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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 18 October 2012

I am Malay with a Malaysian Outlook

I am at a loss hearing people having difficulty and doing all sorts of verbal contortions in explaining who they are. I mean I don’t need a gun to say I am a Malaysian first, suggesting that it’s only under extreme pressure and clear and present danger, I HAVE to say I am a Malaysian. Or at other times, you respond in almost a knee-jerk manner you are a Malaysian.
As for me, I am Malay with a Malaysian outlook. The order of priorities depends. I suspect non Malays will say who they are ethnically but with varying degrees of Malaysian outlook.  If people were to ask me, I will say I am Malay with a Malaysian outlook. I mean, will go out of the way, to structure my social life as Malaysian as possible.
When NIzar gave out 47000 housing lots of 1300 square fee each to Malaysian Chinese who have waited 30-40 years to get a decent place to build a house, how was he acting? He was acting as a Malaysian first. He remains Malay but structures his social policies as a Malaysian. Incidentally that 1300 square feet of house lot is smaller than T. Adnan Mansor’s bathroom.  When he gave 102,000 lots of 3200 square feet each to Malays who have also waited that long to get land to build houses, he was also acting as a Malaysian while remaining Malay. He recognized the political reality of this country and adjusts accordingly.
I am not going to be a hypocrite in saying I am a Malaysian first if that means, you suppressed your ethnic self. When people say they are Malaysians, what I understand that to mean, is they are whatever they are ethnically, but their social life- i.e. in forming relationships with other ethnic groups in Malaysian, is structured as a Malaysian. That’s the whole idea. You live together socially, you adjust and you compromise. I mean, Malays can’t take offence if Chinese in their midst prefer having separate eating places.  Chinese can’t take offense if Malay Muslims insist if they want to eat pork, they will have to eat at separate places. We have to respect our differences while operating together on commonalities.
It’s how we structure our lives together as Malaysians- that is more important. We cannot go on pretending that we can structure this country by ignoring that we are all different racially, culturally, religious wise and language wise. We structure ourselves as Malaysians by accommodating and adjusting and not having one hegemony imposed on another. If nation building for example require that we speak Bahasa Malaysia, I will support it but at the same time not obliterating POL. Or denying having a few hours where pupils learn their culture and see how one’s culture can fit in the Malaysian context by leveraging on cooperative values.
What UMNO is doing, is structuring the country badly, they want to make the MCA Chinese honorary Malays as they want to make the Indians as honorary Malays. If I pummel all these people into being honorary Malays, do I solve the issue of low productivity, the issue of wrong placement of Malays in the economic construction of the country? You make Malays earn degrees in all kinds of field without thinking whether they are immediately relevant to the economic tasks at hand?


Anonymous,  18 October 2012 at 11:08  

By that logic, if I'm a Hindu/Buddhist, can I insist that the Muslim-Malays eat their beef elsewhere?

OneMalaysian,  18 October 2012 at 12:56  

Dear Sakmongkol

The debate as to whether people should be Malaysian first, then Chinese, Malay, Indian, Iban or Khadazan second, or the other way around, is a very important one.

We are racially what we are. That we cannot change, except perhaps for some like Dr Mahathir. It is all in our genes or our genetic code. And wrapped around this code are our history, customs and traditions. To deny our race is to deny we have a past, and to deny that traditions and customs matter. These things not only define us to a large degree, but they also enrich our lives.

“Malaysian” is not a race. It is a nationality. When we speak about whether we are Malaysians first or Malay or Chinese first, we are confusing two separate things. They should exist side by side. We are Malaysians as well as being Chinese or Malay. One need not take precedence over the other.

At another level, at the political level, there is a distinction. Being Malay comes with certain economic privileges. That is why Mahathir and others like him changed their race. If he had stayed with being Indian Muslim he could not have become PM. Today many from this community have benefited from this simple change of race. Conversely, being Chinese or others, would mean you are subject to certain discriminations. For example you cannot be PM, or head of the armed forces, or head of a ministry or head of a GLC.

