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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Ini Kalilah!

T. Adnan Mansor is the UMNO secretary General. What’s the T for?  If memory serves me sufficiently, a certain reptilian with a prefix T has become extinct. The same fate awaits T Adnan’s party come the next GE.
Clearly he is relishing his role as the court jester in Najib’s court. He comes up with the most bizarre of claims when the King is depressed. Judging from the high frequency of incredible claims issuing forth from the office of this chief court jester, the king must be suffering from frequent bouts of depression.
He says BN expects to win more than the 140 federal seats it took in the Elections of 2008. He is quoting trusted Government sources. Ah ha. Now, pray tell- can government sources tell us otherwise- that BN will lose? That would be doing an Anwar Blackeye- a self-inflicted wound. What exactly are government sources? Intelligence report? Reports from Kemas, Jasa or from something originating from Rais Yatim?  If from Rais Yatim- that would be understandable. He is never known to be numeric.
Despite admitting to the possibility of losing 6 seats in Sabah and 7 seats in Sarawak, BN says it can get more than 140 parliamentary seats?
If BN loses 13 seats in East Malaysia, PR will be getting 122 seats to BN’s 22. How so? Because in Peninsula Malaysia, PR is set to win 109 seats.  With Ibrahim Menudin set to win in Labuan, PR has 110 seats already.
What T Adnan dares not reveal is that, BN can lose up to 12 seats in Sabah and up to 13 seats in Sarawak, making a total loss of 25 seats from the East Malaysian states.
Now sit back and enjoy the horror story of BN being reduced to a party with 87 seats.  Not possible? Let’s educate T Adnan with some mathematics.
Group 1: The Northern States.


Look at the 4 northern states. Out of 56 seats, PR wins 42 and BN wins 14.

Group 2: the west coast states.

Negeri Sembilan


PR wins the west coast states with 35 seats to BN’s 26.

Group 3: The East Coast States.


Out of the 36 parliamentary seats in the East Coast states, PR can win 22 to BN 14.
The New Territories.


PR has already won 110 seats not including those from Sabah and Sarawak. Like the Sabahans say- ini kalilah!
Ini Kalilah is heard loudly across the whole country.


Geng Lama Kg Baru,  30 October 2012 at 08:13  

I love to see the way u whacked Adnan.Truly enough he's poor in mathemetics.He didnt get thru his mathematics in MCE.What do u xpect his calculation?

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 08:58  

The only way PR cannot win GE 13th is if PKR followed Umno's examples.Warlords in PKR fighting and sabotaging each other.

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 09:41  

Dear Dato Sak

Article on political propaganda techniques:

Phua Kai Lit

bumi-non-malay 30 October 2012 at 09:45  

I want to tender to build $5 Billion (4.9 Billion give back to rakyat as pension of $1200 per month after age 60) dollar Bamboo River Hotel and also tender to provide same Quality food that the current inmates get in Kemunting and Bamboo River.......for all those UMNO BN corrupted leaders, murderers from PDRM and MACC.....enjoy!!... Ini Kali adalah Peluang Keemasan....ABU...kalau tidak Ekonomi Malaysia Mampus dan Lumpuh + BARANG NAIK + GST.....dah bagi amaran dan kalau tak kisah...Padan Muka!!...ABU sampai UMNO jadi ABU...ASH!!

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 09:58  

anons 08:58

absolutely correct.

if PR were to lose this GE, it will be their own doing. This GE presents the best opportunity to get rid of UBN for good.

it is really sad and frustrating to see the sabotaging taking place in PKR, many of the warlords still has the UMNO culture in them.

for the sake of the future of this country, i really hope DSAI will do something so as not to miss this one in a million opportunity, or else this beloved country will be doomed. We cannot allow BN another 5 years.

monsterball 30 October 2012 at 09:58  

Why do you think Najib delayed 13th GE till the last day of his UNELECTED position?
T.Adnan is an idiot ... a gas so many Ministers are doing.
It's desperate time...needs desperate measures.
Lets hope they do not go beyond that.
Give you one guess...who is desperate...PR or BN.

