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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 21 March 2013

One Small stride by Kit Siang, One Giant Step nearer to Putrajaya

The return of Lim Kit Siang to Johor should not matter to UMNO and BN. Why should it cause worry? Isn’t it mathematically impossible for PR to go from 1 seat to 15 parliamentary seats?  The Johor Chinese are different. They have an unshakeable allegiance to the state. So the Johor Chinese are by definition, naturally indifferent to what is happening around in the country.
The Chinese are a very practical people says Chua Soi Lek. Soi lek must of course be referring to the Chinese apparent indifference to his sexual escapades. By that reasoning, the Chinese must also be indifferent to whatever stories are said of Anwar Ibrahim and they should be indifferent to Najib’s overextended and boring self-praising assessment of his Alphabet Soup vision.Ah Jib Gor does what Ah Jib Gor does best-tell tall stories mostly about himself.
Being practical they want to know, whether we can establish a good government. Which will practise good governance. Consists of good, selfless and dedicated people. They want to go about making wealth under a government that upholds the rule of law. Which in turn require that the institutions that safeguard the rule and implementation of law be strong and independent and are established on principles of integrity. The Chinese want to live peacefully with the other major races in Malaysia. These are hallmarks of practical people. 
I don’t think being practical means, they accept corruption, wheeling and dealing with the powers that be, accepting hegemony from others. If they are like that- that’s not being practical but being sly and acting like hustlers. The ‘thing’ that made the Chinese practical is economic independence. So being practical as in economically independent, the Chinese can exercise wider choices. They will chose to side with PRakyat. That’s practical and acknowledging reality.
I hope the PR people are not learning from the same further maths book that BN uses to say that if DAP wins all the parliamentary seats it contests, DAP can form the next government. Now, where is that damn maths book?
If the DAP is given 50 parliamentary seats and wins them all, DAP will form the next government, and this country will be a Republic with Kit Siang as President, Christianity as the official religion, Malays will not be able to pray in suraus and mosques. Yes, DAP must be learning from the same maths book to even imagine PR can win up to 15 parliament seats and anything more than 16 state seats.

