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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 4 March 2013

The Blood-tainted hands of this Government.

The Sulus have links with UMNO not PR!
 Now, the mursyidul am of UMNO- Dr Mahathir says it’s time to take drastic action against the Sulu invaders. Now you wizened up when so many of our finest were killed? Why wasn’t the might of our military, bought at the cost of RM billions applied with the required force? Only after so many were killed the full force of our military is going to be applied.
The blood of our finest are in the hands of incompetent UMNO leaders. Yes, we blame Najib, Zahid Hamidi and Hishamudin. You people bully unarmed civilians like ordinary Malaysians, but your balls shrink when facing armed intruders.
This government’s incompetence has placed our policemen in harm’s way.
This was an invasion by a group of foreign nationals threatening the safety of our country and citizens from external attack. It should have been met by appropriate armed response from the military. Instead Hishamudin the incompetent Home Minister wanted to showcase his negotiating skills and parlayed with the Sulu invaders for 2 weeks? For what purpose? 
Once again- appropriate armed responses from the military should have been decided upon; the invasion terminated immediately and probably  that would have prevented the loss of lives of our finest.
We should have bombed the Sulu invaders using our Sukhois and other bombers. An air strike would have wiped out the entire invading force. We could have blasted these people to kingdom come using long range artillery. Where are our tanks? Our long range canons? Bomb them from afar probably avoiding the loss of lives on our part. Why weren’t these done?
Why was the Malaysian government ding-donging in dealing with the Sulu invaders? Maybe because the UMNO leaders feared that drastic military action would have destroyed the reservoir of potential voters among the ICd Filipinos in Sabah?
Yet some of our stupid leaders were quick to condemn Tian Chua’s opinion about the whole sordid affair. And Najib Tun Razak was also quick to say, investigations will be made to ascertain whether there were any links between the Sulu invaders and opposition leaders especially Anwar Ibrahim.
But quickness and fairness are demanded too. Please investigate stories that the Sulu invaders were invited to Lahad Datu by UMNO members. That one of the UMNO local leaders is related to the Sultan of Sulu. That he, having lost a court battle with Felda, asked the Sultan of Sulu to come to Lahad Datu to reclaim land taken by Felda.
Investigate also claims by some parties, that it was Najib who invited the Sulu invaders to offer them and in Lahad Datu. Investigate claims by some quarters, that the said local UMNO leader was given (1) 15 acres of land and (2) the contract to cut and collect palm oil fruits from the entire felda schemes in Lahad Datu.
But there are also other questions that seek an upfront and honest response from the government. How did the invaders enter our country with such ease? Why wasn’t the intrusion detected by our sophisticated military hardware and software? Where were our expensive PVs? Where were our two celebrated submarines which were the subject of a boast from our admiral that these submarines were bought to avoid invasions similar to the 1511 invasion of Malacca by the Portuguese?
Now, can our two submarines prevent invasions like the Portuguese of old, when we can’t even detect the invasion by the Sulu soldiers coming over on a ferry or sampan like contraptions?
This government’s incompetence extends now to the failure to keep our people safe.
We must make haste in expelling them from Putrajaya.


Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 08:28  

One fccukking incompetent gov.

Are all the pricey fire arms are purchased for displayed only? or to earned commissions?

Where are the country defense might? Are we sleeping on the jobs?

What kind of defense system the country has when militants can land at our country shores as they wish?

Is the government only competent in corruption and nothing else?

Pok Li,  4 March 2013 at 08:29  

The absence of military forces speaks volumes of the whole incident. Why are they not involved from the begining when it is their job to fight foreign invaders especially millitants? We can't blame the rakyat for being suspicious that UMNO/BN is trying to make this as an election issue to regain their lost support in Sabah. Don't be surprised if emergency is declared and election suspended.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 08:38  

1. As responsible parlimentarians, they should be asking the government how could this breach happen?

So, instead of investigating the parlimentarian who posed a damning question, ask the defence minister and interior minister how this breach happened and why did it take so long before any action?

2. Why the co-incidence of timing in Sabah? Is it because of the illegal Project IC trying to be covered up by the government? There are so many unanswered questions? Could this imply that BN knows they will lose big in Sabah?

3. Please get the government to justify the news about why the police and not the army is used in this case. People have the right to know. Families who have lost loved ones have the right to know.

4.Assuming that the Sultan of Sulu's claim over Sabah is legitimate, wouldn't this be identical to the Palestinian-Isreali issue????
Wouldn't it? Just that in this case, Malaysia would be the Zionists and the Suluks are the oppressed Palestinians? By the way, both are muslims, ethno-Malay, and have their own royal ruler in case UMNO wants to get mileage out of pertahankan Bangsa, Agama, Raja.

Can the government please answer this now that more information is released.

