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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 5 October 2012

Najib's 2013 Budget

PM Najib might as well be the character of Prince George in the above video clip. No wonder the BN MPs do not want to debate his 2013 Budget. 

Before we speak of the Budget….PM Najib recently spoke eloquently about the perils of corruption. Spoken philosophically that is. Who are his strategists? Are they from Mars or what? Asking poor Najib to speak on a particular subject which authenticity he himself does not believe and can’t be imagined that he does. Just like his 2013 budget, his speech on corruption must be hatched in one of the small vaulted rooms at the PM’s office by a group of sandwich-eating locked out consultants.  The one variety diet must have driven these people to hallucinate!
What Najib did can be likened to Hugh Hefner asking his playboy bunnies to be fully clothed when doing photo-shoots. It’s also like Larry Flint asking his hustler beauties to wear nun’s clothes for that poplar magazine.
We will write about Najib’s commitment about corruption at another time. But I can’t resist mentioning about what PM Najib just did though, when Dr Mahathir himself has declared that this government is corrupt from top to bottom. Or knowing that Daim Zainudin lamented about the impossibility of combating corruption because money has defied the laws of gravity by going up right to number 1!
Let’s get back to Najib’s 2013 Budget. BN MPs spent more time debating Anwar’s Budget that their president’. Najib refers to Anwar and the PM in waiting. So the BN is actually acknowledging that PR can be the next government. Anwar is indeed the next PM then.
Silly things in the Budget.
Why don’t the BN MPs debate about their own Budget? Because it contains a lot of silly things. How would Najib implement his last minute add-ins? The reduced travel fares meant for senior citizens and those who earn RM 2000 or less pcm? How will Najib’s people implement that? Commuters will have to carry their pay slips when travelling on buses, trains and airplanes and have them shown to conductors? Or some people will then supply buses with card readers who can read mykads to verify the holders’ income? Or building affordable homes which not many people can actually afford because they earn RM 3000 or less a month? The RM1.5 billion allocation – was it meant only for PR1M?
Raising disposable income.
Look at how Najib and Anwar Ibrahim plan to make disposable income. Najib gives out all the goodies in preparation to introduce GST if BN wins the election. That seems to be his solution to increase revenue now that the present tax base has been reduced. Anwar Ibrahim plans to raise disposable income through fiscal reform measures such as cutting the triple import taxes on foreign-made cars, abolishment of tolls and waiver of student loans. Anwar proposed to raise disposable income through measures that are aimed at plugging leakages that arise as a result of inefficiencies and corruption.
The government, which has run a budget deficit every year since the 1997 Asian financial crisis, sees the deficit shrinking on better tax collection and slightly higher economic growth of 4.5-5.5 per cent in 2013 from 4.5-5 per cent this year. And what does better tax collection mean? Where will the increase revenue come from?  State oil giant PETRONAS contributes up to 45 per cent of the government’s revenues. What will happen when earnings from PETRONAS decline?
The government says it wants to introduce a goods and services tax to widen the revenue base in a country where only about 10 per cent of the workforce pays income taxes and to cut the fuel subsidies that are among Asia’s highest. Najib said more time is needed to prepare the public for such unpopular steps.
Educating Malaysia.
In the education sector, an interesting area that raises many eyebrows and set the Malaysian tongues wagging was the allocation of a whopping RM1.2 billion for pre-school education. What has Rosmah Mansor done to deserve RM 111 million? Or what has the Permata Negara programme done and achieved?  What it has done is to suck up taxpayers money to the tune of RM2 billion thus far. It’s the black hole in Najib’s budget. And nobody knows how the money was being used. Does the missus’s project require such huge taxpayers’ money considering most of the pre-schools are fees-based and privately-owned?
The recent Times Ranking of Universities has revealed the problem we have. Where do we get a trained workforce to propel the enation to the high income economy with USD15, 000 per-capita-income? We have so many universities producing quantity but not quality. With so many more MCE standard workers, how do we push up our productivity boundaries?  Our traditional plantation sector requires 500,000 foreign workers. It seems our economy is attracting the low end labor force which will certainly frustrate our lofty aims of becoming  a high income economy by 2020.
We have plenty of low-paying jobs that Malaysians shun but are attractive to foreigners, so we have 3 million of them. What does their presence do? They drive down wages. Foreigners set our salary/wage levels. 40% of our people are only as rich or poor as these foreigners! We have become an attractive country to jobless Bangladeshis, Indonesians, Filipinos and Burmese. They would all want to vote for UMNO/BN/Najib if they could, and some can.
Economic Transformation.
What has happened to our New Economic Model? It has become quiet since. It showed some promise with participation from stellar thinkers such as Danny Quah from LSE. Since then, the only spokesman for the NEM seems to be Idris Jala.  Najib has since backtracked from the NEM and shown little political appetite to implement the critical policies which will lead to improvements and greater competitiveness in our economy.
As I have said, his market driven affirmation is just wine in a new bottle. It’s the same policy begun by Mahathir to pick  and choose who shall become rich. The recent spate of privatization projects have also not seen any political will on the part of the Government to implement open, transparent and competitive tenders. That includes the RM628-million construction of Malaysia's largest exhibition and convention Centre, the development of the 3,000 acres of prime land in Sungai Buloh as well as the proposed major redevelopment of the old Sungai Besi airport into the KL Financial Centre. Even the highly anticipated RM46 (?) billion Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project for the Klang Valley looks all but awarded to a Gamuda-MMC consortium without any open competitive tenders.
Najib’s pompous and talk-big notion of the era where “the government knows best” is over is only that- much thunder but little rain. His government crowds out private investments by directly awarding mega-projects to government-linked entities such as the Sg Buloh land to an Employee Provident Fund joint venture with the Government or the Sg Besi airport redevelopment to the 1Malaysia Development Fund.
So, our Ministers and herd-instinct variety of BN MPs continue to indulge in their daydream of glory and success, while our neighbors will steadily and consistently improve their economies beyond our reach.


