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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 25 October 2012

Mahathir, UMNO and the Fall of the Malays

We must clap on Dr Mahathir. Encourage him. Dr Mahathir has turned out to be UMNO’s worse enemy. Whatever he says now are poison to UMNO. It is as though he is UMNO president. He is the only one who cares more about UMNO. Najib is not. He is busy promoting himself. Najib travels north, the party travels south. Najib, the present UMNO president is haplessly lost. It must be true then, what Tun Daim told me last year- that Najib hasn’t got what  it takes to lead UMNO , what more the country.
As to whether he can lead UMNO- that is immaterial to us. We just don’t want an incapable leader to lead this country to ruins. UMNO has structured this country around debt. During lean or good times, UMNO just doesn’t care. It continues to spend beyond the country’s means. UMNO alone is responsible for the looting and pillage of this country. Corruption is endemic under UMNO rule. Failed projects belonging to cronies are bailed out. UMNO plots and conspires with others to plunder this country.
Mahathir is wrong- it’s not despite of these but because of these, we reject UMNO.
As Mahathir continues to dole out unsolicited advice and wisdom, he is actually exposing Najib as a useless and clueless UMNO leader. Don’t the other UMNO leaders see this? Or are they actually wishing to see the exit of Najib and what Dr Mahathir sees as the root cause of UMNO’s impotence- the exit of Rosmah Mansor. It’s no secret that Mahathir blames Rosmah Mansor entirely for what is happening to UMNO.

One, two, three, four
Satu, dua tiga empat
Rsomah Mansor handbag dan cincin besor
Rakyat Malaysia, apa dapat?

What the rakyat gets is rising cost of living. The price of daily essentials has been increasing at alarming rate. A few years ago, a kilo of Tenggiri costs RM14. Now it costs RM40 per kilo. Ikan Merah costs RM46 per kilo. Students who stayed in hostels were always complaining for having to eat rubber fish. That’s what the rakyat dapat.
Actually we don’t care what these people do- but don’t insult our intelligence by dragging Malays as a whole into UMNO’s sea of problems. The people are not responsible for that. Even as UMNO lies on its deathbed, Mahathir blames the Malays for its impending demise. He is always that- a crass bullying autocrat. Theres something strange about Mahathir and the Malays he scolds. He must be a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain on the Malays. The Malays must be masochists who enjoy going through the pain inflicted upon them by Mahathir. Only sadistic Malays support Mahathir.
What is happening to UMNO, it does unto itself. It alone is responsible for its misfortunes and other Malays are not responsible for them.
Mahathir and najib and the rest of UMNO can continue to entangle themselves in their own web of deceit and lies. That is good news to us.  As to the role of Mahathir, it will validate what we have been saying before; when Pak lah won the biggest mandate in UMNO’s history in 2004, the feat was achievable because, in truth, people were celebrating the exit of Mahathir. Now that Mahathir appears to play the role as UMNO’s chief spokesperson, thereby relegating the present UMNO president to a supporting role, history will repeat itself. So, please UMNO, give Mahathir larger space so that UMNO’s exit will become expeditious.
There’s a corrupted version of Parkinson’s laws at work here- as Mahathir expands, Najib shrinks. We like this law because we are a law abiding people.
Mahathir seems to be doing all of UMNO’s work now. He calls UMNO leaders to his Perdana Foundation and lectures them. At the end of these lectures during which he unleashes his doomsday prognoses, he demands undertakings and forced out promises from the attendees. Promise they will vote for UMNO and BN. Next he will be calling Malay business leaders for the same reasons. He tells them, if UMNO loses, their salad days and that halcyon era will be over.
In his lectures he pours scorn on Pak Lah and Rosmah Mansor. These are the root causes of UMNO’s present troubles, says the Doctor in the House.
What is to be done? His message is clear- continue to blame Pak lah so as to prevent people from looking into his own record and demonize Rosmah mansor. As regards Rosmah Mansor, that’s professional courtesy- one demon acknowledging another. Rosmah Mansor can’t be ejected without also ejecting her husband, the present UMNO president and PM. Mahathir says in not so many words- Najib is a political invertebrate easily given to a false sense of grandeur and falling victim to his own self hype.
What has UMNO done? It has led this country where Malays become beggars in their own country. UMNO has led this country where it was able to create a few Malay millionaires and even billionaires who can compete without government assistance. He says we must continue to support UMNO in order to see these things continue. Can we repeat them? (1) UMNO creates Malay beggars. (2) UMNO creates a small select group of supper rich Malays while 80% of the rest are able to meet ends meet or are poor.
Those are the things we don’t want to continue. They stop when we reject UMNO. Our agenda is simple. To kick out the corrupt government and its corrupt leaders.
We can’t allow Dr Mahathir’s statements and warped logic to go unanswered. Marginalized Malays will be beggars in their own country. So, in order to avoid that, reasons Mahathir, Malays must support UMNO. Mahathir is indeed unparalleled when giving unnerving comments to UMNO.
Is the condition of Malays the result of policies carried out by PAS, PKR and DAP? Or is the lot the Malays imagined by Mahathir due to their predestined DNA. Malays are therefore deservedly consigned to become the dregs of society.
The bitter truth is Malays become what they are because they accept the way UMNO defines them to be. Malays can’t exist outside of UMNO’s patronage. They were, are and will be because they have allowed themselves to be enslaved by UMNO. For most of their lives, from the 20th century, Malays have lived under the rule of UMNO. May I remind my Malay brothers, what the thinker Zaaba said a long time ago regarding the lot of Malays;
Thus, the present living conditions of the Malays is due to the fact……they have been enslaved and repressed and oppressed and brutaised at the hands of their rulers- i.e. rulers cpmprsing of their own kind. .
Zaaba wrote those lines in 1927 and his views have proven to be prophetic indeed. 


