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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bad UMNO/BN Economics Bankrupt the Country says Musa Hitam

UMNO supporters and bloggers will go to town asking for the lynching of Tun Musa Hitam. Tun Musa Hitam was speaking out against the knee-jerking responses of BN and UMNO leaders who accuse Pakatan leaders of planning to bankrupt the country.
When Pakatan says we want to give free education- this will bankrupt the country. When we want to reduce subsidies, this will bankrupt the country. When we want to reduce petroleum price, this will bankrupt the country. As Tun Musa said, all these statements are political statements.
Political statements are therefore what?  Musa appears to suggest that political statements are in the beginning untrue statements until proven to be true. Meaning what? Those who make political statements like the people from UMNO and BN are to be taken as liars until proven to be truthful persons.
Najib is a liar. Muhyidin is a liar. Mahathir is the biggest liar.
By saying that, Tun Musa places himself on the opposite side of Mahathir, Najib and all the UMNO/BN.  Musa Hitam isn’t a man unfamiliar with and afraid of controversy. He already knew, having gone through personal experience, that Mahathir and those who share Mahathir’s method of economics, will ruin this country.
In my previous article, I have written about this peculiar behavioural aspect of UMNO politicians and their intellectual counterparts in disbelieving that others are as capable or can be better at managing the country. Hence, the attitude- only we the good people can do the greater good for this country- Pakatan people will do evil and hence will bankrupt this country. Hence also, we see Najib going helter-skelter saying the budget proposed by Pakatan is not worth the paper it’s printed on.
In my previous article, I mentioned Chandra Muzaffar never with the intention of elevating him to a status which he does not deserve. On the contrary, I mentioned him in the sense that he represents the thinkers and professed liberals who support libertarian thinking and therefore think themselves as progressives. But then he represents these misguided do-gooders who think, that liberal objectives can be realized by way of collectivist and concentration of power. Chandra Muzafafr must realize you can’t get quality output by feeding in garbage input.
In that sense, Muzaffar is in the same category as commissar Mahathir- both proponents of totalitarian and absolute discretionary power.
It is not hard really to reconcile the contradicting nature of people in UMNO and people represented by Chandra Muzaffar. To think only of themselves as being the ONLY people capable of doing good or  unable to bring themselves to accept that they can do wrong, require only self praises and pat on the backs that are easy to do and self-satisfying at the same time.
We will let Mahathir, Najib and UMNO drown in their self-praising drool.


Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 08:41  

We as umno members should be thankful to Anwar for his bravery and committment in telling UMNO leaders to behave and manage the country in a honest manner.We are now experiencing too much politics because UMNO through various media accusing all kind of happenings because of Anwar .We can make the people more reasonable and tolerant if we can educate the UMNO leaders that anybody can rule the country as long as you win the election.I as a member of umno for last 40 years just cannot accept umno leaders contention that only them have the experience to rule the country efficiently if others all will be bankrupt .Zahid Hamidi sekolah mana nak cakap besar cuba tunjukkan apa pengalaman dan sijil kau ada ?The way to educate UMNO leaders are to make sure every one of us support the opposition in coming general election .We as ordinary citizens have nothing to lose but more to gain especially to reinstate our country at a level where it should have been...

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 09:23  

Everyone have undergone bad times under BN rule for 55 years which cant be tolerated any further. Time to change the BN regime by voting PR to take over Putra Jaya for our childrens better future and safeguarding the nation.

walla 13 March 2013 at 10:22  

As we go into GE13, let us be clear in our heads about one thing.

The Umno today is made up of just a small bunch of corrupts and cronies.

They have hijacked the government and spawned hangers-on who have buried their conscience either out of greed for promotions or relief funds, or out of fear for loss of position or status. There is no honest commitment to any real cause. Except for Petron.

The hijacked government then turns its machinery of media and men to pervert justice, spin lies, buy votes and taint elections for just one single objective of keeping itself in power.

Today we have a group of some 50-100 opportunists against 28 million rakyat. This small group has set up camp and is hell-bent on siphoning money, buying gratitude, stealing votes, even threatening, intimidating and beating up the rakyat. Nothing else matters anymore to that group. Its ETP anyone can draft and do and at lowest cost and greater success for the future of the rakyat.

