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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 24 March 2013

Remember Our First and Primary Objective.

Allow me to repeat this again. This coming election is not about making Anwar Ibrahim, the next PM of Malaysia. That’s a secondary issue. When the time comes, we know who to place as PM. In the end, it’s the person who commands the respect and support of the majority of parliamentarians. Most important, we do not have to explain ourselves to UMNO. If Anwar is believed by more persons than those who doubt him, there is nothing to prevent Anwar winning the most number of seats. Then there is nothing to prevent him from claiming the PMship.
We can watch as many videos we want, and we can summon our personal knowledge about Anwar since his MCKK days and all that- IF more people believed in him, there is nothing, you, I or Dr Mahathir can do about it.
It’s also not about extending Najib’s tenure as PM. By now, everyone should realize that Najib is a media-made character. The people of Pekan, the Malays elsewhere, and Malaysians in general are not going to die if Najib is not PM. We have to remind ourselves these things. Certainly it’s not about extending the supremacy of good feudal genes in the country. Being the issues of great men do not mean you inherit their greatness.
We chose people on the basis of what they can contribute to this country, never on the basis of inherited status. Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak , Hussein Onn, even Mahathir, Ahmad Badawi  may be exemplary, but their offspring may not be that great. The son of Ahmad Badawi, Abdullah proved to be the most inept PM we have even had. Remember this- we cannot automatically ascribe good qualities on the progeny of good leaders of the past.
The primary purpose of this coming election is about establishing a good government. A good government founded on the principles of democracy, rule of law and justice. To uphold these principles we find good people, men and women who are selfless, disciplined, dedicated and committed to the principles we mentioned. We want people who can maintain their composure even when placed under the most stressful of conditions.
The values system in UMNO is not capable of producing these types any longer. We now know that.Thats why the party is full of rednecks throwing missiles and objects, and hurting people all over the place. A party full of such characters cannot possibly rule this country.
How so? Because quite different from the times when leaders emerged naturally because of personal motivations and social and political conditioning, we must now install a deliberate system to fish out people most capable of leading the country. UMNO on the other hand lives in the past where it relies on perchance emergence of good leadership- believing that willy-nilly, come what may, a good leader will emerge. Certainly  good leaders will emerge but not from UMNO. It will come from those groupings that endure a process of struggle under oppressive conditions.
Or we choose people who operate under conditions of continued struggles and operate under suppressive and oppressive conditions. In Malaysia, such talents can only be found among the opposition parties.
DAP has struggled for 47 years to pursue a dream of a country based on equality, justice and democracy. PAS has struggled much longer to establish a government that operates under the consciousness that there is a higher power that we must account to. Now let’s not be carried with the idea of an absolute theocratic state, or a Islamic Republic type under PAS. That’s the fear UMNO and BN want us to believe.
Why does PAS collaborate with DAP and PKR and others wanting to oust UMNO? The principles are- PAS works along DAP and PKR to establish the greater good all-around and a fear of God. When you fear God, you will not do what God does not want you to. The Muslims want to ingratiate themselves to God. UMNO does not want people to.They want people to declare 'We love PM'.
UMNO operates with no fear of God inside them- that is why there is rampant corruption, abuse of power, oppressive policies. The fear of God can be re-introduced into UMNO people, when the bulk of them are sent to Sungai Buloh Prison after the 13th GE.
Malaysian Malays must first realized that it is the rule of law, established by a good government, respecting the rule of law which protects them. Not UMNO, not any government that do not respect the rule of law.
I go to ceramahs all over the country; the first issue I will address is the simmering fear of the Malays. Who will protect them?  Answer: The rule of law. The constitution. The position of Malays? The constitution. Who will protect Islam? Islam will succumb to natural death if Muslims continue  to be ruled by UMNO. Islam is protected not by UMNO but by the guarantee in the constitution and by Muslims themselves. Who will protect the Malay rulers? Certainly not by UMNO because in the Constitutional crisis in the 1980s, UMNO were the people going around exposing the dirty linen of the royalty, putting them down and humiliating the Monarchy. And to add further insult, it was led by an UMNO president whose own Malay-ness is suspect.
The Malays must put faith in the rule of law and in the hands of a good government and a responsible government. That is what we want. This election isn’t about Anwar becoming PM and never about extending the tenure of the so called good genes. If the latter is so, then we, the people with the common genes, are forever confined to be coolies and slaves?We must dethrone all these pseudo-aristocrats.


antisyaitan,  24 March 2013 at 09:23  

Salam Datuk,

Perkara paling utama ialah membawa pengkhianat negara Tun Mamak Pandaikutty ke meja pengadilan diatas pengkhianatan kapada Negara dan Rakyat Malaysia diatas kes berikut;.