5. THis is not about race. Only UMNO will be so low to bring the issues on race up.

Mat Bon,  4 March 2013 at 08:55  

Dato Sak, please ask for Markas Angkatan Bersama to explain. What and where gone wrong in this scheme. Correct me if i am wrong, since the kidnapping incidence, the entire Sabah's east coast is manned by MAB. The MABs coordinates the patrols by Navy and the Army and with the Air Force providing support. We are not talking about Marine Police in speed boats or MMEA in obsolescent boats here. Its the MAB who posses sophisticated surveillance systems and their continuous patrols. Ask them - did the intrusions appeared on our radar? Why we allow the boats to reach ashore and what else do they knew.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 08:59  

Ya Allah YaRabb, selamatkan Malaysia daripada pemimpin-pemimpin negara yang bacul. Amin yaRabb.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 09:03  

Mr. Sak,

Care to translate this article to Bahasa Malaysia?

And please tell us more about those photos you posted. What's the connection.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 09:08  

One two hundred Sulu armed thugs also cannot handle properly, I wonder what will happen if foreign military invade Malaysia ?

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 09:16  


Setelah lebih 2 minggu pencerobohan ini berlaku, kita sudah mulai nampak bagaimana perkiraan politik dekat PRU 13 oleh kerajaan mengatasi isu keselamatan negara menjadi agenda utama dalam menangani isu pencerobohan ini. Now mereka terperangkap dengan perkiraan ini apabila nyawa-nyawa polis kita terkorban, almost sia-sia.

Pertama, kita kena ingat kenyataan Hishamuddin beberapa hari setelah penceroboh in mendarat di LD. Beliau menegaskan bahawa " ia bukan satu pencerobohan !".

Mengapa kenyataan seperti itu? Ia adalah perkiraan politik untuk tidak "upset" pengundi-pengundi Fixed Deposit UMNO/BN di kalangan penduduk-penduduk dari Filipina Selatan ini yang telah diberi kewarganegaraan melalui projek IC dan seterusnya.

Najib dan kerajaan undersetimate dan mengambil angle yang terlampau simplistik bahawa penceroboh ini boleh dipujuk dan diberi wang yang banyak untuk meninggalkan LD tanpa pertumpahan darah dan menyelamatkan undi-undi tetap UMNO.

Logik ini explain mengapa polis digunakan.Sesuatu tindakan yang tidak masuk akal dimana kekuatan tentera patut digunakan sejak dari awal termasuk untuk berunding dahulu dengan penceroboh. Polis tidak mempunyai kepelbagaian atau kombinasi firepower untuk subdue kekuatan penceroboh-penceroboh ini.

Hari ini, terbukti pihak penceroboh jauh lebih cekap dari pihak polis. POLIS KITA SEKARANG MENJADI "SITTING DUCKS"yang menjadi sasaran mudah penceroboh-penceroboh ini!

Dengan perkembangan terbaru dimana kini terdapat 3 front dimana kekacauan berlaku. Sekarang, usaha Najib dan UMNO/BN untuk menyelamat undi-undi dari pendatang Filipina sudah hancur lebur.

Apa yang berlaku di Semporna dan satu lagi tempat di sabah membuka satu masaalah baru ia itu kemungkinan ancaman dari dalam oleh pendatang-pendatang Filipina yang diberi kerakyataan oleh Mahathir melalui Projek IC. Kita tahu sejak akhir 2009/2010, kawalan sempadan kita di perairan Sabah telah longgarkan ( sila rujuk ucapan Bung Mokhtar di Parlimen dalam isu ini). Mengapa? Akibat dari kelonggaran kawalan ini, kita tidak tahu apakah ada kemungkinan senjata-senjata dibawa masuk ke Sabah dan disimpan oleh pendatang-pendatang ini untuk tujuan tertentu dikemudian hari.

Isu-isu yang lain biarlah pembahas-pembahas lain bahas.


Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 09:20  

This is what happened when the self-proclaimed new world champion in peace broking goes berserkly vote-hunting.

In Gaza, the UMNO look-alike Fatah continue to marginalise, cheat and snub Hamas. In South Thailand, the real Pattani freedom fighter time a few bombs to welcome Najib's signing. And now with this Lahad Datu drama, the Sulus are claiming Felda land from the peace broker himself!

These are what you can expect from the hands tainted with C4 murder, abuse of power, bribery, perjury of justice, etc. etc.

From now until gameover, anything he touches will go freefalling wrong!

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 09:21  

I am quite certain that najib n umno planned this from the start as a cause to put off GE 13, and by using umno Zulu friends to falsely accusing Anwar of complicity . If they succeed to plant in Malaysians minds of Anwar complicity they could scrap through GE 13, if not continue battles and by march allow it to explode before declaring emergency no GE . Clear ? Will army n police play ball. If they have no balls they will

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 09:53  

TM already planted the seeds of destruction by giving IC to Pino Muslims. Now these Pino Muslims doesn't give a shit whether Malaysia is majority Muslim or not. The militants are coming out of the Trojan Horse that has been inside Sabah for many decades.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 10:10  


Somehow in the confusion of the Blame Game, Malaysians Still fail to see that the Invaders are PHILIPPINOES.

Why should the government be negotiating with foreigners over their armed incursion into our territory!

Even if their president request that the government negotiate instead of arresting them, the responsibility of the government is to the rule of law. You cannot use 'Gua Tolong Lu Lu Tolong Gua ' with armed intruders!

