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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Najib's 2013 Budget: No Class, Undeserving of Support.

If Najib cannot defend his budget, it means, it’s not worth the support of the people. We have not even begun to go into details yet. Najib’s 2013 Budget has no character to speak of in the first place. 
He insults all those hardworking civil servants who have put in so many person-hours into preparing the Budget. Suddenly his political minders insert in  a number of knee-jerker standard last minute afterthoughts- rebates for smartphones, allowances for unmarried persons. The officers at MOF will now have to screen the thousands of individuals who qualify to get the money promised to ascertain they are not yet married?
Najib’s budget is all about electioneering. He uses the valuable airtime to goad and sneer at Pakatan’s budget proposals. Over in Penang, where the PM engages in his usual banshee-like speechifying, he derided Pakatan’s Economic Blueprint. If he must know, the rakyat are finding Pakatan’s Buku Jingga more credible each day.
The same can’t be said of his economic blueprint. And his 2013 Budget. You must have something to hide if you are scared to defend your own budget.
What about his own economic blueprint? He has only got the serious sounding alphabet soup which makes us dizzy- GTP, ETP, EPP, PDP, NKRA, the list seems to go on and on. Where is the NEM- New Economic Model? When asked about NEM he could only say its market driven affirmative action. What is that? It’s nothing but the continuation of the policies that were started by Mahathir. JumpStart Malay economics by picking, choosing and awarding all sort of licenses, advantages, near monopolies to a coterie of friends and cronies especially those who party with the PM and his now Imelda Macos-like Mrs. PM, golfing buddies, cigar smoking kakis. All done in the name of the faceless, nameless Malays of course. Always in the name of agama, bangsa dan negara.
Let’s talk a little more about the world economy. Because, BN leaders who control state legislative assemblies make it a religious routine to always point out the state of the word economy when scoring points over how they handled our economy. Same routine it is with Najib.  While the world economy is bad, I managed the economy better. Only UMNO and BN can.
They all make the same mistake of ignoring the rising awareness of people out there. They think they are speaking to and down to dullards.
The world's largest economy, the US is in a mess. Europe is in a bigger mess. Japan is in a deflation mood since the last three decades with nowhere to go. China is already slowing down. Its stock market, already down more than 60%.When China gets hit hard later this year, the whole world will be typhooned. Nowadays when China sneezes, the rest of the world catches cold. Malaysia will get hit even harder as its debts are now out of control and unmanageable, unlike Singapore.
Najib’s economic minders seemed oblivious to market signals. They keep supporting our economy by intervening believing they can tame market forces. Maybe they learnt economics from Ibrahim Ali. Their blissful forced-ignorance is for all to see as in how the Najib government is handling the FGV price. 

Didn't he mention FGV in gloating terms during his Budget electioneering speech. 
The share price of FGV is stuck at around the RM4.80 area. How does it become that way despite the world economy nose-diving?  It becomes that because of government challenging market forces and believing they can win. The Najib administration supports the share prices of FGV at all cost, so as not to lose the support of the Felda voters in the coming GE. So it forces people like EPF,PNB, state GLC's, Cornerstone investors ,Umno cronies and front men to keep buying the shares to prevent them from falling down further.
The settlers are his vanguard in the economic transformation blueprint. They are his most valuable assets. How much does he value them? All 112,635 of them.  Let’s see. He has given RM15, 000 advance bribes. He then gives about RM 3800 each as raya bonus. He gives them 800 units of FGV stock. Lets accord him a little charity- say the settler gets a premium of RM1. Earning say RM800. 
Let’s see how much the settler is worth after 55 years of merdeka. Each settler finds that Najib values him at less than RM1 per day per year since merdeka!
The order to be absent from parliament has backfired. Everywhere people are shocked to see Najjb’s budget can’t even stand to be scrutinized and compared to Pakatan’s Budget. The PM has no class and finesse. In a democracy, the PM goes to parliament to engage and debate with the opposition. He abuses his privileged time slot for the budget presentation to attack the opposition, to engage in electioneering. And the next day, he was absent from parliament when the leader of the opposition spoke. 
How could we have an intelligent debate? How can there be a democracy when ideas are not subjected to the heat treatment and to the cut and thrust of parliamentary debate? People are switching off their TVs because it was disgusting to watch the PM abuse the privilege of his position and the democratic process. Of course the brain-impaired BN MPs were thumping their desks to score little brownie points. What else can they do when they cannot think?
If this is the attitude of the PM and that is the quality of the BN MPs, what hope is there for Malaysia with BN in power? How can we ever reduce poverty, uplift the livelihood of that 40% poor? BN MPs thumped their soon to be vacated bench spots when they hear that little meaningless and demeaning cash morsels would be dished out to the perennial underclass, a class of Malaysians enslaved by UMNO/BN power abuse and corruption.
If after 55 years of uninterrupted power these paltry sums mean something to 40-50% of our population, it can only mean abject economic and social failure of the UMNO/BN governments. There is nothing to cheer about. UMNO/BN MPs should instead cringe in shame. 
By giving the rakyat RM500 after 55 years of Merdeka, you honor your own people valuing them at 2.5 sen a day!


