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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 20 October 2012

Negeri Aman Jika 1Malaysia Bersatu

After all the Najib this and that, it has to come finally. Some cocksure apple- polishing politician has come up with wickedly ingenuous NAJ1B- Negeri Aman Jika 1Malaysia Bersatu. Wow and double Wow! The world does not now revolve around UMNO- it’s now Najib. The world revolves around the sun son of Tun Razak.
It must be a sign of desperate times calling for desperate measures. The recent attempt by Zamry Kadir, the man who benefited from UMNO’s coup d’├ętat of the legitimately elected Perak government, to canonize Najib is surely a naked unashamed display of sycophantism.  Let us somberly remind Dato Sri Zamry that canonization or the act of declaring a person as saint is done only on deceased persons. Perhaps Zamry already knows after GE13, UMNO is already deceased.  
Or Maybe Zamry wishes to cement his candidacy by doing just what he knows Najib likes- to inflate the latter’s ego.
So, before it’s too late, better declare Najib a saint. After all he has acted as Santa Claus for a number of years.  At every Budget, Najib has given out money to people in order to buy loyalty. UMNO and BN has been doing that for more than 20 years in Kelantan, it hasn’t succeeded. Loyalty earned from conviction and belief isn’t as fragile as one earned by way of paying for it. Najib and UMNO haven’t learnt that. Najib and UMNO haven’t got what it takes to inspire loyalty. They poured tons of money in Bandar Tun Razak, yet the stuttering Khalid Ibrahim won handsomely.
What Najib really is, is a master of subterfuge with an expiring shelf life in an organization dominated by lifetime right-wingers. And Zamry in particular knows, that his leader who shouts loudly here and there, is a man shouted at home. A little panadol-like ego booster is a much needed calming remedy. Najib has to create a Kim Il Jung persona to overwhelm the right wingers in UMNO.
This is another phase in Najib’s impression building leadership style. He builds and manages impression. He is this and that without ever realizing that what he is doing is mythifying impressions. How does 1 this and 1 that solve our economic productivity? How does 1 this and 1 that, answer the fact that 12% of the Malays lived below the poverty level? How does Najib fingering 1 this and 1 that explain that after 55 years of independence and rule by UMNO, income disparity within the Malay community is greatest? Why when we finger finger, you never cum Najib? Please explain to us, how can we promote economic growth, build our nation with a smorgasbord of acronyms that are stomach churning?
His only solution to stay in power, prompted incessantly by his menagerie of sycophantic advisers all with predatory and scavenging instincts, is to accentuate the 19th century Great Man Theory of Thomas Carlyle. Our nation’s future, so his minders tell us, depends on Najib. He is the son of Tun Razak. He is the great Transformer.
His advisers are outdoing each other in advising the boss, all the time bearing in mind their own personal agenda. So Shafie Abdullah has his eyes standing in Wangsa Maju, Hj Sahlan Ismail wishes to stand in Kedah, Fatmi Salleh is going around in Kota Bharu- the other officers are busy being gate-keepers and making hay while the son of Tun Razak shines.
So, Najib is turned into a cultish figure, around who, the destiny of this nation revolves and depends.  His advisers pay close attention to Najib’s popular rating and will do anything to ensure the personal rating of the Great Leader stays high.
What are we to do?
We must dispel this myth quickly. The forces that produce economic growth and other advances in society do not lie within Najib. The Great Men Theory has no relevance to us. The forces lie within ourselves- in our motive and in the way we structure our relationship with our fellow men. Najib wants to structure his position in the relationship with his fellow Malaysians,  as that where he alone plays the role of the Hero or the Prime Mover.
If Najib isn’t PM come next March, our world is not going to collapse. It will,  only for those hangers-on around him and the missus.
The mainstream media will be picking up on that. NAJ1B- becomes a belabored acronym for Negeri Aman Jika 1Malaysia Bersatu. We have to give up- the acronym can be intended to mean whatever the desperate UMNO want them to mean. But even they cannot stop more of the younger people who registered their dislikes to likes when Najib hosted his Google Hangout. He isn’t hip to hang out with.
Those opposed to Najib can manipulate his name to mean whatever they want it to mean. But I have to caution them- despoiling Najib’s name, now that he is almost canonized can lead to imprisonment. Didn’t I say, his name is Kim Il Najib? You sit down on his poster, you face the consequence. Deface his poster, you will be caught for some trumped up felony.
We have not missed noticing that Najib’s minders are fitting up the impression on the boss, most of the time, neglecting that it’s UMNO that they must save. That is good news to us because the more intense Najib boosts his image; he is fermenting discontent with the UMNO ranks. UMNO hasn’t transformed itself after all; believing that those entitled to lead UMNO must be the issues of the aristocratic leaders in UMNO. That’s insulting to the 3 million members of UMNO who are reduced to nothing but digits conjured up, with the wave of Najib’s magic wand, when it is convenient to do so.
Just who is building Najib’s image? Must be some American consultants recently graduated from business schools who accept The Great Man Theory.  The theory states that leaders are born. That’s taken to mean, you must be born in the right family to earn the natural right to lead UMNO. I am calling the UMNO proletariats, the common men to unite and overthrow those who claim leadership as of birthright. You all have the same legitimacy to stake a claim on the leadership of UMNO. Save UMNO from the parasitic political aristocrats before it’s too late. Stay in UMNO, but when GE13 comes, vote for Pakatan Rakyat.
What Najib’s media men and spin doctors are doing is tell Malaysians and Malays, we need Najib as our savior. Because Najib is a leader that is born and has certain traits which were inherited. It’s the revival of the great man theory about history being defined and directed by the great man or hero. Najib is Optimus Prime, leader and hero of the autobots. So to the aspiring UMNO chappie who think he can cultivate himself to one day lead the nation, we have to remind him of the story when a group of Pemuda UMNO met up with Dr Mahathir; Mahathir asked them, do you guys graduate from Oxford? If no, then you have no chance to become UMNO Youth Leader.
The question now will be- were you born in the right family? If no, sorry then you can’t be a leader.  The history of the world, Mahathir will tell us just as the historian Thomas Carlyle told us before, “the history of the world is but the biography of great men”. Or in the case of Najib, the history of our world is but the hagiography of Saint Najib.
Najib fancies himself the transformational leader.  But we know the pitfalls of such image building:-
1.     Transformational leadership makes use of impression management and therefore lends itself to amoral self-promotion by leaders
2.     Followers might be manipulated by leaders and there are chances that they lose more than they gain.
Have we not been bombarded with incessant self-promotion campaigns by Najib and have we not lost our focus in all that glitziness? Let’s not be diverted by these public relations antics.



