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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 12 October 2012

Saving Malaysia

UMNO supporters have no answers to the message we offer Malaysian readers. Our message is clear and unequivocal. In order to save this country, we must kick out corrupt UMNO/BN.
A specter is indeed haunting our country — the specter of Malaysians reclaiming lost rights. All the powers of the corrupt government have entered into an unholy alliance to exorcise this specter: Religious bigots and Feudalists, UMNO and its business cronies, Malay supremacist and their secret spies and Trojan horses.
UMNO is marshaling all the reactionary forces in this country to put down the majority. Religious bigots represented by the morbid Hasan Alis, Zulkifli Nordins and the racial bigots represented by the Ibrahim Alis. UMNO has also included the Malay Royal Houses into their imagined siege.
Their running dogs are now resorting to (1) attacks on the person (ad hominem) and (2) patronizing comments. Ask my detractors what I did during my short stint as ADUN- of course the answers will be nothing. If so, there is nothing to be worried about with my presence and participation in the next GE. Most of the time, they will come back with patronizing and child-like responses-. Yes what you say is true, but this and but that…….AND better the devil we know that the angel we don’t.
That is ok and fine with me. Post GE 13, I am going to propose to the new government a new Projek Untuk Rakyat. Building new wings at the Sungai Buloh Prison. One wing for ladies and another for the men. Next year, the UMNO General Assembly is going to be held in Sungai Buloh. Some of my friends will tender for the supply of designer uniforms while others will tender for the supply of food and beverages.  We will serenade the in-house delegates with Elvis’s Jail House Rock and Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues.
This country was tugging along on the road of democracy and was doing fine. It was a slow process as Malaysians underwent a period of growing pains. We have just begun to learn the dynamics of democracy. Suffrage meant people acquire rights to self-determination. Malays freed themselves from being defined and determined by their feudal masters. Participatory democracy meant, they can define their being and determine their future instead of having their lives run by dictates and central command of a society structured on feudalism- a paramount master and his cabal at the top, enslaving the rest.
The coming of the British to Malaya for instance was regarded by Zaaba, one of the leading Malay thinkers of the 20th century, as bringing light illuminating their dark history of tyrannical rule by feudal masters.
Malays especially have only begun to learn that it’s no longer mandatory to do anything based on the instinctive drives of a feudal system. Was it a bad thing that Malays began freeing themselves from the master-servant structured society? Some leading members of the Malay society were actually saying that the tyranny and injustice carried out by Feudal rulers before the British came were even more destructive to Malay society. The ideas of modern rule and eventually the ideals of democracy were to produce far-reaching changes to the Malay mind.
Now, as UMNO begins to lose its monopoly on political legitimacy and its hitherto unchallenged position as spokesman of the Malay race, there are calls by reactionary forces and their proponents asking the Malays to depend once again on the feudal forces as a means of salvation. That is utterly wrong.
 The salvation of the Malays lies not in the hands of others but in their own. They determine their own future by choosing the right leadership driven by shared values. The values of the majority are diametrically opposed to the values of the neo-feudal. The core value of the feudal class is simply to enslave others and make whole societies as dependents living out life at the pleasure of the feudal class.
Such a proposal is untenable given the natural progress of people towards participatory democracy. The driving force of progress is no longer the traditional feudal component of Malay society. This is no longer the age of command society where your wish becomes a command to me. Everything must be decided to a set of rules.
We are moving away from a central command society to a modern one embracing democracy. We could have matured into a better society when the route was suddenly and rudely interrupted by the emergence of Mahathir Mohamed. From then onwards, it wasn’t tugging along but thugging along.  The thugs and the brownshirts have taken over.  From then on, we entered a new stage, where the structures I spoke of in the previous article were set in.
At this stage, it was the general demand for quick and determined government action that became the dominating element. The democratic process is slow in allowing for the desired results. Then, it is the man or the party who seems strong and resolute enough to get things done in a jiffy who exercises the greatest appeal. Mahathir furnished society with the qualities it demanded. People especially Malays sought somebody with overwhelming support and acquired this belief and confidence  that if Mahathir alone was given absolute powers, he can achieve what Malays want. Malays began their journey depending on the strong man to achieve the hoped-for results.
UMNO then began to be organized along totalitarian lines. Society is structured on the scriptures of totalitarianism.  Mahathir began with good intentions for he was admittedly a good man. Then power corrupts the man as the saying absolute power corrupts absolutely is eventually played out.
The specter that is coming back is the specter of Mahathir and his ilk bulldozing over us.  We alone shall decide how our society should be structured. It’s a choice between the Central Command Society and participatory democracy. All right thinking Malaysians must reject and oppose this neo-feudalism.


