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Monday 25 March 2013

The Oracle of Syed Putera Speaks Again- Part 2

Part 2
Small children will be small children. They are accustomed only to straight talk. They can’t comprehend the art of mature and rarefied talk. In this connection, I am not about to reveal who the Oracle of Syed Putera is. Some thought it was Sanusi Junid. Some people's children!. He is too earthy and more capable of obtuse thinking- not for him the sophisticated reasoning of a master player. Sanusi is the person who can come up with the idea of planting paddy on the roofs, start a coconut climbing and plucking contest. Launch a campaign to eat ulam/herbal salad. More sophisticated thinking? Naah……….
People at the NST think by bringing in Tun Daim, that could save Najib. Very sorry to disappoint them. That- like bringing Mahathir in, goes to show Najib is useless as a leader. That is why Daim tells the Oracle- Najib hasn’t got what it takes to run the country.
But at least it will secure the position of one of the journalists conducting the interview. The person has gone through hell and needed one redeeming endeavour. Daim it seems, provide the perfect endeavour. Did they ask searching questions? You be the judge. Those were leading questions designed to take out the bête noir of Malaysian politics- the person who is accused of doing sex with everyone and everything, man, woman, lamp posts with skirts and thongs on.
I said I consider The Oracle as Daim’s alter ego. He speaks as Daim would speak to me. I see Din Merican has zeroed in by identifying Daim Zainudin as the Oracle of Syed Putera. I think that suggestion can be easily discounted by acknowledging that, I a one term ADUN, an unimportant politician and a loser thrown out by Najib hasn’t reached the status so as to get a one-to-one interview with the elusive Daim Zainudin. Therefore I maintain, the Oracle ofSyed Putera is just Daim’s alter ego.
As to the Oracle, I have no doubts about the authenticity of his views being representative of the views of the elusive Daim himself. Yes, he owns many paintings including rare paintings by the late Ibrahim Hussein.
If you were lucky enough to be admitted into the inner sanctum of the Oracle, you will see some exotic paintings on the subject of females, which the Oracle tells me, Daim is a connoisseur. Mahathir, Daim tells the Oracle, does not know how to enjoy life, while he, Daim enjoys life to the fullest. The Oracle tells me that Daim has been scolded openly by his daughter for his penchant for the bon vivant lifestyle, but rationalised it by saying it’s a matter between him and God.
On that score, let us also be charitable to Anwar Ibrahim by asserting that whatever it is that afflicts him is a matter between God and Anwar.
I think we should not be unduly worried about the Daim interview. Simply because it’s out of character. Read the interviews Daim gave one or two years ago. The Daim then was more candid and wasn’t optimistic about BN and UMNO. I looked at The Oracle’s facial expressions and he looked unsure. That appears to be reflected in the current Daim interviews.
Now, he is more readily willing to say good things about Najib while until I met him, Daim hasn’t got any positive things to say about Najib. Why is Anwar not fit to become PM in theory? Because he is a sexual deviant? Ini bab sundal menyundal, Najib tidak kurang hebat. Why should Najib be deemed fit to lead, while Anwar isn’t? It’s purely Daim's personal assessment.
The Daim then, wasn’t restrained to say that Najib hasn’t got what it takes to run the country. Najib has got all the wrong advisors. Najib confuses between loyalty and being relevant. Suggestions and counsel go in Najib’s right ear to exit the left. Najib’s NEM was all airy-fairy. Najib’s Alphabet concoctions according to the Oracle produce the will-o-the –wisp effect- drawing unsuspecting citizens away from safe paths. Remember the tales about folks getting into accidents because they see lights leading them to non-existent roads? That’s what Najib’s NKRA, GTP, ETP and whatever will lead to.
Now suddenly, Najib needs to be given a chance. Something is not right. Daim seems to be saying things in concert with Mahathir. Finally it dawned on me why Daim behaves like this. He suddenly realises that if he does not throw his weight behind Mahathir, even he will not be spared from persecution. For as long as UMNO and Najib can lose in THEORY, Daim was willing to underrate Najib. But now, when Daim realises that UMNO and Najib can actually lose, Daim must subvert his conscience and pay lip service as required.
The Oracle tells me he will be interviewed by the other mainstream papers. I quickly offered to say; -they want Daim to give Najib and UMNO the much needed endorsements. To which, the Oracle answered. Daim will say what they want him to say. And so there you have it- the contents of the interview by the NST musketeers eager to save King Louis and his Marie Antoinette.
In the first place he says what is expected to. Secondly, if one reads carefully, his support for Najib is just an invitation to treat as it were. Pleadings by a plaintiff asking people to support Najib by giving him a chance. It’s just a request inviting the public to test Najib by giving him a chance.
It’s an invitation that one can refuse and be none the worse. Too little, too late.
I have asked- what can Najib accomplish what UMNO hasn’t in 55 years? Has Najib discovered a new formula other than the one nurtured by UMNO to take Malaysia to new heights? Najib is just following a script written by Mahathir. So, that was why I asked the Oracle why it is that Mahathir behaves as though he is the de facto PM? The Oracle laughed aloud.
I put it to him that Mahathir’s increasing and expanding role to give leadership to UMNO is a damning indictment on the leadership of Najib. The Oracle gave a nervous laugh without answering. Daim has given us the answer. Daim’s plaintiff cries that Najib be given a chance are actually a confirmation of the utter lack of leadership on the part of Najib. Grand Uncle Mahathir has to step in. the interview by the NST trio goes further to establish Najib as a media PM.


Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 15:43  

Do you honestly think Daim's NST interview will bring even an extra vote for BN? Besides elevating the journalist, the interview is a big zero.
The people have totally lost faith in the media. They are numb to our media hype and lies.
What can Daim do that Mahathir hasn't?
In any case who reads NST?

Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 15:59  

Daim cant about Corruption.He is the chief .Look what happen to Effective capital.Resort world,magnum,Tanjong.

All have Daim nominee when they make special bumi issue.

NST and Najib lookmvary desperated.They used Daim to hentam Anwar.
Daim must make sure Anwar is not new PM,otherwise he have to move from Bukit Melawati to Sungai Buloh

Cahaya Qalbu,  25 March 2013 at 16:27  

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Books have been written about Tun Daim Zainuddin, but not many people know who the real Daim is. He is famous for being taciturn. Everyone knows that Daim is the silent type; so silent, in fact, that the victims of his scheming and conniving have fallen like ten pins without ever knowing what hit them.

He has, on the quiet, made a career of shooting poison darts, laying booby traps. and knifing friend or foe in the back. His hand is never seen, but his mark is everywhere. Truth to tell, he has been at the root of many national crises, but his name has never been smudged, thanks to the wealth he wields and his bond of friendship with Dr. Mahathir.

Silent cancer

Most members of Umno's new generation are aware that Daim is an acquisitive millionaire and a macho man with a taste of young women, but they concede him these weaknesses bec au se they see in him a clean and competent Economic Adviser to the Government. But the generation of Harun Idris, Musa Hitam and Manan Othman to name just a few of the old hands - they are the ones to ask in order to discover who the real Daim is.

It was Datuk Harun who plucked Daim up from the depths of failure in the salt business. Daim's wife, Mahani and Harun's wife, Salmah were good friends and an influential pair in the early 1970s. It was wife power that moved Harun to give Daim 160 acres of prime Kampung Pandan land. And thus Syarikat Maluri was born.

There is no use speculating over how much Daim paid Harun. After all, the two were fast friends. For the gory details, just ask Low Kiok Bow or Thamby Chik. They can relate how Daim cheated a land broker and greased Selangor state executive councillor and Mahathir's brother-in-law, Ahmad Razali for that piece of land.

Of course, Daim still had to pay for the land. In those days, it was not easy to borrow from a bank. Hence, he was forced to corrupt Bank Bumiputra. Lorraine Osman and Rais Saniman know how much he spent. Manan Othman can no doubt confirm the figure, he was so close to Daim that they tried to share a girl friend, with Manan often borrowing the bedroom at Daim's office in Taman Maluri.

Mahathir's choice

Daim's elevation as Senator and, subsequently, Minister of Finance, was part of Mahathir's strategic plan. Mahathir's choice should surprise no one, after all the two were intimate friends from the same kampung in Seberang Perak, Alor Setar. Upon becoming Prime Minister on 16 July, 1981, the first thing on Mahathir's mind was how to sideline his archenemy, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Daim told everyone he had no interest in politics, but all the while he was confident of getting the Finance Minister's job after a stint with the Senate. A few months after joining the Senate, Daim became Chairman of Fleet, which owned the New Straits Times. In 1984, he finally got his dream job and became the third most important man in the Federal Cabinet, after the Prime Minister and his deputy.

Cahaya Qalbu,  25 March 2013 at 16:29  

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Musa squeezed out

Musa Hitam, the Deputy Prime Minister, was at first oblivious of the closet ties between Mahathir and Daim. Innocently, he expressed to Mahathir his disquiet over Daim's wheeling and dealing, particularly his award of projects and contracts to his own associates and cronies. It must have baffled him when his complaints fell on deaf ears although he was Deputy Prime Minister, he has no say when it came to economic matters, particularly privatisation and the assignment (to supporters) of economic projects.

How disappointed Musa must have been to find that Daim could not care less about his effort to help his supporters secure some projects or contracts. Daim succeeded in making millionaires of such cronies of Wan Azmi, Halim Saad, Tajuddin Ramli, Samsuddin Hassan, Razali Rahman and Tan Sri Basir, but Musa in the end was cast off as a poor ex-DPM.

Musa once complained to Mahathir that Daim had stolen a number of supporters' project proposals, but again Mahathir ignored him. These were the first acts in the eventual breakup of the Mahathir-Musa partnership. As the interests of Mahathir and Daim bloated, Musa got squeezed out.