Let us therefore ask ourselves why should the future of 28 million rakyat be held to ransom and subject to gangsterism by just that small group of corrupts, immorals and incompetents?

Out of their innocence and kindness, the rakyat had given Umno the mandate before. The receivers became arrogant, ambitious and duplicitous instead. The rakyat next appealed and negotiated for a return of integrity and conscience by delivering a wake-up message five years ago in GE12. That too failed to knock any sense into Umno which only lip-serviced reforms on stage but continued to do whatever it wants behind. And it has been getting away with it because Umno elites had mutilated the institutions responsible for maintaining checks and balance against abuse of power until people running those institutions have become cronies in waiting as well.

How can a nation progress when all conscience has been buried just for personal power and ill-gotten gains?

If Mahathir had had to call a secret meeting of all the pol-secs and admitted to them that Barisan will lose in GE13, what does that tell us? He has become so desperate he has bypassed their ministers. Which says he doesn't consider them winnable candidates anymore, doesn't it?

So if not them, who else? Mukhriz Mahathir of Petron or Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa, or Chandra Muzaffar, Tunku Aziz, Ezam Mohd Noor, even Raja Petra and Aziz Shamsuddin? What about the six MBs, namely Zamry, Hassan, Rastam, Yaakob, Said and Ghani? Any of them clean, competent and really fighting for the rights of all rakyat?

walla 13 March 2013 at 10:23  


Umno is gone, finished, contaminated, toxic.

Today it's running only on the fumes of rakyat money plucked from trees.

Where did all that money and upgrades given out come from, you ask? They weren't in the last budget so where did they come from?

From the new taxes to come, from the savings for the young of the future, from the resources that have yet to be mined that must be saved for an uncertain future to overcome all manners of threats and dangers such as we have already seen in the last few weeks.

I had written before that Umno is a syndicate. Today, as you draw your own conclusion, was i wrong?

We need a new Malaysia that is emptied of Umno's bad legacy. If that legacy has been so good, why the need to appeal for gratitude? Gratitude would have sprung out on its own natural accord if what has been done had been the right things done right.

Would Chandra Muzaffar talking about governance and reform by Barisan answer the Rakyat Of Malaysia what he thinks should have been done on Shahrizat and Ropiaah and those others in Umno? This is a simple question even a standard six student can answer honestly and accurately, what more a doctorate holder. Just as those Umno diehards reading this will turn away their red faces, he won't. And that's the trademark denialism of all that is bad created and propagated by the Umno we all have known so many years.

Enough. End the crimes, charades and hypocrisies. Redeem the conscience of this nation. Fight for the future of our young. We owe them a better, cleaner, fairer, kinder and really more progressive and enlightened Malaysia. Not this half-baked semicolon soon to be a full-stop.

This post, for Bronte and all her friends. May we who will die on this beach leave a better path for you to safely come home to.

Pok Li,  13 March 2013 at 10:47  

When Tun Musa resigned as DPM in late 80s he had already said that Mahathir's authoritarian style and way of managing economy would ruin the country. When he decided to team up with Ku Li in Team B, he called on the Malays to learn to be "kurang ajar" towards dishonest and corrupted leaders if we wanted the country to progress well. Unfortunately Tun Musa happened to live ahead of his time as loyalty towards leaders were very much part of the Malays' belief and culture. Only now we are seeing Malays dare to challenge the incompetence, dishonest and corrupted leaders. Better late than never.

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 11:17  

The problem is UMNO has done more evil than good but who still think that their evil is good for the country.

Pok Li,  13 March 2013 at 11:22  

It is irony to see "intellectuals" like Chandra Muzaffar and Tunku Aziz defending a regime that fail to practice good governance, a subject that was close to their hearts and earned them high respect even before they joined opposition parties. When these intellectuals were with the opposition, they couldn't withstand the differing views coming especially from the younger ones and treated them as being disrespectful.

When they aligned themselves with the corrupt regime, they self-block their analysis to be based one sided input fed by government "experts" who are more concerned of their periuk nasi. Indeed, we can't expect quality output with garbage input.

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 13:19  


I'll be damn for asking you to do this. Would you dare to wager that UMNO will roll out Mahathir as a candidate on the GE? Loser make a RM10 donation to a Malaysian charity of the winner's choice.

