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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 23 October 2012

The Political Aristocrats Prance and Prattle, Malaysia Burns!

 This is a publication of Walla's commentary on the previous article- Sakmongkol.

 See the size of the two portraits in the background. That's the rakyats' money spent to project vainglorious personal images of what should be humble Almighty-fearing public servants who if they are really caring would do better instead to right all the wrongs the Umno administration has rammed onto the rakyat and voters.
Instead, we are painfully entertained to a form-over-substance display of infantile behavior with Antoinette undertones. An insult not only to the Malay race but also to every Malaysian suffering under the yoke of Umno all these years, not forgetting what was once a civil public service sector now reduced to being passive puppets to race masters better suited for the Malacanang grandeur of the Marcoses. Perhaps that might also explain why Mahathir Lokman looked so embarrassed on stage.
 The video should be viewed carefully and in parallel with the others. Such as this one: which exposes on candid camera all the bluff, blackmail and bribery using your money. That town remains flood-prone. Yet our beloved Umnoputras prance and prattle.
One is therefore reminded of Rome. Not enough being little napoleons, these Umnoputra's are now also little Nero’s. While Malaysia's finances and governance burn, they play fiddle with the rakyats' future while living it up for themselves using the rakyats' money that could well have been channeled to do some public good.
 So when Najib asked whether the rakyat can afford to take the risk and gamble with the future if they elect Pakatan, you can ask him back whether he has forgotten they already did with five states in 2008, in fact with a majority for the whole peninsular.
And when he sideswipes that Pakatan doesn't seem to have a common symbol and manifesto, you can be excused for thinking his mindset is all form, no substance. Like that stage show.
 And when he argues that even in one year the economy can collapse, is he admitting that it is fragile and since there has been no other federal government all this while, that fragility must therefore be due to Umno's administration?
While at it, you can ask him whether on his way to his office every day, has he seen any vestige of collapse in Selangor, for that matter Penang, Kelantan, and Kedah in contrast to sleepy state Perak that was stolen in broad daylight from the rakyat?
 And before he starts on Mahathir vis-a-vis the IMF, can he articulate on the post-IMF recoveries of South Korea and Thailand?
As MOF, he will have the numbers on who had benefited the most with insider information on the artificial 3.8 peg, for that matter barriers erected to protect cronies at the expense of the first real opportunity to clean up the economy that would have yielded higher competitiveness today with lesser need for subsidies that is only creating a feel-good effect which cannot be sustained but if removed will devastate the lower income groups even as the oil revenue to sustain those subsidies is shrinking every day. Yet our beloved Umnoputras continue to prance and prattle.
 A government reduced to winning votes with goodies instead of real governance has abdicated its right to rule.
A PM reduced to spooking the business sector that change will collapse the stock market is only trying to pull wool. Did the stock market collapse when Barisan lost peninsular the last round? If memory serves, it went up!
And those vacuous Chinese businessmen should remind themselves that the first announcement for their school allocation was reported to be Rm100 million. Perhaps it was forgotten the money would not be from Umno's government but from the gambling sector. The lackey party next asked for rm50 million. Najib now says it's rm30 million. That, from a PM who had said their education is part of the mainstream education of this country, that, from a PM who with bravura had upped the bribe to Sibu from rm3 million to rm5 million, as you have seen for yourself seconds ago.
Indeed, compare everything with Mara's budget and allocations for the religious schools, then light your joss-sticks to the federal constitution and give thanks to those who speak with forked tongues. There, nailed again.
The majority of the rakyat are suffering in both silence and disgust. Those receiving goodies know the money came from their own common pool minus the commissions and contracts siphoned by Umno's cronies.
That Najib absented himself from a debate on the budget, and showed inelegant silence on the exposures of the Auditor-General's report, disqualifies him and his ilk from pirouetting in some distasteful celebration on stage which only signifies how frivolous our Malay mind can be when left to its own devices. One would have expected someone like him would have learned not to be juvenile almost reaching sixty, let alone being a son of Razak.
 After all, what's the point of a common symbol and manifesto if after having them, one pillages, squanders and plunders with outright impunity?
 And that, NONE of them has seen. Which tells you as much the quality and caliber of these jackasses who want to be reelected for another term.
Right, Mahathir?
The Rakyat of Malaysia must take note that all prices will be raised after GE13 if Barisan wins again. They will start with the GST and work their way up through everything else. Meanwhile the Umno princelings reap the harvest of your toils. Stay tuned for the next Auditor-General's report which is just the tip of the titanic iceberg.
If they can dance on stage and eat dainties stacked four plates up despite looking already so well-fed while you worry about the price of fish, what's it to them if the rakyat suffer without a voice as they have been suffering for as long as memory serves?
Wake up, Malaysia. More brains please. Care more now.