OneMalaysian,  25 October 2012 at 10:11  

Dear Sakmongkol

Zaaba was prescient and entirely correct. If Mahathir claims that Malays are beggars in their own country, Malays must ask, how come? Wasn’t UMNO in control for 55 years? Wasn’t every PM from UMNO? Didn’t UMNO write all the economic and social policies? Didn’t Malays control the civil service? And didn’t you, Dr Mahathir, rule like an autocrat for 22 years and could do anything you wish? And if all this is true how come we are beggars in our own country? And how come your friends, cronies and sons have become billionaires while we are struggling to buy 1 kilo of ikan kembong for the family?

Anonymous,  25 October 2012 at 11:54  

"Malays are therefore deservedly consigned to become the dregs of society." Sak

May I venture to say that in fact the Malays are already dregs of society. Not "consigned to become.........".

Just look around you. The Malays are no better than the Indians. Their meals are just plain rice and some keledek leaves, jantung pinsang with santan and one ikan kembong.

And it was that Kerala Indian turned Malay who achieved this feat to undermine the Malays --- Malays will be slaves/beggars, Christians will rule the country, Islam and Malays will vanish without UMNO.

And be grateful to UMNO leaders and all that bull shit.

Anonymous,  25 October 2012 at 12:58  

why are you always quoting Diamm as if he is on your side

Is he clean? did he benefits from BN government???

He is said to be a billionaire with many proxies!

Anonymous,  25 October 2012 at 13:11  

Statement by mr apa nama getting more bizarre by the day. Can't believe dear Rosie is just taking this like a sitting duck instead of swipping him with her steel handbag.

bruno,  25 October 2012 at 13:13  

Dato,Najib is stii the best Umno has got.Mahathir has said it when he had Najib replaced Badawi.Now the doctor is saying Najib hasn't got the bones to lead Umno.If Najib considered the best in Umno,is not good enough to lead Umno than who can.

Muhyiddin,who used Dr Mahathir as his tongkat,will be deemed irrelevant once the doctor pulls the tongkat away from him.He will fall off bed like a big baby if the doctor will be to do so.People like Muhyiddin can bully honest people like the ones who run Stamford holdings.But when facing the doctor he will curl like an ant eater.