Pushing Musa to tie up with Razaleigh

Many Umno members assume that Razaleigh is Musa's number one enemy. In fact, the reason for the 1986 split in Umno must fall on Daim. It was he who drove Musa to the edge until he had no choice but to resign. Again, Daim's man of few words demeanour to his advantage. Few knew of his behind-the-scenes role in that Umno rupture not many more know it today.

One really should not wonder why Musa called a truce Razaleigh and the two decided to collaborate in the 1987 fight, the one that eventually c au sed Umno to be outlawed. At that time, Daim was almost invincible, what support coming from such strongmen as Sanusi Junid and Anwar Ibrahim. The comradeship of the three was rock solid, and the Musa-Razaleigh camp could do nothing except to make a joke of it by giving them the nicknames AIDS.

Cahaya Qalbu,  25 March 2013 at 16:29  

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Getting rid of Tun Salleh Abas

The formation of the new Umno, Daim and Mahathir had first to get rid of the Lord President, Tun Salleh Abas. Again, Daim was the chief plotter in the sacking of the pious and respected Tun Salleh, and his replacement with Tun Hamid Omar, a playboy and chronic gambler, but Mahathir's and Daim's schoolmate. The appointment of Tun Hamid Omar triggered the collapse of the integrity and the independence of the judiciary.

Finance Minister, Daim persuaded Mahathir to give the Economic Planning Unit and Treasury full power in implementing the privatisation policy. Hence, it was no longer necessary to call for tenders for government projects. Instead, the projects were awarded directly to favoured companies. And so began the era of wealth accumulation by him and his cohorts.

The United Engineers Company, bought for RM2, changed into a multi-million- ringgit corporation. As Finance Minister, Daim practically ordered banks to lend to companies that he himself owned. And no Daim crony every complained of difficulty in securing bank credit. Indeed, bankers lived in fear of Daim. Having appointed Wan Azmi and Basir to head Malayan Banking and Bank Bumiputra, he would give any project to any of his cronies bec au se funding was not an issue.

If those physical projects were not enough, Daim also took every opportunity to take wealth from the share market as well. Every time the Treasury approved a company for listing on the stock exchange, Daim cronies received their lion's shares. That was how Southern Bank, Resort World, Sports Toto, Berjaya, Tanjong and scores of other blue chip firms landed with Daim and Company.

Once, when share values were high, Daim boasted among friends that his visible wealth alone totalled RM65 billion. To shut the mouth of Barisan Nasional leaders, Daim gave lucrative projects (CRUMBS) to Samy Vellu and Ling Liong Sik so that their children could be big-shots in batches.

Free to plunder

Daim managed to fool Umno members into believing that Mahathir would not let him go although he had asked to be relieved of his Cabinet post on a number of occasions. With Musa and Razaleigh out of the picture, Daim could grab as much wealth as he wanted without even Mahathir stopping him. Besides, he was Umno's treasurer and he could make it look as if the companies he controlled were those in which the party had a stake.

Daim's avarice damaged not only his own image as finance minister, but also Mahathir's and Malaysia 's reputation with the international community. It is said that he used to demand exorbitant fees for himself in negotiating contracts involving foreign suppliers. The chairmen of Japan 's two biggest banks - the Bank of Tokyo and Sanwa Bank - once complained to Mahathir that his Finance Minister demanded commissions that were too high when negotiating yen loans.

Margaret Thatcher, too, has complained about Daim's role as a commissioned agent. He had - or still has - accounts in Zurich , London , Hong Kong, Tokyo , Singapore , Caymen Island , Channel Island and Virgin Island. Indeed, instead of keeping his billions in Malaysia , he has stashed them overseas.

Cahaya Qalbu,  25 March 2013 at 16:30  

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Even conspiring to snatch KTM land in S'pore

With his immense wealth and far-reaching influence, Daim eventually became a burden thatMahathir could no longer bear. In every deal he made, there was something in it for himself. It was not beneath him even to conspire with Lee Kuan Yew to snatch KTM land in Singapore . The Malaysian Cabinet had no knowledge of this. But this issue of Malaysia being cheated by Lee Kuan Yew and Daim is far from over.

Mahathir eventually realised that he had to end Daim's lordship over the Finance Ministry. And so he told him to quit.

Mahathir worried that if Daim continued as Finance Minister, complaints would come not only from Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan, Arumugam (M's DIRECT CRONIES) and other members of the Malaysian business elite, but also from foreign leaders.

Signs of a Daim-related scandal were ominous and it could break anytime in Japan or Britain , therefore, Daim had to go.

Daim had to go

Daim's resignation was planned such that it would not appear as if he had been sacked. Indeed, it does not make sense why a powerful Finance Minister, rich and in control of so many public companies, would suddenly quit simply because he had lost interest in the job. The truth is that he was ordered to resign.

Observers will recall that Mahathir's first comment on the so-called reaction was, 'He has asked several times for permission to resign, and I have finally allowed it. I hope Daim would not leave the country after resigning'. That statement was pregnant with meaning. Mahathir knew Daim was sulking. So did Anwar and Sanusi. Mahathir retained Daim as Umno Treasurer for a good reason, he wanted to ensure the safety of Umno money, a lot of which was under Daim's control.