Monsterball,  23 October 2012 at 03:53  

Their mentalities and behaviors have become so out of hide their real selves....mastering the art of acting..lying...promoting half keep poisoning Malaysian minds...keep finding suckers...and worst of all..keep fooling his own race more than anything else since Mathatir formed his Umno B.
35 years gone.....billions have been stolen...hundreds of their chosen like Kings and Queens..and especially Mahathir and Najib's families..all became billionaires overnight...without working...and the sickening part of it all that Mahathir said his sons are billionaires because they are smart businessmen..treating all well educated smart Malaysians businessmen like idiots and suckers.
They not only steal...but insult Malaysians with no fear nor any regrets.
We must vote them out..and Najib knows too majority voters are going to vote at 13th GE. party who has govern for 55 years are stalling...keep defending ...and accusing Malaysians voting against them as traitors.
Where have you ever seen such politicians all over the world to talk like Mahathir.. Najib..Nazri and Hishammuddin....just to name a few.
Their hypocritical acts using race and religion cannot work now.
Almost 75% voters are sick of Najib and Umno B.
If Najib dares to cheat at the 13th GE...he is asking for trouble...he cannot control.
Mahathir is just a gas bag no one cares...except his party lawmakers....for all are millionaires through this devilish man Dictatorship rule for 22 years.
These are not political Aristocrats.
These are plain rouges and thieves...being exposed what they are after 12th GE.

Anonymous,  23 October 2012 at 08:45  

Dato', the father of the son had a wife who like Dr Siti Hasmah stayed a sensible distance away from her man so as not to compromise his words and actions. The father of the son also wore bush-jackets to keep laundry bills low. The father of the son never had any need for slogans or below-the-belt thuggish quid pro quo deals, and this the son did with deliberate flourish to an obsequious fawning crowd of 'fixed depositors' who didn't even realise they were talked down to by a man who thinks the public Treasury belongs to him and U-BN. The father of the son disallowed senior officers from wasting time bidding teary farewells at the airport. The father of the son frowned upon skirt-chasing as much as he frowned upon misusing public funds.

My friends and I, at this juncture of our life, have decided that enough is enough, U-BN must go this time.

nick 23 October 2012 at 09:32  

After what UMNO has done and promised these half century and obviously after witnessing najib ability or rather the nonexistence of it, malays and Malaysian should ask this very pertinent question, which is "What is UMNO really good for"? Really! ask ourselves that question every time we hear Najib talks about the inability of PR and for that matter anyone else apart from Umno to be a good government of Malaysia!

Najib of late (just like mitt romney who is a spineless etch-a sketch politician and both are lunatic right wingers) have been spouting nonsense about how PR will make the economy collapse and how PR with its inexperience and untested coalition will be the ruin of Malaysia while conveniently and misleadingly forgetting that UMNO rule of 50 years and his own tenure the past 4 years are a disaster (half a trillion debt is not an achievement, najib!) and a glaring evidence to UMNO and Najib's unworthiness to govern and time and time again of their dereliction of duty and responsibility as the government. Its ironic that an unmandated UMNO PM would allude that PR has no legitimate claim to offer itself as an alternative government of choice!

Najib and to a large extent UMNO has lost touch with the people they were supposed to govern. Just like Mitt Romney who couldn't connect or identify himself with a large majority of the voters, Najib couldn't feel the pulse of the people much less identify himself as a part of the Malaysian people and its society. UMNO has stop caring for the people 3 decades ago when it died and arose a zombie under the control of mahathir! And Najib? When did he stop caring for the people? When did he stop caring about anything but himself? The answer is he was never someone who cared for anything but himself from the beginning! Not for the Malays, not for the Malaysian and especially not for his "religion" Islam and that goes for mahathir too!

Both of them are from the same mold and the only difference is that one thinks with his head down there and not the one between the ears. And that in essence is what's wrong with UMNO and Malaysia. UMNO is a zombie organization that has lost its humanity and are now roaming the country devouring everyone and everything. Malaysia is a disaster because for over 3 decades we expect zombies to be good leaders and a competent government that understand the needs and the trials of the people. UMNO is a zombie for heaven sakes! Najib is a brainless zombie and a lustful one at that! Mahathir is THE witch doctor who created those zombie in the first place! And we expect them to bring prosperity and wealth to this nation?

When you have a witch doctor and zombies running loose in Malaysia, don't expect good fortune! Expect the worse! And one other thing, if you want to survive, don't let the witch doctor and his zombie live even for another day. Destroy it and bury it for good! or better yet turn it to ashes - ABU!


Anonymous,  23 October 2012 at 17:13  

latest BN sms research

Bolehkah budget 2013, BN membantu rakyat. Yes/No/Not Sure

my actual answer is f*@&

but I sms back n said "yes"

Anonymous,  25 October 2012 at 17:07  

oh the rakyat loved the coalition lah-- their GIFTS , monies n benefits// the cronies loved the fat contracts n projects lah

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