Tomcat,  3 October 2012 at 09:34  

"Each settler finds that Najib values him at less than RM1 per year since merdeka!" Typo mistake there Dato, you mean RM1 per DAY?

Anonymous,  3 October 2012 at 10:42  

Dear Dato,

The hand out of RM 500 to the raayat divided by the full term of BN in power that is, 60 months equals to RM9 and this can be easily off set by the increase in indirect tax. Tell the raayat to wake up. If PR is the goverment I can save RM150 per month from the toll abolish by Pakatan.

Anonymous,  3 October 2012 at 11:14  

FGV is as at 11.07am stands at rm4.79 and looks weak with a downwards bias.
I suspect the price will reach rm 4.60 in the next 2 to 3 days and then its time to buy cos 'sure one' it will be jacked up hydraulics aided.
Hehe then when it reaches about 4.95 sell sell sell again.
Its known as Brimkrimprimtrim new economic model in action. Thank you in advance ltat,epf and gang.

bumi-non-malay 3 October 2012 at 13:45  

Kata Perpatah melayu "Takut kerana Salah" adalah UMNO-BN dan Najib serta Muhiddin....semua hilang takut di Soal......

Yang tinggal hanya 1/2 past 6 dari UMN-BN!!

Anonymous,  3 October 2012 at 15:52  

Dear Dato,

Two things, I wish Pakatan on winning GE 13, can set the basic income that an ordinary citizen earns can cover their payment for a basic car, basic house, basic food, medical expenses and other basic necessities just like in pther countries such as Singapore, Australia and other countries. The other thing is for Pakatan to work hard on our low exhange rates as our exchange rates is very low as compare to other countries.

Hopeful Malaysian

Anonymous,  3 October 2012 at 16:44  

Hi hi-- 16 years budgets DEFICIT-- 500 billions borrowings n dishing out peanuts.. what budget is this?? poverty all over the nation>> is this not BN creation >>??the best party //

Anonymous,  3 October 2012 at 17:41  

Mana Samseng kampung Dusun si Nazri Aziz dengan Ibraheng Ali katok. Aku suka jika dia buka mulut. Setiap kali dia buka mulut macam berak di tiup angin... Semua naik bengang termasuk ahli-ahli UMNO..

bruno,  3 October 2012 at 21:31  

Dato,after 55 years the rakyat gets RM500.That will come to RM9.01a year.A crony or his son presented Mama Rosmah with a Berkin handbag,the cheapest on sale cost US25,000 or RM75,000.Besides RM9.01 fifty five years ago can buy 1 bullock cart,and which now can buy 1 broomstick for chasing Umnoputras down the cliffs.For RM9.01 a year one would prefer the latter.To buy 1 broomstick and chasing Umnoputras down the cliffs.

bruno,  4 October 2012 at 00:26  

The budget is an election goodie.It is like I give you guys a few hundred ringgit bills and in return you have to vote for me,Najib and Umno/BN.It is given in the form of guise,like the GOM helping out the needy rakyat in times of distress.They are commonly called money politics.