Paradigmshift,  12 October 2012 at 09:27  

Dear Sak,
I have made some research through the internet and also through observation and discovered that many government departments and agencies are renting buildings and office spaces owned by UMNO, GERAKAN and MIC. Is this not tantamount to a betrayal of trust on the use of public money which is contributed by every citizen of this country , not UMNO members only? It is scandalous that our money is used to finance political parties via such office space tenancy. Here is the list (not exhaustive);
1. PGRM (GERAKAN)Building Cheras , 4 floors rented by Inland Revenue Corporation (nothing less) and 2 floors by Malaysian Timber Board;
2. Wisma Tun Sambanthan (MIC) Jalan Ipoh KL, 4 floors rented by the Jabatan Perancang Bandar ;
3. Bangunan UMNO and Wisma Maju UMNO Ipoh, some floors rented by Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA), Jabatan Akauntan Negara, Bahagian Kawalan Penerbitan Teks AlQuran KDN and Bank Simpanan Nasional;
4. Perbadanan Perpustakaan Negeri Sembilan renting space in Banunan UMNO Negeri Sembilan;
5. Jabatan Perhubungan Perushaan Selangor renting space in Bangunan UMNO Selangor ;
6. Pejabat Pos Serdang renting at Bangunan UMNO Serdang;
7. Pejabat Pendaftar Perkahwinan renting Bangunan UMNO Taman sri Serdang;
8. Jabatan Pendaftaran Temerlong renting at Bangunan UMNO Temerloh;
9. Majlis Ugama Pulau Pinang renting at Menara UMNO Pulau Pinang;
10. Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor Melaka renting at Bangunan UMNO Melaka;
11. Tekun Nasional Kapar renting Bangunan UMNO Kapar;
12. Pejabata Belia dan Sukan Daerah renting Bangunan UMNO Parit;
13. Agensi Anti Dadah Daerah renting Bangunan UMNO Kuala Trengganu;
14. Pejabat Belia dan Sukan Daerah rentinh Bangunan UMNO msjid Tanah Melaka;
15. Pejabat Pendaftaran Daerah renting Wisma UMNO Alor Gajah;
16. KEDA (Kedah Development Authority) renting space at Bangunan UMNO Alor Star;
17. Pejabat MARA Daerah Maran renting Wisma Pemuda UMNO Maran, Pahang.

There should be a government policy prohibiting the use of public money to rent office spaces owned by political parties. It is ethically wrong to allow this to go on. Thank you.

Anonymous,  12 October 2012 at 09:45  


U bring life back to the core idea of Zaaba!


40+ yrs gone by, & no much has been heard about this man's fighting idea for his kindred, drowned among the corrupted influences of twisted religious teachings & revived neo-feudalism as masked sociopolitical survival of the race.

BTN, should have made Zaaba's teachings as its core, rather than umno's anak-kecil-main-api theme.

Mr Bojangles 12 October 2012 at 10:07  

...and since these UMNO/BN types seem to enjoy rolling in the high life, lets call the pen where they'll be housed Hotel California.

Being the clowns that they are, they might actually think it is a luxury resort except that they will be allowed to check out anytime they like but they will never be allowed to leave.

Sam Yap,  12 October 2012 at 10:28  

Salam Dato,

There is an error in this statement in the first paragraph: "All the powers of the corrupt government have entered into an unholy alliance to exorcise this specter: Religious bigots and Feudalists, UMNO and its business cronies, Malay supremacist and their secret spies and Trojan horses."

The sentence itself is contradicting itself. Why should a 'corrupt government' enter into an 'unholy alliance' to exorcise itself (already a corrupt government) of the specter?

I think what you meant to say was, "All the powers of the rakyat have entered into a righteous alliance to exorcise this specter ....etc etc.

Wan Zamzuri Wan Hasenan 12 October 2012 at 10:39  

Salam Dato' Arif Sabri,
WZWH rasa agak keterlalauan bila 2 blog hebat Pro BN iaitu Parpukari dan Unspinner menghentam hal-hal peribadi Dato' melibatkan keluarga. Walau WZWH suka berlawan pendapat dengan Dato' tapi WZWH tidak suka memburuk-buruk hal peribadi dan keluarga Dato'. WZWH Sebagai orang Pahang terasa juga bila blog-blog hebat pro-BN membedal dan menghentam Dato' begitu sekali. Nanti WZWH akan tulis posting supaya jangan serang hal peribadi dan keluarga, lawanlah hujah dengan hujah. Minta Dato' link kan blog WZWH ke dalam listing blog Dato' semula atas hubungan kita sebagai orang Pahang dan Jerantut. WZWH suka cara dan gaya Dato' menulis isu politik walau Dato' kuat DAP sekarang. Dalam blog WZWH, blog Sakmongkol AK47 diletakkan dalam listing Blog Tokoh. Sekian Terima kasih Dato'