loveMyKris,  20 October 2012 at 10:22  

..that his leader who shouts loudly here and there, is a man shouted at home.

that was painful.

bruno,  20 October 2012 at 11:31  

Dato,Najib this and Najib that.Has this anything to do with Najib's official cars with number plates NAJIB THIS and NAJIB THAT.And then there is the no 1 this and no 1 that.

Umno is like a clan like political dynasty.Most if not all the present leaders have fathers or FIL's who have been PM before,except Mr Moo.Umno leaders do not have to be smart.Umno leaders must have their father's genes.That is the first qualification.Education and leadership experience comes second and third.

And this coming GE,the winnable candidates who are choosen are all yesmen and ball carriers.That is the reason Najib's handlers are all made the boss happy,say what the boss wants to hear shiok sendiri buta gaji types.

If after this GE Najib is no longer the PM,there will be weeping crybabies lining the streets of Putrajaya to Sungei Besi.All carrying tongkats and crutches with slingbags hanging from their shoulders ready to trek all the way to the Golok forests.

Most probably this will be the last hurrah and yamseng for Umno,MCA and MIC.No need to mention Gerakan as it has already been discarded and a write off.CSL will go back to Johore and tend to the chicken farm.Mr Moo will move back to Johore and be the taikoo.Najib will follow QD to the land of the free and give speeches at 25k-50k a pop.