Money politics is a very dangerous game.It can either be for or against the player.This we are very sure KJ and Ali Rustam can swear to it.Because of money politics and belonging to the wrong factions,the weaker and unpopular ones,Khairy lost the chance to be a federal minister.Ali Rustam lost the chance to have a shot at the deputy president's spot,thus causing him the DPM position.

In a dog eat dog's world where Brutuses are a penny a bunch,Najib and Muhyiddin better watch over their shoulders wherever they go or whatever company they kept.

Three Trees,  4 October 2012 at 00:32  

Dato SAK, Keep it up.The 2.5 sen per day for 55 years is a Gem.Now we can compare apple to apple.The Felda folks are getting 40 times more @ rm1 per day.But the Felda folks are still not happy.Coz why?The price of CPO is going south and the FGV shares is untenable and the poor settlers now realise their land the have toiled for 2 generation have been hive off to the Public.I think BN now shitting in their pants.They are now stuck in the quicksand,the more they struggle the faster they go down.I hope Dato',PR don't let this opportunity slip by.We the ordinary RAKYAT are ready to vote them.Hope PR is ready.Beware and be forewarn,they will plant a lot of Trojan Horses.Please scrutinise all these future WaiBees and make them swear on their forebears graves that they will not jump ship.Let's hope there will be no more the likes of Prostitute of Jelapang.By the way Dato' I hope you will stand in Raub.Go!Go!Go!ABU

Three Trees,  4 October 2012 at 00:51  

Dato' Sak, We the ordinary RAKYAT cannot take it anymore.A plate of rice with 1 small ikan kembong and 3 spoonful of veggies and 1 teh O suam cost 9 ringgit.I am trying to own a house,its like a Mirage!I am a small time businessmen ,my monthly Toll come up to RM600.Dato',mana bolih tahan.Malu lah nak Q dapatkan RM500.Any way what can RM500 do to alleviate the pain that I suffer seeing my beloved country going down the drain.Our generation born after Merdeka,with so much hope in our bosom,pain us to see our country wealth being fritter away.I call our generation,The Lost Generation,no thanks to the man who blame everyone but himself for the demise of our nation.

Anonymous,  4 October 2012 at 08:13  

I am utterly flabbergasted by his nonchalant 'walkaway' from the job he was so determined to wrest from Tun Abdullah. Why the hurry, only God knows, now why the sudden whim to let others explain all that took months to put together by faceless, nameless, uncomplaining cliff-face workers. Najib's sheer display of insolence to both senior civil servants and the citizenry borders on dereliction of duty.

The PM's office is not and should not have been synonymous with mere flexing of political muscles and distribution of financial largesse in whatever forms. Too long in power has numbed the BN leadership into believing that the public can remained cowed,threatened and bullied. It is a senario not quite different from the Arab republics prior to Dec 2010.

Put crudely, there is only so much shit the people can take. No apology is due to the man who could not stay back to explain intelligently and responsibly how public purse is to be used. The choice to award one's spouse a 'Birkin' is private and personal, but the choice to charge to the public purse for purely personal matters is not, has never been and should never be. NEVER if Pakatan comes to power.

Three leaders in the Islamic world are worth emulating with regard to personal integrity: Erdogan of Turkey, Ahmedenejad of Iran, and now, mark my words, Mohamed Morsi of Egypt.

Some Islamic nations will come of age at last with these three. Are we going to be the 4th?

Anonymous,  4 October 2012 at 13:51  

Tolong tanyakan pepatah itu pada 'pemimpin anugerah tuhan' rasanya dia teramat faham maksudnya.

Anonymous,  4 October 2012 at 14:06  

Pak Sak, kita patut belajar urus ekonomi negara dari siapa? Amerika? Eropah? Jepun? atau lebih baik belajar dari Yahudi yg mencipta sistem kewangan dunia? atau dari sahabat mereka yg di utus sebagai 'pemimpin anugerah tuhan'?. Atau kita ajar anak cucu kita supaya mengingkari segala nikmat yg diberi kerana perasaan benci & dendam? Jika inilah yg bersarang di hati & minda, tidak hairanlah orang Melayu sentiasa kalah dalam bersaing dengan bangsa lain....maka layaklah melayu menerima nasib mereka sebegini rupa.

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