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 13:32  

ha ha ha musang hitam statements you wanna give credence. He is a sourgrape ex UMNO leader just like you albeit he is a former TPM compared to you who were just a mere two bit one term ADUN. You are so desperate to find a place in politics after being dump by Najib for being an incompetent ADUN. So now you go singing praises about opposition to the point of becoming Tokong shoe shiner. What a shameful act!!

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 14:31  


Refer : Perbincangan bersama PM

Broadcasted (not Live-Prerecorded on RTM/TV3/Astro)

My response :

Kah .... Kah ... Kah... (LOL)


1. In developed countries, two side of different ideology of politicians do debate LIVE on TV.
In Malaysia = PM "syok sendiri" with his discussions and smiling like hell.

2. The TV presenter give questions only from readers of Bernama/NST/Utusan ... bla...bla...bla..
Questions posed to him? Well scripted. PM smile with nice and easy as 1,2, 3 questions. No LIVE call from TV viewers.

3. Pity = The audience in the studio are like living zombies.

4. Is the discussions really about GE13? No. It's about PM represent UMNO party to abuse RAKYAT's property only for his campaign and "hantam" PR.

5. So as per my observations : All discussions by UMNO is like a squash player who play by himself against the wall. Nobody to play with. Like Ezam Nor who discuss and debate with himself in front of small camp with few people. Hassan Jati also debate with himself in the mirror on the wall.

6. PM Najib said "Himpunan jalanan bukan budaya kita, debat bukan budaya kita.........BUT, he himself instruct the stupid/foolish hooligans to throw stones and eggs at PR functions and properties. How come this type of PM educate his RAKYAT. Is this the type of democracy he wants to bring towards 2020 ?

7. How arrogant is Najib when all proposals by PR in Bukju Jingga he throw into dustbin. In the cause of RAKYAT, he just simply ignored??? He just talk about how his BR1M is a magic solution to daily lives of the RAKYAT.

8. He said nothing is free in this world. Yes partly true. But why free scholarship to all anak menteri BN??? Why free money to Raja Alakazam Ropiaah???? Why free project tender to all UMNO related robber a nak beranak? Why free trip using RAKYAT's official Jet and go shopping overseas???? Why UMNO party use for free the RAKYAT's national own TV where all RAKYAT pay tax to run the RTM????

Najib and all UMNO BN hooligans...., we RAKYAT have not an inch respect to all "arrogant" act that you all have done to us.

Remember : Malaysia is not UMNO and UMNO is not Malaysia.

Malaysia is RAKYAT and RAKYAT is Malaysia.

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 14:47  

The worst economcis yet for the Malays - the FGV listing. Its now clear that palm oil and sugar prices will remain low because of the oil & gas boom in the US going on now..But Felda settlers will not only have to contend with low palm oil prices and FGV share price, they will have to pay higher prices for everything else under UMNO especially with GST, TNB, water etc with UMNO/BN - THAT is Najin's 'transformation' for them..

Fairuz Lee,  13 March 2013 at 14:49  

Surprise! Surprise! surprise! Now it is Musang Hitam that speaks and later on "Umno's coolie" Razaleigh is going jump into the band wagon and start to lambast UMNO with fervor and showing all the care and concerns for rakyat. A charade has began and dawned upon us that over the hill or cold storage UMNO politicians have all the care and aspiration to bring the rakyat out of the miseries caused by their beloved ayahanda Mahashit. It is really pathetic that their concerns are a bit far too late as it is very obvious that all these pseudo politicians are now coming out alive . More like the hound dogs sniffing out easy prey and going for victory.They are self centered and trying to stay releveant in the forth coming regime change. Where were they when Pakatan was fighting an uphill battle the couple of years back constantly being harassed by Umno goons and yet no statesman or even retired politicians give any supporting comments to the opposition let alone any interest on the suggestions that was being brought up in the parliament.At least Sakmongkol you took the early plunge and has been sincere in your approach as you saw the unjust Umno is not a party for any humble and honest man kind to get involve unless one possesses the credentials and traits of being a bandits', crooks, rabies infected rapist, conman, emmerging dictatorial behaviour,selfish person, flaunting hedonist, racist and what so ever evil doings that can be lumped and associated with the party. Sad very sad!!! but what else can they do? Anyway this is bolih land anything also can as long as lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu BUT let's be professional and start to filter the instant pro oppositionsupporters and they can create disharmony in the united front.