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 10:00  

askm tok..
semakin hari semakin terserlah ketoyolan...umno dlm membuat perkiraan n bertimbangan...
seperti mana "toyol" selangor sibukan khalid ibrahim nak btanding d melawati sedangkn toyol dah tentu x d jadi calon....
hari mengundi pasti datang.. kita sabar sikit n byk2 doa utk humbankn BNNNNN...

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 10:04  


It is obvious that T Adnan is just building castles up in the air!

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 10:44  

Common sense will say that if BN chances of retaining power is negative, they may as well stay on until expiry of the 4 years term

In the meantime, initiate as many projects as possible such as AES so that you can suck as much money as possible from the country in whatever ways

At the same time be happy and go shopping and buy as many birkin bags and diamond rings as possible, while still possible

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 11:17  

What a fitting name you have given him --- "court jester".
This is what I call self-flagellation or maybe his wet dream.

I pray your predictions are correct. I have voted in 8 general elections and I can tell you, the mood today is so very different from previous elections.
Even "political illiterates" whom UMNO, Utusan and TV3 are targeting are against BN.

bruno,  30 October 2012 at 11:39  

Some smart ass of an Umnoputra or maybe bodeker says BN can win 140 seats.This guy must have suddenly popped out of nowhere.Never heard of him before.Maybe wants to say things Najib wants to hear,in order to qualify him as a winnable candidate for the coming GE.

With guys like him,Najib does not need Muihyiddin,Omar Ong,Ezam,Chuah Soi Lek or Abrahim Ali to help Umno/BN lose the coming elections.Old man Rais has more brains than this Adnan fella.

This Adnan fella thinks Najib cannot think for himself.But in fact Najib is much smarter than he thinks.Najib knows that Umno/BN has a very good chance to take the opposition bench.That is the reason Najib wants to have the GE held on his last week in office.

Bogey 30 October 2012 at 12:15  

140 seats? I think Adnan has already factored in the new Bangla voters. Ever thought of the impact by these aliens, datuk? As what Ronnie Liu claims, 110,000 new voters cannot be verified in Selangor alone.

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 13:33  

anons 08:58 and anons09:58

Betui! LKS better speak more clearly and don't swallow your words, LGE better not show off too much with the smirk on the face, Nga-Ngeh better don't start to be little Napoleons. You may all be upright by your own reckoning, but little misdeeds will appear sooner rather than later. Don't sabotage PR's chances with some of your showy antics. Learn from PAS and PKR (not Azmin, though.

Paradigmshift,  30 October 2012 at 14:04  

Dear SAK,
On an unrelated matter, can we call Chua Soi Lek Sheikh Chua Al Porno , since he knows much about hudud than Jamil Khir. Why not Najib replace Jamil with Sheikh Chua Al Porno.

monsterball 30 October 2012 at 16:59  

A headline at Malaysiakini...."Malaysian People Vs Mahathir Mohammad"
It says...suing him is unthinkable...useless...impossible.
It said....Mahathir is the main culprit of all evils.
I can say...T.Adnan is his good student.

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 20:47  

KU NAN is the biggest clown in town.. go to the circus n have a good laugh>> laughter is the best medicine -- laugh lah

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 21:54  

If BN is confident to win 140 seats or more,why dont they call the election now.Why wait.That mean Najib is still not sure.
MCA,Gerakan and MIC will lose all the seat.

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 21:59  

probably najib will call truce-no election.

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 22:00  

My dear Monsterball. I think you should also visit Steadyaku47 and pose your comments there. We PR supporters should give his blog some encouragement by posing more comments there. Just like Sakmongkol his blog is very interesting too.

Mp goviindmp,  30 October 2012 at 22:16  

Ni Kali la Tuk!