These terrorists knows Najib's weakness. He is bound to allow things to drag on same as he allowed the decision to call for elections to drag on. This will give them time to spread out and cover a wider area whilst lulling him into complacency by telling the imbecile hishamuddin that they were all pensioners arriving for a picnic.

They are Philippinoes who are now getting more support from within the Philippines as their fellow nationals will treat them as heroes for recovering back Philippino Territory.

Believing in 'Philippino Intelligence' That these terrorists were invited by Anwar is exactly what the Philippinoes wanted. Malaysia will be fractured and squabble with each other that it can no longer hold itself together to face the current threat.

Joe Black

tokio_rain,  4 March 2013 at 10:12  

Anon 4 March 2013 09:03

That photo shows a group 'royalties' attending the UMNO assembly 2012..I think.

Pencinta Masa 4 March 2013 at 10:22  


Thank you for finally talking about this issue. It's been a wreck to me thinking about these puzzling questions:

1. The Sulus have been planning to invade Sabah since (at least) last year. We've got our intel operatives placed in Sulu, and would have known about this plot much earlier than February this year. But how did the invasion still happen?

2. These groups of people didn't come as mere tourists or peasants, but were armed to the teeth with mortars, etc. How did they slip through our authorities' fingers?

3. Then look at the consistently conflicting reports.
(a) Initially in Lahad Datu the number of death was reported as 3, but was later changed to 2.
(b) The cause of death was earlier reported as due to mortar attack when they're patrolling their posts. It was later reported that they're actually shot upon when they're duped by white flag hoisted by the gunmen. That is so tak masuk akal, because these VAT69 operatives are highly-trained commandos, and definitely they would simply be aware of such tactics, if any. Any commando worth his salt would be ashamed if such incompetence would ever be cast upon them
(c)The number of the gunmen was constantly changed, from 100 up to 300. Which one is correct?
(d) The casualties in Semporna. It was earlier reported as only two injured, then 2 deaths, then 5 deaths and finally 6.
(e) We were also told the authorities were very much in control of the situation. If that is so, how come the the 2 commandos are now dead and 3 were injured?
(f) What is even more puzzling, even after the death and injuries, we're still locked in negotiation. What the hell? Where are the remnants now? We never heard of them again up til now
(g) We we then told that the remnants are tightly cornered, and they have nowhere to go. Suddenly they appeared in Semporna, and Kunak. What had happened?

These are just some ominous signs that something is not quite right there.

I just pray that our security men's sacrifices are not in vain.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 10:28  


Could you just please get confirmation on this. Why was that the powers that be discussed sometime in December 2012 on the scenario of proclamation of Emergency by the YDPA after the Parliament is dissolved. Has that got anything to do with the current event in Sabah, and if so how did they know about it even before it happened?

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 10:29  

Me think the invaders could be MyKad carrying citizens.
And its disgusting when Red-Lip is more interested in Opposition involvement instead of answering how these intruders could have so easily crossed into Sabah. I wouldn't use the word 'slipped in'.
I think they just leisurely crossed the sea in full view of our security.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 10:30  

Well written SAK... true indeed that this corrupted Umno leaders are playing with fire, stupidity at its lowest level! Must tell the whole world that BN is just like Yahudi towards Palestineans, so cruel and will use whatever it takes to retain Putra Jaya... KO BN!!!

Machang Cowboy,  4 March 2013 at 10:39  

This government is good for nothing, pondan should I say. Always blaming somebody else. What can we say when the head is hen pecked.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 11:00  


you took those words out of our mouth.

this is exactly what is wrong.

government can apply the sticks on our legitimate and unarmed citizens in peaceful rally.

but they open up their arms and talk peace with armed sulu intruders.

where is the state of the art submarines and sukhois jets? for show as paper tiger?

the sulu sultan even has the cheeked now to say their men will fight and armed to their teeth or die rather than going back.

it seems UMNO is so engrossed with the 3R (race, religion, royalty) to the point that they forget that this is Malaysia race, our loyalty is owed to the king and countrymen but not to the Muslim Sulu King/Sultan.

my fellow UMNO and BN voting friends are nopw saying that they are being so put off by all this pin-pointing of incompetence to the opposition whilst our people are suffering and dying there that they will vote wisely to vote out these incompetents from Putrajaya.


Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 11:13  

The arms n weaponry were for merdeka and armed forces days shows only. The flying coffins are useless in combatant exercise

Mp goviindmp,  4 March 2013 at 11:58  

Dalam gambar itu ialah MILF. Misuari mari dalam MNLF. Sultan Sulu ni geng MNLF.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 12:06  

Dato' and fellow bloggers

It's quite obvious that the government of the day bungled miserably, resulting in the loss of lives of our servicemen. The armed intruders have now dug in, and it aint easy trying to get rid of them. They won't budge an inch, and lives are at stake. For all we know, the whole kampung may even capitulate to them.

The large allocation for arms purchases did little good to our country since these hardware are meant for display purposes only.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 12:45  

Dato Sak,

Met you after your well delivered ceramah in Melewar last night. Keep up the good work.

InsyaAllah , INIKALILAH!!!!