Maybe Mahathir will pick his old buddy,the maid chaser old man Rais.Or the statutory raper,the Thamby.That will send all the illegals swimming across the oceans back to their country of origin.

If the best in Umno,that is Najib is not fit to lead the party,Umno sure is doomed.Soon Umnoputras will joined CSL in tending to the chicken farm.The chicken farm is a cash cow suitable for Umnoputras who love the ringgit.Besides operators of chicken farms are powerful people,and are rumoured to bribe and control a former IGP.

Among the lot,if fat mama were to stand as a candidate,she would be more presentable.She has got class.Expensive berkin handbags,big nugget on her fingers,expensive shoes and classy clothes.Non of the present batch of Umnoputras have any class.All thieving crooks who would even steal from Felda farmers and the pakchiks and makchiks.And ladies panties are not spared either from these useless buggers.

monsterball 25 October 2012 at 14:38  

aiyo....when you talk about can write a book about him.
He is the first PM accused by Barry Wain..a professional journalist..with a 363 hard cover book..that hr stole RM100 billion in 22 years....YET...Mahathir dare not sue Barry
He admits he is a devil now...and ask voters to choose.."the devils you know or the angels you don't know"
hahahahahahaha....Mahathir is considered by many Umno B Muslims as the smartest politician...but as time goes by...we can all see he is an old double headed snake..turning senile...uttering nonsense for months.
All I know is that he has a face with skin as thick as cow.
He is shameless beyond descriptions.

Anonymous,  25 October 2012 at 15:14  

Dear Datuk Sak

Hubris syndrome?

Note: Narcissistic Personaility Disorder is recognised widely as a major personality disorder. But
not "hubris syndrome", at the moment.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  25 October 2012 at 16:29  


The doctor is truly sick and he needs to be kicked out of the house.

Anonymous,  25 October 2012 at 17:03  

ZAABA is correct when he wrote then-- the malays are oppressed , suppressed n exploited ?? by who-- by the powers that be-- the BEST COALITION.. the superman said 00- malays should evaluate themselves?? YES evaluate n see who caused all these problems for your community n in our nation?? why do our nation have so many problems n no solutions>>/ who created this mess n shit,, 500 billions in debts-- nearing GREECE -- BANKRUPTCY soon?? arise n change to save malaysia

Anonymous,  25 October 2012 at 17:07  

I had once the privilege of attending a ceramah by the late PAS President Ustaz Fadzil Nor at their old headquarters in Gombak. It was a time when almost every Malaysians and their cats are so fearful of Mahathir.

So fearful that a Selangor Mentri Besar ( Mat Taib )had offered Mahathir to decide on matters of the state for fear that he may make a decision in opposition to Mahathir's. " Kita serahkan kepada kebijaksanaan Mahathir untuk buat keputusan " said Mat Taib.

This is what I heard from the mouth of Ustaz Fadzil Nor " Kalau kita benar-benar gerun dan takut dengan Mahathir, hanya satu cara sahaja kita dapat lepas dari ketakutan ini. Jangan pangkah Mahathir dikawasan pilihanraya nya "

It was a simple solution offered by Ustaz Fadzil, for Kedahans could have spared this country from pillage and rampage of 22 years of Mahathir's reign of terror.

The man is at it again though he may not be the PM, but his destructive legacy lives.

Mott the Hopple

Donplaypuks® 25 October 2012 at 18:31  

"We must clap on Dr Mahathir."

I think we must clamp the handcuffs on him. Lately, he's been compared to Hitler and Nazi Germany by his ex-lieutenant, and his racist rant against Jews is worse than Buntutsan's.

Wasn't it Na(r)zi who labelled him 'Father of racism"?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  25 October 2012 at 18:36  

"The bitter truth is Malays become what they are because they accept the way UMNO defines them to be. Malays can’t exist outside of UMNO’s patronage. They were, are and will be because they have allowed themselves to be enslaved by UMNO."