It is not the cultural and customary differences that divide us. No, those differences actually enrich our social and culinary life. But it is the racial differences that translate into political divisiveness and disunity that are bedeviling our politics and ensuring that this country never reaches its true potential given the rich racial backgrounds of its people. What a pity.

Anonymous,  18 October 2012 at 12:58  

Your article is nice to read but in reality that's now how we live.

Although we can live together, we are still being identified with our ethnic background.

We are talking about Malaysia now. In Australia, UK, US for example, we could not tell whether a person is White or Black by just hearing them talking on the phone or skim on their applications forms.

In Malaysia, different races read different newspapers, attend different schools, listen to different songs and singers etc.

Anonymous,  18 October 2012 at 18:40  

Baguh tulisan aok kali ni, Aghif. Teringat pulak koi pada budak Melayu celup QD. Nak ngat mengaku dia Melayu dan oghang Pahang. Kesiannya. Kahkahkah.
Sijil BMpun takde. Setakat tulih Melayu belajo dari Aki dia je. Pandai lagi bruno atau Walla tulih Melayu.
Dahlah tu, tiap-tiap tahun balik negeri dua bulan. Makan duit sini, anto tempat lain.
Ini Melayu ke ikut perlembagaan kita. Setakat Melayu stail Umno adalah.kahkahkah.

Anonymous,  18 October 2012 at 20:36  

those people who steal national fund via kickback, commission or in whatever form and registered those assets under proxy is not Malaysian, although born here

they are Syaitan

Monsterball,  18 October 2012 at 22:33  

It is sad after 55 years under Umno...race matters are written over and over again.
It is BN that keep talking race and religion in politics.
What do you expect the minorities to do...keep quiet and accept everything Umno give and offer?
Mahathir love to divide and rule.
The Indian and Chinese cultures are far more superior and thus the minorities...must also fight to keep their identities.
This goes on and on to the delights of Mahathir and his Umno B party.
One keep ignoring...Umno B fight to defend the Malay divert steal as much as they can.
To cut the long story short....after 12th GE...Malaysians want to be known as Malaysians PROUDLY.....and keep their cultures...habits..way of life...secondary.
Yes ..after 12th is being a Malaysian first...race second...growing more and more towards that way of thinking.
One day...all will be proud to be known as Malaysians and forget the race.
Umno had 55 years to poison minds.
PR needs at least 20 years to undo all that from Std 1 to Form least.

walla 19 October 2012 at 01:55  

In our society, race has been used as a means to an end. Sadly, we have been made to focus on the means until we have forgotten what the end or objective is to be.

That is because the race exponent in the Malaysian equation has been distorted for Umno's political agenda although it was originally intended as a propulsive force for an economic objective.

Take the NEP. It was supposed to have a timeline. The cabinet concerned had only agreed it would be implemented for twenty years from 1970-90. In the main due to Umno cronyism, it has been arbitrarily extended again and again after that period.

Now, people will say if the Umno government can arbitrarily and unilaterally extend the NEP agreement, why didn't it also change the other agreement that had short-sightedly limited the number of Chinese independent schools to 60 only until the MOE could cold-bloodedly say his hands are tied?

After all, they argue that vernacular education is also enshrined in the federal constitution and by natural growth of population, there will be more students with each year and thus an increasing need for more of their vernacular schools and teachers, what more with the increasing enrollment of their children by far-sighted Malay parents.

Thus, limiting to only 60 schools from 1970 until now would naturally look like a deliberate attempt by the Umno government to crimp the growth of Chinese vernacular education and deny their community their constitutional right to their own POL-based education as one of the reasons for their pledge of allegiance as constitutional and pari-passu ranked citizens to this country who however have to suffer in silence at the same time bodies like the DAP and Dong Zong made anti-nationalist bogeymen by Malay right-wing elements in Umno.

On the other hand, it can also be argued that we need a national language policy to cohere the diverse elements in our society to create a unifying force for a national identity.