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 12:53  

Attacking and killing all the invaders is the last resort or maybe would not happen at all. Reason being, it will result in Umno/Bn losing support from those recruited thro "Project IC" who have family ties/sympathy with the invaders. Don't blame others, but blame yourself Umno/Bn. Stop sacrificing innocent and law abiding citizens for the sake of Umno/Bn survival.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 13:03  

Your articles are increasingly sounding like vitriol published by UMNO politicians, but from an opposition point of view.

I'm an opposition supporter, and I'm increasingly sick of your writing. All sound and fury. I thought you were part of DAP? Can we please engage in intelligent discourse? lets talk facts, not accusations.

Anyway, though I can't stand Najib or UMNO, but even I know that Malaysia should not fall into a trap into engaging in a guerilla warfare with our Filipino sizable minority in Sabah. Bombing them? Sure we can. But then it would be placing a high risk of turning the situation into a civil war with a third of Sabah population! Please lah. Think a bit.

wongty robert 4 March 2013 at 13:13  

Finally, there is some light on the "sudden" appearance of these so-called sulu sultan foreign bandits, now killers in Sabah! And this is all UMNO handiworks again arising from their leaders' greeds and abuses of power. When the court don't deliver what they want, change the rules! Dato, do make sure that this piece of information is make available to all Malaysians. All Malaysians should know, especially the families of the police officers killed by these foreign killers, of this information!

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 13:24  

In a full merit system do you think Najib, Hisamudin and Hamidi can qualify to be ministers? These "UMNO class" ministers are a disgrace to humanity.

Unknown 4 March 2013 at 13:25  

As a veteran who had been in the battle field during the era of communist terrorist threat, I see that this Lahad Datu intrusion of foreign militants are obvious game of power survival.

The statement by Malaysia of Inernal Affairs that the presence of hundreds of militants as no threat to the nation although they were eqipped with heavy arms and ammunitions is a manifestation of bad governance of those in power.

No calls for the emergency meeting either amongst the cabinet or amongst the Lawmakers to finalise the white paper in order to overcome the situation. I still remember that the terrorist were first sighted on 9.2.13. Yet our Prime Minister was busy with other matters as if Lahad Datu Was safe and sound. The programme such as Chinese New Year open house, gangnam concert, distribution of BR1M and political campaigning seemed the first priority to Najib.

It is a fact that in the art of heavy arm combat, it is an advantage to the enemy to reinforce an effective war plan if we let them remained in the area for such a long time.

They were able to find loopholes everywhere and study the certain strength of our security forces. Bear in mind that the intruders were hardcore terrorists and well trained if we learned their struggles and victory to claim the Southern Philippines Autonomy status.

The issuance of Mykad to illegal immigrants is another. It is not wise to say only Lahad Datu, Semporna and Kunak districts were affected at this moment. After the mass issuance of Mykad, it proves that the Pinoy are especially those from Sulu are scattered everywhere in the Sabah State. I am resident of Kota Kinabalu and today in the city, the Tagalog version, "Tuloy Ang Laban" or "Never Stop Fighting" are always heard when Pinoy ae found in group. This proves their tense support to their Sultan.

Damage is done, eight member of Police Force killed in action deemed a great loss. The Prime Minister, The Minister of Home Affairs and Defence Minister as well as Chief Minister must be answerable. It is baseless to pinpoint Dato Seri Anwar as today's people are learned enough to find sufficient information and evidene that this obviously a conspiracy and it most disappointed that it costs lives of innocent members of Police. The Manila Bulettin proved that there was a deal between the Prime Minister and the Sultanate of Sulu.

It is most sinful to put the citizen living in agony for the purpose of your political milage. Your game is indeed over.

R V Stupid,  4 March 2013 at 14:05  

This was what the wizened old man said. When asked about the government’s initial decision to leave the matter to the police, Mahathir said: “External threats are handled by the armed forces while internal threats are dealt with by the police.
“At first we did not think the intrusion was as an external threat for they were on our shore.
“But now that it is clear that the invasion is an attack from outside, the military was ordered to move in.”
Mahathir said the only reason the government had “acted cautiously” in the beginning was because the intruders were Muslims.
“We did not want to be hasty. We did not want to kill them because they also have families and friends in Sabah. (And) afterall they are Muslims and we are Muslims. That’s why we acted cautiously at first."

So an external threat is only internal threat since they are already landed and thus localized. Never mind if they are armed to the teeth and battle-hardened. And because all Muslims are brothers and have families, you don't antagonise them even if they break all laws and invade our country.
Ah, just what we need - Mahathir logic! We need to make him our PM again!

FMZam 4 March 2013 at 14:11  

Ahah! There was a bloody fucking stupid present day "carimakan" TLDM admiral who made that stupid statement the reason we purchased Scorpene subs was to prevent what had happened to olden days Malacca from happening again, yet it's happening again when there in Sabah waters where the bloody hell were those fucking submarines to prevent yet a very small band of the Sulu bandits???

Unknown 4 March 2013 at 15:45  

First of all, would you please actually make some research before spreading pictures and making wild claims.

The people in the picture IS NOT Sultan Sulu or his followers. The one with the spectacles is MILF Chairman Al Haj Murad Ibrahim and beside him (the one with the songkok) is Vice Chairman Aleem Ali Sulaiman. As you know recently, MILF and the Philippines government signed a peace treaty, mediated by the Malaysian government.