Monsterball,  20 October 2012 at 12:25  

Najib is the only "PM" that have tried everything to get voters....scared of him....hero worship him...respect him...with all sorts of stunts...with no good results for him.
More and more voters are simply sick of his flip flopping and hypocrisy.
He is a big time rouge....stealing people's money...and supports murdering others for one was murdered to shut moth ....exposing him.
If he is declared a Saint...tsunami will come and lighting will strike many Malaysians dead.
God does not take sides in politics...but God do give signs when HE is angry.

Anonymous,  20 October 2012 at 13:14  

He is surrounded by leaders all his life.

BN had never faced such a challenge to its power for decades....a win, even by a small margin, will be the greatest victory.

Don't underestimate his personal appeal, not the party, to ordinary people to win and transform.

Anonymous,  20 October 2012 at 14:55  

QD will be in exile in his muah mauh homeland ( what's that weird public display of hysterical emo, no Class !! )

Anonymous,  20 October 2012 at 15:52  

the great handout-- plenty of money going around-- what a wonderful nation// where are sound policies -- economic , education etc>> the same old song is being replayed -- give me another TERM// so sad n pathethic .. we want to hear anew song of HOPE N CHANGE

Anonymous,  20 October 2012 at 16:45  

Dear Dato',

How about this acronym for NAJIB - Negara Akan Jahanam Ikut Barisan.


OneMalaysian,  20 October 2012 at 17:59  

Dear Sakmongkol

In 2008, I followed the American presidential election closely, both at the nomination stage as well as the run off between Obama and McCain. I was rooting for Obama partly because he was the underdog and also because he had so much to offer. “Yes We Can” was such an inclusive and motivating slogan.

This time around I spent less time on the American election because we have an equally absorbing one at home. But Najib is nothing like Obama. He lacks Obama’s charisma and intelligence. He is silent on important issues confronting the nation. He avoids controversial subjects like he would the plague. He lies or at a minimum distorts the truth. He is desperate and resorts to all manner of bribery for votes. He leads a racist party that is corrupt and full of good-for-nothing types.

So what does he do? He employs spin-masters, American-style. The way he conducts his campaign would remind one of an American presidential election. He hogs the airwaves, both TV and radio, and also cyberspace via FaceBook, to fish for votes. Every imaginable media is used, including unsolicited spam SMS wishing people Happy Chinese New Year.

But he forgets that this is not America, and this is not a presidential election. He will merely be running for the federal constituency of Pekan, one of 222 seats in parliament. His chaps must still run for the other 221 seats. But they are all clinging to his coat tails as if he can somehow drag them along into parliament. This is the greatest weakness of the UMNO/BN election – the utter dependence on one man. They have no choice. Most of their fellows are simply unelectable. I hope Pakatan Rakyat will formulate a stronger strategy to defeat this UMNO/BN Najib-one-man strategy. He has plenty of skeletons in the cupboard, so it should not be too difficult to expose a few and drag them through the streets for ordinary folks to see.

bruno,  20 October 2012 at 22:02  

One Malaysian,

There is a conflict between Obama and Najib's programs.

Obama has Obamacare.Obamacare will sent Obama back to another four years in the White House.In times of reccession,many people's pocket books are in a mess.Because many people have lost their jobs and are unemployed,and are unable to pay for health insurance.With Obamacare,families who do not have fat bank accounts like Umnoputras and cronies,can depend on Uncle Sam.There are many times poor people than rich people in any countries.And Obamacare is popular with the poor people.So the majority will give Obama another four years.

Najib has Malaysian 1 and Kedai 1 and others 1.All these 1's are popular among the minorities,especially hardcores Umno supporters.If these programs are so popular,Najib does not have to throw tens or even hundreds of millions to buy support from the rakyat.Najib's all 1's being popular among the hardcores,cronies and a small segment of the population,the remainder of the majority will drive them over the cliffs.Besides Kedai 1's goods are not that cheap.And do not forget that they have already being caught selling tainted goods.

And compare Obama's pro-abortion and Najib's this and that.