A very strong and accurate statement, except that the Malay CAN exist... but I fear we must see the demise of UMNO, patronage and feudalism, before the Malay can come out into the light and see the shining sun.

So many wasted years... but it's not too late as GE13 provides the opportunity without the need to resort to violence and chaos.

bruno,  25 October 2012 at 21:52  

After more than five decades of Umno rule with their cohorts,MCA and MIC and the now defunt Gerakan,they still want to hang on to power for another five decades.

For the last three decades Umno has been brainwashing the Malays and have been brandishing them useless and incapable of competing in business and education with the Chinese.That the Malays needed some one to lean and depend on.And that someone is Umno,and Umno will be providing the tongkat,crutches and wheelchair.

After three decades of hammering and plumetting the Malays are beginning to believe that they are indeed useless and incapable of fierce competetion.And their future and their children's future solely depends on Umno.

With the mainstream newspapers under the Umno and its two sibblings,the Malays are being bombarded day in and day out.Until the internet came into place.Nowadays the people do not have to read the newspaper to know what really is happening in their backyards.No more false feeding and breast feeding by the mainstream medias.

Now with more Malays having better education and going to colleges and universities,they are in a better position to educate their parents of the political landscapes.That is the reason the Malays are up in arms.To teach the Umnoputras for taking them on a ride.

Anonymous,  25 October 2012 at 23:39  

Now we know why Najib had no choice but to give Mukriz a Dep Min job, and not to the man-in-a-hurry Khairy. The maulana wants his son to monitor the activities of the cabinet while he continues breathing fire just to make sure Anwar and friends do not get to open the Putradora box - gosh how much has been stolen over the last 30 years!

What does the maulana know about Najib that we, the common citizen don't? What does sweet Rosie know about Najib that even the maulana doesn't?

Sure Najib is going through stressful times. Still he has to thank all the dedicated civil servants, excluding the Police and MACC, for the little achieved thus far of his Transformation programme. But, granting no space to those on the other side of the political divide is the surest way to invite open warfare. To deal with PKR and DAP is one thing, but having to deal with PKR, DAP and PAS is altogether a different battle. PAS alone is quite capable of handling greedy BN politicians who by definition have made it so much easier for PAS to lay bare the facts to our pak haji and mak hajah in the kampung.

How does Najib explain Rm80,000 credited to Dep Finance Minister, Dr Awang Adek's account? How does Najib explain a 'gift' of Rm40 million to UMNO via a personal account?

Malays beggars in their own country? This is the greatest insult to the Malays. Beggars the Malays are not, impoverished yes they are, by none other than UMNO through a highly skewed affirmative-action policy which benefited only a small minority. Now, as the nation grows increasingly restive thanks to the ostentatious lifestyle of State-sponsored kleptocrats, Najib can't even stand up to respond to the maulana's new theory of the disinheritance of the Malays. Najib's disingenuous remark about the Malays being fed-up of DAP reveals more than it was intended - DAP together with its partners from PKR and PAS have been exposing bit by haunting bit that poverty among Malays, no less, has reached an unacceptable level despite years of active UMNO stewardship. Why then should the non-Malays take the whole blame? Because this allows the maulana's theory to fit Najib's present game plan besieged as he is by so many scandals and shady deals. No wonder Najib's sycophantic accolade to Mahathir for allegedly having steered us away from doomsday in 1997. No wonder he did not respond to the maulana's xenophobic cant.

No wonder so many of us understand why PAS thinks UMNO has lost not just its way, it has also lost its soul and sense of human compassion.

Anonymous,  26 October 2012 at 05:09  

Uber wealthy mahathir’s “ my way ” singing his stupid song fit for an egomaniac, recycling tactical disinformation with more lies, false beliefs, rumors and obfuscation - his way,

Clap Clap Clap from where we sit as he is in the crunch mode !! Bravo !!!!