Get your facts straight...

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 15:51  

Salam Dato.

Our incompetent PM only knows how to use C4 on weak Monggolian woman but don't know how to use it when our country intruded by the bastard sulus.

When this happens it takes 2 weeks to take action and this Najib wants to cover his mistake on offering Sultan of Sulu for their homeland, and yet they come here just for "Janji ditepati". Time is running out as BN will no longer win this coming GE13!

Paradigmshift,  4 March 2013 at 15:58  

Dear SAK,
Yang sangat-sangat mengherankan saya ialah macamana Najib dan Hishamuddin suruh pasukan polis bertindak terhadap satu kumpulan yang bersenjata lengkap dan menggelar diri mereka tentera diRaja Kersultanan Sulu. Bukankah tugas ini sewajarnya dipikul oleh pasukan tentera kita. Kalau yang masuk menceroboh itu lanun atau perompak mungkin sesuailah pasukan polis yang menanganinya.Macam sia-sia saja anggota polis kita menemui ajal di Lahad Datu.

Suci Dalam Debu 4 March 2013 at 16:07  


Khir Toyo has finally spoken the right thing. Could he be amongst those ready to jump ship?

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 17:01  

Read MI:
I was adviser to ‘real’ Sulu sultan, says Umno Youth exco man

walla 4 March 2013 at 17:06  

We must ask ourselves why Najib was slow in responding to the invasion and yet fast in pointing fingers at the Opposition. It reeks of politically-motivated cold-blooded premeditation.

Umno sacrificed our police officers so that it can create a burning platform to rally voter support by blaming Anwar and Pakatan while deflecting attention away from Mahathir's Project IC which had naturalized those invaders which would also explain why police and not military are being used, as the man himself is now trying to explain away.

Our military personnel must have been rankling that they have been held back for so long. That would also explain why out of the blue their chief suddenly started talking about better living quarters forthcoming to them, all this when an invasion force was firing away and lobbing mortars.

We must remember Lahad Datu has been invaded before. A similar group came by boat and did a bank heist in which people were killed. Therefore defense of that area would have been beefed up so that well-armed foreigners coming in by the boatloads would have been seen. And yet they were allowed to come in undeterred and dig in for almost a month now while our ministers were busy gangnaming instead.

These heavily armed invaders had signified in no uncertain terms they were here to claim the state and were prepared to die where they stood.

Yet our authorities were more concerned about convincing themselves that the tinpot invaders could be talked out of their objective so as not to ignite the other thousands of pro-moro moles already naturalized on state soil. Now they know.

Put everything together and your final conclusion is that Umno sacrificed our brave men so that it could save its Sabah and other GE13 votes which it knew it has already lost because the other intelligence report, the one that is special, has already said so, despite the EIU report published by anglo-saxon trade poodles in the guise of conservative analysts.

In short, the Umno leaders are desperate enough to do the most heinous things just to save their own political skins.

That special intelligence report privy to the Umno leadership has concluded Barisan will lose in GE13 because the groundswell of support for the Opposition has grown to be decisive.

Let's also understand one thing. Police apprehend. Military neutralize. The two are trained differently and against suicidal hardcore jungle-trained insurgents who knew they could count on thousands others already in the state, sending in only our police personnel is but signing them on as expendables.

Those three hundred retiree cops now staging a protest against an Opposition member should ponder harder this fact while pondering how come the Mindef minister is out of sight all this while since he would have been cornered otherwise to explain why his men have been cold-storaged right in front of an invasion force.

walla 4 March 2013 at 17:06  


Which comes to the question of what makes a worthy government. Such a government has some qualities and remits.

One, its leaders must be winnable all the time. This means its candidates fenced to an election must be winnable before the eyes of the voters. WHICH candidate in the Barisan lineup is winnable at this moment?

None. Certainly not Hamidi today. And certainly not Zambry of Perak whom everyone knows did the first thing when he took the seat by subterfuge. Which was to parcel so many of the state land lots to his proxies that he had to take a phone call from Putrajaya to stop it because too many complaints had been received.

And where are the new winnable candidates of Umno and Barisan so late in the year when we are just weeks only away from the final deadline of GE13? None, again.

Even if they are to be postered tomorrow, no voter will be able to know who they are and what they can do. And those who have to give way to them just because Rosmah-fearing Najib says so are not going to stand idly by and sacrifice themselves for the better chances of a corrupt, criminal and cowardly organization.

On the other hand, when you see the familiar faces of the Pakatan lineup, you see faces of real rakyat, not faces of botoxed politicians that remind you of the masks of people like Shahrizat, Nong and Ropiaah.

That's one big, major difference.

A good government delivers two, three, four, and five as well. Well-educated, trained and productive population. Country branding to attract, build and groom value-adding worldclass technologies and techniques. Better standards of life based on inflation-dwarfing growth in real personal income at household and not per capita basis. A safer, cleaner, greener and more progressive-minded society that has buried its own gremlins and ghosts and can live harmoniously without having to resort to issues of race, religion and man-made rights.