But Daim who holds so many of Mahathir's secrets, is only a sly one. After resigning, he ran off to live in his San Francisco residence. He told the Malaysian public he wanted to study at Harvard, but in fact he wanted to leave Malaysia . Mahathir, who was familiar with Daim's antics, pleaded with him to come back, saying he need him to advise on economic matters.

Daim returned and announced that Mahathir had named him Economic Adviser to the Government. Rafidah asked Mahathir to confirm this, but all she got was silence. Daim was never formally appointed as Economic Adviser, a post which Tun Raja Mohar once held. The appointment is the prerogative of the Public Services Department. Daim gave himself the job. To keep Daim happy, Mahathir allowed him to open an office at the Economic Planning Unit, and this strengthened the public perception that he was still in control as far as economic affairs were concerned.

Rafidah more honest than Anwar?

When he was to told to resign as Finance Minister, Daim asked Mahathir to appoint Anwar Ibrahim to the job. Obviously, he thought this would help to ensure that his skeletons would remain closeted. He warned Mahathir of the peril that Rafidah would be to both of them: the secrets they shared would be uncovered.

Daim also persuaded Mahathir to appoint Mustapha Mohammad as Anwar's deputy because these two could be depended on to fill up the holes he had left gaping. Anwar is nobody's fool, but he sacrificed his idealism to protect his towkay.

As far as we know, no Finance Minster in this world has retired a billionaire, except Daim. In the book Daim yang Diam: Sebuah Biographi (Daim the Silent: A Biography), Daim explains his retirement: 'I am happy in retirement. It was too heavy a responsibility. In truth, I love the business world. Business is in my blood. I love to make money. I know how to do it. I can do it just by sitting in this chair. On a lucky day, I can make millions.'

Cahaya Qalbu,  25 March 2013 at 16:32  

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Friend of Soros

According to an internal bank analysis, collaborated by the corporate community, and from Daim crony Amin Shah, Daim's wealth, in ringgit and foreign currencies kept overseas currently amounts to RM20 billion.

With so much money at his disposal, Daim can manipulate the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. He showed his hand in 1991, just to prove how much influence he wielded. After selling off his stocks, he made a statement to the effect that the market would crash. And crash it did.

As we can all recall, even Mahathir could not help but make a wry remark when Daim boasted that he invested in KLSE only for pocket money. But to his good friend, Daim said he could turn in profit on RM90 million a day when the market was up. When the market plummeted in October 1991 Daim bought back his share on the cheap. When the market turned bullish again 1995 and 1996, Daim made billions of ringgit from it. This, then, is what the work of an economic adviser amounts to.

So it turns out that Soros is not the only big time market manipulator and currency dealer. Daim met Soros twice in London when the ringgit was being hotly traded. Anyway, when the ringgit fell below RM4 to the US dollar, Mahathir asked Daim for help and, according to a source in Singapore, he lost RM1 billion trying to prop up the Malaysian currency. To lose that much in currency trading, imagine how much money he had at his disposal.

Mahathir panicked

The falls in currency and share values put Mahathir in a feverish panic. He knew his policies and his own belligerent attitude were partly to blame. Seeing Mahathir in such a frenzied state, Daim recommended that he declare a state of emergency to enable him to restore the economy and at the same time, bury the corpses that were beginning to stink.

We hail the Chief Secretary to the Government and the Solicitor-General for opposing the move. If Daim's plan had been followed, Mahathir would turn dictator and the Malaysian economy would be utterly ruined. Having failed to declare an emergency, Mahathir set up the National Economic Action Council, headed by Daim, with the Economic Planning Unit as its Secretariat.

The original plan was to give the NEAC complete autonomy, but the Cabinet ministers opposed this for fear that they would lose any vestige of power they had left. Eventually, the council became merely an advisory body, with the Cabinet having final say on its recommendations.

Cahaya Qalbu,  25 March 2013 at 16:33  

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Daim finally found a road-block in Anwar

The establishment of the council was a wedge between Anwar and Daim. Thus, two old friends who had together stood behind Mahathir against Musa were now turned against each other.

All of the council's recommendations were rejected by the Cabinet and Bank Negara. Daim openly assailed Bank Negara for dismissing his proposals, such as those relating to interest rates and credit control.

We salute the Bank Negara Governor for maintaining a prudent monetary policy in the face of Daim's bullying and insults. Unlike Daim and his cohorts, Bank Negara's officials are not self-serving.

Daim's appointment to the NEAC was a major national mistake. Going by press reports of its deliberations so far, the NEAC's sole preoccupation is with saving mega corporations from bankruptcy. No doubt, these are Daim-related companies.

Daim has yet to show any concern over the rise in the price of chillies, or the leaps in fish prices or how the price of rice has boiled over. Neither has he talked about small businesses in their death throes. Class F contractors going bankrupt or kampung road projects being abandoned. In his dictionary, there are no entries for the small man's worries, nothing about low-cost houses, water cuts or study funds for the children of poor Malays. In fact, it contains only billion size figures.