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 14:58  

Beware of economists bearing regressions and politicians bearing false gifts!

Like they say if you want to look thin, you hang out with fat people (no offense to the many nice fat friends and fiends of mine). If you want Malaysian statistical numbers to look good, just exist in a world of bloated train-wreck economies of mismanaged European PIGS (Portugal Italy Greece Spain) cheese cheddar countries or African banana republics. We come out smelling like roses or like the local parlance would say - kemboja. But we all know we are smelling like rose with a tinge of petai waiting to be snuffed out.

Remember Colombo, Manila or Rangoon of the 60s? They are the yesteryears of economic czars but we are the ‘foreseeable future’ and the ‘envy of all developing nation’ (this is BN’s pat on the back when they did get their hands on the economy right in the early days). Malaysia has not seemed to be weaving out of its core traditional economic activities i.e commodities and resources and property development. Mind you these are activities laid by the British (ie. Commodities include plantation, Resource include tin & gold except oil production which was discovered 40 years odd and Property Construction). The only semblance of new economy envisaged by BN is E&E but we have not come out of the low end of E&E as we are still one of the sweat shops of the E&E.

Like all good things running in good motion i.e. basic Keynes - run surpluses during boom times and deficits during recessions, this is the norm of any good economic management sense. Ask any resource rich country and they will tell you that their growth within the past 13 years is due to the commodities and resources boom demand and no surprising these countries even withstood recession. Ample surpluses are channeled back to their sovereign fund for their future generations eg Norway, Canada, Australia etc. BUT we are experiencing deficits for the past 15 years though we are not in recession! Pump priming on non productive areas - so much for Mahathirnomics. Ranking as the number two nation worldwide contributing to the outflow of illicit funds is not a picture that can be snapped together as a resource rich country.

This slow screwing and pounding of non prudent ways of managing debt, productive investment and resources has not stopped the ruling BN politicians from singing the Greek chorus predicting that the economy is going to Hades if PR comes on board. But isn’t it now going that way? What is the cut off point? When debt reaches 100 percent? Or 200 percent of GDP?

But as the system has devolved into, for better or worse: our economy for the past 15 years is now founded on credit and borrowing, not earnings and savings which of the old has been doing since merdeka.

So when the politicians bear gifts, we should not pay attention to the evidence. Pay attention to the lack of evidence. Ask Tun Musa as he has spoken.

Najibnomics have taken a page out of the Stalin campaign playbook and look inside of politics instead of outside of politics. So we must not legitimize his thinking as it is another rehash of the same story we see every day without any reference to the underlying problem addressed. And the underlying problems lay before us are in education, healthcare, transportation, human capital, security, trade, manufacturing,environment, agriculture etc.

Bindi 1/2

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 14:58  

There's no doubt that simply continuing along the status quo is a vote for digging ourselves deeper as the constraints of the future arrive. Behavior change is necessary in order to improve our chances. If not then we are slowly losing and risking our young becoming a Lost Generation. We are like they say doing our best by killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

As the current government, mired in debt and budget deficits, grows desperate to boost income and receipts, it is increasingly both siphoning capital and stealing purchasing power from those generating income of the young generation. No need for example as most of us have experience or read about it.

Today's masses of illegal immigrants and terrorist (sic) know how to work the system and have infiltrated all layers of government. They laugh at the laws of Malaysia (though we have one of the best legal instruments) and know that they have no fear of punishment.

Yes I agree ‘Bad Umno /BN Economics Bankrupt the Country’!

Bindi 2/2

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 17:55  

Dato', you have been too generous in your comments on Chandra Muzaffar. This man is blind and mentally deranged. Day light robberies occurring big time right in front of him, he sees not. Instead, he praises the robbers sky high.

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 18:10  


Mahathir Mohamad should be dead on the gallows! This is the rationale for why he should be immediately brought to justice. Read the information at

Yes Dato! Mahathir is a big liars, selalu cakap tak serupa bikin. Anwar & opposition accused as a foreign agent. In fact he is the real traitor ... sell citizenship easily to foreigners for the sake of himself and the party he represents.