Three Trees,  30 October 2012 at 22:17  

Dato Sak, If PR win GE 13,I hope and pray for a smooth transition of power.Please rule with fairness and integrity.We must have a National Reconcillation Council.Please let bygones be bygones,concentrate on rebuilding this Nation of us to its glory.Don't waste time on personal vendetta.This GE will be the most dirty.We must all pray together to ask for Divine intervention .Kali inilah,ABU

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 23:31  

Dream on Dato..and which seat that party of yours is going to put you in.They going to have you for their dinner Tok.keep on dreamin mate..

Anonymous,  31 October 2012 at 01:03  

Dear Dato , itu lah dia kredibliti Sec Gen UMNO.Bodoh dan sombong. Kalau tidak tak kan jadi 'macai' atau 'sidekick' Vincent Tan.Habis rahsia Melayu kena jual ke MCA.Jika meetin UMNc habis pada jam 10 pagi, jam 11 pg MCA sudah tahu rahsia meeting tersebut and what do we call that action. Diberitahu juga asal usul Sec Gen UMNO ni pun banyak dipertikaikan. Dengar khabar dia ni asal nya Tukang Kebun kapada Sanusi Junid dan Sanusi yang menyuruh beliau memakai nama Tengku konon nya dari kerabat Negara Acheh.
Bagitu juga dengan Exe Sec UMNO sekarang. Dulu pernah jadi 'macai' dan 'sidekick' kapada Towkay Talam Corp. Sama juga mengaku ada degree tapi sebenarnya SRP pun tak lepas.Saya cadangkan Dato buat search sedikit dengan Mamat yang berasal dari Kampung Pulau, Masjid Tanah Melaka.
The crux of yhe whole story is that inilah dia UMNO hari ini, Ditadbir oleh mamat yang seperti diatas. We wonder how those UMNO leadership look upon these clowns !!! Salam

monsterball 31 October 2012 at 03:20  

Dear Anon 30th Oct...22.OO.
Noted your suggestions and thanks.
I have been commenting ..for years..and take pride to comment without every comment.
Big Dog threatened to sue me...exposing Mahathir being slapped by Agong....hahahahahahaha.
I am very busy with my few regular blogs too.
Keep it up!!
Speak till you drop dead with no fear.
All the best.

Anonymous,  31 October 2012 at 07:25  

Tengku Adnan the Court Jester - that is so true...

I was surprised they admitted to the 13 seats in Sabah & Sarawak..Would have thought they kept the number to single digit even low one..

I think you are wrong on Negeri Sembilan. I think it will go PR way..

Anonymous,  31 October 2012 at 09:24  

Dato, one get very optimistic when reading your analysis and prediction. On the whole, they always make sense. Our greatest fear, and I use the word "our" liberally is that Najib will cheat his way to victory. Some people also fear violent but if your numbers hold true, I think they wouldn't dare because it's so overwhelming meaning the rakyat will not stand for it.

Anonymous,  31 October 2012 at 09:51  

Thanks, my dear Monsterball. Hahaha, Big Dog suing you? I visited his blog once or twice and gave up as I cannot take the shits he is good in spewing. This Dog if he don't watch his weight will soon rename his blog as Big Bull. Even Rocky's blog which is my favorite at one time I also gave up. People can make a 180 degree change for money.

walla 31 October 2012 at 10:08  

Umno is going to use its upcoming general assembly to drum up its final curtain call.

There will be plenty to write to cut the show down to size, to wit wither the momentum it intends to build using its GA leading to GE13.

The horse-trading in the washroom cubicles of PWTC or whichever the venue will be relived, hopefully for the last time, for the national coffers are already dry, net of all the ruinous expenditures, including the rakyats' money that will be spent during and after the Umno GA.

Meanwhile Pakatan should continue to escalate focus on the EC and its tainted role as an Umno proxy. The EC is still foot-dragging on the real reforms - the voter database, the overseas voters, project IC voters and gerrymandering.