The truth is, we don’t use the same antiquated maths book. We are reading a book scripted and written by the people that says,  we the people,  have had enough with corrupt UMNO led government.
BN has a bottomless war chest. It has the loyalty of the Elections Commissions which is the 15th BN component party. It owns the legitimate coercive forces in the country. It owns the media and is campaigning all year long for each day since 2008. It must have built up an insurmountable lead. It has the loyalty and fealty of the million new Malaysians. Najib has a string of media hyped achievements. His achievements through his Alphabet Soup are spectacular. Things are so good that no one can defeat BN.
With all these plusses, people are bewildered as to why does the PM delay elections? Why, why? It’s a shoo-in for UMNO and BN.
Yet, the news that Lim Kit Siang is contesting in Gelang Patah has sent shockwaves throughout the country. MCA leaders behave as MCA people do- taking pains to denounce that strategic move. But they do so from the deadly embrace of paranoia. It begins by self deluding itself and members by retreating into its comfort zone insisting that Johor Chinese are different.  And so we ask, being poor and marginalized in Johor isn’t the same of being in the same situation elsewhere? Are Johor Chinese so thick to not appreciate that the country is going to the dogs?
The fact is- Kit Siang’s return to Johor IS bad news to MCA. If not why is the need to even lament that DAP is contesting against MCA candidates? Why should anyone not do so? We have the chance to wipe MCA out entirely. DAP does so to replace MCA as the party of choice for the Chinese. It’s not out to prove right the MCA version of a multiracial party. DAP is out to replace MCA and that is worrisome for MCA.
It signals the end of MCA in the south and elsewhere in Malaysia. For MCA to get even 2 parliamentary seats will now be difficult. Why should Kit Siang’s entry to Johor politics cause so much consternation when he is after all a touch and go and hit and run politician? 72 year old Kit Siang is just a political guerrilla.
MCA’s fear is understandable- it stands to lose all the seats it now currently holds in Johor.  The annihilation of MCA in Johor will confirm what the people feel about the party- that MCA is no longer relevant to Malaysian Chinese. To the UMNO Malays, MCA is just its errand and water boy.
The move by Kit Siang has the immediate effect of galvanizing Chinese support and picking up of the undecided voters. Kit Siang’s return to Johor is giving meaning and purpose to the Malaysian Chinese. 
The Chinese now has a choice- to be an MCA Chinese, lackey and errand boy for UMNO living under UMNO hegemony and domination or to become a better Chinese and be part of the political process to kick out the corrupt government. I am sure, being practical people the Chinese understand that we do not inherit this world from our forbears, but borrow it from our children. we owe it to our Children and progeny to make this world a better world. There is a better world without UMNO!
It will have a positive impact on the Johor Malays too. For too long they have under the yoke of UMNO hegemony and allowed themselves be indoctrinated to think in terms of ethnic calculations. Malay votes for Pakatan will even scale up to 50% because they would not want to be left behind in determining the future of this country.
I pity those commentators who keep insisting that MCA and UMNO people will make sure the Chinese will not suppot DAP/PR. These people don’t have any inkling on what’s happening in the south. My friend Dato Nurjazlan is in for a surprise. When I was there recently, his detractors are coming not from the opposition parties but from within the ranks of UMNO. But he is all right as he has his business to direct his mind and body.
As to the rest who inhabit the dream world, allow me to enlighten them.
Even kit Siang was pleasantly surprised to see at least 3000 people attend his lunchtime ceramah in Batu Pahat. That’s lunchtime under the sweltering heat at the Essential Café or Lau Ti Fang at Jalan Mustafa, Batu Pahat.  Tony Pua had to go out of the restaurant a few times to seek relief from the heat.
What does the gathering and open support mean? It means that the Chinese are solidly behind Kit Siang in his efforts to spearhead PR’s challenge in Johor. The attendees to the luncheon ceramah would now feel gratified to learn that Kit Siang a former student of Batu Pahat High School is coming home to Johor. It’s the return of the fortunate son.
Kit Siang was doing 4 ceramahs already when he arrived at another gathering in Kluang Johor at around 10 pm. The entire Chinese population in Kluang must have been there. PAS supporters were also on hand to show support for DAP. It appears that Kluang will likely go back to the days when the legendary Lee Kaw was MP for Kluang.
The candidate for Bandar Penggaram was almost brought to tears when attending a ceramah at Kg Linau in Batu Pahat. She is a Batu Pahat native and has contested the DUN seat for the last 4 elections. She was at a loss for words seeing the reception she got from the largely Malay audience. She has never been to this part of Batu Pahat and the support she received that night was so positively given. Malays no longer fear the DAP- that fear being a product of paranoia and bigotry from UMNO.
The Chinese are indeed practical people. Like other people, they want to free themselves from the xenophobia that UMNO conditions the country with. They too want to live as One people under a good Malaysian government. Surely the UMNO and BN people, including MCA do not object to that, do they?


Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 10:04  

I have been living in Johor all my life and I can assure you, all that you have written here about Johor is biblical truth.
The Johor Chinese have discarded MCA/BN like a rotten potato. You can hardly find one Chinese who supports MCA/BN in Johor.(Those who support MCA are Chua Soi Lek's cronies who have financial interests in the party).
Remember, PAS won Sungai Abong and Maharani state seats in 2008 by almost entirely Chinese votes.
The Bakri seat (with just 53% Chinese voters) was also won entirely by Chinese votes.
The Malay support for Pakatan then was very minimal but now it has soared like crazy!!
The Chinese in Muar woke up first. The rest of Johor Chinese have also woken up from the deep slumber.
Kit's move to Johor is the most strategic move ever made by any politician in Malaysia.
My gut feeling is MCA will be wiped out in Johor as it was in Penang in 2008.
This one move will propel Pakatan to Putrajaya.
We are in for interesting times. Amen.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 10:30  

I'm Johorean in KL with relatives in Johore. I have been told that even some MCA members there won't vote for MCA this time round! Let's really hope this time is really good riddance to bad rubbish!