I'd like to ask our IGP, Hisyamuddin Hussin, Zahid Hamidi, entire UMNO leaders and all rakyat Malaysia. Compare to what Tian Chua said about Lahad Datu and what Mahathir did in Sabah during his time as Malaysia PM, which is very dangerous and against the law?. I hope all rakyat who really love Malaysia not let yourself be a coward and do nothing. Use your right to vote for Pakatan Rakyat to take over Putrajaya so that this mamak " syaitan dikenali" can be brought to the gallows.

Without Mahathr Mohamad Malaysia will be more secure, prosperous, harmonious and glorious.

-Pattani Warrior-

thunderstorm,  13 March 2013 at 18:23  

Can't blame UMNO BN. They are very very Desperate Now in the last hour. Do whatever they can, pick up whatever it is and just throw it to the Inevitable Wind of Change, acting exactly like an opposition. They look more like a opposition party then a ruling party. They are doing PR a big favour without them knewing it, the more the slander the better. It is the perfect opportunity for the nation to participate by looking at all their weaknesses and misdeed done in last 50 years. For we will shout "This Is Not What You Portrays Us Malaysian As A Nation Who Believe In Peace, We Want Change from All Your Twist & Lies".
Do you now hear the silent song in your heart of a New Beautiful Malaysia?

monsterball 13 March 2013 at 19:56  

Musa Hitam resigned as DPM ..because he does not want to be a puppet on the string to whatever Mahathir wants him to do...and up to this day...Musa Hitam is himself.
It is nice to see him coming out at the right speak his mind out.

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 21:15  

I couldn't agree more sir. Only umno's members can reform their party and they can do this by voting against their own party to take it into opposition. That will make all top corrupt umno leaders drop their pants and the contracts patronage structure at supreme council divisions and branches will collapse like a pack of cards. Umno members with integrity can then take over umno leadership and keep PR in check and if the latter misbehaves we will vote umno back into power Now that is true Democracy .

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 22:26  

Nothing is free in this world. There are no free lunches. Somehow somebody has to pay. Well your guess is as good as mine. Who pays?

Anonymous,  13 March 2013 at 22:56  

Salam Sdr Arif;

Mahadir memaklumkan jumlah/nilai yg di rompak oleh umno dan kroni selama ini telah memufliskan negara.
Walaubagaimanapun Syabas PR kerana sanggup menerima cabaran membangunkan negara yg telah dimufliskan oleh umno.

Bayangkan oleh kerana dalam ketakutan, kerajaan umno / bn telah menimbunkan hutang negara yang boleh digunakan untuk kemakmuran rakyat berpulu2 tahun jika diurus dengan baik....... myi


Donplaypuks® 14 March 2013 at 00:19  

Rumour hath it that some Chairman nearly bankrupted Sime Darby, by at least RM 4 billion!

But BUMNO/BN is guilty as hell, for sure! Hope they fry!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Krishna 14 March 2013 at 08:35  

If Musa and Razaleigh come out strongly and continue to expose Mahathir and UMNO, we can be sure that UMNO is doomed. It is UMNO that is destroying the nation with the continuation of the racist policies. It is UMNO that will bankrupt this country with its reckless spending.

Sam,  14 March 2013 at 09:28  

On May 27,2010 Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala proclaimed that at the rate the BN government manages (and plunder) the nation's wealth, Malaysia will be bankrupt by 2019. If that is the case,what is there to lose by letting Pakatan take over and correct the trend ? Pakatan have proven that they can do it in Penang and Selangor within just 4 years since they formed the state governments.

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 09:46  

If Malaysians can make sure they are the franchisor and that PDRM, MACC, AG's office, etc will be the franchisees of the Malaysian Constitution and not that of UMNO's then and only then there is hope for this country.

Sure Musa, Ku Li, ex-generals,ex-senior civil servants and God-fearing men and women can help this time to remove all the evil and corrupt individuals.

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 11:41  

The first thing the Pakatan goverment shall do when they take over Putrajaya is to close TV3 and arrest all their reporters, editors and news readers lock them up and charge them for inciting hatred, , spreading lies, being subversive agents and for any readons that authority can find.
The news readers shall never allowed to be on tv again made paid for their bloody blatant stupidity anc lies.

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 12:14  

Dear Walla,

Quote : This post, for Bronte and all her ( huh, aisay can't find the question mark key on this borrowed keyboard ) friends. May we who will die on this beach leave a better path for you to safely come home to. Unquote.