But sadly again, the policy wire has been tripped a second time. Instead of the intervening step of using our national language to create just a unifying force, the blinkered policy makers jumped the gun and used it to create a national identity.

Since the national language is Malay, you will thus conclude the 'official' national identity is made to be Malay.

This has the result of denying the other races their equal say in our Malaysian society which ends up weakening any pride by our non-Malays in our country, compounded further by loaded government distribution of support made the worse by funding in the main through taxes and levies exacted more on those who have been thus treated unequally.

That they have held on to a hope for so long despite these other inequalities on the other side of the coin must be due to their love of this nation beyond their hate of Umno's ethnocentric racist practices.

By using other examples, we can see this problem of race-based policy-making in other perspectives as well.

Say the national medium of instruction is to continue as our national language. Our PMR students have to use our national language. But our PMR students under-perform in the PISA international tests by a hundred-fold those of many students from other countries so that even if they can double their performance next year, they will still under-perform by a hundred-fold the PISA students simply because those PISA students would have doubled their performance during the same period as well on the ground if we can, so too can others.

walla 19 October 2012 at 01:55  


Hence the basic message here is global standards are important if you want to compete globally and if we are only interested to compete domestically, we will be consigning ourselves to the ultimate bottom pit when our resources become irrelevant or marginal. Because weak standing on weak will be weaker, not stronger.

And here we are only talking about PMR students. The divergence grows further up higher levels.

That's why some academicians have been talking about the need for an innovation ecosystem but you can't just throw a switch and expect the light bulbs of such an ecosystem to come on. That's also why external members behind the national educational blueprint are now openly complaining the main issue is that Umno-burnished MOE bureaucrats have only been selectively implementing past recommendations of similar veins for reasons traceable to Umno's race-based policies. That's why Najib has had to make a bigger fool of himself by asking the japanese to suggest what skills our citizens should have after half a century into so-called nation-building with billions blown on education.

This late into the morning, let me not belabour the point that there is a vast and almost limitless ocean of knowledge and truth out there.

Tragically it is beyond the reach of not just most of our students but also almost ninety nine percent of our working adults. Because that ocean of knowledge is not in our national language.

Even the man of Kerala has admitted translation is impossible. Because the ocean continues to bring new and rich harvest every second. So that when we admit to being Malay with Malaysian characteristics, we must at exactly the same time be fully aware what 'Malay' means in the sphere of knowledge and international standards as prelude to individual, societal and national progress.

These things are germane to the end or objective mentioned in the beginning of my comment. For example, consider the Auditor-General's report that finds the maincon giving the excuse for the billion ringgit losses in the unfinished construction of Mindef's married quarters. The excuse given was the subcons had defaulted on their works. If both maincon and subcons had known what was to be done right and what could go wrong, they could have taken preemptive measures, corruption aside. Next year, such things will be repeated. It has become an annual affair except each time you can add another zero or two to the last digit in the bill. It is national death by zero. So why are we talking about race?

Allow me one more example to show how counterproductive are the Umno race-based policies. It has been mentioned the Penang Malay SMEs are to be given RM100 million for next year. Knowing Umno, you will conclude the bulk will go to Umno-linked SMEs.

If you survey a bit, they have not been active commercially for umpteen years so the money is going to be blown on account of inexperience. Some may make a first attempt at honest use of it but it will be uphill because all will be branded as recipients of political favoritism not congruent with real viability.

walla 19 October 2012 at 01:55  


Viability in the SME world comes from thriving in an industrial ecosystem where different players interlink as suppliers and supporters to make and channel semi-finished products and parts to localized MNCs or finished brown goods as direct exports. If political favoritism is perceived, the linking networks and export know-how will be broken by reaction and with that, each step by the new player becomes more fraught with greater risk with the result the end or objective of the distributive policy will not be achieved. Ever, by observations so far.