Obama's pro-abortion stand means a woman has the right to choose.And with Obama care comes also free contraception for women.And all Obama's programs are popular, especially if they are practiced in the land of the bolehs,where people in power can get away with rape,statutory rape and incests.And these poor victims have no one or place to turn to.At least in the US they have Obamacare to turn to.

Najib's fanciful NAJIB THIS and NAJIB THAT are only fanciful hand craved vehicle number plates.Good only for the drivers who are directly behind the PM's official cars.So they are only for show only and will not help to gather votes in any ways.

walla 20 October 2012 at 23:06  

Najib's publicity machinery is portraying only Najib and no one else.

That's because the rest of the cabinet and the entire Umno leadership are made of half-past sixes who are also rotten to the core, to quote a recalcitrant authority, so noted too by the publicity agents, and none the less by Najib himself.

As you read this, your foregone conclusion is therefore simple and succinct - there are no winnable candidates in all of Umno.

Otherwise anaconda himself would not also have proclaimed outsiders will be needed this round. Since it has been months when he first made that statement, your immediate questions are:

Where are they? Where are those outsiders? What have they been doing to address the critical issues on hand? What are the results of their engagement on the ground if any with the heartland grassroots and urban voters?

Surely Umno can't expect the rakyat to vote the new but anonymous outsider candidates just because Najib's own election faction says so. The Muhyiddin, Mahathir, Khairy, Rastam, Zamry, Ghani and other factions are not going to agree. They have too much at stake for their own cronies in the 2014, 2015, 2016, et nauseum federal and state budgets.

So, we have this situation that today only Najib is representing Umno going into GE13. There is no one else who has been floated by all that spin.

Neither the faces in the ad that carries the slogan 'i love pm' nor the students who sang the Malaysia song are going to say they love Muhyiddin or Hishammudin or Nazri or Raiz or Rastam or Sabri or Zamry or Zahidi or Khairy or any other Umno name you can think of. Indubitably, no Malay girl will look up to Rosmah or Shahrizat as role models. And certainly more than half the Malays on the peninsular will if they can have their way think that Mahathir is indeed a statesman, but only in that part of the animal kingdom which slithers.

With this situation now clearly impressed in your mind, you can next proceed to ask that fateful question:

what happens after GE13 if Barisan wins by no better a margin than it had done in GE12?

It will be Najib alone as Umno personified who will be running the country all by himself. Because the rakyat will not recognize or accept any of his cabinet or state ministers. If old faces, out. If new faces, apa-nama?

In such a scenario, Kim Il Naj1B will have to quickly find a horse and an eye mask. Because he will have to be Lone Ranger instead. Lonely because even Tonto cannot be trusted to ride with him into the sunset.

Even today we already see it happening. Are there no better candidates for first MOF or Woman's Minister, you remember asking yourselves long ago?

walla 20 October 2012 at 23:06  


And that is why you have also drawn the other conclusion, namely, Najib is the personified acme and epitome of the political deceit that is Umno Inc.

The ROS may clarify that the other acronyms for Umno Inc. are Federation of Umno Knaves (FUK) or Persekutuan Umno Kroni(PUK). These acronyms are of course too precise for those in Pemandu to appreciate for they can only relish hyperbole to their own political masters and none other. Otherwise why play on the word NAJ1B when even before he was born, and certainly before the one who slithers came into the scene, the country was already aman dan bersatu.

And that is why you come to the last conclusion. Najib as Umno personified has only been playing on the fixed deposits. In his game, he has been merely using your money to buy your votes segmented into key interest groups. Sabah and Sarawak - he makes megabillion promises but you already see bridges that go nowhere, natives who have been raped but cases closed, overpriced dams which flood ancestral sites, deforestation which has not been replanted, and the poor who remain poor despite working in states which have contributed so much to the national treasury under Umno's thumb. Felda - the mother of all listings leading to a share price that is now lifeless and that after locking in pension, state and other funds belonging to the rakyat. Youths, Armed Forces, PDRM, Teachers, Civil Servants, Pensioners...the list of "fixed deposits" go on.