It is so sad to hear you say this, but we want to change the course of our nation's history by decisive choice so that your powerfully profound sincere writings is rewarded.. the fruiting of pokok nangka also tugs at the heartstrings.

have returned home, here, for a short while ... scheduled it in such a way to vote .. but the waiting is maddening and retarding the four hemispheres. It is like being rudely kept waiting in the dimness for more of david copperfield's acts, smokescreening an election date.

It will never be the same to live in this nation when you and similar Malaysians - color blind are so few in the workplace
and communities.. it works up the increase of pulse rates, downs productivity and teamwork, even to prolong a decent intelligent conversation.. it is always blabbering and treating us like children.. how and what to think, to say, to act, who to mix with.

On the same tangent, but NEP ( should be solely for Malaysians - those truly deserving assistance in the low middle income and living in the poverty line.

Strangely, these issues remain as contradicting and mindboggling, it is more of the UMNO past and present leaders self - determine their supporters to pursue the sistematic planning of yesteryears policies, rebranded, condoning corruptions.

... inhumanly blinding themselves to reject the Initial Trust that brought our forefathers of each Malaysian together, to fight for our Independence; but now degrading to self - destruction, confrontational, instead of being strong, mature, magnanimous, reciprocal, when wealthy, giving more to others of Malaysian, being inclusive and seeing the good values of being united with fellow Malaysians.

Next in the loop is the invasion in Lahad Datu and the loss of the lives of our Perwira, children lost their fathers, wives lost their husbands and dads and moms lost their sons.. it is an exhaustive ic project which backfires. The self - prophesy of of catastrophes is due to arrogance and hypocrisy, not wanting to change for the better, clinging on to corruptions.. is fulfilled due to redundant leaders' errors and faults, magnified by own's hallucination of unjustified fear and megaindifference.

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 13:20  

To be fair, I also see some dews of meteor shower lights of goodness for all races of Malaysians lately.

If, for any ungentleman ilk and mega - power gila leaders not wanting to accept the rakyat's choice after the 13th election, that is the quickest way to lose the total grip of the nation, the sulu terrorists..

To be cruel to be honest, so to speak, fools will have stay on to clear the mess they had started where angles fear to tread.

With the perspective, we will choose to shelter fellow Malaysians, faithful to redemonstrate the true and faithful spirits of early forefathers of this nation regardless of race and religion. It brings tears whenever we read one in a million anecdote how there were Melayu families sheltered others. We are the descendants of those exemplary citizens of that era :) We have inherited the God fearing .. of goodness DNA in us.

Look up to the sky more ... many of us abroad, as Malay, Indian and Chinese... even as Malay, we are a minute minority abroad ...the affirmations need to be spurred further in this nation, the check and balance of power, funds, minimize or eliminate devilish behaviors, but all have an equal share to protect and prosper the nation, tanah tumpah darah kita. There is alarmingly weirdness many umno leaders have received eduaction abroad..but when they return .. it is like a mockery to the education received, whilst others are positive movers and empowerers.

Anonymous,  14 March 2013 at 13:21  


Hence do take pharmaton.. do brisk walking.. i hope fellow bloggers here are taking you out for high tea and cheer you up regularly, we know what it takes to write faithfully,it takes the heart as well, which perhaps,supercedes writing religiously; writing until you menimang our hopes and apsirations, fulfilled to give us all NEW HOPES. We can navigate in that direction of New Hopes as a nation, first by casting our votes for PK a term and for many hundreds of thousands in Selangor and Penang, Kedah, Perak ( tak malu punya mb masuk ikut pintu belakang, heret Nizar, the Speaker !!! ) by revoting of PK.

Btw, please scat from loaf, Walla and don't be seduced by the macaroons, literally, they are seductively sickening and sinkening sweet and empty inside, like embezzling condo moos.

Bronte is hype, however, after the music stops and when ones stroll on the streets..., the missing of home is real. Honestly, we Malaysians have that inherent niceness, every touch down at KLIA, we feel that vibration of homeness and friendship of our good DNAs of our forfathers who had sweated blood and shed tears to birth the independence of our nation for us to preserve with good governance...

Go beyond the dull comfort zone of arrogance and stop the recyclying of recalcitrant behaviors of the leaders.. to eliminate injustice and human suffering to Malaysians.

p.s i hardly write here as there is the impression i am not welcome here.

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