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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 26 October 2012

Between Mahathir's narratophilia and Najib's phallophilia

One likes to tell dirty stories and trash. The other likes gargantuan sizes of things. It’s Mahathir’s Narratophilia vs. Najib’s Phallophilia.
It’s none of our concern if DR Mahathir’s attacks on Najib are tactical or real. They are all masters and practitioners of subterfuge and deception. Those who oppose UMNO and BN have but one clarion call. Let’s bury UMNO and BN.
I suspect the UMNO camp is really worried about the attacks on their man that they have to do a spin on the whole works. That’s UMNOthink. When something is not working for them, they will manufacture a preferred storyline. Hence the story line they come out with is that the good Doctor is doing his usual reverse psychology.
They can whack each other to kingdom come. Every UMNO leader knows that Dr Mahathir blames Rosmah Mansor for the position UMNO finds itself today. Rosmah is the heel to Najib’s Achilles. Mahathir is the poison arrow.
Dr Mahathir never ceases to bully Malays into believing they are inadequate and therefore the solution is to entrust their future in the hands of good people like him. Social evils, intoned Mahathir, arise from the activities of evil people and if only known devils like him and the band of marauders and plunderers are in control,  Malaysia is safe.
What is wrong with this kind of thinking? The answer is- it only requires unthinking and self-praise. Unthinking on the part of the people and self-praises- lots of them on the part of the master class. Make the people look up in awe and maybe even deify them.
Mahathir likes to self-praise himself although he has a round-about way of doing it. He is after all, a person with a weak school certificate. So maybe because of his weak school certificate, he has this Napoleonic persona to over-achieve many aspects of life. The medical doctor uses self-deprecation to disarm and defeat opponents. He seems to enjoy talking trash. Maybe Dr Mahathir has political narratophilia – telling dirty stories and trash appeals to him. Maybe it has worked in one-to-one encounters. But this time, it can’t work when you are confronting whole people.
Najib of course survives on daily doses of self-praise and extravagant self-promotion. His larger than life pictures adorn so many billboards all over the country. Maybe Najib is suffering from political phallophilia. Everything must be of gargantuan sizes.
So you see his gargantuan images on top of buses, on the sides of trains and also at the entrances of public toilets. But please don’t piss on his picture. You will be arrested and manacled.
So Dr Mahathir harangues the public with simplistic takes. If UMNO is vanquished, Malays will be finished. So, Malays need to continue to place their future in the hand of good people like UMNO people. Associating UMNO with all the goodness is easy to do. It needs only an appeal to the emotions. And that is what Mahathir and the menagerie of UMNO political animals do. But to reason out that other people other than UMNO can do better, requires overcoming prejudices and subordinating the emotions. That would require analysis and thought process- something UMNO people and cyber troopers sorely lacked.
This only-emotions is required thus explains, why UMNO/BN policies with their track record of corruption, cronyisms, economic pillage and plunder, abuse of power and even murder, is regarded as superior than the track record offered by Pakatan Rakyat. The argument in support of UMNO despite all the various flaws admitted by Mahathir is easy and requires only emotional engagement. The argument in support of rational policies of Pakatan require disengaging the emotional attachment which is a little difficult to do but not impossible.
So what’s bothering Mahathir? What Mahathir fears is that the process of disengagement has spread so widely so as to threaten UMNO’s stranglehold on the people.
Let us therefore help Dr Mahathir make sense of what is happening on the ground so that he can come to terms and make peace with himself.
First, Malaysians have acquired a new tradition of embracing democratic values and the sense of importance and self-worth. These are natural outcomes of economic and social advancements with our own borders and also arise as a result of an almost complete removal of artificial physical barriers between nations. Advances in the internet have demolished almost all barriers set up by autocratic government and allowed people to learn and make comparisons. Governments set and established using autocratic means find themselves under increasing assaults from civil rights groups and people. That is happening to UMNO and BN who have thrived on unchallenged autocracy. Malaysians have acquired new values and traditions- that of liberty and liberal values.
The second force checking UMNO’s hegemony and autocracy is simply its own success. UMNO is a victim of its own success. Once UMNO and BN acquired a false sense of invincibility, they become victims to the baneful influence of corruption and power abuses. UMNO and BN have become a corrupt government. The government endorses, incubates, nurture and encourage rampant and rapacious corruption buoyed by its believe in its own invincibility.
The desire to stop a corrupt government has become both a unifying and motivating force to check UMNO and BN.