Whichever the constituency on GE13 day, the ballot boxes also must be followed right up to counting time. This time at each polling station it won't be enough to bring torchlights. Spare batteries for the videocams are also needed to capture and provide live feed to the whole nation on what is happening in each polling station. The observers must know what to do the moment they sniff anything suspicious. Be also wary of any floor-touching table cloth on which the vote boxes are placed.

The basic message is this: GE13 is going to be rigged. Especially at constituencies of the marginal seats which are also threatened by mobility of foreigners given voting rights who have already been emplaced.

Meanwhile, Pakatan members must join hands firmly from now on. Don't fall into traps set by Barisan, for example, raking up issue on huddud and Islamic state matters to spook the non-Malays, drive the christian belt in East Malaysia back into the arms of Barisan, divide Pakatan members, and divert voter attention from the economic and other crimes committed by Barisan (tag this para).

Dong Zong members must also wake up and not create a reason at this critical stage for the Malay rightists under Mahathir to react and stir racial trouble over what is provided by the constitution.

In this society, the remaining fundamentalists are not just religious but also racial and they can magnify using their control of the mainstream media those issues that for want of time will not be so carefully and critically weighed by the vote mass.

Hopefully those photos will also be released on time to stir the rakyat up on time to hammer the last nail on the coffin.

All said, the tsunami momentum is now with Pakatan. All that's needed is to stay sharp and move forward for the last final massive swing in votes.

Anonymous,  31 October 2012 at 10:25  

Dear Dato,

If PR wins the election, this is my wish as stated below.

#1 PM should not be holding the Finance Minister. This is to ensure transparency in the financing of the goverment fund. During Tunku's time Tunku was query on his expenditure by the Finance Minister who is Tun Tan Siew Sin.
#2 Petronas should open up the accounts book for public scrutiny and audited by a least two public accounting firms.
#3 Ensure our exhange rate will improve by at least 30% within the first term of PR goverment, against foreign countries in particular Singapore.
#4 The head of the Anti Corruption Agency be given to an oppositon leader, in this case leader of BN. Alternative arrangement should be made if the investigation involves BN leaders.
#5 Ensure the basic income of every citizen will be able to afford a house, a car, basic living expenses and a small savings. This is when we have achieved asw a developed country.
Please Dato forward my request to all the PR leaders.

Thank you. God Bless You.


monsterball 31 October 2012 at 10:40  

Anon 09.51..I sometimes like to post at Rocky's blog....just for the fun F him...and argue with the many monkeys and in a zoo.
Rocky is paid for what he is doing...a kapochi..low class busybody...putting out something out of nothing ...all against PR.
The one blogger I admire most is Patrick Teoh ...under the blog name..."NIAMAH"
I know him for 4o years....and he is one hell of a brave man...long before Internet was born.
Well friend...I not only comment...but walk the talks at BERSIH walks...even Hindraf walk.
The Indians said..."Uncle.why are you walking with Indians?"
I replied.."I am walking for the helpless...needy and poor Malaysians."

Anonymous,  31 October 2012 at 10:52  

I just came back from Sabah and Sarawak and the sentiments at almost all levels over there have changed tremendously and I suspect a political shift is in the making and will climax in the GE 13.Barring election shenanigans the fate of UMNO-BN is doomed.

monsterball 31 October 2012 at 10:54  

Yes...Anon 09.51...Rocky is a big disappointment to me too.
He told me he love Anwar very much at Permatang Puah.
He was dead against Umno B..being sued..when he was a journalist.
He hates Rais Yatim like poison.
Settled out of court...employed as Malay Mail CEO..driving brand new BMW...180% change.
The one thing I admire him his non stop caring for one sick daughter.
He is my personal friend...but when come to country and people...we stand as ...Patriot Vs traitor.
You guess la...who is who......hahahahahahaha
I wonder why that fat ass chose "Big Dog" as his nick...when majority Muslims do not like dogs at all.
"Big Buffalo" should suit him as be an Umno B shoe shine boy.

monsterball 31 October 2012 at 10:59  

You never hear Najib bragging...that Sabah and Sarawak are Umno B's security blankets anymore.