Furthermore, everybody suffers in the first instance because when things really work otherwise, the whole can be bigger than the sum of its parts, achieving critical mass for economies of scale, fluid and coordinated synergies, and inter-communal support by way of combined know-how targeting national objectives.

Now everything is balkanized, at best only the ali-baba arrangements subsist that add cost but reduce quality, dampen motivation and increase inefficiency, sucker the rakyat and destroy their futures.

Let us remember that Malay man from a kampung. On his own, he made up for his background by studying a foreign language on his own. He learned english, dived into the world of work, and finally made his way to California where he has become a branch bank manager today. When he retires, he may start to think of home here or hanker for his Malay roots and nenek-moyang customs and civilities.

But it is because he had taken the plunge to change himself first that he could today afford the luxury of returning to his roots from a higher and more advantageous level of personal material comfort than if he had remained a BTN-drugged Umno bureaucrat living on the dried figs of pomp-buried fear. Our man in California has instead achieved stature, elevation, mobility and option.

And all that without losing permanently his Malayness. After all, how can one lose what is embedded in one's genes?

The Malaysian identity before us i leave in all your good hands. We all know what it is without having to articulate it, don't we? But it can be even loftier than what we are presently experiencing.

As for Najib on vernacular education as part of national education, his attempt at explaining the dual-faced model for that Chinese school in Kuantan is taken at its face value - another subterfuge by a weak leader with an expired shelf-life in his own party in reality run by lifetime right-wingers.

Dawn will break soon enough to another day. Salam.

ordinary malaysian 19 October 2012 at 01:57  

Nobody can deny his or her race. You are no matter what nationality, firstly, your race, and secondly, your nationality. So when the DPM said he was firstly, a Malay and then only a Malaysian, why did we hammer him so much? He was right in the primary sense. But perhaps the context and the message he was trying (?) to hint at had Malaysians all hot under the collar? But you DON'T make someone a nationality by the language you impose on him to speak. A person does not become a nationality merely by the majority language he speaks. If that were so, many who are not Malaysians are Malaysians by definition just by the mere expedience of language facility. So here again, why are we complaining that many aliens are granted citizenship because they are able to speak the majority language? It would be wise to be able to speak the majority language to be able to communicate with more people, but imposing a language requirement as a condition to nationality ha, does that make a personal a national then? A Malaysian who can't speak Malay can no less be a loyal Malaysian as one who speaks the language fluently. Conversely, the latter may not be a good Malaysian merely by his facility with the Malay language. So, I do think that we shouldn't make too much fuss about language as about loyalty to the nation. You can learn to communicate with each other in any language including, if you would, in sign language. It is high time that we dispensed with this obsession about mastery of the majority language and focus more on whether a person is a more useful and loyal citizen irrespective of his/her language facility. Especially these days, when multi lingualism and not mono-lingulaism should be emphasized unless you want to remain the proverbial katak. Penguasan bahasa semata-mata tidak bererti kesetiaan pada negara.

Unknown 19 October 2012 at 03:34  

actually i preffer ak47 rather than m16. M16 can only last for 1 hour non stop battle. but ak47 can go for 24 hours.. wakaka. u like sakmongkol but i like annat ratanapol (athlete) and bonlert pratchai (casanova) wakaka

back to the topic today.. to all my non malay friends here, please try to understand that no country that give the same priority to the non origin. Look at china and india , what happened to the muslim over there? they are treated as a very low class citizen. look at malaysian chinese and indian. we have indian and chinese ministers. it is obvious that the chinese live better life in Malaysia. theres a very slight difference between u all and the malays... i agree. For me as a malay i dont think i have the same privilege as the malays who control the gov. what privelege do i have? wa bili keleta sama halega , wa bili lumah sama halega wa bili insulen sama halega? wa belajar universiti sama yuran ma!!! privelege apa bende? just bare in mind that privelege is only for the blood sucking human up there... hantu makan wang ma