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 10:39  

I was passing by Kulai Jaya last week and stop for breakfast at the nearby morning market. A lot of old folks were having having their morning coffee shop talk with one of them reading The Rocket. Being a busybody I asked how is Ong Kah Ting. They admitted Ong is likeable but unfortunately linked to a running dog party. They will not vote for Ong if he still run for MP as they do not want to support Umno indirectly. Most of them voted Ong in 2008 but not this time.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 10:41  

The indians in johor too have forsaken mic .I was at a wedding function and the talk was JUST lim kit siang coming back to johor and what that means to the political equation. The guests were a mixed crowd and the slogan "Ini kalilah" was repeated so very often that my grandchild started saying ini kalilah and asked what it meant.A friend of mine explained what it meant and the child said Oh ya they are naughty people robbing the peoples money ya ! The friend asked who talk like that , the child said "why you dont know ah, they all dirty people lah ,stealing all the peoples money and making the people no money. ini kalilah uncle.
The moronic looking mic president is blur about the whole thing and only prays 3x a day that he will not be dropped . The majority of the 'nambikai' vote will be for PR .A few will vote the tembikai vote for bn.These comprises the hanger ons for grass cutting contracts and in short the mic branch committee members only will vote for bn.Most mic ordinary members will vote PR ,rest assured.
The 'joe public' will vote PR.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 10:42  

The Malaysia media is a whore with none of the ethics of a whore has been proven correct again and again! Even if I were to visit Amsterdam, Patpong, Jln Alor or Chulia Street in Penang, the hooker has class and ethics to offer me some real service with real breasts – if not you are entitled to complain to the Madame or Mamasan for compensation.

The latest entrant into this Media Hall of Shame happens to be the ongoing story of destruction and annihilation of the Malay political power in Johor if PR comes to power. The doctored and heavily editorialized reportage of the episode is sensationalised. In other words: lying. Of course, predictable consequences followed. The uber spinmeister media and the internet spontaneously erupted in simultaneous multiple orgasms nationwide and goes to town carrying the story of race and religion. The fact that the media has consistently ignored the other side of the story or opinion is a measure of the media’s intentionally blinkered vision. Everybody has the right to criticize the Opposition leaders or the Pakatan parties but such criticism must be rooted in truth, honesty and a thorough knowledge of what it stands for. The naked lie accepted as gospel truth, is actually handed down second hand by third-rate writers with a fourth agenda to push. But then we have a media that’s incurably allergic to such concepts. No wonder the media is full of people like the likes of Homer Simpson or Mat Blackdog who can’t sleep without alcohol.

The media has not taken any stance in its editorial opinion pieces on the existence of racist so called NGOs that exist only to foment violence and make the ‘ultra-pampered’ minorities shiver in their shoes. But the mere mention of these NGOs evokes derisive ridicule and laughter in large pockets of urban Malaysia today. And this ridicule isn’t based even on a detailed study of these NGOs stellar contribution throughout its existence.

Along with the rise of its kaleidoscopic race politics, insane finger-up habits while on road, gleaming new buildings, alphabet soup of transformation formulaes, rising urban homelessness, rising debt, public sector mediocrity growing by leaps and bounds :- there is a new phenomenon in Malaysia – the phenomenon of easily hurt feelings has come to occupy centre stage. In every nook and corner lurk ‘potentially hurtful’ events and a people ever ready to proclaim their hurt to the world. Words have become dangerous weapons and people who boldly wield them are potentially more dangerous than those drug mules.

Almost everyone in Malaysia today is in constant danger of being ‘hurt’ both maliciously and inadvertently by these NGOs. Malays, The Orang Asli, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Bajaus, Penans, Dusuns, Iban, Muruts, Suluks, the Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Budhhists, numerous disadvantaged minorities of OKUs are all the target market segment. Books are banned, newspapers are censored, internet articles of writers are summoned, registered media offices are ransacked and effigies burnt because hurt is stalking the land. And the Internet traffic buzzes with constant indignation. As the political reward for instilling this hurt suffering rises, the desire to increase it grows proportionately when election comes near.