But the tragic thing is these voter fixed deposits of Umno come at the price of the money fixed deposits that belong to the future of your children. And their children, looking at the gigantic and growing size of the debt incurred by the Umno government. Money that could have gone into the real fixed deposits are withdrawn now to buy the votes of Umno's so-called fixed deposits.

This last conclusion in a nutshell:
Najib and his Umno have been merely trying to fix the Malaysian voters.

And if doing all that fails, the last cards will to mobilize the 3 million foreigners given instant citizenship or to corral the army to do only Umno's bidding. In the latter case, there has been no answer to the question whether they won't be used in order to ensure a smooth transition of government. Both cards as you already know are treasonous to the Rakyat Of Malaysia.

Better vote for those who fully realize the Shahadah every day, not those selling spin for their six-star living and falling on their own pack of lies, one contradicting the next.

At the rate Umno has been on the binge with your money, the rakyat will soon be seeing stars when the coffers finally run dry on spin-ware.

Anonymous,  20 October 2012 at 23:51  

The monsterball should be happy.His followers have bombarded KTemoc into kingdom come.Their non stop 24/7 bombardment have sent KTemoc packing and his blog has closed for good.

Anonymous,  21 October 2012 at 04:16  

Najib is showcasing himself and his queen control to look good and create feel good factors, trusted yes men are morphing into ridiculous over-indulgence cats whilst the rest of the piranhas are in temporary hibernation chomping gold arowanas. Adnan not flashing his middle finger and mafiaism is not longer chic. Surreal.

nick 21 October 2012 at 08:44  

In a time when the people are demanding results, out comes the sickening and doubly disgusting sounding acronym of "Naj1b" courtesy of Perak illegitimate MB, an effort that no doubt will alienate more people and even more UMNO members from their party. It is simply astonishing that these people who are charged with governing the state and nation are totally clueless on what constitute good governance and fulfilling promises.

Don't they get it? People today are smart and with the internet age, they know exactly what is expected from a government and from public officials. A slew of acronyms, inane initiatives without aim and direction are no substitute for results, action and of course brains. So far, in this era of the first ever PM cum the women minister, malaysian are feted with a banquet with nothing else but soup. A soup that sound rich and tasty (but "NAJ1B" is I must say sounds disgusting) but has nothing in it that can satisfy the hungry Malaysian.

So far, najib alphabet soup is expensive to the Malaysian pocket and nothing else. Najib has increased the nation debt to an all time high of half a trillion but the people are still earning the same income and the cost of living is still rising. Save for a few lucky golfing buddies that will become newly minted billionaires, Malaysian can look forward to a bleak future with the prospect of Malaysia joining the club of bankrupt nation. And still, najib is serving us with soup and soup and of course "suapan" or rasuah both in their government and their campaign.

But one thing all malaysian are sure to realize is the fact that until we have the GE, najib will not stop serving us with soup and more tasteless but expensive soup. WHY? Because Najib only knows how to make soup and nothing else. Not just any soup but soups that has nothing in it except for some artificial flavoring and pricey, that is to say for najib to produce the soup, it would cost us an arm and leg (you will still be left hungry and much poorer). I cringe at the thought of a soup with the tongue scratching name of ROSMAHJIB coming out in the near future (ROmpakanSeluruhMAlaysiaHattaJual1Bangsamelayu).


Anonymous,  21 October 2012 at 11:37  

The fact of the matter is Najib, Zambry, Musa Aman, KJ, Chua Soi Lek, etc. are in reality PROFESSIONAL POLITICAL OPERATIVES..They are not real community and social leaders. More community and social climbers. The whole lot of UMNO/BN with the exception of a few. Ibrahim Ali is more a community and social leader than them..

The problem is the challenge facing the Malays and Malaysia is one of LEADERSHIP, not dubious professionalism especially of the kinds with bad indulgent habits of the past.

Its why they can come up with nonsense consultant stuff like NAJ1B. We need LEADERS - the kind that put themselves on the line personally, smarter, with better ideas and technically better..Not people who apes, pretend and too often says me-too..