1.Rusuhan di Kelantan 1978.

2.Rusuhan di Sabah (Silent Riot 1990)

3.Kehilangan Wang Rakyat lebih RM100 Billion.

4.Pembunuhan Rakyat Memali dan Insiden Amukan Pendatang Sulu di Lahad Datu.

5.Projek IC untuk pendatang asing 1982-2002.

6.Rampasan Wang Royalti Petroleum dari Kerajaan Terengganu 2002.

Diatas adalah kes "high priority" dan akan bersambung lagi....

Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 09:26  

"The fear of God can be re-introduced into UMNO people, when the bulk of them are sent to Sungai Buloh Prison after the 13th GE"
Well said brother. And don't forget to post that inam from Perak to be their spiritual adviser. While at it, appoint Chandra to teach them humanity and Riduan Tee racial integration.

Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 09:32  

Dear datuk sak

If only we can follow the example of the social democracies of northern europe or the example of New Zealand

Phua Kai Lit

Ahmad,  24 March 2013 at 10:26  

Well said Dato. The Malays don't have to fear for their survival if UMNO loses its political power as these leaders want us to believe. It is the survival of the highly corrupted and arrogant leaders which is at stake. What will result if your former Ketua comes in with a good victory. They will become more corrupted and arrogant. That will be great disaster for our beloved country. But human beings being what they are, some of the Malays will be overtaken by worldly materials notwithstanding their Islamic teachings. This is what PM & co are cleverly abusing but for how long?

bruno,  24 March 2013 at 10:37  

Lim Kit Siang's going back to Johor has scare the Umno/BN so much,that there are puddles of water left behind on the ground by Umnoputras after they are gone.And all they could counter was Anwar this and Anwar that.After spending hundreds of millions of the people's money on Apco and the garbage like them,this is all they could come up with.

Umno/BN is like a leaderless animal running in circles,getting to nowhere.As the elections are getting closer,panic and turmoil is all over for all to see.The opposition is getting more confident as election day nears,while Umno/BN leaders kept wetting and changing their pants.I am pretty sure the Umno regime has their days numbered.

The moving companies are having booming business crating the belongings of Umno/BN leaders and cronies planning on relocating to safe havens in Zimbabwe and Somalia.These crates will soon be loaded into containers onto ships enroute to their destinations.It is a sure sign of a landslide victory for PR and a trashing of Umno/BN.And the odds offered by bookies made the PR the favourites.

Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 11:20  


Have you read Daim's interview in the Sunday Times today? I have one word for it - "disappointing". Or in the Malay street parlance, "hampeh!".

Nothing new, nothing interesting, and no valuable insight at all. Unless of course one wants to regard campaining for Najib as one.

Wasted my RM1.20 ...


Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 11:41  

All Najib can do now is spash money. He is giving RM 3 million to the Chinese in Kuantan. Can he buy them with RM 3 million. After all the Chinese are the largest group of tax payers and it is their money which Najib is returning to them.
I pray the Pahang Chinese will not be bought by Najib with a mere RM 3 million. They are worth much more. The Chinese have dignity. Pahang Chinese have to look at what the Sibu Chinese taught Najib.
Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu wont work anymore.
In any case, Najib is a caretaker PM. How then can he give out money?
Your comments on this Dato.

bruno,  24 March 2013 at 11:50  

Now that Kit Siang is going back to Johore,he will be bringing along with him several leaders from the DAP.When Kit Siang and these DAP leaders are venturing into hostile enemy territories in Johore,not sure of the outcome of the elections,rumours circulating in Johor is that Umno stalwarts like Muhyiddin and Hishamuddin are considering moving out to safer seats in Padang Besar and Golok.Go figure.

Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 12:04  

Is or isn't there any laws that prohibit the trafficking of porn videos?

Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 14:38  

Who are you kidding here? You think the LIm family dynasty in DAP is all about demoracy at its best? Bullshit man. Your articles really insult people's intellegence. Just because you support the opposition does not mean they have the right to be in Putrajaya, man!! Over my dead body first. We the people will not vote for Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Nik Ajis! Hadi Nelayan and lucky thing you will not be a candidate if not you will only get one or two votes, LOSER!!

Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 14:38  


I'm a Malay and a Muslim. Quran is my only guide.

But .... we must all understand the basic Quranic principles : Respect others on the basis of humanrights, moral and ethics.

If DAP talk about integrity, transparency, honesty, why should we happy go lucky with UMNO BN full of corruption, racist minded bullying the RAKYAT etc.

Quran says, never bully other peoples's faith and race. Almighty GOD, only see what's in your heart, not how handsome you are, how beautiful you are, how rich and famous you are.

But UMNO BN baru, teach people how to throw rotten eggs and stones at people, how to scream like monkey at other people, how to "bodek" the elites, how to kiss the hands of the elites even these hands are painted with corruptions. UMNO Baru BN, make some police like a robot even the hooligans are doing satanic act in front of them.

We fully respect the police and army, whom we 100% rely on to protect our beloved country Malaysia. We are very happy and feel safe and sound if they are around us on their duty.

But this UMNO BN, are very arrogant to say that PR supporters are "pengkhianat negara". If Wanita PR give flowers to the police, are they considered "pengkhianat"?????

I can say, if somebody accused Dato as pengkhianat bangsa Melayu, then these kind people are worst than the racist Zionist Jews (not the good Jews who opposed the Zionist regime), because they don't abide the rules of Quran.

We never knew if LGE have an English translation of the Quran. The way he talks and his mindset, shows he really understand the principles of Quran. He fully respect the Muslims by allocating whatever resources for the benefits of Muslims. I'm really ashame of some Mamak Muslims in Penang who just talk rubbish in the TV. When interviewed, I don't see any value in their complain, just look very desparate people.

I came from family background with very hardcore BN supporters for decades. Me and some cousins are considered minority. Yet, they are still my family. But I said to them one thing : Make a table and list of UMNO Baru's do's and dont's and compare with the Quran principles. I said, if they believe whatever RTM (RaisYaTiM) said bad thinss about Tuang Guru Nik Aziz adminstration, it's good, bawa rombongan and visit Nik Aziz office and Nik Aziz will explain to them his daily administration.

OneMalaysian,  24 March 2013 at 15:15  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The primary purpose of this coming election is about establishing a good government. A good government founded on the principles of democracy, rule of law and justice.”

“The first issue I will address is the simmering fear of the Malays. Who will protect them? Answer: The rule of law. The constitution. The position of Malays? The constitution.”

There is a dichotomy in the electorate. The non-Malays, especially the Chinese, are interested in good government. They are not obsessed as to who they are, or what is their race and religion. A good government is simply good for everyone. It will bring about fairness and justice and prosperity. Simple.

The Malays have this simmering fear that you referred to. They think only a Malay government will guarantee their future. We have had a Malay-dominated government for 55 years. How have the Malays benefited? They are still the poorest in numbers, and form the majority in households with RM1500 or less per month. This is the bottom 40% of households. Their future do not look that bright if this UMNO/BN government is re-elected because we would have the same old, same old. Only the cronies of UMNO leaders and their families will benefit. Look at Mahathir’s, Sharizat’s and Taib Mahmud’s families.

Let it be clear. A Pakatan Rakyat government will still be a Malay-led government. But it will be totally different from an UMNO-led one. A PR government will commit to restoring the independence of government institutions, and they will introduce policies that benefit the vast majority of Malaysians to lift their living standard so that we don’t face the indignity of having to wait for BR1M every 5 years.

walla 24 March 2013 at 15:26  

First they gave him a paunch. When that failed, they made him brawny. Meanwhile they tried homo and then hetero. Latest they have made him a ventriloquist. Someone who can utter words with his mouth closed.

If they are so desperate to demonize him, why not use the official Umno platform and deliver the details direct? Get Rais to organize a press conference chaired by Najib and finish with the matter. If a projector is needed, borrow one from Tamby Chik.

Why go the indirect way of using a college dropout now disqualified by his own father, a trio of jokers now in limboland, two ex-colleagues both having financial troubles suddenly solved, and now a tainted racist ex-cop whose voter record was immediately erased upon exposure he could vote twice?

Once these questions are considered carefully, the conclusion is Umno doesn't want to do it officially because it doesn't want to be sued on risk of being found out it is all a frame-up.

And that because it is worried people will actually take the trouble to find such things as the london metropolitan police research paper negating admissibility of old sperm evidence.

Your conclusion is further reinforced by the abrupt silence in cyberspace when it was first broached that the Opposition movement is not about Anwar alone. When that statement was first made, the entire bottom fell off the only strategy staked by Umno to decapitate the Opposition.