Do we still need to go over them again? I thought so too. Danke.

Which leaves six. The competence of our defense forces to ensure no one can just walk in and take over what we have created and built.

As GE13 rolls up, ponder hard on that.

Except for hot-air spin, corruption, hypocrisy, deception, desperation, nincompoopism, squander, plunder and murder, the Umno government has failed in all six categories.

Ponder that too as GE13 rolls up.

Let no more die. It's not worth it.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 19:21  

No air force transport planes to ferry our soldiers to Sabah. Had to wait for Air Asia. This is laughable as it is tragic and only the lowest form of human being can justify buying 2 submarines (and pocket a hefty commission)but no money for adequate military air transport planes.

When is this sandiwara by Najib and UMNO going to end? Are we going to allow more of our soldiers to be killed by a small group of foreign thugs before we launch a full-scale assault against them?

In God's name, Najib, resign.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 22:12  

Datuk Sak is just writing facts....thats the military way of handling....
Yes.I agree there will innocent lost of 'civilians' in such a scenario due to 'friendly fire' but in the long run, more lives will be saved....

Even ToonMamak now realised you cannot deal with these foreign intruders...
Religion is secondary to national security...

You are dealing here with battle hardened terrorists aka pirates

Fairuz Lee,  4 March 2013 at 22:18  

The ills of our country is due to Mahatir Kutty. Najib is perpetuating what the old devil Mahatir dirty tricks in winning the election at whatever cause. It is time that we all talk less and gather strength collectively with the police and army to repel the invaders and after that "Gaddified" Mamak mahathir and all his cronies once and for all from this country.Period.

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 22:43  

Just thinking. ...I think very soon Flda gobal shares may suffer. ..Najbsaid future investment in southern Phil..will they dare invest there??

Anonymous,  4 March 2013 at 22:58  

No harm in using Air Asia....comfortable travel for the military personnel. ...
Airforce transports usually will ferry the firepower and urgent logistics and later the navy too.

Anonymous,  5 March 2013 at 01:36  

at all cost to defence Putrajaya,maybe we have a new state joining Malaysia?More pro BN voter.No election for now?

Hamba Allah,  5 March 2013 at 03:34  

Ahad...ahad...ahad...yang baik dari NYA dan yang buruk pun dari NYA jua. Tidak meletup senjata apa sekali pun jika tidak di izin nya. Maka kita sebagai raayat Malaysia bersama2 lah berdoa agar pemimpin kita bolih selasaikan dengan secepat mungkin dan kembali keamanan di tempat2 yang di cherobohi..Salam

monsterball 5 March 2013 at 08:13  

38 days to 13th GE...suddenly...the Sulu Sultan and Princess are out to fight for their claims of Sabah.
If claims are the order of the day...Brunei can claim Sabah...Malaysia can claim Singapore...Philippines and Malaysia can fight it take the whole of Sabah.
Claims now???
Sulu Sultan have no more legal rights to claim...the day his grandfather agreed to give up their rights to the British Borneo Company...under the advise of the British...decades ago...accepting yearly compensation of a fixed amount.
It's like selling a property legally...and now want it back.
What nonsense is that??
Philippines stuck to the laws...and joined it to cool things down.
Umno b Govt....wants to fight it out...and even accused Anwar instigating....provoking the Sulus.
That itself....tells when Umno b accuses is always they....themselves..the guilty party.
However lives are involved and many have been killed...and Malaysians prefer to keep quiet and pray for peace...and so peace seem to be.
Meanwhile.....Malaysian Arm the thousands are stationed at the trouble areas.....WHY????
Lets hope....for peace too.
Remember.....the Sulu Sultanate said the Malaysian Police fired the first shot....and confirmed by IGP.
yip.....38 days to much trouble suddenly started.
Who will benefit if there is no 13th GE???

Sumpitan Emas,  5 March 2013 at 08:41  

Walla: ...Police apprehend. Military neutralize....: you are brilliant

The problem in Malaysia today is that the Police and the Military have to look towards Putrajaya for firm concrete decisions, uncompromised by political interests and imperatives.

Why it took almost two weeks for a decision to airlift troops to Sabah while one wing of the ATM was happily showing off what it can do in the event of an invasion raises the blood pressure.

Refer to the demonstration of the prowess of our soldiers in Port Dickson while good men are dying.

I am dismayed and stunned by this almost careless nonchalant response to a very serious intrusion of our territory. If Najib and his men are comfortable because they are privy to certain information which no ordinary taxpayer must ever know, then they still have to explain to all Malaysians, most of all to the widows and families of the good men who died so needlessly, why the hesitation and foot-dragging even up to this very moment.

Why the spin about the Opposition's alleged role - doesn't this spin expose unintentionally that our Intelligence people have not been doing their work? Most of us do not for one moment believe that these men have been negligent - no professional in uniform trained to give the best and their utmost will ever relax for even a second when it comes to national security - and that leaves many of us unconvinced that the Opposition was able to do what they are alleged to have done without being detected at all by our combined police-military intelligence. To impute that these men were sleeping in their job is another scurrilous attempt to deflect blame. This is another shameless act by UMNO politicians who have been enjoying the good life for so long and cannot cope with crises.