Anonymous,  26 October 2012 at 11:34  

Mahathir hynotized and zombiefied the Malays when he became PM. There was even an idiotic UMNO delegate who called him a prophet.
He became a demi-god.
He lost the magic when he demonized Anwar, yet he never realized that he is most hated Indian Malay in the country.
Today he speak as though he is still being adored by the Malay populace.
In fact, each time he open his mouth, the Malay puke.
Remember how he campaigned for BN in Bukit Gantang by-election?
PAS won with a bigger majority.

One fake Indian destroyed the Malay psyche and still thinks he can work his magic on the Malays.

monsterball 26 October 2012 at 12:56  

Mahathir had the chance to unite Malaysians and bring Malaysia to be at par with developed countries to be respected by all....including him.
He chose to take revenge against Tunku..set up his Umno B..and his plan to disunite all...confuse all..was in full swing.
Then he controlled the Rulers and with his so call guided democracy..he became Dictator.
For a country like Malaysia with strong 3 races...Mahathir's dirty spins...twisting..arresting...started off with his cruelest of all fabrication an issue on Anwar and put him to jail for 6 years. Anwar was released and found not guilty.
For a man who is half Indian with a brother as lack as charcoal..Mahathir never said he is half Malay..half Indian...until this day.
Just take the 3 events...Tungku...Anwar and denying his Indian have the Mahathir not many can see him ...what he is....or know what he is...dare not speak it out...until he retired and especially after 12th GE.
A Devil reincarnated man he is.
A double headed snake ..liar...he is.
The most sinful man...disuniting the Muslims...he is.
The most corrupted and biggest thieve he was...leading and encouraging UMNO b members.. to be corrupted from top to be he greatest hero for Umno B members....making all greedy for money and hypocrites.
Right now...almost all Malaysians hates him...except the few hundred racists feeling obligated to him....being millionaires.
The sun will soon set on him.
He is 87 and death is certain to all.
He may look..sound..healthy and well...but in the end...truths will bury him for good.

PARIS' ARROW 26 October 2012 at 15:04  


If Rosmah is the heel to Najib’s Achilles; and UMNO is the heel to BN's Achilles; what is the heel to UMNO's Achilles?

Anonymous,  26 October 2012 at 16:58  

.... please don’t piss on his picture. You will be arrested and manacled.....

I may have a weak bladder but no way will I give them the pleasure to clamp me. Though never strong in Physics, I still understand the effect of reverse-spray. Anyway, it's an impossible angle to target - good thinking by smart guys. Think I will do what dogs do most naturally if ever I find a Merz belonging to a BN datuk, or better still a BN Tan Sri, in the parking lot, and no one is looking around. If the Datin or Puan Sri were around I would still do it just to make her realise that she had married the wrong person.

After that I can drop dead and go smiling to my grave. Small vengeance, but gargantuan pleasure.

Anonymous,  26 October 2012 at 16:59  

who owns ESSO stations -now PETRON?? what about SAPURA _ KENCANA?? read BARRY WAIN BOOK LAH__ MALAYSIAN MAVERICK - where BARRY states 100 billions were lost?? ha ha hi hi -- show me the money

walla 26 October 2012 at 20:09  

If we sit back and ponder a bit, GE13 can be the national switch for all Malaysians to make one massive swing in votes, stop the rot in its track, and create a new Malaysia.

We can choose to make it happen. GE13 can be the defining moment for all Malaysians to turn over a new leaf and start a fresh chapter in the history of our small but great nation which does not have to remain rooted as some residual footnote in the dustbin of national development.

We can be a better example to the whole world on how a country can be run - without political contradictions, economic ambiguities, man-made social tensions, and rudderless identity.

Three factors converge to the tipping point before us.

One, Malaysians of all races, especially our youths, have come together despite all the machinations mounted by Mahathir's Umno to divide them in order to rule them in order to exploit the economy and our national wealth for its own ends.

Two, voters are united in all the hot buttons and burning platforms. They are tired to the bone with all the lies, thuggery, corruption, cronyism, waste, inefficiencies, double standards, blinkers, blunders, squanders and plunders.

But it is the third point that invites our focus. Mahathir is mortal.