Anonymous,  21 October 2012 at 12:16  

Dato, the man MB knows that his days as the illegitimate MB is numbered. So he's just preparing for his soon-to-be retirement. Like all sycophants, he wants to have a few projects in hand before he leaves. But let's deny him that opportunity.

Anonymous,  21 October 2012 at 12:23  

The BN knows that people are getting sick of 1Malaysia this and 1Malaysia that. Might as well change the country to 1Malysia. Its' just like plagiarism, stealing what doesn't belong to them. And now another Naj1b that and that nonsense. Like the Dato said, this is apple polishing by a shameless sycophant out to show his gratitude for a stolen present.

Anonymous,  21 October 2012 at 12:27  

Wait till another sycophant comes out with Rosmah1Birkin!

Monsterball,  21 October 2012 at 21:59  

Najib said..."When I make a promise, I never break it" and you need to ask Tunku Razaleigh what did he promised him broke that promise.
"You help me. I help you" is his famous words...trying to bribe Sibu voters.
"I will defend PutraJaya with my life from traitors taking over the Govt." Is he at war with someone..or at war with his guilty conscience?
Flip Flopping...and even dare to lie to Allah at a mosque...he does not know Alantuya.
Strange all the Immigration record..gone..and blown to pieces.....what a terrible cruel crime..and if anyone believe two ordinary soldiers can do all that..using controlled C4 need to admit to Tanjong Rambutan mental hospital.
Santa Clause he is...coming to Malaysia...long before Christmas.
All the not now...a nice guy image.
Yet from time to time...he still reveal how desperate he win 13th GE.
Corrupted Umno B politicians are ...but all will accept..their fate...what comes may.
Not's Patriots Vs Traitors.
It's Angels Vs Devils...and all these mumbo jumbos...when Malaysians have made up their minds to vote against corruptions and double standards living conditions as priorities...which you will never hear Najib tell Malaysians..he knows their hearts and minds....what they want.
Like the Devil said..."Money is power" and so it will always be with MONEY to buy souls and loyalties.
Dignities and principles in life...thieves and robbers cannot have.
Are millions of Malaysians wanting a change of Govt..traitors to the country?

Anonymous,  22 October 2012 at 06:18  

Kampong man,

you said loud and clear for everybody to hear that Aspan and Sak are your buddies.You care for them and want them to win in the coming elections.Then you said that they censored your comments and are not of free speech.Now you are saying that they do not have the support of the Malays,and they cannot win in the coming GE.

You are just talk only,what your brother Malays called shiok sendiri.As always KM shiok sendiri only.Hehehe.

Monsterball,  22 October 2012 at 23:01  

Whoever wants to comment to siok sindiri...does not have Malaysia and Malaysians in his/her heart.
They are taking bloging to have fun and siok sindiri...and when the country's wealth is all can go siok and kampong Attap...drinking kopi-O with your buddies...and wives working at padi good old days.
Bodoh punia Muslim!!

Monsterball,  22 October 2012 at 23:12  

Anon 20th I noticed too.
Here ...not too bad...only few kuchin kurap BN racists and two naughty small futs.
Thank you for the info.

Monsterball,  22 October 2012 at 23:34  

I wish "Monsterbaby" comes here to put out her comments.
She is one hell of an intelligent commentator and great freedom fighter.
Ktemoc is what it is...mainly due to her....endlessly exposing ktee.
"Ellse" is a BN cyber-trooper...a man.
I think Ktemoc contract is over. 60 years old confirmed bachelor.....retired..and his jokes re low class.
His style is supporting PR and not supporting Anwar as PM...keep confusing voters to win votes for BN. All exposed.
He blogged from Sydney..and known by all as a 4th grade blogger...because of his postings..his convoluted thought process and his selectively shut mind.
The way he confuses others are similar to what Najib and Chua Soi Lek is trying to do now.
Yip...I have many friends in his blog...out to fried Ktemoc....good and proper.
He cannot moderate nor ban anyone...because he is a faceless...nameless blog owner.
He can only delete delete delete..which I made him and gave him the title..MR. Shit Cleaner blog owner.
He is a Gerakan man from Penang....ran away for good.
Dares he come back to Penang...many are looking for him.

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