Monsterball,  19 October 2012 at 06:34  

Back to race and is Umno using it.
During the early days of Independence...we can say....Umno has rightfully applied a system to favor and protect the Muslims....and it was agreed that for 20 years only.
There have been all sorts of reasons given by Umno to extend and extend.
It is Mahathir that made race and religion....into dirty politics so successfully...that he could do anything he wanted for 22 years as PM.
He was a Dictator....and we all know he encouraged corruptions with no limits.
Pro BN commentators have all sorts of reasons for this and that.
Not one talk about corruptions as if...Mahathir and Najib are angels.
Somehow...Umno B racists feels it is OK for Umno leaders to steal....from ALL long as the money is used to help Muslims.
I wonder how many pro Umno B Muslims here respect PAS at all...if not keDAILan too...which both are Muslim majority parties. They are not racists parties.
I repeat...vast majority Malaysians want to be known as Malaysians...including millions of Muslims.
It is CORRUPTIONS and DOUBLE STANDARDS voters will vote for change.
Check out why Najib is stalling the 13th GE..for 4 years....WHY???
Discussions on race and religion can only benefit BN.
We must vote for change of Govt.
55 years under one group.
Only idiots and racists do not want change.
In South East Asia...ONLY Malaysia stick on to no change.
Please go and read Malaysiakini for news you cannot get from papers and Tvs....and if Malaysiakini is always reporting lies....Najib will be the first to lose it down.

tokioRain,  19 October 2012 at 08:06  

oh brother..monsterball has infiltrated this blog. damn.


A.Z 19 October 2012 at 09:20  

Something lite now...

A university diploma grad comes into the interview room and was asked to fill up a biodata form.

Marital Status : Married
No.of Children(s): I am no. 2 of 5 in my family

No joke man, you see this from our local uni. grad.


Anonymous,  19 October 2012 at 09:34  


I have been a Malaysian Indian from the time I was born. Why Malaysian first - to differentiate from the Indian from other parts of the World.
If, as you argue, you are Malay first, how do you relate to the Malays in other parts of the World? E.g Sri Lankan Malays or Malays in South Africa.

Anonymous,  19 October 2012 at 10:48  

This whole business of being afraid to be Malaysian first by ultra Malays is seriously DUMB.

Lets ask what it really mean..

In 20-30 years, demographic means that 80% of this country will be Malay, how is it possible then that Malaysian first can be a threat to Malay? Vernacular education or anything else is NEVER going to be a threat or ultimately in the way of unity.

What being Malaysian first today really means, correctly by Dato, is to set standards today that will be invaluable to the Malays forever. If it means to be less corrupt, checks & balance, better institutions, it means not to be close minded, know other languages, other cultures, it means to look at the long term and more competitive, How is it the Malays will be short-changed?

Muhiyiddin may be right that he will pay politically if he declared Malaysian first - but that is because its not the smart thing, its not leadership.

Anonymous,  19 October 2012 at 12:16  

Most politicians exploited poltics of race and religion to build their political careers...most are successful, irrespective of the damage done to the social cohesion and country.

Without using race and religion card to advance your political career, you go nowhere.

Patrick 19 October 2012 at 14:33  

There is hypocrisy among Malaysians. When we travel overseas, we tend to speak like mat Salleh and identify ourselves as MALAYSIANS. Not Chinese, not Malay, not Indian, etc, etc. Just MALAYSIAN, in a demented Mat Salleh slang. Our international passports do not carry our race at all. By this logic, we all proud to be MALAYSIANS.

Our NRD issued our NRIC/Mykad without race stated. Except during filling in of the MyKad registration forms, where our race is stated or forced onto us. By this logic, we are perpetuating a MALAYSIAN race. Even big shot UMNO VVVVIPS portray themselves as MALAYSIANS when overseas, in their own degenerate Mat Salleh slang. Imagine Rosmah shopping in London and announcing to the world that she is MALAY. Which nobody will understand. The MUSLIM to further drive home her point. I think MI5, MI6, CIA, FBI, INTERPOL, etc, etc will immediately be red flagged that a MUSLIM is in London. And knowing MUSLIM=TERROR in Europe, its not a healthy shout out.