bruno,  5 October 2012 at 11:29  

Dato,yesterday I caught a part segment of Najib talking on CNBC Asia.Full segment airing on Saturday at 12.00 & 1900 on CNBC Asia.Jibby was answering questions about gomen depending to much on Petronas like a tongkat and crutches man,and the consequences when the oil reserves have dried up,and how is the country be on track to achieved developed nation status and higher income by 2020.

Najib admitted that the gomen was depending to much on Petronas,like an apek depending on his tongkat.And added that the gomen is looking for ways to diversify.The gomen has been leeching on Petronas for the last three decades,and when the well is running dry to go looking for other alternatives.But the question is why now?

Politicians just talk and scream about producing good jobs and higher income.With three million illegals in the country,some running wild like crazy mongrels on heat and some commiting heinous crimes,like they have a licence to do so.With the illegals doing low paying jobs,some going commiting robbery,bulgary and rapes usually happens in countries with lots of low paying jobs.

The majority of high paying jobs are usually in countries like Japan,Singapore,South Korea,Taiwan,and Malaysia comes out ahead of our less developed neighbours.

Investors with companies paying good wages usually go to countries with a readily trained skill and productive workforce.Companies with mostly low paying jobs go to countries with mostly not well trained and an unproductive workforce.Afterall one pays for what one get.

Because of an incompetent and bias gomen policies,we have an unproductive workforce.Not all families can afford to send their children to colleges and universities.And they might have children who did very well in school.And the prejudices shown by the gomen in selecting who will get scholarships,usually ended in having the less underserving students getting the scholarships.

So with gomen scholarships going to students of their preferred choices,the gomen ended up with graduates who would be better off tending to the fields.And most of these graduates ended up working for the gomen.So we have an unproductive gomen workforce.For example take Sam Vellu's JKR where it takes an engineer and a handful of workers to repair a pothole or a broken pipe.No wonder Sammy is an expatriate in another country.

So what is the point of foreign investors going to build high tech plants paying high wages in Malaysia,when they will have to spent years in training their personnels in order to get their plants running.It makes better sense to set up plants in more developed countries.

Just like our buddy Kampong man who did good on his gomen scholarship and ended up as a big guy in the oil and gas industry.He is still paying expatriates 120k a month.After being in the oil and gas business for so many years why don't Kampong man hired or trained up the locals and pay them half the salary of the orang putihs.Afterall Kampong man is a benefiary of Mahathirs policies,so he should extend the same privileges to his fellow Malaysians.

So how will the country be on track to be a developed nation in 2020 based on the gomen's existing terms and policies.Why are we hearing about the brain drain if there are good prospects in the country.No stupid fool would leave his/her country of birth if they have the chance to earn a fair living without bias or discrimination.

Donplaypuks® 5 October 2012 at 11:40  

Najib pontificating about corruption and integrity would be like Clinton talking about sexual harassment in the office or JFK lecturing about not having extra-marital affairs!

How can this man keep a straight face when talking to an international audience about corruption? Has he no shame?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  5 October 2012 at 12:10  

..the development of the 3,000 acres of prime land in Sungai Buloh as ....

This is particularly distressing to many people who still remember the greater than life character,Tan Sri Dr Salleh Mohd Nor, of FRIM fame. I still remember him doing everything within his authority to retain the Sungei Buloh green lung.