Anonymous,  26 October 2012 at 08:33  

How a ‘Malay’ Beggar removed a top Malay Civil Servant in 1988

Dato’ below is a translation, with some outside help of the postings 1/3 to 3/3 on 27Aug 2012 in your Blog on the tumultuous days in 1988 which led to the suspension, impeachment and and subsequent dismissal of the then Chief Justice of Malaysia, Tun Salleh Abas. This is for the benefit of non-Malay speaking readers from overseas, and I have undertaken to do this translation on my own initiative in an attempt to reveal in Tun’s own words to a wider audience of what actually transpired before his dismissal from the highest office of the Malaysian Judicial service. I ask for the honourable Tun’s indulgence for any shortcomings in the translation.

Mahathir has often said the Opposition revels in spinning tales as devils are wont to do, and yet at specific moments he can humbly submit that the people should trust the devil they know and not the angels they don’t. So, that’s tacit admission UMNO spins.

If it is merely giving a spin to an innocuous affair, there is nothing contemptible about it. At best the spinner and the listener have a good laugh, at worst, one grins and the other gnashes his teeth. It is, however, a different ball game altogether when political power is used to put a spin on something to the point where it leads to the unconscionable destruction of the life, not of an ordinary man loitering in a red-light enclave of Kuala Lumpur but that of a top civil servant with an exemplary record.

Here is part of the epilogue of the tragic events in 1988. The passages are extracted from the book by Tun Dato’ Haji Mohamed Salleh Abas, ex-Chief Justice of Malaysia, titled ‘INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY – a lion trapped underneath a throne (a tyranny)’ (1989) 490 pages.]

>>>Pg 324-325: “My dismissal essentially started when I wrote a letter to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong on 26th Mar, but my suspension from office was carried out only on 26th May, that is, after two months had passed. And this was after I was informed of my suspension on 27th May, a day after the suspension took effect, not a day before. What was odd was that the letter was signed by the Prime Minister dated 27th May informing me that I had been suspended effective 26th May, that is, a day before which the Tribunal had taken no notice of. That letter too was not presented to the Tribunal. Why not and why was the Tribunal silent on the matter? Did that mean that my suspension from office had become public knowledge to the extent that it was no longer considered important for the Tribunal to be so informed? If that indeed was the case, why did the Tribunal not take into account the criticisms made by the Prime Minister against the Judiciary? Had not this also already become common knowledge? Was the letter informing me of my suspension deliberately not presented because the problem of the effective date of suspension had proved something sinister and cruel was afoot and could humiliate the government?”
---“Why was it that my letter to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong not exhibited? Why was it then that my letter to His Majesty the Sultan of Pahang exhibited instead? Although the contents were the same, the charge that was levelled against me sprang from His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s wrath and not from the wrath of His Majesty the Sultan of Pahang or the other Sultans. That being so, why were my letters to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong not presented to the Tribunal, or why was Tribunal deliberately silent on this matter?”

Anonymous,  26 October 2012 at 08:34  

Pg 326-327: “Was my dismissal actually triggered by the anger of His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong or was it that of someone else? I do not believe His Majesty was angry with me at all. Because as soon as His Majesty was crowned the Sultan of Johor, I as Chief Justice of Malaysia had an audience with him. There were no indications whatsoever that His Majesty disliked me. On the contrary, he received me well and with respect. And further, it was His Majesty himself who awarded me the Star of Distinction, SSM, which made me a Tun. ……In my opinion and those of right-minded individuals, there was nothing in the letter that could have suggested wrong-doing . Further, their Majesties the Malay Rulers themselves said to me that the letter could not have brought any charges of wrongdoing against me, and they further informed me that His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s wrath was because I had not sought an audience with him to present the letter personally, and that His Majesty would agree to forgive me or erase his wrath if I were to seek an audience with him to clarify the reasons why the delivery of the letter was done by post”

“That being so, a date was fixed to enable me and my lawyer Raja Aziz Addruse to have an audience with His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Monday 27th June 1988, noon to explain the matter to him. With this news I thought that the unfortunate turn of events for me would end at last end on a happy note, and a few people who were aware of this came to my house to congratulate me.”