Anonymous,  12 October 2012 at 13:06  

Allow me to share with you my recent experience with Talent Corp, one of the BN initiatives to 'save' their own skin first and pull wool over rakyat's eyes.
We all know that brain drain has severely damaged the competitiveness of Malaysia in terms of human resource. The Malaysian diaspora is easily 2 million and comprised mainly of professionals and business people.
Talent Corp was set up to chase after the horses that have bolted because BN left the gate wide open with their affirmative policies. Now that they realise that too many thoroughbreds have left the stable, leaving behind countless donkeys and mules, Talent Corp was set up to pay lip service on how great Malaysia is and how overseas Malaysians are missing great opportunities, in places such as Iskandar Johor.
They were in Brisbane last time after traversing the major cities around the world including USA. I must say their people are excellent, hard working and decent folks. Unfortunately, they do not have the discretion to offer 'even level' playing fields to some of the questions raised by participants, saying they aren't politicians. And that is where they fall short as most of us could see through their facade. We were told that the average graduate pay is RM3500 - RM4000 with allowances of up to many months bonus etc. We were told Pengerang is a top notch initiative making millionaires out of once were poor fishermen envying the tankers that moved on to Singapore. But no assurances could be given to job security, public safety, living costs etc. Basically they tend to target returning students with JPA scholarships who might be thinking of 'jumping' ship, I think, while trying to assuage others that they are now thinking of the rakyat and their needs! They boast of some limited success with some returnees although I tend to think they are only back in Malaysia for filial piety reasons more than anything else!
In conclusion, Talent Corp does not offer value for money as only the Malaysian borned tend to have stronger memories but not their children who are borned overseas or those whose formative years are spent abroad. I believe once discriminatory policies are removed one by one or implemented with more fairness, most of us would like to spend more time in our tanah tumpah darah. Its time Malaysia offer dual citizenships like countries such as Taiwan, Canada, Australia etc. It will be up to the High Commissions, embassies and Foreign offices under a capable Foreign Minister to pull their socks up and earn their fair keep where meritocracy is the new order of the day.



Anonymous,  12 October 2012 at 14:26  

Looking at the experience of India, I would say that after a regime change in Malaysia and after governance improves dramatically, even the foreign-born offspring of ex-Malaysians and overseas Malaysians will return home to work in Malaysia.

(British-born "Asians" i.e offspring of India-born British residents, move to work in Mumbai etc)

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  12 October 2012 at 15:12  

Wahai anak Malaysian dan Melayu sejati Syabas syabas Karunia dan Berkati Allah pada mu sehingga ke dunia Akhirat Nanti.

TQ for highlighting all the evil syaitans like the People who use religion and the mighty Allah name for their selfish and evil purpose.
and to carry the god favors of the UMNO Baru= United Melayu Not Original.

TQ because The Only way for Evil Men to Suceed Is For Good Men to Do Nothing.
Tuan YB dari waktu sekolah kapan saya bangun jam 5 pagi untuk kibar bendera utnuk Allahyarham TAR gak pernah ada orang yang tangan saya ingin cium. sekarang lepas 40 tahun lebih saya jumpa lagi orang ini wahai penderka Negara Ku yang suci dan berbilang budaya ini

Anonymous,  12 October 2012 at 15:55  

Wan Zurik,

Kas tabik dengan aok kerana membela Dato Sak kat blog Dato Sak. Sebagai orang pahang, aok sepatutnya pergi kat kedua blog yang dimaksudkan dan pertahankan Dato Aok kat sana.

Jika aok berbuat demikian, nama aok akan melonjak naik kerana aok menjadi orang pahang 1st dan ahli UMNO 2nd.

Kas berharap aok tak lagilah berlawan dengan sesiapa lagi dalam blog aok pasai keturunan siapa lagi hebat seperti satu posting aok hari tu.

musafir kelana

Anonymous,  12 October 2012 at 16:49  

The country must hit rock bottom before changes could be real and meaningful.

Anonymous,  12 October 2012 at 16:55  


Tak update pergerakan ceramah ka? Tak perlu post, untuk minta Dato updatekan supaya boleh hadir yang berhampiran.