'POLICE APPREHEND. MILITARY NEUTRALIZE', freely, effectively and professionally ONLY when there is change in central control from Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  5 March 2013 at 10:24  


Anonymous,  5 March 2013 at 10:34  


Anonymous,  5 March 2013 at 10:41  





Anonymous,  5 March 2013 at 10:57  




In a rally here on October 21 last year, Misuari referred to Najib as one of three “conspirators,” along with President Benigno Simeon Aquino and Moro Islamic Liberation Front chair Al Haj Murad Ebrahim, who “betrayed the Bangsamoro cause” with the signing a week earlier of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro.

“We hope that the entire world will ask these three conspirators to account for these misdeeds or wrongdoing,” he said then.

Anonymous,  5 March 2013 at 15:22  

I beg your pardon, it's "Police apprehend, military nuetralise, BUT UMNO DECIDES". Please get your facts straight!

Anonymous,  5 March 2013 at 20:53  

In addition to what had been said above, the Home Affairs Minister and the IGP (for having no balls and always kowtowing to the also ball-less Hisham) should take responsibility for the inhuman treatment done to three of the unfortunate policemen who met their fate in Semporna. The IGP might have denied the atrocities, but he could never prevent the information from being circulated. I dread to imagine the feelings of their family members when such facts were made known to them.

Don't let their sufferings go to waste.

Anonymous,  5 March 2013 at 23:28  

Agree, commercial planes carry human payload more efficiently and on a regular basis. All countries use their own civilian planes to transport troops or other vital equipment in times of emergency. Credible businessmen consider it an honour to serve their country in times of need. Having said that, it is true that our air force's airlifting capability is miserable and there is gross neglect by the government in not upgrading our over 30 year old Hercules c-130s. In the meantime, we have many VIP jets including a Boeing 737, Airbus 319 and several small executive jets to transport ministers.

gigi berantai 5 March 2013 at 23:53  

Saya sebagai seorang rakyat negara ini cukup marah dengan kenyataan bodoh dan berbaur perkauman oleh PENGHIANAT BANGSA DAN NEGARA NOMBOR SATU MAHATHIR yang mendakwa bahawa pihak berkuasa tidak mengambil tindakan awal terhadap pengganas pengganas di sabah sebab mereka ada ahli keluarga dan sahabat di Sabah serta mereka ini semuanya berugama islam. Apakah kalau pengganas pengganas ini agama lain apa macam? Sekarang pengganas pe gganas ini telah menyebabkan nyawa rakyat malaysia terkorban, macam mana?
PENGHIANAT BANGSA ini bertanggungjawap terhadap krisis di sabah ini kerana memberi ic biru dan taraf bumiputera, apa macam???

Unknown 6 March 2013 at 02:21  

a few things...first of all walla, who here actually votes based on the candidate, and not on the party? If a Pakatan supporter (who balks at hudud) is asked to vote for a pro-hudud PAS candidate, do you think he WON'T vote for Pakatan? He will... Let's face the truth, your argument that this is all a ruse so there won't be enough time for voters to get to know the candidates is flawed. Most of us have already made up our minds as to which party we will vote, regardless of who the candidate is. A DAP supporter may disagree with PAS policies, but if his constituency has a PAS candidate, he's still going to vote for Pakatan neverttheless.

So how exactly does inviting an army to attack your country is helping BN win an election? By forcing a delay? If the issue is settled within a few weeks and the GE-13 is announced as scheduled, what would you say then? Come up with some NEW theory?

Stop downgrading the lives of people who fight for this country, and call it a political ploy or game. I have deep respect for people who defend and die for our nation, not for people who make fun of their sacrifice by calling them pawns.

When a country gets invaded by a foreign entity, you'd think people would stop their squabbling for just one second and support their troops. Not in Malaysia it seems...

Anonymous,  6 March 2013 at 03:20  

Stupid SAK.... Typical keyboard warriors with another stupid comment. Easy for idiot like you to give your brainless comment behind a desk.

Do you think you can do better ? Not necessarily. There's always reason for something to happened. Police is not perfect and our leader is not perfect... Are you ?

Ariff Sabri 6 March 2013 at 07:06  

anon 03:20

i think it is U who are stupid. we grief for our dead warriors. u dont understand the argument here? the deaths could have been avoided if the government has acted without succumbing to vested interests. if you start apologizing for the incompetence of government by using " the not perfect argument"- the same description must be applied to opposition parties- they are not perfect.

if you have this kind of thinking- that everything is excusable because no one is perfect- then one day, the gomen men will come into ur house , sleep with ur wife and daughter, you say- its ok, no one is perfect and there is always a reason for something to happen. stupid fool!