They proclaimed that they stand for the National Interest but they’ve plumbed the depths of whitewashing and falsifying truths, a project M that invariably needs the aid of falsehood and ignorance or both by the people for the people. Who can forget when a certain ex PM proclaimed and makes a ‘case for Malaysia as a Islamic state’. I mean c’me on. All for the sake of mere wayang kulit politics?

Bindi 1/2

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 10:43  

A series of research studies have shown that when people are sad or scared, they want what is familiar – a strong brand is familiar, a strong logo is familiar. When people are in a happy mood they are not as sensitive to what is familiar, and are willing to try something new and different. This craving of the familiar and a preference for familiar brand is probably tied to our basic fear of loss. So what has that got to do with the elections? You tell me, Kojak! What’s with the beef in the local media? Now the people are not cowed, we will go for the unfamiliar brand – the brand of siratul mustaqim – the straight path.

We might trace this shenanigan to a single source and explain this nonsense away by pointing to a certain ex PM cum PM in waiting cum coup d’etat advisor of everyone. The media has attributed and created the Infallible T.D.M Myth. Look at the many successes and challenges Superman M made upon the currency rogues and how Malaysia came out top ‘intact’. But that’s how people-centric myths are woven. That’s how they endure. Indeed, the T.D.M Myth has been more effective than the Viagra Myth.

T.D.M is Malaysia’s 20th Century Nero. Malaysia is a playground on which T.D.M played out his numerous self-designed sports and plans—except that every single sport and plans he designed ended up wounding if not suffocating the actual players and institutions who merely happened to be the citizens and pillars of Malaysia. Yes, we pay in terms of lower quality of lifestyle as compared to the abundance of rich resources of the nation. Unlike Nero, T.D.M was full of ideas. This PM of Cluelessness (though he likes to direct this tag to his other brethren of prime minister like Pak Lah) had the power to and implement those ideas whose rightful place is in the world of fantasy. T.D.M’s unrivalled cluelessness was only complemented by his incurable megalomania. Nero at least lived in a time when the Royal Ego was a desired qualification in a ruler. What excuse did this ‘champion of democracy and development and 3rd world countries’ have when he said ‘No one should have a monopoly on refining the definition of rights and wrongs’. The Chinese gave Mao a 70:30 success failure rate in his rule over China. We can perhaps give him a 20:80 success failure rate if there is ever a report card produced for him.

T.D.M was an inefficient executive and an incompetent administrator who could not delegate even if he wanted to. This then was the sickening fact that echoed throughout T.D.M’s rule as the Prime Minister of Malaysia—he was convinced that he held answers to everything. T.D.M is like the Malaysian iconic car, which the window does not work even after giving two hands to push it up.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the true nightmarish legacy of T.D.M. The rest are all mere details. The Umno princelings and warlords and history can fill them in for us. I do hope the next Government be it BN or Pakatan provides hearing aids to all Ministers to enable them hear public grievances and not goose pillows for their mattresses. Yes, many small mistakes by T.D.M and we are one giant step nearer to Putrajaya.


Bindi 2/2

Suci Dalam Debu 21 March 2013 at 10:45  


I hope many more Malaysians will share your dreams of a better Malaysia for ALL and most importantly, be PROACTIVE in achieving the objective.


So let us contribute in whatever way we can, donate small or big, campaign 1 to 1 or more, strangers or our own relatives, that ABU must happen for a brighter future for our children.

Ayoh, mari kita kayoh, dayong mengharungi lautan samudra, gunung memuncak kita daki, sama-sama menuju ke tanah perkuburan UMNO dan pastikan ia betul-betul 6 kaki bawah tanah.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 10:56  

Masukj DAP jadi YB,La ni tak nampak langsong tanda-tanda nama naik.Sibok dgn orang lain,diri sendiri frust menonggeng.