Patrick 31 October 2012 at 14:14  

Apart from the 'instant-MyKad-citizens' and manipulation of votes at polling stations, PR should escalate its dilligence.

BN is so desperate now that it is making monkey statements and creating daily policies in the media to their detriment. I hope that BN will push through with the mosque building requirement in every housing estate in Sabah and Sarawak. This will be another BIG nail to their East Malaysian coffin.

The opposition should focus on working with BERSIH on the electoral reforms right up to the voting day.

The opposition should push for more exposes of corruption in the media. There should be no let up. The suspension of the idiotic and free-money-making-machine AES system is a very fine example. Let the other kampong and ordinary diehard BN supporters feel the financial pinch of this stupid system between now and election day.

All protest and dirt thrown at PR should be countered with logic and proffessionalism, backed up by facts and figures/data. These will definitely counter BN's emotional and childish media statements. Race and religion issues should be handled openly without fear or favor.

We are all waiting for elections to happen to participate in the history of our country, where all Malaysians will move as BN-less, ONE VOICE, ONE HEART and ONE MIND towards peace, prosperity and progress.....

Anonymous,  31 October 2012 at 14:18  

Sak ,
What you said is nothing more than the real situation. I dont want to talk abt. tadnan, his a otha case.
I met a mic guy and he was frank with me. He said he will not see any current mic faces in the next new parliment sessions.
He was cock sure mic reps will lose all seats except for s.subramaniam and cameron highlands is gone if it changes hands.
On the matter of the indians support for bn.Dream on mic/bn dream on.
Except for the rm 30 and 50 seekers with a bottle of tali merah all THINKING indians are voting for PR. Take a bet with your last sen.I just took a survey among those present at a function and dont have to guess ,ALL hands were for PR and the poor mic rep too raised up his hands for PR. No joke ,fact!
So if any mangy dog were to say or claim that the indian votes are moving back to bn, just say FO.They may claim so as a means to bodek and collect his "Vayiku arasi" @ meaning the rice one showers on a dead person at his final rites. Mic is the corpse.
VETRI VEL VERRA VEL POR POR POR for the timely demise of mic/bn.

Anonymous,  31 October 2012 at 15:36  


Here is something that you and your readers can Ponder and Question.

Najib recently Declared an oil discovery on the Bertam Field which will supposedly make Pahang Folks Rich.

Firstly ...Bertam Was an Oil dicovery in through the well Bertam 1 drilled by Petronas carigali in 1995.

Secondly... Lundin Took over 75% stake in the Bertam Block in 2011 leaving Carigali with a 25% stake.

Thirdly ...Lundin with another well bertam 2 drilled in 2011 Declared Bertam to be a major discovery!

Najib in October 2012 Declared the Bertam additional well to be a major discovery!

Now! Why did Petronas Carigali give away 75% stake in the field if it was a discovery in 1995? Because it was considered a "Marginal" Field with less than 30 million barrels oil?

Why did Najib only now announce Bertam to be a Godsent gift to Pahang residents? Now that Pahang is Bankrupt?

In any case you may wish to check if Bertam is in Terengganu or Pahang?

Joe Black

Anonymous,  31 October 2012 at 21:57  

Which ever way it's going be the same guys.But I think those PR guys will be self desructive if they ever win. I don't it coming their way anyway.....

Anonymous,  1 November 2012 at 03:20  

@ Joe Black,
Your info sure answered the ambiguity trumpeting of the sudden discovery of oil.

That aside I had a chance to chat with an Indian youth. He reads with reflections from a wide genre - Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, LGE, to Obama ; with only form five education ( incredibly politically savvy and interesting )
He also devulged he would re - vote for DAP. And he speaks Hokkein and immaculate English, it's that speechless, yet couldn't find a decent job. I think it is time for small companies to engage such people with excellent language skills, train them to enhance their customer service regardless of paper qualification.