Ariff Sabri 6 March 2013 at 07:06  

anon 03:20

i think it is U who are stupid. we grief for our dead warriors. u dont understand the argument here? the deaths could have been avoided if the government has acted without succumbing to vested interests. if you start apologizing for the incompetence of government by using " the not perfect argument"- the same description must be applied to opposition parties- they are not perfect.

if you have this kind of thinking- that everything is excusable because no one is perfect- then one day, the gomen men will come into ur house , sleep with ur wife and daughter, you say- its ok, no one is perfect and there is always a reason for something to happen. stupid fool!

walla 6 March 2013 at 08:18  

Azmin Yusof,

then explain how they managed to come in and ensconced themselves for so long, armed and ready to fight and kill.

then explain why only our police and not military were the ones sent in first.

those are the two points i had made which you had chosen not to answer because you are so gungho to think concern for our men and sovereignty is beyond others just because they ask, and criticize.

read again more carefully what i've written and answer first - WHY did it happen?

maybe you'll find the answer from Mahathir who started Project IC which inserted so many of them now that the Sulu invaders were finally emboldened to do what they did now.

did you ask yourself that?

criticizing the present Umno leadership will not bring back the dead but it will certainly cast light on what needs to be done for this nation to prevent such fiascos from happening again.

guna otak sikit.

Unknown 6 March 2013 at 12:35  

How did they come into malaysia? ask the half a million filipinos in sabah how THEY got there? the porous nature of the area is well known to many. Tawi-Tawi for example is a mere 20 minute boat ride away. it is definitely a weakness of our border control, but even an advanced country like America has huge border problems. Malaysia definitely needs to address the issue of illegal immigrants because it is also obvious that there are already members and supporters of the group in sabah, and arms are already available hidden here in malaysia (as in the case of the sudden appearance of the "retired" MNLF veteran in Semporna who got beaten to death by the villagers). it is already known that in the past MNLF members have made bases in malaysia to train their members. Many are still here, and so are their weapons.

it is also obvious that they have planned for this for some time, probably even had members land in malaysia for weeks beforehand. Not that difficult. there are numerous reports that say this is something that have been planned for a while now, and may have had support from other groups, like the MNLF and even Philipino officials. Just yesterday, Philipino president Aquino himself alleged that members of the previous Arroyo administration was involved in the sabah standoff. There are a lot of theories coming out as to who might also be involved. Nur Misuari (MNLF leader), during an Oct 21 rally, just weeks after the Bangsamoro peace deal was signed (which he rejects) had rallied his supporters for the claim of Sabah, and some people believe he might also have had a hand in it in order to destroy the peace treaty which malaysia brokered. . Borneo Insider even gave another possible link that the US may be involved (i think it ridiculous) but the facebook account of Habiba Kiram, of the Royal Army of Sulu, had FB postings from Nov 2012 with pictures of armed men, and messages that they are ready to take sabah.

This is not a ragtag group of poor farmers. This is a well-coordinated, battle-hardened, group of jihadists who are well adept at guerilla warfare. It is this same mistake to call them a bunch of nobodys which have resulted in this prolonged affair. Our government made the mistake of coddling to these invaders in the beginning, but to say that our government invited these people to our shore is not only baseless, but reeks of traitorous.

Why was the police used in the beginning, and not the army? Because of malaysia's refusal to acknowledge the invaders as a bona fide armed force (thus legitimising the sulu sultan and his "Royal Army"). The decision to use police meant that we treated the invaders as nothing but common criminals, to be arrested, tried in civilian courts and deported. An armed conflict would escalate to the point that there would be no issue of arrests, only capture or death. As you said it yourself. Police apprehend. Military Neutralize.

This is not the first time we used the police first before the army in handling an armed conflict. Remember Al Maunah? they stole arms from an ARMY camp, yet it was the POLICE force who led the operations against this fully armed militant group. It was only after the armed forces got involved and defeated the group, then the situation changed. remember, the members of the al maunah was charged for "waging war against the King". it would have been a totally different charge if they had been "apprehended" by the police instead of "captured" by the armed forces.

The is a lot of things to be addressed, including the border issue, illegal immigrants, our Intelligence services, and the decisions made in handling the standoff. These are real issues to be tackled, not baseless accusations based on hearsay and rumours.

Unknown 6 March 2013 at 12:36  

The malaysian government just now finally began to change their tone, and have upgraded the status of these invaders to "terrorist" status, but stopped shy of calling it an armed invasion. That means we still don't want to acknowledge or legitimise these people as an "army". That means the police is STILL in charge of the operations, but backed by the army.

Anonymous,  6 March 2013 at 19:34  

Apa yang paling penting sekali adalah untuk Anwar MENAFIKAN petikan yang diambil melalui media Filipina dengan menyaman atau menghantar bantahan kepada mereka untuk memperbetulkan cerita mereka. Itu pun beliau gagal berbuat demikian dengan alasan ada urusan lain ( Pelik. Kalau ada peluang tu gunakanlah sebaik mungkin. Itu yang keutamaan, bukannya 'sibuk atas urusan lain'. Susah sangat ke?

Unknown 7 March 2013 at 10:26  

Oh btw, that picture are not pictures of sulu royaly or whatever as is claimed in the article. The man at the umno general assembly 2012 (wearing the spectacles) is none other than MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) chairman al haj murad ebrahim, and the guy beside him is also from the MILF. Malaysia recently brokered a peace deal between the MILF and the Philipinnes government recently (there is a pic of president aquino shaking murad ebrahim's hand with najib watching over them at the bottom left).

Please google the difference between Sulu and Moro.... And please provide accurate information...

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