Pok Li,  21 March 2013 at 11:38  

We are in interesting times indeed. I have always thought that the day PAS and DAP can sit together will mark the end of UMNO/BN. This is something that was impossible before. And thanks to Anwar/PKR for being the bridge.

bumi-non-malay 21 March 2013 at 11:38  

Actually Malay, Indian also practical people.....In fact ALL Malaysian are practical people. Just that UMNO-BN people not practical.....they CHEAT, LIE, MURDER to be seen as Fair. I hope ALL Junior Rank Police Officer and low Rank Army BURN the Phantom Postal votes being kept at your premise 8 hours before election closes. Ini Project Tan Sri Election Commission/SPR mesti di KACAU!! Remember 3000 Majority and lower for Pakatan means your seat is in Danger.....can also be 5000 or less and your seat in danger.....tanya Najib Kat Pekan dulu!! 1997...

Rakyat Bersedia Kuburkan UMNO!!... Angkatan Tentera Masih bertempur kat Sabah....dah hampir 1 bulan...masih kata perkara kecil.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 11:55  

Strategically, LKS move to Johor is nothing short of brilliant. It will make Johorians sit up and take notice that their time has come and they are going to be the king-maker and all eyes will be on them. And MCA is going to be totally wiped out by the time the final election result is announced. Johor being the BN remaining stronghold potentially will give Pakatan the edge to take Petrajaya. BN leaders are going to shit bricks for sure.

bruno,  21 March 2013 at 11:56  

Now that Lim Kit Siang has taken the fight to Umno's and Mca's front doorsteps,the question Johoreans are asking is where will Muhyiddin and Hishamuddin contest in.Since that Johore is considered hostile territory to Umno/BN,no seat is considered safe for both of them.My best guess is that one of them will contest in Padang Besar and the other in Golok.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 12:41  

Datuk, have you read today's Star papers Thursday, 21 March 2013 under Nation page 8?
The election commission has published what are considered valid votes- even a dot is considered a valid vote.

PLEASE, please you and all those in positions of authority, look into this issue.

This is the EC's trump card!!Please let this go viral!!!

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 12:43  

A great article on the Chinese Mindset I hope your DAP colleagues will translate it into mandarin and put it on DAP FBs There s where the action is these days DAP FBs have huge numbers of readers who share

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 14:05  

Elok lah Arif, jadilah barua Kit Siang. Berapa kamu dapat bayaran? Kalau aku jadi Kit Siang your price is only tokan RM 50 per article. Thats how much its worth but you are doing the dirty job of making the malays lose power which I dont think will happen anyway. So, keep on talking Arif.....only DAP chinese will feel good about your article. As they say, Bring it on.......

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 14:15  

Dato Sak

Yes MCA is no longer a party for chinese. They should be completely wiped out with MIC.

The country need the regime change. We need better future for our kids.

I was attending a engagement ceremony in Lukut on 16 Mac 2013 night. Just nearing Lukut I saw huge crowd at DAP funtion mostly attended by chinese.

The slogan for the night should have been INI KALI LAH.

Support and vote for PR is a confirmation to get our rights endorsed.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 14:23  

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Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 17:44  

In the coming Election, Chinese have the choice to elect integrity and capable leaders or choose corrupt and incompetent leaders like MCA just to take instructions and carry balls for UMNO leaders!

pak yeh 21 March 2013 at 18:12  

Salam Pak Yeh,
Kenapa PR berdian diri bila Najip tidak bubarkan parliament,
Kenapa setuju sambung Najip sebagai PM.???
Tolong bagi pressure sikit.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 18:31  

Ini bodek Tok Kit Siang punya posting.Kembang bontot kit siang, an honour given by an ex umno. better make sure this dato is on your list...otherwise you know la..typical umno mentality.what to expect of lalangs

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 18:50  

You destroy MCA political hurt UMNO a lot.

They have worked very well together to stay in power.

booyah,  21 March 2013 at 19:17  

kau ingat Dap heran dekat engaku.hahah. in your dream

tak payah nak moderate la, mcm malaysiakikni yg kononnya telus tu.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 20:22  

Dato, you write well and correct in your comments. Why do these sick people who disagree with you become abusive and nasty? There are people and people, I suppose. When these Malays worry about losing political power, they are the corrupt ones. A true Malay does'nt worry about his survival.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 21:15  

Mereka yang lekat pada tahi Najib masih tak sedar diri - Malaysia bukan UMNO punya, bukan MCA, MIC, DAP, PAS, PKR,dsb. Malaysia adalah milik rakyat Malaysia yang benci akan rasuah, penipuan dan kekerasan terhadap rakyat biasa. Kami benci PDRM, MACC dan AG yang berlagak bagaikan mereka semua orang gaji UMNO.