Jet-setting with his new wife while others fall

While the Malaysian economy is close to ruin, Daim remains a billionaire, living a life of glamour, jet setting with his new wife Naimah and the attractive Josephine, an Indian lass who helps him run one of his firms, the International Malaysian Bank.

We have merely given a sketch of who the real Daim is. A thorough account will soon be available in book form. We recommend the book to Umno members, especially those with big ambitions, bec au se they will learn much from its fantastic but true tales of economic and political intrigues.

We denounce the likes of Vincent Tan and Tan Phek Khiing for land-grabbing, but perhaps we should ask the Menteri Besar of Johor and the Menteri Besar of Kedah how much land Daim has taken.
Ask Sanusi how much Daim paid to the Kedah government for 12,000 acres in Sungai Petani and how much profit he made from them. For 12,000 acres, Osman Arof had to be sacrificed. The true story of the Daim-Sanusi conspiracy in Kedah will be exposed in the book.

Cahaya Qalbu,  25 March 2013 at 16:34  

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Umno is at a crossroads and has to decide wisely where it is going. One road heads to glory, where stability and democratic practice will abide. The other leads to division, autocracy and ultimately, utter destruction.

The call for reform, which used to be made only in whispers at small, secretive gatherings, is becoming louder. Umno members, showing that they can no longer contain their restiveness and frustration, have begun to openly debate the need for change, even at party conventions.

Can there be a clearer indication that they have reached their tether's end, that they can no longer stomach the leadership's undemocratic attitude and the prevalence - whether in the party or the government - of favouritism, cronyism, nepotism, graft and other misdeeds? Malay nationalism is dead and materialism and egoism are running amok.

We cannot depend on the Umno Supreme Council to initiate reform because few of the members have the guts to speak up. In fact, the council has lately been transformed into a monologue theatre. But of course even a monologue can flop without good supporting players - fools, clowns, jesters, attendants and the oh-so- important flatterers.

As far as these bit players are concerned, Umno's ideals and principles are not as important as their jobs. This keep-your-mouth- shut syndrome serves only to embolden the party leadership in its conceit, arrogance and h au ghtiness. A president has become a dictator. Woe are the Malays and Umno. What is to become of them? That is a question only Umno members can answer.


Saturday, 21 July 2012 10:14


Professor Mohamed Zain
Professor of Technology & Strategic Management
College of Business & Economics
University of Qatar


Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 17:34  

I want to comment further on this remark:

"It was not beneath him even to conspire with Lee Kuan Yew to snatch KTM land in Singapore . The Malaysian Cabinet had no knowledge of this. But this issue of Malaysia being cheated by Lee Kuan Yew and Daim is far from over."

For the uninitiated, the POA was wholly negotiated privately between Daim and LKY. This is not only amazingly shocking, but is also simply unheard of and wrong, since any G to G negotiations, especially on sensitive issues like this, must be handled by our Wisma Putra officials together with officials of other relevant agencies. Even if Daim were to lead the negotiations (which in itself is perplexing since he's not a Cabinet member, let alone the Foreign Minister at that time), the officials must be made aware of the crux of the matter, and be involved in the strategies, arguments, solutions, etc. Right now, not a soul either in Wisma or the Treasury could come up and explain as to how the POA came into being, for the simple reason that nobody in the Government was ever involved in its formulation! For this debacle, Mahathir must share the responsibility as it was him that instructed Daim to personally negotiate the POA with Singapore on the premise that Daim has got good relation with LKY.

Therefore, we're then caught with our pants down when Singapore suddenly announced that they've got the POA signed with the terms and clauses that nobody in the Government knew of. What we did know however is that, Daim sent a copy of the draft POA to the PM, who instructed that it be tabled in the next Cabinet meeting, which is on a Wednesday. The Cabinet duly approved the draft POA without knowing that it's already been signed by Daim and LKY on the day before, which was LKY's last day in office. What is even more shocking, is that the terms and clauses in the POA signed by the duo, especially as regards the transfer of the KTM lands, were vastly and materially different to the one approved by Cabinet. How more bizarre could it be? We can only deduce that this was the main reason as to why throughout the Mahathir's reign, he refused to even talk about the POA, let alone enforce it in spite of the incessant insistence of Singapore.

But now in Najib's time, we were suddenly told that all's well, and the POA is no longer an issue, and Singapore can get all the lands that it wants; directly contradicting all our policies viz-a-viz the KTM land all this while. In other words, we agree to enforce the POA which we've been resisting like shit all this while.

What the fuck had happened?

Who's conning whom?


Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 17:35  

I have read what Cahaya Qalbu has stated. I have personal knowledge of what were written. The facts are very correct and more will be written. It is a blatant lie for him to deny now that he was not the main conspirator in getting rid of Anwar. Hundreds of members knew of that at first hand. How do you respect these characters as Muslims. May Allah forgive them of their sins is all that I can pray for them.

Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 18:01  

Thank you Cahaya Qalbu for your article It makes for fascinating reading especially for those of us who were small children when all that happened

Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 18:49  

Dato you will do great service to the country if you can manage to get Tun Daim or the Oracle to read your blog and the comments therefrom. Whether they agree or not is immaterial, but you are doing a good and laudable job in including these comments.

Unknown 25 March 2013 at 19:39  

Dato Sak...

Thank you for coming to our area yesterday night and gave speech at 11pm in Hulu Langat, Cheras Batu 9 area.....

We did not know your programme in our area before.... we can listen to all the speeches from our condo not far away..


Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 19:42  

There is too much love going around now for Daim. Suddenly he is an angel who has descended from heaven to save Najib and all of us are to regard what he says with awe and wonderment since he predicted the last election results correctly
In Din Merican's post on his interview with NST people are praising him to high heaven and roundly condemning Anwar in the comments section
Maybe you should post the article by Cahaya Qalbu on your blog so people will know who the real Daim is

Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 19:58  

Who is Cahaya Qalbu? He should have exposed all these much earlier in Bahasa.
It's not too late but do it before the GE.
This is the UMNO yang berjuang untuk bangsa, ugama dan negara.
When will the Malays wake up?

Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 20:34  

Tun tak perlu banyak cakap macam dia lah olang yang paling baik

Menteri menteri karang pun belajar daripada mereka jugak

Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 21:33  

More about Daim Yang Diam in Bahasa Melayu. Anak anak muda WAJIB kenal melayu terdiam di Malaysia ini:

Beberapa buah buku sudah ditulis mengenai Tun Daim Zainuddin, tetapi tidak ramai orang yang tahu siapa Daim yang sebenar.

Daim dikenali sebagai orang yang tidak banyak bercakap. Semua orang tahu Daim jenis orang pendiam; malah sampai begitu diamnya dia, hinggakan mereka yang menjadi mangsa perbuatan jahatnya tumbang bergelimpangan macam buah-buah
boling tetapi tidak tahu siapa yang menumbangkan mereka.

Dalam diam-diam, Daim mencipta kerjaya sebagai seorang pelepas panah-panah beracun, pemasang periuk-periuk api, dan penikam orang dari belakang, baik kawan
mahupun lawan. Tangannya sentiasa rapi tersembunyi, tetapi bekas-bekas jarinya boleh dikesan di mana-mana.

Sebenarnya, Daimlah yang menjadi punca banyak krisis negara, tetapi namanya tidak pernah tercemar, semuanya kerana kuasa wang yang ada di dalam genggamannya dan oleh kuatnya persahabatannya dengan Dr. Mahathir.

Bagi kebanyakan ahli-ahli UMNO generasi baru, mereka memang tahu Daim ialah seorang yang berjaya mengumpulkan harta berjuta-juta, dan dia seorang lelaki macho
yang mempunyai cita rasa yang tinggi bagi perempuan-perempuan muda, tetapi mereka tidak pedulikan kelemahan-kelemahan peribadi Daim kerana pada dirinya mereka melihat seorang Penasihat Ekonomi Kerajaan yang bersih.

Namun bagi generasi Harun Idris, Musa Hitam dan Manan Osman, sekadar menyebut segelintir nama-nama zaman itu, tanyalah mereka kalau hendak tahu siapa Daim sebenarnya. Yang menyelamatkan Daim daripada kemuflisan perniagaan garamnya
ialah Datuk Harun. Mahani, isteri Daim bersahabat baik dengan Salmah, isteri Harun, dan kedua-duanya sangat berpengaruh pada tahun 1970an. Isteri Harunlah yang
mendorong suaminya memberikan kepada Daim 160 ekar tanah bernilai tinggi di Kampung Pandan. Dengan itu maka tertubuhlah Syarikat Maluri.

Janganlah cuba mengagak berapa agaknya wang yang dibayar oleh Daim kepada Harun, faham-faham sahaja, mereka berdua itu bersahabat baik. Memanglah, Daim kena membayar juga harga tanah tersebut. Tetapi, kalau hendak tahu butir-butir busuknya, cuba tanya Low Kiok Bow, ataupun Thamby Chik. Mereka boleh menceritakan bagaimana Daim menipu seorang broker tanah dan merasuah ahli ex-co negeri Selangor dan juga Ahmad Razali, ipar Mahathir, untuk tanah itu.

Pada zaman itu, hendak meminjam wang bank bukan mudah. Oleh itu terpaksalah Daim merasuah Bank Bumiputra. Lorrain Osman serta Rais Saniman tahu sangat berapa banyak wang yang dibelanjakan oleh Daim. Manan Osman tentu boleh menjadi
saksinya: dia seorang yang amat rapat dengan Daim, sampai-sampai mereka pernah berkongsi perempuan, di mana Manan selalu meminjam kamar tidur di pejabat Daim di Taman Maluri. Dengan berbuat begitu, Daim berjaya mencipta nama sebagai
usahawan Melayu pertama yang mengamalkan rasuah.

Sila ke untuk teruskan pembacaan anda ! Ingatlah! Kekayaan yang beliau miliki sebahagian darinya barangkali adalah hak anda!

Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 21:37  

Tun Daim adalah model dan contoh terbaik untuk peribahasa " Air Tenang Jangan Sangka Tiada Buaya "

Sila cari buku TUN DAIM YANG DIAM untuk lebih mengenali " Buaya Tembaga " ini.

OneMalaysian,  25 March 2013 at 21:42  

Dear Sakmongkol

As far as general elections go, Daim’s claim to fame was his prediction in 2008 that BN would lose 5 states, and so it did. How did he know? He obviously had insider sources, meaning government intelligent sources, mainly Special Branch reports and military intelligence reports, perhaps supplemented by “field reports” from UMNO sources. Now it would be fair to assume that if Daim had access to those reports then Badawi must have had the same reports.

We can assume that Badawi read them but chose not to believe the predictions because his close advisors told him otherwise. Had he believed them, he probably would have done something like bribing the rakyat ala Najib. So we must deduce that having read those same reports Daim chose to believe them. That was the difference. It wasn’t that Daim had different information, information even the PM didn’t have. It was just that one man ignored them, while the other gave then credence.

So now in 2013 Daim has got the same reports that Najib has got. From what we read between the lines in his press interviews, Daim seems to think that UMNO/BN’s chance of losing is real, even if that probability is smaller than the probability of them winning by a small margin. What does Najib think? Obviously he thinks the same as Daim, that there is some probability of losing by a small margin, or of winning by a small margin, but not more than 66%. Hence this unrestrained throwing money out of a helicopter. With apologies to Ben Bernanke, let’s call him Helicopter Najib.

There are myriad issues at stake in GE13. We can name a dozen major ones such as corruption, cronyism, the Allah issue, education, cost of living, poverty, the Rulers, Ketuanan Melayu, tolls, car excise duties, subsidies, low wages, Lahad Datu, crime, Sarawak/Taib, etc. Each racial group would put a different weight on each of those issues. But we can safely say that corruption, however important it might be, is just one of several major factors. But what did Daim say to the press? He said if Najib were to replace the bulk of his candidates with clean ones, BN’s chances would be good. Seriously, is this just a one-issue election? If it were then what has Helicopter Najib been doing? By implication, can we conclude that since Najib is unlikely to find and field enough “clean” candidates, that UMNO/BN would lose?

What’s the upshot? Let us not put too much weight on what Daim says. It makes no difference whether or not he endorses Najib because Daim has no grassroots following in UMNO or elsewhere that he can influence to vote for Najib and UMNO.

Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 22:48  

Dun be surprised that Mahathir runs for election again and runs for the post of PM.

walla 25 March 2013 at 22:53  

G: 'If you can pose just one question to Daim, what would it be today?'

H: 'Oh, that's simple. The question is this:

"how can you signify overriding confidence in Najib when your ex-boss Mahathir has just hinted a putsch if Najib does not perform in the weeks that he has at most only?" '

G: 'Ah, that's a tough one, indeed. In fact, i think it torpedoes the entire interview.'

H: 'Let me ask you back something else.

Daim said Anwar failed during the crisis because he sided with the west who had forced conditions on certain Asian countries to restructure their institutions and upgrade their governance.

Can we look at Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea who were badly affected then and say they are in a bad shape today?

Can we look at our GLCs here today and say they are in a good shape even with the subsidies and sell-offs at public expense?'

G: 'Err....moving on.

Just as Najib's government has blamed Pakatan for the Sabah intrusion, Taib has blamed Anwar for the Sarawak videos. What's your retort?'

H: 'On the Sabah matter, why would Pakatan stir trouble when it needs votes from the locals there who outnumber the foreigners?

On the Taib assertion, why would his investment officer direct the investor to approach a particular company helmed by his cousins if it isn't to close the deal?'

G: 'You've succinctly nailed them again, H.'

H: 'Let me ask you something funny in turn.

Between the first and second "no", what was going on in the mind of Najib as he repeated his question on the gangnam stage?'

walla 25 March 2013 at 22:53  


G: 'That's easy. Nothing.

He was just knee-jerking a prepared script.

That's why he monotally asked the question three times.

He never expected no for an answer. That's because he had only equated gangnam with popularity with votes.'

H: 'Applying that as an insight into how they think in Umno, doesn't it therefore confirm that the only thing Umno wants then and now are just more votes?

Which means it acknowledges it is not popular with the voters.

Which means it knows it has not developed any winnable candidates.

Which means its wild and wide dispensations of election goodies all these months are just a last-ditch and desperate gimmick to win votes but without justifying an iota why Barisan should be returned for another five years.

And that conclusion is because it is impossible for any responsible-minded government to continue giving out freebies as the only recourse to stay in power.


G: 'I see you don't need a hammer at all, H.'

H: 'So what was it again that Daim was talking about in the NST interview?'

G: 'There was another interview today. The Sun on Tengku Adnan.

Putting the two together, Umno applied the hot-cold treatment on the rakyat.

Adnan's hot about BN transformation, Daim's cold about Anwar and Pakatan.