“But what happened on that Monday was entirely differently from what had been anticipated. The time fixed for that Monday morning, at noon, had been brought forward by one hour to 11.00 a.m. causing me to be late by 20 minutes for the audience with His Majesty. The meeting that was to be held for me and my lawyer Raja Aziz Addruse turned out to be between me and His Majesty as well as the Attorney-General, Tan Sri Abu Talib, and the government’s Chief Secretary, Tan Sri Sallehuddin, without my lawyer Raja Aziz Addruse. My lawyer, Raja Aziz, who had gone to great lengths to charter a private plane to Johor, was not allowed to accompany me for the audience. When he arrived at the palace gates, he was told that he could not enter.”

“As had happened in the meeting with the Prime Minister, so it was in this meeting with Tan Sri Sallehuddin making entries in his notebook while His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong to talking and speaking to me. But what Tan Sri Sallehuddin wrote I am completely in the dark. Meanwhile, Tan Sri Abu Talib could only look at me quietly as he turned his head downwards. In this meeting I gave explanations on the letter and the mode of delivery. But my explanations were not accepted. Instead , I was asked to tender my resignation.

Pg 327-328: “However, I did manage to convey my wishes to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong that I was not going to resign, and if I were to be dismissed then my livelihood would be in the hand of Allah SWT. If the worst came to the worst, I would not hesitate to return to my village to plant tapioca. I had no choice but to speak that clearly and unequivocally because Tan Sri Sallehuddin was noting down everything that I said. I was worried that, if I had remained silent, it was possible for them to misconstrue , as if, I had agreed to resign.”

Anonymous,  26 October 2012 at 08:34  

….”The Tribunal had been convened and this was merely a ruse specifically to deceive the people. The climax was my dismissal on 8th Aug 1988. Did not this incident raise some questions? First, why and how the two most senior civil servants could have attended and be involved in this meeting? As a matter of fact, this was originally meant to be a meeting only for me and my lawyer for a chance to have an audience with His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Who was it who directed the two officers to be present as well? And their presence there so much earlier to enable them to wait for our arrival? This brings us to the question of anger. Who was so angry with me such that the anger could shock the whole country and trigger off a negative view of us by the international community?” >>

24 years after the tragedy we can ask any number of questions about rights, privileges, misguided policies, inequitable distribution of wealth, failed opportunities, abusive political and we will still be no closer to removing the very source of everything that has gone wrong in the country if we continue to deny that it is UMNO, and UMNO alone that has betrayed the people, the very same UMNO that has made Malays ‘beggars’ in their own country. So much have been stolen by a select few and now the Malays are told they are beggars because the Chinese have taken everything!

If they had been no cases involving Tun Salleh, Anwar Ibrahim, ex-senior Police Officer Dato Ramli Yusoff, lawyer Roslin Dahlan, etc, etc the ‘beggar’ theory would still beg more convincing facts. If there had been no tales of multi-billion ringgit misadventures and accounts of retired civil servants joining the Opposition the ‘beggar’ theory still cannot stand because UMNO’s nouveaux riches and cronies have consistently seen to it that they be seen to have made it at last , like the village idiot who has just acquired a motor-bike, at last, the urge to display new found wealth is irresistible ; this urge is fatal to the ‘beggar’ theory even without the prancing and prattling by UMNO during the Eid Festival.
What is the choice before us on the eve of the 13th General Election? Not being beggars, we have a choice.
Tun Salleh Abbas, Sir, the best is yet to come.
This post is in tribute to the late Raja Aziz Addruse.

Anonymous,  26 October 2012 at 11:21  

Anon 26 Oct 08:33

Thanks so much for jolting my busy memory about the humiliation and injustice. I only have the utmost admiration for Tun Dato’ Haji Mohamed Salleh Abas and the late Raja Aziz Addruse and their respective families. God bless them.

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