The perfect gentleman, civil servant extraordinaire, gave credit to ex-Selangor MB, Tan Sri Muhammad Mohd Taib, for seeking his views regarding development of the FRIM enclave; the latter did not push the matter when he advised against it. Disregard the latter's million dollar misadventure in Australia as what he did not allow to be done to Sungei Buloh deserves our thanks.

So now we can justifiably show our finger to Najib's government and say,"Up yours"

To the two Tan Sri's, many thanks.

Anonymous,  5 October 2012 at 17:42  

what a budget// deficit again-- 500 billions borrowings to spend>> a budget for the PIRATES but poverty n peanuts to th poverty all over e poor??

average joe 5 October 2012 at 19:41  

haji najib's u-bn budget vs pr's budget.

1a)dr wan azizah umumkan jika pakatan mentadbir, pr akan melaksanakan caruman wanita nasional - suatu skim simpanan baru khas utk membantu kesejahteraan golongan surirumah melibatkan kos 3billion, dan memberi anggaran 5juta surirumah boleh menikmati manfaat skim baru ini.
**katakunci di sini ada 2:
skim baru
golongan surirumah

1b)dr wan juga umumkan pakatan akan melaksanakan suatu lagi skim baru berupa elaun penjagaan kanak2 untuk keluarga kategori miskin.
**katakunci di sini ada 2:
skim baru
kategori miskin

2a)sebagai usaha menangkis dan memperlekeh cadangan dan pelan tindakan pakatan, dan dengan itu melonjakkan nama sendiri di mata bosbesar beliau (hj najib) apatah lagi pru dah dekat sangat dah ni (baca: peluang terakhir nak tolak naik ranking), menteri (lama) yg paling kuat menangis (baca: drama) dan yg paling terawal menerpa atas pentas (walau cuma berkain bukan berseluar!) untuk mempertontonkan ketidaksanggupan beliau memberi izin bos (lama) melepaskan jawatan (baca: drama + bodek), beliau pun mengeluar kenyataan bahwa wanita2 malaysia bukannya bodoh2 jadi jangan haraplah cadangan azizah/pakatan itu akan diterimabaik kerana ia cuma umpan untuk memperguna wanitawan.

2b)makcik/nenek pidah juga menyelitkan hujah untuk menunjukkan tindakan u-bn lebih hebat, dan dengan itu melonjakkan beliau dan rakan2 u-bn di mata bossebenar beliau (rakyat pengundi) apatah lagi pru dah dekat sangat dah ni (peluang berkempen awal takboleh diabaikan), beliau pun menjelaskan ada lebih banyak hal lain bagi wanita malaysia yg lebih penting diberi tumpuan, dan beliau tak teragak2 menyenaraikan 3 contoh, satu darinya: kemudahan skim kredit mikro utk memulakan perniagaan kecilan, yg mana telahpun dijalankan oleh u-bn.

kalau kita dalami ayat2 rafidah ini, dan kita teliti tindakan2 dan polisi2 u-bn semenjak dari era mahatheer hingga najib hari ini, maka orang2 melayu khasnya dan juga seluruh rakyat malaysia sepatutnya sedarlah kalau masih belum terjaga sebelum ni, bahwa sepanjang ini pentadbiran u-bn teramatsangat tertumpu pada bulatan perniagaan sahaja. bermacam dan berbillion diperuntuk dan dibantu untuk peniagawan dan peniagawati. golongan koparat menerima berbagai insentif dan galakan dan dana. memanglah sekali imbas, ini amatsangat bagus! memang bagus bantu org2 nak berniaga tak kira besar atau kecik, tak kira bangsa atau rupa, apatah lagi membantu bumiputera keluar dari kepompong konsumerisma dan membentuk generasi peniaga/pengeluar berjaya!

yang tak bagus ialah bila u-bn terlebihtumpu pada 1 kumpulan ini sahaja sedangkan mengabai atau memperlekeh kumpulan yg luar dari dan yg tiada kenamengena dgn perniagaan! yg tak bagus ialah bila org u-bn seperti nenek pidah jelas memperlekeh surirumah dan usaha memperuntuk tabung kewangan bagi mereka, sebaliknya terang2 mengatakan peniagawati lebih penting dan lebih layak dibantu dan dikhaskan dana!

sikap beginilah yg sepatutnya membuatkan rakyat tidak timbul langsung rasa hairan jika boslama beliau sendiri tak segansilu malah selesa selamba mengumpamakan parti u-bn sebagai iblis. memang u-bn sudah kabur dgn sikap gelojoh dan tamak terhadap duit duit dan berganda2 lagi duit lalu hanya berfikir sabanhari bagaimana nak buat lebih banyak duit - tanpa fikir banyak/ikhlas perihal kebajikan, keugamaan dll. sikap keterlaluan beginilah yg satu ketika menjangkau bertransformasi kepada pemberian dan penerimaan rasuah dsbnya!

sikap keiblisan ini bakal membawa kehancuran pada negara dan rakyat jika tidak dihentikan sertamerta. dan kehancuran bukan mudah dipadam sebaliknya akan kekal beberapa generasi.

selamatkan negara selamatkan generasi depan selamatkan kita semua. tendang u-bn sertamerta.

