiculous prices (remember the Skyhawk we bought that was left in the Nevada desert?). That's why we have the Homely minister sitting down eating KFC with a band of armed invader instead of demanding them to leave at gunpoint!

Hitler was evil and Bad but what we have in Malaysia is much worse! Project M was created by Mahathir...even Hitler did not sell his country for a few gold coins. Hitler provided the German army with the most advanced arsenal they could make BUT Najib provided our soldier with defective weapon and equipment just so that he can get a FAT commission (pun intended)!

Give them another 5 years? The only thing that I'm willing to give them are 100 years hard labor in Sg Buloh. For mahathir, trial by jury (chosen from the ordinary people, some of them must be from Kg Memali) and the sentence be decided by the people (with consultation with former ISA detainees). That would certainly make my day! ABU until UMNO is extinct!


Pok Li,  16 March 2013 at 11:15  

One day in the 80s my housemate who worked in a certain property company came home telling me that his boss, a certain married lady was boasting in the office that she was going after a certain Minister. That Minister she said, would one day become Prime Minister as she will be the First Lady.

Me and my housemate laughed off at the story as coming from a crazy lady, since she was already married and that certain Minister was also already married. But when they actually got married few years later after divorcing their spouses, all that me and my friend could say was that the world is really crazy. And the two crazy people are helming our country today.

Good bless Malaysia.

Anonymous,  16 March 2013 at 11:23  

I am surprised why a person like Tunku Razaliegh is still with UMNO.
This one man can do a great favour to save this nation from perdition if he dares walk out of BN and support the Opposition.
It is people like this who allow evil regimes the thrive, to pillage and plunder.
Why is he still in the same boat with the Devil from Kerala?
Evil triumph when good man like Razaleigh do nothing.

Anonymous,  16 March 2013 at 13:18  

Thank you Dato for hitting the nail on the head and saying what most of us want to say about the utterly and consciously corrupt Najib regime. I hope you words will have effect on some Malaysians who still have their heads stuck in the sand and think everything is ok. Najib is totally incompetence and is surrounded by fools, sycophants and nincompoops. I can't wait to see the back of him and his gang of robbers.

bumi-non-malay 16 March 2013 at 13:27  

Hanya penjara seumur hidup untuk Najib, Muhiddiam, Hissapudin, zahid hamidi, IGP, General Angkatan tentera boleh LEGAKAN Hati rakyat Malaysia yang telah diTIPU UMNO dan Perkakas UMNO mengenai kematian Polis dan Tentera kat Sabah.

Maklumlah SB, MACC, Ketua EC juga kena dipenjarakan kerana tak buat kerja MEMPERTAHANKAN Negara. Hanya mempertahankan struktur, strategi dan ideologi Haprak UMNO. Kerana taktik UMNO tentera/polis Malaysia mati kat Sabah!! Harap semua polis/tentera BAKAR semua kotak uni HANTU yang SPR simpan kat balai polis dan kem awak sebagai DENDAM Balas kepada pembunuh angkatan keselamatan Malaysia!!

monsterball 16 March 2013 at 14:07  

Now that Cecil Abraham has admitted he drafted the 2nd SD without Bala knowing he was instructed by from of a Bar Council meeting.
Lawyers are willing to stand as witnesses...that Cecil did admitted. This proves Najib has something t do with Atlantuya's death.

monsterball 16 March 2013 at 14:10  

Hitler fooled the Germans.
Najib tries to fool Malaysians.

Anonymous,  16 March 2013 at 14:19  

Why can't we share your articles in our FB just like other blogs which let readers share the articles with others? Your articles are excellent, well thought, well written. It's a pity we can't let others know your writing Datuk.

Donplaypuks® 16 March 2013 at 16:15  


"An interview with relatives about the background history of the 72 YEAR OLD RAJA MUDA AGBIIMUDDIN KIRAM who is LEADING THE SULU ARMY IN LAHAD DATU, reveals something which ALL SABAHANS had "SUSPECTED" & FEARED THE MOST...THE SULU PRINCE HOLDS A MALAYSIAN SABAH IC!!" And the Sultan of Sulu attended an UMNO GA?

Someone sent me an email with a link to the Manila Bulletin (see below), but I could not find the article.

Can someone confirm facts from fancy? Dato?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Cahaya Qalbu,  16 March 2013 at 18:00  

All natural resources in the country belong to the nation and its people, not to any individual or organization. What has happened to Petronas’ billions of ringgit in oil revenue? Why is the government in heavy debt? Has anyone seen the accounts of Petronas, other than the prime ministers? Anwar, as deputy prime minister and finance minister, has never seen the accounts. Not even Parliament. What have the last three prime ministers, Dr M, Pak Lah and Najib been hiding?

Rakyat must consider PR socio-economic development policies and strategies contained in PR’s Bukit Jingga and its alternative Budget 2013. Unlike BN’s Budget 2013 containing one-off cash give-away aimed at buying our votes to remain in power, PR has proposed many macro-economic measures that benefit the people directly and indirectly every day of the year.