Tq Dato

Anonymous,  12 October 2012 at 17:35  

Brother sak,

sorry to say, i dont think pakatan will win ge13 as i believe voters will abandon them due to all these propaganda thru national tvs...

rural and semi urban people still watching news in national tv channels... voters in general still dun feel enough pain in the bank balance and stomach to revolt... it might happen in ge14 but not now i guess.... internet and alternative media still have not reach the majority of the mass....

majority of the malays, indians and borneo ppl are still being fooled and sleeping with wet dreams...

Anonymous,  12 October 2012 at 17:56  

just a link showing mahathir lauching scam genneva gold.... any comments??

average joe 12 October 2012 at 21:09  

1 step forward, 2 steps back.
1 step forward by gaining freedom from british colonisation.
2 steps back by going back into the originally useful, hardworking colons, thence rendering the colons stinky and dirty (remember "sh*t" by shahnon?)
as sak pointed out, zaaba tried to educate us, the british occupancy should have taught the malays that we dont have to rely on only the same one set of leadership to the point that those within that limited circle of leaders become forgetful bigheads thence feudalistic, and we in turn become helplessly subjugated and our original reverent awe turns to clueless fear.

just remember, there is no such thing as "they have never been the government before, therefore they dont have the experience to govern, therefore they cannot be voted in to replace the existing government".

that is the stinkiest bullsh*t ever to drop out off the behind of an nfc-like cow.

that statement bears exactly the same lowest level of stupidity as this statement coming out of an employer: you have never worked as a(n) despatch rider/ secretary/ nurse/ doctor/ engineer/ architect/ lawyer/ etc before, therefore you dont have the experience as a(n) despatch rider/ secretary/ nurse/ doctor/ engineer/ architect/ lawyer/ etc, therefore we cannot hire you, mr/miss-who-just-graduated-as-a(n)-despatch rider/ secretary/ nurse/ doctor/ engineer/ architect/ lawyer/ etc...

wasted all the efforts of the great arwah pendita zaaba to elevate our intelligence!

all the uni/college graduates or fresh school leavers who have had the experience of facing such stupid statement for a job interview before, should need no telling - just go out on ge13's polling day and reject u-bn for having repeated such dumb-a** statements numerous times dulu kini dan selamanya!


-average joe-
klakka-la.blogspot: HOW ADVANCED! Part 3 (MAJU LAH SANGAT! Bhg 3)

p/s Mr Bojangles... check out?? from a hotel??? u kidding me??!
i dont know about u-bn guys wanting to check out of a hotel, but i almost can tell that the no.1 guy in the line with all smiles to check in for a hotel room would be, who else if not chua the porn actor (not porn star, mind you!)

OneMalaysian,  13 October 2012 at 17:43  

Dear Sakmongkol

“People especially Malays sought somebody with overwhelming support and acquired this belief and confidence that if Mahathir alone was given absolute powers, he can achieve what Malays want.”

It is probably true that every modern society has emerged from tribalism through feudalism, broadly a societal form that involved (in most instances) the nobility, the clerics and the peasantry. And at the head of the nobility was the king. Democracy, where it existed, replaced feudalism. (There are of course dictatorships, or some variation of it, and theocracies – North Korea, China and Iran). It was democracy that brought the greatest benefits to ordinary people because it allowed the people to freely elect their own leaders to collectively govern themselves in accordance with a set of man-made rules in a place commonly called parliament or the legislature.

It is important to understand these essential underpinnings of democracy. In such societies the previous nobility disappeared or shrunk in importance (such as in the UK), and the people and parliament were supreme. The king became a constitutional monarch, wherever people saw fit to keep that institution out of nostalgia or tradition. But the people no longer looked up to the king as protector or for guidance. He was nothing more than an appendix to society’s new system.

Against this we can better see the Malay. In their march towards modernity they have not quite abandoned feudalism. They still have a thriving nobility that accretes political power and disproportionate wealth. It is this that keeps the ordinary Malay from achieving their true potential.

In ancient times the nobility had the role of protecting the state and for this the peasantry subordinated certain rights and privileges in favour of the nobility. So what is the modern Malay nobility protecting the ordinary Malay from? The day the Malays realize that there is nothing to fear then they would have no need for a noble class to protect them. There would be no place for strongmen like Mahathir, or a blood-sucking class like the Umnoputras. The Malays simply should choose a real, not fake, version of democracy in which ordinary Malays are truly masters of their own future.

Perhaps they are waiting for the emergence of a Malay Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to lead them forward. At first Mahathir did look like one. Alas the Malays would need to wait a while longer.

Anonymous,  13 October 2012 at 17:48  

Sak, do not link WZWH to your blog. It is an insult to the intelligence of your readers having him and his feudal bunch of Jerantut hillbillies on board.

They are from a different bandwidth still on analog.

Shoo shoo

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