-average joe-
klakka-la.blogspot: TANYALAH USTAZ, EH HAKIM

Anonymous,  5 October 2012 at 22:50  

Obvious Najib did not skim through the budget prepared by his officers let alone understand the salient points regarding revenue and expenditure. Opting not to remain in Parliament to defend the budget proposals is like a PhD candidate opting not to attend the viva voce to defend his/her thesis. In such a case, the penalty is almost always severe - he or she fails.

Here we have a P.M. who can just blithely walk out of Parliament on a budget proposal that he himself had presented earlier. What does this show to the world? Only yesterday, 4th Oct 2012,he talked about "the behavior of those in power was important as it could influence and shape societal norms and values."

He went on to propound, "societies that have managed to reduce corrupt behavior, the reliance is to a great extent dependent on entrenched codes of behavior and a strong civic consciousness." This is bombast, and they count for nothing for people like us who are retired, for one simple reason - there always seems to be a real disconnect between what is uttered by our U-BN politicians in high places with what they actually do on the ground. In Malay, yang dikata tidak tidak dikota.

First, Najib says that 'the behavior of those in power was important as it could influence and shape societal norms and values.' I wish to take Najib back to the three instances he travelled overseas for what was for all intents and purposes trips to attend to personal private matters. To expect the public to believe that he was on official government business and that the private matter was coincidental, was to ask us to believe that an Alien would be having tea with him and Rosie next week. Would Najib's all expenses paid holidays abroad 'shape societal norms and values' thereafter? They might not simply because educated God-fearing individuals are too strong and honest to be easily fooled or influenced by aberrant behaviour. False parsimony can't hide behind seductive rhetoric.

Second,'... is to a great extent dependent on entrenched codes of behavior and a strong civic consciousness.' If Najib wants us to believe that a strong civic consciousness of the general populace is all that is required to develop a prosperous forward-looking Malaysia and that politicians in power are free to do as they please, then he had better prepare to move out of Putrajaya soon. It is precisely this errant behaviour - that it is for others to behave themselves or face the full force of the law, not U-BN politicians that is driving a lot of people into the arms of Pakatan.

'..entrenched codes of behaviour...' What the hell does that mean?

average joe 6 October 2012 at 01:52  

anon 22:50
"entrenched codes of behavior"
fyi that line was the last najib spoke of in that speech of his to the world. and the thing was, that line was NOT in the script he was reading from.
nope, he added that line because he mistimed reading his speech and got the entire original speech done too quickly when he felt nervous standing on the podium whilst his brain was racing all over the place (thinking about what other leaders were probably talking about him, whether they were talking behind his back about the scorpene investigation in paris, whether one of them would raise a question in his face regarding his no-show at parliament for the discussion on his own budget presentation etc)
when he glanced at his watch, he noticed that he was about to finish the speech too soon, therefore he must have missed talking with more poise, more deliberately, and more statesmanly.
he quickly whispered to his speechwriter through the hands-free piece, asking for one last point he could speak of more deliberately, simply to use up more of the time allotted for him so as to show he was full of substance.
problem was, it was raining quite heavily outside, and the signal wasnt that good at that time inside the hall.
his speechwriter heard his frantic voice breaking amidst some loud static noise asking, one fast joint, or want fast joint, and the poor chap assumed he wanted to go to a fast food joint after the event was over (and najib's hurried speech was an indication that the boss was famished!)
the writer suggested mcdonald's only one block away and they could all easily walk there, but of course all that was censored from reaching najib's earpiece by some crackles, and thinking that the rain could last until much later, the poor guy asked najib in turn:
uh, datok seri, uh, trench coat or biasa je...?
najib heard:
uh, datok seri, entrenched code of behavior...