So if our MALAYSIAN INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT AND MyKad does not spell out our race and brands us ALL, MALAYSIANS, why cant we just live with it? Why do we have to let a bunch of old, senile, greedy, control freaks determine and pigeon hole our pride for their own self centred agenda? We all know what TDM and his muppets are trying to do with race and religion. Lets just vote them out, failing which, loudly voice them out....Why do we have to fight amongst ourselves for the title of 'biggest colored balls' when our rice bowls are ever shrinking, while the bunch of old, senile, greedy, self centred control freaks feed off our shrinking rice bowls?

We are MALAYSIANS and we are going to vote in the best government who will take care of our interest and future, or we will kick them out after their 4 year contract expires....!!! Simple...

Anonymous,  19 October 2012 at 19:56  

Oh girl

Racist Monsterball is here polluting this blog. Sacked by Susan Looney, Ktemoc and Rock. Best you go to Din Merican.
See his remarks of Chinese being the superior race. Wait till Buttercup see this. Tokio Rain better tell Buttercup to bash The monster here.

bruno,  19 October 2012 at 22:15  

Dato,first of all leaving aside race and religions,the main problem with the country is that the GOM is infiltrated with ministers practicing and encouraging rampant corruption and cronism.

Rampant corruption is driving the country on path to the direction of the Pigg's nations.Why?Because ill gotten wealth accumulated under the crooked way is usually siphoned out of the country and parked into offshore accounts.When money is flowing out faster than it is coming in,it causes lack of liquidity causing businesses the difficulty of getting loans to do business and expend,in the process caused the economy to go into the dumps.

Cronism causes monopoly of the economy.When political cronies have control of the economy,their first piorities is to make as much money as possible,because they have to give huge kickbacks to their political masters.This causes artificial inflation forcing the rakyat to empty their pockets and contribute to the cronies funds of enriching their political masters.Because of cronism and monopoly of the economy,businesses and industries under the cronies are uncompetitive and thus are unable to compete on the international level.That is the reason the Sing dollar is flying high while the ringgit is struggling with the currencies of countries like Thailand,Indonesia,Phillipines and the likes of Kampuchea.

A new incoming GOM can easily come to terms and unified the country and bring all the races together as Malaysians.But it is going to take decades to build up the country to the status before it was looted to the core.Before Singapore left to go it's own way the currencies were 1-1.Now it is more or less 3-1.And Singapore is not blessed with natural resourses as Malaysia.

To make it simple a country is build on the good quality of leaders it has.Not on the quantity of corrupted leaders it have.

bruno,  19 October 2012 at 22:17  

It is a blessing in disguise that our buddy QD is back to the land of his birthright and KM is missing,because the Monsterball is finally here.

Monsterball,  20 October 2012 at 04:21  

hahahahahahahaha...same old accusations...same old song....want to bash me.
Come one come all...come play my balls.
Mahathir has poisoned minds for 22 years....on and on by his chosen devils.
All are Malaysians.
Only BN...especially Umno B must keep on "protecting" the majority from the minorities.......hahahahahaha
Without race politics...Umno B is you can seeing dying now...dare not talk about race and religion and appoint two idiots....Hasan Ali...Ali Ibrahim... that fat talk with no values.
Come on ...Anon 19th Oct19.56...stop your bloody repeating comment...selling an unwanted news.
Tokio Rain does not even know why the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain....damn damn damn...such idiotic Malaysian.
ENJOY!!Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous,  20 October 2012 at 07:21  


Did No 2 also write a letter to his parents signing off with, 'Your lovely son'?

World class education says Moohy!

Anonymous,  20 October 2012 at 08:58  

For politicians like KJ to say, “ I am Malaysian first ” it does not gel with their exclusiveness and selective segregation based on race, religion, supremacy and the list goes on.