PR promised; to reduce the retail price of petrol and oil because that will help ease our pockets; to bring down the prices of essentials because of lower transport cost; to give free education up to tertiary level for all Malaysians; to abolish road tolls: to set up trust funds to look after and help the need of individuals, families and the welfare of women, thereby recognizing their critical role in family institutions.

These are the many issues and questions that Malaysians, especially the rural Malays, must consider carefully when they go to the next national polls.


Cahaya Qalbu,  16 March 2013 at 18:34  

The Barisan Nasional (BN)’s current mandate to govern ends on April 28, 2013, with the automatic dissolution of the 222-seat Parliament.

The Election Commission will then have 60 days to conduct the 13th General Election.

Malaysians will then have to make an honest and accurate assessment of the Umno-led BN’s 55-year hold on power and its performance.

In the interim, Malaysia's debt has already exceeded the threshold 55% of GDP and to avoid heading towards bankruptcy like Greece, rakyat must kick out BN in the 13GE. Failure to do so would mean we have failed the unborn generations, who then have to bear the debts incurred by an irresponsible BN govt.!

To all Malaysians, please treat the next general election critically because our ballots will decide our future, the welfare of our children and future generations !!!

Remember to vote in PR for the DUNs and parliament seats to end the endemic disease of corruption, nepotism and cronyism in UMNO and BN !!!


Cahaya Qalbu,  16 March 2013 at 18:40  

A Penang-based property entrepreneur debunked allegations that DAP leader and Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang was present at the residence of the former Selangor Menteri Besar during the racial riots on May 13, 1969.

In a press conference at DAP's headquarters few months back, Ahmad Habib, 60, claimed he did not see Lim or anyone else urinate at the Selangor flag pole.

Ahmad stressed that it would have been impossible for anyone, let alone Lim, to perform the alleged act as the flagpole was located in the compound of the Menteri Besar's residence which was guarded by security personnel.

Ahmad, a former Mara business administration student at that time, said he was there between 3am to 5am on May 14.

He said he had planned to meet his study group in Petaling Jaya and mistakenly took a bus which ended up in Kampung Baru.

"I did not know there would be a protest rally there," he said.
Ahmad said he heard gun shots and together with his friends, managed to seek refuge at a "good samaritan's" house.

Later, they were sent to the Menteri Besar's residence after security forces announced through their loudspeakers that buses were available to transport people to safety.

He said the distance between the house and the flag pole was approximately 200 metres.

MP for Bukit Bintang Fong Kui Lun together with Lim and Petaling Jaya MP Tony Pua were present at the press conference with Ahmad.

Source: the sun daily

Anonymous,  16 March 2013 at 20:19  

Dear Malaysian,

Never happen in the history of the modern world people elected a murderer ( who kills for money & corruption ) became Prime Minister. Unfortunately in Malaysia allegedly a Muslim country, a murderer and robber respected and empowered to lead the people.

If you're Malaysian who love justice and truth and put Islam at the first place, then the Altantuya murderers must be dragged to the gallows and he was not eligible to be appoint as the prime minister of Malaysia. Mandates the troubled leader is a sin and disgrace.

Do not be so stupid to give trust to a robber and killer to take care of your belongings. Read the latest information on these devils Najib at


bruno,  16 March 2013 at 22:25  

Dato,Umno as a political party is bankrupted of quality leaders who can lead the nation.What Umno as a political party is not bankrupt is,it is loaded with corrupted leaders,and lines miles long of leech like cronies,feeding off the people.

This is a desperate political party with desperate leaders fearing loss of power,leading its people and the country towards doom and gloom.It is willing to gamble the sovereignty and safety of the nation and people to a group of terrorists,to gain political support of a certain group of people,whom was granted illegally citizenship in Sabah.

And what is unbecoming of a political party which is the controlling power in the ruling regime for fifty six years,is that it is condoning thuggish and gansterism methods towards political opposition members and supporters.

It is sending out its mat rempits,hired thugs and extremists NGO's to create havoc and fear to speakers and people attending opposition ceramahs.By attacking and damaging vehicles,properties and sending people to the ER's.Even the CM's office in Komtar was attacked by Najib's last line of defence's defenders,the very much feared silat exponents,who broke a clock they clumsily dropped in the process.What a bunch of undiscliplined terrorising silat martial artists.

No wonder the ruling regime is pandering to the invading Taulog terrorists,because it itself is practising a certain type of local terrorism among the citizens of its own country.Afterall,it needs two to tango.