-average joe-
klakka-la.blogspot: TANYALAH USTAZ, EH HAKIM

Anonymous,  6 October 2012 at 12:59  


Oh,gitu, thanks. Lucky I never got to be P.M. My pants would be dripping greenish-yellow gel in a situation like this, static or no static. Was never brought up to play at the cliff edge and to take chances - too stressful for a simple kampung lad used to being amused by simple things like watching acrobatic male monkeys compete with each other to win the heart of a few flirtatious female of the species. Kampung elders were right to advise us to always be our own natural self - never depend on others, learn to fish and not receive fish, learn to cleanse ourselves and not let someone scrub us in a spa, write our own love letters and not leave it to our best friend. We can now extend this to politics -always write our own speeches, and never rely on spin artists, who for personal survival, get carried off by their own verbal narcotics. These are smart guys, ever the opportunist, as they see how the modern boss gets thoroughly confused by electro-static information overkill - no thanks to our violent electric storms - how much of what one gets from the ether is real, relevant and beneficial, how much of it can make the person feel in his guts he has the country in his grip. So here comes the spin-con to write something to make the boss believe that the more abstract the expressions are the easier to cast a spell on the audience, read, the whole country.

I watched a CCTV9 interview, from China, of Najib a few months ago, and he was fluent, articulate and exuded lots of confidence. That's the way it should be. Have a firm grip of the issues, act equitably, and no one can shake an incumbent out of office. Step out of line one time too many, then it's fare thee well, in private life.

Anonymous,  6 October 2012 at 22:50  

aj-6 October 2012 01:52

Many thanks for your elaborate tell-all.

This trench coat matter, jokes aside, do you think the chaps in the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) were pulling a fast one to get Malaysia to host this 6th annual conference? And the A-G was there too!

The timing for this grand display of collective moral rectitude left much to be desired for poor Jib: there was the budget to be presented, there was the invitation to the wedding of the year in Brunei and Jib could not make it for the day ceremony only the grand banquet at night, and damn it, now a speech to this gathering of living saints.

So your story now explains why work related stress can
make a person get disoriented quickly. One fast joint?, want fast joint?, one quickie at mcdonald?, one box in the ear by the Madame in the house, then one night in the cold in the car-porch.

Why trench coat, why not baju-hujan/wet suit? Aiyah, cannot use this also because for some young men this is entrenched coded language for 'condom'.

This world gets very confusing by the day. aj you add to my confusion. I think I want to go back to my monkeys - their antics lower my blood pressure.

average joe 7 October 2012 at 16:12  

anon 22:50
yup i couldnt agree with u more, the world does get confusing by every rotation. like, it confuses me, arent u and anon 12:59 of the same one person? bcos both seem to like mentioning "monkeys" when writing comments.
and "my monkeys"??? your monkeys? what, u keep some monkeys in some cages at your home for yourself? for what? picking up young coconuts to sell? what type of monkeys are they? real monkeys? like those i saw swinging from the distant trees back in my kampung when i went back for last raya? ah, those were real monkeys, no confusion there.
lately if i write comments in some blogs, i like mentioning "kera", not "monkeys". dont get confused, by "kera" i didnt mean the real monkey types, but rather my favorite way to shorten the task of typing the full "kerajaan" - and to clear any confusion especially for those who are unfamiliar of myself and the postings in my blog klakka-la.blogspot,
of course by "kera" i'd be referring to the present kerajaan persekutuan of u-bn with all their foolish outdated antics!
**visit my blog - click above or at the end below - if u havent done so, i'd have a new posting either tomorrow or day after, a continuation of the "HOW ADVANCED! (MAJU LAH SANGAT!)" series, the Part 3 for it. u can catch the first 2 posts of the series here:
klakka-la.blogspot: HOW ADVANCED! Part 1 (MAJU LAH SANGAT! Bhg 1)
klakka-la.blogspot: HOW ADVANCED! Part 2 (MAJU LAH SANGAT! Bhg 2)

talking about phrases, i didnt know wet suit is a code for condom. obviously condoms are not my area of expertise. whilst it is not actually confusing, i may want to get a 2nd opinion and seek confirmation from mahatheer's daughter on your words there.
and talking about mahatheer, i'm also in the midst of finishing 1 piece on him n family, hope i'll be able to post that within 1 week. oh, it confuses me, how does mahatheer treat his daughter AND grandaughter, who have openly done things contradictory to mahatheer's popular/infamous words and beliefs, how do they get along whenever they congregate at home? do u think mahatheer wishes he could just box them in the ears then kick out these ungrateful malays to spend the night in cold at the car porch?

there are many questions, lots of confusion. but for now let's rely on sakmongkol and gang in pakatan to do a swell job of explaining answers to the kampung folks before the ge13 regarding the weaknesses, crap-ness, of najibonomics and najibopolitics

-average joe-
klakka-la.blogspot: TANYALAH USTAZ, EH HAKIM

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