Begitu banyak dah dicuri dan disalur keluar masih ada yang mati-mati nak sembah Naji dan geng.

Rm500 cukup gadai maruah seumur hidup - bangang punya bangang apabila dah terpalit dengan tahi seorang yang penuh dengan adventure-adventure lama.

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 21:46  

anon-21 Mar 14:23:

You alright? Need a brain doktor?

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 22:21  

95% of johorean chinese are supporting pakatan and more than 80% of johorean indian are supporting what is going to happen to mca and mic? Anyone wants to lobby for a contract to built musoleum for mca and mic in johor....siapa cepat dia dapat!

Anonymous,  21 March 2013 at 23:01  

Dear Dato,

Yes, I agree, moving Kit Siang to Johore is a very good move by Anwar. Chua Jui Meng would not be able to have the same effect because of his MCA background. To counter MCA's touch & go rhetoric, We the voters understand that we don't elect our MPs to be Ketua Longkang & potholes, we elect them to ensure the government of the day do not have it all their way in Parliament.

Anonymous,  22 March 2013 at 10:41  

It is true that DAP may do well in not only Johor but all the seats they contest. However, what if after the nomination closes on nomination day, DAP is declared an illegal party because the ROS found some wrong doings in the course of their investigation into the complaints from DAP members.Will all the DAP candidates be disqualified from contesting? I think the DAP leadership should not take this scenario lightly.

This may be hypothetical,i still believe the DAP leadership should put in place a contigency plan, like nominating an extra candidate in all the seats contested, as independent candidates,or a back up candidate, if the unlikely event of being declared an illegal party were to happen.

Lrong Lim 22 March 2013 at 16:24  

Beautifully written... thank you very much for penning these thoughts...

monsterball 23 March 2013 at 05:11  

Malaysian Chinese in Johore are like all Malaysian Chinese all over Malaysia.
They know how to survive...and suffers in silence..for decades..being treated as second class citizens.
The Malaysian Chinese in Johore has seen what the 12th GE has become...and they are ready for all Malaysian Chinese.
In do have selfish and opportunists people of all races...and what you see the MCA members are pure racists...very small amount...and MCA must depend on Umno b members to vote then in.
Even Najib is finding difficulties to get Muslims to support his party.
Leave that it is....let them say whatever they much as they like.
MCA was voted out at 12th GE...and the Johoreans will do their parts at 13th GE.
The questions is WHEN???? and Najib is still looking for Rosmah and what have you.
For 13th GE...Najib...has shown what he is....who he is...and so the MCA shoe shine boys and pimps for Umno b have to keep doing their part.
The way Chua Soi Lek speaks...he speaks like a jealous son of a bitch...talking cock and bull.
Let the 13th GE settle all doubts.
5 years as gone....Najib has 19 days more.....tungu tungu....tolerate a little longer.
Do not be easily provoked by the Umno b samsengs.

amin,  23 March 2013 at 06:59  

Dato, terdapat beberapa komen yang datang dari penulis yang tidak memberi nama dan gelar anonymous. Kita tahu orang yang tiada berani letakkan nama sebagai pengecut kelas pertama. Harap Dato, tidak rasa takut untuk menulis lagi tentang keburukkan UMNU.
Kami bersetuju seratus peratus tentang penulisan ini dan berani menyatakan Johor akan jatuh kepada kerajaan yang lebih baik kerana sentiasa telus dalam pentadbirannya. Kami mahu perubahan setelah 55 tahun dok dibawah UMNUU yang meperbodohkan Melayu tentang realiti kehidupan seharian. Yang kaya lagi kaya tinggal yang sederhana terus jatuh miskin dan yang miskin jadi bankerap. Moh! kita tutup perniagaan orang2 UMNUU supaya Melayu boleh lebih cemerlang.

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