Anonymous,  16 March 2013 at 22:39  

Liwat I, Hakim tolak kes AG liwat berlaku dalam kondo yang tak bikin lagi. Polis bangang angkut tilam penuh calitan DNA Anwar kena reject mahkamah. Liwat II, Saifool sondol buntut sendiri dengan botol air mineral. Tak mandi hadas berhari2, tapi solat. Jude Pereira bangang lagi bahalol, simpan DNA Anwar dalam laci pejabat lebih 48 jam tujuan calit lubang buntut Saifool dengan DNA Anwar. Semua Hakim reject eviden takda integriti, ada asas dimanipulasi dan runtuh kes AG. Bapak Saifool, Azlan pulak mengaku Liwat II konspirasi Khairul Anas Jusoh, pegawai kanan Najib yang merancang dan memantau kerja kotor ini. Video China Doll Made in Thailand, pelakon Siam perut boroi tapi disahkan 99.9% Anwar oleh pakar2 universiti takda nama di USA upahan APCO Yahudi, penasihat Najib. Sekarang Liwat III, gambar hitam putih kelabu zaman perang WW1 pakai pelakon muda badan sasa mungkin buatan Siam juga tapi mintaklah Suruhanjaya Multimedia dan Rais Yatim siasat cepat2 blogger cewet UMNO Ratu Naga.

Skang lawyer Cecil Abraham dah mengaku diarah Najib siapkan SD No 2 tanpa pengetahuan Bala. Najib atur Nazim bayar Bala. Najib atur LTAT bayar Deepak. Semua dilakukan supaya tak bocor cerita sebenar kes bunoh Altantuya untuk jadi PM ganti Pak Lah kaki tidor.

Sekarang untuk kekal jadi PM, Najib boleh tipu rakyat Malaysia perihal dia dan UMNO luluskan kalimah Allah untuk Bible Melayu Indonesia, kemudian letak semua bebanan kpd PAS. Bayangkan apa lagi Najib akan buat keatas Anwar supaya tidak halang dia dan Rosmah terus berkuasa dan tidak dihantar keMongolia untuk pengadilan sebenar!!!!!

Suci Dalam Debu 17 March 2013 at 08:02  

Mahathir master sandiwara and Najib is still learning the ropes.

Sumpitan Emas,  17 March 2013 at 08:33  

Anon 22:39 - cerita you saya tambah sikit saje, Al-Kisah Sodomee II dpd "Charade of Justice " Anwar's Third Trial oleh Pawancheek Marican; tak mahal lebih kurang sama dgn harga dua bungkus rokok:

m/s 70: Ram had a caustic comment for Dr Seah:
"It seems half a football teams's DNA is found on Saiful but you chose not to report..."

m/s 132: Anwar referred to another incident. During cross-examination, Dr Siew Sheue Feng was most reluctant to refer to his medical notes despite being unable to remember to certain facts, yet during a court break he was caught surreptitiously taking a peek at his notes. This dishonest act of a professional doctor, who ought to have conducted himself in a fair and independent manner, was blatantly ignored by the court. Quite a number of times, government doctors Dr Siew and Dr Mohd Razali Ibrahim deliberately chose not to answer pertinent questions put to them by defence counsel. Yet both doctors' testimonies were accepted by the court without reservation......

...Dr Seah Lay Hong (the chemist) testified that she received the twelve Kuala Lumpur Hospital's samples, two were marked with different date. She did not seek clarification from Dr Siew regarding this discrepancy...Despite such deficiencies, Dr Seah's evidence was accepted in totality when it ought to have been jettisoned for reasons of incompetence and negligence...

Mari kita semua nanti PRU 13 untuk mengembalikan negara kita ke zaman gilang gemilang baru.

Be cool, be strong, be upright.

We can make it.

Anonymous,  17 March 2013 at 08:40  


Allah Maha Kaya. Sesiapa yang membuat tipu daya tidak akan dapat membuatnya, sebab Tuhan akan meambalas tipu daya itu. Quran kata.

Bayangkan, semakin UMNO gila-gila buat video seks kononnya AI, semakin bertambah sokongan terhadap AI dan PR, dan semakin banyak rahsia jijik UMNO terbongkar.

Allah membuat perancangan dalam bentuk yang misteri. Manusia kerdil tidak mampu mentafsirnya.

Anonymous,  17 March 2013 at 09:59  

Anon 22:39,

It was Anwar lah. But then this is not about him. It's about choosing capable and clean people to run this country. Like Dato' Sak said if Najib can become the PM anybody else can.

Nenda Ngah 17 March 2013 at 13:03  

Salam. You have many salient points to knock the BeNd senseless and out of Putrajaya. Could you please list them all for us to enunciate simply (in Bahasa) so that the many obtuse and kind of impenetrable in the brain as well as other hesitant, unseeing and hard of hearing voters can be enlightened. Thank you.

Anonymous,  19 March 2013 at 17:02  

Salam Tuan,

Berita terbaru.

Kerajaan BN memang banyak korup. Contoh salah satu. Cepat-cepat download video dan sebarkan.

Bukti sahih dari video :


Selamatkan negara tercinta kita Malaysia dari perompak yang tidak berperi kemanusiaan.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 20:34  

He may be good but must have lost his marbles to still be in the ship to hell called UMNO

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