Anwar's just the pathfinder. That said, the entire movement, revolution, ABU, groundswell, tsunami and tornado before us is all about the Rakyat Of Malaysia.

GE13 is about the Rakyat Of Malaysia versus a group of recalcitrant renegade crooks, criminals and denialists who have finished off too much of Malaysia and still want to continue doing so.

GE13 has got nothing to do with just the politics of a single man or that of any other. Last one checked, that's also what real democracy is all about, isn't it?

So if Umno's Najib had wanted to make Malaysia a premier democracy in the world, he should have ask his IGP to make sure no stones and eggs are thrown at Pakatan's entourage, or the attending Rakyat Of Malaysia accosted and beaten up. He didn't. Why? All he needed to do was to send an sms to the IGP and say 'be cool; stop the gangsterism.' Why didn't he?

And yet he was so suddenly up to speed to point fingers at the Opposition after men had been sent to die on terrain they were untrained for. Not only that, twist things around and say the Opposition's to blame while maintaining a fearful silence on the treason committed by the grise (and greased) eminence behind him. This is mischief on top of hypocrisy on top of cowardice.

A spineless minister who commits mischief against the peoples while waxing hypocrisy cannot possibly be a good leader, and in our still semi-feudal society where even some of the educated ones don't practice critical thinking, bad leaders cannot create good government.

walla 24 March 2013 at 16:09  

A government which plants evidence, perverts judicial appointments, exercises double standards in law, sues whistle-blowers, and turns a blind eye on corruption by its leaders cannot be a good government.

Tolerate such a government another term and it will become more than just the one-eyed cyclops being king in the land of the blind. To continue to rule, it will make sure all future generations remain blind.

The Umno general member photographed after the last general assembly is an instance of such political and social blindness. For all his tears, he will not be cornered saying a word on Shahrizat, Ropeah, Rustam, Zamry, even all the pagagomo's in the land. To him, Malays beating up Malays and stealing from the rakyat funds are acceptable so long as he continues to get some support from Umno.

Knowing the embarrassing answer, he will never ask where the support actually comes from. Certainly not from Umno which consumes but does not produce. The support comes from taxes paid by the rakyat, many of whom are the ones who have to suffer the beatings issued by the instrumental instigation of the very political benefactor upon whom his entire life has been pawned.

But it would be wrong to blame him alone for his lack of foresight. Even others who have had better education and wider exposure are toeing the same line.

They too will bite their tongues when asked about Shahrizat and Taib, Bala's SD1 and the IGP's waco NFA reason. They are more comfortable making monkeys of themselves throwing shallow ad hominem snipes that show a level of immaturity to put any other sensible member of our Malay race to utterly irrefutable shame.

Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 16:31  

Malays will be biggest losers if they fail to install Pakatan in Putrjaja.
Every Malay I know have multiple loans - car loan, housing loan, electrical product loan, co-op loan, PTPTN, Along loans, etc.Some have been declared bankrupt.
They will continue to work as garbage collectors, lorry/bus drivers, grass cutters, security guards, goreng pisang sellers, factory hands, etc.
And their children will hardly earn enough to service their PTPTN loans.
I pray Malays will dump that stupid 'undi UMNO demi bangsa, uagama, negara' crap and chose Pakatan and enjoy a better future.
Malays will remain in the gutters whilst UMNOputras will be laughing their way to the bank.
As for the Chinese. They are hardy race and they will thrive under any conditions or government yet they are now with Pakatan.
Now, why are some Malays fearful of Pakatan. Why vote for the oppressors.
Honestly, I don't understand wht some Malays insist on paying their 5-figure PTPTN loan when Pakatan promises to abolish it.
The poor Malays will get nothing if UMNO wins.
Aren't they bumbling fools?

Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 17:17  

If fear and insecurity of losing political power are the main concern of Malays, then real, good and capable Malay leaders must lead.

When one lose credibility, one lose all respect and authority.

walla 24 March 2013 at 17:19  

We wash our faces, hands and feet. We take off our sandals and shoes. We walk in with heads humble and hearts penitent. We prostrate with full sincerity.

Yet if in doing all this, our sole motivation is just fear or form, we might as well outsource the process.

The true motivation must be conscience. It is unique to each of us. It is each of us wrestling with choices before us but picking the only one that resonates with The One.

In the political landscape before us today, that conscience has almost been killed off by Umno and its Barisan kaki's.