God must have given him a bit too much of the dark tone or he was created in the night ! hahaha.

There is a beam in, and out in the tunnel with Power to the People to Ubah ! PK & DAP leaders and their supporters must work more united and harder to engage with the common people : the issue of citizens losing everything to the imported indians to vote for mic, the indons to vote umno bn,the import dolls to embarrass the Chinese, the imports in Sarawak, Sabah in this critical time prior to GE 13.

Frankly, the stunning waves will come from Sarawak & Sabah to end their dinosaur aged corrupted leaders and their rebranded elite newbies.

Petronas and the logging industries should rise above the occasion and not be incapitated by known and unknown threats and/ or create them. It is patriotic at this critical transitional time for them to undo past mistakes, and to reawaken to consider channeling funds to new leaders, winnable candiates with integrity in PK, DAP to ensure a fair and democratic GE 13 and not having to sponsor the lifestyle of countless corrupted leaders, their respective spouses, new trophies, etc.

By supporting a new government, Petronas, logging businesses and major contributors of revenues :

- will be benchmarked with the highest integrity, transparency and accontability managed, which in turn will create a large volume of new direct international businesses transactions abroad

- with more competent leaders and employees independent from political interference, they will be more surpluses and fresh synergies to create new sustainable economies to directly impact their local communities and the nation whereby the respective outskrts and villages in the respective states will enjoy long delayed basic amenities and progress

- to enhance their respective states' souls, muhibbah spirits, freedom and cultures as well as to protect the environment

Malaysia needs new visionary, courageous and competent, sincere PEOPLE leaders of every race, working in unity and collaboration never seen before across the board, the communities, the mukims and the states with the highest integrity and the rakyat as the watchdogs ! BN can be the opposition are the Rakyat's choice as in a democratic country.

Let's work toward a paradigm shift of the whole segment of middle income earners, the low income group and the poor being united to vote them out, to vote in a new govt.

Failing to do so, thousands of responsible hardworking high income earners whilst the middle income will dread to be middle class having to slog daily to pay every conceivable govt tax and pay exorbitant prices for every private, the poor will become modern slaves and face more unrest and distress caused by the imports. And the uber wealthy of umno bn leaders and cronies drink Dom Pérignon in teapots and watch the world spins in Monte Carlo to the tune of save the last dance for me.

Ubah is not an option, it is mandatory. This is THE election.

Anonymous,  1 November 2012 at 04:03  

Sak & bloggers, Salam
Ai say, what has become of the brilliant color blind Dr. Azly, lately always penning his thoughts in poems, so hard to decipher. Being intoxicated by teaquila ?
林子祥 - 千億個夜晚 hahaha, what is this... but really wonderful tune...and recite Dr. Azly's poems, absurb not know to Chinese, the equally important international lingua franca which the mat sallehs are majoring in universities sincece the past few years and get sent to China and handle mega projects. On homeground, the narrow minded people are having confrontations, ai say be multilingual and dream in multilingual, get the chance to be a muhibbah race when intoxicated with teaquila haha.

Anonymous,  1 November 2012 at 09:09  

Dato Sak,

Donald Rumsfeld once said
"There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know".

In the Malaysian context,

1. known knowns = UMNO/BN knows it is in big trouble politically in the Internet Age

2. known unknowns = UMNO/BN does not know whether its desperate
ploys to rig the next General Election will work. (And it is running out of money to do so!)