Our Malays who continue to support their memory of him must face up to this inexorable fact of life.

They need to ask themselves one very simple question. What happens after Mahathir passes on?

After Mahathir passes on, they cannot brandish his brand of Malay nationalism anymore because he had baked it by his own crooked recipe which the majority of right-minded Malaysians have already rejected en masse.

The resulting vacuum will then enable good natural feelings from all our different communities to surface that will put pressure on the institutions he has bastardized to change which in turn will help provide a new structure for a new Malaysia to operate in this new century.

You can trace for yourself how so much angst and anxiety have come about in recent years. Those emotions are the result of doing things against our natural grain.

And matters have come to a head. Despite Umno's hold on the mainstream media, every day their politicians makes a mockery of themselves. Too many lies stacked one to cover another, too many deflections away from the really important matters affecting the state, too many crimes against the rakyat swept under the carpet, too many spins that only serve to extend bad things done by ordinary people officiated to high places beyond their ability.

As we go into GE13, let us realize no matter what his or her background may be, every voter is a parent - to Malaysia. We are individually and collectively responsible for her well-being and progress towards a destiny that is healthier and wealthier.

As parents, we know discipline is as important as love. A loving parent disciplines his or her errant child not so much by the cane but by the simple command - "you're grounded".

So, go ahead, ground Umno for one term. It has misbehaved itself. It needs time to sort itself out. It has not done so because it continues to believe it can get away with it. Eject Umno from your system so that it can be the country's best Opposition front after GE13.

You know that is the only right thing to do now. In fact, Umno itself has indirectly asked you to do it. Why else would a dennis the menace be so scared to lose even one term?

If ordinary people like Mahathir and Najib think their Umno is really for the rakyat, then whether it is for the rakyat as government or opposition shouldn't matter to itself. After all, either will have to do the right things to survive into another term.

Yes? no? Or, as Mahathir would say when caught out, 'maybe'?

Mahathir's narratophilia combined with Najib's phallophilia equals Malaysia's haemophilia.

monsterball 26 October 2012 at 20:38  

Selamat Hari Raya Haji to Bro. Ariff Sabri and to all Muslims.

bruno,  26 October 2012 at 23:05  

Dato,Dr Mahathir is not called the master politician and puppet master for nothing.

As a master politician just ask Musa Hitam,Tengku Razaleigh,Anwar Abrahim and Abdullah Badawi.All these are big boys,and they got smacked and slammed around like little boys by Mahathir.

And many prominent supporters of Tengku Razazeigh,whom many ended up as bankrupts whem Mahathir instructed the banks to recall back their loans.

Look at Najib,Muhyiddin and Abrahim Ali.Mahathir has them danggling like puppets.Even Khairy Jamaluddin,the boy on the block whose ambition is to be PM by age fourty.Mahathir has embarassed him like a nobody.And the list goes on.

Without Mahathir Umno is nothing.His sucessors Badawi and now followed by Najib has already created a one way street for Umno to self destruct.

To have a strong grip on Umno and his followers,Mahathir did not groom any of his successors to be good leaders.Instead he made them chairwarmers and irrelevant baggage carriers.He was the only one calling the shots and any one who disagrees with him got thrown out like a leper.

It is best to let Mahathir do what he wants to do.That is to be the puppet master and the big man of Umno.By continuing to call the shots,Mahathir will drive many of the warlords,who are already not happy not to be selected as candidates to stand for elections to sabotage the party.

Anonymous,  26 October 2012 at 23:36  

Though I still have strong ties with some veteran UMNO members all in their late 70s, I am finished with UMNO as far as the next PRU is concerned. The man I put the blame on is none other than Mahathir. He is such a disappointment to this country - had everything but no one meant anything to him, no sacred cows. Challenge him and he finishes you like the way he did to so many people. The need at this age to fan the fire of 'Malay' nationalism must surely because his world and his cronies world would collapse the moment UMNO loses to this powerful coalition which took five states in 2008.

Mahathir is no longer the miracle man he once thought he was.

Leedon,  27 October 2012 at 08:26  

The dateline for GE 13 draws nearer by the day, Dr. Mahathir is a worried man for he knows he wil be doomed if UMNO fails. He has crossed the path of many during his 22 years of power. The stakes are too high and he has to use all his wit to again hoodwink the Malays into submission.

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