The two cousins and the two lawyers in that Sarawak video have depicted not a shred of conscience.

Otherwise how can one try to impress on a mat salleh that it has been done before, this maneuver that cheats state land out of the poor rakyat, inflates its price, divides out the titles, hires a faceless proxy to presign transfer, and parks the bigger chunk of payment in offshore accounts to evade taxes?

It is the laconic semi-cynical deadpan way in which all this was explained and delivered which is telling on how long and large it has been done, and how dead is the conscience which distinguishes men and women from animals.

Don't our listen-listen-listen undergraduates ever get such fine tutorials anymore on deal-making, 1Malaysia-style? Even to the extent of plucking a price out of thin air for each acre and saying with a straight face that since leaders are corrupt elsewhere, a ten percent under-table commission should not be questioned here.

But another question arises. If it can be ten percent of two hundred and thirty million US dollars today, could it not have been really that thirty percent during the time of Mahathir and Daim?

And if it had been thirty percent then, couldn't it also be more than that after GE13 if Barisan is returned again, what with Tesco udang now no more at enam belas sembilan puluh sembilan sekilo?

The same death of our individual consciences you can see elsewhere. The PI comes back and retracts his second statutory declaration, explaining in public the reason. He dies. Out of conscience, his lawyer declares that the second SD was admitted to be drafted by another lawyer on the instruction of the one who wants to win GE13 and lead us into 2020.

Yet our IGP says no new evidence is offered. Would it require for people to fall off windows before an RCI can be convened to consider whether such a declaration isn't tantamount to new evidence admissible for investigation leading to a report to be submitted to an AG who in any case would probably busy doing something else in some other chamber?

Belaboring such processes to which they have been given the round-about for decades, the Rakyat Of Malaysia grit their teeth (real and false).

They turn their only recourse to GE13. Only to find another conscience-less idiot of a sycophant in the EC saying with a straight face that it is now too late to make reforms to the election machinery, especially the electoral database.

Which every voter knows by now cannot be used, what more full of pro-Umno papagomo's. Please note the voters will probably include a few hundred thousand tausug's courtesy of the man from kerala. Perhaps his finest and most lasting legacy to our Malay race?

If by such means we are to claw our way to 2020, please leave all respective consciences at the Door, and upon entering, ask for Mercy first and foremost.

This post, for the late Altantuya, our fallen men in Sabah, and the natives of our Sarawak now sold lock-stock-dan-barrel, tax-free.

Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 18:40  

Well said, walla
Dato, some of the chinese ppl I know who are with mca live a lavish lifestyle, married but have girl friend, no integrity, arrogant. Got personal interest in the govt project, earn big $ but need not pay tax for those under table comm. Lazy, easy life, always look for goodies. Buying property like pemborong. So heart sick to see these ppl. What kind of future for our next generation. The talented and hardworking group will seek fortune else where as here only got connection can make wealth.

Anonymous,  24 March 2013 at 18:58  

antisyaitan 09:23, OneMalaysian, Walla and a few others, keep posting to expose UMNO and its evil partners.

We have lost too much as a nation. We have people who have no conscience, no sense of right and wrong, and government officers enthralled and beholden to the political masters of the day as if the oath of office is loyalty not to the king but the P.M.

This must change now.

Thank you Walla, let those who wish to step into a mosque, church or temple because of 'fear or form' outsource the process from now onwards. Let no one in a congregation, filled with men and women of conscience, ever have to stand beside another too frail or too wicked to understand what the celebration of life means and demands from each living person.

Malaysia was never like this before.

We were all taught and groomed to live decent lives, lives which do not need to be embellished by gold, silver or diamonds to give gloss to our common humanity.

The laws of this nation apply equally to everyone, Prime Minister or pimp, ministers or monsters, and a theft is a theft, a murder is a murder. Most of all, a First Lady is a First lady, and she is always the wife of the Head of State, never the wife of the Head of Government. Period.

itik,  25 March 2013 at 14:07  

24 March 2013 14:38

I think you are the one known as loser here. you had been infected with gomo virus, please give more valuable opinion to support your master here or just fuck off.

Think about it man, those people you mentioned above, are not politic for wealth, until today. They are the people who help to balanced up the politic as forming a true democracy goverment. Of course some of them been tasted of nasi penjara also.

It is very hard move for people like Uncle Sak to joined opposition especially DAP as with his views and far slight. He could even get higher political career by staying beside BN. I always support you uncle Sak.

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