3. unknown unknowns = certain politicians who are past their prime still don't realise they are much less popular than they think ("delusion of grandeur") and don't seem to realise that playing devious, Machiavellian "divide and conquer" games based on ethnic and religious cleavages no longer work as these have lost much of their effectiveness in the Internet Age. Such politicians appeal only to the neo-fascist extreme right wing of UMNO.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  1 November 2012 at 09:40  

Dato', Najib is reported today to have said to the Kedah Fishermen, Farmers and Livestock Breeders' gathering in Pantai Merdeka, Kota Kuala Muda, yesterday, among other things:

1)“I am not angry if they want my post and that of others, but do not betray the people and the country.

2)“Do not implement policies that may destroy what we have built just because they want to take over the Federal Government”

3)(that the Opposition's plans to remove highway toll collection, increase minimum wage and reduce petrol prices would only lead the country into more debts and cause the economy to be crippled.)

4)“In Islam, it is crucial for us to settle our debts before we leave this world, or else our next of kin may inherit the debts,”

5) (also rapped the Opposition for “teaching” Malaysians to be ungrateful.)

6) (that that while the Barisan Nasional Government helped the people and looked into their needs, the Opposition seemed to be influencing them not to say thank you.)

7) “It is like telling them that they need not appreciate our leaders, when in fact, the Government has been championing the people's cause based on Islamic principles.”

8) (that it was not wrong for the people to throw their support behind those who delivered on their promises.)

What say you all about the following:
1) Anger, ambition and betrayal vis a vis Malaysia yesterday, today and tomorrow.
2) Policy intent and destruction of infra-structure/goals already built vis a vis those by UMNO and those by the people of Malaysia.
3) Opposition's new programme to bring about greater equitable distribution vis a vis crippled economy or economy already crippled.
4) Debt, pre-mature departure, debt burden shifted to other vis a vis here and hereafter on debt, integrity, honour, probity, hell-fire, etc.
5) Gratitude vis a vis gargantuan gratifications.
6) Obligatory duties of office vis a vis eternal slave obligations to slave-owner overlord.
7) Ingratitude to govt leaders vis a vis ignorance of Islamic principles among those not in the government.
8) Support for promises kept and loudly trumpeted vis a vis massive betrayals suppresed.

Patrick 1 November 2012 at 18:05  

INI KALILAH.......Nazri got hammered and nailed to the wall by Rafizi's proof of conflict of interest.

PR should now take this arrogantly stupid incident to the people to highlight how corrupted BN ministers are....people meaning kampongs and rural areas.....

A picture speaks a million death words....

monsterball 1 November 2012 at 19:03  

There are few BN blokes talking divert and upset the blog.
They are Arm Chair Critic experts...with no balls to walk straight.
One typical cina-apian is teaching all how to be as smart as he.

Anonymous,  2 November 2012 at 06:28  

There are few BN blokes talking nonsense... to divert and upset the blog !!! ? Look who is talking BULLSHIT, monsterbOll who is damaging this blog ! You are causing huge disgrace to your own race, you are SCARING those sitting on the fence ) from voting for a MELAYU Bersih Sakmongkol !! those few dying racist species of DAP.

Sak, please do talk to monsterball with huge racist balls ! Hold him by his neck and make him curse the day he was born !!

Go and start your own blog RACIST !! Now BLAST OFF and think who is the one damaging this blog, see how many Melayu Bersih are here to support the intelligent writers here to Support SAK to bring transformation to all Malaysians ! START you own political party as well and get your ultra racist to vote for you ! Can't other races listen to Chinese tunes ( don't they want to be competitive ) go to the exclusive clubs with educated members, not the ones with money but no class , get it ? Mafia and Machai, MORON all in, monsterbOll!

Anonymous,  2 November 2012 at 09:49  

from Harakah, via Malaysian Chronicle, latest:
"The Barisan Nasional government has spent RM12,094,707.06 or an average of RM8,284 every day to maintain the official residences of the prime minister and his deputy over the past four years."
"The whopping figure was revealed yesterday by minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz in response to a question by Padang Terap member of parliament Mohd Nasir Zakaria."

Ai say man, you cannot finish paying your debts before you leave this world if you spend like this as if it is your grandfathers's money.

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