Do they really think the rakyat are manchurian candidates open to mind manipulation?'

H: 'Well, if you can have a home minister who blames the victims instead of the attackers while his enforcement people only look on, what else bad is not possible?'

G: 'Cheating at the polls comes to mind. Change is the only solution.'

H: 'And those who are fearful of change should change their own mindset just once.

Otherwise they will be an accessory to cheating which in our case is only a step below being an accessory to murder, a word which should interest any IGP, especially one with blokes on death row.

Unless they are out. Which means it was a cover up. Which confirms the link.....

In any case, change should be easy. After all, isn't change the only constant by now?'

G: 'Daim said Anwar is past his shelf life.

Taking the cue from his ex-boss who likes to hint the opposite, he must have actually meant Umno is the one that is past its shelf life.'

H: 'Let's stop here and go meet B. Maybe he'll let us see Sofea. I know she's shy. And sweet.'

G: 'Well, if we can't get to see her, we can always take a drive to look at the fence that is the only thing up that's called the Tun Razak Exchange.'

Anonymous,  25 March 2013 at 23:45  

I believe Mahathir had already condemned Najib to his death by making comments such as these in one of his many remarks:

“Of course, if he (Najib) does not perform, there will be some necessity to switch horses.

“There could be a lot of disappointment and maybe a move to challenge him. That is normal,” the ex-prime minister who was in office for 22 years was quoted saying."

If that's not an obvious signal as clear as the daylight, then I don't know what is. Najib might as well start packing his bags up, though Rosmah might have different thinking altogether.

I can sense Najib is already crying out for help ...

Read it here:

SamYap,  26 March 2013 at 00:28  

Reading Cahaya Qalbu made me sick. It made me sick to think of how during all that time, so much money was squirreled away by a few undeserving persons. All the while a majority of our fellow citizens, Malays Indians, Chinese, Natives were struggling to make ends meet. Think of all the fcuked up so called NEP initiatives which were abused to deny desrving students in local universities, and the countless number of lives wasted by this cabal of thieving politicians who practiced racism to hide their thieving activities. Today, the country is so fractured, no one knows if it will ever heal. And even now, Dr M continues to drive the wedge and spread the poison of racism among our people.

Those who have drunk from his poison are the supporters of BN. They are blindly intoxicated and will even work to condemn their very own Malaysians whose only wish is for a united, peaceful and prosperous nation.

Ariff Sabri 26 March 2013 at 01:18  

anon 18:49

both the Oracle and Daim do read my blog. at the moment only i and a few friends know who the Oracle is. One of them is one of the interviewers high-pedestaling Daim in the ST interview.

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 02:58  

Great articles and insightful comments for most of us who were born way after 69.

I find the identity of the Oracle intriguing as is the plan to bring about end game.

Below are characters left to play out the comedy. The numbers denote their ages. It may not be significant but I threw that in for good measure.

I see Annuar65, Mahathir87 and reluctant Daim74 in the boxing ring.

In front row seats you have Sanusi76, Musa79, Ku Li75 and Rafidah69. Sleepy dollah73 is watching the show too when not dozing. These 5 are privy to some secrets but probably not enough for the whole picture. But put these front row 5 together.....

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 07:46  

Datuk Sak

In management studies, there is an old management technique called
"Management By Walking Around"

Current PM's style is
i.e. Management By Walking Around and Throwing Money Around

We should really, really fear for the fiscal and economic health of our nation under this
PM-cum-Finance Minister!

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 07:51  

Daim is not a politician ,not not fighter ,not a savior but opportunist capitalist.He was not fit to be finance minister and the person who made finance minister was as useless as Daim or even worse.I hope all of us survived until the conclusion of coming general election to witness the sedden death of two useless leaders due to heart attack when Anwar take over the country a very semilar incidence happened to YB Klang abang ZED ...Allah hu akbar.

Anonymous,  26 March 2013 at 08:17  

Najib has been trying to sell himself to the highest bidder but none came. TDM was the most interested as he had the most to lose. But he baulked at the asking price - at least ten times the commission of Scorpene as RoastMama is extreme high maintenance.
Daim acted dumb as he too knew that the alternative MOO is just another idiot who can't count beyond his fingers. Now the coterie know their days are numbered but they must stayed united to stall their inevitable trip to Sg Buluh Resort. Najib is still hopeful a white knight will appear as every new day brings new hope.
Meantime, big trouble brewing across the South China Sea as skirmishes continue in Sabah and Taib is fighting his own forest fire at his very doorsteps.
A glorious finale is building up and the climax is going to be as earth shattering as C4 AltanStyle.

Suci Dalam Debu 26 March 2013 at 09:16  


Isn't Tun Daim scared of Bamboo River Resort too if PR helms Putrajaya?

Mahathir has Suharto to use as an example but he regards Mugabe as the shining beacon of his greed.

Maybe Daim should check with Bob Hassan.

Nenda Ngah 26 March 2013 at 10:15  

Salam, could you mean to write `plaintive' instead the legal term `plaintiff'. Been meaning to ask some time back.

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