The matter of the crux as many of us have listened and read anecdotes that there are those who will never accept others even when conversion takes, there is the frequent insane suspicion; no matter how fluent they could speak or write in bm, how educated they are; food served by restaurants certified as halal is still not halal enough, it is always not good enough. Hence what is the point to try so hard, it is just a marriage of convenience and disia- siakan.

On the other hand, it is the reverse with those who are fair, honest harmonious, amiable, mature and broad- minded in doing good and fair to all and they come from ABU and they are some civilians, too.

With all this desynchronized rhythm and dance or off tangent principles that hinder what brings honor or have eternal values in the agama, what is the point to study in sek keb,local colleges and universities wheremultiracial friendship has ceased since the past years but rather it has become a ground for breeding the same issues and rewriting history.

Next, it is common to hear the justification that how can anak tiri disamakan dengan anak sendiri ? The crux of the matter is it is not a case whereby the head was enticed, but rather the lone mature leader is tired of all the internal squabbling and navigates himself. Shouldn’t it be case that leaders in the opposition party realize how privileged they have another go, to show they are more than being responsible, they are courageous to make amendments, they are also strong in fair, just, accountable and competent leadership. And they intend to do things better, to collaborate, to clear indoctrination and racial garbage, to walk the talk consistently in ground zero in far better ways, in fresh new ways inclusive of all races for the betterment of communities that translate to the competiveness and the survival of Malaysia.

Hopefully things will continue to change for the better, for a credible and high benchmark for the survival of Malaysia to be competitive, that is first, by celebrating the similarities in the multiethnic Malaysians : freedom of faith, languages, cultures, corruption free, fairness, justice, accountability, family and social economic responsibilities towards others, friendship, families, diligence, discipline, respect, restrain being racist, pursue collaboration in doing good, doing it better beyond self and race.

We certainly want another few hundreds of thousands if not a few millions of fresh color blind Malaysians to strengthen the backbone of this nation, beginning in our neighborhood, in our communities, in our organizations and in our tête-à-tête watering holes or face extinction like our friends with incredibly beautiful green eyes in Europe.

I honestly think many of us here share the same value and exemplary upbringing that we do good, honest and fair and that will bring honor and respect to self, our family and community, no ? yes, no idea, yes, yes ?

A suggestion for any ceramah to augur well in the base, PK has to a reliable team to brief Azizi or whoever the daily struggles faced by the communities as the crux of the ceramah, slowly drifting into scandalous political issues and close with intelligent workable solutions. It is not just to appear from a busy schedule and download. It is certainly more effective to jive down from the stage and engage with the respective crowd appropriately on their level.

Maybe GE 13 will never happen as najib has not hear from his permaisuri rosmah, botoxed taib or maha, rafidah & co sdn bhd. What will be of a leader in this new era of intensity to be able to focus well to lead and simultaneously to empower others to collaborate successfully, when he has to report every conceivable idea back to the wearer of his pants?

tokioRain,  20 October 2012 at 09:24  

hey bruno before you get too excited, the monster was able to run wild in other blogs because these blogs are not moderated. it aint so here baby.


Monsterball 20 October 2012 at 09:27  

yes it is true all my comments are deleted in other blogs. i am sorry. look at my nick! hehehe.

Monsterball,  20 October 2012 at 12:57  

Lim Kit Siang frequently copy and posted SAKMONGKOL AK47 comments in his blog.
I am here and what do I see..a rat like tokio rain and a ghost....talking to me.

Anonymous,  20 October 2012 at 15:26  

I am one of those fortunate or unfortunate (depending on one's individual perspective)who can never refer to oneself as of any race save and except I am a 3rd generation Malaysian. People laugh at my siblings and I when we say we are either of my father or mother's race. The question they ask, Yeah Right, which part of you is this race? But we are not bothered because we truly feel we are Msian. We speak in English to dad, chinese to mum (can even speak several dialects) and Terengganu malay with each other.We are proud to be Malaysians, love this country but unfortunately this country doesnt love us enough to treat as equal.

Three Trees,  20 October 2012 at 16:16  

Dato Sak, Racist Tee will be very angry with you for calling him a honorary malay.All the chinese gene inside him are toxic,if he can he want to detox it.With pariah like him spinning for Utusex,PRU13 is a Gonner for BN.That guy is crazy,We the Chinese community donate money towards school and facilities for Education in POL and he got the cheek to ask the BN gomen to audit the background of all donors.This is like a commie country.This Racist Tee is a BTN product gone awry.He is trying to be more Malay than Malay.Dato',how to describe him ,honorary malay,celup malay or banana Malay.ABU

Anonymous,  21 October 2012 at 00:37  

With a kerala-ian having denied he is one, to convert into a malay, he sets the precedent so tee follows suit. kay tim is another gila case to rewrite garbage histories, approved interlok but his wife is indian !!?? Taib is another fine example. Like my good lawyer friends challenged how can ones convert to another race ?

Recently an instant indian import, a poor odd job laborer showed animosity to a chinese man who wanted to buy him lunch. The indian shouted halal kah, dia melayu islam.

It looks like there is a new systematic plan by the goons to indoctrinate the indian converts as well, after doing it with the indon malays, once they know how to speak english, they would show they are tuan to the Malaysian Chinese who are poor. Stop doing all this garbage of indoctrination of creating racial hatred. It is teaching muslims to lose their way to syurga.

Wonder why there are truly brilliant Malays who had migrated
and happy to serve other nations with fellow Malaysians ? It is a lot easier to be just Malaysian abroad.

The perception is ones have to masuk Malay and stop being a Chinese, an Indian or a Sabahan / Sarawakian bumiputera and be mooing cows to be plunderer leaders or spokesmen. What nons have to ampu the malays to stay in this land as some idiotic troopers scripted ? !

No wonder some stop being respectful and muhibbah as a way of piety and life as it is manipulated as ampu.

What is there to lead a God fearing life, and long to enter heaven when the super wealthy malay elites' homes are like heaven on earth. To be fair the super wealthy chinese and indians who are cronies of umno are in the same glass palace.

ordinary malaysian 21 October 2012 at 03:31  

Is Monsterball such a monster? I think he has something relevant to say. Just because he is banned elsewhere, he should be persona-non-grata here? Oh, come on fellows, you don't mean to say that you want only views that are consonant with yours?

Anonymous,  21 October 2012 at 21:22  

After being away for a long while, and revisiting to catch up on some faves intellectual writing here, I paid attention to Bruno's hint about Monsterball. His comments are valid but strong, probably caused by repeated bad experiences. So Monsterball, in the following post, you have omitted the unnecessary innuendos, Good !

There is a decorum / finesse we have to consider with writers and visitors here. That will draw some thoughts ( serious thoughts as well from well read persons ) to learn to be fair / fairer in response to your thoughts and infuriation. Isn't that more effective, to bring positive changes ?

I also did a quick search and found a smart looking cat blasting... WHOA, don't mess around. I suggest Monsterball puts on a shield ( he might want to get a bank loan from Najib to purchase our new body armour - Made in Malaysia ) haha.

Oh no ! where's my file with the fresh face stunning beauty I had saved from this blog ? And my armour ? Thanks Sak.

Monsterball,  22 October 2012 at 14:30  

Talk as much half truths...insults you about much as you like.
Be Arm Chair Critics...or a devil in sheep clothings....who cares.
I am here to expose Umno B and Najib government.
There are commentators..hinting...behave like diplomats...and will swing where the wind blows.
They love be be known as the nice guys....with tiny balls.
So Anon 21st..21.22...don't be away again. Stay and show your power of thoughts for all to learn something.
Why talk about me??
What is Bruno hinting that you conclude he is against me?
All I know.he is hinting Monsterball is here and rats are running away.....hahahahahaha

Anonymous,  22 October 2012 at 20:03  

Monsterballis bodoh to think that I think Bruno is against him. Padan muka kena lesing and kick out from other blogs ! Oii I vote for DAP !

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